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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 5, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now the white house rethinking its southern african travel ban as omicron spreads to nearly half the united states. there are more travel restrictions starting at midnight. plus after days of scathing reviews and criticism, a restaurant offers an olive branch to san francisco police after denying service to officers. what the owners are now saying. heading deeper into winter, temperatures will be dropping and rain may be dropping too. good news in the forecast coming up in a moment. good evening, i'm audrey.
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>> i'm terry mcsweeney. we can be getting much-needed rain, winter weather, it is that time. >> let's get to your forecast, meteorologist rob mayeda joins us for a closer look. rob, how cold is it going to get for us? >> very cloeld, probably freezing in valleys. before that, let me show you what you can't see outside. that is walnut creek right now. you see the outline of the trees near downtown. fog again a problem tonight. thicker than it was at the same time last night. notice the visibility, santa rosa and concord to a quarter mile or less. watch out for that. that is going to have a high impact on your morning commute. by this time tomorrow night, we should be seeing showers in our storm ranger mobile doppler radar, followed by wind at times and a big drop in temperatures. looks like with this first system coming in late tomorrow, light rain at times. the biggest punch with this first storm likely to happen just before sunrise tuesday, then rapid clearing brought on
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by windy conditions. by thursday, a colder storm dropping down the coast. the plunge of colder polar air. continental polar air dropping down the west coast. that's going to have a big impact on highs, low 50s. nighttime temperatures likely cold enough to support frost and freeze watches for some of the interior valleys toward the end of the week. how much rain and sierra snow expected in the next seven to ten days in ten minutes. you can see the forecast in your neighborhood by downloading the nbc bay area news app. get weather updates any time there on your phone. a live look atsfo where beginning tomorrow tighter testing kicks in for international travelers entering the united states, an effort to slow and detect the continuing spread of the omicron variant of covid-19. >> sergio quintana tells us how this is affecting holiday travel. >> reporter: at the international terminal at sfo,
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most of the passengers here will be subject to the new tighter testing window when they return. >> i think it might be a little bit challenging. but we'll make it work. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, all international travelers, including u.s. citizens, will need to show a negative covid test taken 24 hours before departure on any flight headed to the u.s. the mask mandate for all forms of public transportation will remain in effect till march 8th. for people with holiday plans, new rules are another travel challenge. >> it is going to be a problem for some people. i'm not sure if it's going to be everywhere for all the flyers. >> i think it's necessary. although it has made travel so complicated. >> reporter: travelers departing sfo on international flights need to research what other countries are now requiring. in france, they now require a test within two days of departure. israel is asking people to quarantine for three days when they arrive there. public health officials around
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the world and here in the u.s. are trying to slow the spread of the virus as much as possible. >> i do think we have an investment in making sure people aren't bringing new cases, especially when we have things like omicron to worry about. >> reporter: at sfo, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. cnn's "state of the union," dr. anthony fauci said the travel ban could be changing. fauci says new data indicates while omicron could become a dominant strain of covid, so far symptoms are not severe. while they're re-evaluating, he says it's early, there's still more to learn. >> that ban was done at a time when we were really in the dark. we had no idea what was going on except that there seemed to have been an explosion of cases of omicron in south africa. the ban was put to give us time to figure out just what is going on. now as we're getting more and more information about cases in our own country and worldwide, we're looking at that very carefully on a daily basis. hopefully we'll be able to lift that ban within a quite
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reasonable period of time. >> fauci acknowledged criticism on the travel bans targeting multiple countries in southern africa but he said it was needed to give researchers time to learn more about omicron. at least 17 states have detected the omicron variant. today louisiana confirmed a case of the new strain. cdc director rochelle walensky said her agency is following cases very closely, saying cdc is hearing of more probable cases and expects the variant to be detected in more states. we've got you covered on the omicron variant updates, anybody anybody, click on "trending" at the top of the home page. united states is set for a diplomatic boycott uh the upcoming winter olympics in beijing, less than two months away. a senior official tells nbc news the announcement is expected by president biden this week. it would mean no u.s. government
