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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 29, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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meteorologist kari hall with sunny details. >> we're starting out with fog in parts of the north bay as you head out the door. visibility down to a half mile so be careful up there. temperatures in the mid-40s. we're seeing low 40s heading over toward concord, dublin. you saw livermore down to 43 degrees. and it's 44 in san jose. jacket to start out the day but not so much this afternoon. it's going to be very comfortable. reaching 70 in hayward as well as oakland and 70 in san rafael, san francisco reaching 66 degrees. we'll take a look ahead for what's coming our way for the rest of the week in the forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. new travel restrictions take effect today as the u.s. and other countries try to stop the spread of the new covid variant. >> later this morning, president biden will update the nation on the united states' response. alice barr live in washington. what do we know that the
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president is focusing on, alice? >> good morning, laura and scott. president biden is unveiling these new travel restrictions that will take place today. restricting inbound travel from several countries in southern africa. that coupled with the fact that top white house officials are receiving realtime information from south africa where this var yabt was first detected. those two things are giving a good head start on the u.s. response. this morning the race to contain a concerning new covid variant sparking more travel bans. overnight japan joining israel in announcing it will bar all foreigners from entering the country. morocco, halting all inbound flights. starting today, the u.s. is restricting travel from south africa where the omicron variant was first detected along with seven neighboring countries. though top health officials say
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the new strain may already be in the u.s. >> this is a clarion call as far as i'm concerned of saying let's put aside all of these differences that we have and say, if you aren't vaccinated, get vaccinated. if you're fully vaccinated, get boosted. >> i'm having a meeting with my medical team when i get back to the white house. i'll have more to say. >> reporter: president biden meeting with covid advisers and preparing to address the nation today. the white house in close communication with south african health officials who are urging calm. >> we don't see severely ill patients. >> reporter: what is concerning experts say, the omicron variant shows signs of mutating easily which could make it more transmissible and potentially able to evade immunity, even from vaccines. top u.s. health officials believe existing vaccines will still add a degree of protection against severe cases, predicting we'll know more about n about two weeks.
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moderna and pfizer say they're already looking into potential reformulating their vaccines to adapt to the omicron variant. and if that is necessary, new vaccines could be ready by early next year. but despite that, health officials are warning us not to delay getting vaccinated or getting a booster that reformulation is not even a certainty, so they are urging everyone to get protected now. back to you, scott and laura. >> thank you. you just answered the question i was going to ask. thanks so much. let's look at what's going on in the news this morning. >> as there's still no reported cases we're following this variant in california. no cases reported here. state health officials closely monitoring the spread. read more on their response online at a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. a jewelry shop owner in san francisco's chinatown closing up shop following a quarter million-dollar burglary. thieves broke into the store last week about a week and a half ago, sawing through a steel
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grate. these are photos of the shattered display cases. the owner agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity and both for herself and the story. she says she doesn't feel safe doing business in the city anymore. >> did this last incident really basically push you to decide that you don't want to keep doing this? >> yeah. i just think -- i told my husband, it's so dangerous. >> you saw the signs. she's holding a going out of business sale hoping to recoup some of the money she lost. some china town leaders fear more business owners will pack up and close because they say police are focusing on big retailers. street patrol volunteers are pushing for greater police presence. a live look at the federal courthouse in san jose with testimony resuming there in just a matter of hours for theranos founder elizabeth holmes. the line of questioning should get tougher this week in her criminal fraud trial. holmes defense has been questioning her ever since she took the stand. soon prosecutors will begin their cross-examination. reports of a court filing by the
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defense late last week suggest where holmes' attorneys plan to suggest guilt. they asked to use statements made by holmes' former lover. the partner expected to stand trial for the same charges next year. her attorneys hinted at the strategy during opening statements back in september. he never testified in the holmes trial threatening to take the fifth if called. follow the reporting of the theranos trial online. click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. see if you decided to stay home on black friday, you're not alone. disappointing retail numbers across the country. >> bob redell joins us from pleasanton. there was a drop in online sales as well? >> correct. good morning, laura and scott. compared to last year, this was the first time that online sales on a black friday have dipped from the year compared to the year prior. this is according to adobe analytics.
