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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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morning, and hopefully they'll get them back on track to be delivered. officials are still trying to figure out how this all happened, and how they ended up in the woods: >> wow. hopefully everyone gets what they ordered. >> especially with the delays going on right now. quickly approaching 6:00 this morning, and it is the season of giving back. we are live this morning at glide memorial church in san francisco. this is where volunteers are preparing the annual tradition. this is of giving out thousands of meals. and we're going to tell you the changes residents can see this year as covid restrictions ease. >> and millions of americans reuniting and celebrating with family today. the pandemic isn't over, though. the precautions experts say you should take before tonight's thanksgiving meal. plus. they're going to have more security guards just roaming around, keeping an eye out. >> bracing for more mob burglaries. the measures bay area malls are taking to keep shoppers safe
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ahead of the busiest shopping day of the season. this is "today in the bay." and let's get you started on this thanksgiving with a live look and new york city. this is ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is new video of perhaps before the party even starts. you know, it's a big party out there, those floats, inflated, and marchers out there, all getting ready for the big day. "today in the bay's" jay gray is there. he's going to give us a little update. he's in the midst of all that excitement this morning. we'll get to that in just a built. >> looks like a beautiful morning to be in new york city. thank you so much for starting your bay area thanksgiving morning with us. i'm kira klapper in for laura. >> and i'm marcus washington. i want to get to vianey this morning because vianey, you have been tracking just a horrible incident on the interstate this morning. >> unfortunately we have two fatal crashes i'm going to get to in a second because you want to know about hard closures in
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the area. first, let's check with kari hall in weather. how is the weather going to be today? >> it's starting out foggy in parts of the north bay. we're seeing lower visibility around santa rosa. elsewhere, it's been all clear, but just very cold. we have seen those temperatures dipping into the 30s in the north bay. santa rosa, right now, 35 degrees. a slow warm up as we go into late morning, and maybe going for an exercise or run, it's going to be chilly. i would wait until later where temperatures head to the mid-60s. and 68 today in san jose. we'll take a look at your shopping forecast for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. vianey, what's that update on that breaking news. unfortunately, you know, we started out our morning with two deadly crashes, and we aren't seeing any delays on any of the bridges. there's good news there. i want to get to some of the closures that are exacted to
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remain and impact your morning commute. this is northbound 101, a deadly crash involving four vehicles. chp's latest report shows there's a sig alert that remains in effect, and i'm seeing a little bit of delays in that area. another update in a few minutes. back to you. thank you so much. it is 6:03, and obviously it is thanksgiving morning, so that means one san francisco tradition is just a few hours away from happening. every year, glide church provides thousands of turkey meals for people in need and this year is no exception regardless of the pandemic. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is there to show us what guests can expect this year, and to show us all the effort that goes into making this annual meal a success. >> good morning, yeah, you can see behind me, we've made progress since the last time we were live. now we have beautiful tablecloths on those tables as well as some center pieces that were actually made by some local
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elementary school students. by the time you come to the next half hour, it will look like a completely different place. this is in preparation for the big meal kicking off at 11:00. like last year, this meal is taking place outside to reduce the risk of covid transmission. organizers say they will serve as many as 2,500 turkey and ham meals today, and they will also deliver about 200 of those meals to homeless encampments across the city, and later at 10:00, glide will host that virtual church celebration that kicks off at 10:00, and you can it both on facebook as well as on you tube. folks are out in full force. i was speaking with jean cooper. earlier she was saying they have about 250 volunteers, and i know when i did this event last year, a lot of those volunteers do it as a family, and they come back year after year. that really speaks to the
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impressiveness, the magnitude of this event, as well as just how much help it takes to pull something of this size off. but a lot of progress is being made. those volunteers working extremely hard. i hear someone in the background leaf blowing to make sure this area looks nice and pristine for the folks coming down here to get a meal. so we'll be out here all morning live. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> love to see how much they give back, as well as how many people show up to volunteer. get it ready to go. thanks. 6:05 this morning, i want to take a live look outside at sfo, and people landing there this holiday, are expected to see family for thanksgiving. there is good news that experts say while covid is still with us, you can gather safely. the cdc says most bay area counties have a moderate rate of transmission while much of the country has high levels, and michigan, they're spiking around 70%. to prevent the spread of covid here, infectious disease experts say that talking openly about
