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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's going to be a problem for some people. i am not sure if it is going to be available everywhere for all the flyers. >> right now at 5:00, new travel restrictions now in place. we are live at sfo with a look at the new reality these travelers will face when they arrive at the airport this morning. plus, president biden expected to announce a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 olympics. one county now changing how law enforcement officers respond to people in crisis. the new team that will now answer those calls. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. laura garcia has the day off. i am kris sanchez. >> i am marcus washington. we will have a look at the drive times with mike coming up in a
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bit, but first want to start this monday with a look at the forecast. pretty foggy out there no matter where you go, kari. >> that has been the main issue for us and in some spots not used to seeing that, and i was looking at 101 in palo alto and looks like they were in a traffic break, but they are moving. things are chilly in the upper 40s and visibility down to quarter of a mile in the south county. low visibility in much of the north bay. a foggy start but we will see cooler temperatures sticking throughout today, and later tonight we will see scattered light showers through the bay area, and highs in the upper 50s in the north bay and low 60s for the south bay. we are tracking rain. it could move in late today and again on thursday. we will talk more about all that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. new international travel restrictions kick in today. here's a live look at sfo this
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morning. the changes come as a growing number of americans are testing positive for the omicron variant, and the delta remains the main variant. alice barr is live for us in washington. experts are racing to learn more about the vaccine response to the variant. >> and, marcus, that's the reason for the travel restrictions you are seeing. they are trying to buy time for scientists to get ahead of this and figure out what we are dealing with. starting today, any international travelers, this includes americans who are coming from a foreign country into the u.s., they will have to show proof of a negative covid test no more than 24 hours before they take off from the other country to come here. there was not a whole lot of lead time, this was just announced last week, and travelers are saying they don't have enough time to get their
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results back and there's frustrations out there. health officials are trying to give themselves as much time as possible and part of that is defending against importing cases from other countries. so far the omicron variant has been detected in 40 other countries including the u.s. it has been detected in 17 states here and counting here in the u.s. what scientists want to know is how serious will it be, how serious the symptoms will be and how contagious it will be. dr. anthony fauci said based on the limited data we have out of south africa, there does not seem to be a great degree of severity with the cases they are seeing, but there's a whole lot more that needs to be learned so that's why they want that window to get ahead of this. >> every day we are learning something different.
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thank you. when it comes to the omicron variant, we have you covered. just go to and click on the trending bar at the top of the home page and you will find information that is available. starting today four san mateo county cities are changing the way law enforcement responds to crisis. mental health experts will now respond to the calls with officers. >> bob redell is live to explain how this program works. >> reporter: you know, this is an effort to de-escalate calls and when somebody is in a mental health crisis, give them a trip to the mental health facility. once the officer deems the situation safe, the clinician
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can help de-escalate the situation and provide services. by the way, in san mateo that clinician is brianna fare. the community and crisis response pilot program is launching in the city of san mateo, along with redwood city and daly city and south san francisco. the county and cities will spend $1.5 million over two years on the pilot program, and stanford will independently evaluate how well it works and other cities like san francisco and san josé, they have added mental health response units and this past friday, palo alto started something similar as well. reporting live in san mateo, bob redell for "today in the bay." 5:05 for you this morning. this wednesday a judge is expected to re-second scott peterson to life in prison for killing his wife, lacey, and their unborn son. last year the supreme court overturned the death sentence
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penalty. his attorneys are still seeking to gain a new criminal trial based on claims that one of the jurors gave false information. happening today san francisco district attorney beau -- boudin will be at a rally. then one restaurant that refused to serve three uniformed police officers is apologizing and reaching out to the sfp. they asked the officers to leave on friday because the staff felt uncomfortable by the presence of their weapons. this led to swift backlash on yelp and other social media outlets. they have now called that a mistake. they said we hope this will be a