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shoppers spent $8.9 billion online this past black friday. that's $100 million less than what they spent last year. adobe suggests this dip in online spending might have been caused by an up tick in early spending as some stores started their sales and promotions as early as october. global supply chain issues could have been another contributor. adobe analytics is predicting that on cyber monday, shoppers will spend between 10.2 to $11.3 billion. which could be more or less than a $10.8 billion spent last year. when it comes to foot traffic this past friday, brick and mortor retailer saws an increase of almost 48% compared to last year. but compared to where we were prepandemic, now talking about in 2019, still down roughly 28%. an analyst for sensormatic. an analyst believes shoppers are spreading out their purchases for two reasons.
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one, they can't find what they are looking for because of the supply chain issues i mentioned of ongoing concerns about covid. reporting live in pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> really interesting stuff there. out live to los angeles. this is ironic. the high pressure causing not clear skies but smog. there's an order to avoid burning wood. it's extended for the third day due to high air pollution covering surrounding counties as well. and kari said this high pressure is making her job really easy. >> yeah, that means nothing going on for us but does look a little hazy out there. that's the reason why. we're taking a live look outside in san jose at christmas in the park. beautiful scenery there. nice and quiet this morning. hopefully you'll have a chance to get out and enjoy all the sunshine and milder weather. it's going to reach into the upper 60s for this afternoon. briefly hitting 70 degrees and back out as we'll see those
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temperatures in the inland areas. warmer than normal reaching into the mid-70s for morgan hill and in santa rosa today, 72 degrees. we'll talk more about what's ahead for the week. mike, you were tracking an issue in the east bay. >> it's looking great. the incident happened. it's been cleared from the freeway in fremont but there was damage to the car involved in the fender bender. that will stick around. a smooth flow of traffic with the few taillights going into san francisco. there's fight a few cars on the bridge but this is sparsely populated compared to what we sometimesee at this time on a monday. fog up here. santa rosa, about a quarter mile there at the latest airport reading. over here showing more fog across the north bay. rio vista. pittsburg from the delta there. may be affected in the next few minutes but chp and the sensors not report anything major problems as far as the drive for
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speeds on highway 4 and around delta there. smooth flow of traffic on either side of the bay, peninsula side or east bay. looking at the crash that's still registered on chp at 280 near the interchange with 380 but that connector ramp is open and doesn't look like any slowing has happened. there's a tow truck reportedly on scene still trying hook that vehicle up. live look at sfo. airport ceebraing its first ever nonstop flights to vietnam. vietnam airlines will operate two flights week three saigon. tonight at 7:00 p.m., leaders will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 5:09. coming up, if your to-go orders are your go to, we've got some bad news. the reason your favorite restaurant may be taking delivery off the menu. plus, not your average gingerbread house. the fairmont hotel back at it with their gingerbread houses. we're talking about it and how to book reservations, dine in. we're doing that online. that's why you see the handsome
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terry there talking about it. we'll be right back.
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good monday morning. it's 5:12. right now in oakland, temperatures at about 50 degrees. it's going to be a chilly morning. but look at the sunshine we'll have and temperatures warming up. perfect 63 degrees at lunchtime today. so take it outside. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about if there's any rain down the line coming up in a few minutes.
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>> perfect she said. hear her, oakland. palo alto looking pretty good as well. 101 traveling north with the taillights moving smoothly up past sfo and into the city. some folks may still be arriving back into town after the holiday weekend. see how business is. let's check in with bertha. >> thank you, mike. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc. we've got wall street poised to open a bit higher this morning after friday's big sell-off. investors are starting to sort of take note of what is happening with that omicron variant developments. on cnbc this morning, the south african doctor says what she has seen so far in that country, the symptoms have been mild. we've also heard from both the pfizer and the moderna ceos who say they are watching and the moderna ceo says if they need a new formulation, that could happen early next year. the markets are coming off a short session on friday when the
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dow posted its worst day in more than a year. down 905 points, about 2.5%. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were both up more than 2% as well. all three indices were negative for the week. but bear in mind we have had great gains so far this year. the dow still up 14%. the nasdaq 20%. and the s&p 22%. as far as economic data this week, reports on housing, consumer confidence, manufacturing and the big one on friday, the monthly jobs report. some restaurants are taking delivery and to-go orders off the menu during busy periods. they struggle with labor shortages and the return of customers who are dining in. delivery and to-go are often less profitable so they are going to focus on the diners inside. "the wall street journal" reporting that olive garden, longhorn steakhouse, cheesecake factory, applebee's and ihop are among those cutting down on delivery and online orders when their kitchens get too busy.