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officials would attend, but u.s. athletes would still be able to compete. this comes as lawmakers increase pressure to protest china's human rights abuses. the winter olympics begin february 4th. back in the bay area, a san francisco restaurant that refused to serve three uniformed police officers is now apologizing and reaching out to the sfpd. the north beach restaurant, hild and jesse, asked the officers to leave because the staff felt uncomfortable by the presence of their weapons. it led to swift backlash on yelp and other social media. the co-owners are calling it an unfortunate incident and mistake. in a statement they posted on instagram, in part, we are grateful to all members of the force who work hard to keep us safe, especially during these challenging times. we hope this will be a teachable moment for us as we repair and continue to build bridges with sfpd. stories we're going to be following this the week ahead, tomorrow morning a rally will be held to support san francisco
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district attorney chesa boudin as he faces a recall election next june. hosted by the san francisco rising action fund. over a dozen community-based organizations and unions will be there to show support. organizers expect the d.a. to speak. one of the most closely watched trials in silicon valley history is nearing its end. the defense in elizabeth holmes' trial expected to rest its case by friday. holmes took the stand herself last week, claiming she truly believed the company had developed sophisticated blood testing technology. her testimony followed a long stream of former they are ra most employees, patients, and investors who cast holmes as a master manipulator. scott peterson due in court, convicted of killing his wife and unborn son in 2004, he was sen densed to death. last year the california supreme court overturned his death penalty, saying the trial judge excluded potential jurors who were opposed to capital
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punishment. peterson is expected to be resentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the funeral services for kevin ashida, the retired police officer turned security guard, are set for thursday. he was killed during an attempted robbery in oakland last month. he was providing security to a tv news crew. the decorated officer served in both the san jose and colma police departments over the course of his career. public services are noon thursday at the san jose civic center. vaccinations and masks are required indoors. with the rise in violent crime against the aapi community, self-defense and awareness events have been popping up across the bay area. today in san francisco, a special class was held with kids in mind. this morning the coppa gardens hosted an anti-bullying workshop for kids 7 to 12 years old. organizers say it's important for everyone to learn how to prevent confrontations and defend themselves if necessary.
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>> what we teach the kids is how to find their voice, pay attention to their situational awareness, and where to put hands on them, how to defend against a push, a push, a choke as well. >> after the class filipino martial arts instructor guided adults through a basic knife self-defense class. students learned how many everyday objects can be weapons of defense. saying good-bye to a restaurant with a cult following. the owner of el camino mongolian barbecue in santa clara says he's cloning up for keeps. people came from other counties to get one last meal there. nbc bay area marianne favro has the story. >> reporter: not only is the restaurant owner saying good-bye to longtime customers, because his restaurant is closing, he's forced to leave the country. for years, customizable meals in a bowl and a unique atmosphere, including thousands of photos on the ceiling, have kept people
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coming back to el camino mongolian barbecue in santa clara. for many customers, tonight's meal is bittersweet. because it may be their last here. owners john and sunny so say after 17 years, they're closing their restaurant. >> it's disappointing. because it's a really great place. and it's got a really nice vibe, a nice family vibe. we're definitely going to miss it. >> reporter: 10-year-old aceh aceves said he learned to like veggies here. john, an engineer from south korea, said he knew nothing about the restaurant business when he first took over. the restaurant's been there since 1993, and john is the third person to own it. he posted a photo of his very first customers, who still come in every week. and the restaurant quickly became a cult favorite. but the pandemic changed everything, forcing the restaurant to close for nearly a year.
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when it did reopen, business was down 70%. john says even now, concerns about the omicron variant are hurting business, and there are other challenges. >> labor costs is way increased. purchasing prices and this. i couldn't increase my food price. >> reporter: so john and his wife decided to close the restaurant december 15th. because he's operating on a special investor visa and has no green card, he says he and his wife are required to leave the country if they close the restaurant permanently. the 67-year-old plans to move back to south korea and volunteer there. but he says he will always treasure the family business that helped him put his son and daughter through college and the friendships he made along the way. he's also hoping someone will continue his restaurant's legacy. >> i'm so sorry. i cannot survive. sorry, everybody.
