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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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scott peterson. the sentence will not be a surprise because there's only one option for the judge, but this hearing is expected to be anything but ordinary. plus, breaking right now pfizer out this morning with new data on how the vaccine responds to the omicron variant. ahead in a live report, the new response from pfizer' ceo that just spoke to the "today" show. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we have so much to start out with, and let's start out with kari hall. >> as you are stepping out the door in fremont, visibility is clear and we have not seen the patchy fog and temperatures in the upper 50s right now and
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headed from the upper 40s. showers moving from the north and clouds reaching in from the pacific. this is going to be part of a quick moving system that will bring in light amounts of rain, only a few hundreds of an inch. we do have a bigger storm system by the end of the weekend, and we'll talk more about that in a couple minutes. and scott peterson will be resentenced for the killing of his wife and their unborn son, and there could be a big surprise in the courtroom. >> kris sanchez joins us outside the san mateo courthouse in redwood city. kris? >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. we are expected to hear from scott peterson before being resentenced for the killing of his wife and unborn son. he was convicted of killing his
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wife and unborn son in 2004, but last year the california supreme court overturned peterson's death sentence because they found the judge made a mistake that impacted his fair right to a jury. our legal analysts said the first time the family addressed the court it was gut wrenching. >> i can tell you it was one of the most moving and emotionally powerful days i ever seen in a courtroom. i saw hard-boiled veteran homicide detectives with tears in their eyes. >> along with lacey peterson's friends and family, scott peterson is expected to break his silence today for the first time in 20 years as he seeks in a separate hearing a new trial. >> with any luck we are going to hear more details about what he was doing, where he was going and perhaps even what he thinks
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about the new evidence that has emerged in this case. i think at this point we have to realize that some of the people out there in your audience may become potential jurors and scott peterson, too. i would urge anybody within this jury pool to keep an open mind because this case is far from over. >> that request for a new hearing will be heard next year, but scott peterson's resentencing is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> our coverage of scott peterson will continue this morning. we have crews at the courthouse in redwood city as well as continued legal analysis ahead of the hearing. that all starts at 10:00 a.m. right here on nbc bay area. breaking news this morning on the effectiveness of the pfizer covid vaccine against the omicron variant. findings conclude that getting the booster shot could be key to your protection levels.
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the ceo of pfizer talking with the "today" show this morning. cierra johnson is live in san francisco. this is promising news for those that got the pfizer vaccine. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. that's exactly right. we received that data from pfizer a little more than an hour ago into our news room. it explains the preliminary studies show the booster does neutralize the omicron variant, which is good news, and it shows the effectiveness of the original two-shot regime was significantly reduced by almost 25 fold against omicron. pfizer's ceo appeared on nbc to offer insight into the latest study and explains the effectiveness against omicron does shift when somebody is given that third pfizer shot as a booster. take a listen. >> the good news is, though, when we gave the third dose, which was not popular in south africa, 25 fold increased
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compared to the second dose, so now a third dose -- to make it clear to your audience, three doses against omicron is the equivalent of the two-dose original variant. >> that ceo also eluded to the fact that pfizer would be able to create a variant-specific vaccine by early spring, that's if it's needed. that's something else we will continue to follow. speaking of boosters, drug stores around the nation like this walgreens on chestnut, and folks are wanting to safely reunite with relatives, so just to give you an idea of how much of a demand there is, take a look at your screen. just under 1 million people a day received booster doses last week, and 55% of 65 and older have received one, and in all 47 million people in the united
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states received this shot with 12.5 million vaccines given in the last week. boosters is something we are following, and something else we are following is the at-home booster kits. the double pack is here at the walgreens. and president biden is looking for private insurers to reimburse folks so they don't have to pay out of pocket, and they are looking to make it free to some communities. despite covid cases doubling in marin, so far there's no plan to return to in-door mask requirements. case reports have recently doubled "the chronicle" reports, and death rates and hospitalizations remain low. if the number goes higher, all bets are off. health leaders believe