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darden restaurants, the parent of olive garden is reducing to-go and delivery business on weekends when its brands can basically handle about four orders every 15 minutes. so you'll want to plan ahead. you'll also want to plan ahead if you want to see "spider-man" the new one coming out. that's the most anticipated film of the year. tickets went on sale online at midnight. within minutes we saw the amc and fandango sites crash. experts say they haven't seen this kind of demand for movie theater tickets since 2019 when we saw tickets for "avengers end game" and "star wars." amc offering incentives, including nfts. 86,000 of them to members of its stubs program. "spider-man" hits theaters on december 16th. i'm not really sure why you need an nft? i think i'd rather have a
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ticket. >> everybody needs one, but that means something to somebody? >> it does. how about some popcorn instead? >> that sounds better. trending this morning, musical games about to be taken to the next level on nbc bay area. >> jimmy fallon debuts "that's my jam." it features a musical game fallon likes to play with guests on the "tonight show." four celebrities compete in teams of two to win money for charity. here's a preview of what to expect. ♪♪ >> there it is! >> choose the genre challenge. you have to sing it but in a country rock version. >> it's getting hot in here ♪ >> tonight the premiere features the four judges on "the voice." ariana grande, kelly clarkson
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john legend. don't forget brand-new bay area newscast at 11:00 after that. >> you lucked out when you get the kazoo. pretty much everybody can play that p. or the triangle. >> it looks really fun. let's get started on this monday morning with the look outside in walnut creek. we are starting out clear but you'll notice it will be hazy once again today. our air quality once again one of those issues because of the high pressure that's pushing all the pollutants that we're putting out there back down to the ground. moderate air quality around the bay area for you this morning. and into the afternoon. take a look at our temperatures. in a lot spots it will be slightly warmer than normal as we head for the upper 60s, low 70s. cooling down back into the upper 40s.
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even low 40s near santa rosa. and we do it all over again. we're stuck in this weather pattern. haven't seen any cold fronts coming through. all of the rain has been heading toward the pacific northwest and then moving off towards the east and back behind that we've seen these storm systems that have been to the north due to high pressure heath up southern california but for us it's also just giving us sunshine and also all of the rain staying to the north of us. that looks to continue. and we have such a great start to our water year with rain that we had in october. and we had a big surplus of rain, but now every single day that we don't have rain we've seen that surplus shrinking even more. so now we're at about a half of an inch of surplus in rain for san jose. it was about 17 inches in santa rosa and now we're at about 8 inches at a surplus of rainfall. we are at one of our wettest months of the year. typically, especially as we head toward december but starting it out very dry as we take a look
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at the seven-day forecast. and there's not a drop of rain anywhere in here. and our temperatures will be in the low 70s each day for the inland valleys. weekend may be slightly cooler. san francisco, mid to upper 60s going into the rest of the week. mike, you're hearing about a hazard on the peninsula. >> potntially. just popped up. it's right here. north 101 just shy of ralston. watching for that. doesn't look like any major issues but a disabled vehicle pulling over to the shoulder. no slowing has showed up there. tow truck still reports south 280 at 380. not affecting the flow of traffic getting over to 101 but still in the reports. south bay, we see a blip here just below the speed limit for north 101 around oakland road. typically where we'd find about 20 minutes from now. we'll see if that develops or just kind of eases up. vasco road out of byron. there is some fog in the area.
