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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 26, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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zblumpblgs. kicking off your black friday with americans getting ready for normalcy let the dash for deals begin new covid concerns a variant found if south african that has the wld health organization holding a special meeting today, setting wall street futures down by hundreds of points. in the wake of sunday's tragic christmas parade. the city of waukesha came together for a friendgiving pot luck dinner. the national dog show, this
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year's winner has rewritten the history books. as we think of those thanksgiving leftovers, one food bank is managing to feed more people more efficiently than ever before. it's black friday, "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm phillip mena >> i'm frances rivera. thanks for joining us. there is breaking news, a if you coronavirus variant has been detected in south africa this one is causing concern because of its high number of mutations. scientists say the variant currently identified as b11529 has 30 mutations the world health organization says there have been a small number of infections, but the group is expected to meet to discuss the new variant and may give it a name from the greek alphabet the news is affecting the stockmarket and global travel. according to cnbc dow futures plunged as much as 800 points in
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overnight trading. the s&p 500 and nasdaq were if decline as well. meanwhile, britain's health secretary announced the nation is temporarily suspending flights from six african countries. he didn't say which would be banned, but did say more data is needed before taking precautions now. across the country, covid cases are climbing once again, back to levels not seen since summer it's forcing hospitals to make drastic decisions. >> reporter: good morning, new covid cases have risen, here in new york city, one sign of a return to normalcy they floated across timely packed streets bee cons of marina this year, symbols of triumph. >> very emotional. when i saw that turkey come down, i thought of everything new york is about, gone througho
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years, but this brings us back. >> reporter: the macy's thanksgiving day parade drawing thousands of onlookers for the first time since the pandemic began. last year this parade was a block long and a very small crowd. things have changed. >> it's been very stressful. and to be here right now -- >> reporter: yet for some the stress is not over yet with covid cases now rising in parts of the mid-west and northeast. in michigan, two military teams are expected to arrive to help overwhelmed hospitals. in massachusetts, the governor ordered facilities with bed shortages to suspend elective surgery. >> it's tough to make people wait so long for care they really do need >> in maine, similar measures is there to me it's a big deal. >> reporter: emily is waiting for an endoscopy
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>> to have us get to the finish line and tell us the race is over i feel defeated. >> reporter: erie county, new york, reported its highest number of covid cases ever >> fortunately, we are going in the worst direction. this is the worst direction we've ever had. >> reporter: hospitalizations are still rare in minnesota, for example, the death rate for fully vaccinated people under 50 during the delta surge was 0.0 per 100,000 people. >> there are three driving factors, a high unvaccination rate still in parts of the country. number two, a majority of the new cases are children, who are also unvaccinated. three, we're seeing these cases cropping up in social settings. >> reporter: and another sign air travel might be getting back to normal the psa you is said it screened 2.3 million passengers on wednesday, the highest level since the pandemic began just shy of 2019. >> all right gabe, thank you.
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the white house shared a look at the biden family's thanksgiving menu. there is roasted turkey and from the first lady's family, grandma's savory stuffing and four deserts, including chocolate chip ice cream as for the message, here's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: his first thanksgiving as commander-in-chief president biden and the first lady greeted coasts guardsmen staged here in nantucket. >> thanks for these guys, i mean from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: they also spoke by zoom to members of all signature military branches based in the u.s. and around the world. >> i have been watching them in the south china sea,iastic, iraq, wherever they are. >> reporter: the extended biden family arrived here tuesday night. covid had kept them apart last year but the first family is reclaiming a 40-year tradition
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of spending thanksgiving together on nantucket. the quaint new england enclave the bidens are staying at the 13-acre $30 million compound owned by billionaire pla philanthropist carlisle group. they surprised al rocky early. >> mr. al, how are you doing, al >> reporter: with a call during the thanksgiving day parade. >> my message is after two years, we're back, america is back there is nothing we're able to overcome, al. >> reporter: in a video message, the bidens noted while many families can celebrate together again, others feel an absence. >> we also keep in our hearts those who we lost and those who have lost so much and those who have an empty seat at their kitchen table or dining room table this year. >> reporter: we have an update on the president's health. the white house provide us with a memo if last week's physical
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back in washington a polyp was removed during his colonoscopy. that is b is benign today here on the island, the first lady says the family will attend a tree-lighting ceremony as a part of the festivities. >> kelly, thank you. americans did more than just eat turkey and watch football this thanksgiving. they also spent a lot of money total online spending is on track to reach between 5.1 and $5.4 billion according to adobe analytics. here were black friday deals with nbc's jolene kent. >> reporter: the mad dash this thanksgiving weekend is delivering a tale of two holiday seasonss >> i hope the discounts are as good as they were in the past. >> reporter: americans plan to shell out $859 on gifts and beyond, which would break records.