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hospitalizations are low because just about 9 in 10 people are vaccinated. as more cases of the omicron variant are detected, more questions are being asked. on our website,, you can turn to it as a great resource. right now we have a q & a with another one of our experts from ucsf. just scroll down to the coronavirus pandemic section. a live look in oakland this morning. a follow-up for you. leaders there approved the plan to launch two extra police academies, but they delayed voting on the plan of the signing bonus of 50,000 for officers to other police officers. one council member says he is opposed from bringing officers from another department, which has not worked well in the past. >> there are questions about the lateral academy, and the
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incentive amounts from $50,000 to $20,000 to attract somebody to come here to oakland? >> libby schaaf thanked the council members, and said our residents spoke up today and their voices were heard. they spoke up for a comprehensive approach to safety. mourners and comrades will gather to say good-bye to kevin nishita. the doors will open at 11:00 a.m. will live stream the service. he was a retired police officer that served both in san josé and colma police departments. the reward leading to an arrest is now approaching $40,000. san josé giving a helping
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hand to restaurant owners trying to make it in the bay. according to the "mercury news" they are using covid emergency funds to help businesses transform their temporary seating areas and businesses will be able to operate outdoors on private property through the end of next year. leaders approved two streets downtown and one in south san josé to remain off limits to drivers through next june. as the drought situation lingers on, new numbers indicate california is doing better when it comes to voluntary water conservation efforts. we're still falling short of governor newsom's 15% target. they are looking at new restrictions if the situation does not improve. kari, no rain in sight today but things could change in the
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forecast moving ahead. >> we will see a little rain moving in later on today. we are starting out with clouds this morning and some fog in some spots, but overall visibility is much better compared to the last couple of days. our hour-by-hour does show light rain coming in into the evening. we will see this mainly before midnight before it clears out early tomorrow morning. you wake up and the roads are wet, and the car may be a little wet but not a whole lot of rain here. our temperatures are also going to stay cool with highs reaching in the mid to upper 50s. up to 55 in santa rosa and napa, and 57 in hayward and in livermore with morgan hill headed for 60 degrees. we will talk about the atmospheric river headed our way in the forecast, coming up. mike, you are tracking an incident on highway 85? >> yeah, it popped up around fremont, and it's the border between los altos and sunniville, and it looks like it should be out of the lanes and
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no slowing has shown up. northbound 101, that is moving smoothly through san josé. that's the end of the first burst, and then the next one could kick in half an hour from now. fog registering in the outer reaches of the north bay especially through vallejo and fairfield. the bridges are moving smoothly and the approaches for the typical slowing in the westbound direction. back to you. >> thanks, mike. holiday shopping headaches. ahead for you at 6:25 this morning, our responds team explains how you can get your money back on companies not delivering on getting those products to you before christmas. and then we will bring you the latest from the futures. they are calling for yet another good day on the stock market. superstar got her driver's license last week, and why is
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she making a stop at a california dmv? make sure you watch our latest "synced in" in show where they are talking about the new covid protocols at the chase center, and we will explain what kids need to have if they want to go to a warrior's game.
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right now on this wednesday morning, it's 6:14. as you are waking up and heading
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out the door, a nice cool start. low 50s right now in santa rosa. visibility a little better as the clouds are higher and we will see the clouds linger throughout today. not much of a warm-up. we have light rain in the forecast this evening. we'll talk about that and the atmospheric river coming up in a few minutes. we can see how gradually the build is happening here. just in the last couple of minutes we have seen the lanes fill up in the middle here. we will show you the distribution, coming up. good wednesday morning to you as well. the head of instagram will go before a senate committee today investigating how social media can hurt teenagers. this is the same senate commerce committee that francis hogan testified before.
