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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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leave. it's good to have you on this tuesday. i am kris sanchez. >> i am scott mcgrew. laura and marcus have the day off. overnight, light rain moved through the bay area so they have wet roads for your commute. how long is wet weather sticking around, kari? >> the rain was expected to be in the overnight hours and we will see it tapering off over the next few hours. we are seeing the sky clearing in the north bay, and that could set the stage for fog, and some of the light showers pushing through the south county right now as it moves away from the bay area, we will gradually see the sky clearing today. cool temperatures stick around and another round of rain moving in by the end of the week. i will have that in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. in just a few hours, the city of oakland combating the recent spike in crime, especially homicides.
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>> the city council will vote on new incentives to hire new police officers. >> reporter: that vote taking place in a few hours from now. the mayor of the oakland city council, they want to fill positions in the police department and they want to fill them with veterans from other departments to entice these veterans to come over to opd with a $50,000 signing bonus. this emergency proposal comes in response to recent mob robberies at retail stores, and the city just recorded its 129th homicide for 2021, which puts oakland on track to finish its deadliest
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year in a decade. recent murder that tried to stop a theft, and these officers are needed on the streets asap, and to accomplish that she proposes a city hire an independent recruiting firm. >> a nationwide search for experienced, talented and committed patrol officers with a diverse background and no history of misconduct. i want to be very clear -- they will outline oakland's values as well. >> the city will count on $20,000 bonuses for oakland
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citizens to enroll in the police academy, and she wrote this proposed increase that police services will not impact other services including the historic investments just made in the violence prevention. they are going to hold a virtual protest against this proposal to get more officers on the street. they want to tell city council, and i am quoting here, there's no police staffing crisis and they want to reject, quote, libby schaaf's fear mongering propaganda. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. it's 5:03. we have a follow-up. the reward continues to grow. it's now $38,000. the effort to track down the gunman that shot and killed a security guard protecting a tv crew in oakland. he died on november 27th.
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the public memorial service is scheduled for this thursday at the san josé civic center. president biden holding a high stakes video conference with russian president, vladimir putin, today. this comes as the white house weighs possible sanctions against russia. today in the bay's alice barr is in washington. this is a balance that president biden has got to take. >> no question, scott. this is an important relationship and a complicated relationship, and there are things we need diplomatically from that country and there are things people say we need to show we are not going to stand for, and it's a separate diplomatic flare-up in china, and the president is under pressure from congress members in both parties to take a tougher stance. with new satellite images giving
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a clearer pictures of russian troop movements near the ukrainian border, and today president biden is preparing to confront russian president, vladimir putin, on whether he plans to attack the former ally. >> the white house press secretary confirming the biden administration is prepared to respond with sanctions. analysts say president putin has been undeterred in the past. >> what we need to do now is beef up our own troops in the nato region, and provide more defense equipment to ukraine. >> the simmering tensions come amid a dust-up with china, after the white house announced the
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upcoming boycott of the olympics. >> let's make our statement loud and clear through not sending diplomats to bay saeupbg. >> china calling the boycott an offense, and promising resolute counter measures. >> president biden is coordinating his russia response with european allies, holding a call with top leaders yesterday. in china and russia he's walking a fine line, and he needs both countries to counter iran's nuclear threat and counter issues like climate change. >> thank you. the omicron variant is spreading to more states and now officials working to balance new safety protocols as the case numbers go up. new york city issuing a sweeping vaccine mandate that affects nearly all private sector
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employees. sam block has more on the measure that is in effect. >> kris, good morning. we are at a fragile point with covid, and 100,000 cases of covid every day with concerns that the omicron variant is adding fuel to the fire. it's considered a cautionary tale, new york city is a prime example with the mayor issuing a mandate for vaccines for all private sector employees that will be in person, and keep in mind, there are 184,000 businesses in new york city, that is up to 3.6 million workers and naturally you are going to see pushback and we have seen legal battles play out
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for mandatory vaccines. we will have more information for you coming up on a cruise line outbreak with 17 cases linked to a norwegian cruise line ship that left new orleans. much more coming up on "today." >> thank you, sam. back here in the bay area, recently released study of marin schools suggests the county experienced lower transmission rates when schools reopened their classrooms last year. the study looked at 77 elementary and middle schools between fall of 2020 and the third week of 2021. researchers concluded fewer infections when schools were back in place. during school breaks, however, community cases climbed. from vaccines to variants, we continue our reporting online. head to and that's where you will find the
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latest news. this morning some of the last survivors of pearl harbor gathered in hawaii to remember. >> richard, who was not only there that day in 1941, but he said he knew something was coming that fateful day. he was part of the radar team. that technology back then was brand-new. he said it's a warning he could never forget. >> so when we got the coordinates, we would send them into him. the lieutenant said forget about it, that's it, don't worry about it. okay, and for some reason, i don't know why i ever did this, i copied it down. >> he saved the first message, and he tells the rest of the story on "today" right after "today in the bay." this is in alameda.
