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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  December 7, 2021 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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lot of soul and a lot of good vibes tonight. did you watch it? the star-studded people's choice awards. punctuated by a riveting performance by bay-area native h.e.r. the grammy and academy award winning singer sang a tribute to marvin gaye. this was the 50th anniversary of the r&b legend record's what's
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going on. christina aguilera performed rlgs as well as blake shelton. other winners tonight, dwayne johnson, actor simu liu and adele. that's going to do for us tonight on nbc bay area, we hope to see you back tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight join jimmy and his guests - chloe grace moretz nick thune musical guest wizkid featuring tems and the legendary roots crew questlove: 1566. >> steve: and now here he is jimmy fallon
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[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. please, welcome. i love you welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. thank you for watching [ cheers and applause appreciate it. thank you for being here well guys, let's get to some news today president biden held a a big one-on-one video call with russian president vladimir putin that lasted two hours. and like most two-hour meetings over zoom, putin was like, "this could have been email. [ laughter ] on the bright side, it was the first time putin could see biden on camera when biden actually knew he was on camera [ laughter ]
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zoom meetings with putin are interesting. some people go without pants putin just goes without his shirt. [ laughter ] space background, too. i saw that before the big meeting, biden spoke with the leaders of germany, france, italy and the u.k. that's not all several other european leaders reached out to give him advice here's what they had to say. check this out first, you have prime minister boris johnson. he told biden, "never get your hair cut from a super cuts that has 1.5 stars on yelp. [ laughter and applause >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: not the advice - >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: not the advice he was asking for >> steve: good advice though >> jimmy: next, we have irish president michael d. higgins he said, "forget about the putin call we have to take the ring to mordor." [ laughter and applause next, we have president erdogan of turkey. he told biden, "i've always found that other world leaders respond to me breathing heavily into the phone and not saying anything." [ laughter and applause after that, we have italian president sergio mattarella.
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he said, "i know i may be your grandma's new boyfriend, but just know i make her really happy. [ laughter and applause here's scotland's first minister, nikola sturgeon. she told biden, "if you sell 18 knives in one month, that makes you part of our platinum diamond club." [ laughter and applause and finally, president george vella of malta gave biden some advice. he said, "the rare caterpillars that live on my face say 'good luck.' [ laughter and applause at least that's something. well, this is going viral. china's moon rover spotted a a mysterious cube shaped object on the moon's surface. and everyone on the internet is trying to figure out what it is if there is anyone who knows the truth, it's random people on the internet. [ light laughter ] yeah, the same internet that couldn't figure out the color of a dress [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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well, this is cool i just saw that nicolas cage has been cast as dracula in a new movie. and here now, on the phone, to talk about it is nicolas cage. nick nick, are you there? >> jimmy, it's my distinct honor to be talking with you >> jimmy: thank you for being here so you've been cast as dracula >> it's true i'm going to play the king of the bats >> jimmy: that's great that's great >> i never heard of dracula until yesterday. but get this, jimmy. he's an old russian guy who's obsessed with wearing capes. that's kind of his whole thing >> jimmy: i mean, i think there's more to dracula than his cape >> hey, want to hear me do my dracula, jimmy >> jimmy: sure of course. let's hear it. >> okay. here we go "get that garlic away from me! it almost got on my cape." [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: that sounds great, nick i don't know what to say i can't wait to see this movie >> jimmy, guess who's gonna play frankenstein?
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>> jimmy: i don't know, who? >> aww jeez. i mean, oh cool. i mean, i just got struck by lightning. now i'm like all green and stuff. >> jimmy: wow, oh my gosh. john travolta is going to be playing frankenstein >> yeah. like, i'm just like, green freak, you know, i'm like a freaky green guy like eating brains or something. >> let's get one thing straight, jack frankenstein does not wear a a cape >> oh, come on, man. just because i'm green doesn't mean i can't wear a cape, right? sandy. >> back off. this is the drac show and don't you forget it! >> oh, man, your voice is kind of loud. right? i don't even know if i want to do this movie no more. no way >> way >> no way. >> way >> no way. >> i implore you, way. >> no. >> yes >> no, no. >> yes, yes. >> just stop >> just start. i'm going. >> i'm coming. >> no thanks >> yes, you're welcome goodbye. >> hello >> no way. sandy. [ dial tone >> jimmy: all right. look, guys, just figure it out [ cheers and applause i hate to see two of my favorite celebrities arguing like that on television.
