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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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right after nbc bay area news at 7:00. >> i have tree topper envy now. >> yeah, here's a live look outside. a local live news update coming up in half an hour. hope to see you then. good morning. breaking overnight, in mourning, a community near detroit comes together at a vigil overnight honoring the victims of a mass school shooting. a 15-year-old gunman killing three classmates and wounding eight others. overnight, the chilling new video emerging ostudents locked in a classroom as the voice they believe to be the shooter claims it's safe to leave. >> sheriff's office. safe to come out. >> we're not willing to take that risk right now. >> students then forced to flee out of a window. >> go.
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>> just ahead, inside those panicked moments, the harrowing stories of other survivors and investigators on the hunt this morning for a motive. cracking down? >> we cannot predict the future, but we can be prepared for it. >> the white house now weighing new restrictions for international travelers as the omicron variant spreads around the globe. and the world health organization urges certain populations to stop traveling altogether. this morning, the race to prevent another devastating wave of the virus. and covid concerns sideline the nba's biggest star, lebron james. we'll have the very latest. showdown, the supreme court taking up the landmark abortion today. a live report from the court, straight ahead. those stories, plus suspended. cnn pulls chris cuomo off the air indefinitely. what the network is now saying about the role he played defending his brother against
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sexual harassment allegations. and one shining moment, the world's most famous chriy the masses just hours from now kicking the holiday season into high gear today, wednesday, december 1st, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this busy wednesday morning. we're glad you're with us. someone is all ready for her close-up across the street. >> i think she is. she's getting fluffed and primed. we are going to turn the lights on that beautiful tree tonight. it's going be a beautiful night. we hope you guys tune in and watch us turn the lights on. >> yeah, but there is a lot
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happening this morning. a vigil taking place in michigan honoring three students killed and eight others injured after the suspected gunman, their 15-year-old classmate opened fire on them. he is now in custody. >> in the meantime, dramatic new video from one of the classrooms. it shows kids barricading themselves inside while questioning whether or not someone outside the door was an officer or the gunman. we will have complete coverage in just a moment. but we'll start with that growing concern over the latest covid variant, omicron. there has yet to be a case here
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>> we're not willing to take that risk right now. >> i can't hear you. >> we're not taking that risk right now. >> okay. well open the door to see my badge, bro.
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>> yeah, bro. >> he said bro. red flag. >> the students who believe it's the shooter making a desperate escape out of the window. >> the suspected gunman described by police as a 15-year-old sophomore armed with a semiautomatic pistol firing a dozen rounds. authorities say they received more than 100, 911 calls and were able to apprehend him the shooter with seven rounds left in the gun after five minutes after the first emergency call. >> that, again, i believe interrupted what potentially could have been seven more victims. >> investigators say the gun was purchased by the boy's father days ago on black friday. and the teen has posted photos practicing with it. now late last night authorities addressed rumors they may have missed possible warning sign that's there would be a school shooting here at oxford high school. investigators say they never received any threats. as for the suspected teenage
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shooter, while he may not be cooperating with investigators, prosecutors say they are ready to act quickly, even bringing charges to day. savannah? >> thank you. >> all right. let's turning to the growing kurn concern over the growing covid-19 variant. health officials are not taking any chances. they're considering tougher rules for travelers entering the u.s. right before the busy christmas travel season. we have two reports for you. let's get it started with nbc's sam brock. sam, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the white house right now is preaching caution, not panic as it is considering new steps to safeguard americans. that includes the idea of additional covid-19 testing after you return from international travel. but health experts right now said vaccines and the booster are your best bet against omicron. this as we are still learning more information about the variant. so far, the omicron variant has not surfaced in the u.s., but its impact is looming large over new policies and guidelines from air travel to booster shots.
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the world health organization is now advising people 60 and up or those are underlying conditions like heart disease and cancer to postpone all travel. the biden administration has not backed that advisory, but is telling nbc news it's considering more stringent testing requirements for international travel, although no final decisions have been made. we cannot predict the future, but we can be prepared for it. >> the white house says its ability to test for omicron, now 80,000 samples per week in the u.s. the first known infections were reported in botswana, not south africa, on november 11th. since then, the strain has quickly spread to 20 countries, including canada. >> what did the early variant tell us? >> easier to give and get, more transmissible. which makes sense for the virus. >> reporter: dr. fauci stressing the importance of vaccines and
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boosters. >> vaccines, and particularly boosters, give you a degree of cross protection, particularly against severe disease. >> reporter: for basketball's biggest name, lebron james, there's no clear return date after entering the nba's covid health and safety protocols. at the start of the season, james discussing his decision to get vaccinated. >> i think at the end of the day, you're trying to figure out a way that you can always be available and protect one another. >> reporter: here in miami, an international art festival is electrifying downtown with 20,000 visitors expected on this one corridor. >> i think it's too early in that journey with omicron. so i think we're all watching it. that the message the community has indicated is stay healthy. >> reporter: one question today, why is it taking so long to learn about there variant? guys, scientists literally have to copy the virus in its entirety and introduce to the blood of immunized people to see how the antibodies react. that process can take weeks.
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>> sam, thank you very much. >> as we wait to learn more about this new variant, let's focus on what is known about omicron. >> tom, one of the big questions is how transmissible is it. but there are signs that are somewhat ominous with this strain. >> that's right. we also want to say there's a lot we don't know about omicron just yet, but we're learning more every day. let's start with savannah's first question. we know it has 30 plus mutations. what does that mean? think of mutations as a disguise. if you have antibodies from a vaccine or a prior infection, it may not recognize omicron and that's why it makes it potentially more dangerous. it may be more transmissible.
