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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 25, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests andy samberg and jesse plemons. i want to thank jon epcar and the 8g band. tomorrow night, my family are going to be here for the thanksgiving show. you'll definitely not want to miss that annual "late night" tradition. stay safe, get vaccinated. we love you, the audience. ♪ ♪ one after another, so many, they barely fit inside the store. tonight, stunning new surveillance video of a
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mob-style particularly at an east bay pharmacy. >> also, more than a year in the making, hugs and kisses, the family reunions have begun. how covid is changing things for this-holiday season. >> and if you are planning to eat outside tomorrow, will the weather hold up? you won't want to miss my thanksgiving forecast. >> this heist could cost you thousands so the nbc bay area responds team is going undercover to expose a black market for stolen auto parts. >> good evening, everyone, we begin in the east bay. a private security guard shot and rushed to the hospital. he had been working with a local tv news crew when someone opened fire. this all happening in downtown oakland. >> and this is a shooting that hits close to home for us, and every other tv station because we use these guards here in the bay area, many who are retired cops, to help protect us. oakland is reaching a boiling point. a lot of people in various neighborhoods feel unsafe. >> nbc bay area's cheryl hurd shows us how the city is now responding.
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>> reporter: tonight, there's a 17,500 dollar reward for information that can help oakland police catch the person or persons who shot a private security guard in oakland. the shooting happened here at 14th and webster in front of prime 356. a reporter and guard were there to interview the store owners about a smash and grab involving some 30 people monday night that was captured on a surveillance camera. the owners came back to the store today for a food giveaway, when thieves arrived with guns blazing. >> somebody rolled up. said get down, he just started shooting at everybody. >> reporter: the security guard was hit by gunfire. >> he got shot for no reason. the dude didn't even take the camera. he told me it was -- it was senseless. you know what i am saying? senseless attempt on multiple people's lives. >> reporter: tonight, the oakland police department is asking for the public's help. >> we are asking if you were in the area, have a business, or live nearby, to please check
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your surveillance footage as you may have captured the crime before, during, or after it occurred. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a security guard protecting a tv crew has been shot or shot at in oakland. that's part of the reason crews sometimes travel with guards now. in fact, one of our own news crews was held up at gunpoint in front of oakland city hall back in june. >> for decades, you would never think that reporters were doing their jobs are going to be attacked because they have a camera. >> reporter: oakland city council is holding an emergency meeting about public safety next week. the police chief will tell the city what the department needs to try and stop this unusual crime wave. at the top of the list, oakland needs more officers and that can't happen overnight. >> we are not going to be able to stop all violent crime. we know that. but if we could reduce it substantially, in the weeks and months ahead, that would be a victory. >> reporter: in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. seemingly, no oakland
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business is safe from thieves. take a look. this new video of a pharmacy on piedmont avenue being ransacked. well spring pharmacy gave us this sped-up video of the break-in according to the timestamp, it happened just before 8:00 a.m. last saturday. dozens of people grabbing pharmaceuticals right off the store shelves. >> the north bay, a smash and grab at the apple tore in santa rosa. happened around 11:30 this morning. four men stole 20,000 bucks worth of merchandise in front of customers and in front of staff. police released these surveillance photos we should add the los gatos apple store was hit last week. from covid pandemic to crime epidemic, thanksgiving is supposed to mark the start of the holiday-shopping season and retailers were hoping for a bountiful start this black friday but all these mob burglaries may mean a false start. nbc bay area's sergio quintana gives us a look. >> reporter: for serious black-friday shoppers, this is about the time they start
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putting together plans to wait in line for the big best buy sales or target bargains but this year's outbreak of flash mob robberies has some shoppers making additional plans. >> don't go it alone. be careful. go in groups, shop with at least one other person if you are out. you know, i would certainly take safety in consideration. >> reporter: he says he will be doing his christmas shopping online this year to avoid the crowds. for retail employees, security is always a concern during the shopping season. but this year, it's heightened. olivia ramirez works at a bridal shon on santana row. >> i think they said they were going to have more security guards roaming around keeping an eye out. >> and those concerns about safety has shopping centers across the bay area beefing up security. at san jose's oak ridge mall, a visible police presence. the mayor says he is pushing for more funding to install license plate readers across the city to help track anyone involved in future incidents. and vehicle traffic remains tightly restricted to prevent
