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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  December 3, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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at omicron ininfecting young kids. happening now in south africa. when could it happen here? we have answers. plus -- >> it was just looking to stay busy. and we just wish he could come home. >> we need o know. and have peace. >> interview with the family of a retired cop who was gunned down last week in oakland. they want answers and they want justice. >> what's with the fog and haze? jeff is here explaining why it blanketed the bay area today and if it will stick around into the weekend. >> we have had hundreds of sightings on the cameras. >> black bears. moving back into the bay area.
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how they're being tracked and the active campaign to keep them from getting too friendly with us. the humans. good evening on this friday. the tearful wife of a retired cop talks about his murder while he was protecting a tv news crew in oakland. also we have new information about the high school and its handling of the mom who most the sex parties for teenagers. we start with omicron. new information about the variant. by the hour. the latest right here in the bay area. we have confirmed five people tested positive for the omicron variant in alameda county. all five of the people are fully vaccinated. they all attended a wedding in wisconsin. one of those who tested positive had recently returned from international travel. these five people were part of the bigger group of 12 people.
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all tied to that same wedding. and all testing positive for covid. some of the cases haven't been sequenced yet. we could have more of the omicron variant from the group. we should add most of the 12 people have also had the booster shot. this is spreading. omicron is now in at least nine states. take a look the the first case in the united states was announced two days ago in san francisco. we know how it works. this pandemic for the last couple years is boardless. the question tonight how concerned should parents by and when we'll see an up tick op cases with toddlers. health officials in south africa where it was first discovered are seeing a sharp rise in kids under age five hospitalized because of the variant. really this becomes a catch 22. for the parents. kid under five are not eligible for the vaccine. not yet. how concerned should parents be?
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with us tonight a covid expert. nice to have you back on the program. before we get to the kids here, is it your belief omicron cases be see a dramatic spike in the bay area? like we reported in alameda county and should we be concerned? >> so, to answer the question i start with the fact the european cdc said today essentially they are seeing a lot of om krorn in europe. because people are vaccinated where they are seeing it, people are generally asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. @works to prevent severe disease. by the data we have. we have a highly vaccinated region in california. and alameda. so yes we'll see omicron cases. because it's rapidly spreading. it's going to spread. but does it cause severe disease if you are vaccinated? not by any account that we have
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seen. vaccines work. >> back to the kids. i'm a parent of a 3 year-old. not eligible to be vaccinated. what do i need to know considering what's happening in south africa specifically with young kids in the hospital? >> this is very important. what happens during the delta variant surge in the united states. we in a highly vaccinated area during the delta surge in california and the bay area, there. >> reporter: -- hardly any children got sick. we were protecting them through our own vaccination. children got sick in south-southeast with low rate of adult and teacher vaccination. what is happening in south africa is a 23% last week full vaccination rate. when you have low rates of vaccination and a highly transmissible variant, adults can't protect children. they are not vaccinated. this was of the pattern we saw with delta in rates of low vaccination. everything is about being highly
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vaccinated. so i'm not worried about children in the bay area. because of our high rate of adult and even five to 11 and 12 to 15 vaccination. we will get the child vaccine. >> you bring up the vaccination rate. some of the numbers you were referring to. in south africa 25% of the population there fully vaxed. the u.s. is 60%. you bring it to parts of the bay area, some of the counties are right at 90%. so what you're saying it is helpful this is way to fight back. >> this is how you protect children. that are unable to be vaccinated. is having the adults vaccinated. we saw this exact pattern with delta. we protected our children this five to 11 year-olds couldn't be vaccinated with the delta surge. if you have 25% vaccination rate no one is safe. no, one thing that's important. this is important.