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in south africa, parts of south africa where people were vaccinated, where people had been infected, it spread rapidly. that's one of the reasons why the health community raised a red flag on this one. finally, more transmissible than delta. again, we know it has more mutations. that is why it may be more dangerous. we don't know the severity yet, but there's some anecdotal evidence. >> a big question people might have is we've been vaccinated. is that enough? are we protected against omicron? >> here is what we know on this date right here in time. the first thing we can tell you is there's some protection expected likely against severe disease. but we had that big headline yesterday from the ceo of moderna. that ceo said the current vaccine is expected to be less potent. these vaccines are so advanced. so the ceo of pfizer said we can make a new vaccine, but it will take around a hundred days to make that vaccine. we'll know more as we get close to christmas. >> none of us are good with patience. we have to wait weeks to get the answers. in the meantime, how should we be conducting ourselves? >> right. i spoke with several doctors personally yesterday. they told me one big thing. don't hit the pause button. get the vaccine. get the booster. get your kids vaccinated, as
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well. we almost have to go back in time. we have to remember to keep the masks indoors, especially in crowds. but be smart about it. we're all tested here. be logical. finally, wash your hands. we start right from the beginning. guys. >> it all started with purell. >> tom, thank you. now to that search for answers in the wake of a deadly high school shooting in michigan. overnight, the community near detroit came together for a vigil just hours after a 15-year-old gunman killed three of his classmates and wounded eight others. this morning as the investigation begins, survivors are starting to come forward and share harrowing stories. meagan fitzgerald joins us with the latest. meagan, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. police say the suspected teenage shooter is not talking, but they believe he acted alone when he shot and killed three people, injuring eight others, including a teacher. this morning, the biggest the protection protects a
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woman's right to choose. the court takes up a challenge that says the decisions were all wrong and issues a mississippi law passed in 2018 but blocked by the lower courts that would ban virtually all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. it was part of a push by red states to get a challenge to roe v. wade before the supreme court. the sponzors say that time changed and more is known now. >> after the point where the unborn child can feel pain, we ought to provide them an extra level of protection from the that states cannot ban abortion before the age of viability, around 2 abortion >> reporter: but the supreme court has consistently ruled that states cannot ban abortion before the age of viability, around 24 weeks into a pregnancy. that's why mississippi's law, that would ban it after 15 weeks is a direct challenge to roe v. wade >> this case is about whether the supreme court is going to adhere to an almost 50-year precedent of respecting the individual liberty to make decisions about pregnancy. >> reporter: roe's defenders, including the biden administration say the age of
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viability hasn't changed and that with nearly one-fourth of american women seeking abortion at some point in their lives, the decision is now well established. two consistent defenders of abortion rights, anthony kennedy can and ruth bader ginsburg are gone replaced by brett kavanaugh and amy coney barrett. the court could rule on mississippi without overturning roe saying most abortions are performed by 15 weeks, anyway, so the state law is not an undue restriction on the right and the court has yet to rule on whether lawsuits can go ahead against the texas law that would ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. no word on whether the court will issue decisions on either of these cases >> all right pete williams at the supreme court. thanks >> 13 minutes after the hour welcome in craig >> good morning. good morning good morning to you as well. one of cnn's prime time stars i released messages now off the air. the network suspending chris
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cuomo after reviewing newly released messages that revealed his involvement in helping his brother, then governor andrew cuomo, during his sexual harassment scandal anne thompson has been following this story good morning >> reporter: good morning. chris cuomo appeared on his show monday night without any mention of the eye raising exchanges between him and his brother's top political aide but before his next broadcast, the network announced he's suspended indefinitely overnight, the show went on about cnn. >> the host of cuomo prime time -- >> without prime time host chris cuomo, suspended indefinitely after new documents detailed cuomo's involvement in advising his brother. former new york governor andrew cuomo ensnared in a sexual harassment scandal this morning, cnn says these documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother's efforts than we previously knew, adding the documents which we were not privy to before their release raised serious questions text messages released this week by the new york attorney general's office showing chris
7:15 am
cuomo helped prepare his brother for a news conference, assisted in drafting public statements, and shared a lead on a woman accusing the former governor of inappropriate behavior at a wedding. the senior anchor telling investigators he saw information from fellow journalists at the direction of his brother's top aide, melissa derosa, on at least two occasions involving stories from politico and "the new yorker." when asked, i would reach out to sources, other journalists to see if they ever heard he of anybody else coming out. bits been a slippery slope from the cuomos on cnn. the network faced criticism after the two brothers appeared. >> this is a regular swab. >> reporter: this past may when news first broke of cuomo participating in strategy calls advising his older brother, the anchor apologized. >> it was a mistake.
7:16 am
>> reporter: chris cuomo addressed the issue for what he said would be the final time >> i'm not an adviser. i'm a brother. i wasn't in control of anything. i was there to listen and offer my take. i never made calls to the press about my brother's situation i never influenced or attempted to control cnn's coverage of my family >> reporter: also this morning, one of governor cuomo's accusers, charlotte bennet, is calling on cnn to fire chris cuomo. nbc news reached out to chris cuomo, but there is no response. former governor andrew cuomo all along has denied the sexual harassment allegations against him. >> thank you, ann. we have 16 minutes after the hour time for our first check of the weather. morning, al. >> good morning, guys. big surge here of high pressure keeping that jet stream up to the north. we may see a record today.
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in portland, billings, montana, bismarck, albuquerque, lancaster, phoenix, arizona, all either hitting or breaking those records later today. and tomorrow, that warmth moves to the east. ft. smith, arkansas, could see a record today, tomorrow kansas city, grand aisle, rapid city, but then that cool air makes its way to the east and temperatures start to drop by sunday, minneapolis, you'll be in the mid 30s. same in chicago. low 50s into cincinnati. d.c. will see temperatures by sunday into the upper 40s. hartford, connecticut, in the tri state area in the northeast we're going to be looking at temperatures in the upper 30s. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok. ♪ i only have eyes for you ♪
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good wednesday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we are looking at the dense fog in parts of the east bay, and we will have a look at walnut creek where it's clear and bright in the south bay. we will see the fog clear out and we are headed for a nice and warm day. some spots may set a record high temperature this afternoon, and gradually it cools off as we go into the weekend, back to more seasonable temperatures. still no rain in the forecast through early next week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys coming up, a shake-up in what is expected to be a critical midterm race. dr. oz is launching a bid to become pennsylvania's next senator. why he says he's running and the
7:19 am
controversy that could follow him on the campaign trail. plus, a look at how the nation's biggest retailer is trying to deliver this season, using everything from drones to self-driving trucks to try and keep up with this year's record demand but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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so you want a smartwatch? how about one that can... harness the power of the sun. tell you when the surf is up. or show you the distance to the pin. so many smartwatches. at garmin. a very good wednesday morning to you. it's 7:26 right now. i am laura garcia. here's today's top stories including new efforts to combat recent retail store robberies. >> reporter: the city council will hold a special meeting here in walnut creek to consider whether or not to give its police department about $2 million to fight the retail crime happening in places like broadway plaza behind me. the council will consider hiring an additional five police officers, and the overtime
7:27 am
budget to have officers work security, and the surveillance camera and possible purchase of a drone. i'm kris sanchez and san josé is looking at camera footage for felony investigations, not misdemeanors like vehicle code violations. over the next few months, the staff will figure out where the cameras will go and whether they will be stationary or can travel to hot spots. let's go to kari hall. >> we have fog moving into the delta and concord, and visibility there is down to zero. we will have temperatures warming up into the low 70s today. more of the same tomorrow but it will be cooler for the weekend
7:28 am
and we are still looking at sunshine in the 7-day forecast. laura? >> we will have another local news update for you in about half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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and, it's guiding you along the way. but our here, we are just getting started. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. welcome back, guys, 7:30 countdown ends on -- look at her. she's magnificent. that's our rockefeller center christmas tree we are so excited. that is a 79 foot norway spruce in all its glory and it's about to get even better >> yeah. it's going on be nice. music and performs including carrie underwood, harry conick jr many live performances >> by the way, folks are camped out, i was told. we hope you'll join us christmas in rockefeller center, live at 8:00 eastern
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>> let's get to your headlines here at 7:30 donald trump's former chief of staff mark meadow sess now cooperate, the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack he has provided documents and will soon sit for a deposition he had initially refused to cooperate to adhere to executive privilege. the panel had been considering charges of criminal contempt of congress against meadows after he failed to show up to answer questions under oath earlier this month the wife of imprisoned mexican drug pin king "el chapo" guzman pleaded guilty in june to helping her husband run his drug trafficking operation. she helped guzman escape from a maximum security prison back in 2015 guzman was convicted in 2019 of drug trafficking and later sentenced to life in prison.
