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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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shambles. also, more cases detected, and what we're learning late tonight about the omicron variant and what's being done to slow the spread. only on nbc, new details on that los gatos mom, accused of throwing sex-fueled parties for teenagers. the concerns that parents raised months before her arrest. plus, has it happened to you? our investigative unit rides along with undercover officers to find out what it will take to put the brakes on car burglaries in san francisco. good evening. 70,000 worth of jewels gone in 12 seconds. a family-owned jewelry store hit when hooded thieves armed with hammers invaded their store inside the eastridge mall. . there are no signs of these group burglaries slowing down any time soon. tomorrow, though, the state attorney general says he's going to announce a major update on how to clamp down on these criminals. here is nbc bay area's ian cull.
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>> reporter: tonight, shattered glass blankets the quick service jewelry repair store in san jose's east ridge mall. the owner, who didn't want to be identified, is shen after five thieves walked in with masks and hoods on, smashed his display cases with hammers and got away with an estimated $70,000 in jewelry. it only took 12 seconds. tonight most of his jewelry is gone. it's the latest in a series of smash and grab robberies plaguing the bay area. jewelry stores have also been hit at the sun valley mall in concord, and at the southland mall in hayward in recent weeks. police officers and security guards continued to increase patrols at most shopping center, including the great mall in milpitas tonight. shoppers are taking notice. >> i used to work in this mall. so compared to before, and i've worked for it at years, there is definitely more. we saw two officers and a security guard when we first came in. and we talked to one of them when we were leaving. >> the security guards are not just hanging out. they're paying attention to what's going on and interacting.
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>> reporter: no one was hurt during the robbery at the east ridge mall tonight. san jose police are looking at surveillance video, investigating if these crimes that continue to happen are connected. and tomorrow, the attorney general is coming to the bay area saying he'll give a major update on his investigation into organized retail theft. in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. our other top story tonight, the list is growing, and omicron is spreading. just today since the first day since the omicron variant in the u.s. was found here in the bay area, it's now been detected in four other states. late tonight, a second case in california. this time in los angeles county. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is tracking the appearance of this new variant and the u.s. response. >> reporter: five states are now reporting cases, including one in minnesota, one in colorado, five in new york, one in hawaii, and tonight los angeles county is reporting california's second case. governors across the country urging calm about the cases
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detected in their states. >> she is experiencing mild symptoms and is isolating at home. >> it's not surprising that it showed up. >> we do anticipate there will be more cases. but now the extent that they are mild, we'll address them. >> reporter: these new cases come as president joe biden announced new efforts to contain the omicron variant and the delta variant. as expected, the white house is calling for tighter testing requirements for all international travelers coming to the united states, including u.s. citizens returning home. >> we're going fight this variant with science and speed, not chaos and confusion. >> reporter: in an effort to detect cases more quickly, president joe biden is ordering private insurers to cover home antigen testing kits, and 50 million free kits will be distributed to community sites in rural areas. the current protocol for these who do test positive at w the at-home kits is to get a second test at a in rural areas that's not always possible, so marin county has
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set up an online reporting for people to register results from home. >> if somebody is positive and needs help in order to coordinate quarantine, that can help trigger a communication with marin county health in order to offer those supportive resources. >> reporter: the marin county health online reporting platform has been available since october. 3500 self-testing reports have already been reported. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. omicron is impacting google. this return to the office policy just changed yet again. google has had several delays before setting january 10 as its date for employees to return to their desks. but late today citing the rise of omicron, the not view-based company says that january 10 return date is now in question. we are learning more each day. head to and click on the omicron variant update. it's right there on our trending bar. we'll break down what you need to know about this strain to move you forward and stay healthy.