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the kind of organized getaway seen during friday night's flash-mob robbery as law enforcement authorities continue to prevent these these crimes from happening again, ben dugan with the coalition of retail has been piecing together how these mobs of people come together in the first place. >> they are bringing weapons, being supply supplied with burglary tools. being directed on what specific products to target that have the highest resale value online. anytime you are involved with that type of organization, you are talking about a criminal network. >> he says online shoppers should be suspicious they are buying stolen merchandise if they see high end products on sights like etsy, amazon, and ebay at deeply reduced prices. sergio quintana nbc bay area news. bay area retailers, big and small, are concerned for their safety and really just their bottom line, as well during the smash and grab crime wave. today, nine people were formally charged after the flash-mob thefts in union square last-friday night. prosecutors say one of the defendants, ivan speed, was
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caught with more than $13,000 in stolen merchandise. he is the guy right here caught on cell phone video running with his arms full of bags and clothes. prosecutors say two other defendants tried to get away in that silver mustang there. calloway faces more serious charges because police say he had a gun. today, miller's mother said she is concerned about the amount of force that police used when they arrested her son. >> the last time i seen him, he -- his face and everything was fine. he came over for a minute, and then you know what? you know, i don't ask them where they going or nothing. he just came over, seen me for a minute and then he left. >> police say they anticipate making more arrests in connection with this case. we also haven't an update from walnut creek. 80 people spilling out ever cars and swarming that nordstrom at broadway plaza. today, did the a announced three people arrested will face felony
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charges. at least one had a gun, others had crow bars. the thieves got away with merchandise worth up to $200,000. the suspects will be arraigned on monday. a burglary at a dispensary caught on surveillance video and shows the burglary heaping in progress with san francisco police officers apparently right there and it looks like they just watched it happen. they are seen exiting on gross street last tuesday with bags in hand before they get into a suspected get away car. to the right of the video if you look, you see at least one police cruiser. inside, the officer uses car spotlight likely to alert the suspects that they can see them but no officer actually gets out of the cruiser as the crime continues to take place. the suspect's car eventually makes a three-point turn before getting away. again, no police officer gets out of the cruiser. crime report was made. but no arrest. >> i was angry when i had seen the footage. i was like why aren't people responding? why aren't the police working hard to keep our business safe?
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to keep our street safe? to deter or intervene when a crime is in progress. >> sfpd reached out to the family to facilitate a complaint to the department. police accountability. they say an investigation into what happened and the department's response is underway. new at 11:00. thanksgiving eve is always when friends and family get a head start on the holiday festivities. it is a big night for bars and restaurants and dui checkpoints like this one. tonight, a checkpoint in san carlos right on the peninsula on el ka me know. chp says the holidays is the deadliest time of year for drunk driving. the checkpoint will continue through 1:00 a.m. now, come tomorrow, most of us will be eating, drinking, and doing a lot of hugging and friends and family that we haven't seen in the last two years. but then, what happens next week? with all that holiday joy lead to a covid surge? as nbc bay area's jean elle found out talking about vaccines, masks, and covid tests ahead of time might make
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tomorrow's family gathering a little less stressful. >> reporter: people landing here at sfo tonight tell me they are excited to see family for thanksgiving. experts say even with covid, you can gather safely. cars line up to pick up arriving family members at sfo tonight. >> coming to visit family for thanksgiving so should be fun. >> reporter: people from over the country will be gathering around bay area dinner tables tomorrow. many say it's almost like old times. >> it's going to be a little -- yeah, a few more people. um, but still quite close, intimate gathering i think, you know? we haven't got the -- the aunts and uncles coming up from san diego, which we normally do. >> reporter: infectious disease experts say talking openly about covid and vaccine status with family can help reduce safety concerns. >> what is the vaccination status of everyone? if most people are vaccinated and/or boosted or all of them are. number two, did anyone get tested recently? i think testing is not, you know, the -- the holy grail but
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it does add another layer of confidence in that group getting together. and number three is based on those answers, should i open the windows? do i need to have a filter? >> reporter: the cdc says most bay area counties have a moderate rate of transmission, while much of the country has high levels. in michigan, cases are spiking 70%. if the state were a country, it would be home to one of the worst-current outbreaks in the world. holiday gatherings there are a concern for hospital workers. >> we know that thanksgiving probably won't do us any favors in terms of the covid numbers. we are hoping this surge doesn't get so high that we can't handle the numbers here. >> reporter: michigan's governor is asking department of defense for emergency medical staffing. that is not the situation in the bay area. but people we talked to are still keeping safety in mind. >> we have had our vaccinations and boosters and so i feel comfortable. we just making sure no one has any symptoms. >> reporter: jean elle, nbts bay
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area news. still ahead. straight off your car and onto the black market. catalytic converters are a hot commodity that can cost you thousands. i am consumer investigator chris chmura, we are going undercover to see who is buying and show you how you can stop this. thank you, chris. also, hopefully, one of your packages is not in this pile. fedex is scrambling tonight after all these boxes were found dump understand a ravine. how'd they get there? and no travel delays right now. but i will show you where we could have some trouble spots tomorrow.