7:32 am
>> twitter is banning personal videos and photos on its platform without the consent of the person involved. when it's notified by private individuals that they did not consent to the post, those items will be removed. the policy will not apply to images like large public events and sporting events. twitter's policy prohibits the sharing of other information like addresses and phone numbers. we've got big news from the world of politics. dr. emmet oz is running for senate >> the celebrity doctor made a name for himself on television and says the pandemic is part of
7:33 am
the reason he has now turned to politics >> listen, dr. oz is getting into this race with some big time name recognition. the doctor hopes to add a new title to his resume, senator one of tv's most famous doctors ready to get political >> i'm dr. oz and i approve this message. >> mr. and mrs. oz -- >> dr. oz announcing his bid for senate running as a pennsylvania senator. the long time permit has rarely talked politics until now. >> america is in crisis. that's not news. and i cannot be bought and i'll keep fighting those battles to empower the folks in pennsylvania and around the country. america's dr. is here, dr. oz. >> oz first rose to fame on the oprah winfrey show >> any physical activity can help the pain. >> and he's appeared on "today." in 2009, he launched his own wellness focus talk show, but he's come under fire over the years. a 2014 study helps fewer than half of the recommendations made on the dr. oz show were
7:34 am
supported by evidence. >> you may have seen the data. >> and in 2015, a group of doctors called for oz's termination from columbia's medical school >> these doctors are criticizing me in the interest of personal gain, something i tell you on this program i never do. >> the opening of schools may only cost us 2% to 3% in terms of total mortality any life is a life lost, but it might be a tradeoff some folks would consider >> he later said he misspoke >> i realize my comments have confused and upset people, which was never my intention >> some of oz's campaign messaging echoing another tv personality turned politician, donald trump >> oz has been a strong supporter of the covid vaccine and called him a gist to the world made possible by warp speed. he's entering a crowded field in a high stakes race that could determine which party controls
7:35 am
the senate >> hallie, residency, how long has he lived in pennsylvania >> not too long. dr. oz has lived in new jersey for decades. oz says he moved to pennsylvania last year. he told sean hannity it's good to be back and pointed out he went to medicine school and business school and married his wife in philadelphia up next, inside the race to deliver that looks a little different this year. >> hey, good morning, guys you are looking at robots zipping around, fulfilling all
7:36 am
kinds of orders. i'm vicky nguyen i'll have exclusive behind the scenes look at what walmart is doing to handle the holiday crush. ♪you and i,♪ ♪wait for each other♪ ♪you and i,♪ ♪ ♪stronger than lovers♪ ♪ ♪you and i,♪ ♪ ♪so much to discover♪ dad: oh boy. ♪for you and i♪ ♪ ♪oh, i hope you feel it♪ ♪you and i♪ ♪we wait for each other♪ ♪
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we are back at 7:39. race to deliver. >> facing supply chain issues and shortages, companies are looking for new ways to ensure that consumers get what they need >> nbc's investigative and consumer correspondent vicky nguyen is here with an exclusive
7:40 am
look at how the world's largest retailers are hoping to keep up with all that demand >> it's really cool to see in person good morning to you and good morning to you at home robots, drones, driverless trucks, it may sound like science fiction, but it is all part of a revolution responding to how we shop this morning, how walmart is automating to get you what you want in record time. santa's elves getting a robotic boost there holiday as retailers ready themselves for massive online sales holiday spending could reach a record high of $859 billion, up more than 10% from last year but labor shortages and shipping delays are threatening delivery times. to combat the rush, companies like amazon and best buy are offering black friday deals earlier than ever. >> so what is one of the country's largest retailers doing to handle demand i'm here in arkansas for an exclusive look at how walmart is rolling out new technology to keep store shelves stocked and get deliveries to you by land
7:41 am
and in the air watch this, a truck without anyone behind the wheel. it's in action right now in arkansas and louisiana, moving products from walmart warehouses to stores. the cofounder and chief engineer says these trucks run 12 hours a day 7 days a week. >> tell me about the technology on this vehicle that helps make it safe. >> so we have different kinds of sensors placed all around the vehicle giving it a 360 degree coverage this includes radars, cameras. >> they set out on preprogrammed routes, making right turns wherever possible. only an engineer sits in the passenger seat in case of an emergency. five minutes and 1.5 miles later, it arrives to be unloaded >> what about the safety record? >> so we've been doing this for multiple years now on this route. we have a complete 100% safety record no incidents >> from the road to robots, we're now inside one of
7:42 am
walmart's high tech fulfillment centers, connected to the back of an existing store when you place an online order, first a human packs everything then robots sort the orders and send them down a chute finally, an associate takes the order to the customer's waiting vehicle for curb side pick up or loads on to a truck for home delivery walmart, like other retailers, is also using drone technology now available within one mile of some stores in arkansas. with me now is mom, christina hedges and we are going to dry out this drone delivery. what are you expecting to day? >> some wipes, and some diapers an a couple of patches for the little guy >> within half an hour of the order being placed -- >> nicely done >> tom ward is a senior vice president overseeing the last mile of delivery at walmart. >> to bring in greater speeding convenience to our customers >> what do you say to people who are worried that all of these robots and these driverless vehicles are taking away from the need for human workers >> as we bring these new propositions to life, they're not necessarily a replacement.
7:43 am
they're an addition. >> overall, does it add jobs to the walmart workforce? >> we've added 150,000 new jobs to the business this year. so we are adding tens of thousands of new position toes supplement the technology, not just in the stores, but across our entire supply chain to help serve customers better >> no question, the revolution in shopping is coming and by the looks of what is happening this holiday, some of it is already here so you might be wondering what about the carbon footprint from all of these increased deliveries walmart says addressing the environmental impact is a top priority consider this, 930% of americans live within 10 miles of a walmart. so they say having these additional delivery options means products are closer, they're traveling shorter distances and that means less packaging. so it is fascinating it is the future and it's now. >> the robots are here they're here >> thank you, vicky.