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you can see the wet streets as they wake up, and there's good coffee shots on the alameda. notice the wet roads after the overnight rain moved in and it caught me off guard. people say, don't you work on the news? yeah, but when kari is talking, i'm busy doing something else. >> i think a lot of people may have missed that one, because it did move through the overnight hours and it is moving out now. the rest of the week, we will have another chance of showers before the weekend. ahead we do have more rain in the forecast. let's get a look at storm ranger right now. we are seeing some of the light showers moving out of the bay area, pushing to the south and the sky is clearing to the north, so we may, once again, see the fog redeveloping. i will watch that. mike, you have one new crash that will affect the morning commute. >> overall, things are looking great up and down the peninsula. we have fog and mist and drizzle
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continuing in the south county but not a major factor. this is looking at north bay vasco, the connector between byron and 580. there's a crash, and the car is back on its wheels. southbound, heading down towards 580, there should not be any delays. >> thank you. keeping our kids safe online. next on "today in the bay," the new safety features instagram is set to roll out for its app and how it will help parents monitor what teens access. plus --
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♪♪ >> north bay's superstar is showing up and showing out. the special tribute to the singer set to perform tonight at the people's choice awards.
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starting out with wet roads and damp conditions but we will get some sunshine today and our temperatures reach into the low 60s for san josé and palo alto, and 50 degrees in antioch. we'll talk about our next round of rain in the forecast, coming up. damp roads, yeah, kari said that and we are showing sheen there on warren in the foreground. the cars have pretty much dried out the pavement, but we are looking for slick spots and will check in with our friend, bertha. >> i am bertha coombs from cnbc. the future on wall street are pointing to a higher open extending gains after the big rebound yesterday following a roller coaster week. the investors are looking past the impact of the omicron variant. the dow gaining 650 points and the s&p 500 jumped more than 1%,
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and the nasdaq that had been in the red for much of the day reversed late in the day and closed up nearly 1%. in focus today, we have earnings so far from auto zone that we are better than expected, and hearing from dfw and toll brothers and stitch fix, and we will get the latest on the u.s. trade deficit. and then tesla is replacing some of the cameras in some models here in the u.s. the reason? the faulty circuit board inside. the camera enable driver assisted features like auto pilot and what is happening around the cars particularly in blind spots. the company has not issued a recall for that issue. meantime, instagram is set to roll out its first set of parental controls for children starting in march.
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parents will be able to see how long their teenagers have spent using instagram and limit the amount of time kids spend on the app. it's scheduled to appear before a senate committee on wednesday. -- among the stars tonight at the people's choice awards, h.e.r. the award-winning singer will
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take the stage and perform a tribute to marvin gaye. that will be exciting. this is also on the anniversary of his iconic album, "what's going on." you can watch the people's choice award here on nbc bay area tonight at 9:00. if you are not in the holiday spirit, maybe tonight show host, jimmy fallon, can help you get there. take a listen. ♪♪ >> ariana grande joining fallon for their new tune, and it was a masked christmas. it reflects the challenges of last christmas during the pandemic, and hopefully it will improve because so much is true
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for this christmas. >> i heard a song on the radio, and it said christmas is not canceled, just you. was not a love song. >> doesn't sound like it. >> that was general broadcast, not sent directly to you, right? >> no. but i've been there. kari, we would love to see more of the rain, even though it made my hair frizzy this morning. >> yeah, it's all good because we need it at this point and it will make the commute more slick. we will take a look at the live camera at the golden gate bridge, and you can see the raindrops left on the camera lens. we're starting out with rain, and we are not going to complain about any part of what the rain brings, right? we are going to see some high humidity with us this morning, and yes, that may mean a bad air day, but at least our plants are getting watered.