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>> steve: oh, my gosh. that's crazy a troll doll >> jimmy: hey guys, in a new survey, 70% of american dog owners say that the dog overeats during the holidays yeah then their dogs are like, "it's called seasonal depression and telling everyone is not helping. [ laughter ] you know your dog overeats when he drops an alka-seltzer in the toilet bowl before drinking, you know [ laughter ] get this a pub owner in the u.k. claims that security footage from his bar shows proof of supernatural activity there's only one guy sitting at the bar when it happens. so just watch the beer next to him very close just watch [ indiscernible >> oh! [ indiscernible >> that is very odd. >> oh my god >> jimmy: yeah [ light laughter ] the pub was like, "casper, do we need to call your wife to come get you again?" [ laughter ] that's laziest ghost i've ever seen other ghosts are like, "i haunted a mansion for 500 years. this guy is like, "well, i
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knocked over a glass once. [ light laughter ] meanwhile, forget the ghost. the craziest thing is that seven-year-old bartender i like that guy. [ laughter and applause no one said anything about him >> steve: "here you go." >> jimmy: finally, a man in england spent months building the country's largest trainset in his basement while keeping it a secret from his girlfriend [ light laughter ] officials think he's lying because no one has ever said the word girlfriend and model train set in the same sentence we have a great show give it up for the roots [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you, roots what a show we have for you tonight. she stars in the new movie, "mother/android," which is available on hulu december 17th. chloe grace moretz is here
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today. [ cheers and applause plus, he is one of my favorites. one of the funniest guys out there. his known european stand-up tour kicks off later this month. and his new movie "mix tape" is streaming now on netflix nick thune is here [ cheers and applause and great music from wizkid featuring tems [ cheers and applause it was an exciting day for me today. >> steve: so what happened >> jimmy: my song is out i have a single out called "it was a (mask christmas.)" that's me -- [ cheers and applause -- that's me, and arianna grande and megan thee stallion. it's available on any streaming service. anything you're listening to but so i was doing some press this morning talking, which is rare talking about my song, which is fun. and i went to do elvis duran in the morning. z100 i love those guys. the whole morning show and i haven't seen him in person in over a year.
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zoom, maybe. it was great to see him. i was talking to him, and they played the song and i was like, you know, i go, "it means so much to me to hear my song on the radio because i'm a giant fan of radio growing up. my dad -- my mom and dad were so into radio. they played it every day my dad had me and my sister climb into the attic to put wire so we could get reception totally safe [ light laughter ] we could get wcbs and listen to cousin brucie, you know, in saugerties, new york where we lived. the "norm n. nite train show" or something and i listened to, growing up, k104 was my station. skywalker does a good job there. but anyways, i'm talking about that, how much it means to me to have my song play on the radio. and he goes, "all right, well, i know you're going back to the office." we're down -- he's in new york i go, "yeah. he goes, "i'll give you a minute to get out of the building and then tune into z100 so you can hear your song
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on the radio." i just -- that was a cool move [ cheers and applause so elvis duran and the morning show that was a class act i appreciate that. thank you very much. thank you iheartradio, too i appreciate that song "(masked christmas.) oh, tig notaro tig, hey [ cheers and applause ♪ can i help you oh, my goodness. >> oh, that's okay i was just headed off to the airport. do you mind if i sit down? >> jimmy: no, please no, absolutely yeah tig notaro, everybody. [ cheers and applause you're off to the airport. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you were just here last night on our show. >> yeah. it's also "america's sweetheart" tig notaro >> jimmy: that's right i forgot to mention that i forgot america's sweetheart >> yeah, that's right. >> jimmy: what's up, buddy how can i help you >> well, last night when i did your show i had shown a picture of an actress -- or just a a celebrity.