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covid, and vaccination status with your family really can help with those safety concerns. >> what's the vaccination status of everyone, if most people are vaccinated, boosted or all of them are, you feel more confident. number two, did anyone get tested recently. i think testing is not, you know, the holy grail, but it does add another layer of confidence in that group getting together, and number three is based on those answers, should i open the window, do i need to have a filter. >> now, it seems that people are adhering to the guidance. all week long, we have seen a last minute rush to get tested or get a booster shot. we have been reporting on a recent string of robberies across the bay area. it comes as we approach one of the biggest shopping dates of the year, black friday, of course, and after a tough stretch last year because of pandemic lock downs, retailers this year were hoping for a return of black friday bargain hunters, for serious black
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friday shoppers, some already are waiting for the big best buy sales or target bargains, but the outbreak of flash mob robberies has some shoppers making other plans. one man we spoke with says he'll be doing christmas shopping online to avoid the crowds and the danger. but for those who brave the black friday conditions, there's a little bit of advice. >> don't go it alone. be careful. go in groups. shop with at least one other person if you're out, you know, certainly take safety into consideration. >> one expert we spoke with the coalition of law enforcement and retailers, shoppers should be aware of stolen merchandise online. if shoppers see high end products on etsy, amazon, ebay at deeply reduced prices, it's probably stolen or counterfeit. san jose's first city sponsored rv park is now closed.
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according to the "mercury news," city officials shut down the temporary site because they say everyone who had been living there left on their own or found other housing opportunities. several now former residents were displaced following the disclosure of a homeless campus on apples campus. the closures follow months of protests by nearby residents about that rv park. a live look at new york city. this is where a favorite thanksgiving tradition will take place in a couple of hours. we're talking about the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. now, a bit of normalcy back this year after last year's event went on social distancing related to changes, and while the 2020 parade was a made for tv spectacle, the 2021 parade is once again a public party in the streets. nbc's jay gray is in new york with a preview.
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>> reporter: good morning, happy thanksgiving from the start of the 95th macy's thanksgiving day parade. it is going to be quite a show this morning. we got the balloons lined up including six new giant characters that will be a part of this year's parade. the floats lined up here along central parkway. tom turkey always leads things off on thanksgiving. he'll do it again this year. we've got 28 floats in all, more than 800 clowns, 10 marching bands, nine performing groups. it is going to be quite a show this morning. the star of this parade has to be the crowd. we've got people back after last year's parade which was a made for tv show which covered a couple of blocks. this year they're back to the 2 1/2 mile route and it should be a fantastic morning. we hope you'll be watching. that's the latest from here in new york. i'm jay gray, back to you. it's 6:09 and a live look
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from the golden gate bridge this morning. beautiful, clear, crisp start to our thanksgiving morning, and perfect time to check in with meteorologist kari hall who has a look at what we can expect today. >> hey, kari. take a look at the clear sky we have over the south bay. it's a nice start to our thanksgiving morning. but the looks are deceiving, as you're stepping out the door, we have seen temperatures in the 30s for the start of the day, even some patchy frost. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without football, and we've got a local game, kickoff at 12:30 for sgsu. 63 degrees and headed for the upper 60s as we go into today. really nice for that. 65 in livermore, and 65 today in napa. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. vianey, you have been watching a couple of trouble spots. yeah, and unfortunately we have breaking news right now in contra costa, there is a new
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deadly crash being reported by chp. i'm going to zoom in closer. this is near discovery bay along the southbound vasco road. lanes are blocked right now because of the earlier crash involving three vehicles. unfortunately this is a deadly crash. one of three. the other crash we have been following as well is in the peninsula area, northbound 101 near ralston avenue. a sig alert due to an earlier crash and one in napa. please keep that in mind, and drive safe on the roads. back to you. heading to the capital, and capitol hill, bay area social media executives set to be grilled by lawmakers. this is over security concerns for children. plus, ahead of the busiest shopping day of the season, will your gifts arrive on time? at 6:25, we break down the deadlines you need to meet to get those presents under the tree by christmas. and pg&e under fire once again, this time for potentially falsifying 3,000 electrical
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inspections. our investigative unit breaks down the latest details surrounding this report: you can find it right now on
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happy thanksgiving to you. it's 6:14, if you're going to be heading out from work this morning, bundle up. in pleasant hill, we're starting out with temperatures until the upper 30s. we are still headed for a nice day with highs reaching into the 60s with sunshine. we'll talk about all of our micro climates and the update on the drought monitor in a few minutes. sad news to report out of
