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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 25, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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guilty, guilty, guilty the jury in the ahmaud aubrey's death wasted no time delivering felony murder convictions to the three men involved in the murder the holiday rush over 50 million americans on the move to get to their destinations, braving busy airports and the highest gas in a decade mplgs compulsory vaccines for all residents we'll tell you where it's happening as covid cases
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continue to rise. >> the calm before the black friday storm we got the tips to help you get the best holiday discounts "early today" starts now if you are up early for thanksgiving, we thank you for that i'm frances men. >> stan: frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. >> reporter: after ten hours of deliberations. >> madam foreperson, i understand you have reached a verdict as to each defendant. >> reporter: all three defendants charged in the death of ahmaud aubrey learned their faith. >> malice murder we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> reporter: travis mcmichael guilty on all counts >> to defendant greg mcmichael, guilty >> gregory mcmichael convicted
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on eight of nine counts. >> we the jury find the defendant william r. brian guilty. >> reporter: on six of nine counts inside the courtroom, aubrey's mother appeared overcome by emotion. outside the courtroom -- >> my heart is pounding with gladness, excitement pro crowds erupted and ahmaud aubrey's mother gave thanks. >> i never saw this day back in 2020 i never thought this day would come but god is good. >> reporter: while brunswick celebrates, the defendants now wait to be sentenced dan scheneman. nbc news wisconsin residents are honoring the six killed at the town's annual christmas parade when an suv tore through the crowd. we're learning about the youngest victim. an 8-year-old boy.
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megan fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: communities shatter as more details emerge about the youngest victim in waukesha. 8-year-old jackson sparks was marching through the parade. jackson undergoing emergency brain surgery, passing away on tuesday. the family calling it a tremendous loss. his 12-year-old brother still in the hospital along with at least ten other kids, many though fighting for their lives. >> i am looking for my sister. >> reporter: her 11-year-old sister who is now home recovering was dancing in the parade her family was watching the moment she was struck by the car. >> just seeing her there, when we had found her, she was conscious, so she was looking up she kept asking, what's going on, what happened? >> reporter: elly there carryin the dancing grannys. >> i heard a tire skweechl that's when i seen the car heading straight for the banner that i was carrying.
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>> reporter: virginia sorenson was on the other end of the banner her car missed elly but sorenson and two other members were struck and killed. details setting in as court records reveal more about darryl brooks' alleged action officer tried stopping the suv another calling the act intentional. >> thanks to megan fits gerald for that report. many americans are returning to their pre-pandemic holiday conditions to spend time with family and friends scenes like these marking the busiest travel week in two years. here's nbc news' tom costello. >> reporter: the heaviest thanksgiving travel rush for tw years. >> we want to stay safe. that's why we're staying within our inner circle and going to our cabin. >> reporter: fast forward to
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2021, this thanksgiving rush looks very different >> we're blessed and fortunate to have all our family members get together. >> reporter: this is the start of an early ritual, as airlines and airports report boomg passenger levels here at washington reagan national, unveiling checkpoints to move passengers more quickly through the process to detroit, to tampa, passenger levels exceeded 2019 levels if recent days air traffic at o'hare as they are very much in the thick of the holiday travel season, the busiest for air travel for two years. here in san francisco, it's all about the potential for low clouds and ceilings. here at denver international airport, they're ready one snowstorm could slow travel to a crawl winter weather is the wild card through the december travel rush >> if you have to cancel my
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flight because of weather, are you going to rebook me or i rebook my flight in. >> you have the ability to go onto the united app and check out flight options, yourself. >> reporter: meanwhile, 48 million americans are on the roads this week paying $3.40 for unleaded $1.30 more than a year ago. >> what's the alternative? prices go up it's kind of the way of the world. >> reporter: steep pump prices, well below the all time high of $4.11 a gallon back in 2008. of course, this is just part one of the great thanksgiving escape part two comes on sunday when all of those people who drove to see their inlaws or grandmothers they have to drive home. the roads are expected to be packed on sunday the airlines say their heaviest day in two years on sunday get there early, i hate to say it, but pack your patience >> from a man who knows, thank