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the memos she had showed employees were concerned the affect instagram has on teens and their mental health, particularly teen girls. as we reported to you yesterday, instagram announced new safety features one day before the executive was to sit in the hot seat. the safety measures include a reminder to users, hey, maybe try going for a walk if they spend too much time on the app. marsha blackburn that sits on the committee calls that a distraction, a preplanned talking point for the executive to fall back on. quote, instagram's repeated failures to protect children's privacy have already been exposed before the senate and now it's time for action. there's a way for instagram to warn you, the parent, maybe somebody's post is dangerous, and there's a way for you to
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find out how much time your child spends on instagram, but he or she has to turn those features on for it to work. and then musk says the u.s. should stop subsidizing for electric cars. tesla got a massive taxpayer loan that kept it alive in 2010, and tesla buyers got tax credits for buying tesla cars, and it sold so many tesla ran out of the credits. you could still get credit for buying a ford or even a porsche, and that is what he says we should get rid of. it's what we see in business when a company takes advantage of something and then pulls up the ladder once they are on top. right? >> uh-huh. >> the more you know.
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thanks, scott. trending, rapper drake wants no part in competing for a grammy this year. he asked the recording academy to with draw his two nominations from the ballot. drake called out the grammys in previous years showing a displeasure for not being nominated outside of the rap category. he previously won four grammys and is trending this morning. another pop star has been everywhere this year, and i am learning more about her. >> she is taking it back to where the story might have started. ♪ ♪ good for you ♪ >> her and a plan staying inside a california dmv where she might
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have finally got her driver's license. that's part of the viral hit she has in the tiny desk concert series. a good friend of mine is the producer for that. >> really? >> yeah, and he's getting to see the amazing acts all the time. >> big band, too, five people there. that's not a tiny desk band. it's a cubicle concert, i guess. >> we stopped because we hear the song. >> you hear it, right? >> they know we like music. >> it's like, you hear that, too? it's not just in our head? kari? >> more clouds moving in and chilly temperatures as you are stepping out the door, and so far it's dry but we will see an approaching system that will bring us light rain later this afternoon into the evening. you can see all the clouds reaching across the pacific, connecting all the way to hawaii who has been dealing with the
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flooding and all the big storms there. we need a boost. as we look at our reservoirs out ahead of all the rain, i wanted to check the levels. in the north bay we are seeing on average some of the reservoirs at 67% of capacity, and for the east mud reservoir, 74% capacity, but we are seeing very low levels for the south bay reservoirs, the south county as well as across the state. we're in about 51.6% of the historical average looking at all of our biggest reservoirs across the state. of course the drought continues after that record october rain. then we have a quick-moving system moving in late this afternoon. all attention will turn to an atmospheric river moving in on sunday and it could linger on tuesday, as well. it could be slower than original thought, and we will see how that affects our rain totals. as of what we know right now, it moves in sunday afternoon into monday, and rainfall totals would be from three quarters to an inch of rain to some of the
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valleys, and maybe over three inches of rain to 20 to 30 miles per hour. we talk about spots like san josé and livermore, rain shadowed valleys, and flooding could come for some of the small streams along with clogged street drains because of the leaves coming off of the trees. for sierra, about two to four feet of snow. and then two to four inches of rain for the santa cruz mountains, and for the sierra, light snow for the overnight hours and then a bigger snow next week with the potential of getting over 70 inches in kirkwood. it's going to be a nice big boost if all this pans out. we will watch that and fine tune the details. it will be very cool these next few days. with the sunshine this weekend,
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mornings in the 30s and highs in the 50s. the bay bridge toll plaza not completely filled in. it's a gradual build here but is building. now, west 80, there's slowing through pittsburg and concord. fog is further north and not affecting the folks along the delta, at least not as much as it has in the last couple of weeks. in san josé, we have not started that second burst on north 101. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> you bought something from a company that is just not shipping to you. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. we'll show you how to get your money back and possibly make a federal case out of it. that's next. it's day seven of the 12 days of christmas, and today i have left, right, center. it's a little dice game. >> okay, so kris has been giving
6:23 am
these tips every day. she's doing her 12 days of christmas. kris sanchez is sharing advice, budget-friendly ideas out there for you this holiday season. make sure you follow her for the daily christmas update. she's posting them on facebook as well as instagram. her handle is there on the screen. we have much more ahead for you today on "today in the bay." it's 6:23.
