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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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some rain moving back across the bay area. plus, all the details on our stronger storm. the atmospheic river. and the big abortion plan if roe v. wade is overturned. good evening. thank you for being with us at 11:00. this is not what she signed up for. the president of the california medical board said she was followed and harassed by four men in an suv. not just at her walnut creek office but at her home. there is growing concern about bullying tactics. >> reporter: the head of the california medical board said the confrontation happened here. they were in a white suv. they were in the parking structure facing her vehicle. in a series of tweet she describes what she said happened. when i left the office building
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and entered the parking garage, four men jumped out of the suv with cameras and recording equipment and confronted me as i tried to get into my car and drove home. this is the second time. she recognized the suv and the men. earlier they are flying a drone over her house and watching her kids. these kinds of incidents seem to be happening more often. >> unfortunately, we're seeing this increased polarization where people are attacking others personally. they're bullying others and we're seeing that as part of information about covid, unfortunately. >> reporter: lawson said the man told her they're with america's front line doctors and vaccine group for spreading misinformation. we reached out to two people and received no response. according to the city of walnut creek, police did come to the garage and interviewed everyone involved. at the time, they found no evidence of a crime and left.
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they do say they're classifying i as a suspicious circumstance. the state senator denounced it and is calling for an additional investigation. this harassment is part of a pattern of intimidating people and preventing them from doing their job. she said she will not be intimidated. in walnut creek, sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. there was also back lash against businesses for enforcing covid rules. this is in the midst of a growing number of cases. >> reporter: this saloon requires praf of vaccination to get inside. someone posted a threatening note on the door demanding an end to that policy. the note came days after the saloon posted on spoem some staff and guests here tested positiveful they told customers,
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people who attended a fund-raiser on sunday, november 28th, are testing positive for covid. >> i think it was day after the event i got an email from a friend of mine who was there and tested positive. >> reporter: he said 15 people and two staff members all have mild symptoms. he believes there are other positive cases linked to different bars in west marin. >> i know people who tested positive after this weekend at the other local venues that were not there. and there's been no notifications from any other local event. i don't want to name names but it is very frustrating. >> reporter: marin county said a rise in covid cases is linked to the holiday weekend. >> we're seeing a significant spike in cases following thanksgiving. it started about five, six days after thanksgiving day. >> reporter: worried about covid cases and a possible drop in business at the saloon turned to fear on december 3rd when staff found this note on the door.
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a threat to burn the bar down if vaccine rules remain in place. he called the marin county sheriff's office. >> my first thought was it was probably just a threat. the things i see in the news, we have to take it seriously. >> reporter: the owner of another location found a serious threat on his door and immediately called police. nbc bay area news. we're following breaking news in stockton. a man has been shot dead by police officers at a police station. it happened tonight in the station parking lot. police stay man pulled up and started firing a gun. multiple officers fired back. all the officers are okay. no word on what triggered that man to show up there at the police station and start to shoot, according to the officers. we'll keep you updated across our digital platforms. a gram of east bay health care
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workers, kaiser permanente announcing that 11 of the oakland employees tested positive after attending the same wedding in wisconsin over the thanksgiving break. five have the new omicron variant. testing is underway to find out if it spread to kaiser patients. all 11 people are vaccinated and had their booster shots. their symptoms are mild. they're isolating at home. we have an active week of weather ahead of us. it is cold and soon it will get wet. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the updated time line. >> we've got a lot coming our way. right now we have some showers over the north bay. that will push to the south bay as we move through the overnight hours. and i want to get ahead and let you know about some chilly air that will be dropping down. this will bring us a cold blast by friday and saturday morning. look at these temperatures.
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so tomorrow is not that bad. we'll be in the 40s. we've been used to that in the inland areas. 48 morning, we'll go down to 30 in santa rosa. 35 in napa. 37 in livermore. 37 in san jose. chilly in san martin. some patchy fog possible not only friday morning but saturday morning. some stuff to think about, you're out ahead of this. remember to dress in layers, wear a hat, check the plants, bring the pets inside. and you may not have thought of this. but your car tire light playing on because cold air contracts. car tire light may come on. check the tires. they have special cold tire pressure ratings. and definitely could be helpful here as we head into that chilly weather. i have more details on that strong atmospheric river. a great resource for the upcoming winter weather. our nbc bay area app.