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teachable moment for us as we continue to build bridges with the sfpd. and then president biden is expected to announce a diplomatic boycott to the olympics. u.s. athletes will still be able to compete. that comes as u.s. lawmakers continue to pressure the white house to protests the human rights. this is a blizzard. it's not alaska, minnesota or tahoe. this is hawaii. hawaii! this is a time-lapse video, and the blizzard warning was from
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the peaks. of snow is expected to fall and i go to hawaii. >> they want to compete with the bay area, where you can go somewhere to ski and to the beach all in one day. >> yeah, and below that they are dealing with flooding in the low-lying areas, so not the perfect hawaiian vacation right now. here in oakland we are starting out with dense fog, and here visibility is okay. we have seen it down to a quarter mile or less in some other spots. we will keep the clouds today and then we start to see scattered showers coming in at 3:00 this afternoon for the north bay. the rest of the bay area seeing that rain later on this evening, and it will be light and kind of scattered and heavy in the overnight hours and clearing out at sunrise tomorrow. today we will keep the cool air, and this is what we will see throughout the week, off and on
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light showers. mike, you are looking at the traffic break in palo alto? >> yeah, this is palo alto, and we are talking about san mateo to the north a bit where highway 101 sees them continuing to work on the signs. they are testing the signs and talking about how much the express lanes will cost and right now they don't cost anything, but they are testing the signs throughout san mateo county. that bit of slowing you saw is what kari saw on the camera. those crews are clearing. this is not clearing the fog. the most impact over here in contra costa county. highway 4 not showing the slowdown just yet, and we are approaching the bridge where the spans have the fog advisory. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:09 for you this morning. what happens when a wildfire runs head long into a traveler's
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bottom line? still ahead at 5:25, "nbc bay area responds" to a woman forced to file a hefty travel insurance claim, and this is when her booking got canceled. let's pretend you can wave a wand and fight inflation and put people to work, but not both, which one would you choose? and coming up -- >> all right, you know the song even if you don't know don mcclain's name, and he had a thank you gift from taylor swift. before we head to break, holiday cheer is back in the bay area. if you are wondering how to get out there and have some fun, well, we have put a list of where you can go and get on the ice, and that's ice skating here
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good monday morning. the time right now is 5:13, and it's really foggy in a lot of spots. this is your view in dublin right now, so you have to allow extra time the get to work. our temperatures starting out chilly and keep the jacket close by as well as the umbrella in the backseat. we will see not only cool temperatures, but rain later this evening and we'll talk
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about that in the forecast, coming up. the east shore camera, the taillights, losing sight of them as folks head past denny's and ross. you will have to slow down because visibility is an issue in some parts of the bay. let's check in with scott and see what he is seeing. happy monday to everyone. sounds like the fed will move faster than expected to start winding down all the easy money policies that helped to spark so much economic growth. you have to make a choice, you can inject cash in the economy and risk inflation, or tighten policies to control inflation. the fed has two missions and they are supposed to be equal and what they do about these things affect you. mission one is to make sure people are employed, and that's working. mission two has been to control
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inflation. but these missions are almost in conflict. if you super charge the economy, you get this and also get too much of that, and control this and you may interfere with the growth of that. wall street still digesting friday's job numbers deciding they are not as bad as they thought. just 210,000 jobs added in november, and that's a strangely low number. the unemployment number fell. docu sign down. bitcoin is way down as well. we don't normally talk about bitcoin that much, but its value fell 20% over the weekend, down another 5% this morning. this is disappointing to those that think bitcoin is a good investment, but it's doubling disappointing to anybody that
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thinks bitcoin should be used as a currency. if you bought a tesla model three days ago, you have a three--day-old car that you paid 1.2 bitcoin, and that would be $69,000. today that car would cost you more bitcoin because bitcoin is now worthless. it's bad for you if you didn't car your tesla last week and decided to buy it this week. we get so worried about inflation moving a few points, and it's hard to use bitcoin as a currency. >> i consulted with my expert, who is my 13-year-old nephew who is all about cryptocurrency, and i said how about i give you your
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christmas gift in cryptocurrency, and he said he'll pass. >> tesla decided to use it. >> very strange. covid cancels a broadway favorite. saturday night and sunday performances of "wicked" were called off. tickets were refunded but tomorrow's performance is expected to go on as planned. monday's are dark, and a similar situation happened with "aladdin" in september. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> that's a smooth sound. kind of like a nat king cole.