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i'll miss this restaurant, our customers. >> reporter: in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. making off with nearly $200 million without robbing a bank. tonight investigators are trying to figure out how someone stole a huge haul of cryptocurrency. it's not just fun to watch. snapping pictures of the king tide could go a long way in preparing our coasts for the future that's ahead. we're watching fog settle in around the bay area. you can see a little bit of that in san jose. hopefully this time tomorrow night we'll be talking about rain chances and a big drop in temperatures this week. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected
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to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. america's lawmakers and some past presidents are remembering late senator bob dole. he died in his sleep overnight at the age of 98. >> he's being called a war hero, a statesman, and a politician who put his country over party.
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nbc's dan schenamen has a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter:ary bob dole spent his life trying to make a difference for those he served. born robert joseph dole, july 22nd, 1923, in the small town of russell, kansas. the doles were a modest, hard-working family. as a teenager, he was quite competitive, especially when it came to track. joined the army. during world war ii, he was critically injured. it would take him years to get back to his feet, but he never fully recovered. after the war and law school, dole became russell's youngest legislator. in 1960, he was elected to congress, and the senate in 1968, where he served until 1996. dole had his eyes on the white house and ran as the vice presidential candidate with gerald ford on the republican ticket in 1976. the ticket lost. also in the '70s, he met and married elizabeth, his second wife, who made her own run for the white house.
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dole was named gop candidate for president in 1996, but lost the uphill battle to incumbent president bill clinton. in 1997, he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian award. he already had two purple hearts and a bronze star. in his retirement, bob dole was instrumental in getting the world war ii memorial built in washington, and where before the pandemic he often spent weekends greeting his fellow veterans. >> there's reaction from all over the political spectrum today. former president george w. bush wrote, laura and i are saddened by the passing of a great patriot, senator bob dole. this good man represented the finest of american values. he added, he defended them in uniform during world war ii. he advanced them in the united states senate. and he lived them out as a father, husband, and friend. >> former president barack obama offered his condolences writing, senator dole was a war hero, a political leader, and a
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statesman with a career and demeanor hearkening back to a day when members of the greatest generation abided by a certain code, putting country over party. signs of strength and resilience. a group that calls themselves the dancing grannies return to action a couple of weeks after a horrific act killed some of their members. the milwaukee dancing grannies marched in a christmas parade after four of their members were rundown by a driver who crashed his car into another parade in wacha saw, mississippi. the dancers donned matching bedazzled sweatshirts with the names of their fallen teammates. the grannies say they will keep dancing and are planning a big return next year. emotional week in michigan after police say a 15-year-old student opened fire on his classmates, killing four, injuring eight. today that tragedy spilled over into the world of sport. the detroit lions won their first game of the season, and the final play of the game, after that game, their head coach took time to remember the
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victims. >> this game ball goes to the whole oxford community. all those who were affected. and that being said, man, i just -- you know -- i just -- i want us to not forget these names. madison baldwin. hanna saint julianna. justin schilling. aidan watson. molly darnell, who's a teacher. those names. for all those who will never be forgotten. >> a visitation took place for one of the students killed. family and friends paid respects to one of the women the coach mentioned there, the girls i this say, 17-year-old madison baldwin. this gathering happened at a funeral home. she was a senior looking forward to graduating at the end of the school year. her family says she had already been accepted to several
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colleges and was offered full scholarships by some of them. nearly $200 million has been stolen by hackers from a crypto trading platform called bitmark. bitmark confirmed the hack, calling it a large-scale security breach. the company says hackers withdrew roughly $150 million in assets, but a block chain security firm named pack shield says the number is closer to $200 million. bitmark has temporarily suspended all withdrawals until further notice as it investigates what happened. the ceo plans to speak more about it tomorrow. a man has been dining and dashing in the north bay, and police want people to be on the lookout for him. take a look here. napa police say this man, assad khan, has gone to multiple restaurants over the past week and failed to pay for his meals. they say after he eats, he just leaves without paying. police want local restaurants to keep an eye out for him and call if they see him. king tides came roaring back to bay area shores this weekend.