7:44 am
let's get our forecast from mr. roker. >> yesterday when kerry sanders told us about the maple sugar shortage, part of this could be due to climate change. we have freeze and thaw cycles that have been disrupted to shah impacts the sap production, that's been decreased and that means shorter tapping seasons and that means less syrup. so we're keeping an eye on that. what we're also keeping an eye on, a little bit of an alberta clipper coming out of canada that will be racing out from there. light rain, snow showers near the great lakes. continues to tomorrow. snow will be confined to areas behind the front rain showers from maine to ohio. light snow from marquette, michigan, burlington, syracuse, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. but we've had very little snow right now, 11% of the lower 48 covered with snow and that is the fourth lowest percentage for this date since 2003 so we need that snow desperately. and finally, for the big
7:45 am
lighting tonight, she gets lit 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. and at 10:00 p.m. what happens? >> we get lit. >> that's right, baby. cloudy, isolated shower late, but i think for the most part, it will be dry good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. our temperatures are headed for near records this afternoon. in santa rosa the forecast is 72. a record set back in 2001 of 73 degrees, so well above normal temperatures across the bay area. we will closely be watching san josé. as we go through the forecast, we will gradually cool down over the next few days but still dry with sunshine. that continues in the forecast through the weekend. maybe some more clouds early next week with highs in the mid-60s. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, if one light goes out -- >> they all go out >> they all go out >> classic >> fingers crossed
7:46 am
when we come back here, new reaction to tiger woods getting very candid about the reality of his recovery from that car crash and also admitting he may never play golf full time again. but first, these messages. it starts with an army vet's dream of studying the stars. and grows into a new career as an astrophysicist. it starts with an engineer's desire to start over. and grows into an award-winning restaurant that creates local jobs. they learned how on youtube. what will you learn? no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients.
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we are back as sheinelle jones joins the party. there is still reaction about tiger woods' admission that his days of playing full time are behind him >> yes here is nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> tiger woods pictured smiling and back on the course making his first public appearance since that near fatal accident in february which severely injured his right leg. >> i feel ike lucky to be alive, but also still have the limb >> how realistic was amputation? >> yes it was on the table. >> woods, opening up about his recovery, saying the compound fracture left his bed ridden for three months >> eventually, i got to the point where they could wheelchair me outside safely and i could feel the sun that was a milestone
7:51 am
>> but the golfer shut down questions about the day of the devastating crash. >> i'm wondering what you remember about the accident. >> all those answers have been answered in the investigation. so you can read all that about the post report. >> police say the golfer was traveling at nearly double the speed limit when his suv flipped and slapped into a tree. woods, later undergoing surgery to stabilize his right leg on tuesday, the 15-time major winner, at times, resigned >> i won't have an opportunity to practice and -- given the condition of my leg. that's okay and i'm at peace with that. i've made the climb enough times. >> while woods is hopeful he'll play in select tournaments in the future, doctors say a return would be tough, but not impossible >> many doubted we would ever see it >> woods is no stranger to a comeback his improbable masters win in 2019 came after four back surgeries. now with his swing already on
7:52 am
the mend, all eyes are on tiger to defy the odds again for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news >> feels different this time >> it does >> even he's acknowledging that it's different this time >> but he's alive and he's walking. >> indeed. what are you working on for popstart >> so i think this is going to be big a huge announcement from adele giving you the chance to spend the weekend with her in vegas. even the fact that she will be in vegas for a while, we'll explain. but first, your local news and weather. for a while, we'll explain. but first, your local news a but first, your local news a weatndhe
7:53 am
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a very good morning to you. it's 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> good morning. i am cierra johnson at sfo. big changes could be coming in light of the new covid-19 variant. tomorrow president biden is expected to make an announcement announcing changes for the international travelers. previously come into the united states you needed to have your vaccination as well as a negative test no more than three days old. tomorrow president biden is expected to announce that test has to come within a day of travel. kari has a look at our forecast. fog is greeting us on this wednesday. >> yeah, we saw just immediately just lifting from walnut creek, but it's still very dense fog around the concord area and
7:57 am
coming through the delta. allow extra time especially on highway 4 this morning. our temperatures are starting out chilly but will warm up into the low 70s. in fact, some spots in the inland valleys may reach near a record high temperature for this first day of december. i am still not seeing rain in the forecast through the first part of next week, and san francisco will have warm weather today with highs in the upper 60s. >> we certainly need the rain. thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. hope to see you then. until then, hope you find some time to enjoy your wednesday morning.