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contra costa, a deadly crash along southbound road, we'll have more details on that. expect delays through that stretch. we know when the head of instagram will testify before congress for the first time. chief executive will answer questions the week of december 6th. instagram was faced with heightened scrutiny after former facebook employee francis's temperature. some of which indicted instagram and instagram knew of its negative and toxic impact on some of its young users. here on "today in the bay" we want to know what you're thankful for this thanksgiving. >> one of our viewers submitted this writing my baby is all grown up, but i'm very thankful for our close relationship and
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mutual adoration. i realize i did something right when a parent always wonders. i cherish her and am thankful god gave her to me. isn't that beautiful. we want to know what you're thankful for this year on this thanksgiving. you can post a photo or a video telling us what you're thankful for. we will share them right here on "today in the bay" today and tomorrow, be sure to tag nbc bay area in your posts. >> you know, we are very thankful around here for a lot of things. i'm thankful for family and friends, life, and just the ability to think, you know. >> i always say every day aboveground is a good one. it's maybe a little morbid, but especially after the last year we've had, you know, we are all so blessed to be here. especially together. i'm thankful to be filling in with you guys. laura is getting a nice day off. i love working with you all. i said the last hour, i'm thankful for my kids. i forgot to say my husband, sorry honey. he's up going for a run. a turkey trot this morning.
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so thankful for health. >> what about you? >> friends and family and support, but also i know the pandemic taught us a lot, especially me, i think it taught me a lot. the idea of being able to slow down a little bit, and take care of yourself. self-care, taking care of your mental health. >> very important. >> and looking out for your friends, too, taking care of their mental health. reaching out to your friends. this is a really good time to appreciate the slow down of life just a little bit. kari, what about you? >> i'm thankful for all of you, of course, because these hours are crazy, but when you're able to surround yourself with people that you like, and enjoy spending time with, that makes it all worth it. also family and yes, like you said, self-care is so important, especially at this time, and all that we have been through, and i'm thankful for also my family and being able to give in this time because we know that a lot of people have really lost a lot during these past couple of years, so i'm thankful i'm still
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able to give and able to share everything with you all. so hopefully you all are still sharing on social media as well. we want to hear from the viewers. i posted that, and tagged you all as well on facebook, twitter, as well as instagram, so we want to keep the goodness going on this thanksgiving, and i think the weather is pretty good too. let's take a look at that live view we're seeing in san jose, as you're waking up and heading out, it's also very chilly. we have had these cold mornings and that continues again today. you can see christmas in the park is set up. that opens up tomorrow, and then you'll be able to go ice skating and spend more time with family. the seven-day forecast is coming up in the bottom of the screen. if you're still waiting on family to come in, i wanted to show you some of the major airports and see if there's delays. good travel conditions regionally, no delays from the flights from our local airports, so our temperatures today even though it's cold now are still
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headed for the mid- to upper 60s. 67 in milpitas, and 69 today in morgan hill. for the east bay, we're going to see highs reaching into the mid-60s and low 60s for daly city and half-moon bay. redwood city up to 65 degrees, and san francisco, reaching the mid-60s in the mission district but the outer sunset in the low 60s today, and 67 today in ukiah. and we are looking at still once again very dry conditions across the region. we've seen that, as a trend for the past couple of weeks, and no weather systems headed our way. in fact, all of the rain that we're seeing around seattle and portland will fall apart before it gets here in the bay area. not only tomorrow but the next couple of days, even out into the next week. we're still not seeing the storm system that can hold it together, and bring us some measurable rain for the bay area, so it does look to stay dry. the update of the drought monitor went from the extreme and exceptional category in the north bay to some improvement until the north bay even though
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we haven't had any big rains recently, we are seeing some spots that are temporarily seeing improvements in the drought situation. still exceptional for the east bay. in our seven-day forecast, it is very dry out there. we'll continue to see the dry weather continue. vianey, you have been tracking a couple of fatal accidents this morning. really sad way to start out our thanksgiving morning. three deadly crashes. we now have a new one. this is in contra costa, making the third of the two i had previously reported. unfortunately the situation is really sad. it's involving what looks to be three vehicles along southbound vasco road, south of walnut, there was apparently a car in a ditch. you can see heavy delays expected through there. we're also still seeing delays along the northbound 101 near the peninsula, along ralston avenue because of an earlier crash as well involving four vehicles, and then the napa crash earlier. this is also a deadly crash along southbound 221.