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i didn't know who it was sitting next to me on a flight >> jimmy: that's correct >> do you have the picture still? >> jimmy: i do from last night. >> yeah. it's right there >> jimmy: this is the photo, yeah >> yeah. >> jimmy: we were trying to guess who the celebrity was. >> we didn't know who it was >> jimmy: no, people were coming up to her the whole flight and saying, "i love your work." >> yeah, they were like, "oh even with a mask, i know who -- do you mind if i take this off >> jimmy: no, it looks comfortable, by the way. >> do you want to wear it? >> jimmy: no >> okay. [ laughter ] but obviously, soon. they were like, "yeah, even with the mask i know who you are and the hair." >> jimmy: yeah >> and just the whole flight i was like, "who the hell is this person?" >> jimmy: yeah >> and then you posted it online >> jimmy: yeah >> well, i guess you also aired your show. yeah [ laughter ] >> jimmy: millions of people watch our show as well.. >> however you get your "tonight show. >> jimmy: yeah >> this was online and the internet did its work. >> jimmy: yeah and figured it out >> figured out who it is
11:49 pm
and it is rebecca wisocky. >> jimmy: rebecca wisocky. [ cheers and applause >> yeah. ♪ >> jimmy: she is on the show - >> yeah. yeah >> jimmy: she's on the show "ghost" on cbs >> yeah, that's why i came by. i came by. i came by -- well, i came by on my way to the airport to let you know that and to let everyone know that and to let everyone know that she's on "ghost" on cbs 9:00 p.m [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, good i'm glad >> on thursday >> jimmy: thursday nights. >> yeah, thursday nights >> jimmy: tune into cbs on thursday thanks tig >> yeah. >> jimmy: i appreciate this. >> but i have to go. >> jimmy: have a safe flight tig notaro, everybody. thank you for coming by and clearing that up [ cheers and applause ♪ i appreciate this. >> america's sweetheart. >> jimmy: america's sweetheart tig notaro, everybody. thanks for checking in on us [ applause ] ♪ oh my gosh you all right? >> i got, got it >> jimmy: you got it >> got it, yeah. thank you. i got it >> jimmy: take care. be well. >> bye >> jimmy: tig notaro [ applause ]
11:50 pm
her tickets to her "hello again" tour go to she's gonna be at largo in l.a. this sunday. tig notaro >> steve: and when's "ghost" on >> jimmy: "ghost" is apparently on - >> steve: cbs. >> jimmy: a cbs comedy "ghost" is on thursdays at 9:00. guys, we have exactly nine shows left before we go on christmas break which means it is time for that beloved "tonight show" tradition time for "12 days of christmas sweaters." come on. [ cheers and applause ♪ 12 days o christmas sweaters 9 days left ♪ >> jimmy: that is right. every show between now and christmas we'll be giving one lucky audience member a nice christmas sweater from the "countdown to christmas cabnit." [ cheers and applause now, since there are nine shows left, let's open door number nine [ drum roll are you ready, bud >> yep >> jimmy: yeah, here we go oh, let's take a look at it. yeah ♪
11:51 pm
oh, my gosh. wow! you can tell by the reaction [ cheers and applause you can tell by the reaction in the audience that everyone wants to wear this it is gorgeous "noel," it says on there so let's see who is going home with tonight's sweater everybody look at your seat number okay and if i call your number, come on down. quest, can i get a drum roll, please questlove: yup [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: who wants a sweater? come on! [ cheers and applause 2-7-0! ♪ [ cheers and applause come on down ♪ ♪ hello, what is your name and where are you from
11:52 pm
>> my name is donovan and i'm from london. >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about! donovan from london. [ cheers and applause don, it does get cold in london doesn't it >> very cold now, yes. >> jimmy: yeah, and do you have anything like this in your wardrobe >> no way, man [ laughter ] this is the first time >> jimmy: yeah it's one of a kind do you want to try it on over the sweatshirt? yeah there's no real front or back. don't worry about that yeah, i don't even know if there are holes in it, to be honest i don't know where to put your head through look at this oh, no ♪ don, i can already tell. i can already tell i can already tell oh, my goodness! i can already tell this is looking good look at that come on now. [ cheers and applause don, spin around yeah, they see it! let me see it. that's what i'm talking about. yo congratulations! it looks great on you. let's give our winner a round
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we love our audience you watch us every night, but right now we want to change things up and watch you. we asked you guys at home to send us some fun or unique talents that you have. we got submissions from thousands of people all across the world. and we're going to meet some of them right now it's time for "show me something good." ♪ ♪ show me something goo show me something good show me something good just show me ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: all right. let's meet our first guest hello. what is your name and where are you from >> hey, jimmy, i'm jemima june and i'm from nashville, tennessee. >> jimmy: yeah, i love nashville! hi, jemima nashville, tennessee welcome to the show. jemima, what talent will you be sharing with us tonight? >> i can open five beer bottles in less than three seconds >> jimmy: five -- in less than three seconds? all right, now we're talking
11:58 pm
here we go that's a talent. roots, can we get a drum roll, please [ drum roll [ bottles clanking ] what all right, whenever you're ready. go [ bottles popping whoa [ cheers and applause yo what you were awesome what was that? that was unbelievable. can we see that in slow-mo [ cheers and applause the accuracy the accuracy >> i actually forgot the sixth one. >> jimmy: oh, come on! that's how -- that's a mic drop that's a mic drop. hey, you're awesome. thank you for that incredible talent i appreciate you being on the show thank you very much. that's cool, right [ cheers and applause let's meet our next guest. hello, what is your name and where are you from
