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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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much for this. and i just want to tell you that, you know, muhammad ali, one of my favorite quotes that he says is "the service to others is the rent you pay for the room you have here on earth. [ cheers and applause i want to tell you just how much you've inspired me and everyone around you and certainly everyone here. but i want to give you this. [ cheers and applause because you represent everything that is means to be a people's champion so this is for you [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> you want to say something >> okay. first, thank you for this.
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i didn't expect this at all. but i mean just thank you to make a wish in general i just never expected that something this big could happen. this is crazy. i never thought just from being sick that it could end up in this yeah, thank you so much to you and to make a wish >> our pleasure. and i want to say this kenan, we're going to go to you here i want to close this out with one of my favorite quotes that i heard when i was 15 years old, and i never forgot it. it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice thank you, guys. congratulations. >> incredible. thank you dwayne johnson, the people's champion. thank you to all you beautiful people for tuning in congrats to all the winners. good night, everybody. we want to send love and condolences to my brother nick cannon i love you i love all of you.
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have a great night, everybody! ♪ right now at 11:00. how well are vaccines working against omicron? what we are learning about the new variant and the pfizer vaccine. also, a new recommendation for the holiday season. take an at-home covid test before that get-together. but how easy is it to buy one? we went shopping. plus. >> then, he pulled out like a 6-inch switchblade and started swinging it at everybody. >> from his hospital bed, we have the exclusive interview of this san francisco man who was attacked by a stranger.
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his neighbors say this was the final straw. and i just got an u date late tonight on that next storm. i will show you how much rain, wind, and snow it could bring us. good evening, i'm raj mathai. we begin with the new concern about the effectiveness of the pfizer vaccine as it relates to the new omicron variant. this comes, as the cdc is urging everyone to get an at-home test before attending holiday parties. so where you do get those tests and how much are they? ian cull is in the newsroom with some answers. ian? >> raj, it may not be as easy to find one, especially as concern grows over the new variant. and tonight, we are learning a little more about it. the pfizer vaccine may not be as effective against omicron, according to that new study but some doctors are urging calm tonight. tonight, new data from a small study in south africa is making headlines around the world. it is based on just 12 covid
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patients, but suggests pfizer's vaccine is less effective against the omicron variant. a 40fold decrease in vaccine-induced antibodies that could neutralize the new variant. but the research, not yet peer reviewed, does show those who got covid before, and then were vaccinated, fared much better. indicating boosters may provide added protection. ucsf infectious disease expert dr. monica gandhi says the study shouldn't be alarming. >> but what that doesn't tell us is the two arms of the immune system that are still at work for us, and what they are called is, um, you develop with vaccines t cells and b cells. and t cells protect us against severe disease. >> reporter: dr. gandhi adds this is a lab study but the real-world results have been encouraging. >> the cdc equivalent in europe just put out report today that in collecting about a thousand cases around the world, anyone who is vaccinated, either mild symptoms or no symptom the as
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all. so that really is pointing toward the clinical data. >> reporter: tonight, omicron infections have now been identified in at least 20 states, while the delta variant is driving 99% of new infections in the u.s., health officials urging vaccinations. >> know this. everyone in north america is either going to get vaccinated or you are going to get covid. >> and moving forward issue the cdc is suggesting before families travel and gather for the holidays, of taking an at-home test for extra reassurance. the white house has said it is working to make at-home covid tests more available and free. while those on private insurance can take one, and get reimbursed by their provider. tonight in north son san jose, we had trouble finding these that run $23 for two tests but store managers told us that supply is often replenished, and to keep checking back. >> ian still with us now, you talked about the pfizer vaccine and its effectiveness or lack of effectiveness perhaps. what about moderna and j&j? >> yeah well right now, only the j&j and pfizer vaccines are being given in south africa.