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not seeing any problems getting through that area north of byron highway and the altamont pass moving fairly smoothly. the sensors are reading a quarter mile for santa rosa. novato, good visibility but still you see that fog hovering around the north bay. we'll track it. good news for warriors fans. next, klay thompson will return to the court, though not at the chase center. may have to drive a little bit to see him in action. and as we head to break, want to share a post that mike inouye posted on instagram. he's out and about doing his part helping local businesses on small business saturday. you can keep up with mike. follow him on instagram, twitter, facebook and he's right here with us this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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klay thompson taking the next step in returning to the warriors. he's been assigned to the g-league team. this after the injuries he suffered. on the court about a matinee in los angeles. yesterday against the clippers, the warriors broke the game open in the second half. going behind the back of draymond green to get the machine there. steph scored a team high 33 as the warriors won that game, 105-90. the sharks, boy, they played a strong defense in chicago against the blackhawks. rimer solid in goal making 29
5:24 am
saves. the game close late in the third period. sharks scored an empty-netter. teemu meyer had both sharks goals. they shut out chicago, 2-0. happening tonight, a prideful holiday tradition returns to san francisco. the mayor london breed among those expected to help light the beloved castro holiday tree. local lawmakers, castro merchants and the gay man's chorus will perform. >> should be a lot of fun getting into the festive spirit. all the lights going up around houses. coming up next on "today in the bay," the top stories that we're following for you. talk about christmas shopping. retailers are looking online now following a lackluster black friday. shoppers may be the ones who will benefit here. we'll look at some of the best deals out there for you all ahead in a live report. plus -- >> perhaps one of the reasons folks did not go out shopping is because they're worried about
5:25 am
the new covid variant, the omicron. we'll talk about what we know and a new travel restriction going into effect this morning.
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the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. right now at 5:30, new traffic restrictions take effect as the first cases of the omicron covid variant are discovered in north america. the new response and warning that's coming from the white house. frightening moments. take a look at this. drivers on the bridge. a truck plowing through traffic going the wrong way on the bay
5:28 am
bridge. the confrontation authorities say led to the moments of sheer chaos. plus -- >> and we are talking all things cyber monday coming up i'll break down what you need to know before you hit buy now. you're watching "today in the bay." very good monday morning to you. i had to think about it. >> you were hoping it was -- >> i was off for a few days for thanksgiving last week. hope everyone had a good holiday. here we are, monday. >> you think we can get away with telling her it's tuesday and convince her? >> don't look for me on friday then. >> the coffee machine is broken so that's part of the reason we're like, what day is it? marcus heard the coffee machine was broken. he took the day off. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get a start with weather and traffic in a beautiful day ahead. >> yeah. i went old school and brewed a
5:29 am
carafe in the break room. everybody go get some. it's fresh. you can wake up. >> it's christmas around here. look at this shot. it is beautiful. christmas in the park going on. maybe you'll take the family out there later this evening. starting out with temperatures in the mid-40s. we're headed for the low 70s. the weather has been amazing. really nice and comfortable during the afternoon. we have those perfect crisp cool mornings. but we are looking at more of the same with this. we need some rain at this point. we'll talk about all of that in the forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking on the peninsula? >> it's looking great as far as palo alto goes. it looked like a cluster taillights. typically because there's a crew clearing here. maybe a traffic break heading toward san ma tay pope overnight there wasn't the same amount through the area. it may have been the number of people deciding now is the time to go to work. and it is for most of the bay. an easy drive. a little bit of slowing. started early down here in san jose from the 680.
5:30 am
we don't typically see that for another tin to 15 minutes and it started about ten minutes ago. some are rip raring to go getting back from that thanksgiving weekend. probably not. fog in the north bay. watch santa rosa for the densest fog. everything else seems to be flowing smoothly. a new covid variant to worry about. president biden later this morning is expected to give an update on the national response as global health leaders warning the omicron variant is highly transmissible. >> we've turned to kris sanchez. she joins us with what we know so far. good morning. >> good morning. there are no known cases of the omicron variant in the bay area. nor in the u.s. for that matter that we know of. many countries are instituting travel banns. the u.s. is restricting travel for non-u.s. citizens from south africa and several -- seven other countries.
5:31 am
the world health organization is calling on nations to start monitoring for that omicron variant in order to better understand it. here's what we know so far. early data in those first cases shows that it is spreading faster than other variants. however, the symptoms seem to be extremely mild according to one of the first doctors to identify it. some symptoms are similar to the alpha and the delta variants which fatigue, body aches, headache. but this mutation seems to make people's throats feel scratchy rather than sore. and there have not been reports of cough or loss of smell as with the other variants. for now medical experts say keep doing whatever you did to avoid infection from the other variants. >> a regular person today should be doing all the same things you did yesterday for delta. get vaccinated. get your booster. get tested if you're traveling. get tested if you're sick.