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online shopping expected to spike 10% compared to last year. >> i will be doing more shopping online for sure. >> reporter: but the big numbers don't mean everyone will be spending big high income households will spend five times more, hit hard by food and gas prices, a record 11% of shoppers plan to spend absolutely nothing on gifts this year for those able to shop, be prepared to see more venturing out this weekend the energy is different. >> reporter: mall of america is prepared to welcome thousands before dawn on black friday. >> with supply cane delays, do you think you will have more shoppers in person >> the supply chain is impacting both online and brick and mortar, the thing is when you shop, you can take it home, that instant gratification. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: look for incentives >> if you go into stores, you
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may get free gift cards with a purchase and free gift drop and is holiday music and a whole kind of vibe as well retailers want that foot traffic in the stores. >> reporter: the most popular item landing in clothes and bags is clothing, with consumers expected to spend $304 on average. it may worse by supply chain slow downs a sign that as shoppers make their comeback, stores are still scrambling to deliver that holiday magic. >> everyone's favorite thanksgiving friendsgiving duo is back again. they celebrated turkey day marking six years of their heart warming tradition they normd when he tweeted he was having a grandson it turned into a real life invitation running ever simpblts today is a day a lot of people go outside, put up christmas
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lights, holiday decorations, janessa webb, our meteorologist, is here to tell us what those conditions will be good morning >> good morning, all i was thinking ability was shopping. i didn't think about the christmas lights, people out for black friday if you are across the central u.s., you are definitely seeing pretty good conditions, even for the ohio valley. that rain ising to exit. still going with a little bit of snow new york, d.c., light rain into the raleigh-durham area. the big weather story will be the alerts for superior new york to northern new england. we're seeing snowfall rates one inch her hour some locations and also the strong winds that will make traveling very differently in this area some of the totals that we're looking at about a foot of snow across vermont, into the connect area, even maine most spots into your interior new york to the great lakes, at least two-to-four inches
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this fros. day time highs, they're struggling for detroit today 34 degreesook at the rest of the weekend coming up, guys. >> thank you very much you can do shopping and decorating, i guess. jimmy fallon's five more sleeps until christmas has come to the tv screen it's been made into an animated special and will premier tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc next, the power of kindness, how strangers are help ac freed man get back on his feet plus, waukesha strong. a community comes together in the wake of a tragedy.
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have been rushing in for kevin strickland, a black man wrongfully convicted of three murders in 19 sfievenl he was finally exonerated and freed from prison on tuesday he doesn't apply to a payout since those only apply todna testing in that state. so a go fund me was set up and so far it has raised over $1 million this morning one resident is giving back to the community tony davis had originally hoped to host a private pot luck and opened it to everyone, help harrisburg his residents healed. they gathered at a local bar the same parade was held on. many bringing favorite dishes. he held a sigh leapt auction raising $3,000 for the fund for those impacted by last week's events still a k-9 that has judges
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we have the first time in 20 years, we have a repeat winner, not a breed winner, a repeat dog. >> back-to-back for that top dog. claire the scottish hound is the first dog to win best in show two years in a row in the 20-year history of the national dog show the countdown to christmas is on, 29 days to go. here to get a jump start on that list toy insiders editor-in-chief has this year's best steam toys making learning fun. good morning happy holidays to you. let's start with the number one -- from good morning >> let's start with what's on your list in >> absolutely. so the first toy i am totally obsessed with, it's quadrilla
4:18 am
super spirals. it's so big i couldn't fit it on the screen here. this is an amazing marble run kids can build themselves. it comes with almost 80 pieces, it's about trial and error >> all right the next, something with a little bit of a screen, am i correct there? sometimes i'm hesitant, but this in case this should be the exception? >> reporter: absolutely. this is the osmo genius starter kit. its bridging the gap between digital play you add in a tablet of your own and you get all of these little parts and pieces, letters, numbers, the learning is all hidden inside the video game >> it's like sneaking in a vegetable, right they have no idea they're getting good stuff while they're having it. the next is a video game the thing with this one is