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well, next at 11:00, not objectively reasonable. that's the key finding of an independent investigation into a deadly police shooting in vallejo. shawn monterrosa was killed in june of 2020 while officers were responding to a report of looting at a walgreens. monterrosa was shot in the parking lot. he had a hammer in his sweatshirt parking lot. police say that officer mistook it for a gun. the report late tonight says the officer fired rapidly through the windshield of his patrol car, racketing in a tactical way and dehe didn't use any de-escalation techniques first. it's up to the vallejo police department to decide whether or not that officer should face disciplinary action. the state attorney general has launched its own investigation. now we did reach out to the monterrosa family tonight, and they told us that they need more time before they comment. only on nbc bay area, our investigative community unit has obtained exclusive information about the los gatos mom accused of throwing those alcohol-filled
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sex parties for students, including her own sons. los gatos high school was aware of the mother's actions months before she was arrested. the first allegation about shannon o'connor came from a parent in december of 2020. according to internal school emails, that parent wrote to school officials that o'connor buys alcohol for teenagers and that her daughter overdosed on edibles. the school then interim principal pictured there responded that they will follow up and inform police. more emails were sent to the school by other parents. in these types of offcampus case, schools don't have much power other than to inform the police department about the allegations. something that los gatos high did. >> schools are really fighting a battle on two fronts right now, right? there are a lot of parents who want schools to back out of parental responsibilities. the same parents turn around and say to the schools why aren't
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you dealing with it. >> o'connor is facing 39 felony and misdemeanor charges, including child endangerment and sexual battery. not all the allegations in those emails are part of those charges. she is still in jail and has yet to enter a plea in court and has not responded to our attempts to reach her. just in tonight, she has been found. oakland police tell us a indiana woman who had been missing since november 21st has been located. mariel hartfield had last been seen near laney college in oakland. also, an attempted kidnapping outside a preschool in san francisco has parents shaken tonight. neighbors say it happened outside the montessori children's house yesterday around 3:00. police say out of nowhere, a woman grabbed a 3-year-old from a nanny and ran. the nanny chased the woman down, got that child back. but then the suspect tried to grab the 1-year-old who was in the stroller. the baby luckily was belted in. the suspect then took off and was later arrested by police. parents walking their own
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children in the neighborhood say it's just shocking. >> shocked. it's terrifying, especially in such a safe and family-friendly neighborhood. i walk these streets all the time with my little 6-month-old. >> police say officers searched the neighborhood and arrested 34-year-old erin williams. she is in jail, booked for kidnapping and child endangerment. a man going on an arson spree in the east bay. he was taken into custody in downtown walnut creek. officers believe he set several fires throughout walnut creek today. it started with a couple of dumpster fires and eventually led to him trying to burn down a library. five years ago today, the deadliest fire in oakland history took place. flames tore through an illegally converted warehouse known as the ghost ship. 36 people died there. many were there to attend an underground party. over the past couple of days, we reached out to the families of those who died in that fire. they tell us that they are still
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mourning privately. online, david gregory, who lost his 20-year-old daughter mckayla shared this emotional post on instagram, saying, quote, life goes on, i guess, but it will never be the same. nothing has been the since. while the families mourn, voices of silicon valley choir held a virtual memorial concert to celebrate the 36 victims and their artistic work. >> they were incredible artists. they were incredible musicians. and visual artists and sculptors and dancers. that not as well-known. >> it's been five years since they lost their loved ones in such a horrible, terrible tragic and preventible fire. >> so now what happens to the what's left of the warehouse? well, we're told it will be sold as part of the warehouse owner's settlement. money from the sale of the ign families will ultimately go to
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the families of the victims. moving you forward tonight, a live look at capitol hill where congress acted a few hours ago to avoid that government shutdown. the senate passed a stopgap bill to fund the government through february 18th. it passed by a vote of 69-28. it needed 60 votes to pass. earlier in the day the state also passed the bill. it goes to president biden ace desk for his signature. well, can it get any worse? there are now an average of 74 car break-ins each day. in san francisco. >> tonight we continue our investigative series by taking you for a ride along with undercover police officers. you'll hear what they think are the biggest roadblocks to stopping these crimes and the possible solution. >> senior investigative report bigad shaban is back on the story for us. >> reporter: the smash, the grab, and the chase. >> move in, hov in.