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the year was 1975, watergate had just ended and ford replaced nixon, and when the federal government took action many old-school catalogue and telephone orders were going nowhere. these days the scourge is unfulfilled internet orders. one consumer friendly rule still applies, and that is businesses much ship within their promised timeframe. they can ask for a time extension, but if you say no, the ball is in your court. the company may try swapping items to fulfill your order. that's okay. the fdc says you may accept a substitute but you don't have to. if you say no to a swap the
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company has to give you your money back. if you have a purchase that stalls send the seller an e-mail and let them know about the ftc rule and that you know about it. >> thanks, chris. next the top stories we are following, including all new developments this morning in the recent covid outbreak in a north bay school. why prosecutors are now considering filing charges against parents. plus -- >> reporter: a number of restaurants here in contra costa not following the rules regarding covid. the order to crack the whip on those noncompliant. a story you will only see on nbc bay area, from his hospital bed a man shares the haunting details after being attacked by a stranger and the bizarre incident that triggered the violence.
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we're trying to really balance out the work demands and ensure that we are consistent across the county. >> right now at 6:30, cracking down on covid violations. the new push from east bay leaders to fine restaurants refusing to follow health guidelines. and the growing frustration among some of them. light rain returns this evening ahead of an atmospheric river set to arrive on sunday. i will break down the timing and how much rain to expect. this is "today in the bay." a very good wednesday morning to you.
6:31 am
we're, of course, broadcasting to your television traditionally, and we are streaming live on i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. just into our news room, pfizer out with new data on the effectiveness of the covid vaccine against the omicron variant. a booster shot may be the key. the study shows effectiveness against the omicron with just two shots is lower, but a third dose of that booster shot brought protection levels back up to the two-shot vaccine. if asked, it could have a variant specific vaccine available by the spring. contra costa supervisors demanding leaders crack down on those not complying with
6:32 am
protocols. >> bob redell is live. what prompted this? >> reporter: recently contra costa health services stopped issuing fines to restaurants who were not in compliance, namely not checking the vaccination status of indoor diners. it should be noted most restaurants are in compliance, including in-n-out like the one behind me, and earlier this year they were not checking the vaxx status of the indoor diners, so now they are just doing drive-through and takeout only. there are 13 restaurants here in the county refusing to check the vaxx status. they have only been issued warnings, no fines so far. this came to a head during yesterday's board of supervisors meeting, and during that meeting
6:33 am
some of the restaurants are not being fined and why are they not being fined or shutdown, and one supervisor said a member of the health department staff told her that inspectors were just, quote, educating restaurants about the rules and not issuing fines. the supervisor says the time for education is over. >> we have done the informing. we have done the educating. it's not fair to those businesses that are complying. it's not fair to the employees of those restaurants. obviously patrons choose to go there but the employees work there. >> message heard. i just want to stress again and let everybody know our policy has not changed and we will be following up on any outstanding cases from november. we will continue to be working on this in december. >> reporter: that was dr. anna ross, director of the contra
6:34 am
costa health services. the board asked her to follow-up next week with an update on what is being done and the timeline for doing so. fines for noncompliance, by the way, start at $250 and progress up to 500 and 750. >> thanks for the latest there, bob. a covid outbreak a north bay school, and prosecutors are looking at possible charges against parents. investigators say they knowingly sent their infected child and a sibling to the school in madera, and the school found out november 18th and tested three classes the next day and eight children then tested positive for coronavirus. the parents may be charged with violating public health laws. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area, a san francisco man ends up in the hospital with a knife wound.