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plenty of people taking a look at the water near the embarcadero in san francisco today. that's the tide is high. we've been seeing amazing pictures of the high waters all weekend. this one shot in monterey bay. water rising up to the train tracks in the elk horn slough reserve. look at them floating there. >> richmond, you can see how close the water came to the pier at the santa fe channel. >> bolinas, highway 1, that water right up to highway 1. if it got much higher, would have been onto the road, they would have closed it down, that would have been a mess on a sunday. the state coastal commission has a project encouraging people to share pictures of the king tides. not just for fun but to help study the effects of rising sea levels. find a list of events on the project's website. >> the next king tide is early january. the more photos, the better scientists will be able to create a record of changes to
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california's coasts and estuaries. rob mayeda knows about tides and chilly temperatures and rain. >> hopefully by tomorrow night we should see rainshowers passing through the bay area. right now low 40s around the north bay and inland east bay valleys. 42 santa rosa. 50s closer to san francisco and san jose. patchy low clouds near san francisco at too. santa clara valley getting into fog. we'll be watching visibilities into the morning. 43 in dublin, east wind at 6. a slight offshore breeze, we see fog creeping in over the altamonte pass. there's fog downtown walnut freak, 48 degrees. this is quarter-mile visibility from the cam that view in downtown walnut creek to concord, santa rosa, and novato. inland north bay elections,
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marin county, sonoma county, reduced visibility at times. tomorrow morning begins with patchy areas of dense fog. 40s to start. it's going to be cool tomorrow because we have low clouds for the morning, increasing mid and high-level clouds during the afternoon. we're probably not going to see the sun like we've seen over the last couple of days once the fog tries to break up. i brought the highs down a bit tomorrow. probably highs in the mid-50s across the bay area as clouds thicken during the day. rain-producing clouds likely holding off till later in the afternoon. the lighter green you see indicates scattered showers. nothing too heavy. best chance for brief more significant rain could be around sunrise, before that around 4:00 to 6:00 a.m., moving down the coast. a pretty fast-moving system. by lunchtime in the afternoon on tuesday, skies are already clearing out, the wind will start to pick up as we await the second storm on the way for thursday. so round number one from late tomorrow into tuesday will
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likely bring higher rain totals near the coastal areas, coastal range seeing bigger totals for the bay area, probably .25 inches or less than that for inland valleys. what's interesting about the thursday storm is it's taking a more inland path, so we're probably not going to get much in the way of rain out of that system. but you will feel the change in the air to much cooler, drier air as it settles in. that's going to help drive our temperatures down at night. during the day temperatures likely dropping into the low 50s for highs, 30s for valleys over the weekend. then the third storm in the series comes in towards the beginning of next week. you see it right there. that's a big difference, the first two storms we'll see this week eight to nine days from now. that storm could pack a pretty big punch. cold air support, more moisture coming in. we could see significant snow totals in the sierra over the next seven to ten days. bay area, not much until you get to the end of that ten-day forecast. now we're talking. that starts to look a bit more
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like december. some locations may be picking up 2 to 3 inches of rain over the next seven to ten days. you'll feel that winter blast, even though technically winter doesn't begin until the 21st. it's going to feel like it begins thursday. the chance of showers, highs drops into the low 50s. morning temperatures, we'll have to watch that as winds lighten up friday morning and saturday morning. i think it's possible some north bay locations could see upper 20s. it has been awhile since we've seen air this cold settle into the bay area. if you've had air quality issues, the wind should help for better air quality. shower chances on and off through the week. a big drop in temperatures heading toward next weekend. >> feeling more like the season. >> finally. >> we'll be ready. still ahead, the mission to help the homeless during the holidays are what inspired one woman to launch a group that helps others trying to make it in the bay.