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so really just please drive safe. we want everybody to be able to spend time with their family. i'll send it back to you. >> definitely. yeah. here we go, 6:20. next on "today in the bay." if you're a pup lover, i want you to stick around for this next one. ahead for you, we're going to show you how the national dog show is getting ready to welcome back spectators. >> plus, nbc bay area responds. how do you beat the supply chain this holiday season. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how, next.
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6:23 this morning, and usually the biggest mystery this time of year is what's in that beautifully wrapped box. is it for me? >> that's all you want to know. >> but you know what, the big question for a lot of people, will the supply chain get your gifts to you in time. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has some information to help navigate around these detours. >> the usual pipeline of presents from factory to store to home isn't flowing as usual. not enough chips for electronics, not enough people at the ports, not enough truck drivers. what can you do, here's our bottom line advice, if you have something specific mind for someone, consider grabbing it
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now, also ship it now. good news, the gift people want the most is not in short supply, gift cards, you can buy them online, and deliver almost instantly electronic. as for good old fashioned gifts you can hold in your hands, we have seen some stores showing out of stock messages. to guarantee you get your hands on an item, buy locally, and you have to do that earlier than usual. if you want a priority box to arrive in time for christmas, for example, the post office says you have to ship by december 18th. ideally, though, wrap up your shopping and shipping even earlier this year. >> always good advice, thanks. and you know what, today, while some are hard at work in the question, others partaking in another tradition, the football. lions take on the bears. the raiders are in dallas to face the cowboys at 1:30 and right here on nbc bay area, you can watch the buffalo bills take on the saints at 5:30. and sunday, don't forget, the
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49ers hope to continue their winning streak. they take on the arizona cardinals. watch the 49ers pregame show on nbc sports bay area. and stay for the post game report after the game ends. the national dog show is back. a whole lineup of well-trained pets are set to compete. the event is hosted by the kennel club of philadelphia, only purebred dogs can take part. last year, of course, no fans were allowed because of the pandemic. but this year, fans are allowed. they have to be fully vaccinated to be in the stands. we spoke with the host about what to expect this year. >> as we have become a family tradition, our first year back in 2002, 19 million people watched. we now expect an audience of close to 30 million every year that watch every year, and i think it's because it's one of the perfect pieces of television programming on a very special day of the year. that two-hour slot, if you sit down with the remote, and you happen to queue into the
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national dog show present by purina, you're going to see a couple of dogs eyes and when you look into a dog's eyes you're going to stop and stay with us. >> i didn't realize the best in show guys are the host of the dog show. watch the national dog show here on nbc bay area after the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it starts at noon. tune in for the macy's thanksgiving day parade that, starts at 9:00 this morning. >> fun morning and afternoon right here on nbc bay area. >> a lot. 6:27 this morning, and next the stop stories we're following today, including shopper safety and peace of mind. we're going to tell you the new parking options shoppers will have if you plan on moving to the city. set up continues for the annual thanksgiving meal. we'll break down what you need to know about this annual tradition. look at this, one after another, so many thieves, they
6:28 am
barely fit into the store. this morning, stunning new surveillance video of a mob style burglary at a bay area pharmacy.
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test
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has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ right now at 6:30, giving the gift of a warm meal on thanksgiving. we're live at glide memorial church as volunteers get ready to hand out thousands of meals. and flash mob thefts the new information on arrests in union square last week, and the amount
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of merchandise that has since been recovered. plus, a security guard shot while on the job. new information about the attempted robbery of a television crew. and the way oakland leaders plan to address the city's growing violence. "today in the bay" continues now. good thursday morning, happy thanksgiving. i'm kira klapper. filling in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. and you know, it's been a sad start to the morning all right. several deadly crashes on bay area freeways. so we want you to stay safe out there. bringing in vianey arana who's in for mike this morning. you have been tracking both of them for us. >> it's really sad. now we have a third crash in contra costa near discovery bay. it looks like we've got several lanes closed and the latest reports show that we have, you know, three vehicles involved. one person unfortunately has passed away, and the other two have sustained major injuries.