11:59 pm
>> hi, i'm mark. i'm from toronto [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: we love -- hi to everybody in toronto a shout out to bloor street. hey, what -- mark, what is your talent that you'll be showing us tonight >> my talent is i play the clarinet and the piano at the same time. >> jimmy: and what song are you going to be playing for us, mark >> i'm going to play one of my own songs. >> jimmy: yeah, perfect. i love it. whenever you're ready. [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: yo, thank you very much for that, mark. do you have a title for that song >> "happy go lucky." >> jimmy: there you go
12:00 am
that's my man right there. i appreciate you being on the show, mark that's a good talent >> thank you so much >> jimmy: thank you very much. let's meet our final guest right here oh, all right guys what are your names and where are you from >> hi, jimmy my name is andy and this is my boyfriend dylan. >> jimmy: hi dylan >> we're from st. louis, missouri [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: hey! st. louis! shout out to crown candy kitchen. thank you for being on the show what talent will you be showing us tonight >> so i'm pretty good at catching shrimp in my mouth. and my boyfriend is going to be my hibachi chef and he's going on throw them. and we're going to see if i can catch them [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yep. say it again so you're pretty good at catching shrimp in your mouth? and your boyfriend, you're going to flip the shrimp are you good at flipping shrimp >> no. >> jimmy: okay all right. perfect. so you are -- you're going to put shrimp how did you learn that you have this talent? >> growing up, my family would always love going to get hibachi together
12:01 am
and at a young age i learned that this is one of my secret hidden talents and i warned him when we started dating [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, all right. so you're going -- you're going to go for it see if you can catch as many shrimp as you can. drum roll, please there quest. [ drum roll this is exciting all right. whenever you're ready. oh my gosh one. ♪ oh my god! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause very good job. very impressive. great job flipping, by the way oh, my god well done! well done! very good. very talented. that's all the time we have for "show me something good. my thanks to andy, dylan, mark if you have a fun talent, i want to see it go to submit a video stick around we'll be right back with chloe grace moretz come on back
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our first guest is a a talented actress who stars in the new movie "mother/android" which is available on hulu december 17th. please welcome chloe grace moretz ♪ ♪ >> how are you doing >> jimmy: ah, it's nice to see you.
12:07 am
happy being back welcome back to the show are you enjoying new york? >> i am. yeah i'm happy to be back it's been three years. >> jimmy: is that right? >> so i'm just happy back in the city >> jimmy: yeah, and you're not originally from new york, correct? >> no. i'm from georgia i'm from outside of atlanta. but i lived here for a couple years. yeah, go atlanta >> jimmy: you -- i know that you're a big islanders fan >> huge islanders fan. >> all right so you're like a huge islanders fan. >> like -- >> jimmy: like how big >> like drop down drag out screaming -- >> jimmy: really >> yes, screaming at the refs. >> jimmy: yeah going -- getting into it yeah, 100% i'm such a big fan that actually the opening season -- the season opener game was in carolina the carolina hurricanes. and i was filming in ashville. and so, we decided to drive to raleigh, which is a four-hour drive, first of all -- >> jimmy: wow. >> for this game >> jimmy: yeah >> and it's always kind of awkward when you get to those things because they want to put you on the jumbo tron. >> jimmy: of course. >> but i'm wearing the islanders jersey at their home game
12:08 am
the hurricanes' home game. >> jimmy: yeah, they don't like that >> no. >> jimmy: yeah >> so they start booing me like -- "chloe grace moretz. and they're like "boo! >> jimmy: no >> swear to god. and i was like, "oh my god what do i do?" and not only, on top of that the mascot comes down. this big massive mascot named stormy and he's like, "put on the jersey you know, no one needs the islanders. become the hurricanes. i was like, "no, i don't think that's a good idea." and i see all the islanders hockey players right in front of me just staring at me pressuring me not to do it and then, i didn't do it [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's a real fan. we have -- we actually have the video of the moment that you're talking about. this really happened check this out ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪
12:09 am
>> she said no >> jimmy: yeah that's what you do stick up for yourself. >> "she said no. >> jimmy: "she said no." we just did a segment on the show called "show me something good" where we asked people who have any hidden talents or secret talents i know you're a talented actress, obviously but is there any talents that we don't know about? >> well, i told you that i was a die hard hockey fan. >> jimmy: yeah >> but what a lot of people don't know is that i'm a pretty die hard britney spears fan. >> jimmy: really >> oh, yeah. [ cheers and applause yeah, like britney is my life, you know she's everything to me and i even decided to theme my birthday party a britney party but, i knew that everyone might not want to dress as britney, so i said a 2000s themed and i just got to wear - >> jimmy: you as britney - dude, i love this. oh my god. are you the -- do you sing like britney as well >> i do sing like britney after a couple of tequilas i think the choreography comes out. a little bit of the impersonation.