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you. a race to deliver. for many families, a part of thanksgiving is mapping out their strategy ahead of black friday when you should shop to get the best deals when should you? here's jolene kept. >> reporter: the flood of deals may be everywhere, another avalanche is on the way this thanksgiving weekend >> i've already started. i love getting ready for the holidays. >> reporter: as retailers try to capture their spending to make up for a tough 2020. >> everything we are buying is 75% in person, 35% online. >> reporter: the rush for discounts as a supply chain triggers major delays on scores of gifts, motivating shoppers to get going early. on average, they plan to spend $998, down before the pandemic in 20 fine despite the rising cost of living, shoppers here in los angeles are expected to show up in droves. it's the same story here at the mall of america in minnesota, in
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fact, the national retail federation estimates 66% of shoppers nationwide will spend this holiday weekend to here in maryland, where shoppers are hunting for clothes, toys and gift cards with so much demand, shoppers should expect to see deeper than usual discounts this weekend. >> we're seeing discounts in the rage of 5-to-25% this season that's different than previous seasons where they've gone down as much as 10-to-20%. >> reporter: retailers are having to pay more to fet your products on their shelves. >> retailers are struggling to keep stuff in stock, ship them out on time, consumers will feel that, especially if they are shopping early this year the biggest sale on toys will happen thanksgiving day. the biggest big ticket items, like tv, clothes, shoes and beauty are expected on black friday look for electronics and travel
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come cyber mop if you are thinking ability venturing out today and going shop, double check store hours, many major retailers are closed. walmart, best buy and target in fact, target saying, we learned something about this pandemic and we will stay close on every thanksgiving day going forward. frances. >> more the planning, the better, thank you. snow, rain, nice spots, too on this thanksgiving day nbc meteorologist janessa webb joins us now happy thanksgiving >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. i'm a big fan if are you across the northeast, mid-atlantic. we will see nice conditions for your thanksgiving day and the pacific northwest. it's across the mid-west from michigan all the way down to texas. we're dealing with dicey conditions this morning. we do have an excessive rain alert in place across the southern plain until mid-morning. that lets up it's across the houston area to dallas we will watch that
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the light rain continues behind this front, it's very cold air and it will mix in with some snow for the great lakes to the northeast as we go into thanksgiving day into tomorrow afternoon as well. so if you are hitting the roadways, you can see san antonio to known, kind of dicey across i-10, where we will deal with excessive rain in that area from the greater cleveland area to cincinnati, minor delays. across the nation, if you ar hitting the and that's nice compared to the upper mid-west only 22 for fargo. we're looking for snowfall on sunday as travelers are hideadig
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back >> thank you, janessa. on this thanksgiving, netflix is giving back with freebies, calling it fansgiving. you can enter to win props, the skateboard from stranger thing or the gold bars from money heist. >> if experiences are more your things, you can enter to win a flight and hole to france. you will get two vip tickets to the premier of emily in paris or twirl your way into a victorian ballroom for the bridgerton experience included in a three-night stay in a swanky hole in los angeles plus airfare and $100 a day allowance. the cdc issues advisory about flu cases among young adults on the rise. >> what if the government had mandates for everyone. we'll tell you where that is happening next
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. leading the news, the cdc has issued a health advisory amid rising flu cases in children and young adults, urging people to get vaccinated. influenza cases are low nationally 90% of infection involve people five to 24 most are the strain that tends to mutate faster than the other variants the last time it was in the 2017-2018 flu season when the u.s. had 52,000 deaths now europe where the covid crisis seems to be worsening by the day. several european nations have reimplemented covid restrictions austria had the fourth lockdown and they are making vaccines compulsory in february failure to comply could lead to
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a hefty fine. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big moment in europe this is the first time in the pandemic a western democracy is making it mandatory for its citizens to get vaccinated starting in february, austrians who refuse the vaccine are facing a fine the equivalent of $4,000 and those who refuse the equivalent of $1,500 the austrian government feels not enough are vaccinated. two-thirds are fully vaccinated. that's a slightly higher figure than the u.s it's one of the lowest figures in europe. so austria pushing ahead with that vaccine mandate in the meantime, they are in the midst of this nationwide lockdown it started on monday it will last a minimum of ten days, maximum of 20. non-essential businesses are closed the tourism sector is shut down.
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this is coming amid a grim picture across central and eastern europe right now germany is seeing its highest case numbers at any point during the pandemic they may follow austria into a lockdown the german health minister predicting over the next couple of months, the majority of germans will either be vaccinated, cured or a very sta across europe right guys > fascinating approach still to come, a domino effect of kindness why americans are indulging this thanksgiving. action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart.
