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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 28, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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fourth and goal. >> simple bust here. fourth down. how can you allow adam to be uncovered on the biggest play of the drive? >> next 9ers drive, deebo samuel. is he a runner? is he a catcher? is he both? it's 20 yards. it's a touchdown. we are tied at 7. >> is there anything that deebo samuel can't do? nothing, feldy, nothing at all. >> second quarter. same score. cousins is going to find him, again. 20-yard touchdown. 14-7. vikings retake the lead. kirk cousins, when given any type of time, very dangerous. final seconds of the half, third and 11, garoppolo finds brandon aiyuk. 24 yards down inside the ten. what a catch. >> we had an aiyuk sighting. he played almost close to 100 yards receiving but he was big time. >> very next play, garoppolo, duane jennings in the end zone.
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tied at 14 before the half. >> duane made some big catches today. made his presence known, especially since deebo didn't catch his first pass into the quarter. >> second and goal for the 9ers. deebo runs it in for three yards out. second rushing touchdown of the game for him. fifth of the season. 21-14, 9ers. >> db's got to be able to make a decision when they tackle deebo and unfortunately they did not want to. >> nice play here. picks off cousins. >> big time by aziz. it's one thing to say they threw it to you. it's another thing to catch it, he did that, feldy. >> next play, elijah mitchell pounding it in from two yards out. 49ers lead 28-14. three unanswered touchdowns. alexander madison with the six yard score. vikings comeback. vikings miss the extra point so the lead is cut to eight. after a robbie gould field goal made it 31-20, 9ers are kicking off. kenny goes 99 yards to the house.
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the vikings would miss the conversion. so it's 31-26, 9ers. but the vikings -- final minute, 9ers up eight. it's fourth down. vikings driving to try to tie it. but cousins' pass is incomplete. the 49ers win 34-26. kyle shanahan, you guys have won three in a row. what do you have? >> i think we definitely played our best football these last three games and just in all three phases, i thought this one was a huge one because it was a little different than the last two because it came down to the wire and things went good for both sides at certain times in the game. and then, momentum flipped a number of times and i thought we had the momentum bilk big time at the beginning of the game. i felt like we lost it right there and at the end of the second quarter, i thought we gained it right back and were able to score on the open drive of the third quarter and then defense getting that turnover and getting us down there right away and all the guys that went out in the second half.
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just it was really cool the adversity our guys kind of overcame. and the kick returned which kind of flipped it back. then, we missed the field goal and didn't hesitate. they went out there and stepped it up and i was just really proud of everyone on the team. and everyone involved in this. >> a closer look is brought to you by zenni. the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. zenni has changed the game in eyewear. finally, making prescription glasses affordable for everybody. take a closer look at takeo, let's take a closer look at that rushing game of the 49ers. 208 rushing yards. 133 courtesy of elijah mitchell's missed one game with a fractured middle finger. played this game with a pin in that finger. 66 yards rushing by deebo samuel. the 9ers rushed 39 times. they dominated the line of scrimmage.
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>> yeah. and a lot of that had to do with the confidence of what they had done in the previous weeks. this team has found their identity. their identity is we're going to win at the line of scrimmage. we are going to run the football. regardless if we get less than four yards to carry and we will continue to do that and make it easier on jimmy g as he continue to progress throughout the season. >> there's some significant about rushing 30 or more times under the kyle shanahan era because they have done it in 31 games and they're 26-5 when they do that. they are also undefeated when they rush 40 or more times. so it seems very simple. they should just keep rushing the ball as much as they can. >> yeah. you would think. and when you looked at the beginning of the game, i was questioning that. i was like hold up, this is not the same 49ers team that i have seen in the previous two weeks. but they went back to the sideline, made adjustments, and that's -- carried them to a win. >> time for a special delivery.
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a special delivery is brought to you by amici's east coast pez pizryia. and for the third-straight week, 49ers win the turnover battle. only one interception. that came by jimmy g in that first quarter. but the vikings turned it over twice. so, three-straight games they won the turnover battle and three-straight games, they have won the game. >> that's important because when you win the turnover battle, you are giving more opportunities for your offense and you are not turning the football over. all the good teams when you look across the league, they make those -- they win those games like that. by winning that turnover margin. >> one of the things that everyone was concern about. deebo samuel in the third quarter was running and right before he got hit, he sort of just pulled up you could tell. it was his groin. left the game third quarter. didn't come back, takeo. he is going to have an mri tomorrow. but on social media, he and other people have said they are not that concerned. how concerned are you that he left the game? he is their best player this season. >> he is the best player and i'm concerned and i'm concerned
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because if it wasn't that bad, then he would not have left the game. but the one thing i can say i am encouraged as well is because when you typically have a groin of that nature, most time when it hit guys, you just completely -- it's like somebody shot you. but with him, before he even got into his full stride, before he even made a cut, he knew something wasn't right. therefore, he shut it down. and i think when you do that as a player, you become more in tune with your body. and now, you know, okay, now it's beast up or healing time because you didn't injure yourself worse. >> so maybe we hope more of a tweak. we will take a break. we will come back. elay ja mitchell. how good is this guy? he is a raging cajun. louisiana lafayette. what a huge game he had. more on 25.