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>> a little duet. >> you know, having sold millions of christmas albums during his career, jimmy fallon, and camila cabello, and leon bridges are among the guest for tonight's guests -- >> you forgot kermit the frog. >> that's tonight. take a look here. christmas in the city airs at 10:00 p.m. after semifinals of the voice. >> well, we will get another sneak peek. michael buble all day. taylor swift is thanking a fellow music legend after breaking his record. >> "american pie" was the song that topped the longest of the
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billboard chart, and now it's broken. >> i don't know that one. >> i don't either. swift's new version of her old song "all too well" breaks the 8.5-minute record. she sent him flowers and thanked him for his music. he shared that with his fans on social media. it's just the longest song, not the longest best song. i mean, i am saying -- >> yeah, the bar has been set for all of us and let's collaborate. >> i was thinking i know gospel songs that go a good 20 minutes. >> yeah, they have one note that -- >> yeah, and they have --
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>> all right, tay, you are upping the ante. >> after the fog there's showers coming in late this evening. i am excited about that and so it makes it a great week to see we have rain. tomorrow turning chilly and the rest of the week we will see another chance of showers, but right now we are just dealing with the quarter mile visibility from the tri-valley to the south county and much of the north bay right now has very dense fog. we are also seeing the clouds reaching in from the system that is finally making a move out of the pacific northwest and heading into the bay area. we will start out with light showers later this evening. this is not a strong storm. we are going to start to see showers moving in during the evening commute, into late tonight. there could be a few pockets of heavier rain near the coast, but a lot of this is clearing out
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before sunrise tomorrow morning. this is not, once again, a significant storm. it looks to bring us 0.1 of an inch of rain inland, and near the coast it's a quarter inch of rain, and we are seeing the pattern that will open the door for more storms this week. the next is on thursday and may be a little heavier snow maker for the sierra and not much rain for us and for the end of the weekend we will watch another chance of rain moving in late on sunday. next week is when we could see a significant storm coming in, and our model still disagrees with how much, but for how much of the bay area, that shows the red, and it's one to two inches of rain and the light purple for northern sonoma county, and lake possibly five to six inches of rain. we could see up to seven inches of rain up here, but less for the south bay.
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next week, a couple weeks before christmas, we could see a pretty good christmas present, up to three feet of snow in the sierra. we are going to see a very active weather pattern, and the need for a jacket pretty much all week. off and on showers for late today and again for thursday and late sunday night. over here at the bay bridge, very familiar. you see the low clouds in the background. we can see the east shore freeway from time to time, although our camera from time to time loses sight. that's pushing in towards richmond to san rafael. we talked about concord and walnut creek last week, and same thing for this week as far as visibility. also coming down in towards the tri-valley near the dublin suburb change, we lose sight of
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580 from time to time so watch out there. i think the crews have cleared here and i am waiting for entryr the highway 84 entry over the weekend and i could not find the link to that particular update, but they did tweet out a couple hours ago everything was on schedule. a couple crashes in fremont, but i will check 880 coming up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:23, and next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> she canceled a family trip because a wildfire was nearby, but she could not get her travel insurance to take her claim. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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good morning. susan fortune had the misfortune of booking a vacation around lake tahoe around the fire and had to cancel an almost $8,000 stay, and then the booking company gave her back $499. but she bought travel insurance but she kept getting errors when they tried to fill out a claim. but we contacted them and they
5:27 am
paid the claim. they appreciated nbc bay area for bringing the situation to their attention. read your policy and bring a copy of it with you when you trial to check ways to file a claim and document your loss. she was good and had the proof that insurance companies demand. if they don't pony up, maybe we can help. go to and click the responds option or call us at 888-996-tips. next, our top stories we are following today include a self defense class with a greater purpose. how the surge in hate crimes is leading to new programs for bay area children, and the lessons it can provide for everyone.
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and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪
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♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ it's just really challenging, so much so that i don't know if we are going to be able to do it. >> new travel restrictions for flyers. we are live at sfo to show you the rules flyers face when they arrive at the airport this morning. and then a beloved south bay restaurant is closing its doors. the reason the owner is calling it quits and why he will be forced to leave the country. plus, no snow means no hitting the slopes.
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the growing impact from the warm and dry temperatures on ski resorts nationwide. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. i hope you are off to a good start. i am kris sanchez. laura garcia has the day off. >> i am marcus washington. want to start with a look outside this morning. >> whew. >> that's a foggy start this morning. we want to check out the video from our production assistant. this is from the mounted dashcam raw and took this on her way in to work this morning. >> we have seen the fog drifting around to some areas that are not used to starting out with fog, and we are seeing that in san josé. only a quarter mile visibility in morgan hill and in livermore. i can tell you it was bad getting through sunol.
5:32 am
we have seen low visibility and dense fog in much of the north bay. we are also getting ready for showers. the fog will be very slow to clear, and we keep the clouds and temperatures reach in the mid-50s for parts of the north bay, and low 60s for the south bay, and rain moving in late this afternoon for parts of the north bay. we will go through the timeline and talk about how much rain you will get. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. cover that patio furniture. this is a live look at sfo, and even though we are talking about fog, there's another story relating to travel. there's new restrictions for international travelers, and cierra johnson is live at sfo. what is it these folks have in mind? >> reporter: good morning, kris. to start with all last week we notified you president biden would be making an announcement on thursday regarding some changes to the covid testing.
