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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 1, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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se low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? we're on it. we're on it. with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. breaking news at this hour one police officer is dead another injured in a shooting that also killed three others, including the suspect, during a georgia domestic violence call we are live in oxford, michigan with the latest on the deadly shooting involving a 15-year-old sophomore in police custody after three people were gunned down. >> our dr. john torres describes the omicron variant and where did it come from and how serious should we be taking the warning? we'll talk to the labor
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secretary to get shipping back to normal a highly controversial effect at supreme court that could have a ripple effect across america we'll explain as we kick off december "early today" begins right now. >> i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. an investigation is under way in clayton, georgia. two police officers were shot, one died after they responded to a domestic violence calm according to law enforcement, shots were fired from an unknown source as they were helping one victim and trying to locate another. police say two other victims died as the suspect was also killed after exchanging gunfire with officers a. child is in critical but stable condition. the georgia bureau of investigation has confirmed it was asition at the scene also breaking, a michigan community still in shock this morning after a deadly shooting. overnight, authorities released the names of the three students
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killed 16-year-old tate miere and hannah st. giuliana and madison baldwin. last night a local church held a vigil lighting candles for each victim meanwhile the investigation is under way. according to police, the gunman was a 15-year-old student. and this tiktok video from inside the high school showed the panic amid the lockdown. students escaped through a classroom window into another building they were then greeted by a uniformed officer telling them that they were safe the objection formed county sheriff says authorities acted quickly and arrested the suspect, potentially preventing more bloodshed. >> they took it from him he had a loaded firearm. he was coming down the hall. that again i believe interrupted what potentially could have been seven more victims >> in a statement released overnight, the county prosecutor said the intended issues
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charges. we are live with the latest. the world health organization issued a travel advisory recommending those 60 and holder with health concerns, like heart disease and cancer postpone travel now. it comes on the heels of the spread of the omicron variant. it's now been found in more than 20 countries meanwhile, the los angeles lakers have announced lebron james has been placed on the nba health and safety protocol's lest lebron is vaccinated but there is no word if he's tested positive for covid-19 or how long he could be out nbc correspondent dr. john torres with what we need to know right now. >> reporter: a new highly contagious variant, the omicron variant, is considered a very high global rick by the world health organization. >> we shouldn't need another wake-up call we should all be wide awake from
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the threat of this virus. >> reporter: it was first in south africa has been found in belgium, botswana, germany, hong kong, israel, italy and the united kingdom with more countries reporting the detection daily. it's already labeled a variant of concern meaning it could be more transmissible and possibly more virulent. >> when you look in sook, you have a low level of infection, all of a sudden there was this big spike. when the south africans looked at it, they said, oh my goodness, this is a different virus we have been dealing with. >> reporter: they suggest it's highly contagious with more than 30 mutations on the spike protein this is important because the spike protein is the part of the virus that binds to the human cell there is a highly likelihood of transition and more ways for the variant to possibly evade immunity it's too early to determine the severity of symptoms
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the covid response task team told the president it would take two weeks to have more information on this variant. experts agree the vaccines still work >> when you get a level of protection with vaccine and particularly now at the extraordinary increase in protection you get with a booster, even when you have variants of concern, you do well against them >> reporter: because it is still so early, we can't determine if the variant is here in the united states yet but given how transmissible the new variant, is it would not be surprising to see omicron detected soon. the u.s. has already restricted travel from south african and seven other countries. >> the issue of blocking travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better >> the one thing everyone can still do is get vaccinated if you are eligible for the booster, get that as well. that means six months from a second dose, either pfizer or
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moderna and two months or more following the single dose of the j&j vaccine. both the world health organization and cdc's guidance is to practice social distancing, hand washing good ventilation such as opening up a window and making up. >> thank you to dr. john torres for that report. the network sites new evidence from the new york state tomorrow that suggests, quote, a greater level of involvement in defending his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo from sexual harassment allegations. cnn says chris cuomo is suspended pending evaluation a. representative did not respond for requests for comment on tuesday. jury selection will continue today in minnesota, where former police officer kim potter says she missed her gun for a taser before fatally shooting dante wright nbc news' ron allen is following
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the calls. >> reporter: so far jury selection has gone smoothly, opening arguments are expected to begin the middle of next week >> will the defendant please stand up >> reporter: jury selection is under way in the trial of former police officer kimberly potter, charged with manslaughter in the death of 20-year-old dante wright the incident seen on camera video. they say potter and an officer stopped wright because of an air fresh inner hanging from a mirror, illegal in minnesota and tried to arrest him after discovering an outstanding warrant for a gross misdemeanor weapons violation. potter with 26 years of police experience is heard warning about firing a taser the prosecutor says she fired a single lethal shot from her gun, potter's attorney says was a mistake. an allegation wright's family rejects. >> everybody who has been there
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for us standing with us on one of the worst days of our life. >> is there anyone here who would believe the testimony of a police officer just because he or she is in law ep fnforcement >> reporter: potential jurors were questioned after wright's death. during the trial the officer convicted of killing george floyd. >> juror number seven, you will be on this jury. roar. >> reporter: they would seat 12 jurors to determine whether potter is guilty of manslaughter the judge told potential jurors, the trial should be ever by christmas. one of potter's attorneys says potter plans to testify in her own defense. frances. >> ron, thank you. today, the supreme court will hear a mississippi case challenge roe versus wade.
