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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 30, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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on this final day, remember, the world is trying to understand how the covid variant will be. this as pfizer receives covid boosters for 16 and 17-year-olds dow futures are sinking under uncertainty. >> jury selection begins in the death of seant fe wright
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jessie smollett claims he is the victim the first time in 400 years, the island paradise of barbados is a free republic tiger's plans for golf and how he is recovering "early today" starts right now >> good morning, i'm frances mena >> i'm phillip mena. president biden is calling for calm and covid vaccinations. while no case have been discovered here in the u.s., on monday, he addressed the nation amid growing alarm saying the variant is cause for concern, fought a cause for panic here's abc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: good morning, as more countries around the world try to contain the omni chron variant, the president trying to reassure america as scientists
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try to find more information about the variant. with the new variant spreading around the world, president biden says he's not considering any widespread lockdown. >> this is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. >> reporter: the president huddling over the weekend, says the white house is working with vaccine manufacturers to develop vaccine or boosters if needed. >> the best protection against this new variant or an of the variants out there, the ones we have been dealing with already is getting fully vaccinated, getting a booster shot. >> reporter: the cdc is stressing people 18 and older should get a booster it comes as the biden administration's new travel restrictions for each sank country takes effect nay bar foreign visitors to the u.s., other countries such as israel, morocco and japan are launching more drastic steps, banning all travelers, as a
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growing list of people ban omnicron, reinstituting the indoors mask advisory. >> we have no notification it has arrived in ontario, which is literally across the bridge where i live i can see canada from my rouse. >> reporter: south africa's president said the global travel restrictions are an over reaction some doctors say the variant symptoms are mild. >> are we overwhelmed, no. >> reporter: but there are questions about the transmissibility, resistance of vaccines and severity of symptoms base on limited evidence from south africa, this new strain appears to be highly contagious. what we don't know is whether it is more deadly than previousrun ones and other vaccine work against it all three manufacturers in the u.s. are testing them right now. >> it's highly likely there will
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be loss of vaccine effectiveness, whether we have to treat the current vaccines, we don't know. we have to wait a couple weeks until we get the chief data. >> reporter: they say the omnicron vaccine should take months to manufacture. should americans get used to the idea they may need a covid booster every year much like the flu shot >> i think so. these major coronaviruss, we see this, they become endemic, just remain in societies. >> reporter: the question is how soon before we might have a confirmed case of the variant here in the u.s. the answer is very quickly the white house says that the country is saying nearly 80,000 samples per week, more than any other nation is only a patz of time, philip >> gabe. thank you. jury selection begins today in the trial of kim potter the former minnesota police officer. potter is accused of shooting
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dante wright she mistook her gun for a taser and accidentally shot and killed wright potter is charged with first and second degree manslaughter high profile attorney ben crump is representing wright's family. opening statements begin next week the new york attorney general has released video from the investigation into former new york governor andrew cuomo the transcripts are also raising questions about the role that his brother cnn anchor chris cuomo played behind the scenes from nbc new york jonathan dean has the details. >> do you swear this testimony will be the truth and nothing but the truth? >> yes, i do >> former foernl attorney general seemed sour. he was seemingly at times uncooperative. >> how do you want to define girlfriend how do you want to define date
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>> how do you define date? >> it doesn't matter how i define date. how do you define date it's your question >> he denied up theing, harassing, any of his accusers >> that never happened >> in addition to his video testimony, the tomorrow released video of six accusers, all who alleged wrongdoing by cuomo or a toxic work environment >> i remember going straight to my bus, definitely trying to touch me i remember standing there, like, okay, i kind of froze. >> for the first time we see testimony from cuomo's former top aide melissa derosa. she testified she did not see him harass anyone. investigators seemed to touch upon unsubstantiated rumors, which she and cuomo deny that they had an affair >> has he ever kissed you on the mouth? >> no. >> derosa after hours of testimony. >> would it surprise you to
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learn the governor frequently kissed annabel walsh >> no. i'm sorry, i'm so tired. >> she called it a day transcripts released of cuomo's brother cnn anchor chris cuomo he admitted being looped in on e-mails when the allegations surfaced in march of this year, delo sa asked him to check his sources chris cuomo respond he was on it, later answering that no one heard anything yet >> your thanks to jonathan for that report. the trial of jesse smollett begins in ernest this morning. he is accused of lying to police in 2019, that he was assaulted in a hate crime. nbc news' megan fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: actor jesse smollett on trial that he staged a racist and homophobic attack