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we are back and this is the right connection. it's presented by t-mobile. and jimmy garoppolo had the right connection with not just one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine different receivers. elijah mitchell had five receptions. brandon aiyuk had three. jennings and juszczyk had two each. takeo, what do you think of jimmy g spreading the wealth? >> i like that. he spreaded the wealth quite well today. and i liked it because i thought he took another stage in groin understanding that he can believe in players that don't have the last name as samuel. that doesn't have the last name as kittle. and i think that produces confidence. and now, guys actually will believe when they are running out for routes, if i'm not one of those two guys, i really got an opportunity to receive a pass today. >> i would like this about jimmy g. he threw that pick in the first quarter. he doesn't seem flopable. if you look at his face, if you
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were playing poker with him, takeo, you wouldn't know if he had a royal flush or if he had nothing because he doesn't seem like he's that rattled. he throws the bad pick. he is not screaming, he's not -- he's got the same look on his face. >> yeah, he had the same look and i think the -- the one thing that when i looked at him and i saw the conversation he had with kyle on the sideline, he knew, like, i got it, coach. i got it. he tried to force it in there. he admitted it in the postgame pressor. but the true signs of a true champion is how you continue to fight after adversity hits. he fought back well and, therefore, they won the game. >> so, jimmy was on the ball. but you know who else was on the ball? >> who's on the ball brought to you by manscaped. the official below-the-waist grooming partner of the san francisco 49ers. over 4 million men trust manscaped tools for their family jewels. >> elijah mitchell, fourth 100-yard game. 133 yards. 27 carries. playing with a pin in his
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fractured-right finger. six games remaining and this guy could go over a thousand. he was a sixth-round pick, 194th overall out of louisiana, lafayette. a raging cajun. he's not just good, takeo, he is a tough. i mean, playing with a broken finger. >> i don't even see how he was able to carry the ball. and as a defender, if i knew he had a pin in his hand, i'm not saying i'm trying to hurt him. but i just want to see is that grip the same before you broke your hand? >> you would be trying those strip things where you try to punch the ball out. >> basically. >> you got his finger, you wouldn't feel bad about it. six games remaining. going to surpass, barring some miraculous disaster, he will pass roger craig's mark of 725 yards for most yards by a 49er rookie. that happened back in 1983. craig one of the best with his
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famous high steps and he could surpass him. >> that's huge. and i like history like that. to be able to see this young man come in, he came into this season, and he wasn't even picked to be the starter. nobody knew that he was going to get as much playing time or even make the team. but it goes to show you when you have the opportunity or when the opportunity presents itself, it's important that you be prepared for that moment. he was more than prepared and he's not going to relinquish that starting position to anybody moving forward. >> sunday to sunday, we have you you covered for your 49ers coverage. starting tomorrow with press conferences at 9:00 p.m. tuesday, 49ers talk. wednesday, you can ask papa. friday, it's game plan. and then, sunday, pregame live at 12:00 and postgame immediately after the game. we will take a break. when we come back, we'll look at the playoff picture. now, very rosy for the 49ers and also look ahead to those dreaded seahawks. hasn't been a great rivalry
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lately. but first, a look at the news up next. i'm audrey asistio and the nbc bay area studios tracking several developing stories tonight, including this. a wild scene on the bay bridge as a flat-bed truck barrels through traffic going the wrong way. how it all ended. in just a matter of hours, new travel restrictions take effect here in the u.s. as the omicron variant continues to spread. it's now been found in north america. complete coverage coming up, in just a moment.
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switch to t-mobile and we'll pay off your phone. now up to a thousand bucks. do you rest? i do - but t-mobile never rests. dave feldman. takeo spikes. xfinity sports sunday. 72% chance of making the playoffs. three weeks ago, it was 17%. and now, the 49ers, takeo, getting in great shape for the nfc and a playoff spot. currently, look at the 49ers. in sixth place right now. um, who would have thunk this three weeks ago? and by the way, their remaining
9:06 pm
schedule is very favorable. >> very favorable. >> so, the 49ers play seattle. they play at cincinnati. at -- versus atlanta. houston, and then versus the rams. most of those games are very winnable games. and they might be able to control their own destiny. >> listen, my good friend, my colleague, donte whitner, he said he felt like last week after they won the game in jacksonville, he said this team is going to go 7-0. and i was like, ah, might be stretching it. but after today and looking at what other teams have done who they are playing down the pipeline, you think about the atlanta falcons. you see seattle. seattle. that's going to be a tough game, anyway. um, tennessee titans. this really opens up the door for these guys to make a good run. >> they will play seattle next week in seattle. seattle is 16-4 against the 49ers since drafting russell wilson in 2012. and we will see if fred warner
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right now on nbc bay area, global health leaders working to slow the spread of omicron as it creeps closer to the u.s. so it clearly is giving
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indication that it has the capability of transmitting rapidly. that's the thing that is causing us now to be concerned. >> what the nation's top doctor is saying, as new cases pop up. and this emerging variant already prompting action. the new travel restrictions set to take effect in just a matter of hours. and a mom and pop jewelry store in san francisco's chinatown being forced to close its doors for good. we speak exclusively with the owner about the burglary she says about them out of business. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area. i'm audrey asistio. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. and we begin with breaking news. a chaotic and destructive scene on the bay bridge. a wrong-way driver crashing into cars, including chpp cruisers. take a look at some video here. >> yeah. just came into our newsroom actually within the past 30 minutes. you can see a flatbed truck going the wrong way through the toll plaza. it slams into that chp patrol car you see right there.