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so we do have someone on the way to the scene right now. again, this is right near the discovery bay area along southbound vasco road at walnut boulevard. where you see the yellow on the speed sensors picking it up, that is showing major delays through this stretch. that's involving three vehicles, and we will keep you updated on that. as far as the rest of your drive times going, we aren't noticing major delays along any of the bridges, westbound 80 at the bay bridge, 7 minutes, no metering lights on at bay bridge toll plaza. thank you for keeping us updated. look how cold it is as we're waking up and heading out this morning. i know a lot of people want to get in the early morning run before dinner but take a look at temperatures, you need to add on extra layers until you warm up. we'll see mid-30s as you're heading out the door in morgan hill, and for the turkey trot, you run in your neighborhood and upload your results virtually,
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going from the 30s and 40s to the low 60s. i'd probably wait until later in the day. we'll talk about what's ahead for our weekend forecast and an update on the drought in a few minutes. today is the day that we really do give thanks for everything that we have. but for some, it really has been a hard time this year. >> it really has, and that's why thousands of people are expected to attend the yearly glide turkey give away. that's where we find "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live in san francisco. and it looks so beautiful behind you. they make it really nice for those in need. >> reporter: yes, good morning, and happy thanksgiving. when we first went live at 5:00, it was really empty. the tables were set up but there was nothing on them. now, as you can see, we have tablecloths, we have hand sanitizer, and we have beautiful center pieces. it's all been done in the last hour and a half. again, glide, once again feeding thousands with their annual thanksgiving meal, as well as their virtual concert, but to
6:34 am
get into the specifics of what's taking place today. joined by jean cooper with glide. thank you so much for joining us. so i guess starting off, why does glide do this? why every year wake up so early, sets up the tables, and hold the thanksgiving meal? >> well, you know, there's a large community of people in san francisco who don't have, like, the amenities, and the luxuries that you and i have, which is a home, a roof over our head, a kitchen and the ability to serve and have a thanksgiving dinner. many years ago, 40 years ago, january and cecil decided maybe we should have a meal for the people we serve. that's how it started, and we have continued the tradition. for us, the holiday season doesn't exist if we don't kick it off with a big holiday or thanksgiving event. because of covid, we have moved it outside, so for many years we were inside in our dining rooms and now we're outside and now it's a festive event. in a few hours, you'll see the neighborhood comes out to join us and so it's really lively out here.
6:35 am
it's like a big street party. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: something i have always wondered. let's talk about the food. how much food is necessary. how many days does it take to prep and plan and cook for all of these people? >> we actually start planning our holiday, all of our holiday events in august, and so we have several that will be coming. today is the kickoff. we start cooking for thanksgiving about a week in advance, and so we start to prepare the turkeys, and hams, and then yesterday, like they brought in, they started opening up all of the vegetables, and the stuffing. they made it last night. and so everything gets made over the week, and today we'll serve of the meals, about 2,500. >> hey anthony, excuse me, please. we have 25 money meals, and we're sending out 250 to serve people that are living on the streets and in encampments. >> reporter: good work being done by the folks at glide. you seem to know everybody here
6:36 am
in the community, the meal kicks off at 11:00, runs until 1:00, and they'll be feeding folks in the encampments as well. even if you're not here, they're working to make sure everyone is fed. live in fran, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:36, and it's time to talk about crime. crime in oakland hitting us at nbc bay area. this is close to home. a private security guard working with another station's news crew was shot during an attempted robbery in oakland. police say that he is in stable condition. there's a $17,000 reward for information about person or persons who shot that guard to be captured. now, the shooting happened at 14th and webster. this is in front of prime 356. a crime reporter and a guard, they were there to interview the store's owners about the smash and grab you see involving some 30 people rushing into the store. it was all caught on surveillance camera. the owners came back to the
6:37 am
