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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 26, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> how long was the wait? >> probably four hours. >> how much shoppers are expected to shell out this holiday season. >> the news starts now. >> scientists are working to learn more about the new covid variant. that is fuelling concerns around lt world. the w.h.o. has named the new strain omi kron. first identified in south africa. health officials reported it on wednesday. w.h.o. says it's concerning because it cares a number of mutations that could allow it to spread quickly. even among people who are vaccinated. >> president biden taking action. the u.s. restricting travel from south africa and seven other countries. the new rules take effect on monday. and will not impact u.s. citizens. president biden called the move quote cautious and said he took the advice of medical experts.
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>> fears of this new variant are affecting wall street. stocks dropped drastically today. dow fell 900 points. the worst day of the year. s and p and nasdaq dropped 2%. travel related stocks suffered the worst hits. vaccine makers moderna and pfizer saw big gains. >> given our higher vaccination rates here in the bay area, how concerned should we be about the variant? for more on that, our infectious disease expert. this point with what we know so far, what is your level of concern here for the bay area? we know it's not in california yet. not even in the u.s. how do you feel at this point? >> i think i'm looking at the data as it emerges. i'm not that scared personally, myself. at this moment. it's wise to sort of pause and look and evaluate to see how
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many of these are around the world. the main feature that's driving a lot of interest in the variant is the rate of increase in one population. and one county. and south africa. >> okay. so in terms of the travel. we're seeing the travel restrictions. does that make sense to you? we're just starting to kind of get out of the delta variant. to now be faced with potentially a new variant. that could kind of stymy us to where we were before. >> i think it's too early to say. my personal feeling is we won't get to that other place again. this is really just out of the abundance of caution. a year ago this was the rise of alpha. and a few months later came delta. a lot of people are feeling ptsd from the variants. and the rate of increase in the region among 18 to 34 year-old. 25% of which are vaccinated.
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the vast majority not vaccinated. i think people are worried that it maybe the new delta in town. >> do we know enough about the variant to know whether the vaccines are going to hold with it? and a lot of people are hesitant to get the booster. is this something that now you should reconsider if you are on the fence about getting the booster? >> definitely. i would go out and get vaccinated. if you haven't. get a booster if you haven't. it gets you the best insurance. not against what we know about only. what is in the future. like this new variant. i think this new variant has a lot of mutations on the spike protein. 30 of them. and 10 on rescepter. to potentially make it stickier. the vaccines give us a wide array of immune cells that will be better than immunity from natural infection. >> you said it yourself with the
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ptsd. i think it's starting to now that we're talking about the new variant. is this the reality that we are going to have to be coexisting with covid? it's not like we have been two years into it now. it's not going to go away. if we continue to see all the different mutations, is this the new reality of us just having to coexist with mutations of this covid? >> yes. we'll need to coexist with potential new variants. again the world is going to look very different if you are vaccinated. even in the a face of variants. right now we have a high level of disease that we'd like to see it lower. before we feel comfortable. at some point people are going to get tired. we're going to accept that some will go to the hospital. we'll get better with therapy. vaccination will be the way to get us to a lower spot than right now. every two weeks we're getting a
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new variant. >> is it also a reality that this booster shot probably won't be the last we'll be getting? >> i have always been humbled by sars cov 2. i can't say for sure. if this is like the variant which is brazilian variant. in terms of vaccine resis tense. vaccines will still work. in the foeshl we need a booster with a variant, a new variant. i think it's going to be easy to make that booster. it just essentially cutting and pasting the code. if it's something we need once a year. moderna is already looked into combining the flu shot with the booster shot. it can be one stop shopping in the future. >> it seems like every day there's a new reality. that we have to deal with. with this pandemic.
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>> thanks so much. if you still have questions about the new variant, we may have the answer. check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram. share your concerns. we'll be answering more questions coming up tonight at 7:00. >> thieves. not even taking thanksgiving off. a south bay store hit by burglars in the early morning hours. of course it is black friday. which in years past means a lot of people shopping. smash and grab robberies across the bay area. police are not taking any chances. >> with black friday officially upon us. there will be extra eyes on the sales but on the shoppers as well. increase of security expected across the bay area. shoppers will be keeping a close eye on their surroundings. >> wanting to score big deals this pair visited san jose. for some black friday shopping. >> we were going to do it
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online. since we have been home all year, it's nice to try and get back outside. and see what everything has. especially since i figured it wouldn't be too busy. >> what they have seen play out here and across the bay. >> i took into account where to shop. >> in the past week several large groups of thieves running into stores skb grabbing what they can and heading out. scenes playing out in san francisco, and san jose. at high end stores. this morning police took a burglary report at this men's clothing store. down the street. the store was closed at the time of the break in. police don't have any suspects information. police were also clear in telling us this incident is not believed to be connected to the other recent smash and grabs. the holiday season in light of the recent rash of crime, local law enforcement and city leaders say they are reacting. san jose mayor wants to install
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more license plate trackers to help locate the vehicles used as get away cars. they upped their presence as a way to keep shoppers and retailers safe. some shoppers say they have taken notice. >> i have seen a combination of everything. some people with vests on. they stand out. >> many don't plan to slow their shopping any time soon. >> we're here. >> okay. thank you. bob visited several shopping centers this morning. trying to measure the size of the crowd. he joins us from san francisco. which is actually in livermore. >> the san francisco premium out lets behind me are certainly crowded. it feels like a normal black friday. like in years past. the out lets didn't open on thanksgiving. and didn't stay open all night. as they have done in the past. they opened at 6:00 this
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morning. getting here is a challenge. you can see the line of traffic to get into the mall. backed up. once inside a lot of people some stores were long lines. people waiting again to get in. not unusual. this is video of my daughter shot of the line into the nike store. she waited for quite sometime before finally giving up and leaving. said nothing was worth that wait. appears she was noft alone. >> did you get in? >> no way. >> how long was the wait. >> probably four hours. it's long. >> sweaters. >> how much did you spend? >> 100. >> how much did you save. >> 100. more than that. at least 300. >> really? it was worth it. >> yeah. >> how long did you wait? >> like 20 minutes. >> do you have a budget in mind? >> a budget? currently i'm a student. so i'm not working.