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we are getting a look at light rain moving from morgan hill down to gilroy and this is the last bit of that. it was fairly quick moving and a weak storm system passing by. we will have more in the forecast. the door is open, so now we have another one that will be coming in on thursday. a lot of the rain skips us, but we will bring in light snow for the sierra. we take a break for a few days and then get ready for an atmospheric river between sunday and monday. this may be a pretty big one. the models going back and forth on how much rain we can see. this is one computer model where you see the bright pink that indicates two to three inches of rain over the santa cruz mountains and could be more. then we have another computer model putting as much as six to seven inches of rain across the santa cruz mountains and two to three inches of rain for the north bay, and it's almost off the charts for the sierra. this is why, the systems we are seeing now will bring us two to
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three inches of snow this week, but look at next week, it could be 52 inches of snow to 74 inches of snow. if you are thinking about going there for christmas to go skiing, you might want to go ahead and get in those reservations as we will see a decent snowstorm come in if this pans out. a chilly but sunny weekend until we see the storm system coming in on sunday, and that continues into monday. mike, how is it looking on the bay area? >> smoothly, and no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. should be seeing the metering lights on in 15 to 20 minutes. we cannot make out the city lights too clearly in the background, and that means low clouds are hovering around. the drizzle and fog will keep
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the roadways damp in some spots. over here no problem for fremont, the tri-valley. the altamont pass, some slowing. between san martin and san josé, the slowdown starting right here. next on "today in the bay," about one year after california approved the use of one pesticide, a judge is now halting its use. the danger opponents argue what is affecting the echo system. that was day six of the 12 days of christmas. i am starting off this month by
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showing awesome budget gifts to give. follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter to join in on the fun. we'll be right back. you are watching "today in the bay."
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♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪
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♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ the legal group earth justice is praising the decision of a judge to halt the use of a pesticide that opponents argue is harmful to honeybees.
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it's called -- sorry, i don't know how to pronounce that. the beekeeping association claims the bees bring toxic back to the hives and then it's catastrophic. >> you have tough chemicals, and i have spanish words in this one. i will need your help. our climate for crisis, the rain forest in puerto rico and it is managed by the u.s. forest service -- that's interesting. >> was this really some of the only remaining rain forest on
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the top of the mountain? >> yes. >> now what is the status? >> if you look at the latest description, we are at 65% so we are back full circle. >> that's good news. you can watch the full story on the "today" show, part of a whole network wide series called rescuing the rain forest coming up on "today in the bay." a state of emergency now declared in the hawaiian islands. an up-close look at the conditions there and what you need to know if you are planning a trip there anytime soon. >> reporter: [ inaudible ].
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right now at 5:30, teachers in one of the bay area's largest school districts are now required to be vaccinated to work in the classroom. we will have a live report ahead on what is at stake for those to meet these requirements. feels safer. before it was all crazy. >> the surge in bay area retail thefts facing stores to take action. the key vote that will allow off duty deputies to boost security and the new security measures one grocery store is implementing to curb shoplifting. the theranos ceo back in the
5:31 am
courtroom. when the defense is set to wrap up its case. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. i am kris sanchez. >> i am scott mcgrew. laura and marcus has the day off, and kari does not because there's lots of rain out there. look at this. this is san josé, you will recognize it as the alameda with overnight rain moving in. kari is tracking the forecast. >> it's so nice to see. it has been so long since we have had some rain, and even though it was not a big storm, this is the first of many that will be coming in over the next few days. the rain is rolling out as it moves into the south county right now, and moving out of the bay area, you may have a little bit of a wet commute for the start of the day, but the rest of the day will be clearing out. we will see sunshine this afternoon as temperatures stay cool. once again, we do have more rain in the forecast especially as we head towards thursday morning, even though it also does not look like a big storm. we do have one in the forecast that could bring us a
5:32 am
significant amount of rain and sierra snow. i will have more on that in the forecast, coming up in a few minutes. thanks, kari. today is the deadline for teachers in one bay area school district to show their proof of vaccination, and this comes as some businesses decide to tighten their vaccine requirements in light of the new omicron variant. today in the bay's cierra johnson joins us live. cierra, which school district has that deadline? >> reporter: good morning, kris. that school district is west contra costa for those teachers and it's not only the teachers in that district that need to show that proof of vaccination, and in a couple days it's also the students that need to show their proof of vaccination. west contra costa unified vaccine mandate, the teachers must show their proof today, and