6:35 am
mark sacket said from his hospital bed, that he called 911. he and his neighbors started to follow the man after the suspect kicked the door once more, so they could point him out to police. the owner of the deli said the situation quickly escalated. >> so he starts want to chase me, and mark got next to me and starts -- want to chase both of us and then pulled a knife. >> he pulled out like a six-inch switchblade and started swinging it at everybody. >> police arrested the man after sacket was smashed. neighbors on the block say it seems like theft and daily violence are part of the day. alameda county supervisor's
6:36 am
memorial will happen. she broke down barriers. you may remember, she was killed in november while walking her dog in alameda. it's not clear how many more witnesses the defense will call in the elizabeth holmes' fraud trial. yesterday in a packed courtroom prosecutors spent another few hours grilling her on missteps she defended as mistakes and not crimes. holmes also deflected the blame on others including her former lover and business partner, sunny balwani. and then it's likely the defense will rest its case this week. developing now on the hawaiian islands, major flooding this morning due to severe weather. this is new video from oahu. that's not a river but a main drag in waikiki. it's a slow-moving storm,
6:37 am
arriving two days ago packing high winds and torrential rain. rescuers are pulling people now from flooded cars and houses. yesterday the governor of hawaii declared a state of emergency. certainly nothing like that in our neck of the woods. dry, at least right now, as we look outside downtown san josé. christmas in the park. maybe get your visit in before a storm heads our way by sunday? >> yeah, that same storm over hawaii right now will head our way by the weekend, and it won't be that powerful but it's the same system and it will connect its way from the pacific into the bay area over the next few days. we will start out with light rain here and we are seeing a clear start this morning in san josé. temperatures are chilly, right now in the upper 40s. only headed for the upper 50s today. it will be a chilly one with rain arriving in the north bay for the evening commute. we will talk more about that coming up. mike, you are looking at south
6:38 am
bay slowing. >> yeah, kari, you showed 280 through the middle of the screen. here's 101 where the slowing is focused here. a typical pattern of the north bay 101. it could be a distraction. there could be a little more build. same thing for 87, which is not slowing just yet. 17 is fine, but we have slowing through san martin. the difference today is we have the same amount of traffic but no fog, so that's good news. same thing here for your other east bay commutes. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, a skateboarding legend make a bay area appearance. plus, a breach of trust. one mom angry why her son was vaccinated without her consent and is accusing the school of deceptive tactics. let's get to the big board this morning. the dow up ever so
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good wednesday morning. the time is 6:41. heading out the door, it's a chilly start. it will stay cool today. in concord, it's 50 degrees and we are seeing patches of fog but not nearly as dense as it has been. we are headed for the mid-50s and light rain this evening. we will talk about a storm coming up in a few minutes. richmond to san francisco, southbound 580. the bridge commute, there's a buildup here as well as the rest of your east bay. we will show you other patterns as well a little further south. president biden giving russia a stern warning over ukraine. >> biden and president putin met by video, and we have a transcript about what the two talked about, but the kremlin released this video. >> hello. good to see you again.
6:43 am
>> in the kremlin video, you get to see how friendly biden is. but that's just off the top as they say hello. the white house version of the exact same meeting, no video just stills, biden warns putin that russia risks tough new sanctions if it invades ukraine. and then our armed forces get a raise, and then democrats in the senate can lift the debt ceiling which we need to do or can't pay our bills. republicans stood in the way to raise the debt ceiling, though they have voted to do so dozens of times in the past. president biden's pick for controller of the currency is withdrawing her name from the
6:44 am
nomination process. the senate was unlikely to approve her anyway. the job among other things was regulating banks, and she was probably going to be too tough on banks. she teaches at cornell and some members of the senate don't trust her and some of the criticism is about her past academic papers, her ideas run counter to a lot of things americans would think as traditional american capitalism. but she grew up in the former soviet union, and as a child she was a member of the communist community. >> i don't know whether to call you professor or comrade.