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to go with your thanksgiving feast, the nfl has a trio of
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events, 12:30 eastern it starts with a game in detroit the poor lions, they're still looking for the first win of the season they'll be taking on the chicago bears follow by the raiders and cowboys in dallas. the saints and the bills are looking for a sweet end to their holiday. you can watch that right here at 8:20 eastern >> how do you plan to spend your thanksgiving there is a new survey that thanksgiving is about to get very real. according to data from beverage company, americans plan to indulge more to make up for lost time more than 22% of respondents said they didn't get to celebrate last year. the data also found that 81% of those polled said they plan to do at least one thing in excess. 55% said they plan to over indulge if swoets and baked good
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42% say they will binge watch movies and tv and 42% plan to have that extra glass of beer, wine, cocktail or maybe multiple glasses. >> i don't know anybody who doesn't indulge in that way. the numbers seem low to me and things we did during the pandemic we sat there and binge watched, ate too much. >> that's giving us an excuse to do it. we will do it anyway, now since covid and not being together. >> the one day year where it's okay there is a school in couple. they're having some fun this giving season with cereal. the elementary students not only collected over 1,400 cereal books for a food drive they created that epic domino chain, one lucky student donated over 300 boxes and et weevd throughout the school. i know it would have been hard, the temptation
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>> you know the distance they kept those kids. what a great idea, so creative all right. janessa will have your macy's day thanksgiving forecast up next. >> we are live in new york with all the excitement stay with us >> these are the faces of listerine. the face of millions of germs zapped in seconds. the face of clean. the face of whoa! some are of intensity, others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa! dawn antibacterial cuts through tough grease with 50% less scrubbing. all are of... various: ahhh... it also removes 99% of bacteria from your hands. dawn antibacterial. an easy way to clean your dishes... a smart way to wash your hands.
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in every jar of regenerist retinol24 collagen peptide new vitamin c and the iconic red jar can't top this skin shop now at . happy thanksgiving, everyone if you are headed out to the macy's day parade. today will be a cold one for that parade. temperatures in the lower 40s with the feels-like temperature mid-30s. good news, clear skies i am watching a big storm that's going to be developing across the great lakes. this will be lake-enhanced snow. the forecast has changed since yesterday. now new york city could see their first snowfall late sunday into monday. that will be a disturbance if you are flying to jfk, laguardia, there will be major disruptions with this storm system guys >> good to know. thanks, janessa.
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well, in just a few hours, a beloved holiday tradition is returning to its former glory here in new york the macy's thanksgiving day parade was scaled back last year the balloons and floats and crowds are coming back jay grey is already outside waiting for the action good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: hey there, yeah, it is a beautiful morning happy thanksgiving to you as well and we are here on central park west, the start of the parade route you can see it behind me, the character balloons they are aired up and ready to
4:27 am
go down this street, what you got is all the floats lined up of course, you start with tom turkey on thanksgiving there are six new character balloons this year, including the star of the show baby yoda it will be fun to see that 28 floats. more than 800 clowns you got ten marching bands, nine performance groups it is going to be a perfect day and for so 'people across the country, this is the start of their thanksgiving it's such a tradition in homes across the country like you said, this year, instead of a couple of blocks, they're back to the two-and-a-half mile parade route. tens of thousands expected to line the streets that's real stars here, getting back to this parade. you could feel the energy in the airport. i think it will be a wonderful day, guys. >> jay, quick question for you did they limit the number of people, the groups of people participating? people are coming in from other
4:28 am
countries, some younger kids so did they limit that at all? >> reporter: yeah, they're trying to make sure people stay spaced out they are doing some limiting but overall, they're just asking people to please do what you can, wear a mask where you can and they really want vaccinated people out here. of course, they have no way of policing that with so many people here. they're really stressing to people to stay a bit spread out. don't cram in like we have seen in years past and just enjoy the show maybe from a bit more of a distance >> the travel nightmare for new yorkers. it's a delight for everyone else watching here. jay grey out there from right around the parade route, we'll begin in a few hours, thank you for joining us the only inflation we are looking forward to nowadays, for sure. >> because there is so much going on across the country.
4:29 am
that one we will embrace every year when will be out there, too. it's a great feat for people working here at 30 rock. they peak outside on 6th avenue. they see the blues passing by. they see the blues passing by. >> it's a tradition we are ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap.
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right now at 4:30, a security guard shot while on the job. new details about the attempted robbery of a tv news crew, and the way oakland leaders plan to address the city's violence. a rise in crime has many shoppers on edge ahead of black friday. the key things to look out for before you swipe your credit card. this is "today in the bay." good morning, it is 4:30. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia today. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to say happy thanksgiving to you all. thank you so much for making us


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