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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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owners in san francisco are getting more and more code violations. >> how are we going to fix this thing, how are we going to find the money? you know, it's very, very, very frustrated. >> the amount of money some restaurant owners have already paid and could pay in the future. also much-needed rain is on the way. jeff ranieri updating his forecast that could bring a one-two punch to the bay area. and no longer a death row inmate, scott peterson has been resentenced but wasn't allowed to address the court today. >> i think what he would have liked to have said is he wanted to talk about the fact that he did, one of the things that real i will upsets him is this concept that he did not want to have a child. >> much more to this story as well. could the 49-year-old peterson get a whole new trial and eventually be a free man?
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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> so there is growing concern tonight among restaurant owners who set up parklets during the pandemic. they're suddenly receiving code violations for the structures that were once their salvation. nbc bay area cameras were there today as more citations went out. christie smith explains. >> reporter: one restaurant we spoke with said they spent thousands of dollars on the parklet and are worried they'll have to spend a lot more, and the worst part is trying to keep up with all the rules that the city has. >> it's frustrating. we still paying for this parklet in order to keep going. >> reporter: at portofino seafood, an ominous notice from the city to make changes to their parklet or face fines. >> how are we going to fix these things, how are we going to find the money? you know, it's very, very, very
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frustrated. >> all of this did not make sense to me, taking our food. >> reporter: some changes need to happen in two weeks, others by next july or else, and they're not alone. dozens of businesses are now getting code violations. the city says because the parklet is now permanent they need higher standards. >> it's insulting. this is not the time for the city to come down with a heavy hand. this is the time to be collaborative. >> reporter: he understands the frustration. >> this is not inexpensive for somebody holding on by a thread. many of them are ada client. some have to have little tweaks, but we should not be breathing down their necks. >> reporter: most change relate to fire safety or accessibility. but a few issues are more urgent
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and need a short-term fix. they say as long as the business is working with the city on resolving it, they will be flexible on the timing of enforcement and will not be collecting fines. >> it's really hard to find people to actually do the work. i mean, i'm hoping the city can come to an agreement and give more time. >> i introduced legislation all fines and fees well into 2023. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. let's take a live look outside now on this wednesday evening. downtown san jose on the ride side of your skrine. san francisco on the left side your screen. get ready for a cold night of rain. jeff, we have an active few days ahead of us, right? >> a lot coming our way. eventually, we're going to get that that rainfall. we've got a system dropping down that's going to bring us a cold blast, especially friday and
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also saturday morning. let's take you into the temperatures. tomorrow it's not too bad. we've been used to 40s. we've got 45 in napa, 46 in san jose. but then, as we push into friday morning, can you see the cold air arriving. 35 in napa, 36 novato, 30 in santa rosa, down to the south bay also getting to 34 in san martin. patchy frost on friday morning and saturday, 34 in napa. 37 in san jose. with chilly air coming up, simple tips to start thinking about. dress in layers, wear a hat, check on sensitive plants you don't want to lose outside and your car tire light may start to turn on, because cold air contracts, so it's going to leave more air in those tires, you might have to add air to your tires. so we are back with more looks
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at that rainfall in a few minutes. you want to follow jeff's up to the minute forecast. can you do so by dounlding our app. a disheartening update about the fire earlier this year in south lake tahoe. a father and son are behind bars accused of arson. the caldor fire burned more than 220,000 acres. the district attorney said david and travis smith were arrested for reckless arson. the d.a. didn't elaborate on how they started the fire. the flames, though, tore through more than 1,000 homes and structures and threatened several popular ski resorts the. scott peterson, the man convicted of killing his wife and unborn child and dumping them in the bay is no longer facing the death penalty. a judge resentenced him for those killings, and his attorneys continue to push to have his entire conviction
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thrown out. marianne favro was one of three reporters allowed upside the redwood city courtroom as the victim's family recounted the agony of the killings. >> reporter: this was an incredibly emotional hearing. choefking back tears, laci's sister, brother and mother conveyed how much pain they still feel every day, nearly 20 years later. wearing a chain around his waist and handcuffs, scott peterson returned to a redwood city courtroom to be resentenced for killing his wife laci and their unborn son connor. more than 15 years ago, a jury sentenced him to death, but the california supreme court overturned the decision last year, citing jury selection issues. during today's hearing, laci's mom, sharon rocha, looked directly at peterson and told him, you're evil, self-centered, unforgivable, selfish act ended two beautiful souls and for what reason?