5:32 am
don't go to gatherings if you're sick and that's how we can reduce the transmission of this virus. >> according to the world health organization, it takes about two weeks to understand how variants react, like transmission, severity and omicron is affecting people with some level of immunity. that's what they are wondering either because they had covid or got their vaccines. omicron is one variant and the vaccine has been proven effective against all of the other variants so far. so if youor the fence, still a good idea. >> everyone is paying attention to it certainly, kris. moderna's chief medical officer says if a new vaccine is needed his company can have it ready by early next year. dr. paul burton called omicron dangerous looking variant but he's optimistic they can fight it. >> i think we have cause to be hopeful. we've learned a lot about this virus in general. we've learned so much about how to deal with covid as well through simple measures and
5:33 am
obviously through vaccines, but until we see how this virus now behaves in populations of older people, people with other co-morbidities, we really will not get a handle on how severe the disease could be. >> pfizer and johnson & johnson are also testing to see how their vaccines stand up to the new variant. if a new vaccine is needed it can be ready early next year. our coverage of this new variant continues on our website as well. we posted an explainer about the new variant. just head to click on the story at the trending bar at the top of the home page. new overnight, a south bay boutique, the latest store targeted in one of those apparent organized retail robberies. workers tell cnbc bay area dozens of people broke into the fix kicks last night along el camino real. they sell high-end shoes and
5:34 am
designer clothes. you can see the front doors smashed. the windows smashed. we don't yet know what was taken but the store owner says he was hit a week ago as well. we reached out to the police. so far they've not given us details. a look now at a much calmer scene on the bay bridge at least compared to the chaos yesterday afternoon. yesterday a flat bed truck going the wrong way through the toll plaza hitting a chp patrol car pushing it backwards. another angle from the driver who pulled over to avoid that truck. the chp says it all started with some kind of dispute between the driver and workers at the toll plaza. the driver apparently took off. there he goes. then turned around. came back toward the toll plaza going the wrong way. this is from our traffic cameras as he goes the wrong way down the approach to the bay bridge. chp says the truck crashed into an suv but nobody was hurt. one chp officer did suffer minor
5:35 am
injuries and that truck driver, they caught him and took him into custody. developing this morning in oakland, police searching for a car burglar who shot and killed a man. it happened just after 3:30 yesterday afternoon on grand avenue near lake merritt. the victim was trying to stop a car burglary when the suspect shot him and ran away. police are still looking into what led up to the shooting. it follows now action by oakland police which yesterday say it will enlist additional officers to address the increase in violent crime. this includes new tactical seems which are highly skilled in de-escalaing dangerous conditions. law enforcement escorting the body of kevin nishita to the coroner's office. the former police officer died protecting a tv news crew last weekend in oakland. this is video taken by his former colleagues after his death on saturday. officers followed his body from oakland to the alameda county
5:36 am
coroner's office. dozens more officers waiting there with -- at the flag-draped coffin giving a final salute. he was shot last wednesday. he was working as a private security guard since he retired in 2018. he had also served as a police officer in san jose. the reward leading information to his arrest now more than $32,000. here is what police think is the glet away car. it's a white model year 2004 to 2008 acura tl with a sun roof and no front license plate. again, the reward in this case more than $32,000. we'll continue to share updates on this investigation and on our website. that's at >> certainly switching gears here. 5:36. the day many deal seekers have waited for is here. it's cyber monday. and experts expect shoppers to put a little dent in their holiday shopping by taking advantage of some of the deals that you may find online.
5:37 am
>> cierra johnson live in burlingame with insight into what shoppers need to know before they hit the buy now button. >> yeah, i think i'm probably the best person to cover this story. shopping is one of my passions. we've made it past black friday and we're now officially in cyber monday territory. as you can see, we are in the midst of a store. things are quiet now but this is just a framework of what you'd also be able to find online. we're joined by northern california spokesperson natalie to talk about all things cyber monday. i guess first question, how deep are the discounts today? a lot of people are like, are they really that great? in your opinion, are they that great? >> they are that great. i've seen deals up to 50% off. definitely take advantage because after today, they're gone. >> what are some of our favorite items? >> some of the top selling items, i mean, my favorite is also the home goods section.