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okay. when you go to bed tonight, you might have a lingering worry about your car or maybe you have no idea here. >> yeah, we can pretty much guarantee that in a few hours, thieves will attack multiple cars in they don't want to stea entire car. they just want a piece of it. the catalytic converter. check out this security-camera video from a marin home last week. 3:00 in the morning, thieves jacked up a family's car, crawled underneath. two-minute crime that can cost you thousands of dollars. >> okay. consumer investigator chris chmura is here. you went undercover. you actually brought a little friend with you. so, this is underneath the car? >> yep. >> and it's worth a lot of money in the black market. >> yeah, exactly. that is solid gold for criminals, technically it's actually platinum. some police departments have caught crooks with dozens of sawed-off converters. i can show you some pictures here of some of the busts but many more are leaching on to a
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black market. tonight, we are going to expose a gap and help you protect your car. >> reporter: from this east bay warehouse, kids against hunger volunteers fill bags with rice and dried vegetables to fulfill one mission. feed needy children. >> most of our meals go to haiti for orphanages there. >> reporter: but over the summer, the charity hit an expensive roadblock when thieves stole their truck's catalytic converter. the part under your car that helps reduce emissions. without it? >> like a sherman tank. >> if it sounds like this, your cat's missing. >> that unmistakable noise is echoing everywhere. sometimes, multiple times in the same spot. just ask craig in pleasanton. >> in the past year, my car has had the catalytic converter stolen three times now. >> but why? police detective michelle
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sanchez explains. >> the suspects are cutting the catalytic converters off of vehicles and then selling them for the precious metals inside. >> reporter: specifically, rhodium, palladium, and platinum. prices shot up, recently. hybrids like the toyota prius are the top target. >> you go hit ten overnight, you just made eight grand. that is a lot more profitable than selling drugs and a whole lot less risk. >> reporter: this fraud investigator is chase tracing catalytic converter thefts. we asked who is buying them and where do they go? he seized them shipping across state lines and international. >> i have heard of some of them being put into containers. >> reporter: to go overseas, u.s. exports of the three big metals in catalytic converters have roughly doubled since 2016. at the same time, converter thefts have skyrocketed. he says the scrapped pipeline players, recyclers, processors, and such aren't asking enough questions about where this surge of converter metal is coming from. >> it sounds like we have a lot
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of people turning a blind eye. >> i think so. >> a group that represents frontline recyclers told us its members are playing by the rules. but the rules might be part of the problem. california's business and professions code requires a used converter buyer to document who is selling it and what car it's from. but there is a gap. we asked the state who is in charge of making sure stolen converters don't sell. we got an alphabet soup of finger pointing. bottom line? the code doesn't put any one agency in charge of keeping converter sales honest. so, we decided to test the code ourselves. our team borrowed this because used converter from a licensed auto part store. next, we visited or contacted ten recyclers, auto shops, and junk yards. none of them offer today buy it. one told us we could leave it there and they would take care of it but didn't ask us where we got it. we got one unsolicited cash
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offer in person. this junk hauler overheard our producer talking to a recycler. he asked to meet on the street, then offered 70 bucks cash, no questions asked. we declined. so we tried going online with it. forget the code. some out of state outfits they buy used catalytic converters by mail. we got quotes easily like this one for $62 cash with no questions about how or where we got it. a measly 62 bucks for a part that can cost you dearly to replace. >> it cost us almost 5 grand. >> reporter: we also found lots of used converters in california for sale on ebay, craig's list, and facebook marketplace. even though the state code forbids most person-to-person sales, we asked all three websites about those listings. only ebay responded saying used converters for sale on its site must be recertified or listed as scrap metal. again, though, there's no central state agency to make sure of it. >> your story might change the law in california.