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many south africa doctors are saying people in the hospital even though the types of infections and what they're seeing is mild. milder than delta. that's important. i think we have to watch that. because if it's milder that's a good sign. >> very good sign. thank you for your time. enjoy your weekend and stay safe. >> if you weekend includes a hunt for the booster shot. we can help you. we put together an entire how to video full of tips and tricks and guidance. watch it online. also posted on our app. >> before we move on, eye opening story. which led to a covid out break at an elementary school. the superintendent tells us a family sent their child to school knowing the child tested positive for covid. the school found out on november 18. and tested three clasdss the next day. eight kids then tested positive
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for covid. and now as many as 75 people are in a modified quarantine as a result of the one students breech. the student should have been isolated for ten days. and certainly shouldn't have been sent to campus by the parents. >> other top story. for the first time the family of a retired police officer is speaking out about the man they lost. a security guard was gunned down last week protecting a news crew. this is our reality for all tv stations here in the bay area we often have armed guard with us. because we're often the target of thieves who steal our equipment. he was shot down in oakland. downtown. previously worked for san jose police department. today, his family simply asked for help in catching his killer. >> the family of kefb is still mourning their loss. through their tears, wife
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virginia, daughter and son spoke publicly about the loss to talk about the one they love and also to help find those who did the shooting. including asking the public for clues or even possible evidence. >> kindly ask that if anybody was in that area at the time and have any video. they can turn into the oakland police department. >> virginia was stunned by the shooting. but not surprised he put himself in jeopardy for the sake of others. >> that was his personality. to be that protector. to be the brave one. that just wanted to protect people. not just his family. but others as well. >> if ever we leave the house late, there's already street lights. we can see our way to the car. he would have a flashlight out. and it was just little too intense. we're like okay we can see. he would always lead us out. >> still there is lingering bitterness and longing.
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>> he didn't deserve this. he was retired. he was just looking to stay busy. and we just wish he could come home. >> we're seeking to find the reasoning behind all this. so that we can have some closure. and we can understand why it happened. >> the family says it is still working on memorial services. there are a lot of details to work out. because so many others also want to say good-bye. >> condolences to the family. also tonight the high school respond accordingly after parents warn school officials about the mom accused of hosting those sex parties for students. we have learned the police knew about the mom for at least ten months before her arrest. shannon o conner faces 39 criminal charges for allegedly hosting alcohol fuelled parties
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encouraged young teens to have sex and including her own sons. why did it take song so long for officers to put her in handcuffs? those are the questions we have been digging into to. after obtaining internal e-mails from the high school. the documents show the criminal charges stem from incidents that prosecutors say happened after the school received its first complaint from a parent about o conner. the school forwarded the reports to the police. we spoke with a long time law enforcement veteran about the ten months she was allowed to keep hosting parties for teenagers. >> what are your thoughts on the timing? >> it really depends on the length of time. what else is going on in the community. what's happening with law enforcement. i think with the amount of students that you are looking at the amount of interviews you have to do. the amount of search warrants you have to write. you have to have evidence.
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>> what can a school do when it finds out something serious maybe happening off campus that maybe putting its students at risk? >> the school has a lot of options. they can move forward without endangering the law enforcement investigation. they can have the opportunity to have meetings with parents and students. to talk about openly, what the dangers of alcohol. the dangers of being they can talk about rape by intoxication. create an environment where students feel safe coming forward. >> the police department says it took the allegations very seriously and needed time to gather evidence. they haven't responded to attempts to reach them. she's in custody and due in court in two weeks. where she's expected to enter a plea. >> as we head into the weekend, simple question here. what's the deal with the london like weather? foggy and gray and cold. time lapse footage now from atop
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mount hamilton. blanketing the valley. that video looks pretty nice. the peninsula today it was just gray. you couldn't see very far. it never burned off. >> we don't have any stirring up the atmosphere. and it got down to less than a quarter of a mile this morning. certainly dangerous. there's a couple things working to create the pattern we have been in. it's all about the area of high pressure. creating still conditions. i want to show you is a little closer look at the high pressure. it's all about the inversion layer. when we get a layer the first thing that happens is we get dry sinking air rmt light wind. that creates a lid or a cap. think of it like that. over the bay area. things really can't move around a lot. when you have a lid over something. it's just stuck. >> i lived in the central vae lee. in fresno all the time. >> we have cold air near the
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surface. is sinks. you have these keeping the fog down at the surface without any kind of movement. and without wind, we're not going to see that improve. that is why at this point rolling through tomorrow, we are looking at the widespread fog here from the north bay. to the south bay. look the the central valley. >> socked in. >> super-dangerous. >> our weekend tomorrow at least is similar to today. >> we could get sun brakes for the afternoon. the other thing is unhealthy air quality. because the air can't move. unhealthy air over the north bay. and for the south bay. >> any rain next week? >> it looks like great question, we have shower chances on monday. 40% possibility on monday. thursday and friday going 50 to 5% possibility. thursday and friday i'll up that. when we gate brand new update. it's still looking really promising for the midand end part of the month. to maybe get in here more than an inch of rainfall. >> happy friday. >> here's what's coming up next.