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pfizer making up about two-thirds of all doses administered there. and also, we are going to get more data on how the pfizer vaccine holds up against omicron. that is going to be expected from the company, itself, tomorrow or thursday. raj. >> okay. and to clarify, those at-home tests are available, hit and miss, at the local cvs or walgreens? >> exactly, it depends what store you go to even from town to town just got to keep checking back. as more cases of this omicron variant are detected, more questions are being asked. we are working to get you answers. our website,, and our app is a great resource. right now, we have a q&a with another one of our covid experts, dr. peter chin hong from ucsf. just krol down to the coronavirus pandemic section. only on nbc, there are many layers to the problems happening in san francisco, including a good samaritan who tried to help during this tense situation. ultimately, the good samaritan ended up in the hospital with a knife wound.
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now, his neighbors are speaking up about what they say is fueling crime south of market. nbc bay area's jean elle has the exclusive interview. >> when he started to kick the door in, i called 911. >> reporter: from his hospital bed, mark tells us about the moments leading up to being slashed in the arm near his business, the box sf, on howard street this morning. sackett and his neighbors say they started following the man after he kicked the door more than once. they say they wanted to point him out to police. the owner of tony baloney's cafe and deli said the situation quickly escalated. >> so he start want to chase me and my -- got next to me and start want to chase both of us. he pulled the knife out. >> then, he pulled out like a 6-inch switchblade and started swinging it at everybody. >> reporter: video neighbors took shows police arresting the man after sackett was slashed.
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business owners on the block say they have had enough. >> i have been here 30 years. i am about to sell and run away. >> they say during the pandemic, theft, vandalism, and violence are part of daily life. they blame drug use and drug sales outside nearby shelter in place hotels. >> drug dealing. business, stealing and wheeling and dealing and selling and it's a mess. >> and it seems like it's a haven for drug activity. >> reporter: he is recovering from surgery on his arm tonight. he was at his office this morning to meet with an artist who is participating in a holiday makers fair he is hosting this weekend. he says he is concerned crime in san francisco will keep customers away. >> i believe san francisco's turning into a third-world country and we need to do something to curb the crime. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> we are going to hear from mayor london breed in a moment. as expected, the city council elected matt francois.
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mayor francois has lived in walnut creek for two decades and has been member of the city council since 2018. tonight, he addressed public safety. >> council has already taken concrete steps to ensure walnut creek remains a safe place to work, play, and visit. we will not be complacent in this regard, and we will be vigilant in pursuit of protecting public safety. >> walnut creek plans to spend $2 million of federal stimulus money on public safety measures. this comes after that flash-mob robbery at the broadway plaza nordstrom a few weeks ago. back to san francisco, what is the action plan to deal with those flash-mob robberies? the city wants to allow off-duty sheriff's deputies to work as private security guards. today, city supervisor joined the sheriff and police chief to outline this program. if approved by supervisors, it would allow off-duty deputies to
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work as private security just like sfpd officers already do. mayor breed supports the idea and says this is part of her plan to make places like union square safer. >> we are already seeing a significant difference. we're not -- the people down there, whether they work there or they're traveling there, there's not been any incidents since what happened at that store. >> mayor breed joining us on our 7:00 p.m. newscast this evening, the police chief and sheriff say this plan will help meet the demand for more security without affecting current staffing levels. in oakland now, a highly anticipated vote is in the books. tonight, the city council approved two extra police academies. this means up to 60 additional cops by 2023. however, some people are critical of this plan. to add more cops. here is nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> council member.
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>> abstained. >> reporter: five other members voting yes tonight. council member noel gallo the only member of the oakland city council to vote no to redirect additional funds to pay for two new police academies. gallo says he wants his constituents to know he is in favor of increasing the number of sworn officers on the streets. what he is against is hiring officers from other police agencies. he says that hasn't worked out well in the past. >> there is still many unanswered questions regarding the lateral academy. how much -- how -- how -- what are the incentive amounts from 50,000 or 20,000 to attract somebody to come here to oakland. >> reporter: tonight, oakland mayor libby schaaf thanking council members to voted to amend its budget to add the academies saying in part, our residents spoke up today and their voices were heard. they spoke up for a
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comprehensive approach to public safety. public safety is a major concern in oakland. there has been a surge in violent crime. the number of people killed in the city now stands at 129. the highest in about a decade. robberies and calls for service are out of control. the anti-police terror project says opd is wasting taxpayers' money on overtime and responding to nonviolent issues. >> it's a manufactured crisis, meant to roll back and -- and destroy, um, the reimagination movement and what's terrifying about this is as oakland goes so the does the country. >> oakland's police chief strongly disagreeing with that, saying tonight that the department doesn't have enough officers because they are leaving in record numbers. >> when we have major events in the city that we didn't expect, like armed caravans that come over to loot dispensaries and other businesses, that means that we have to, you know, extend officers' shifts. >> reporter: the department is understaffed.