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>> reporter: car burglaries are the most frequent crime in san francisco. more than 19,000 reported to police so far this year. when you adjust for population differences, that's roughly triple the rates in dallas and los angeles. and in san francisco, the thieves get away with it more than 98% of the time. >> hey, let me know when you guys are reset. >> reporter: to find out why, we rode along with san francisco police sergeant matt perra. >> did we get a vote of the vehicle? >> reporter: he had a team of undercover officers who spend the majority of their shifts trying to catch those committing break-ins in san francisco's hardest hit areas, which also happen to be the city's biggest tourist attractions, like fisherman's wharf and union square. car burglaries have spiked here 187% compared to last year. granted, 2020 was not a typical year. car break-ins were at record lows since the pandemic kept tourists out of san francisco. but even compared to prepandemic levels, car break-ins in this
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area are still up 9%. >> it's become very organized. they know exactly what to do with the items when they retrieve them, the stolen goods. they have individuals that they sell the items to. this is their full-time job. yeah, i believe so. >> reporter: the criminals are known for their speed. just 10 seconds or less and they're gone. with it happens so quickly, how do you expect to actually catch these people? >> in my opinion, they've gotten better, faster. they're smarter. but that just means that us as officers have to be a little bit better, faster and smarter than them. >> reporter: but sergeant perra tells us an already difficult job has been made nearly impossible by the district attorney's office, which he says is often far too lenient on those accused of committing these crimes. >> we're arresting same t same individuals over and over, and it doesn't seem like they're being held accountable. >> reporter: he says one out of every two people his team
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arrests for committing a car break-in is someone they've arrested before for doing the exact same thing. >> they tell us there is minimal repercussions for their actions. >> reporter: as we drove around the city, one of sergeant pera's follow officers radioed in an update about someone he spotted. >> a prius. >> we heard one member of your team say he is casing car after car. >> a few minutes later, a hit. these tourists from europe return to find their car window smash and their luggage and passports gone. police tell us one man drove the getaway car while another jumped out to steal the bags. just as he tossed them into a car, police rushed toward him. >> mover in, move in. >> reporter: the driver sped off, leaving behind his partner, lafayette davonport. he is only 26, but has a lengthy criminal record. court documents show he was already awaiting trial on two other car break-in charges from earlier this year. and late last year, he was convicted of taking part in four separate robberies, two of them
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involved a gun. he was also caught with heroin and cocaine that officers say he intended to sell. according to former prosecutors, davenport could have faced more than 11 years in state prison, but instead served just eight months at the local jail and wasn't required to take part in any type of rehabilitationive program, like job training or counseling. >> they're generally released on their own recognizance and/or released with ankle monitoring or at-home detention. >> reporter: in fact, sources at the police department as well as current and former prosecutors at the district attorney's office tell us even when criminals are caught and convicted of a car break-in, in most, if not all of those cases, the district attorney's office cuts a plea deal, allowing the thieves to spend just a couple of days, or sometimes just a few hours in jail, even though state law allows for up to three years in prison for committing a car
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break-in. >> this is something that affects all of us as san franciscans roar district attorney chesa boudin recently invited reporters to a press conference to hear his plan for combatting crime in san francisco. so we asked him about the criticism he is facing. what do you say to those who say your office frankly has been too lenient on criminals? >> well, if people don't feel safe in san francisco, we have work to do, and we'll do whatever it takes to make people feel safe. >> recall chesa boudin! >> reporter: but the d.a.'s critics, who have launch adderall campaign against him, say boudin has been too soft on petty crimes like car break-ins and that's allowed criminals to become even more brazen, like those caught on camera, fleeing from that recent rash of mob-style robberies at stores in union square. assistant police chief michael redman addressed that issue at the news conference. >> there has to be consequence. if there is no consequence, we're going to continue to see things happen. we have to partner to make sure that especially the people that are out there committing it on numerous occasions that they're
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held accountable. >> so mr. boudin, he is talking about a lack of consequence, sir. it's your office responsible for doling out those consequences. what do you have to say? >> we're going to move on to another question. >> reporter: that's a d.a.'s office spokesperson chiming in. mr. boudin never did give us an answer. but his office has consistently pointed the finger back at police, saying officers only make arrests in fewer than 2% of all the car break-ins reported throughout the city. regardless of who is to blame, san francisco streets still glisten with broken glass, with an average of 74 smash and grabs in the city each day. but even if police happen to be close by when a car is broken into, there is no guarantee they'll be able to keep up with the criminals. we just got to this car break-in here. officers managed to follow the getaway car for about 15 minutes. but after running through a couple of red lights, cops eventually lost them. in san francisco, police are not allowed to speed after cars.