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a bay area woman has made it her mission to help those having a hard time making it in the bay. sharon alexander used her own money to start an organization in 2019 called the arthur jean safe place. it gives to those who don't have a home. today volunteers stuffed backpacks with blankets, personal hygiene products, and more for people living in unsheltered encampments in san pablo and richmond. the group also gave out hot meals. >> i love people. i do. and i couldn't figure out how i was going to dedicate my life to helping people. i took what my mom had been through, and i took my experience from being homeless, being hungry, being on the street.
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i took that experience, i put it together. >> sharon says her organization is doing everything it can to help and any donations would be gladly accepted. arthur jean's safe place is named after sharon's mother, who was a nurse that worked with hiv patients in the late '80s. she was stuck with an infected needle and died at the age of 47 in 1992. we all know making it in the bay remains difficult for so many. as counties look at ways to add housing. tuesday, marin county's board of supervisors and its planning commission will meet to discuss how to deal with housing production between 2022 and 2030. the state mandated regional housing need allocation has mandated more than 14,000 homes be built in that time period. many cities in marin county have pushed back against that mandate, citing the lack of land, the drought, and recent wildfires. with holiday shoppers all around, people celebrated hanukkah at san jose's santana
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row. the celebration featured a bay area israeli tribute band called the pita. crafts for kids and goody bags were given out, a menorah was lit. local and county officials were in attendance. it was another hanukkah celebration over in the east bay. this one held at the piedmont community hall. families dancing to music, making holiday-themed crafts. also they played with dreidels and more. >> it feels great to be outside with everybody. it's a beautiful day. it's really nice to be with community here. >> hanukkah started on november 28th. it ends tomorrow evening. anthony flores is joining us with a look at the day in sports and a very disappointing -- trying to be practical about this, grown up -- a very practical niners loss. >> at least they made it interesting. every sunday, you never know which 49ers team is going to show up. >> good point. >> today, unfortunately, not the good one.
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and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. the 49ers still struggling to solve the mystery of winning in seattle. get this, they have lost 10 of their last 11 in the emerald city. first quarter on fourth and 6. seattle catches the niner defense sleeping. gets the fake punt. special teams really letting san francisco down the last few games. travis homer, 73 yards for the
11:33 pm
touchdown, 7-0 seattle lead. after the niners defense forces a turnover, jimmy g., george kittle in the back of the end zone, tying the game at 7. two minutes before the half, garoppolo to kittle. watch number 85 dance. he races 48 yards for the touchdown. the niners led 23-21 at halftime. but they didn't score in the second half. they made several mistakes, including another bad throw by garoppolo. jimmy with two interceptions in the game, and of course you know the seahawks are going to take advantage. russell wilson on the ensuing possession. hits tyler lockett for the touchdown. the seahawks are up 7. seattle would try to put the game away, and the 49ers defense comes up big. huge turnover near the goal line. the niners offense would march 95 yards down the field with a chance to tie it. but on fourth and goal, garoppolo's pass will be deflected at the line of
11:34 pm
scrimmage. seattle beat san francisco 30-23. the loss snaps a three-game winning streak for san francisco and drops them to the seventh seed in the nfc wild card race. >> i know we're all disappointed, very frustrated. we felt we had a lot of self-inflicted stuff, so not taking anything away from them. >> you can do all the good stuff in the world, make plays, get yourself in position, at the end of the day it comes down to that one play, did you make it or not? it's the way the chips fall. >> next up, the niners hit the road, they're in cincinnati next sunday. in las vegas, the raiders taking on the washington football team. fourth quarter, down 8. they give the rock to josh jacobs and he rolls into the end zone for the touchdown. the two-point conversion was no good. no problem. the raiders get the ball back. they kick a field goal to take a one-point lead. but with under 40 seconds to go, washington gets a game-winning
11:35 pm
field goal right here. the football team beats las vegas 17-15. the raiders fall to 6-6 on the season. to the ice, the sharks wrapping up a five-game road trip in columbus. sharks head coach bob booner, one-time assistant with the blue jackets. the score was tied 2-2 in the second when brent berg gives san jose a 3-2 lead. the jackets would outscore the sharks 3-1 in the final period. columbus beats san jose 6-4. the sharks return home tuesday against calgary. 6 seconds left. shot clock is off. 4 seconds left. that's game! the cal bears have won the national championship. >> you heard it, the golden bears are national champs. the cal men's water polo team beat usc 13-12 to win the title. it's the 15th national championship in program history and the first since 2016. i know you're looking for a