5:33 am
he did make that announcement on thursday and starting today travelers coming from international countries into the international terminals like this one will have to get their test a little closer to the time they depart for their flight. those new guidelines require that all travelers to the united states be tested for covid-19 within a day before their flight, and those fully vaccinated can present a test within three days of boarding their flight. while some travelers we spoke with said the move is crucial for spreading the variant. >> well, it's going to be a problem for some people. i am not sure if it will be available everywhere for all of the flyers. >> i think it's necessary, although it has made travel so complicated. >> you know, jake, you -- >> the top doctor, dr. anthony
5:34 am
fauci, he said travel bans could soon make a comeback. fauci appeared on "state of the union", and so far he said symptoms are not severe, and he said it's early and there's still a lot more to learn about the variant. take a look at your screen. this is a map of where that omicron variant of covid has been identified. as of sunday more than a dozen states identified the variant and health leaders say they expect that number to rise. back out here live, today is the first day those travelers come into this terminal will have to have had that earlier test done earlier close to departing, and that mask mandate we have on public transportation, buses, planes and trains, that will be extended until the middle of march of next year. a lot of measures being put in place to slow the spread of the newly discovered variant.
5:35 am
we are live at sfo, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. the omicron variant is suspected in one of the 17 cases reported from a cruise ship now docked in new orleans. at least 17 passengers and crew members tested positive aboard a norwegian cruise liner. all those are said to be symptomatic. a special class was held with kids in mind in san francisco. over the weekend there was an anti-bullying workshop for kids 7 to 12 years old. organizers say it's important that everybody learn how to prevent confrontations and defend themselves if necessary. >> in the anti-bully classes, we teach the kids how to find their voice and tell people to back off and leave them alone, and if somebody tries to put hands on them, we teach them to defend against a punch, a push, a choke
5:36 am
and a wrist grab. >> the instructors guided adults through a basic knife defense class. funeral services are set for thursday for kevin na sheeta, nishita. he was formerly a decorated police officer both in the san josé police department. public services are set for noon on thursday at the san josé civic center. vaccinations and masks are required indoors. the defense is expected to wrap the case as soon as this week in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. earlier last week, the former theranos ceo faced tough questions and is expected to return to the stand tomorrow. after 17 years the popular
5:37 am
mongolian barbecue in san mateo closes its doors next week. the unique dining style, the owner actually has made el camino mongolian barbecue his own, and customers noticed that. one drove all the way from daly city to dine at the restaurant one last time. >> it has a homey vibe, and my kids love the food over here and they love to create their own mixture and make the food, and the owners are so sweet and nice. that's what we will be missing, really. >> he says the pandemic forced him to close for nearly a year and business never picked up once they reopened, and he blames rising food and labor costs, and once he closes december 15th because he has no green card he will have to return to his native south
5:38 am
korea. you can see the dark under the snow. this is one resort now delaying openings indefinitely. >> we although the reason is not enough snow there, and how climate patterns are causing havoc on ski seasons everywhere. >> this is truly shocking. take a look behind me, and what would normally be a winter wonderland is dry grass and dirt. that's putting a damper on hopes for a ski season. there's a weather forecast and they are expecting some snow later in the week but not nearly enough that is required to operate a lift such as this. i will have more on that coming up on "today." >> thank you, erin. let's take a live look downtown san josé this morning. looks not too bad there this morning, but we have seen fog in
5:39 am
other places in san josé as well where that fog is just taking over. meteorologist, kari hall, has been, of course, monitoring that. kari, will that move out soon? >> it will be a while before it moves out. we have a weather system moving in and that will keep it cloudy, and once the fog clears out we will see the patchy dense fog sticking with us. we have a very active weather pattern headed our way. we can see the clouds connecting from hawaii all the way to the bay area. as we go into the next week or so we have been talking about how little snow there is in the sierra. we could see two to five inches this week, but if we could hold off to next week, there could be in some spots two to three feet of snow. we'll talk more about what is ahead with rain coming in, that's within a few minutes. mike, you say you need to be prepared for that fog? >> yeah, when you get through the fog, even if it's not blocking your visibility and you can see the roadway, sometimes
5:40 am
the signs are impeded and it feels different and so use caution. the benicia bridge shows you, looks like a halo and looks like a tunnel you are going through this. we have a disabled vehicle reported in the richmond area, and all of these freeways look great except for the span itself, a little brake tapping on the bay bridge. that fog creeping into fremont and hitting the dumbarton bridge, and we are seeing typical slowing here for 101. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, future housing on the line. new on "today in the bay," the new requirement taking center stage in the north bay. why it may improve the chances for many people trying to make it in the bay. in washington, president biden considering a diplomatic boycott of the olympics. we will have the very latest. plus, spotted, monarch
5:41 am
butterflies not the only ones returning in large numbers, the massive migration south of the border giving butterfly lovers new hope for a sustained recovery. that's coming up right here on "today in the bay." it's 5:40.