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in cases involving nonviolent crimes like car break-ins. that's to avoid hitting innocent bystanders. but whatever the roadblock, there are still new victims every day. >> this side and the other side. >> reporter: laura hudson and her family were visiting from florida when their rental van was broken into. all her kids' luggage, pajamas, even stuffed animals, taken. >> i'm really disappointed. this has put a big huge damper on my trip that i was looking so much forward to. >> reporter: what does this mean for your chances of ever coming back to san francisco? >> you know what? i just said to my husband. i said that just ruins my whole feeling. now i have a bad taste in my mouth for san francisco. and i hate to be that way because i've only been here one other time. >> reporter: and the number of tourists flying into the city now days is still down about 45% compared to prepandemic levels. so with visitors already leery, crime concerns are only making things worse. right now you can catch up on
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our series of investigations by logging on to our website. there you can compare san francisco's current car break-in rate to other major cities. and we'll take you to one block that has seen as many as car burglaries in a single day. that's all at with the investigative unit, sh. >> thank you. alec baldwin breaking his silence after that deadly shooting on a movie set. he says he didn't pull the trigger. so who's to blame? we'll hear from alec baldwin. plus, you can see it here. fog showing up across the bay area. just going to show you how bad it's going to be for your morning commute.
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a 90-year holiday tradition continues in sacramento. the lights turned foreign california state capitol christmas tree, decorated with
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14,000 l.e.d. lights and hundreds and hundreds of ornaments. golden gate park tonight. hundreds of families turned fourth the lighting of the tree that they call uncle john's tree outside mclaren lodge. we had line dancers, a loft noise, and a lot of smiles. cute kids there. and the tallest christmas tree in the bay area was lit tonight at chase center. >> that's big! >> 90 feet. some of the warriors players were there, as well as en vogue, who performed. >> oh! >> going old school. >> oh, we're going old school. ♪ never going to get it ♪ >> better when they do it. >> definitely. all right. we've got some weather here that definitely could slow you down for the morning. visibility is certainly decrease, and will create some dangerous conditions. you can see on the current visibility down to a less than a mile in fairfield. a quarter mile in santa rosa, and even zero mile visibility in novato. and we're also seeing it
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decrease down there into san jose. some of the thickest fog we have seen over the past couple of days. most dangerous over the central valley. but once again, near the bay, even down to san jose, we're going see that for tomorrow. that's at 7:30. here is the thing that is different about this as well. it looks like those clouds would linger into about 11:00 in the morning for parts of the bay, especially in the south bay. then after this for the afternoon, we should manage to get some sunshine in here. now as we start off tomorrow morning, more of those chilly 40s. jacket weather with us here with 43 in the tri-valley. and we're seeing more of that as well over the north bay at 42. san francisco, 50. and the east bay 44. daytime highs tomorrow with the fog developing, going to have a harder time warming up. so we're cooling off. no more of the 70s. we've got widespread 60s. 65 in santa rosa. 60 in oakland. 62346 san jose. 64 in palo alto and chilly 50s right at the coastline. so fog for the morning. we get some sun for the afternoon. but it's going to be kind of hazy and smoggy out there, just because of our very still and