11:36 pm
bright side with the 49ers. their record is 6-6. five games left. if they go 3-2 in those last five games, they're going to make the playoffs. so there's something to shoot for. you don't have to be so down. >> there you go, terry. >> they've got cincinnati. cincinnati, you know. they're okay. >> it's going to be tough. anthony, thank you for the words of encouragement. >> trying to make you feel better. >> thank you, audrey, for that. still ahead, the newest variant of covid-19 could share something with the common cold. we'll have more on that in just a minute. it's th e most joyous time of the year. especially at t-mobile! let's go to dianne. can you tell us what's happening? yeah, i got the awesome new iphone 13 pro and airpods, and t-mobile is paying for them both! oooh and i get a free year of apple tv+ and this is for new and existing t-mobile and sprint customers. like me! back to you. uh, hello!? we are going to t-mobile! upgrade to the iphone 13 pro and airpods both on us.
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only at t-mobile. san mateo is changing how they respond to distress calls with mental health professionals. tensions are rising in georgia's governors race. former senator david perdue is planning to announce his candidacy for governor tomorrow.
11:38 pm
that news has georgia's gop governor brian kemp on the attack. purdue is reportedly recruited by former president donald trump to unseat kemp in the upcoming gubernatorial race. kemp is under fire from some right-wing groups for refusing to help overturn the state's 2020 election results. democrat stacey abrams is also taking another shot at the governor's seat. the high-stakes call between president biden and russia's vladimir putin this week. the two leaders set to talk to a video call tuesday. that meeting comes as tensions between the u.s. and russia escalate over russia's troop buildup on the border of ukraine, signaling a possible invasion. they've got more than 100,000 troops there. president biden expected to remind putin the united states supports the sovereignty of ukraine and is concerned about russian military activity on the border. putin expected to argue against any move to admit ukraine into nato. a sexual misconduct allegation led to cnn firing
11:39 pm
chris cuomo, according to an attorney representing an unnamed client. attorney deborah katz says she reported the allegations to cnn and offered to provide evidence. the spokesperson for cuomo released a statement denying those allegations. cnn fired cuomo yesterday after it says new information came to light while it reviewed how he helped his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo, with damage control following a sexual harassment scandal. take a look at this, indonesia's volcano eruption, the death toll 14. at least 50 more injured and thousands displaced. this is drone video showing some of the neighborhoods on java island covered in ash. hundreds of homes were destroyed. more than 30 schools were damaged by yesterday's eruption. this is the second time the mountain there has elupted this year. a cruise ship docked in new orleans has at least ten people on board who tested positive for
11:40 pm
covid. the norwegian cruise line ship left new orleans november 28th. it stopped in belize, honduras, mexico, and returned with those ten passengers and crew members infected. health officials are trying to get everyone off that ship without spreading covid even more. the cruise line says no one is showing any symptoms. we know there are groups who are more vulnerable to covid-19, but researchers in dallas are looking at whether some geographic areas might also be more likely to see severe infections. noelle walker reports. >> reporter: when we get in our cars, we usually have a destination in mind. but sometimes hazards lead us to a place we didn't expect. >> when i arrived here, one month before covid-19 struck. >> reporter: ignacio domingues moved here from mexico last year to teach computer science at ut dallas. he's the lead author of a study with nasa that looks at how the air we breathe impacts the
11:41 pm
severity of covid-19 outbreaks. what is it that your research has found in terms of the correlation between air quality and hospitalization? >> so the quality of the air actually affects the covid-19 hospitalizations in many of the cases. >> reporter: there are aerosols in the air, some naturally occurring, others manmade pollutants from things like car exhaust. utd researchers used nasa satellite data measuring aerosol pollutants and covid-19 hospitalization rates to find the connection. so you're saying, if we want to be healthy, we need to look at what we're doing to the climate? >> yes. yes, definitely. >> reporter: segovia-domingues works with numbers, but hospital covid units aren't filled with numbers, they're filled with people. >> some of my colleagues in mexico died.