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it centers around a law banning all abortions at 15 weeks of pregnancy. if the court decides to rule in favor of the state, roe could be overturned and abortion laws in states across the country could be redefined. >> let's check in on your wednesday weather, now it is december janessa, good morning. >> good morning, yeah, our temperatures are all over the place. if you are in the deep south, hovering in the low 40s, upper 30s in some spots the wind chills have calmed down. most of the east coast is pretty clear right now. but the chills will continue throughout your afternoon. if are you on the west coast, a completely different weather pattern. the jet stream was tagging more to the north that's allowing for warmer temperatures to move back in denver near record 71 degrees. omaha in the upper 60s that continues for tomorrow afternoon. it pushes more to the north and east into the upper mid-west kansas city 71
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contending with that record tod new york city 46 degrees we're in the mid-70 across the so south. >> we will take a look at that forecast >> it is a big day wale take a big break and tell you about the space junk that kept astronauts from dngheoi tir job. >> the warning over those elaborate christmas decorations next magic eraser removes the messes you can see as well as more of the dirt and grime you don't. all you do is wet, squeeze and start erasing dirt and grime all around the house
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and try magic eraser sheets for a deep clean in hard to reach places that you can toss when your done. mr. clean magic eraser. for a deep down hygienic clean all around the house. ♪ ghirardelli caramel squares. makes life a bite better. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. leading the news, the federal aviation has a new warning, keep your holiday laser light displays pointed at the house, excuse me the opposite of that, not
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towards the sky. the faa says the concentrated beams of light can reach further than you think, potentially hampering a pilot's vision it's up to an $11,000 fine the heightened risk of space junk caused nasa to delay a planned space walk aboard the international space station before that decision to delay. it's unclear if the debris that posed the risk is from the anti-slight missile test that russia conducted earlier this month. no word yet on when that space walk will be rescheduled prosecutors are doubling down on their argument the "empire" actor did an alleged dry run of the attack they were read incriminating text messages from smolt smollett his attorney argued the police missed key evidence. no word on whether smollett will take the stand a 30-year-old houston man
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has been sentenced to more than nine years in prison after pleading guilty to fraudulently ob taping 1.6 million in covid relief fund. according to justice department, the man identified as lee price, iii, spent it on luxury items like a $233 lamborghini and $85,000 ford pickup truck, a $14,000 rolex and more and prosecutors say he spent thousands at houston nightclubs and strip clubs. today is world aids day, president biden is pledging the ongoing fight and honored the proclamation which read ending the hiv epidemic is in our reach. we are committed to finishing this work. in a statement he recognized the 36 million which include several hundred,000 american who's have died from this disease and recognized lbgtq survivors at the hiv aids epidemic and the
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the omicron covid variant is accepting slivers down wall street the market plummeted yesterday and the dow lost more than 650 points and the nasdaq was down nearly 250 points. all the s&p 500 shed nearly 2% of its value futures are pointing toward a slight rebound at the opening. now to a situation that could ground spacex in a company-wide e-mail ceo elon musk warned of bankruptcy over what he called a crisis of rafter engines they power the starship rocket
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which has been testing at a facility in texas. musk says the company needs to keep the rate of one starship flight every two weeks or face the risk of bankruptcy the holiday shopping season is here and this year businesses big and small are feeling the squeeze. in an nbc news exclusive, our jo ling kept spoke to the u.s. labor secretary about when we could see some relief. >> reporter: hey, philip, we're at the port of los angeles where secretary la lor marty walsh is making his first visit ever at ships like this coming into port it's coming from tacoma, washington it's taken about 40 days to get here that's what we want to ask him in ouric exclusive interview when is this supply chain crisis going to be over for the first time, labor secretary marty walsh filling the port of los angeles, filled with aiding container ships. >> i would say they're not work 24/7 but at a higher capacity. >> reporter: when do you think the supply chain will get back