9:10 pm
pushing it backwards. this all happened just after 4:00. >> another angle of this we want to show you. it's from a driver that had to pull off the road to avoid the truck. look at that. going right by him. details limited but chp telling us there was some sort of dispute involving the driver of the truck and workers at the toll plaza. driver apparently took off, but then turned around, came back towards the toll plaza. again, going the wrong way here. our traffic cameras spotted the truck as it continued going the wrong way down the approach to the bridge. now, one officer suffered injuries but they are minor. it's not clear if anyone was in the chp cruiser. police did arrest the truck driver who was not seriously hurt. all right. now, to a developing story in oakland. police say the search is on tonight for a car burglar who shot and killed a man in oakland today. it started just after 3:30 this afternoon. this was on grand avenue right near lake merit. police say the victim was trying to stop a car burglary when the suspect shot him and ran away. victim was taken to a hospital,
9:11 pm
but he died shortly after. police are still looking into what led to that shooting. earlier today, oakland police said it's enlisting additional officers to address the increase in violent crime. this includes tactical teams, who are highly skilled in deescalating dangerous situations. another top story tonight. the new omicron variant continues to spread. several countries reporting confirmed cases today, including our neighbor to the north, canada. so far, there have been no reported cases in the united states. california health leaders say they are closely monitoring that new variant. and they are urging people to get vaccinated and get their booster doses. the biden administration is taking action to try to slow the spread of omicron. live look at sfo. in just a matter of hours, united states is imposing a new travel restriction and starting tomorrow, travelers from eight southern african countries will not be allowed to enter the u.s. nbc bay area ace marianne favro joins us live from sfo and, marianne, the question is how are travelers reacting to the new restrictions?
9:12 pm
>> reporter: well, terry, some of the international travelers we spoke with tonight say they are glad to be getting on planes tonight because they fear even more travel restrictions will, soon, be implemented because of this new variant. they are about to board a plane to india. he admits the new omicron variant is concerning, which is why he plans to take extra precautions. >> we will just stay home, not going outside. just the family and stay apart and using the mask all the time. >> reporter: because of concerns the omicron variant may be highly transmissible, at midnight, the u.s. will ban travel from south africa and seven other southern african countries. it's a move he supports. >> it's good that we don't have to suffer like we did in the past. you know? we should have done it before. you know, close the borders and then, you know, we are closing, that's good. >> reporter: but the world
9:13 pm
health organization today criticized travel bans being placed on african countries. saying not enough is known, yet, and that the restrictions may, quote, place a h lives and livelihoods. meanwhile, israel today moved to ban foreigners from entering the country, and is mandating quarantine for all israelis iliving from abroad. morocco, also, suspending incoming flights for two weeks. today, infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci explained why the omicron variant, first discovered in south africa, is so concerning. >> clearly, is giving indication that it has the capability of transmitting rapidly. that's the thing that's causing us now to be concerned. but also, to put the pressure on ourselves now to do something about our preparation for this. >> reporter: canada's health minister says the country's first two cases of omicron were found in ontario after two people who had recently traveled
9:14 pm
from nigeria tested positive. and we have just received reports that japan is now planning to close its borders because of this new variant. reporting live at sfo, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> all right, marianne, thanks so much. as more countries begin to close their borders to travelers from south africa, there were long lines at the airport in johannesburg today. some people who had flights out of the airport said their trips were cancelled. they said they're shocked and are trying to figure out how to get out of the country. >> we have just -- from portland to johannesburg. and we have a flight booking to fly to the uk tonight. amsterdam. and people here just told us that we can't get on the plane for amsterdam because they aren't taking us because we're not members of the eu. and so we don't know what we're going to do yet. >> as we mentioned, canada detecting two cases of the omicron variant today.
9:15 pm
australia also reported two cases. both people were fully vaccinated andasymptomatic. they were among 14 people who arrived on a flight from doha to southern africa. the remaining passengers are in isolation. cases of the variant have now been confirmed in 13 countries with france and botswana also reporting confirmed cases today. >> moderna says if a new vaccine is is needed to fight the omicron variant, it could roll out a reformulated vaccine early-next year. that is accordling to the company's chief medical officer dr. paul burton. keep in mind, right now, we don't know if new formulations are going to be needed. burton says it will take a couple weeks to figure it out. >> you know, i think we have -- we have cause to be hopeful. we have learned a lot about this virus, in general. um, you know, we have learned so much about how to deal with covid, as well. through simple measures and, obviously, through vaccines. but until we see how this virus now behaves in populations of
9:16 pm
older people, people with other comorbidities, we really will not get a handle on exactly how severe the disease could be, i think. >> pfizer and johnson & johnson, also, testing to see how their vaccines stand up to omicron. pfizer says if -- if -- if -- if a new vaccine is needed, it can have it ready early-next year. our coverage of this new variant continues on our website. we posted an explainer about omicron. just go to click on the story in our trending bar at the top of the home page. new video shows law enforcement escorting the body of kevin nashida to the coroner's office. the security guard and former officer was killed protecting a news crew last week. this is video taken by some of his former colleagues with the police department. nishita died in the hospital yesterday. many of the officers who new him as dedicated and kind public servant followed his body from oakland to the alameda county coroner's office. dozens more officers were awaiting to give his flag-draped coffin a final salute.