11:42 pm
many of them, from covid-19. some of them from covid-19. so that's very sad. >> so it's personal. >> yeah, it's personal. so that makes you think, oh my gosh, i should keep trying to push to make a difference. >> reporter: using information to help prevent detours the next time there's a pandemic. >> that was noelle walker reporting. the new omicron variant could have something in common with the common cold. a new study shows the latest mutations include a tiny bit of genetic material from another virus. that virus is potentially one that causes the common cold, which could explain why it spreading so easily. this specific genetic sequence does not appear in any earlier versions of the coronavirus. the study is out of a cambridge-based data analytics firm. new tonight, covid canceled a broadway favorite. performances of "wicked" were called off at the last minute
11:43 pm
today. the production announced that based on testing results and scheduled absences in the company, the show would not go on today. tickets are being refunded. tuesday's performance of "wicked" is expected to go on as planned. a similar situation happened with broadway's "aladdin" in september. nasa is hoping to take the space race to new heights. details on an upcoming launch, assuming weather doesn't spoil the day.
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how this is for sounding futuristic? lasers in space. nasa is hoping the weather will cooperate so it can launch a new system into space it says will revolutionize space communication. the goal is to send it to space from cape canaveral on tuesday. it's a laser relay system that will essentially allow nasa to collect more data from space faster than radio communications and will eventually lead to communication systems smaller, lighter, and more efficient. president biden hosted kennedy center honorees at the white house including motown records creator barry gordon, "saturday night live" creator lorne michaels, actress and singer bette midler, opera singer christine know diaz, and joni mitchell. the president had great things to say, and when speaking about michaels, talked about how
11:47 pm
satire is an important part of american life. >> sat satire is a hallmark of any democratic society. a good journalism holds a mirror up to ourselves to reflect on the good, the bad, the truth. it matters. >> the kennedy center honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to american culture. someone who has given his life to american weather, specifically our weather, cold weather and wet weather, rob mayeda. >> it's good to have weather to talk about. some rain, some wind. for now it's fog that is setting up around the bay area. maybe not around san francisco where it's 52, or the tri-valley, you can see 580 clearly around dublin, pleasanton, livermore. 43, chilly. there's walnut creek, visibility a quarter mile at times.
11:48 pm
san jose too now starting to see some of that fog settling into the santa clara valley as well. with these light winds and high pressure, another day of moderate air quality tomorrow. i think this will improve as the wind picks up at times this week and you get these storm systems moving through. we should be back in green by midweek, heading into next weekend. the issue short-term is the visibility in miles, down to a quarter mile. novato, it's dropped less than a quarter mile, tough driving conditions. marin county, concord, even san jose may see patchy, dense fog for the morning. we begin the day in the 40s with low clouds. increasing clouds during the day. it's going to limit how much sunshine we get to warm up our daytime highs. i brought these numbers down. we should see mid to upper 50s for most of the bay area today. late day comes the chance of showers. a look at low clouds to begin the day. towards the afternoon, beginning to see showers pass through the bay area. i think the best bet for any
11:49 pm
substantial rain will probably come in just before sunrise on tuesday. fast-moving system by mid-morning and lunchtime, skies clear rapidly. you can see a bit of north wind picking up during the day tuesday. rain projections for our first two storms, if you want to call them storms, not a lot. you see about .1 inches or less for the bay area tuesday. may see a little less on thursday. but the main impact of that thursday weather system as it drops through california, that's going to be the cold air that it brings in behind it. storm number two, rain not that impressive. but the air temperatures will be impressive as we could have some frost at times heading into next weekend, which looks dry. here's where fireworks start to happen in the extended forecast. 12th through the 14th. the third storm may access atmosphere river mois sure which would give a boost to rain totals. you see how the extended forecast plays out between now and next sunday. rain totals expected to be relevant level light.