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>> local cops can and sometimes do enforce the converter code. one-off busts make headlines but do they make a dent in the black market. >> >> we cannot arrest and prosecute our way out of it. >> reporter: la district attorney george gas gone, who used to be police chief and then da in san francisco, wants car manufacturers to reengineer vehicles to protect converters. that will take years so right now gascon wants automakers to start marking converters with an i.d. number. we asked honda, gm, ford, and toyota. they all acknowledged the theft problem but didn't commit to any specific changes. >> if we don't get to the voluntary compliance, then there is no question that the -- there could be legislative solutions to this. >> reporter: if you think the law should be stricter on carmakers, scrap yards, recyclers, and such, call your local reps. make some noise before your car does. everyone we spoke with agreed. the simplest way to protect your car and your converter from ending up in a criminal's heap
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here is to park in a garage if you have one. clear out the junk, put the car in there. if you don't have a garage, park where there is a lot of light and obvious cameras to hopefully scare off the criminals. also, you can get your vehicle identification number etched into the converter. this is the underside of a car in a shop and some police departments will do that for you free. to ask them when and where, call their nonemergency number, not 9-1-1. and if you happen to be in the market for a car, jess and raj, here is one way to beat converter thieves. buy electric if you can because evs don't have a catalytic converter. >> you said park in a well-light drive way with security cameras. we still see it. >> yep. >> something's got to be done about the black market. >> yeah. we have had ours stolen twice. okay. if a missing catalytic converter or any car issue for that matter is causing you trouble, tell chris and his team. then click on responds option from the main menu or of course you can call them
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1-888-996-tips. >> okay. let's smile here. we are ready to go for the thanksgiving on this wednesday night. jeff is here to talk about the weather tomorrow. >> and you guys, we are tracking a few trouble spots here. now, in the bay area, if you are traveling overnight or in the early morning, we are going to be clear, dry, and chilly for the bay area. but the two spots i want you to watch out for is in the central valley, dense fog near fresno. and the second one here is in southern california. strong santa ana winds. 30 to 70 miles per hour. high fire danger down in socal. so not only some issues on the roadways making it real difficult over the passes but any kind of hopper flights might also be delayed. now, as we move it back here to the bay area forecast for tomorrow morning, definitely going to need those sunglasses. mostly sunny skies to start and don't forget the jacket. look at this. down to 39 in the tri-valley. peninsula, 40. and the south bay coming in at 42. also, have you at 39 for the east bay. 47 san francisco. chilliest weather in the north bay with some patchy frost and 36.
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daytime highs tomorrow are going to warm up a couple degrees. with 68 in san jose. 69 in morgan hill. let's bring it over to the east bay. headed to family or friends in martinez, 62 there. livermore, 65. heyward, also, those mid-60s. peninsula, sunshine, winds out of the north at 3 and 65 in redwood city. san francisco, i have some chilly 50s in the marina. then, towards the mission, 65 and let's move it off to the north bay and we will see temperatures are also very similar here with 65 in napa. 67 in you kieia. okay, not in the bay area but you are getting on a last minute flight to make thanksgiving somewhere else? well, we don't have any major storms on the map. we are tracking some wind in the central u.s. also, some rain from the midwest down towards texas. otherwise, it's looking decent. so let me show you some of the spots. we already talked about the wind in los angeles so that could bring you some delays. a thunderstorm chance there in houston. some rain in seattle and louisville could bring moderate delays.