5:38 am
soda stream package which includes also some flavoring. always great for holiday entertaining, beyond the holidays. this is now only -- it is 34% off. originally $190 and now $124. and then we also have this beautiful kettle. it's very retro. also cordless. heats water up in 60 seconds. today it's only $65. normally over $100. and some of our top sellers, the kindle paper white. great for taking on vacation. no glare. travel with it. download the books directly to the device. it's originally $140 and today $104. >> so we have all of these items that are also available online. everything here is available online. we've had a lot of conversation about supply chain issues. what do folks need to know about whether or not things will be in stock and whether supply chain -- got a little dark in here -- whether supply chain will impact their shopping experience. >> supply chains have definitely
5:39 am
been an issue. but -- this is our super bowl. we are amazon. we've been preparing for this since january 1. we have something for everyone for procrastinators and planners. >> and then i guess give me a plan of attack. so what is the best way to approach cyber monday? best just to knock everything out? best to get those high demand items like i know some of the game consoles are high demand. what do you recommend in terms of shopping? >> on and to shop our cyber deals go to we don't anticipate items selling out. there are third party sellers that sell the exact same item so we don't anticipate things selling out. plan accordingly. when you shop on amzan, you can see the delivery window that's expected per item. so if you want something earlier, make sure you're looking at that before you hit purchase to try and find nothing -- the same exact item that could maybe ship sooner but we're delivering for customers for the holidays up until
5:40 am
december 24th. so procrastinators, we have something for you, too. >> thank you, natalie, with amazon northern california. my dad is a christmas eve shopper. don't be like bob. it really may not make it to your home but a lot of great items. cyber monday, a huge deal. a lot of retailers having some really deeply discounted items. cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> bob always comes through for you, though, his baby girl sierra. >> he does. he does. >> good advice, though. thank you. this morning on the "today" show, amazon consumer ceo dave clark will talk about a live interview on their outlook for cyber monday and talk about inflation and the global shipping crisis. you can catch the full interview at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." back out on the bay bridge this morning. waking up to some chilly temperatures. kari hall has a look at what to expect the rest of the day. good morning.
5:41 am
>> good morning. we're waking up to chilly temperatures and dense fog in the north bay. visibility in novato down to a quarter of a mile. we've seen that around santa rosa as well. drifting toward napa. much of the bay area is waking up to clear conditions and temperatures in the low 40s right now. 43 in livermore and san jose at 44 degrees. taking a look at our temperatures for this afternoon. reaching 70 in hayward. 71 in palo alto and 70 today in san rafael. it's going to be really nice today. just hazy and mostly sunny sky. we'll talk about the rest of the forecast as we go through the week coming up have a bit of sl in san jose. >> more than we expected, earlier than expected on the timing here. this started about 15 minutes ago. and it just continued to build. now we're seeing the north end of it start to let up. 101 at oakland road. this is your typical stretch from 680 up to oakland road. it is starting about 15 minutes early and it's starting to wane
5:42 am
just a bit. maybe that is an early indicator for folks trying to get in to catch up on work while out of town last week. 84. a burst of traffic cutting through from 580 over to 680. no surprises as far as the pattern but more extra slowing there. the incident on the peninsula, looking at 280 at 380 there. still one car that needs a tow truck to pull it from the scene but no lanes blocked over there. 37 slowing and a build up the incline but the backup at the toll plaza does not exist yet for the bay bridge. >> thank you, mike. coming up, the right to choose going before the supreme court. the reason some fear a controversial law in one state could set the stage for overturning and forever changing abortion access in the united states. >> plus, the 49ers suddenly on a big time roll. the changes jimmy g says is turning this team into a playoff contender. check twice before you enter that credit card information today. we'll tell you the top three
5:43 am
holiday scams you need to avoid this cyber monday at
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good monday morning. it's 5:45. as you head out in the tri-valley, let's get a live look outside in dublin. already a lot of people up and out the door. temperatures in the mid-40s right now. it's going to warm up quickly. and at 10:00, 57. 64 at noon. a lot of sunshine in this forecast. and it looks like we are staying
5:46 am
in this weather pattern. we'll talk more about that coming up. the san mateo bridge moves slowly with well-formed traffic flow. the peninsula, there's a hazard. the second incident in the same area as you approach 92 on 101. we'll talk about what's going on over there and details in the chp report. it's 5:46. actor jussie smollett will be in court accused of lying about being a victim of a hate crime and wasting police resources on a fake crime. smollett has denied staging the attack on himself insisting two men struck him and yelled anti-gay and racist remarks put a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him in 2019. police say he paid two men for the attack so he could get publicity. jury selection starts this morning. opening statements in the trial of jeffrey epstein,
5:47 am
confidante ghislaine maxwell starts today. lurd underage girls into traveling and engaging in sex acts. they are all expected to take the stand against maxwell. prosecutors are calling it just a slice of what maxwell was involved in with epstein. the trial is expected to last six weeks. 5:47. u.s. supreme court justices this week will hear a case that may severely limit the impact of the landmark roe v. wade decision. that case being argued wednesday from mississippi which in 2018 enacted a ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. local precedent only allows bans on -- legal precedent only allows bans on abortons after 24 weeks. that's the point where the fetus can survive outside the womb. in this case, it is possible conservative justices will reaffirm the constitutional right to an abortion or wipe it away altogether.