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three years ago. a jury of 12 in a packed courtroom. he said he was attacked by two men who threw a noose around his neck and yelling homophobia slurs and support for president trump. they allege he paid two brothers to carry out the attack. chicago police calling it a pub lissity stunt in 2019. >> "empire" actor jesse smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. >> reporter: investigators say he was unhappy with his salary on the tv show "empire," setting up the scheme to secure more money. >> smollett paid $3500 to stage the attack and thrash chicago's reputation through the mud in the process. >> reporter: smollett and his team continue to maintain his innocence. >> i have been truthful on every single level since day one. >> reporter: prosecutors dropped
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service in 2019. a appreciable prosecutor found quote substantial abuses of discretion and operational failure. a few grand jury then indicted smollett on six felony misconduct charges in 2020 for lying to the police. this summer smollett's lawyer accused the special prosecutor of harboring political motives and writing in a statement, mr. smollett is innocent of these charges. now we are focused on going to trial the brother smollett allegedly paid set to be key witnesses in the trial an attorney for the brothers says they express tremendous regret for their part in the alleged scheme. >> the brothers are sorry for their involvement and they're been do everything they can to make the right. >> reporter: the trial is expected to last a week. >> our thanks no megan fitzgerald for that report. an opening overnight in the
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football carousel continues to spin from south bend to baton rouge, lsu is tapping brian kelly for the head coach he is the winningest coach in fighting irish history and will take over a program last three coaches won national titles the athletic says he told his notre dame team, ranked sixth in the nation he would meet with them this morning this is after lincoln reilly filled okc's vacancy basketball phenom' paige beckers, she became the first collegiate athlete with a sports brand, now a sophomore at uucon she joins serena williams in gatorade's branding. let's look at the day ahead with meteorologist janessa webb on this final day of november
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good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning, yes, the chill is in place across much of the east coast. we do have freeze alerts across the deep south if you are in southern georgia, alabama and mississippi, so temperatures are hovering in the low 30s, in that area but we are watching this lake enhancement bouncing off three lakes, huron, michigan and erie. you are seeing that for detroit and greater cleveland, now it's making its way into d.c. dealing with light snowflakes this morning so accumulation totals, they will be light across this areaf 63, slightly cooler in the upper
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mid-west we do have heat that's building across the east coast. that's coming up >> thank you pfizer seems to have the first booster for teams under 18 after 400 years, barbados is now a republic a quick break and we'll be right back >> y febreze fabric refresher. febreze's water-based formula deeply penetrates fabrics to eliminate trapped food odors as it dries. spray febreze fabric refresher when you clean up after meals to ensure your entire home smells fresh and clean. try febreze fabric refresher. brand power. helping you buy better. one role of a sore throat. but she had enough. she took new mucinex instasoothe sore throat lozenges. show your sore throat who's boss. new mucinex instasoothe. works in seconds, lasts for hours. ready to shine from the inside out?
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try nature's bounty hair, skin and nails gummies. the number one brand to support beautiful hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails. and try advanced now with two times more biotin. . leading the news, another age group might seem to become eligible for the boosters as nbc news learned pfizer is going to apply for booster shots for 16 and 17-year-olds the application is expected to be submitted sometime this week. if approved, this will be the first covid booster for teens under 18 as of midnight, bar bados became a republic. chatman bell joins us from london fiy nacut these ties with to
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great britain? >> reporter: well, philip, it means happy birthday, barbados the caribbean island became independent from britain in 1956 it's retained the queen as its head of state. there are now only 15 countries, like ja make car, bahamas, canada and australia prince charles was on hand as the queen's royal sovereign was lowered the last time. speaking at the event, he talked about slavery, a background of that island and british rule, which he says forever sustains our histories. he also spoke about the continuing relationship between the two countries. the queen also sending her good wishes and happiness and prosperity to the people of bar bar dos as the first ever president was sworn in the prime minister on hand along with the most famous, rihanna, what a party
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you can't have a party there without her. guys >> i have been fortunate enough to be there at one point barbados knows how to party. chapman, thank you. up next, it is down to the wire when it comes to the. in the sea hawk showdown with the washington football team comes down to one last play. >> nbc news' steve sedgwick will take us behind the scenes in an explosive day in the steve theranos trial uh-oh. why are these birds so angry?! at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. we save a lot. i'm going...i'm going. aaaahh! hurry, hurry! i know, i know! for bundling made easy, go to i thought i was getting my floors clean. and then i learned my mop could be loaded with bacteria.