12:10 am
>> jimmy: i mean - >> oh no >> jimmy: we have the roots. we have the roots! >> we have the roots >> jimmy: we got you >> i have to do it >> jimmy: do you have to get into character at all? >> hold on >> jimmy: do you want to stand up - are you -- >> let me feel britney okay >> jimmy: all right, ready ♪ oh, baby, bab how was i supposed to know ♪ ♪ that something wasn't right here ♪ ♪ oh, baby, bab i shouldn't have let you go ♪ ♪ but now you'r out of sight, yeah ♪ >> jimmy: oh my god. come on, now that's what i'm talking about. [ cheers and applause thank you so much. >> oh no >> jimmy: i never want to put anyone on the spot >> oh no >> jimmy: i'm sorry. i really - we always have a mic here just in case. >> it doesn't get -- it's the silver pants it's a silver mic. >> jimmy: it actually is perfect. thank you for doing that come on. >> oh no >> jimmy: chloe grace moretz - [ cheers and applause i want to talk about "mother/android. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is on hulu.
12:11 am
can you tell everyone what it's about? >> yeah, it's about a young couple named sam and georgia and they're at a crossroads in their relationship and basically, on one night she finds out that she's pregnant with her child and we cut nine months later and it ends up on that same night that there was an artificial intelligence revolution so anything connected to power and it happens that in this near future, we have robots, too. and so, we cut nine months later, she's pregnant and has to get to boston to have their baby safely. >> jimmy: yeah >> and i was trekking across the mountains. >> jimmy: yeah, and what was it what was your fake belly was it - >> oh, it was large, first of all. >> jimmy: yeah >> it was nine months. ready to burst and it was 21 pounds of silicone yeah so, it was -- i'm not kidding. so, i -- yeah, i had to start training a little bit before hand, because i was like, "i don't think i can tote 21 pounds of a load. like, that seems like a lot. >> jimmy: running and -- >> running up the mountains. >> jimmy: yeah, away from robots >> yeah, being super pregnant. so, we did that and we actually attached it to a corset.
12:12 am
because i really wanted to feel like - you know, with a pregnant woman running through the woods, they didn't want me to be super agile and able to, you know, get through perfectly. so i wanted to have the shortness of breath and to have it feel realistic. >> jimmy: yeah, see? that's what i'm talking about. that's what i'm talking about. that's how you do it right there, ladies and gentlemen. that's how you - you get ready and then you go "no, no, no, i got to do it this way." i want to show a clip. here's chloe grace moretz in "mother/android. take a look at this. >> i know you're not going to like this. but i need you to hear me out. i'm trying to be smart you could have this baby today, or in a week - you know, i don't feel good about waiting on the edge of no man's land, hoping no one finds us >> you want to go straight through. >> it's 20 miles if we take this bike, we can get there by the end of the day.