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there was no other reason other than you just didn't want them anymore. laci's brother ancestor also tearfully addressed peterson about their loss and devastation. amy rocha said because of you, our holidays have never been the same. every christmas eve i relive the nightmare that we still live in now. judge ann kristine masue low then sentenced peterson to the possibility of life without parole. she did not allow peterson to read a statement in court, but after the hearing, his attorney shared what he said peterson intended to say. >> i think he just also wanted to tell out and tell the rocha family that he understands their feelings, and he understands why they believe that he is guilty, but he wanted to make it clear that there is no way he could have possibly harmed laci and connor, and i think that's essence of what he was going to say. >> more than 17 years after his
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conviction, peterson's sister-in-law also maintains his innocence. >> there is no forensic evidence. scott peterson is innocent. >> reporter: scott peterson will be back in court in february on a hearing on allegations that jury misconduct prevented him from getting a fair trial. if the judge agrees, he could be granted a new trial. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> and marianne shared the victim statements that were raw and emotional. we wanted to share a few quotes. laci's mother said you betrayed her and your son and everyone else. you ended two beautiful souls. brent rocha, laci peterson's brother, also spoke through tears to the court. there are no words able to express the pain associated with not being able to experience
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life together. and amy rocha, laci peterson's sister spoke tearfully to the court. 19 years, and there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about my sister. we have much more on today's resentencing of scott peterson on our home page, there you can watch news conferences featuring peterson's lawyer and sister-in-law. another high-profile case and a day of closure in the trial of elizabeth holmes. after three months of testimony, the prosecution and defense rested their case. she is accused of defrauding investors, knowing that her machines didn't work. >> reporter: on the seventh day of her testimony, the defense rested. elizabeth holmes wrapping up a week on the stand, as prosecutors rested their case as well. >> history is going to be the judge of whether elizabeth
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holmes taking the stand in her own defense was a good idea or really terrible. >> reporter: holmes testified that while she was m charge at theranos, she wishes she it some things differently, but did delegate certain things to co-workers who failed to deliver. she also testified to abuse at the hands of former boyfriend and co-theranos executive, sun eye balwani but did not link it directly to theranos failing. >> so given the fact that building and watching theranos implode was remarkably traumatic, it's clear that elizabeth holmes could have some kind of post traumatic stress disorder and cob honest when she's saying i honestly don't recall these things. >> reporter: now the case moves to closing arguments and then to a jury who must decide whether holmes' actions were mistakes or federal crimes. >> but i suspect a jury is glad to have this over. they're the ones who have had to really focus intently and carefully, which they have done,
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during weeks and weeks of trial and now they can actually start the process of deliberation. >> reporter: but nothing happens quickly here. as the timeline stands now, closing arguments in the case will begin at the end of next week. that will be followed by jury instruction and then the jury will begin deliberations. scott budman, nbc bay area news. up next, nearly a dozen hospital employees affected with covid. what the hospital is doing now to see if they've passed the virus on to others. also let there be snow. a lake tahoe area ski resort is opening up on friday, we'll tell you where and if other resort also soon follow. jeff? and i'll update you on some shower chances as we roll through tonight and the stronger storm, and yes, how much snow we could get. i'll see you back here in about eight minutes.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. a troubling revelation from an east bay hospital. today kaiser permanente revealed a number of their fully-vaccinated employees are now part of the county's latest covid cluster, and at least five
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of those cases have been confirmed as the omicron variant. as melissa colorado explains, testing is under way to see if patients and other employees contracted the new variant. >> reporter: fully-vaccinated, double-checked, booster vaccine, check. but even that covid prevention checklist didn't stop a handful of employees from getting the virus after partying at a wedding. 11 of the oakland medical center employees were tied to a cluster of covid cases in the east bay. testing is under way to determine how many of those 11 are infected with the newly-discovered variant. all have mild symptoms and are isolating at home. 16 other people at the hospital may have been exposed.
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>> there's no cause to panic at the moment. probably the wakeup call that if you're going to large family gatherings, large group events during the holidays to really be careful. >> reporter: dr. peter chin hong says if you're vaccinated and received booster, then there's really only one other thing to get before showing up to a holiday party. >> consider doing additional testing if you're not really sure about what the status of the family members are. just a rapid test will help figure out if somebody's transmissable. >> reporter: kaiser permanente says all the affected employees deal with patients day to day and interacted briefly before symptoms. they all followed covid-19 prevention rules while at work. >> still getting vaccinated is our best weapon. >> reporter: melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. here's something that will make you smile. get ready to hit the slopes.