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676. but now, the city projects there will be 734 officers by 2023. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. the city council is also being asked to approve a plan to use big-signing bonuses we talked about there to attract veteran cops from other departments. they delayed that vote on that proposal until at least december 21st. the reward money has been increased now to $38,000. oakland police still searching for the person who killed kevin nishita. he is the retired cop turned security guard who was shot while protecting a tv news crew two weeks ago. investigators say the suspect got away from that white acura that we showed you. nishita worked for both the colma and san jose police departments. a public memorial service is this thursday at noon at the san jose civic center. after nearly 17 years on california's death row, a san mateo county judge is about to change scott peterson's sentence. in 2004, a jury convicted
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peterson of murdering his wife, laci, and their unborn son connor. he was sentenced to death in 2005 but last year, the california supreme court overturned that sentence because of an issue with jury selection. so tomorrow morning, a judge will resentence peterson to life without the possibility of parole. but peterson's defense attorneys want his entire conviction overturned based on an allegation that a juror lied to get on the jury, depriving peterson of a fair trial. legal analyst dean johnson says it's quite possible that peterson will get a new trial. >> i think this is a strategic move on the part of scott peterson's defense. um, they are anticipating that there will be a new trial in this case and this is scott peterson's opportunity to speak out and to tell his side of the story to people who could be potentially jurors in the trial of scott peterson, version 2.0. >> a hearing on the jury
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misconduct claim is set for next february, so a couple months from now. as for tomorrow, the 49-year-old peterson is expected to address the court as is the family of laci peterson. and join us tomorrow morning for our special coverage of the peterson resentencing. we will have crews at the courthouse in redwood city, as well as our legal analysis. it all starts at 10:00 a.m., right here on nbc bay area. moving you forward this evening, a live look at capitol hill where the house has just passed a major health and debt limit bill. this passed along party lines. one republican, though, did break ranks and voted with democrats. the bill would delay automatic medicare cuts. it would also allow the senate to, just this once, lift the debt limit with the simple-majority vote. the bill now heads to the senate. we are back in one minute. coming up, a case of mistaken identity. the legendary san francisco restaurant on the receiving end of a lot of angry messages and calls for something it had nothing to do with. and a mountain lion and her
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cubs have fish and wildlife experts and officials on alert. we will tell you where they were spotted. i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, tracking high earthquake activity off the coast of oregon. and our chance of some heavier rain coming up in less than ten minutes.