12:13 am
>> what happened to going quietly, sam what changed since last night? >> jimmy: chloe grace moretz everybody. next time. >> yeah. for sure pinky swear. >> jimmy: "mother/android" is available on hulu december 17th. [ cheers and applause nick thune joins us after the break. stick around, everybody. come on back ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest is one of my favorites. he's a very talented actor and comedian his "known european" stand-up tour kicks off later this month, and his new movie, "mixtape" is streaming now on netflix. ladies and gentleman, please welcome nick thune [ cheers and applause
12:19 am
♪ >> jimmy: welcome, buddy, and welcome back hey, it is after midnight. so i can actually say this happy birthday, pal! it's your birthday [ cheers and applause ♪ >> thank you you are the first. >> jimmy: i'm the very first person >> like, every year. >> jimmy: every year >> every year i'm on the show, and you say it [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah do you mind me asking, is it a a big birthday >> listen, i was born in the '70s you know december 8th, 79. >> jimmy: wow. >> and, um, 70s were crazy, you know everybody's pooping their pants and boobs everywhere you know [ laughter ] i mean, every nap i woke up, there's poop in my pants and boobs in my face and i thought, "oh, yeah, i think i like it here." [ laughter ] it was a different time, though
12:20 am
the 70s were a different time. >> jimmy: the 70's, yeah 1979, exactly? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and then the 80s >> everyone's learning numbers [ laughter ] yeah everybody learned how to talk in the 80s that was -- you know >> jimmy: a wild decade that was. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you ever treat yourself on your birthday? >> i did this year i never do but -- listen, i really wanted to know if i was able to evade the law. so i hired a private investigator to follow myself, and i still haven't lost him i've been trying to lose him a a couple days. he's good. he's good. he doesn't know that i hired him either so he, like, sends me updates. he thinks it's a third party so, he's like, "yeah he's at the coffee shop. he's wearing a weird jacket. and i'm like, "i don't know if it is a weird jacket i mean, it probably looks cool you're probably just not very good at fashion. stick to the law." [ laughter ]
12:21 am
>> jimmy: how is your son doing? >> he's great. >> jimmy: how old is he now? >> he's eight. he's 8-years-old and i mean, he's learning stuff. you know >> jimmy: he is, yeah. >> i didn't know it was going to happen as quick um, you know, there's things that you're supposed to teach him, but there's also things you just assume that they know but he got an ipad, and i looked on it and didn't realize there was youtube on it. so, i'm like, "oh, i wonder what he's watching." and i go in, and it's mostly minecraft videos, you know >> jimmy: yeah >> and also a lot of nick thune videos um, he's a big fan [ light laughter ] and i saw one video that stuck out. it was a 30 minute video of a person very calmly explaining that the earth is flat [ laughter ] just the red line to the end he devoured that video and i'm realizing, i don't think i ever mentioned to him that the earth is round yet. [ laughter ] and could you imagine if the first thing that you ever learned is that it's flat, and somebody tells you in a really convincing way, and you look down, and you're like, "yeah, i mean, obviously. yeah it's pretty flat."
12:22 am
so now i'm like, "no, man. it's round, dude." like i sound like some hippy that's like, "yeah, gravity man. and i don't get it maybe it is flat i don't know." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god, that's a a terribel way to explain. >> yeah, i know. i don't know >> jimmy: it's round >> daddy's a round earther >> jimmy: oh my gosh yeah, no, no it is definitely round if your watching -- if your son's watching >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: definitely round you're going back on tour. >> i am. >> jimmy: this is exciting "known european tour." >> yep, they'll be in europe you know, the e.u. reached out they wanted me to come that's the european union. >> jimmy: thank you. [ light laughter ] we went on tour together once. do you remember that tour? >> do i remember that tour yeah, it was the highlight of my life. >> jimmy: that was a great tour >> it was really fun you brought me and nate bargatze, and we all went around and seth was there >> jimmy: i remember, i would we had so much fun we went all around the country
12:23 am