store for food give away. this is when the thieves started shooting. >> roll up, say get down, he started shooting at everybody. for no reason, the dude didn't take the camera. it was senseless. you know what i'm saying, senseless attempt on multiple people lives. >> the oakland police department, they are asking for the public's help. this isn't the first time a security guard protecting a tv crew has been shot or even shot at in oakland. this is part of our crew, sometimes they travel with those guards. in fact, one of our own news crews were held up at gunpoint at oakland's city hall in june. also in oakland, we have new video of a pharmacy on piedmont avenue being ransacked. you can see dozens of people grabbing drugs off the shelves. this happened at wellspring pharmacy. according to the time stamp, it happened just before 8:00 p.m. saturday night. police have not released any
6:38 am
information about the thieves. and bay area retailers big and small are concerned for their safety and their bottom line during this wave of smash and grab crime. yesterday, nine people were formally charged for last friday's flash mob thefts in union square. prosecutors say one of the defendants, ivan speed was caught with more than $13,000 worth of stolen merchandise. he's reportedly in this video running with his arms full of louie vuitton bags and clothes. prosecutors say two other defendants jamisi callaway, and tamiko miller tried to get away in the silver mustang. callaway faces more serious charges because police say he had a gun. police tell us they anticipate making more arrests in connection with this case. to hopefully keep shoppers safe, the city is offering free two-hour parking near union square. this starts tomorrow at three
6:39 am
garages, according to the chronicle, the supplies to the sudden stockton garage on stockton street, the ellis-o' farrell garage, and the union square garage on post street. some will be closed off to vehicles from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. during that time. although it's unclear which streets we're talking about. it is 6:39. we're going to give you a live look outside. christmas in the park in downtown san jose already set up and ready to welcome everyone into the holiday spirit. i wonder how it will be to get out today. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall for a look at the thanksgiving forecast. some families like to play football, how will it be out there today? >> we have great weather for all of that, and of course we are wanting to head out there to christmas in the park, and go ice skating that, all will be
6:40 am
open tomorrow, and so we'll see those temperatures in the low 60s for the evening. get a hot chocolate, take a look at how quickly these temperatures will cool off tomorrow evening, going into the lower 50s and if you are making plans to hit the road, heading out to see family, well, today we have some mid-70s in l.a., and we'll see it slightly warmer. watching out for high winds in the area as well. around the bay area, some of the destinations, where you may be taking friends and family in town from other areas, we have some amazing conditions here. sunshine and also temperatures headed for the mid-60s. a few spots like santa cruz will reach into the low 70s by saturday. vianey, you were saying that you really do need to be careful out there on the roads this morning. >> yeah, you know, we're starting to notice an increase in traffic, but also, you know, the headline unfortunately in the traffic department is three deadly crashes on a thanksgiving morning. right now, the latest is in
6:41 am
discovery bay. i'm going to get out of the way so you can see the area. involving three vehicles. one person has died and two have major injuries. this is along the southbound vasco road, south of walnut. this is in contra costa, discovery bay. the second crash was earlier along northbound 101 near the peninsula, near ralston avenue and they had a sig alert in effect because of the crash involving four vehicles. and the third in napa, 221, emola avenue, and that was a deadly crash. don't take anything for granted. hug your family members, and slow it down out there, please. i know we always say take your patience with you. do be patient. it's better for you to make it to your destination. >> absolutely. thank you so much. 6:41 this morning. coming up next, a nearly all white jury convicts three white men in the death of ahmaud arbery, and ahmaud's mother
6:42 am
speaking, the emotional response. and santa claus returning to malls across the country. the steps he's taking to keep kids safe from covid.
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happy thanksgiving right now at 6:44. it is so cold out there. we have seen temperatures dipping into the mid-30s from the south county as well as the north bay. we will gradually warm up heading into the afternoon. we're taking look at that and
6:45 am
our drought monitor in the forecast in a few minutes. a little bit of goods news if you have to take the bay bridge toll plaza to get to work. no metering lights, and holiday light traffic on the bridges. drive safe. i'll have an update on the three deadly crashes coming up. 6:45 for you this morning, and reaction continues to pour in following the guilty verdict in the murder of ahmaud arbery, the unarmed black man was shot to death in brunswick, georgia. his mother, wanda cooper jones appeared to be in silent prayer and then sobbing aloud, this is as the first guilty verdict was read. the nearly all white jury convicted travis mcmichael of all counts, and his father, gregory mcmichael and their neighbor william bryan were acquitted of the top charge but face life in prison. for ahmaud's mother, the decision means her son will receive some type of justice. >> i never thought this day would come, but god is good.