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mt. rose opens on friday. it's one of the few tahoe resorts to open. heavenly and north star haven't announced an opening date yet, but they're listening in on jeff's forecast. we might get snow sunday, monday and tuesday, right, jeff? >> yay! >> i'm ready to go shred, what about you guy sfs. >> i'm not any good. there's going to be so much snow some of the resorts may be able to open. so it might take a little bit of time here. but definitely what everybody wants if you want to go to lake tahoe, it's going to be coming our way and good news for the drought. i did want to start it off with a look at storm ranger and mobile doppler radar. clouds and spotty showers moving through the north bay and a chance of spotty showers to
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continue as we roll through tonight. you'll see we'll start it off tomorrow morning with those clouds and temperatures in the 40s, down to 43 in the peninsula. the east bay at 46, san francisco 48 and north bay at 40. at 6:00 in the morning i do anticipate it to start to break up in the north bay. overcast for the south bay and peninsula. we should get sunshine breaking in, in the afternoon. also do watch out for isolated areas of patchy fog. overall, a much, much better chance of getting sun in here. temperatures not going to change a lot. it's going to be pretty chilly all day long. widespread 50s. 56 in cupertino. let's bring it over to the east bay. we'll move through these kind of fast, 57 in concord, 55 in pleasanton, through the
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peninsula at double 5s in san mateo. san francisco, 57 for the mission and through the north bay, 51 in clear lake and 57 in novato. what about the storm system is this no change on the timing. everything is lining up for the atmospheric river once we hit sunday night into monday. the atmospheric river is going to help boost up the rain totals. it's going to be a wide range, .75 of an inch to 3 inches. peninsula, east bay, i'm thinking early estimates at this point, certainly around 2 inches, and for the south bay, rain shadow, .75 to an inch. i wanted to take it to the sierra snow. if you've been wanting to go up there, sit down for this one. you'll be able to see as we head up to next week we could be up to 74 inches in kingvale.
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lots of 50s and through the inland valleys the other thing we've got coming our way is cold mornings. friday morning, 37. saturday morning down to 34 degrees. that chill is moving on in. we are ready to go. so, audry, i think those jackets -- >> yes! >> you had in boston. >> woo-hoo! >> might come in handy here. >> they're still in boxes, i didn't think i was going to need them. but now, okay, get'em out. i'm ready. >> can you show us all how to get prepared. >> you spent your last three or four winters in boston? >> five. we're in the 50s right now, and i get cold when i'm outside. and i'm like, no, no, this is toasty in boston during this time. i'm excited to wear the winter coats again. >> she's back home again. >> when you step into this state, everything becomes
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relative. 50s is freezing. up next here at 6:00, outdoor dining in the south bay continues. how long people in san jose will be able to eat alfresco.
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san jose's staying alfresco. the city has voted to continue the popular outdoor dining program. select streets will stay closed to make room for diners. mayor liccardo started the program last may to help many struggling businesses. this latest extension will last through next june. glide memorial church is in the middle of its big holiday grocery give away. today the bags were delivered to community organizations across the city. inside those bags, a holiday meal for four, including a free-range chicken or turkey, potatoes and rice. with the pandemic dragging on and inflation headed up, food
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insecurity is a reality for many. the grocery give away targets the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, including bayview, japan town and chinatown. you can help provide food for those in need the next time you visit your neighborhood safeway. for $10, safeway will gather a bag full of groceries to be donated, and you can do it anytime between now and christmas. >> very easy, any safeway in the bay area. the silicon valley tech executive to launch into space with his son tomorrow has been grounded. we'll explain why.
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the silicon valley dad who bought a ticket for him and his son to go to space will have to wait for his out of the world road trip or space trip. >> windy conditions pushing back tomorrow's blue origin launch, that's jeff bezos' space company. it's set for western texas. among those on board, lane bess and his son cameron. also on that flight, football hall-of-famer, michael strahan. tonight at 7:00, could scott peterson eventually be set free? our legal analyst explains what happens next. marin county's health officer joins us and tells us why he might reinstate the mask mandate.
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60 years later, a classic tale is reimagined. rita moreno as the only latino first starred in the original, now she has a new role as valentina. lester holt sits down with the stars to discuss the remake. >> were you concerned in a remake it may lose some of its soul? >> oh, no. on the contrary, i think it has way more soul. >> more authenticity? >> absolutely. there isn't a latino in the script of character who isn't being played by a hispanic person. >> next on nightly news, a discussion on the importance of diversity and representation in the film. tonight, promising news from pfizer in the race to contain the omicron variant. pfizer saying two doses of its covid vaccine may not be sufficient against omicron but that a third dose offers significant protection it comes as the u.s.
6:30 pm
faces a delta winter surge with hospitals under siege. dr. fauci is here answering your questions. also tonight the powerful testimony, the mother of daunte wright in tears on the stand at the trial of kimberly potter, the former officer accused of killing her son the defense saying potter mistook her gun for her taser. the never before seen images of jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell shown at her sex trafficking trial. what they reveal. the january 6th committee moving to hold former trump chief of staff mark meadows in contempt. just in, the lawsuit meadows has now filed. scott peterson resentenced for the killing of his pregnant wife laci. the emotional words in the courtroom from laci's mother. less than ten months after his near fatal crash, tiger woods announcing he's officially coming back. the head of instagram grilled for the first time by congress the heated questions he faced over teen safety and it is back on the


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