6:45 am
>> i am not a communist. >> president biden is yet to nominate a new candidate for that position. we will watch all that and talk about it on social media. you can find me online on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. and many kids can be forced back into online school in about a month. students over 12 must be fully vaccinated by january 10th. students who do not comply or are exempt will be forced into independent learning or will have to leave the l.a. public school system. one parent is taking a stand against an l.a. school she says vaccinated her son without consent. this happened at the barack obama global prep academy, and her son brought home the vaccine card after agreeing to get the shot, and she said her son only
6:46 am
said yes when somebody offered him the shot in exchange for pizza, and then told him not to tell anybody because they could get in trouble. >> i am against it. >> because he has underlying conditions that concern you? >> yes, he has asthma and problems with allergies. steph curry nearing a prize record. most three-pointers ever. he needs to just make 16 more with his next chance tonight in the game against portland. as the sharks proved it last night, the improbable also possible against first place calgary. they came in sluggish, down 3-1. then scoring four unanswered
6:47 am
goals to win it all, 5-3. tony hawk stopped by the north bay over the weekend. >> yeah, of course he visited a skate park. ♪♪ >> that's pretty cool. wish i could do stuff like that. he posted this video of him in a skate park all alone, and he visited a couple wineries and dined at single threat. can you pronounce these correctly? the u.s. captioning company out with words most mispronounced. apparently the cryptocurrency
6:48 am
coin popularized by musk, and finally singer billie eilish, her last night difficult for people to say. >> my dad's girlfriend would say we went and got khau poet annual -- >> is that why she's an ex? >> kari? >> it's not hard to say, but it's hard to speak right now. a live look outside in walnut creek. some of the visibility going down, just a little bit compared to what we had yesterday. this is a lot better. temperatures in the upper 50s for a high. these are high temperatures, so it will be cooler this afternoon. hayward headed for 57 degrees,
6:49 am
and we will see mid-50s in daily chicago as well as redwood city, and 56 downtown and in the mission district, and for the north bay, cooler with spotty showers. what we see during the overnight hours and later this afternoon, a couple 0.01 of a an inch. with this slow-moving atmospheric river we will be gearing up for lots of rain. it moves in starting on sunday afternoon into monday. our rainfall totals will be anywhere from three quarters of an inch of rain to three plus inches of rain and the winds will be 20 to 40 miles per hour. for our rain shadowed valleys, they will be typically not seeing as much rain will have lower rainfall totals, and they will deal with pockets of heavy
6:50 am
rain and high snowfall totals for the sierra. taking a look at what computer model is showing, the potential of getting four to slightly higher amounts of rainfall for the santa cruz mountains, but most of us getting two to three inches of rain in some of the spots that get heavier rainfall totals. for the sierra, light snow for tonight but next week, check this out, we could get a big boost in our sierra snowfall. we know a lot of resorts had to recently delay the opening, so maybe they can open before christmas if the storm system pans out. looks good, though. it will be sunny and cool morning temperatures in the 30s, and we will be getting ready for the rain starting on sunday. mike, how is it looking at the bay bridge? >> the backup is at the toll plaza, but our camera at emeryville, the taillights toward treasure island.
6:51 am
you see the lights on inside the tunnel, and that does show visibility is much better here than we have seen in the last couple of weeks, actually, as it has been a tough drive. north bay, visibility good but patchy fog. the build for concord, highway 4 moving toward walnut creek and through arenda and lafayette. vasco, typical slowing, and the south bay starting to bill, and there's 101 right as we expect. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:51. happening right now, 15 people injured after a crash near the mexico border. a truck was being chased on i-8 in east san diego. multiple passengers were ejected from the check and one was taken away from the scene by
6:52 am
helicopter. pfizer confirming its two-shot vaccine offers less protection against the omicron variant, but there's a easy way to better protect yourself. the full result, next. plus -- >> it's resentencing day for scott peterson here, and the family has the right to address the court and one other person who might not be expected will address the court as well, scott peterson himself.