7:58 am
rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, looming large >> we cannot predict the future, but we can be prepared for it. >> the omicron variant causing health officials around the world to reassess recommendations. here in the u.s., new guidance on travel, being considered as booster shots are now advised for all adults what you should know, just ahead. then, in the weeds cynthia mcfadden goes inside a national forest overtaken by drug cartels so this is the camp, huh >> it's pretty much a tunnel of trash. >> how these protected forests are being stripped with
8:01 am
resources with some far reaching consequences then, one-on-one with sandra bullock. >> it was funny, your whole life >> i say the hard things because they're the truthful things. >> hoda is catching up with the oscar winning superstar, the hilarious and heart warming interview touching on anything from motherhood to microchips and a first look at bullock's latest dramatic role and home aloaned out how you can stay at the iconic house this holiday season just as long as you avoid the traps, today, wednesday, december 1st, 2021 >> what's up, minneapolis? >> shout out to our fellow firefighters and first responders in -- >> new york. >> ramone from charlesville, virginia
8:02 am
>> because i turn 80 today >> good morning to our kids -- >> back in richmond, kentucky. >> love you guys >> we're here from billings, montana -- >> because today is my 30th birthday >> celebrating our 50th anniversary. >> from michigan >> starting our day at rockefeller center -- >> from the "today" show -- >> to the tree lighting. >> they're going to have a great time >> ready to party. >> and so are we >> tree lighting tonight at 8:00 on nbc and on peacock. welcome back it's a wednesday morning we're glad to have you with us >> first day of december, by the way. >> it is, indeed let's get to your news at 8:00 with the omicron variant, the white house is considering new steps to stop the spread, including a possible quarantine for international travelers. sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. 20 countries around the world, but so far not a single detected case of the omicron variant in the united states so far, but
8:03 am
scientists say it is an inevitable that is going to change the biden administration right now is telling americans to proceed cautiously, but they are starting to change some policies specifically as it concerns air travel we are told that they're flyou get on that flight to retn to the united states, but also potentially three to five days after you are already in the country. the world health organization right now is telling people that are 60 and older or those who have underlying health conditions to postpone travel altogether this administration is upping their capacity for testing for the omicron variant. right now, testing about 80,000 samples a week that is the most in the world. back to you. police in michigan say the 15-year-old boy suspected in that deadly school shooting yesterday is refusing to say anything about a possible motive three students were killed, eight others hurt. the handgun used in that attack was bought by the boy's father on black friday. someone claims to be a police officer tries to convince them to open the door
8:04 am
they did not believe him they turned and jumped out the window to safety another day of dramatic testimony is expected at the trial of jeffrey epstein's long time companion ghislaine maxwell after the youngest alleged victim in the trafficking case took the stand stephanie gosk joins us from that courthouse here in new york good morning >> craig, good morning she's the first of the ghislaine maxwell accusers to take the courthouse here in new york. good morning. >> craig, good she described how for years she was allegedly abused and it started, she said, at the age of 14 her testimony was both at times emotional and graphic. ghislaine maxwell's trial taking a disturbing and at times emotional turn when one of the four alleged victims in the case took the stand, testifying under the pseudonym jane jane telling the court she was frozen in fear the first time
8:05 am
jeffrey epstein sexually abused her at his pool house in palm beach. i had never seen a penis before. i was terrified and felt gross jane says she was 14 eating ice cream with friends at a summer camp for gifted young artists when epstein and maxwell first approached her that approach led to years of grooming and sexual abuse including sexual encounters with epstein, other women and maxwell. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to six sex trafficking counts the defense team noting that jane only met with law enforcement after epstein's death, telling the jury she was looking for money from a victim settlement fund. >> give us some room, guys >> larry told the court he recalled meeting jane when she was a passenger on epstein's passenger jet. remembering her piercing powder blue eyes. for 30 years, he flew jeffrey epstein and his rich and famous
8:06 am
guests around the world. those flights often included ghislaine maxwell who he described as epstein's number two and his go-to person to handle everything else that wa not business related with his company. he named notable figures he had flown aboard epstein's plane in the past including bill clinton, donald trump and prince andrew, none of them are alleged o doing anything wrong in this trial. he never saw any sexual activity on the plane it's worth noting another epstein accuser who is not part of this case alleged that she was abused by prince andrew. that's something prince andrew has repeatedly denied. back to you. >> stef, thank you this morning, best selling author alice sebold of the lovely bones is publicly apologizing to the man her four years ago her four decades ago this comes after anthony bowater was exonerated last week for the
8:07 am
crime he always insisted he did not commit kristen dahlgren with the story. >> it's an apology nearly 40 years in the making. author alice sebold posting a statement online i am truly sorry to anthony bowater and i deeply regret what you have been through. i am sorry most of all that the life you could have led wa unjustly robbed from you and i know no apology can change what happened to you and never will it was 1981 when sebold, a freshman at syracuse university was raped and beaten, later writing about the ordeal in her best selling memoir "lucky." after sebold testified against him, broadwater served 16 years fo the crime and last week that rape conviction was overturned >> i've been crying and crying with joy and relief. >> the judge sided with broadwater's new defense lawyers who asked for the dismissal citing flaws in the original
8:08 am
trial. >> it became completely obviou to everyone that the forensic evidence underlying this conviction was faulty. >> broadwater was released fro prison in 1999 but has struggled living as a convicted rapist with his name on the state's public sex offender registry >> it was a lot of inflammatory things she said in that book that was just -- it was hurtful. >> the book's publishers say they will halt distribution of sebold's memoir for now as the author and publisher consider how the work might be revised. sebold writing my goal in 1982 was justice, not to perpetuate injustice, and not to alter a man's life by the very crime that altered mine. >> broadwater telling h accepts her apology. >> i hope i can give some inspiration to someone and say, hey, if you're not guilty of something, do not give in. >> for "today," kristen
8:09 am
dahlgren, nbc news new york. 7:08, guys i think it is time for a morning boost and i think you'll love this one the barbara at big yams hair studio in jersey decided to have some fun with his customers. after he was done cutting their hair, he add something a little extra. just watch how they reacted. >> i knew it i was waiting for it >> it's the cutest thing in the world. they all giggle, they think it's hilarious. he joked it was his way of spreading love it took this guy a second to come around. >> i'm not sure he came around, actually
8:10 am
still ahead, how california's national forest has become home to thousands of illegal weed farms run by mexican cartels. >> it's a wild story cynthia mcfadden has it. exclusive reports and a fascinating look at the new issues it's raising. but first, these messages. music: ♪ “i got you babe” by etta james ♪ get groceries, gifts, & more fast and easy so last minute guests are the only thing you'll be waiting on ♪ ♪ joy. fully.