5:33 am
then 12 and up will need to show their proof of vaccination, and piedmont also has a vaccine mandate. every teacher has to be fully vaccinated or have a approved exemption. the district, like many, struggling with the teacher shortage and some are worried the mandate will make it worst, and the teachers' union said it has the opposite affect. >> we actually are finding teachers want to go teach in contra costa because of the vaccine mandate making them feel safer and want to go teach here. >> the president of the united teacher's union of richmond said 99% of it's 1,600 members are vaccinated, and the students must be fully vaccinated by
5:34 am
january 3rd. some businesses are tightening their covid restrictions. new covid protocols are in effect at chase center, and that announcement was announced after last night's game, and kids 5 to 11 must show proof of vaccination or have a negative test result. sap said they will have more testing for kids, and you may not want to risk getting there and not having enough time to get to that venue and them closing down the testing center. we're live in san francisco. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." meanwhile, bay area health experts weighing in on early findings that omicron could be
5:35 am
more contagious but include milder symptoms. that's the preliminary studies from south africa where omicron is raging. the specialist disease specialists said hospitalizations are not increasing at the rate as they were with delta-related infections. >> it's probably what you would expect from the baseline reads of infections in the community, but they don't seem to be very severe, even if they are hospitalized. >> while we are still studying the effectiveness of current vaccines. the defendant and their no, sir founder will be back on the stand today where when we last saw her she was being cross examined by prosecutors.
5:36 am
the defense is expected to wrap its case as early as this week. you can follow our reporting of the theranos trial by going to everyday stores like safeway along with restaurants are facing that same threat. yesterday morning somebody broke into the rt rotisserie in san francisco and took the register. customers say common theft is a common sight at one city safeway at market and church. >> the old self check out, people would do their stuff like they were checking out and just walked out without paying. >> management has reduced store hours, and closed a main entrance and locked up most products and installed fencing inside, one way in and one way out. the changes have gotten mixed reactions. some customers story the store could close if crime is not reduced. a key vote that would allow
5:37 am
off duty sheriff deputies to be hired by stores in certain neighbors in an effort to stop the smash and grab officers. the deputies would wear their uniform when working and would be armed. a utility pole caught fire just before midnight in milpitas on montague expressway. we do not have confirmation of the cause, but we do know sometimes after a long period of dry weather that dust accumulates in the transformer boxes and they tend to spark when it finally rains. meanwhile in hawaii concerns about potentially catastrophic flooding with a strong but slow-moving storm passing through. this is video of heavy winds pummeling the island of oahu. nbc's kerry sanders has the
5:38 am
story from oahu. >> in some cases, two inches an hour. in some areas, 15 inches flowing down, so the concerns this morning is actual flood slides. so much rain and flooding, it moved parked cars down the street. there were some schools closed and power is out, and this is not what you expect when you talk about hawaii. there are many here on honeymoons and vacations, and today is the 80th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, and there are some veterans that survived that and made their way back here today, they plan to once again, no matter what the weather is, honor those shipmates who died in that attack. scott? >> thank you, much. we will take you out live to the bay bridge this morning where you can see the sheen of the
5:39 am
headlights. do be careful out there. let's check in with mike. or kari. >> okay. we're seeing some light showers moving through early this morning, and it's clearing further to the north. the last little bit of rain rolling through and clearing out as we take a live look outside in san josé. still low clouds and we are going to see temperatures remaining steady over the next several hours, and the icons will clear out by noon and reach into the low 60s for today, and that's about normal for this time of year. 59 will be the high in livermore, and 62 in santa rosa with a lot of sunshine later today. looking forward to that as well as more rain. mike, you are seeing the drops on the golden gate bridge. >> yeah, sometimes i think i can
5:40 am
see the mist, but that could be wishful thinking. wishful thinking because we need the moisture, and kari is getting excited about the future forecast, so stick with her so you know the timeline of what to expect. over here, mild slowing, not a big backup but slowing and volume is building, and there's patches along byron highway. all of this fog is creeping in, and it was along 101 and now creeping into much of silicon valley, and so keep that in mind. so far the speeds are in the green zone for your drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. now to a live look at san francisco. new this morning a troubling report finds nearly half of all traffic deaths are because of left-hand turns. vision zero, san francisco's
5:41 am
road safety group said in 201940% of traffic deaths were caused when somebody did not see the person in the crosswalk and hit that in response, the city is making changes at 35 intersections to slow down drivers and make pedestrians more visible. and the case gained tons of attention after jussie smollett said he was attacked as a result of a hate crime, and now he's on the stand. and then how much would you pay to go to space? check out our instagram show, "synced in," and we are looking at the san francisco restaurant apologizing after refusing service to three police officers.