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2nd and goal that's a touchdown that's two touchdowns now! >> washington held the lead in football until the final minute. that's when russell wilson found eddie swain. it was picked off, the football team holds on for the 17-15 win.
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the nfc east rival dallas cowboys will be shorthanded. mike mccarthy, terrence steel and four santa coaches are out for thursday's game after testing positive for covid now in the trial of elizabeth theranas holmes. stock futures dropped like a rock overnight steve sedgwick has the latest. good morning, steve. you it's very interesting. we had the big down take on black friday we saw a u.s. rally yesterday. now concerns over the effectiveness of the existing vaccine to this omnicron variant. the dow is down 1.5%, the futures ahead of the market opening. 500 points, s&p currently down the futures concerns about omnicron and effective the vaccines are
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explosive scenes in this theranos trial they are facing conspiracy for their role in the blood testing company collapse in when the 15. she gave emotional testimony day four accusing her ex-president of physical and psychological abuse as well. that's four days with her defense attorneys cross-examining her. but now it's the prosecutor's turn, who will be asking elizabeth holmes a lot more questions over the next da so back to you both. >> thank you, stepheners rolling deep in the charts, adele makes billboard history. tiger woods opposite about his future on the golf course after his catastrophic car crash. henry? thanks! if it's “out decorating the neighbors” season, it's walgreens season.
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last year americans donated $3 million to profit. you can volunteer your time, jeopardy host has some tips. >> reporter: offer to mow your neighbor's launch or give someone who might need a little extra help something like that or start on giving tuesday shovel snow from your neighbor's driveway, deep let them know it was you. >> let's get one more check of the weather with jan necessary sa hello again. >> hey, i'm a big fan of tuesday. i will give you some love, denver, 62 the heat is building very mild across this area east coast, mid-west, we haven't forgot about you all of this warm air shatarts to shift tomorrow you will be back in the 60s come thursday bradley cooper held at
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tremfya® today. in today's top stories in the wake of the kyle rittenhouse acquittal in the shooting death of two men, advocates are asking for justice for crystal kaiser she is charged with five felonies for killing her sex trafficker in 2018 she was 17 when she shot him before setting his house on fire and stealing his car her attorneys are invoking the wisconsin state law known as the affirmative defense, which argues her actions were if direct result of being a sex
4:27 am
trafficker the wisconsin scream court is revealing an appellate court decision to argue self-defense this will be the first time the law was used for a homicide case in that state. bradley cooper opened up on the podcast armshare expert about being held at knife poent on the subway headed to pick up his daughter from school. >> i was on the subway 11:45 to pick her up at russian school. i got hemmed up at knifepoint. >> when? >> the okay before the march pandemic hit >> how are we best friends i'm just learning? >> then i like turned and i look down and i see a knife, probably that big a knife i will say that's four-and-a-half inches >> cooper talked about the incident which happened in 2019. he says he knocked the attacker's arm up and ran to escape and jumped over a
4:28 am
turnstyle, when he started running towards him, he started running to police. >> i'm surprised they were best friends. golf legend tiger woods is opening up in the next chapter since the february car crash he says he has hopes for a tour comeback in the future it's a tough road, woods credits watching his son play in tournaments as motivation to get better he is set to make his first public appearance in the annual hero world golf tournament nearly nine months after the accident. >> such a competitor i cannot imagine him not coming back adele set a record on the billboard rot 100. her first album in six years is already the best selling album of the year. the best week for any album this
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right now at 4:30, rising concerns of the new variant has officials urging for people to get their booster shot. stopping the violence. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. going to get a look at the commute coming up in just a bit,


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