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♪ ♪ ask about ubrelvy. discover a world of giving with ralph lauren fragrances. at macy's. the fragrance destination. back now, 8:13 with a growing problem that has far reaching consequences. we're talking about drug trafficking organizations now doing business in our national forests, exploiting public land to illegally grow marijuana. >> california has been hit especially hard. forest service agents are telling nbc news its resources are stretched thin mexican drug traffickers and others have been emboldened to expand their operation >> nbc's senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden is on this it's an exclusive investigation. >> when you hear the mexican drug cartels would set up business in our national forest, you know it can't be a good
8:14 am
thing. they are making millions of dollars set aside by the public, but the far ranging consequences are worse than you might imagine. note the not only are they poisoning groundwater, they are part of the reason for california's devastating fires >> the u.s. forest service is tackling a problem so alarming, they want the public to see what they're up against making hundreds of millions of dollars in the process far from prying eyes it's become such a problem, the forest service tried to take a look >> but to really see it, you have to get down there and that involves a certain
8:15 am
degree of risk >> these guys are going to go ahead of us and make sure we're safe >> the trail is 2 1/2 miles through dense forest >> so, okay, i'm not liking my chances here >> everyone else here is a pro, like dr. gabrielle, a wildlife biologist for the forest service. his team's mission is to locate, bust and clean up these illegal groves >> what have we got here >> an old cooler and here is the oil and gas that they used >> he says for years now, the cartels siphons off public water, poisoned wildlife and reeked havoc mostly unhindered f >> 1.8 millions of gallon poached from it. >> and this is in a state that already has a water problem. >> absolutely. >> he's finally come the a grow site that the forest service raided a month ago
8:16 am
>> so this is the camp, huh? >> it's highly concentrated form so probably a hundred fold before you would actually use it >> but they're not doing that. >> no, absolutely not. you. >> deer coming into their crop, bears coming into their camp they will use these to directly poison the wildlife, mix it with some tuna fish, put it on the edge of your grow. an animal comes in, eats it and dies within two minutes. >> in fact, the amount of pesticides found at just this site are potent enough to kill dozens of people >> these are some of the most toxic chemicals you could ever use on crops >> another concern, the pesticides don't stay put. >> this is sandy soil. the next heavy precipitation event is going to sluff all this
8:17 am
off into the creek over 50% of california's water originated on national forest land so this site is municipalities where people drink their water >> which makes it even more urgent that sites like this be shut down and cleaned up but can they be? >> we have the will as an agency to do this day in and day out every day. >> what they don't have is money. in recent years, the agency's budget for this work has budgeted as for the cartels, they appear undeterred >> one agency can invest a quarter million, half a million into one grow and pull out a 200%etaifr gom that. >> so if they lose a few of them along the way, it's the cost of doing business >> absolutely. >> and there's another big problem. fire >> we've seen cook stoves, we've seen all these cook stoves which are highly flammable like last year, the deadly dolan fire and big sur started at an
8:18 am
illegal grow site. >> the dolan fire last year, it burned through an iconic international landscape, big sur. it killed 11 endangered condors, it overran firefighters. it's a nightmare there's one law enforcement officer for every quarter million acres in california. so they need more boots on the ground and they need reclamation dollars so organizations can do the cleanup work that needs to be done. without substantial funding, it's whack a mole. >> if you had to put a price tag on it? >> mcintyre and others are pushing congress to appropriate at least that much over the next five to eight years. >> we are one campfire, one dropped cigarette, one getaway fire in a trespass grow away from a landscape fire that could burn a million acres
8:19 am
and when that happens, we lose that public resource for an entire generation. well, the forest service is really trying. on the day we were with them, they pulled out over a ton of trash, more than half a mile of irrigation piping and hundreds of pounds of fertilizer and bottle after bottle of banned pesticides one of more than 40 sites than been cleaned up in california alone this year. >> they said they have the desire to clean it up. they need the money. so are they going to get it? >> well, with more forest fires, they have fewer resources to do this so this week is maybe critical congress has not passed their annual appropriations bill yet, but the house is recommending an increased budget for the forest service in part so they can tackle this issue more effectively. >> it's so outrageous on so many levels the fact that there are drug cartels on our public land ravaging the land -- >> and the wildlife. >> it's despicable yes. >> and the wildlife. >> and the water is crucial, as well >> do they siphon it off the river? >> yeah. all those pipes you saw, it was
8:20 am
an amazing operation they come in with helicopters and lug them out >> equally amazing, seeing you rappel down. >> you only saw a little bit of it it was not pretty. shifting gears now, mr. roker, he'll go wherever the weather is >> right now, we're watching the weather come across the great lakes. a clipper is going to come out, drop a couple of inches of snow into the new england that's the worst of it, a few showers making their way into the mississippi river valley temperatures on the cool side around the upper great lakes, into northern new england, into the pacific northwest. temperatures nice and warm in the southwest all the way through the gulf, southern florida. we'll see temperatures in the 80s. look for a few showers stretching a . good morning, i'm
8:21 am
meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our hazy sky over the south bay, but we are getting sunshine and our temperatures will be warming up, and headed for the low 70s for the inland valleys. we'll see more of the same tomorrow, but a slight cooldown moving into the bay area for the weekend, and also just a few more clouds. by early next week, we're looking at more seasonable temperatures with low 60s, and we'll also see our temperatures coming out of those upper 60s in san francisco into the lower 60s in time for the weekend. >> that is your latest weather best time of the morning right now. >> are you ready >> yes >> here we go. first up, and just like that a new trailer is out for the "sex in the city" follow-up series headed to hbo max and a peek at what's next for the passionble friends shows that some things never go out of style >> the more i live, the more i find that if you have good friends in your corner, anything
8:22 am
is possible. the future is unwritten because we're all at different stages of life >> honey, i'm home >> i remember when you kept your sweaters in the stove. >> so do the viewers >> series starts next week we are looking forward to that next up, beyonce, crowning the latest in the next generation of her clothing line. reese witherspoon, and her two children, bearing a striking resemblance to mom and dad vanessa and kobe bryant rocking a plaid suit in matching outfits with their mama the new halls dropped on december 9th it's going to sell out >> it already did. next up, home alone. for some being forgotten by your family on christmas sounds like
8:23 am
a nightmare. now, listen to this. thanks to air b&b, you can stay in this house. the next day for only $25, and the family's chicago home,$25 a guests will get to relive moments from the film by setting up booby traps around the home and there will be a bottle of aftershave with a stapler. >> air b&b will start accepting requests for the home alone house starting december 7th, but here is the thing.
8:24 am
if you're not the lucky party chosen to stay in the real house, there's always this >> almost 4,000 sets of the macalister home. >> the tree house is there, the side situation >> a couple hundred bucks? >> 250 you know what? you'll have it for life. >> we asked, did sal do this sadly, no. next up, michael buble is gearing up for his christmas special and we have the exclusive announcement of which elicit celebrities will be joining him next week. jimmy fallon, kermit the frog. hannah wattingham. in the hour long special, check that out on monday, december 6th at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central right here on nbc. finally, adele on tuesday, the chart topping singer announced she's heading
8:25 am
to vegas following the release of her highly anticipated album. she is set to perform shows every friday and saturday from january 1st to april 16th next year presale tickets kick off next year the post she shared announcing her shows has 4 million likes. >> so safe to say, you might want to get your tickets >> get your tickets. >> good luck straight ahead, hoda is going to share a great conversation with her bestie, sandra bullock >> she is so cool. she opened up with everything from parenting to the pandemic plus, the new movie earning her new oscar buzz but, of course, she doesn't like to talk about it anyway, she's talking about a bunch of other stuff
8:26 am
but first, your local news aboutf other stuff. first, your local news good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. as other cities including san jose and walnut creek beef up security efforts, san francisco supervisors are pushing back to allow off duty deputies to be hired by businesses and neighborhoods. their deputies would be paid by those who hire them, not by the city. they would also be allowed to wear their standard uniforms and be armed. supervisors are now expected to vote on that issue next tuesday. let's get a look at that frs for you, meteorologist kari hall standing by. >> we started off with fog in parts of the east bay.