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because i don't have a budget. whatever we do today is going to put a dent in my bank account. >> this was of the scene outside the stone ridge mall. around 7:00 a.m. this was about an hour after it opened for black friday. what we saw plenty of parking. no rush of shoppers. at this hour. alliance research expects shoppers to pay average between 5 and 17% more this holiday shopping season for things like toy, clothes and appliances and tvs. especially tvs. you can blame that on the labor shortage and the back up in the supply chain. and i have been coming to the out lets on black friday for the past several years. to buy dress shirts. but this is the first time i have seen the dress shirts cost more than they have in previous black fridays. the sale for me wasn't worth it. i left empty handed. >> poor bob, sorry.
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>> san francisco is known for its street performers. like bush man. there's a new act in town. we'll show you why he's bringing smiles to so many faces. >> it's such a deal. you love it. until you don't. the rules for returns.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ we're there. the big week when holiday shoppers pack the stores. >> that means that next week a lot of bargain hunters have the buyers remorse. why did i buy that? right. what are the rules with returns. we ask for a refresher. >> every holiday season we return billions upon billions of dollars of merchandise.
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it doesn't work, doesn't fit or doesn't do it for us. here's what's new. some stores got strict with the return policy. due to covid. a few stopped accepting returns all together. can they do that? yes. california law doesn't require stores to have a return policy. the attorney general says don't assume a store will allow you to return an item if you change your mind. let's do quick question skb answer. can california stores charge a restocking fee? the answer is yes. can they allow only exchanges, yes. can they offer store credit instead of cash back. yes. can they deny you a refunds if you don't have a receipt? yes. do we see a pattern here? bottom line. if you are not absolutely positively 100% sure you want to keep whatever you have in your hands. at the moment when the door buster sign captivated you. figure out the return policy. some storing loosen their policies around the holiday.
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not all. they don't have to. please check the rules. they should be posted in writing at the service desk. >> if you have trouble please let us know. during the early stages of the pandemic. many of us discovered new hobbies and interests. gardening or building things. how one san francisco man found something to lift his spirits. >> i needed something to do. my girlfriend was working from home. >> living in what can feel like a bubble. >> we live in a tough time in the country. >> a time that inspired some to seek something new. >> i studied the science of bubbles. >> when the pandemic emptied streets, back in march of 2020. he discovered a passion. as light as air. >> i was addicted to wanting to
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make bubbles. i don't know why. it was four days into covid. i have been doing it every day, seven days a week. 15 hours a day. >> his new life began with a bucket of soap. string attached to sticks. and the simple vision. >> the main goal was what can i do to put a smile on somebody's face. to do that he walks through san francisco each day. creating floating art. >> i never knew myself as an artist. you can't sell your print or anything. if you create a memory. >> i love the bubble man. he's marvelous. and bring light and happiness. >> thank you. >> this was not on the bucket list. i could have never told anybody i was doing bubbles. you are crazy. >> the solution to making big bubbles is all in the solution. which he makes up himself. >> it's a science. tlast factors into doing big
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bubbles. nighttime are the awesome bubbles. come up to the cathedral. >> i believe i have saved countless lives of people. who saw my bubbles and came to talk to me. >> in some ways. his bubbles saved his own life. >> this is my give back. i wasn't always a nice guy. i did 15 years in prison. >> so now every bubble he releases is filled with the molecules of redemption. >> it's awesome. watching the people smiling and running after the bubbles. >> it's magical. >> i never found anything in my 50 years that i love. i love doing bubbles. >> tips and party bookings. he's making a living from bubbles. >> this will be my life. when i'm 120. i'll be doing bubbles. >> amazing. >> surrounded by bubbles and smiles. he sees these heavy times as weight less. >> i'm the bubble guy. >> the beauty.