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>> more and more bears in the north bay. so what's bringing them here? and what's the response.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ just hanging out. we're used to seeing wildlife in the bay area. not quite like this. we're talking about bears.
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people in the north bay are encountering bears more of them, more often. we find out why. >> reporter: the bay area is a region of nearly 8 million people. it's also home to plenty of kriters. >> we have more run ins with possums and ra coops and mountain lions. >> in recent months another animal made its presence known. >> shelter in place. there's bear in the area. >> lone black bears turned up separately. it could be a sign of bears to come. >> i never knew there were bears here. >> uphill from the sprawling vine yards, sits sugar loaf ridge state park. >> we put a camera up out here. >> park manager and the ecology center which runs the park and campground for the state says 40 cameras were installed here a few years ago to record the
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wildlife. they reveal the new animal making this area home, black bears. and that's allowed us to see the bears in the park and confirm they are here. >> the bears steer clear of humans. but the cameras have documented their return. >> in the past five years we have had hundreds of sightings on the camera. >> as a result the park is taking steps from keeping bears getting a taste of human trash. >> we have changed operations. empty the trash cans at night. and putting up some of the bear canisters. >> the goal is to keep the bears from becoming used to humans so they don't become a problem like in tahoe. where bears routinely ransack cars and homes. >> once a bear gets habituated to trash. it's difficult to break them of it. >> it inspired the creation of the group of 616 wildlife agencies and landowners tasked
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with studying the bears. and preparing for their return. >> we don't have a good idea of the bear numbers in the area. without that crucial bit of information, it's hard to manage the population. >> researcher of the ecology center says the group is collecting dna. to identify how many bears are in the north bay. >> we did find last year even though we got cut off early by fire and covid. 33 individuals we could identify. >> one theory of why bears are moving back into the bay area is wild fires have claimed some of the habitat. >> that maybe pushing bears into places they haven't been historically. and the bear population in california as a whole seems to be increasing. >> that increase has state and local wildlife agencies looking at ways of keeping the bears wild and keeping the approximately informed. >> that's a really great thing. to see bears very much a natural part of the eco-system.
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coming and occupying spaces they have been absent from. >> we haven't lived with bears in the area for a long time. it can inspire awe. some it inspires fear. >> a case of nature making its at home. among 8 million people. >> very impressive. >> joe is with us now. great story. it inspires awe and fear. i like how she said it. how did the story develop? >> well, as in the story, i have been doing news here for 25 years. back in may when that bear showed up in i thought i have never heard of bears around here. and then we had the incident in a few weeks ago. i started doing research and that's how it steered me to the north bay bear collaborative. and i found out there's a whole group that is organizing just to tackle the growing number of bears here.
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and what that's going to mean for us. >> we have been around the bay area a listening time. i hadn't heard of this until right now. bears don't want trouble? best guidance now. if bears turn up in your yard. or your kitchen. >> yeah. bears do not like being around humans. the park they said that they only had four encounters where people actually saw them. in person. in the last few years. and once the bears see them they tear off. they recommend making a bunch of noise. scaring them off. they want that to be part of the strategy. to keep them away from humans. and not wanting to be around humans. >> all right. nice story. continue to work on this. i'm guessing it's more likely that the bear population is increasing. in the north bay. we're back in a moment.
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. i cocked the gun. can you see that? can you see that? and i let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun goes. >> the tale of the gun. alec details precisely what happened. but did he do himself any favors being so candid? >> do you feel guilt? >> no. no. >> i don't want to let the class down. i don't want to let the family down. i don't want to let the world down. >> nicole felt the pressure playing lucy. but did the person whose opinion matters the most approve? >> what we thought was 3 million became 7 million, 12 million. we're starting to think when's


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