8:27 am
now it's clearing out. our temperatures will be warming up quickly, headed for near record highs this afternoon. 2021 was a very warm year and we're close to that with our temperatures in santa rosa reaching the low 70s. concord 70 degrees normally we're seeing temperatures at 60, 61 degrees. we're going to continue to have above normal temperatures in our forecast. as the dry weather continues even into the weekend, but we will see a slightly cooler trend for the weekend and early next week, while san francisco will have some upper 60s today, expect lower 60s this weekend. we're going to have another local news update for you in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here then. mom, hurry! our show's gonna start soon! i promised i wouldn't miss the show
8:28 am
and mommy always keeps her promises. seriously? oh. - what the- i don't suppose you can sing, can you? watch the full story at this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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it's 8:30 on the 1st day of december oh, i got you covered. we've got a big announcement superstar ed sheeran will be here he will be live on our plaza >> i can't believe it. he's here. he's going to be on our concert
8:31 am
stage. it will be an unforgettable morning. you can join us. if you want to get information about getting a fan pass to attend, head to >> it will be epic in the meantime, we have a lot to get to in this half hour, including a one-on-one with sandra bullock on transforming into an ex con she has a movie out and has a little oscar buzz going. and adjusting her parenting style now that her kids are 11 and 9. there's a lot going on there you don't want to miss it. also this half hour, jill martin back again with another new round of holiday steals and deals. yesterday, jill helped us check off the women on our lists this morning, we're all about gifts for the guys i was in there stealing and dealing myself >> then on the third hour, a special edition with the globe-trotter who has visited every single country on the map sharing a message that's perfect for the holiday season >> i have to show somebody
8:32 am
this lady here -- what is your name >> gayle because you look fantastic >> she's not the only one. >> right there >> oh, look at that. 80 today >> sunday, the 20th. >> happy birthday. >> well done >> pennsylvania. >> happy birthday. >> okay. let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. weather for all ages, christmas in rockefeller center, i think this is the 89th tree lighting tonight, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., cloudy, an isolated shower late, but after the tree gets lit, 43 degrees. and our weekend outlook, friday, lake-effect snow around those great lakes. sunny and pleasant through the mid section of the country into the southeast. out west, as well. saturday, some snow showers continue from the plains all the way to the northern sections of the northeast. sunny and dry out west
8:33 am
much cooler in the mid section of the country then sunday, sunday, getting a little blustery as we make our way through the great lakes on into northern new england. florida sunshine continues above average highs out west with a little shower activity into the pacific northwest and we've got some fans from -- nice to see you guys good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures are cool right now, but it's going to warm up quickly. we're headed for the low 70s, which is well above normal for this time of year for the inland areas, and low 70s tomorrow. but it comes down just a few degrees for the weekend. we do not have still any rain in the forecast for at least the next week. san francisco looking at temperatures again today back in the upper 60s. before the weekend expect mainly lower 60s with sunshine. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah and now to the interview we've been talking about and looking forward to all morning long
8:34 am
hoda and sandra bullock. >> she's so cool she's disarming, she's talented, she's a hollywood power player she's been around long enough and she gets to call the shots and she uses that power to push boundaries her newest film, "the unforgivable" is one of her rawest performances yet. sitting down with her always feels like catch up with an old friend stand by just a moment hey, guys, i'm zooming with one of my favorites and, of course, minutes after we start, technical issues >> if there's no audio, it's no big deal the most boring interview ever on "today. >> we haven't even started and she's cracking me up >> speak about all the clicks you'll get that was so boring like -- >> i always wanted to put the headlines on the video jugs and just see how many hits we've got. people will be like, jugs? cool >> do it i would be flattered if someone thought i was associated with jugs in any way. >> and that whit is why i love
8:35 am
her. sandra bullock is a throwback to old school hollywood she has the charm, the impeccable comedic timing, a box office draw. >> i'm surrounded for by so much light right now. if you got the reverse, it's like the gates just opened >> she's seems like one of the coolest moms >> i can't believe your kids are 11 and 9 >> one is about to be 12 >> do you ever close your eyes and picture them as teenagers in college? >> all the time. that excites me and scares the hell out of me i have a daughter who is so fricking smart and stealth louis is a 100-year-old man in an 11-year-old's body and he's the philosopher and the laid back guy >> one of my inspirations, sandra also adopted both of her children and has been very open about the journey, like the challenges of being a white mom raising black kids >> that was on my mind when they were very, very, very young, is that will they love me less
8:36 am
because i don't represent their culture. >> and what do you think as louis grows older? there's been a whole obviously social justice movement. how often do you think about those kind of things with your son? >> 24/7. as a white woman, i didn't have to think about that. until the day i fell in love like i did and you realize that there was a whole universe that you had to educate yourself to and then once you see it, you can't unsee it >> have you ever concerned about when your son is out without you? >> 1,000%. 1,000% >> i think about it all the time, being a young man. it scares the [ bleep ] out of me i'm going the say [ bleep ] because it's scary i always made a joke i go if i could put a chip in you and it was okay, i would do it and then i would have a drone that would alert me and the drone would follow you and i would have you on my phone i said that's my dream just recently, he goes, did you put a chip in me and i went, what he said did you put a chip in me and i went, no he goes, really?
8:37 am
and i was like -- you know, but now that he thinks i did, is it okay to actually do it is it wrong to have it installed while he's sleeping? i don't know >> were you always funny like your whole life >> you know, i deflect with humor. i say the hard things because they're the truthful things, you know, with humor so i don't have start sobbing on the morning show, which could get some ratings or you could just say jugs and, like we spoke earlier, it's either boobs or tears, that's what will get likes >> and that's sandra tackling the most difficult topics. in her latest film, "the unforgiveable," sandra plays an ex convict struggling to find her place in the world after spending 20 years behind bars for killing a police officer >> don't treat me like i don't exist. tell her about me. >> i love the aspect of what would you have done if you had been in the same exact position she's in and you don't know >> she's an incredible
8:38 am
character. there was a physicality that was different. .to get into that body, that mind, that soul of ruth, how did you physically transform yourself >> there is a refinement to those of us blessed with luck and the roll of the dice and i started looking at my body and said, what would that look like if i was emotionally eating myself from the inside out you become a machine that is basically there to protect yourself, to defend yourself, and to hide. and it's oddly liberating to just be okay with that in yourself as a woman. >> do you still care a lot about what people think? >> i say no, but of course we do we're still doing press and i still spend two hours in hair and makeup no one wants to see this mess when i get up in the morning, nobody and i'm not going to do that to your viewers jugs and tears thank you, everyone. >> jugs and tears. >> that's a t-shirt. >> we want some clicks, jugs and tears. >> we're going to get it now >> and laughs.