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the time is 5:43, and it's time to get moving because we have some patches of dense fog around the bay area. you do need to slow down on your way to work. we are only seeing quarter-mile
5:44 am
visibility from morgan hill to hayward and from livermore to much of the north bay. after this we will get more rain and we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. you are talking about this, kari, places like fremont where it's hard to see the deck from our rooftop cameras. there could be a crash in the area as well. we don't see it on this camera but i will show you where it's reported and you will see the sensors change, coming up. new over night police are investigating a shooting in union city along 7th street near garcia park. police say a man was found shot multiple times inside a parked vehicle. they are still working to learn what led up to the shooting and the man's identity. anybody with information is asked to call the union city police. and then former senator,
5:45 am
david perdue plans to announce his running for governor today. he lost in a u.s. senate runoff last fall to tip the balance of power in the senate. he since has been hand picked to unseat gop governor kemp who took heat from donald trump for refusing to help overturn the 2020 election results. right now stacey abrams is the leading democratic contender. president biden expected to announce u.s. government officials will not be going to the winter olympics. >> scott mcgrew, this is a diplomatic boycott? >> diplomatic because of china's terrible reputation on human rights. we did totally boycott the ops in 1980 because the russians invaded afghanistan. fans from america can't attend
5:46 am
one way or the other, and the games are locked down, they say, because of the coronavirus. washington objecting to attacks on democracy in kong kong and the attack on uighurs and minorities. the ioc says one tennis star is fine after she accused an important chinese official of sexual assault. you heard bob dole died over the weekend. he's one of the last great generations that fought in the second world war, a war hero that led the republican party and vice president. never won the top races but served his country for decades in congress, and kept the reputation of being able to reach across the aisle and get things done. live pictures of the white house
5:47 am
flags at half-staff as the government mourns its loss. that will fly that way until december 9th on the president's order. video of bob dole and his wife, elizabeth -- okay, no, i guess it's not video. we will talk about bob dole coming up on the "today" show. there's also an issue with former president trump. "the washington post" put together data showing then president trump was in close contact with 500 people when he tested positive for coronavirus the first time, including a party at the white house for amy coney barrett and the supreme court. a lot of the new facts come from the person that knew him best, his chief of staff at the time, mark meadows, whose tell-all
5:48 am
book comes out tomorrow. we're talking about all of it on social media. you'll find me on twitter, @scottmcgrew. >> thank you. leaders on maui are considering phasing out some of the short term rentals. the council members are considering banning some of the short-term rental options. they are getting a lot of blow back with short term rental property owners calling it government overreach. marin leaders meet tomorrow to focus on improving prospects for making it in the bay. they will discuss housing production through the end of the mandate, and many marin county cities are pushing back against the mandate citing recent wildfires and lack of
5:49 am
supply. monarch butterflies are not only making an impressive return along the california coast, but along central mexico, and it's drawing tourists and scientists alike. western monarchs are back by the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands this year in the monterey and santa cruz county areas. so eastern monarchs are numbering in the millions in mexico's 32,000 acre reserve after making a 2,000-mile journey. >> that's so cool to see, because their population dips so badly that it was not clear if they would survive. >> yeah, but they are thriving. >> so cool. trending this morning, antarctica had a complete solar eclipse on saturday. it gets continuous daylight from mid october until early april,
5:50 am
and for a total eclipse to happen the sun, moon and earth all need to be in perfect alignment. >> i always think of "little shop of horrors." remember that? >> no. >> did you do that in a musical? >> no, but i love it, you know, watching it. >> all right. a lot of people -- some people might like watching the fog. it's cool for some people. >> it's not fun at all to drive in. we are seeing the visibility getting low in some spots, and it's not so bad right here in oakland but as you are driving around you may encounter basically a wall of fog and then suddenly you are out of it. expect that on your way to work. it's going to be slow to clear today. take a look at how cool our temperatures will be this afternoon, reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s for today. once that fog lifts up, we will still be left with clouds and then some rain.