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to normal in. >> i don't think it's been normal, there have been ups and downs. >> reporter: the port of l.a. says it's dropped 37% since late october. fed chief jerome powell laying out new fears. >> great concern about the virus may reduce people's willingness to work in person, which would slow the labor market and intensify supply chain disruptions. >> reporter: how are you going to intensify people to go back to work >> i think as we figure out the new variant, we need to stress people getting vaccinated, boosters, wearing masks, being careful. >> reporter: hiring at her chicago bo teak is expensive she has to compete with workers and major retailers. >> unfortunately, if we are short staff, that affects everything. >> reporter: she has only been able get 60% to stock her shelves this season. >> we have at least a dozen of
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our best sellers we've always leaned on at this time haven't been available >> how do you make small businesses a properly served >> i think when we look at the unloading and delivery of goods and services to our country, i don't look at it that the big companies and the small companies. i look at everybody's company at the same time. >> reporter: companies large and small desperate for supply chain solutions. secretary wagsh is continuing his visit to the ports here in southern california today and meanwhile, a lot of containers still very much waiting at sea to be unloaded that's why you are seeing a 16% increase in out of stock messages online. philip. >> most of us are seeing that, thank you. up next, janessa has your forecast for the month of december. >> just like that, the countdown is on for the sex in the city revival. is that even legal? and get this - he remembered my name. of course.
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the wait is over, just like that, they are back for more the new "sex in the city" chapter premiers december 9th. it is december 1st already janessa is back with a rockefeller tree lightning forecast. >> yes, it will definitely be a chilly evening across the east coast. if you are in the northeast, you will be seeing wind chills overnight into your evening hours in the mid-30s so very chilly for the start of the tree lighting ceremony, starting at 8:00 right here on nbc, increase in cloud coverage, a few showers possible not the greatest looking forecast, happy it's back. >> thank you we are live in michigan. hoicto the latest on that trag
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part of a complete breakfast. breaking overnight, we are learning new details about the tragic high school shooting just north of detroit police say a 15-year-old student opened fire tuesday afternoon killing three students and injuring seven more along with a teacher. nbc's jay grey is live on the scene with us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: philip, good morning this campus still locked down this is still very much an ongoing and active investigation here this is the only high school in this small town so most everybody either knows or knows
4:27 am
of someone who was lost or wounded during attack. overnight, candles, prayers and tears in oxford, a community struggling just hours after three students were killed eight others, including a teacher wounded during an attack at tear high school. >> i still have the flashbacks of hearing the gunshots and the crying and sadness. >> reporter: police say a 15-year-old student armed with a semi automatic pistol opened fire just after lunch. >> our teacher is telling us to get down, hide, barricade the doors. so, of course, you have people pushing desks over. >> reporter: five minutes after the first shot, sheriffs deputies rush in, joining an officer already inside the school. >> they went in and searched out the threat they went to the gunshots. within two-to-three minutes of their arrival, they had a suspect in custody. >> reporter: the teenage suspect and his parent have refused to talk with investigators, an evidence team did remove a cell
4:28 am
phone and other items from their home >> this was a repeat weapon purchase that he had been shooting with it and had posted pictures on a target and the weapon that's all a part of what's being looked at. >> reporter: as this grieving community clings to one another, bound by the pain of their loss. now a crisis response team that includes counsellors is on the ground here at this point available for students, parents, teachers and staff all of the oxford community schools will be closed at least through the end of the week. philip, frances. >> just a heart breaking story all right. jay grey for us on the ground there. thank you. now, looking to symbols of hope and brightness. the countdown to the rockefeller center christmas tree lighting is well under way. more than 50,000 led lights, 79 foot tall spruces will light up tonight.
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mario lopez will be on hand and the festivities start at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc, those times are important to us. those are bed times, which we're never around it to join us hopefully, everybody else will, they will see darus
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right now at 4:30, ramping up measures to detect the new covid variant. what travelers flying into sfo can expect. setting the stage for overturning and forever changing abortion access across the u.s. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> and i am marcus washington. it's dec


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