6:46 am
you know him as ahmaud, i knew him as quez, he will now rest i attorney handling this case was handled the case, and she is denying misconduct allegations. a rare gray wolf's epic life journey has come to an end. the oregon born endangered animal known as o.r. 93 was found dead after it was hit by a car. biologists put a collar on the wolf in 2019, to track his movement. you might remember, he traveled from northern oregon all the way down to san louis -- he was spotted in curren county, which is the farthest south any gray wolf had traveled since 1922. he was found dead in labeck, 75
6:47 am
northwest of downtown l.a. after spending last season spreading christmas cheer behind a face mask or snow globe, santa back seeing children in person at most malls. jolly old st. nick is taking precautions to keep everyone safe. that includes being vaccinated and getting his booster shots. >> we'll be doing weekly covid tests just to make sure i keep mrs. clause safe, and one of the reasons i'm always wearing gloves to minimize contact. >> because everyone is ready to party, and because everyone just wants to see santa, they want to get back to normal. >> health expert says that children who have not gotten their vaccines should continue to wear their mask while seeing santa. i was saying earlier, i saw santa behind a plexiglass with his arms open and the kids in front of him, and i didn't explain that i think it's to look like the kids are in his arms. >> so they're like that, oh, santa. >> in between his plexiglass arms. we do what we can. >> from the arms to the big old
6:48 am
floats, you know what's happening today, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's back and better than ever. >> we have a live look at new york city, the parade now underway for the east coast time zone after last year's slim down festival. the balloons will be flying high this year, and there will be new ones that kids will recognize immediately. we talked to the "today" show's al roker about this year's comeback. >> we're back. last year we had to do a truncated compact version of the parade. this year everything is back, the marching bands, the floats, the balloons, that will travel from the upper west side, 77th and central park west all the way down to herald square where hoda and savannah will be. i'll be uptown getting things kicked off. and we've got new balloons, including baby yoda. >> grogu, tune in this morning as "today" kicks off thanksgiving with their special live event. that's at 7:00 a.m. after "today in the bay," and then at 9:00,
6:49 am
full coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade followed by the national dog show at noon. all of that is right here on nbc bay area. >> and hey, you know what, right here in the bay area, we're having some nice weather. while somebody's cooking inside, you may want to step outside, put a jacket on and enjoy yourself. how is it shaping up across the bay area for us. it is cold this morning. but yes, it will be a very nice day. let's talk about all that's going on because we know that some people are still traveling. here's a live look at sfo, as we take a look across the country to see if there's flight delays, everything seems to be on schedule. even though there is some showers and storms moving across parts of the midwest, we are not seeing travel delays there or here regionally. everything is good. i know a lot of people are getting up early, heading out for a run. you can upload your results for the applied materials of silicone valley turkey trot, and see the temperatures where we
6:50 am
start out in the low 40s. yes, chilly morning, but gradually it's going to get better. if you want the warmer weather, maybe wait until 11:00, 12:00, and of course it wouldn't be thanksgiving without football, we've got the sgsu spartans playing today. we're going to see those temperatures in the upper 60s at half-time, really perfect football weather or for any outdoor activities whether you want to throw the football around with the friends and family, here's a look at our high temperatures for today, reaching 66 in concord, 64 in oakland. also 64 in san francisco with our north bay temperatures reaching about 64 degrees in santa rosa. all quiet here across the region. just some showers that have been moving off towards the seattle and portland area. not a strong storm and it will continue to weaken before it gets here. in fact, that's been the case for us over the past couple of weeks with these storm systems rolling to the pacific northwest, and not making it here to the bay area. so we are going to see this pattern continuing as these storm systems dry up and also
6:51 am
contributing to much more of the drought that we're seeing. let me show you the drought update that i got this morning. we can see the dark reds, that includes the highest level of drought, the exceptional drought with the update that comes out this morning, that just came out, we can see that there has been some improvement for the north bay. in fact, about 10% of california has been dropped from the exceptional drought and much of that is for the north bay, it does continue for contra costa, and alameda counties for the exceptional drought because the rain we got with the storm system in october really wasn't that much for the east bay. so now looking at our forecast, still pretty nice, going into the weekend. we are not seeing any changes going at least through the end of next week. vianey, you have been very busy this morning tracking three fatal crashes. it's been a sad situation, especially on thanksgiving morning. i want to start out with how the bridge drive times are doing.