9:17 pm
the reward for information connected to his killing is now over $32,000. he retired from the police department back in 2018 and had been working as a private-security guard, since. previously, he was also a san jose police officer. and here is a look at the car police believe the gunman drove away in. a white model year 2004 to 2008 acura tl with a sunroof you see right there. no front license plate. again, a reward of more than $32,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in this case. we will, of course, continue to share updates on the investigation on air and on our website, a chinatown businessowner says she is calling it quits after her jewelry store was burglarized earlier-this month. and after a series of organized thefts and robberies across the bay area, she says she just doesn't feel safe doing business in the city anymore. nbc bay area's sergio quintana spoke exclusively with her tonight. >> reporter: throughout this chinatown jewelry store, the
9:18 pm
signs are everywhere. 80% off. going out of business. the owner of the store agreed to talk with me on the condition that we not share her identity or reveal the store's name. she is concerned for her safety, and wants to sell what little merchandise she has left to recoup the cost of what she lost her store a week and a half ago, they sawed through the steel gate outside. these are photos she shared of the shattered display cases. the team of burglars made off with about $250,000 worth of jewelry. the pandemic, the break-in, and series of burglaries at other stores have all taken their toll. >> did this last incident really basically push you to decide that you don't want to keep doing this? >> yeah. i just think i told my husband it's so dangerous. . >> downtown has a very large presence of law enforcement because of the money involved the high-end stores. they are the ones that are basically demanding and they are
9:19 pm
being heard. >> reporter: with the united peace collaborative says there is a police presence in china town and other parts of the city but it's not enough. they are worried more small business owners are going to do the same, pack up and close. the owner of this jewelry store says she is happy the landlord is letting her rent month to month. as soon as she can sell her last piece of jewelry, she can close without having to get out of a lease. in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. a big sideshow in san francisco just after midnight this morning. and you are looking at it. and it happened in a neighborhood you might not expect one to happen in. hundreds of people getting together in west portal. burning rubber, doing driving stunts. some cars had people riding on their roofs. these things are dangerous. lots of commotion, as you can see. lot of noise. but no arrests or citations and here is the aftermath. as you can see, the tires marked up the intersection. neighbors say they are fed up and they want the city to do something about this. >> i think when they get the guys who did it, restorative
9:20 pm
justice means get them out here without knee pads and they can start scrubbing. and then, let's be done with that. i doubt they'd do it again. >> police say they also responded to a sideshow in the sunset district not far from there. about ten minutes after breaking this one up. take you to solano county now where a small community organization that distributes food and diapers to families finds itself needing help. someone broke into their storage container in vallejo and now, as nbc bay area's chrismy smith reports, they are trying to figure out how to continue their volunteer work. >> i was sad. i was angry. but mostly, just disbelief that this had been happening. >> reporter: heather is the founder of food is free solano, her holiday weekend changed drastically after a volunteer gave her some troubling news. >> apparently, friday night, someone broke into our storage container here at the fairgrounds in vallejo and they
9:21 pm
helped themselves to our stock of diapers and hygiene supplies and formula. >> reporter: about 4,500 dollars worth of supplies, much of it diapers, are gone. the supplies mean a lot here. >> we have worked so hard to get things to provide for our communities during covid and this is a real setback for us. >> reporter: she will let families know they may not have diapers right away but will have food. they planned a holiday distribution and say they will do their best to provide what they can. >> it's going to set us back a while. we are going to have to try and collect donations to replace it. i will put in another order to supply banks but that is going to take a couple weeks. >> we do a popup once a week distribution out of our house. and we start in our neighborhood watch area. >> reporter: volunteers bill richardson distribute in southeast vallejo. >> it is he a just a shame that what they took is probably the people the most dependent on
9:22 pm
stuff like that. they can't afford the diapers. little, tiny kids. >> reporter: the solano county sheriff's department is investigating. we also learned someone stole motorcycles from the fairgrounds, too. it's unclear at this point if the two crimes are connected. in solano county, christie smith, nbc bay area news. and a reminder, we here at nbc bay area and our partners at telemundo 48 have, once again, teamed up with safeway to make sure no one goes hungry this-holiday season. you can make a $10 donation at any local safeway store. our nourishing neighbors food drive runs through christmas day. happening this week. more help for afghan refugees from heyward. city leaders and community members setting up a new donation hub in this building you see right there to help refugees as they resettle in the bay area. here are the details. you new hub is at the matt jimenez community center in south heyward. needed donations include toiletries like diapers and toothbrushes, clothing, housewear, any other items for
9:23 pm
families to get settled and get things going. the center is holding a special open house this-coming saturday. it is going to go from 1:00 until 3:00. to accept donations and give tours of that new hub. coming up. a festival of lights now officially underway. we will take you to the start of hanukkah in san francisco tonight. and back after a pandemic pause. how organizers of the popular dickens fair plan to keep it covid safe this year. we saw a warm finish to the weekend. still, 60 degrees outside in san francisco. who could see mid-70s, again, tomorrow in your forecast and when rain chances return when we come right back.