>> i know, and then i remember the first night you introduced me you said nick thune. and like, i walk out, there's thousands of people cheering >> jimmy: i know exactly >> and you go -- >> jimmy: i know exactly what you did, because you did it more than once >> yeah, and it was, like, you'd shake my hand -- >> jimmy: i go, "here he is, nick thune." i go, "break a leg man." >> yeah, thanks. hey, by the way, how are you doing? >> jimmy: fine, man. >> also talk about it after my set. >> jimmy: perfect -- and then i would leave, but then it got longer >> yeah i go, "oh, i was going to tell you, my mom, she's a a big fan. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: everyone's clapping. i go, "ladies and gentlemen, nick thune." everyone claps you walk out i shake your hand, you're like, "hey, man, do you want to like, hang out afterwards? and we'll have dinner. like, what would you want to eat? like, would you want to eat italian food or would you want to have chinese food oh, you know what? never mind let's eat in the hotel room. >> and then i would pitch you on some of my business ideas [ laughter ] "hey, what do you think about scented wi-fi? [ laughter ] i think we're gonna go big." >> jimmy: that made me laugh so hard i loved it it would get longer and longer every time i'd introduce you
12:24 am
i go, "oh, my gosh, this guy is amazing. i want to talk about also, you're going on tour "known european tour." but, also, you're starring in this film, "mixtape. it's a beautiful movie, by the way. it is funny, but it's also very touching a nice family movie if you guys want to check it out >> you know -- no, i'm not going to say it. i will say it. i love you [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: you weren't going to say it >> i wasn't going to say it. >> jimmy: why weren't you going to say it? >> because i was taught to bury my emotions. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. but now it's your birthday >> i'm here. >> jimmy: well, can i just say something to you >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love you [ audience aws ] there you go >> i also love youtube [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, did you say tube >> yeah, i was talking about youtube. >> jimmy: oh my god. sorry about that i know, i love youtube too >> huge misunderstanding >> jimmy: so sorry, that was weird. i wanted to show everyone a clip here's nick thune in "mixtape. take a look at this. >> which song do you want? >> whichever is the best
12:25 am
>> didn't you say it was a a mixtape? >> it's from a tape of songs my parents put together >> yeah, then you have listen to the songs in order. a mixtape is a message from the maker to the listener, right it's not just about which songs, but in what order microseconds between segues. tempo changes. does it fade out does it fade in? does it matter to you? okay all right. getting nowhere fast girls that are best. great. hands off and stand there. >> message from the maker. >> jimmy: nick thune, everybody. [ cheers and applause "mixtape" is streaming now on netflix. we'll be right back with a a performance from wizkid featuring tems stick around [ cheers and applause ♪
12:26 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing his grammy nominated song "essence" featuring tems from his album "made in lagos," here's wizkid [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ true love say i wanna leave yo in the morning but i need you now ♪
12:32 am
♪ yeah, yea i find you i give you all you needing ♪ ♪ i know you what you lik i feel it coming time is of the essence ♪ ♪ i tried to teach yo but i might need som lessons i need to give ♪ ♪ it all i tried to leave but i can't i don't know why you're the one ♪ ♪ turn me out of my min you don't need no other body ♪ ♪ you don't nee no other bod only you fill out my body ♪ ♪ only you fill out my body
12:33 am
you don't need no other body ♪ [ singing foreign language ] ♪ i can be the one to make you free up your mind say your body talk to me nice ♪ ♪ say na my lov you dey need for your life yeah our love no be lie ♪ ♪ see yeah get to togethe yeah day and night ♪ ♪ yeah if i leave you go by yeah if you leave i ♪ ♪ i'm strokin' your body baby lovin' your body, baby as you're whining your ♪ ♪ body, baby, so craz loving your body bab girl you will need take me i just wanna let you know ♪ ♪ ohh hope every day that you don't need no other body ♪ ♪ yeah, you don't nee no other bod only you fill out my body ♪ ♪ only you fill out my body you don't need no other body ♪
12:34 am
♪ baby, bab everybody used to sa no one loves you the same way ♪ ♪ no one wants yo the same way no on loves you the same way ♪ ♪ love til the mornin my head want ♪ ♪ to turn from your lovin i just wanna get you beside me ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yea gave you all you nee gave you all you need ♪ ♪ gave you al you give me all you need give you all you need ♪ ♪ gave you al make ah give you all you need ♪ ♪ every touch you pleas ♪ all you need, bab you don't need no other body yeah ♪ ♪ you don't nee no other bod whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ only you fill out my body only you fill out my bod you don't need no other body ♪ ♪ baby girl i want you ther girl i want you ther promise to treat ♪
12:35 am
♪ your love fai whoa-who whoa-whoa ♪ ♪ when we touch how we connect whoa-whoa ♪ ♪ whoa-whoa baby i have no regret ♪ ♪ you don't need no other body ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: wizkid, tems the deluxe addition of "made in lagos" is out now. we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:36 am
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