6:52 am
we are noticing overall pretty quick commute because there's not a lot of traffic out there. beautiful shot of the bay bridge there, and look at the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights on at this hour, also not seeing delays on the san mateo bridge. and westbound 580 to 680 about 16 minutes. traveling the peninsula, northbound 101 seeing slowing because of the earlier deadly crash. i'll send it back to you. thank you so much. it's 6:52. happening now, some people in california might be dealing without power this thanksgiving because of a red flag warning caused by the santa ana winds. 60 miles per hour wind gusts and low humidity levels leading to high fire danger. power companies down south are considering cutting power to homes and businesses to prevent live wires from sparking fires.
6:53 am
ahead in a live report, how one church is getting ready to dish out thousands of meals. and people on edge amid the rise in crime trends at bay area shopping malls. the way local law enforcement planning to keep those shoppers safe. we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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6:55 on this thanksgiving
6:56 am
morning. we want to say welcome back, as we move you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." it's thanksgiving day, which means one san francisco tradition is a few hours away. >> glide memorial church provides hundreds of turkeys for families in need. this year they expect more than 2,000. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is there. every time we see you, there's more and more beauty behind you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, that's exactly right. can you imagine making food for 2,500 people. i can barely cook for myself, so i can't imagine filling something the size literally of a high school. jean cooper says that's a number than years past. this is where it will take place. folks will be eating outside. this is way to reduce the risk of transmission of covid.
6:57 am
we were here last year. it was really a seamless system. folks come in, they sit down, they're offered turkey or ham. they're able to eat, congregate and able to leave and bring in the next shift of people. before that even takes place, we're being told that folks will be served breakfast in the exact same area. a little bit of a break, and then that iconic meal will be served. we'll be here all morning talking with volunteers and the organizers as well as those eating that good, good food on this thanksgiving day. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. and let's take a live look outside at sfo because you know a lot of people there are planning their holiday travel, excited to come into town to see their family members. there is some good news. experts say while covid is still with us, you can gather safely with your family. the cdc says most bay area counties have a moderate rate of transmission, and other parts of the country are seeing high levels like in michigan where cases are spiking at 70%.
6:58 am
and as all week long, we have been seeing a lot of people within the last minute to give that rush to get tested for covid or get a booster and, in the south way, santa clara county, they saw a 70% increase in people getting tested. the recent string of robberies across the bay area comes as we approach one of the biggest shopping days of the year. of course tomorrow, black friday, and after a tough stretch last year because of pandemic lock downs, retailers were hoping for a return of black friday bargain hunters. some serious shoppers are waiting for the big deals tomorrow but the outbreak of flash mob robberies across the bay area has some shoppers making other plans. we have spoken to some people who say they will just be sticking to online to avoid the crowds and potential danger. one expert we spoke with, though, said it's not always safe online. shoppers should be aware of stolen merchandise if they see high end products on sites like etsy, amazon, ebay at deeply reduced prices it could be
6:59 am
stolen or counterfeit. time to get a look at the forecast on this thanksgiving. a lot of people heading out somewhere, hopefully to get something to eat, spend time with loved ones. how is it looking for us weather wise? >> it's starting out cool but will be a very nice day. you can have that dinner outside. temperatures in the upper 60s in the inland areas, and we'll see the weather on repeat throughout the next week. i have an update on the deadly crash blocking all lanes on northbound 101 near ralston avenue. chp could start reopening lanes in 15 to 20 minutes. still expect heavy delays as traffic works to recover. a sad morning with three deadly crashes, the second near discovery bay, so please keep that in mind. aside from that, no delays on any of the bridges. >> thank vianey, thanks kari, we want to remind you that the macy's thanksgiving day parade starts right here on nbc bay area at 9:00 a.m., followed by the national dog show at noon,
7:00 am
and you can only see those right here on nbc. >> and that's what's happening here in the bay area, and you know what, we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local update, leaving you with a live look at christmas in the park in san jose, should be a great time to enjoy that starting tomorrow. have a good thanksgiving. see you back here next. time. time. time. time. orning. good morning triumphant return after two long years. the crowds are back, balloons are inflated, as millions get set to celebrate the holiday tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it's about celebrating the >> our team is spread out along the iconic route with special guests and surprises in store. we will talk to new york city police commissioner about all the efforts under way to make sure it is festive and safe. guilty as charged. the defendants in the murder of ahmaud arbery now facing


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