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new video to show you out of union square tonight. the lighting of a 25-foot menorah celebrating the first day of hanukkah. jewish holiday often called the festival of lights. it celebrates the rededication of the jewish temple in jerusalem and i found out today hanukkah means dedication.
9:26 pm
>> oh, okay. >> found out today. eight-day festival celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting and special prayers of the here is a look at union square from the top of the menorah looking out. he says it is inspiring to see the community coming back together after a rough few years. washington, d.c., the national hanukkah menorah was lit tonight. doug emhoff, the husband of vice president kamala harris, spoke at this event. he is the first jewish spouse of a president or vice president. he echoed the words of president biden when he spoke at the lighting back in 2014 by calling jewish history american history and jewish values, american values. >> they teach us that in the face of the senseless, the selfless can prevail. in the face of the powerful, the people can prevail. and in the face of darkness, light can prevail. >> the national menorah is right
9:27 pm
across from the white house. the lighting tradition dates back to the carter administration, and has become one of the most prominent public hanukkah events in the world. here is a story i bet you haven't seen anything like it before. after nearly drowning in san francisco, a coyote is ready to go back into the wild. this is phoenix. didn't rise from the ashes, he rose from san francisco bay. a group of witnesses, firefighters, animal control workers helped save him on friday. somehow, phoenix ended up in the water at the marina green. he was having trouble struggling to stay afloat after a group effort to get the coyote out of the water, and you have to be careful i'm thinking. >> of course. >> when you get a coyote out of there. he was treated at a veterinary hospital. now that he is all better, animal control released phoenix into a natural area near the waterfront earlier today but, phoenix, please, don't do it again. >> glad phoenix is okay. right and great work by everyone who helped out. take a look at this. arts and crafts lovers were out and about in richmond, this weekend. it was all for the annual crane
9:28 pm
way craft fair this year was its 50th anniversary. it's been around for some time now. fair showcases more than 200 exhibiters, including both master artisans and up and comers. not only artists but djs and food vendors are also on hand. fair fun's public radio kpfa. mail carriers in the bay area going to be putting in some extra hours this-holiday season, as you can imagine. u.s. possibility postal service says carriers will start rounds earlier to keep up with the mail and packages expected over the next month. going to be starting as early as 6:00 a.m. the u.s. postal service will be delivering up to 950 million packages. 950 million packages over the holidays. in all, an estimated 12 billion letters, cards, and packages going to be processed and delivered. going to start early. >> uh-huh. great dickens christmas fair is returning to the palace but not like in years past because of covid concerns. the annual holiday tradition is pivoting to a drive-thru
9:29 pm
version. organizers are bringing old london to the palace parking lot as visitors drive, they could also shop, order the fair's famous foods and listen to performances. the story of the christmas carole is also illustrated along it drive. >> so as you drive around the building to pick up your food, you get to see the story of a christmas carol told for you in these and then there's music you can play on your radio from two live stages performing all day long. >> the fair will run three weekends starting this-coming weekend, december 4th. all right. rob mayeda joining us now. 60 degrees in san francisco when last we talked to rob. and he got that gorgeous tree distracting the heck out of me behind him. rob, go ahead. >> like a screen saver. >> it is. >> the music and sound track that is probably play with it right now. san jose, 57 degrees. keep in mind, you know, our average highs this time of year should be about 60 to 63. earlier today, san jose, 72
9:30 pm
degrees. out towards san francisco, as terry mentioned, still near 60. clear skies. no fog around the bay right now. different story if you head into areas east of livermore. little bit of patchy haze out towards tracie. 50 currently in dublin and walnut creek and concord may see a little bit of patchy fog heading towards tomorrow morning. currently, 51 degrees and air quality and patchy fog likely to be the top two weather issues of the week with high pressure, no chances of rain. it will have these hazy skies lingering for another day. moderate-air quality, again, for tomorrow. highest levels of kind of the trapped wood smoke pollution will be up around the north bay and parts of the inland-east bay and santa clara valley for your monday. and i talked about this. the visibility. a little bit lower at this hour compared to the same time last night in concord. four-mile visibility just fine. only an issue if that drops below one mile which we might see a little of that over the central valley over the next couple morns. morning temperatures, once again, starting in the mid-to upper 40s and our highs
9:31 pm
tomorrow. again, average high should be 60 to 63. instead, you have got 73 in san jose and the 73 we saw in oakland today was good enough for record highs. so many locations tomorrow, if you manage low to mid-70s, close to some records. san francisco to oakland, mid-60s to near 70. 72 degrees in santa rosa. tri-valley, upper 60s and low 70s. and morgan hill could be close to 80 degrees tomorrow. so notice here, fog around the central valley. that will be a staple of the forecast for the middle part of the week. and just no rain coming through. so we got the hazy skies and fog, a clear sign you got high pressure kind of locked in over the bay area like a lid on top of us through about thursday and friday. the window of opportunity, to see a chance of rain coming back might be right around this time late-next weekend into monday. but that next storm is taking a more inland track. so, while there will be a chance at seeing some rain by monday, december 6th, these storms typically bring more wind and we
9:32 pm
will show you why herewise' head through next weekend, no rain through next weekend but we monday, that system as it drops inland from the north, will have some colder air behind it which should be good for a little sierra snow but unfortunately as we get into tuesday, we are going to be seeing some gusty-north winds picking up. so it will be pretty critical i think. monday, december 6th, we really do need to see some rain because we are going to be following up that particular storm with some north wind. so, we are talking about the eight to ten-day forecast right there. no issues, obviously, as we head into next weekend. san francisco, not much change. mid-to upper 60s as we go through the week with fog at times and we roll into december in the 70s. near-record highs. possible through the middle part of the week. then, weekend changes we hope with more clouds sunday and we hope the storm door opening up for us. if that were an eight-day forecast, you would see it there. really have to go beyond to find the rain but there is some hope at the end of next weekend. >> go out as far as you need to go to give us some hope, good
9:33 pm
feelings. all right, rob, thanks. coming up. a special tribute to a late composer. how broadway is remembering the late stephen sondheim.