8:39 am
>> she was -- she's everything and more and each time i sit down with her, i love her more >> you always have such a good rapport. it feels like we're eavesdropping on a conversation. >> catch it on netflix, starts on december 10th >> sounds intense. yes she has oscar buzz for that she wouldn't even address it >> her next movie should be jugs and tears. >> that might be her book. >> there you go. >> why not >> and who would say jugs like this side of 1955? >> nobody. >> throwback >> yeah. it's a real throwback. i like it. coming up next, author jim miller takes us inside what he says is a tinder box of pressure and fame at hbo, revealing what fans never knew about their favorite shows but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
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welcome back in 1972, a new television channel called home box office debuted in less than 400 homes
8:42 am
in pennsylvania. over the next decades, hbo would grow and transform television with ground breaking hits like "game of thrones," "sex in the city," now a new book is revealing insights into the network's meteoric rise and secrets about some of its best known stars. it's called tinder box, hbo's ruthless pursuit of ne frontiers. the author joins us now. you've taken on espn, taken on snl, why was hbo a remarkable subject? >> this takes us behind the scenes we know what we see week in and week out why some of these decisions were made, what were some of the things that happened that we really have to understand in a better way >> i love that you write cast, crew and network executives get tossed together for a pressure cooker for years on end and it's rare that some don't suffer accordingly. >> well, you know, you bring yourself with you.
8:43 am
in the case of james gandolfini, who had struggles before he was on "the sopranos," he was a remarkable actor tony soprano was a difficult character. >> you opened the book with a troubling anecdote about james gandolfini and his struggles with sobriety. >> people were so concerned about him that they staged an intervention they rehearsed a couple of days beforehand >> hbo did >> david chase and -- >> the creators of "the sopranos." he walked in, saw everybody, instantly understood what it was and said blank this and walked out. and i think it just -- it showed how difficult it was for him to see that role. but he -- obviously, it's one of the great performances in television history >> there was a lot of twists and turns in the book, but ultimately you have to consider it a success story when you look at all the different hits that
8:44 am
hbo has had. and i thought it was interesting. your thesis is essentially that hbo is taking risk that's other places, other networks wouldn't have can you give some examples >> look, in the early days, if you were a comedian, you got four minutes on carson, right? hbo all of a sudden offered you an hour and you could curse, you could say whatever you wanted, there were no sensors. >> and sopranos didn't test well, but they believed in the show and put it on the air, anyway yes. hbo made decisions that other places wouldn't. the only problem is, come around 2010, 2011, those same tricks are played by netflix on hbo >> that's the question, does hbo have staying power it's proven it has over five decades, but netflix, apple tv, they have a lot of money to spend on content >> much more money and there is a definite moment here where the next couple of years are going to figure out hbo's future for
8:45 am
the next ten years and there is a lot of competition that they've never had before and i think it's a perilous time but the new owners are determined >> jim, thank you so much. again, the box is called "tinder box. and coming up next, can't decide what to get the men on your holiday list? jill martin will be along to help she has a new batch of steals and deals. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ we are back with more of our special week long steals and deals. jill martin is back to help cross off the guys on your list, the men that you probably forget year in and year out or you wait until the very last minute to buy. the qr code is right there scan that to get instant access to these ideas good morning >> good morning. if we're talking about the men in my life, my dad is watching from mt. sinai right now
8:48 am
he had a shoulder replacement. so, dad, you will open all these gifts with your right hand >> how is he doing >> he's good he's getting around, he just texted me. so love you. let's start with the first item. would you say you are hard to buy for? when lindsay say that? >> she would say that. i wouldn't say that. >> this is from rainforest i love sherpa. this is a sherpa lined jacket, but who doesn't want to be warm? especially tree lighting tonight. super stylish. and then there's another one with a thermal lux filled parka. everything is super warm it's yummy feeling, right? they're versatile and machine washable, which is key retail $275 to $350. the deal $59 to $89. up to 79% off. check out to see the options. we're bringing back our all-time favorites
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8:50 am
we have several options, including the leather band, the bracelet and the stainless steel in gold or rose tones. they each come with a beautiful box ready for gifting. just add a bow retail $595 to $785. the deal is $79, up to 89% off that's one of our biggest deals. >> what man doesn't love a nice pair of gloves >> you can't go wrong with this and comes with an al roker, i'll give you a hand this year. the can cashmere scarves and gloves from portolano. made from 100% cashmere featuring fringe detail. so it's -- the gloves are made from napa leather featuring 100% cashmere lining or we have the shearling gloves so you get to choose we've spelled it out for you on the deal is $52 to $69 up to 82% off. that's a major gift. >> gloves and scarves to wallets. >> so wallet, a very specific item for everybody, especially a
8:51 am
man. you want something that's thin that fits in your pocket tahari leather wallets, two choices, the an teen leather case and then the glove leather tri fold so you can go to to see the organization but it's great to clean out your wallet >> i remember. >> it's great to clean it out and start over what a beautiful gift. remember to put a dollar or a penny in it. it's superstition. it's $12 that gets you into secret santa land you could say it was a steals and deals. >> what are these? >> these are mini speakers >> those are super mini. >> they're super, super mini, but they're small with big power. >> okay.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
a sneak peek of our streaming show family style. this month i'm exploring the history of bagels and how a new generation is putting a special spin on this classic we should mention, of course we have, to that you can catch the full episode of family style with al roker starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern >> you have another show >> another show? >> there is something called family style. >> yep >> we look at iconic foods in different cities so this one we're in new york city >> nice. >> i think that's why a tray of bagels just brought in >> yep >> needing extra guests on the next hour? i'm coming for the bagel. >> if you want to know how everyone gets into the holiday spirit, i hope you catch holidays in my house at 7:30 p.m. eastern right before tonight's tree lighting which you can watch on nbc at 8:00 we're staying up late. >> good music. come join us. >> yes
8:56 am
>> and then we all get lit good morning, it is 8:56. i'm marcus washington. walnut creek leaders are holding an emergency meeting this morning in an effort to halt more chaotic scenes like this. dozens of thieves rated a broadway plaza at a nordstrom store november 20th. council members will discuss
8:57 am
hiring five more police officers and increasing overtime budgets. also on the table new surveillance cameras. the costs will be covered by federal stimulus funds. if approved the new measures would take effect immediately because it's an issue of public safety. happening now that meeting is just getting underway. our bob redell is following those developments. the u.s. supreme court hearing an argument in the landmark case over reproductive rights from our home page, you can link to a feed on today's oral arguments. [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ]
8:58 am
[ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy. five years later, the vigil planned for the victims of the tragics go ship tragedy. to show support for the asian american community amid
8:59 am
attacks. join us tomorrow morning at 7:00.
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xxx this morning on the third hour of "today," he just finished the trip of a lifetime. what this man learned after visiting every country on the planet. plus, gifts that keep on giving. the best subscription boxes to give this holiday season. and from broadway hits to block burst movies with we're going to tell you what to watch this month in our entertainment lineup. the third hour of "today" starts right now. live center attitude yoi 1a in rockefeller plaza, thi


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