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well, we see more and more of this. mountain lions around the area these days and it's always alarming when you see one in broad daylight. take a look at these photos from erika murphy. a mountain lion and her cubs in south san jose, between mountain drive and rome drive. the california department of fish and wildlife tells us they are aware of the situation but the area is somewhat rural so they are taking a wait-and-see approach to allow the animals to go back into its own habitat. well, what's in a name? a lot, actually. more fallout tonight from a san
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francisco restaurant that refused to serve three cops. that restaurant is in north beach but ever since the story erupted a few days ago, another restaurant is being dragged into this controversy. here is nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: north beach restaurant on stockton street in san francisco. tonight, finds itself getting angry messages for something it had absolutely nothing to do with. >> they are calling social media. they are a little bit -- they are feeling frustrated. >> reporter: over the weekend, workers at hilda and jesse restaurant on union street refused to serve food to three san francisco police officers because their weapons made the staff feel uncomfortable. hilda and jesse's in the city's north beach neighborhood and some confused that with the actual north beach restaurant. the angry calls and social media messages started coming in. >> basically, i can't believe that you would do this to our community, to the police department. um, and saying other things that
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i don't really want to say on the -- on camera. >> reporter: the backlash for hilda and jesse has been swift and severe on social media. and then, there's this one-man protest right in front of the restaurant. >> if something goes wrong here, burglary, robbery, whatever, who are they going to call? >> reporter: owners of hilda and jesse have publicly apologized in no uncertain terms but this controversy has taken on a life of its own. leo would like it to die out. police in their full uniforms are welcome? >> absolutely, absolutely. or no uniform. we don't care. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> it is a good restaurant. mount diablo's beacon was lit today by survivors of the attack on pearl harbor. the beacon was first installed and illuminated in 1928 to aid in transcontinental aviation. after the attack on pearl harbor, though, it went dark as part of the west-coast blackout to help prevent an attack on
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california. it stayed dark until pearl harbor day in 1964 when it was radio lit to honor the victims. since that day, pearl harbor survivors and veterans have spoken at this annual ceremony. those who lived through the attack on pearl harbor still haunted by itle 80 years later. hundreds of japanese bombers descended in hawaii. those bombers destroyed 21 navy ships of the pacific fleet killing 2,403 people and injuring more than 1,000 more. this year, five pearl harbor survivors -- all veterans -- made the journey to hawaii to pay tribute to the victims. perhaps, for the last time. >> i could still see the ship sitting there 45 degrees covered in smoke. >> you see that as you stand here? >> oh, yeah. >> how come i survived? and why did they die? >> and you don't have an answer to that, do ya? >> i don't think anybody does. >> incredible to see them back there in hawaii. it's estimated that fewer than
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2% of pearl harbor's survivors are still alive. and we are following a developing story in hawaii. right there on the islands. this is oahu. you see that there? this is the main drag in waikiki. the rain started two days ago. a cyclone slammed the islands, along with high winds and tren torrential rain. rescuers have been pulling people from flooded cars and houses and just one day, honolulu got 15 inches of rain. the governor has called for a state of emergency. let's bring in jeff ranieri now. we are talking about what's going on there in hawaii. and along the coast of oregon. high earthquake activity. what do we know? >> yeah. it's definitely starting to popping up around earlier-this afternoon. but then, just kept escalating with more and more earthquakes and you can see it right there. just off the coastline of oregon. so i wanted to show you what we know about this. at least 30 earthquakes ranging from 3.5 to as high as a 5.8 magnitude. it is happening on the blanco
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fracture zone, magnitude five in that zone is somewhat common and historically, they have never be been follow bid something on land. of course, the big concern is tsunami. no tsunami warning right now. now, back here, across the bay area, we did get in on just a little bit of sunshine today. and some blue sky. was really nice. but here we go, again, as we head through tomorrow. clouds are returning for us and they are really not going to go anywhere as we head through the day. you can see those clouds will just linger right here across the bay area. so, no need for the sunglasses as we start off for tomorrow morning and we have got more of these 40s returning. then, to 48 in the south bay. san francisco, i have you at 50. and some of the chilliest weather right there over the north bay, 45 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow, going to stay on the cold side. we are only going up to the 50s here for most of the south bay. got you at 59 in cupertino. 58 in san jose and a few low 60s right there morgan hill to gilroy.