9:34 pm
9:35 pm
thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm audrey asistio. tonight the world is working to slow the spread of the new emerging covid variant called omicron. new cases have been detected in several countries today, including canada, australia, france, and botswana. live look at sfo. in a matter of hours, new travel restrictions are set to take place. u.s. will be banning travelers from eight southern african countries. today, president biden got a briefing on the variant from the white house covid response team. tomorrow, the president will deliver an update on the variant and the u.s.' response. well, stocks took a big dive on friday, as news of the new
9:36 pm
omicron variant emerged but stock futures moved higher in trading overnight. futures in the dow jones industrial average gained 243 points. s&p 500 added .96% and nasdaq 100 rose a little more than 1%. numbers are still significantly lower than they were on thursday a but a sign that confidence is returning. well, our coverage of this new variant continues on our website. we, of course, have posted all the information you need to know and explainer about omicron. all you have to do is go to and click on the story in our trending bar at the top of the home page. the supreme court is set to weigh in on the most serious challenge to roe v. wade in 30 years. case is going to be heard wednesday. the high court could either reaffirm the constitutional right to an abortion or wipe it away altogether with six conservative justices, many are concerned an overturning of roe v. wade would lead to widespread bans or severe restrictions on abortions. the case this week from mississippi which enacted a ban
9:37 pm
on abortions back in 2018. bans after 15 week of pregnancy. the point where a fetus can conceivably survive outside the womb. opening statements in the long-awaited trial of ghislaine maxwell begins tomorrow. british socialite is charged with helping convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein lure underaged girls into traveling and engaging in sex acts. the judge has limited the scope of the case to four girls, who are now women. they are expected to take the stand against maxwell. prosecutors say it's just the slice of what maxwell was involved with in with epstein. trial is expected to last six weeks. new video of northern peru where a powerful 7.5 earthquake hit early-this morning. here, you can see people getting out of their homes. this is in a town where the church collapsed. falling stones blocked several highways. the quake's epicenter was in the amazon region. again, 7.5. the tremor was also felt in
9:38 pm
parts of colombia and brazil. no reports of a any marriage injuries. it has been one week since a driver plowed in a parade in waukesha, wisconsin. the attack killed six people, injured more than 60 others. 18 of those hurt were children, seven of whom remain in the hospital. driver is facing at least five counts of first-degree homicide. city council held a moment of silence today at the exact time the attack happened. at a candlelight vigil nearby, people sang and prayed. tonight, the mayor is asking everyone keep a blue light outside of their homes through the holidays in memory of the victims. >> broadway stars turned out in times square today to pay tribute to the late-legendary composer stephen sondheim. they performed one of his songs from the musical "sunday in the park with george." six of sondheim's musicals won tony awards for best score. he also received a pulitzer prize and academy award and the presidential medal of freedom.
9:39 pm
he is considered american theater's greatest composer, and lyricist of the last half-century or more. >> i think we all knew that we couldn't keep him forever. um, but it is like a punch in the gut to lose. i think there is a lot of emotions going on. think people are grieving and because of what he gave us all these years. moving forward, we are just going to keep on celebrating him for it. >> sondheim died friday at his home in connecticut. he was 91. still ahead. several annual-holiday traditions are making a comeback. we will tell you when and where you can participate. also, a football fan goes viral. her reaction to what she said -- she said it was a bad call but it was her reaction that turned her into an internet sensation. we'll have more.
9:40 pm
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and still paying off their phone! but when you switch to t-mobile they will pay off your phone so you can keep your current number and your phone! objection! what if you bought your phone at at&t or verizon? t-mobile will pay it off! switch to t-mobile and we'll pay off your phone. now up to a thousand bucks. do you rest? i do - but t-mobile never rests. a man is now in custody
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after a shootout that brought in the s.w.a.t. team. started around 9:00 this morning in the lemon hills neighborhood of sacramento. police say the man started shooting at officers. the suspect was on the run for a few hours, but police set up a perimeter around that neighborhood and found him. thankfully, no one was hurt. vandals shut down tennis courts for weekend up in the north bay. happened at finley park in santa rosa. see what they did here. the city tweeted out this photo yesterday saying vandals poured bottles of some kind of slippery stuff. oil, maybe lubricant on to the tennis courts. court's going to be closed until the parks and rec department get that cleaned up. still ahead, a football fan goes viral. her reaction to what she said was a bad call that turned her into an internet sensation.