6:53 am
♪ what do you want from me? ♪ ♪ what do you... ♪ [ buzzer sound ] ♪ hah, my name is ♪ ♪ what? - my name is ♪ [ buzzer sound ] ♪ you used to call me on my cellphone ♪ [ buzzer sound ] guys, we're on. now? -huh? ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at our top stories on "today in the bay." >> starting with breaking news, pfizer just out with new data on the effectiveness of its covid vaccine against the omicron variant. a booster shot may be the key. a study shows the effectiveness against the omicron with the two shots is lower to those found in a similar study in south africa, but the booster brought the protection back up to the two-shot vaccine. the ceo of pfizer spoke with the "today" show, which you can see right after "today in the bay." and scott peterson will be resentenced for the killing of
6:56 am
his wife, laci and their unborn son. kris sanchez is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: the big thing today is we expect scott peterson will address the court before he is resentenced. laci peterson's family will also have the right to do the same thing. scott peterson was convicted in 2004 for killing his wife, laci, and their unborn son. the supreme court kept the guilty verdict but overturned the sentencing because the judge made mistakes that impacted peterson's right to an impartial jury. as part of the sentencing, laci peterson's family has the right to address the court. along with laci and her family, scott peterson is expected to
6:57 am
break his silence for the first time in nearly 20 years as he tries to get a new trial in a separate hearing. >> with any luck we are going to hear more details about what he was doing, where he was going and perhaps even what he thinks about the new evidence that has emerged in this case. >> reporter: that request for a new trial is a completely separate hearing. that is going to be heard sometime next year. what is happening today is the resentencing. again, the judge only has one option and that's to resentence him to life if prison without the possibility of parole, but we expect to hear from him and we also expect to hear from laci peterson's family about how their pain has not diminished over the last 17 years. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> yeah, that will be fascinating to watch. join us later this morning for our special coverage as it continues. we will have crews at the courthouse in redwood city as well as legal analysis ahead of
6:58 am
the hearing and that starts at 10:00 right here on nbc bay area. and contra costa supervisor calling for a crackdown on restaurants that refuse to check vaccination status at its doors. about a dozen restaurants are still refusing the policy. health leaders have not fined anyone, only giving warnings. supervisors are demanding the department apply its policies to all restaurants. oakland leaders have approved a plan to add more police officers. council members agreed to launch two extra police academies to boost staffing levels in response to the surge in violent crime. they delayed the voting on the signing bonuses for officers from other departments and that vote is expected to happen later this month.
6:59 am
kari, how is the weather looking? >> not bad at all. we are starting out with clouds and cooler temperatures and thes afternoon into early tomorrow morning. we are clear for tomorrow and on friday, as well as the start of the weekend. by sunday we will be watching a big storm and we will continue to provide updates on that. mike? >> kari, we are looking at san josé where the volume doesn't look so bad right here, this is 101 north of 680. but there's slowing that shows up on the sensors here, and the buildup for 87 coming into downtown, so your traditional pattern here. over here in oakland, laura, you just showed us this shot but i wanted to show a good amount of traffic in both directions heading to or from the bay bridge toll plaza. standard. >> thank you. i want to remind you we will extensively cover the scott peterson hearing today where he will be resentenced. there are only three reporters
7:00 am
allowed in the courtroom, one right here from nbc bay area. you want to get the latest information with us here. we will also stream it live on that's all coming up at 10:00 a.m. this morning. good morning breaking overnight, positive good morning breaking overnight, positive results. pfizer just releasing new data this morning saying its vaccine booster does neutralize the omicron variant. how far does that data go and will it be enough to stem the rising tide of cases from coast to coast we'll ask the ceo of pfizer in a live one-on-one. tense talks, inside the high-stakes showdown between president biden and russia's vladimir putin, the president warning of a strong response if russian troops invade ukraine and leaving the door open for the u.s. military to get


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