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>> fantastic. >> he can do it with he's 100. not something you have to stop. because age slows you down. he can bubble. >> a beautiful weekend to go watch him do his thing. >> can't have too much wind for that. >> nice conditions. not too much wind. and no rain either. you'll see that play out on the 7-day forecast. the conditions outside right now. breezy at sfo. typically the case. 59 degrees there. heading to walnut creek. 60 degrees. watching out for patchy fog. around contra costa county. 58 degrees in dublin. along the very slow moving 580. and san jose christmas in the park. still waiting if the tree lights there. 62 degrees in san jose. and speaking of the trees that have already been lit up nicely. 42 degrees currently. clear skies above. if you are heading to the sierra
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this week the weather is nice. mid to upper 50s. nighttime temperature ins the 20s and 30s. good conditions for the machine snow blowers to build up the snow pack. we're not adding any natural snow obviously through the weekend. passing high clouds. which made for a beautiful sunset picture. livermore and concord. into napa. you might see more fog. not as cold. taking the patchy frost out. with numbers in the low to mid-40s. highs tomorrow near 70. good news for football weather. the vikings will be taking on the 49ers early afternoon. kick off at 1:25.
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70s to start. low 60s by the fourth quarter. and the long range rain out look or snow out look. unfortunately is continuing to stay quite dry. the storm track continues to stay off to the north. what you are seeing there is valley fog setting up at times around the central valley. high pressure acting like a lid on top of the bay area. slight offshore breeze. might have more fog opposed to any chance of rain ahead in the next seven days. san francisco looking good. mid to upper 60s. wrapping up november dry, december starting out dry. hopefully that doesn't last too long. we have the rain surplus from late october and the beginning of the month. we really ought to see more of the snow in the sierra and hopefully more rainmaking a come back. christmas in the park or anything, it's nice to be outside. >> beautiful for us. we need the rain so the ski resorts can open.
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it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto
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holiday travel set a new record the tsa reports 2.3 million people passed through the check points wednesday. bigs volume since april 2020. the day before thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day of the year. some people try to get back home. tsa hired 6,000 new officers this year, airlines still advise passengers get there two hours before. the lines are going to be long. three hours early if you are flying international. >> new york city oi iconic toy store is making big kids dreams come true. like tom hanks in the movie big. you can have a world famous toy store all to yourself.
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yes, you can dance on the giant piano. throughout the holiday, you can get private access before it opens to the public. the cost is $260. it's for a good cause. the proceeds benefit a charity that supports children with cancer. >> the african nation tonight is stantding by its decision to make boxing star the official cannabis ambassador. he invested in the cannabis farm. some oppose it because of the 1991 rape conviction. he served his time in prison. he's paid his debt. they legalized cannabis last year but stopped short of recreational use. his role would be encourage investors. no word on whether mike the champ even wants the job. >> it seems like a random headline generator. put it all together. and get the story. it's a big match up for sunday
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night football. jackson returns to the field and we have a preview next in sports. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today.
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cleveland browns visiting the baltimore ravens. >> the football night in america crew have a preview. >> thanksgiving weekend. it wraps up sunday night with baltimore hosting cleveland. ravens got a win in chicago. without jackson. >> they get him back.
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he needs to play well. especially into the meat of this division schedule. they got him at home. >> cleveland on offense. you know the formula. blitz jackson. see if they can handle it. >> baker mayfield has been banged up. in the division with pittsburg and since cincinnati. can't afford to let it up. we wrap up the thanksgiving sunday night football. 7 eastern on your station. >> thank you. the ravens lead the series with the browns. 33 to 11. the last meeting was last december in cleveland. baltimore won 47-42. check out sports bay area for all your 49ers coverage. they begin with pregame live noon sunday and post game reaction immediately after the game. and the 49ers have been doing really well. >> reaction should be good. >> i don't know how close you
5:59 pm
have been following the season. there are no great teams anywhere. there are so many chances for teams to do well and play offs. >> 49ers are in the mix. >> right now at 6:00. prepare for the variant. world health leaders are warning about the new coronavirus mutation. >> the first emotion i had was disappointment. >> what bay area health officials say about it. whether you should be worried or mot. >> new travel restrictions. >> more officers on the street than shoppers. union square recently hit by a group of smash and grab thieves. >> wood walls. you cannot see inside it. it's weird. >> how businesses and shoppers are feeling on this black friday. >> the news at six starts now.
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thank you so much for joining us. >> tonight the world is racing to contain a new covid threat. it's called the omicron variant. it carries a number of mutations that could allow it to spread quickly. even among people vaccinated. how worried should we be? >> we spoke with health experts. >> at hospitals like this one across california, it's the delta variant that is the main concern right now. the state reports that out of samples from covid tests taken this month, 99% of them were the delta variant. still the experts that i spoke with today said we should still be keeping an eye on the new variant. >> this represents a new challenge do us. >> his good mood was spoiled once he learned about the spread of the variant. >> it's important for people


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