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good tuesday morning. right now at 5:44, our temperatures starting out cool in santa rosa at 48 degrees, and cloudy right now. we will get sunshine today and a nice afternoon, and we're getting ready for more rain in the forecast, and we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. the chp blotter does not show the metering lights as being on, but the backup forming at the toll plaza, the backup
5:45 am
starting out of oakland, and we will talk about slicker roadways and what else you might find. happening today, actor jussie smollett is back on the stand facing felony charges on making a false police officer on an alleged attack. he is hoping to convince the jury of a hate crime and not the mastermind of a hoax. if found guilty, smollett could face three years in prison. and then here's a look at times square, and there's a measure for those that have green cards to vote in local elections. not in the presidential elections. council members are expected to
5:46 am
ratify that today and it could be signed into law later this week. alameda county has its final redistricting map. later today the board reviews the map and next week they are expected to give it final approval. you can buy, own and read governor newsom new children's book. it tells the story of a boy that struggles with dyslexia and discovers a new way to read. the proceeds are being donated to the international dyslexia association. also today the governor will start a bit of a book tour in san francisco. it's 5:46. how much would you pay to go to space? how about around $28 million, and then times two because one person bought a ticket for himself and his son. the next blue origin launch is
5:47 am
set for thursday, and among those onboard, layne best and his son, cameron. he is a venture capitalist, the ceo of venture. >> this was one of the most unexpected and spectacular opportunities, so why not grab that. >> he got the tickets by bidding them up on auction, and he did not say exactly what he paid, but ballpark 28 million. >> our buddy, scott budman, he said there was a charity component to that, and that made me feel better. >> yeah. a luxury san francisco mansion once owned by a coffee mogul reportedly just sold for under list price.
5:48 am
the market getting better. >> once owned by hills brothers coffee heir. it sold for just under $13 million. again, under list price. >> does it come with a coffee machine? >> and a person that does it as well. >> is there a charity component with that, too? no. kari, scott was surprised, but your girl listened and covered the furniture last night. >> thank you for listening, and hopefully there's more people out here listening because we have a lot of changes in our forecast. we're not just going back into that dry weather after this quick little round of rain. we will have more rain coming our way by the end of the week and next week, too. a little light showers still left behind. we are tracking it on storm ranger, that's the red scanner
5:49 am
seeing there, and it's giving us a look at the clearing skies further to the north as the rain pushes to the south. maybe 0.1 of an inch of rain, and then this one could bring in light snow for the sierra, so there are winter storm watches up for that area. for us, maybe 10.1 of an inch o rain once again. there's a big atmospheric river gearing up, and this could be like what we saw in october. let's get a look at what some of the computer models are showing. the possibility of one to two inches in the areas that are red, and the santa cruz mountains, maybe two to three, possibly up to five inches of rain, and that's one computer model. let me show you another one. they don't yet quite agree where they see the white and the gray, that's six to seven inches of
5:50 am
rain in the santa cruz mountains. in the north bay, there could be two to three inches of rain. we will see as we get closer how much rain we could possibly get out of this, and it looks like a big snow maker with the next round coming in with two to six inches of snow, but look at next week. once we get the next stormld pot several feet of snow, maybe up to 74 inches for king vale in kirkwood. that's what we have been waiting on because it has been so long since we had a decent snow. it will be a chilly weekend and lots of sunshine friday into saturday. we will fine tune that forecast to let you know when and how much, but looking at our forecast for the next several days in san francisco, the next round of rain comes in early on thursday. mike says the commute is looking pretty good despite the light rain.