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
a very passionate philadelphia eagles' fan has gone viral for something that we can't say on tv. >> uh-uh. this is too good, though. >> it is good. >> her reaction to a ref's call during the eagles-saints game
9:45 pm
last week was caught on camera and quickly spread across social media. tim furlong from our nbc station in philly caught up with this now-famous fan. >> i was just -- it was just the game. it was like exciting. we thought we were going to lose and we needed a home win. >> reporter: yep, mary kate says the ref's call at a crucial point made her mad and she just lost it. >> it was a bad call. it was. >> reporter: but while many of us curse at our tv, this season ticket holder got caught at the game very clearly on national tv mouthing something that sort of sounds like flocking bull chute. who saw it? >> everybody. everybody. my husband. his phone kept buzzing and then all the sudden, all the guys behind us. everyone. they're like our phones blowing up. >> it was on twitter. it was on instagram. it just blew up. and i would say our whole family's the same. we just -- we love philly sports. >> reporter: her sons were with her at the game and they knew mom hit it big when barstool
9:46 pm
said -- the reaction to her passion and to her game-day wardrobe has been generally positive. >> getting a lot of compliments. >> her 79-year-old pop is not happy. >> he is mad that i cursed and i said, dad, i didn't know that i was going to be on live tv. i had no idea. >> reporter: the fact she got caught, you know, isn't really a good excuse. her kids say she isn't a potty mouth at home but next time she istate at a game and the ref makes a bad call, will she curse again? >> i can't guarantee 100% but for my dad, i promise. >> she won't say -- again, even though she just did. but hey, the eagles needed her and maybe on some level, she helped them. >> it was great. we got the win. >> that is too good. do you get intense when you watch games? >> not like -- yes, i do. yes. leave it at that. >> she reminds me of my mom. my mom gets so intense, she is always -- >> for the 9ers. >> yes, she loves the 9ers and she's -- she's always screaming during all the games. >> rob -- rob, you are more of a stoic fan, i'm thinking. >> yeah. but you know, i probably wouldn't want camera around me watching some of those 49er
9:47 pm
games. don't want to become viral in the wrong way. right now in san francisco, we got some clear skies outside. still, near 60 degrees. more on the 70s in the forecast coming up. and speaking of the 49ers, it is three in a row for san francisco where their win over the vikings today moved them up in the nfc playoff race. stick around. sports is next.
9:48 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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ready for a bunch of good news? let's start with this one. a favorite holiday tradition in the bay area is back. cal train holiday train coming down the peninsula infect weekend. this is video from 2019. the holiday train didn't happen last year because of covid but santa. there's santa. mrs. claus. all the helpers going to be back this year. visitors asked to bring a gift to donate to bay area families in need. next weekend. >> a dose of holiday cheer returns to san francisco's golden gate park this week. popular art installation called
9:50 pm
"entwined" is back. you are looking at video from last year. peacock meadow will once again transform into an enchanted nighttime forest with many different shapes, changing lights. visitors can explore twisting paths, colorful trees, and a large cluster of flowers. the display begins on thursday and will run through february. and new video just in to our newsroom. the los altos festival of lights parade. you know who brought this to us? >> who? >> the one and only raj mathai. >> ah, nice. >> he was there, broke out the camera. get some video. he -- you know, he's got a future -- he's got a future as a photographer, that man. been going on in that town -- it goes back to 1977. last year, festival organizers got creative. they had to keep it going and they did during the pandemic. floats were parked and people drove by. this time, switching it around. this year, things are back to
9:51 pm
normal. and taking a look at that fantastic video raj shot. i mean, what bufrl weather for that event today. >> a lot of times raj asks me, rob, is it going to rain on santa out there? and the pressure is on. late november, the odds of that are really high but i got chris and johnny at home. i cannot have it rain on santa. so thankfully, just fine out there in los altos. right now, 57 degrees. there you go, christmas in the park in san jose. looking very festive. 50 currently in dublin with a little bit of haze out there. walnut creek, we will be watching this area out toward the strait in solano county. tomorrow morning, may see a patch or two of fog and still that ongoing air quality. hazy skies are going to continue with high pressure kind of like acting a bit like a lid on top of the bay area and not a lot of wind to push some of that air pollution out, we will continue with these moderate-air quality levels and at times will be on watch for patchy fog. visibility down to 4 miles in concord. we will see if that drops closer to one mile or less heading to tomorrow morning. startling off in the 40s so that
9:52 pm
part looks and feels more like late november. but the highs not so much. average highs, instead, mid-70s for another day. morgan hill, even san francisco and oakland, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay side locations of the east bay and norlgt bay temperatures up to 72 in santa rosa. so as you notice here, no rain in the forecast. the clouds you see there are areas of fog setting up from the late-night hours into the early morning. and we will have to see if that gets a bit more thick into central valley with the light offshore breezes that will probably try to creep into some north bay valleys but no rain. so when you have fog and a little air quality issues, high pressure is the cause of that sending storms off to the north and really not allowing the lower levels of the atmosphere to kind of mix out and get us the better air quality. what we need to see happen late-next weekend is the high scoots off to the west just enough as the system drops in along the west coast. but notice where it's moving, it is kind of tracking inland