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take you over to east bay and that chill continues. this is right where we should be this time of the year. 57 in antioch. 56 in danville. and 57 in heyward. feels kind of strange, though, because we, in november, of course, had record-setting 70s. so it is just kind of a hard reality after we had that strange and unusual dry spell we underwent through november. 56 in redwood city. up to daly city, 55. san francisco, 54 in the outer sunset and you can see temperatures are relatively stable and very similar here through the north bay. 55 in santa rosa and double fives there in napa. beyond this, we are still tracking that storm system. everything continues to line up here sunday night into monday so i think most the weekend is going to be dry for us and then get hit with this storm system pushing in with an atmospheric river. so no big changes as of tonight. we are still looking at widespread rain totals, three-quarters of ap inch to three inches. a lot of rain-shadowed valleys down in the south bay will be on
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the lower end. and we even get in on some wind here, 20 to 40 miles per hour. sierra snow, 2 to 4 feet so we will continue to update you on this, of course, as we get closer. now, i do expect more sunshine to roll back in once we hit thursday afternoon, friday, and saturday. then, here comes that rain chance sunday night, into monday. and you will see here for the inland valleys, look at this. cold mornings friday and saturday. we are going to be down into the 30s. likely, some frost advisories issued for friday morning and saturday morning. so, those heaters definitely going to be clicking on, raj. >> i like what you did there on saturday and sunday, for the most part sunny. and then, sunday night, the storm comes in. >> exactly. so we are looking good for most of the weekend. >> sounds good, thanks jeff. coming up, making instagram safer. the new features to protect teenagers. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. chloe grace is my guest tonight. plus, we have nick thune,
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music from wiz kid and some fun talent from fans at home tonight. and happening now. amazon web services is getting back online after a major outage. it created problems across the country. aws started having problems around 8:00 a.m., amazon's online retail was impacted as well as prime video, netflix, venmo, delta airlines, and coinbase. we're back in a moment. back in court. the decision looming for convicted killer scott peterson and the impact it could have on his push for a new trial. a live report from outside the courthouse with in-depth analysis from our legal expert tomorrow 4:30 to 7:00. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. new guidance for stanford students returning to campus after winter break. students living on campus will need to take a rapid test the day they arrive. and then, be tested two more times that first week.
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vaccinated faculty, staff, and post docs will also be tested regularly. as for parties and gatherings, they will be prohibited for the first two weeks back on campus. masks will be required indoors and in crowds. booster shots are encouraged. facebook's parent company, meta says it's trying to make instagram better for the mental health of teenagers. meta says it's taking stricter approach to what the company recommends to teenagers. that includes stopping people from tagging teenagers that don't follow them, while pushing teenagers toward different topics if they are focused on one for too long. meta says it will also provide tools for parents to see how much time their kids spend on instagram and to set time limits. okay up next. part of our exclusive interview with 49ers' quarterback trey lance. stay with us.
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. okay. ready for it? we could see history tomorrow night. steph curry needs 16 more three-pointers to become the league's all-time leader, surpassing ray alan. tomorrow, the warriors host the blazers at chase center. 16 is a tall order for one game. most likely, curry will break the record saturday in philly maybe or next week in indiana or new york. now, let's get to the sharks.
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tonight, at the shark tank, it's a school night. well played for these two guys. one of the most entertaining games of the season. yep. thumbs up right there. sharks and the first place calgary flames. watch this breakaway from eric carlson. after trailing 3-1, the sharks scored four unanswered goals. really, a sweet goal right here by carlson. he's coming on of late. later in the second period, it's hurdle. calgary didn't know what hit 'em. at the end of the night, all the sudden, calgary wasn't leading anymore and they lose, sharks win, 5-3. 49ers news. we chatted tonight with rookie quarterback trey lance. to his credit, he's been quiet and humble while a lot of 49ers' fans and media members wonder when he will be taking over for jimmy g. that is the plan at some point. lance has played sparingly this season, as the 9ers have been committed to garoppolo. the upside, though, no quarterback controversy. everyone knows their role. lance was on our 7:00 p.m. newscast tonight and i asked him about his progress.
11:33 pm
>> i feel like i am in a really good spot. um, still, obviously, learning every single day. um, you know, gathering everything i can. and learning everything i can from jimmy and nate and all the guys on our team. i mean, we have an incredible locker room and obviously incredible coaching staff, you know, starting with coach shanahan. so it's been awesome for me to be able to learn and have experiences in games, things like that. >> saying all the right things. maybe he will sneak in. by the way, lance is hanging out a lot with this guy, the legend, jerry rice. this photo shoot at the stadium recently promoting rice's new energy drink called goat fuel. we're back in a moment. stay with us. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou!
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