4:19 am
they're actually programing it they're the puns making it >> yes this is pixicade, a mobile game maker. they're designing their own video game levels. you get these little booklets here they can draw in video game levels scan this within the picicade app. watch it come to life on screen. they can play out the levels they've created. >> when you say get out the screens, the technology, do some venturing here >> reporter: absolutely, these are the young scientist venture packs, three to choose from. this is the space activity set and i'm obsessed with this it's got 13 hands-on activities that kids can create, including this space navigator here. which can project constill eights for kids. >> sometimes you get these toys and tech, you lose old the goodd
4:20 am
fashioned crafting >> reporter: yes, this is putting the a in steam this is all about art. the crayola paper butterfly science kit. you start with white paper butterflies. kids will add in their own colors that they mix themselves and learn about the wicking process along the way. look at this beautiful end result you go this gorgeous colorful ly >> really pretty e decorating the kids' rooms. everyone around them to remind them how creative they are this holiday season. >> thank you so much we need these ideas. >> hopefully, you can get them >> coming up, janessa webb has your holiday weekend forecast. >> ahead, i get all elf stuff for the holidays
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we have the team of two extremes if you are across the east coast northeast, temperatures really chilly this afternoon. day time high friday 43 degrees. i need to get to kansas city that's where the heat will continue to build for 13 to 20 degrees above average in this location now, going into your weekend, we're going to continue to watch this front make its way through. we do have snowy conditions that will start to pick up across michigan all the way into the ohio valley into northern new england, watch scattered showers, if you are across tvenlths looking for alaska, 13 below. feeling like winter across my home state well above average if you are in the pacific northwest, temperatures really warming up, this is a good place to be for your sunday. this is the weather pick of the week because lots of sunshine, we'll continue to watch that slick travel for the northeast as we go into sunday, guys >> thanks, janessa still ahead, a new solution
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la la la la la. while many gave thanks for the thanksgiving meal, some americans are struggling amid the spike in food prices in san antonio, texas, they are helping field those who need more. >> reporter: the images were heart break, seemingly endless lines at food banks nationwide, some families going hungry for the first time during the hike of the pandemic. >> it's embarrassing it's the first time i've ever done this. >> reporter: we first met her in 2020 is this still a need
4:27 am
>> yeah, there is still a need. >> reporter: they like so many americans are still trying to get back on their feet. >> we use doordash and saber, the money is not there >> reporter: families are struggling to make those ends meet they're coming to the food banks. >> reporter: as covid hit hard, the san antonio food bank went from feeding 60,000 a week to double that. today they're making sure 90,000 people a week don't go hungry. >> i got to do what i have to do for these kids. >> reporter: like this health worker >> mother of five. everything is rising, prices, gas, you know, for food. >>. >> reporter: if you don't have the food bank, what do you have? >> basically nothing. >> reporter: one in five turned to the food shelter last year. he is taking part by feeding america called order ahead >> i have a son, full-time student. so, yeah, time is of the essence. >> reporter: the program piloted on a san antonio college campus is also being used by 26 food
4:28 am
banks nationwide >> it's a relatively short process. >> reporter: ordering him to choose on his phone, what type of food he needs and when and where he can pick it up. >> i'm going to check out. >> reporter: no waiting in long car lines for hours for missing a paycheck >> we got fresh groceries. every day counts that's an enormous help, especially with the prices on everything going up, having access to fought just food but healthy food >> as long as they eat and they're happy and they think nothing is wrong, i'm doing my job. >> reporter: for these folks, a family meal, one more reason to give thanks. nbc news, san antonio. >> that's good now that thanksgiving is behind us, it's time to go elf yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ >> with elves making their holiday season debut in many
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households, frances and i and our kid got into the spirit to welcome them you can get in on the elf fun, too. you can make your own free videos on the elf yourself app if you buy one, a portion will be donated to
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