9:53 pm
across the pacific northwest. it's not coming across the ocean with a good moisture so as these storms track inland, they tend to be a bit colder and not bring quite as much rain. so the window to see any rain will be in the forecast probably around next monday dropping into the north here, which should be good news for the sierra. that should also bring in some cooler air for some snow showers at times but gets out pretty quickly by monday evening. then, by tuesday, here is the next part. we will have to watch closely in another week is the potential for some gusty-north wind. so hopefully, we manage some rain about eight days from now. seven-day forecast. no rain there. look at san francisco as we begin december near some record highs around the bay area. upper 60s around san francisco. pretty much through the week. and valleys will continue to see these numbers in the 70s outside as we go through the next five days. trending a little bit cooler next weekend. change is ahead. i don't think it's going to arrive by the end of the weekend but we hope just off the chart there. monday will be fingers crossed
9:54 pm
our opportunity to see some rain. so warm temperatures around the bay area. hot, kind of like those 49ers have been playing lately. >> oh, good one. i know. >> doing a segue. i do some -- good news there. beautiful week and then some rain coming. more good news. mr. anthony flores. he is joining us now. i mean, it's not just -- i don't know. three weeks ago, it was like -- >> they were awful. >> yeah, they were. >> now, they are playing great. >> and no one's talking about trey lance. talking about jimmy and the defense. >> this was a good game and there was a five-minute stretch from the end of the second quarter to the start of the third quarter where the game turned in the favor for the 49ers. hey, the 49ers are the hottest team in the nfc. they won three in a row. that's right. three in a row. after sinking the vikings today at levi's stadium, check this out. kyle shanahan getting jimmy g the business. why? because number ten threw an interception on the 9ers' first possession that gave the vikings the lead and they went on to score a touchdown. the 9ers would answer with deebo samuel.
9:55 pm
scores on a 20 yard touch down roun run. he had just one catch but a difference maker on the ground. then, the vikings led for most of the first half but the momentum changed just before the break. garoppolo hits jennings for the touchdown. then the 9ers got the ball to start second half. deebo samuel with his second rushing touch down of the game. a season high 208 yards on the ground. then, defense comes up big. aziz picks off kirk cousins, returns it inside the five. one of two forced turnovers for the 9ers that would lead to a short touchdown run by elijah mitchell and a 14-point 49ers' lead. the rookie had 27 of the team's 39 carried and he rushed for 133 yards. this game was wild. the vikings had a kick return for a touchdown but on fourth down -- right there -- that was the ball game. the 49ers make it three in a row. they beat the vikings, 34-26. get this. they move into the sixth seat in the nfc playoff race.
9:56 pm
>> think we definitely played our best football these last three games and i thought this one was a huge one because it was a little different than the last two because it came down to the wire. didn't hesitate. they went out there and stepped it up and i was just really proud of everyone on the team. >> we have been taking a week by week mentality and it's done well for us so i think we got to keep doing that going forward and we will be in a good spot. >> it will be tough because their next game is in seattle. to basketball, no official target date for klay thompson but he is working on his return to the court. today, the warriors' guard was assigned to santa cruz to practice with the team's g-league affiliate. as for the dubs, a day game against the clippers in the staple center. second half, warriors on the move and check out steph curry get being fancy behind the back to draymond for the finish. then, things get heated. curry wants the foul here. doesn't get it. he gets a t for yelling at the
9:57 pm
ref but he said that kind of fueled him the rest of the way. he scored 13 and watch this. after he buries the three, he gives the ref the t sign. the warriors beat the clippers 105-90 and here's steph on how the no-call fired him and the team up. >> have to be able to direct that energy into just putting the ball in the basket obviously after that. so that's why i feel like, you know, we do did it well where we don't let it become a distraction for the rest of the game. and it obviously helped open up the game. >> all right. to the ice, the sharks to take on the blackhawks. james rhymer was solid between the pipes, he made 29 saves for san jose and while they were up 1-nothing in the third and meyer added an empty netter his second goal of the game, the sharks win it 2-1. they are at new jersey on tuesday. one more note. according to multiple reports,
9:58 pm
former giants pitcher has agreed to a five-year $110 million deal with the toronto blue jays. guys, that is a look at sports but i got to say one thing. maybe, talk to your bosses in new york because you have more clout with nbc than i do. why did they flex that 49ers game out of sunday? it's going to be big now. >> they made the mistake and now they can't go back. >> i think they did. >> but i want to thank you for the 9ers, warriors, sharks. >> they all won. >> do it again next weekend, right? >> please. let's. anthony, thanks so much. >> thanks for joining us. we are back tonight at 11:00, one hour from right now. hope you can join us again. thanks.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> reporter: this really was a soap opera >> unfortunately, it's my life and it wasn't a soap opera for me >> it was tv's first blockbuster trial. scandalous and sensational >> her sexuality, that was the star of the pam smart show >> this explosion of flashbulbs. >> it's body heat. it's fatal attraction. >> pamela smart, accused of bewitching a teenage student into murdering her husband >> did you have sex with him >> yes >> i said "god forgive me. i pulled the trigger >> now, three decades later, another look


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