11:50 pm
the bigger impact will be wind and drop in temperatures. from the 12th to 14th, the map fills in and rain totals from 2 to 4 inches of rain from one of the medium-range models. compared to another which shows the target more centered over the north bay. over the next few days, we'll continue to fine tune that extended forecast to target where heavier rain could be showing up a little beyond the seven-day forecast for now. you can see the next couple of couple of days will have the chances of showers. low temperatures becoming more important in the forecast as you see clearly through the week. numbers are going to be cooling down. highs in the low to mid-50s. friday, saturday morning and the valleys could be upper 20s or 30s. winter officially is on the 21st, but we'll call it beginning thursday night around the bay area based on those temperatures. big cool-down coming our way. >> it's nice to see the possible activity coming up. >> yes. more typical for december. every two to three days we should see storms coming in.
11:51 pm
but that one maybe in a week could bring quite a bit of rain if it holds up. musical monday ahead of us. we'll help you get into the holiday spirit with a sneak peek, that's next. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have.
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and, it's guiding you along the way. call 833-317-4673, start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. "saturday night live" had the weekend off but its home studio at 30 rock has been busy in recent days. >> that is where michael buble taped his newest holiday special "christmas in the city." that airs tomorrow night right after the semifinals of "the voice." mark barger talked to buble about the special. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> reporter: for michael buble, there's not much that can match iconic holiday music. >> the reason a lot of these christmas songs have stood the test of time isn't just because of sentimentality. i think they're well-written songs. ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪
11:54 pm
>> reporter: music that stirs memories. >> i'm brought back to being a kid, looking at my little sisters, us running down the stairs to see what santa brought. >> reporter: buble is bringing guests. including ted lasso's hanning batting ham on his new special "christmas in the city." >> i think we're bringing the world what they probably needed right now, a lot of love and light. >> reporter: even as enamored as he is by holiday standards, his new single has a new tradition. ♪ putting a christmas sweater on it's got to be done ♪ ♪ put it on put it on ♪ >> reporter: humor mixed in with buble's christmas offerings that he hopes can help make spirits bright. >> just being better and kinder and a little more empathetic. i'll tell you what after the last couple of years we've had? i'm sure we can use it.
11:55 pm
>> reporter: and buble's ready to help the cause. mark barger, nbc news. >> and you can catch michael buble's christmas special tomorrow night at 10:00 right after "the voice" and stick around for nbc bay area news at 11:00.
11:56 pm
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ we're back with another holiday tradition coming back to the east bay. >> and this time it's walnut creek on ice reopens on friday. people can enjoy the rink the next month for birthday parties, field trips, holiday parties and more. >> riding the rail. >> so everyone is required to show proof of covid vaccination, wear a mask while on the ice. the rink will be open through
11:58 pm
january 9th. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> so cute. it is fun to see so many holiday traditions returning to the bay area. >> the always popular holiday lights parade in morgan hill. the parade along monterey road in morgan hill, this is last night. you've got all kinds of lights going on. a really good turnout. man, it feels good to be getting back to kind of normal. the community turned out for it. children, adults enjoying the show. it's so fun to be able to march in one of those parades. the fire engine was there. so was something else in bright red -- the word is santa made an appearance to help light a christmas tree.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
(upbeat music) - [graham bensinger] this week, we're in the bahamas with iconic billionaire and now space explorer, sir richard branson. - i think out of being just a generally positive person, you can make positive things happen. - [graham bensinger] over three days with the virgin founder, we take to the waves and catch up with the pros at his exclusive necker cup tournament. - for richard it's about giving and affecting others in a positive way and he's done that for millions of people. - [graham bensinger] branson shares his incredible rise from teenage magazine entrepreneur to record label mogul, to the face behind one of the world's premier travel and lifestyle brands. - the head of british airways came out with a sort of a caustic comment, "too young to fly, too old to rock and roll. they're never gonna succeed." - the noted adventurer and humanitarian


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