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and again, bay area, doing good. on my seven-day forecast in san francisco, we hold onto these 60s over the next several days and plenty of 40s for the mornings. and through the inland valleys stay very nice forecast. going to cooperate with whatever your plans are. you are staying local, it's looking good. >> we are all staying local. we're right here. going to enjoy it. >> going to be nice. >> pumpkin pie. >> many pieces of pumpkin pie. >> and this is a big night when all the friends are getting together. >> my favorite. >> thank you, jeff. well, happening now, we are all shelling out more for that thanksgiving dinner this year. the american farm bureau says the cost of a turkey and all the trimmings for ten people will cost about $53.31, on average. that's about $6 a person but that tab is still up 14% from last year. several things contributing to the higher bill, including supply chain issues, inflation, high global demand for meat, as well. still, we need to be
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okay. how did they get there? hundreds of fedex packages just dumped and piled in an alabama ravine. investigators say 300-400 packages were found scattered along a country road. they say fedex is sending trucks and drivers from across the south to start picking up the packages this -- in the morning. they are still trying to figure out how they ended up in the woods, to begin with. >> well, all the airports were busy tonight. sfo was busy of course with
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passengers and protestors. dozens of cashiers, cooks, dish washers, servers, and bartenders picketed outside of terminal three. at issue, affordable healthcare benefits. among protestors, union workers who claim they are being kept part time so they don't meet insurance eligibility. others are nonunion workers who say they are being intimidated not to unionize. we have reached out to sfo for comment but have not received a response. let's take you outside. a live look at the golden gate bridge on this thanksgiving eve. we have a new speed limit effective january 1st. but it's not for cars, it's a speed limit for cyclists. ready, jessica? >> yep. >> 15 miles per hour the chp is imposing the same fines that car drivers pay. so if you go over 15 miles per hour on your bike, you can get a fine between 200 and $500. >> that is steep. >> we are back in a moment. steph curry's
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okay. you got the turkey, the family, the friends and football of course. among three nfl games tomorrow, the raiders in dallas to face the cowboys. >> you going to watch all three just the raiders game? >> tbd. >> tonight, we also had a family reunion on the basketball court. at chase center, warriors and 76ers -- that's seth curry, older brother, steph curry.
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who does she root for, seriously? >> you have to root for both. >> but deep down, she is rooting for one of these guys or one of these teams. not just the curries tonight. the warriors overcome a 19-point deficit. a monster game, this guy was all over the floor and yep, at the end, brotherly love. they are smiling. warriors win, though, beat the 76ers 116-96. they improve to league best 16-2. at the shark tank, this was a fun crowd tonight. sharks and senators, third-period game tied at 3. not anymore. there it is. meyer with the go-ahead goal. sharks add some empty netters just for fun. they beat the senators, 6-3. nice way to
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okay. even if you are not watching super intently, it is nice to have the macy's thanksgiving day parade in the background. it's tradition. it's back to normal this year. last year, the event only stretched one block because of the pandemic. but crowds will be welcome back in pre-pandemic fashion tomorrow and the route will be extended back to two and a half miles through the city. dozens of giant balloons are being blown up today in preparation. thanksgiving day parade will air tomorrow morning on nbc bay area right at 9:00 in the morning.
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>> we are here. >> make breakfast, you watch. you make your char cutery board, you watch. you pour yourself a glass of champagne, you watch. oh, too early for champagne. >> thanks for joining us tonight. you are just coming home, welcome home and have a safe thanksgiving. tonight, the verdict now in all three defendants found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery the dramatic moment in the courtroom. >> we, the jury, find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> whoo! >> after ten hours of deliberations, the jury convicting three white georgia men for killing arbery, a black man prosecutors say was out jogging. all three led away in cuffs. how long they could spend behind bars. outside the courthouse, celebration and the reaction from arbery's family. also tonight the travel rush on the eve of thanksgiving. more than 50 million on the move near pre-pandemic levels. travelers braving crowded airports and the highest gas prices
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in nearly a decade. the surge in covid as we head into the holidays 30 states seeing a rise in cases. some breaking records. hospitals sounding the alarm. the sixth and youngest victim to die from that christmas parade rampage in wisconsin. now identified an eight-year-old boy his brother and other kids still hospitalized. black friday almost here. how the supply chain prices is putting the squeeze on shoppers this year. and when to shop for the best deal. and they're back in full force, the balloons, the floats and the crowds the final preps for this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening there was no self-defense, no lawful citizen's arrest, just murder. at least that's how a jury in brunswick, georgia fairly saw it in the death of ahmaud arbery in their second day of deliberations, the jury found the three defendants guilty of chasing down and murdering the 25-year-old black man


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