5:48 am
new developments in texas. oscar-winner matthew mcconaughey already calling cut on any plans to run for governor. here's what he plans to do instead. >> i'm going to continue to invest the bounty i have by supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that i believe are leaders, establishments that i believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life. organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust while also generating prosperity. that's the american dream. >> according to recent poll, mcconaughey trailed the current governor greg abbott and the democrat beto o'rourke in a potential three-way race. a devastating blow to one organization in the north bay. the founder of food is free solano says someone broke into a storage container last friday night and made off with $4500 in supplies. this all ahead of a planned holiday distribution event.
5:49 am
the organization still plans to provide what it can but it's letting families know they may not have diapers right away because thieves stole most of their supply. >> we're going to have to try and collect donations to replace it. i'll put in another order to supply bank but that's going to take a couple of weeks. >> the deputies investigating. also someone stole motorcycles from the fairgrounds over the weekend. it's unsure if the two crimes are connected. the 49ers back in the thick of things with a win when it mattered most. the niners dominated on the ground. samuels ran in two touchdowns. his second score gave the niners the lead after halftime. then following a niners interception, rookie elijah mitchell scored on a short run to mush the lead to 14. he ran for 133 yards. niners beat the vikings, 34-26. and as jimmy g said afterwards,
5:50 am
everything is clicking. >> we've been taking a week by week mentality and get one win at a time. we've got to keep doing that going forward and we'll be in a good spot. >> in those three weeks they've won all in a row. they're the sixth seed in the nfc playoff race. new this morning, a key figure in the giants dominant season now apparently his way out the door. espn reports the blue jays agreed to a five-year deal with kevin gausman. last season he fulfilled a one-year deal with the giants. in the process resurrecting his career. it leaves a big hole in the starting rotation but the teams did expect him to go elsewhere. jeremy renner may be an avenger on scream. the actor opening up to kelly clarkson today about working with crews in lake tahoe to build a new fire station. he's trained as a volunteer firefighter. he says after devastating fires
5:51 am
like calder fire last year, it's good to give back to the community. >> i worked with the fire departments up there and they're pretty awesome. they're teaching me and helping me. i've still got to get more hours in with them, but it's cool. it's lovely to give back to the community. and i love to do it. i love being in nature. it fire trucks and -- >> helpful thing. >> it gives me something to do. it's a wonderful thing to do in my off time. >> so true of so many people. cool jobs but they really want to be firefighters. see his fuel interview on kelly clarkson this afternoon on nbc bay area. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. what's in store for this monday morning? >> cool and foggy but we'll shape up to be a really nice day. but our air quality has been a concern because it's been so hazy out there. and it's all because of the smoke and all the pollutants being pushed down. that's what we're going to see once again. we get a look at what's going on with our air quality today.