5:51 am
>> yeah, i was looking here on the san josé camera, it's hard to make out what is happening on the road but you see the lights are glowing, and that means the water is kicking up on northbound 101, and i thought maybe we could see fog as well. for everybody south of 280 along the silicon valleyre could be visibility herbs. we saw issues from morgan san martin. one of the factors could be folks are slowing down as they see the fog, and that's kind of metering the traffic. keep it in mind if you are driving through these areas, you will need to slow down because the reference points are not always there, so slow down and watch for the signs and other cars. highway 37, and at the bay bridge, nothing dramatic, but
5:52 am
it's what we could expect on a tuesday around this time. the bay bridge slowly, slowly showing the build happen here and the slowdown on the incline, not a major factor. we showed you vasco seeing the most impact over the last 15 minutes. a lot slower now getting on to 580. back to you. happening now, california would be the first state in the nation to decriminalize several drugs like lsd and magic mushrooms. the bill would allow anybody 21 years and older to possess the drugs. the bill is being debated in the state assembly. with the holidays around, you may be wondering when ski season will start. that's a tough question to answer. still ahead on "today in the
5:53 am
bay," meteorologist, kari hall, explains how climate change is interrupting snowfall in the sierra. not just snow, but lack of rain is pushing governor newsom to push for statewide restrictions. and the fines you could face if you are wasting water. and then at 6:00, a push to get more officers out on the streets and breaking down what that could cost. we're looking live outside at walnut creek. you see the skies are not clear. it's going to be a chilly day, and there's rain this morning. we'll tell you how long it's going to last. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. the time is 5:56. you are watching "today in the bay." in today's climate in crisis we go to the sierra where once again many resorts are delaying the opening of their ski season due to the lack of snow and the warm temperatures. let's take a look at our current sierra snowpack. in the northern sierra it's only 11% of the normal amount for this date and the lake tahoe region is at 16% of normal. we had such a great start in
5:57 am
october but since then little snow has fallen and it melted quickly so the sierra snowpack is so vital to our water source, with fresh water coming from snow-melt that fills our reservoirs. climate change is making that water source less reliable with more frequent drought. only twice have we gotten our normal amount of snow or better in the last 20 years, and with the lack of snow that will only get worse. find more on our climate in crisis page at also stay with our climate in crisis with new measures to battle the drought. governor newsom is on the brink of making it illegal to wash your car without a shutoff nozzle, and no hosing off your
5:58 am
sidewalk or patio. state fines could run 500 bucks. the state water board will vote on the new rules on january 4th. it's 5:57. central valley house lawmaker devin nunes is retiring from congress. he is leaving to become the ceo of the new trump media and technology group. nunez was the intelligence of the committee. california's redistricting commission released draft maps last month that may have jeopardized his re-election chances. a long island man accused to launch the attack on new york's pride festival saying it would be so devastating. >> he mailed letters to the
5:59 am
lgbtq community threatening to assault, shoot and bomb individuals. they claim he mailed threatening letters over nearly a decade. he now faces up to five years in prison. seeking solutions to end the violence in oakland. ahead in a live report, the emergency actions taken today to get more officers on the street. plus, staying safe. the protocols you might see across the country in order to slow the spread of the omicron variant, and the response to one city's new controversial new mandate. and today remembering pearl harbor, how the nation is marking the somber day ahead, and marking the what-if story. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting to your television and streaming live on and on your app. good morning. it's tuesday morning. i am scott mcgrew. >> i am kris sanchez. marcus and laura are off today.
6:00 am
we want to take you live for a . the golden gate bridge there on the left. kari, any chance we will get the wet weather to stick around >> we will get it to return, more rain in the forecast before the end of the week. also ahead, rain and snow that could be with us at the start of next week. right now, light showers moving across the bay area. we still have sprinkles for parts of the bay and in san francisco. the clearing trend is what we are expecting for the rest of the day. once again, we do have more rain in the forecast, headed for sunshine today. tomorrow the clouds start to move back in and as early as late tomorrow night, into early thursday morning, another round of light rain moves in. we will


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