5:51 am
let's get to when that rain will be moving in. we could start to see very spotty light showers moving in by 1:00 to 2:00 this afternoon in parts of the north bay, and maybe sprinkling in parts of the east bay as well as the south bay. some of the more measurable rain we will see later on tonight, around the evening commute from san francisco northward and then quickly moving across the rest of the bay area later on tonight. this is going to be off and on until sunrise tomorrow morning, and then clearing out the rest of the day. this is not a significant storm but will bring in a change in our weather pattern, and at least a quarter inch of rain for mill valley and maybe 0.1 of an inch for the south bay. we are getting ready for two rounds of rain in the forecast, and then a third one may be moving in by sunday. i think by early next week we will have a much more significant storm system, so even with these couple of storms
5:52 am
we will see for the next few days, we are looking at less than a quarter to half inch of rain, and next week some of our models are putting down possibly four to five inches of rain for the north bay, and then the gfs model is putting down about seven inches of rain around ukiah. notice how that drops off as you head to the south bay, about a quarter inch of rain or less. we are just waiting to hammer out the timeline and how much we will see, but we do have rain in the near term and our temperatures stay cool throughout the week. for thursday, we will have another quick round of showers and chilly temperatures, and very cool on friday, maybe even starting out with freezing temperatures and for san francisco, also very cool, upper 50s throughout much of the week. mike, you are checking out the fog in the south bay? >> yeah, the camera showing you 280. we show you 280 making the winding roadway. for a while we could not see 280, but now we can see it and it kind of alluded all the city
5:53 am
lights. your context could be thrown off, but despite that we have a lighter volume and a bit of slowing at 680 coming out of silicon valley and heading towards milpitas. it looks like they could be moving the vehicles off the shoulder just shy of mission boulevard, and the commute is in the opposite direction for the most part. watch that if you are heading north into fremont. fog there, visibility limited at times. vasco, contra costa county, just a mild build at the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad just yet. >> thanks, mike. happening now, hiring remains a problem for small businesses. the national federation of independent businesses says 49% of businesses are trying to fill open positions. when it comes to top issues in
5:54 am
the labor shortage, it's not just the hiring of workers. business owners say there's a lack of qualified applicants and cost of labor and rising compensation also a factor. the number of the recent -- the numbers reflect, i should say, a 48 year high for this. the new allegation chris cuomo faces and how he is responding this morning. the volcano in indonesia erupting once again, and that situation has now turned deadly there. plus, changing how some cities respond to 911 calls. ahead in a live report, the experts that will now ride along with police when it comes to certain kinds of emergencies. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
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welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." new developments this morning, a spokesperson for chris cuomo is denning new allegations of sexual misconduct against the former cnn anchor. those reports came out over the weekend in the aftermath of his firing. cnn originally suspended for helping his brother, new york governor, andrew cuomo, with
5:58 am
damage control. the network fired chris cuomo citing additional information. and cuomo's attorney said if the goal for those accusations was to see cnn discipline cuomo, that may have been the reason for the allegations. mt. seem arue erupted saturday and again this morning near java. right now 27 people are still missing. rescue crews are combing through the mud and debris for potential survivors. a bay area woman making it her mission to help those having a hard time making it in the
5:59 am
bay. she used her own money called author jean safe place, a home. over the weekend volunteers stuffed backpacks with blankets and personal hygiene products and more. the group also gave out hot meals. >> i love people. i do. and i couldn't figure out how i was going to dedicate my life to helping people. i just took what my mom had been through and i took my experience from being homeless, being hungry, being on the street -- i took that experience and i put it together and now we have author jean's safe place. >> yeah, helping your fellow neighbor. the organization is doing anything it can and any donations will be gladly accepted. it's named after her mother.
6:00 am
she was struck with an infected needle, dying at the age of 47 back in 1992. quickly approaching 6:00 for you this morning, and new travel restrictions under way. we are live with what experts still do not know. >> and then changing how police respond to a crisis. one restaurant offers an olive branch to san francisco police after denning service to the officers. this is "today in the bay." good morning on this monday. i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez


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