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stagnant weather conditions. we're really not seeing anything stir up the weather pattern. i am expecting unhealthy air for sensitive groups over the north bay. they, east bay and south bay. if you have asthma or respiratory problems, you certainly may need to limit your outdoor exposure. so where is the rainfall? you'll see my updated forecast here. we're getting in on a few shower chances next mondayment about a 40% possibility. it drops down on tuesday. and then we'll see another chance as we roll into thursday's forecast. but as of tonight, things are still looking good towards the end of december to see things pick up on that rain. also notice friday, saturday, and sunday, king tides return. that's the highest of high tides. so we will need to watch for some coastal and bay flooding into tomorrow. so en vogue. >> put up an en vogue song. >> if you're watching, we love you. how's that? >> i like that. >> i wish we had gotten an invite. >> thanks. happening now, drought
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restrictions in marin county. there is now a ban on sprinklers. it lasts through may. people are allowed to use a hose and a spray nozzle to water your yard, but that's it. first-time violators will get a warning letter. the second a $25 fine. after that it's a $250 fine. the new restrictions do not apply to recycled water. we're back in a moment. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. and i let go of the hammer of the gun, and the gun goes off. i let go of the hammer, the gun goes off. >> at the moment -- >> that was the moment the gun went off, yeah. that was the moment the gun went off. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled? >> well, the trigger wasn't
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pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. >> so you never pulled the trigger? >> no, no, no, no. i would never pull a gun on anyone and pull the trigger, never. >> for the first time since that deadly shooting on a movie set in new mexico, we're hearing from alec baldwin. tonight an interview on abc, the actor who was starring and coproducing that film talked what happened that fateful day. baldwin was holding an antique revolver for the western "rust" when it discharged what authorities believe is a live round. cinematographer halyna hutchins was killed and joel fremont hurt. he had no idea how that got on the set. >> a piece of live ammunition ended up on this property. it wasn't supposed to be on the property. it wasn't supposed to be on the truck. it wasn't supposed to be in the kit. it wasn't supposed to be in somebody's fanny pack. a live round is not supposed to be anywhere near the set. >> how did a real bullet get on set? >> that's what i'm saying. that's for a criminal investigation to solve.
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i have no idea. >> and that criminal investigation into the shooting is still under way. someone vandalized posters featuring harvey milk and george moscone. to commemorate milk and moscone's assassinations. yesterday they were vandalized. the harvey milk club said they're going to keep them up to show the disrespect and dehumanization that still exists. we're going to check with the warriors next and the sharks. good news for both teams. stay with us.
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okay. the tv ratings show earlier this week that espn decided to put the warriors back on national tv tomorrow night. why not? they're so good. >> we all get to enjoy it. warriors and suns, this time it's going to be at chase center. and by the way, the suns now have the best record in the nba, bumping the warriors to second best. hockey tonight. the sharks continue their east coast road trip. tonight it's long island at the new arena there. sharks trailed early actually by one before nick bonino ties. it eventually goes to overtime. in ot the hero is erik karlsson who knocks in the game winner.
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take a look. here it comes. the sharks win, final score 2-1. the sharks have won five of their last six games. thursday night football. the cowboys in new orleans. the cowboys playing without their head coach mike mccarthy, who is out with covid. the dallas defense came up big tonight. four interception, including this pick six. cowboys win 27-17. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today.
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okay. tonight the 12th annual drag queens on ice at the holiday ice rink in union square. boasting the lineup of some of the fiercest queens in the bay area hosted by donna sashay. a guest appearance from denali of rupaul's drag race season 13. tonight everyone is lip-synching while gliding through the night. fantastic night. >> it looks fun. have a great night. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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