5:52 am
in that moderate category. so if you are sensitive to all that particulate matter, you may want to limit your time outside. taking a look at our temperatures. starts out cool but then we see some upper 60s. low 70s. even low to mid-70s for the south county. we'll put our weather on repeat doing it all over tomorrow. if you are going out to christmas in the park this evening, starts out at 68 degrees at 4:00 and then as it gets dark, those temperatures drop off into the upper 50s. also a tree lighting ceremony in san francisco in the castro. it's going to be at about 59 degrees at 5:00. as it gets dark and then by the time it gets started it will be 58 degrees. a nice warm jacket needed. all of the rain has been well to the north of us. see the showers moving through the pacific northwest being blocked by this high pressure and still not coming our way. that high pressure will not budge and so we're still looking
5:53 am
at more dry weather throughout the week as well as next week. and so as we look at our rainy season, we're getting to that time of year when it's usually our wettest month of the year. besides january. so we're looking at dry conditions going into what we normally see at least some chances of rain. our temperatures will reach into the low 70s for the inland valleys all throughout the week and maybe slightly cooler for the weekend. mike, you're tracking another hazard? >> i think it's another report of the same hazard north 101 through belmont around ralston where the last incident was reported. something in the roadway. last time sounded like it may have been a car. it may be a piece of metal northbound 101. no lane information given on this one either but i'll continue to let you know if there's a traffic break or whatever else. if that's still in the road may be a problem for more than a couple of folks so that may be an issue for chp as well. we'll track that. so far the peninsula doesn't show any slowing on the
5:54 am
freeways. >> happening now, san diego police and a heartbroken indiana mother have different ideas about what happened to a 20-year-old woman. the mother of lateisha norris spent the weekend handing out flyers. she last heard from her daughter november 5th. she followed her boyfriend to santa cruz and went back home to indiana and then left again to help him after he left a rehab facility. authorities don't believe the young woman is at risk. frustration coming up. the unlikely san francisco neighborhood now the unlikely scene of a dangerous trend. and the new response from police. plus, do people really turn out for one of the biggest shopping weekends? just ahead, digesting the results from black friday and what it means for the holiday shopping season and potential boost from today's cyber monday deals. a lot more news ahead. it's 5:54.
5:55 am
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welcome back. one san francisco neighborhood wants help from police after a big side show took over their usually quiet street. >> hundreds got together in west portal early sunday just after midnight.
5:58 am
drivers burning rubber doing stunts out there. some cars had people riding on the roof. no arrests or citations were made. but the aftermath. look at the streets there. tire marks everywhere there at the intersection of ulala and claremont. some neighbors are fed up and want the city to do something about it. >> when they get the guys who did it, restorative justice means get them out here without knee pads and they can start scrubbing. and then let's be done with that. i doubt they'd do it again. >> police say they responded to a side show in the sunset district about ten minutes after breaking this one up. >> more help on the way for afghan refugees in hayward. city leaders and community centers setting up a new donation center in this building there. the donations will help refugees as they resettle in the bay area. the new hub is at the matt jimenez community center.
5:59 am
they need toiletries like clothing and house wares to help families get settled. they are holding an open house this saturday to accept the donations and give tours of the new center. tonight is the second night of hanukkah. celebrations are under way. people celebrated the start of the festival of lights with the lighting of the 25-foot menorah. always a night event. hanukkah lasts eight days with a candle lighting each night. some kids going all out to celebrate. members of the jewish kids club used nearly 4,000 lego bricks to build this seven-foot menorah. they lit it at the festival of lights celebration last night. attorney general rob bonto was on hand to give his hanukkah greetings. right now, slowing the spread before it gets out of control. >> all of a sudden there was this big spike. >> cases of the new omicron covid variant growing across the
6:00 am
globe. we'll be live in washington with the new push to keep americans safe. >> plus, theranos founder elizabeth holmes resumes her testimony in a matter of hours. the recent filing experts argue tipped off a likely defense strategy. >> and black friday bummer. new numbers showing the top holiday shopping day came up far short compared to last year's or past years. the phenomenon experts believe drove a big dip in sales. this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. >> i'm laura garcia. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall with a look at the monday morning forecast. >> good morning. starting out a little foggy in parts of the north bay. we can see in novato, visibility down to a quarter mile. in santa rosa, two miles. elsewhere some clear visibility as you head out the door. it's a nice drive heading through the tri-valley with that look in dublin. our temperature goes from the mid-40s to the mid-60s today.


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