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you can track any storm with our live radar right there on your phone. and we can send you updates as the air moves through your specific neighborhood. ? he's now off the streets. a man accused of playing a cop. the man, seen in september, followed at least three time girl. the latest happened on monday. christopher dalton told the girls he was a cop and had a gun or a navy on him. he then demanded hugs from the girls. they alls to get away, thankfully. dalton is a registered sex offender. an update about the fire earlier this year in south lake tahoe. a father and son are accused of arson. the caldor fire burned more than 220,000 acres. davis and travis smith were arrested for reckless arson.
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the d.a. did not elaborate on how they start the fire. we know that flames tore through more than 1,000 homes and structures several months ago. this story grimd the bay area nearly 20 years ago and it's not over. today scott peterson was back in court and confront by laci peterson's family once again. in 2005 he was sent to san quenin for the murder of his wife and son. last week the court overturned the sentence because of jury misconduct. today he was resentenced to life in prison without parole. . in redwood city court, laci's mother looked directly at scott and called him a coward. laci's sister and brother talk about the pain and devastation. in february, peterson could be granted an entirely new trial if the judge in rewood city agrees
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there was additional jury misconduct. >> once there is a decision, then is it so prejudicial that it depends a new trial. the juror called strawberry shortcake, she lied in jury selection. >> so one of our legal analysts, scott peterson is 49 years old and maintains his innocence. tomorrow, family, friends and former colleagues will get together to remember this security guard. he was shot and killed after an attempted robbery in oakland last month. he was providing security for a have the have the news crew at the time. the reward money has grown to $38,000. services are tomorrow at than at the san jose sic center. we'll be streaming live on our website beginning at than.
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we could see thousands of women coming here to california to get an abortion. many clinics will be clesed. today they laid out their plans with the support of governor newsom. >> reporter: a sanctuary state for abortions. that's what governor newsom envisioned if the supreme court which heard arguments over an abortion ban last week rules to leave abortion access up to individual states. expert say 24 states are either certain or very likely to make abortions illegal. some already have bans that would go into effect the moment roe was overturned. today a gram of 40 clinics and organizations called the california fought of abortion council laid out how they would help women traveling to california for the procedure. >> that was in direct response to what we saw happen in texas.
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>> reporter: the council laid out 45 recommendations for lawmakers including asking for more staff, citing an institute report that overturning roe would lead to a 3,000% increase of out of state patients seeking an abortion. >> it is incumbent possible california and other freedom states to ensure that access to abortion is available to those who need it. californians and others alake. >> they're also pushing for the woman to be reimbursed for travel and other needs. the governor said he will add it to his january budget proposal. meanwhile the familiar counsel criticized the principal saying this blatant disregard for life seems to be growing. the supreme court is scheduled to rule on the issue in late
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june. ian cull. nbc bay area news. we are back in 60 seconds. the east bay woman helping infertile couples have children. she got the surprise of her life after a 23 and me dna test. and those restaurant park lifts that became a staple during the pandemic. but why some may have to tear down those parklets. and i'll have the latest update on the heavy rain headed toward the bay area coming up in about seven minutes.
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sometimes you run across stories that seem unbelievable. this is one of them. it involves an east bay woman's desire to help infertile couples conceive through science. as cheryl hurd found out, donating eggs 20 years ago has changed the woman's life
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forever. >> reporter: jennifer grew up in alameda and went to high school in oakland. she never dreamed the decision she would make 20 years ago would change her world today. >> i was in a relationship and my partner then had two kids and didn't plan on having any other kids. and i thought this is my forever. the kids were amazing. and i always wanted to figure out how i could contribute to the world. >> reporter: she decided to donate her eggs. >> i signed a waiver saying if a child is a result of this process, are you okay with them contacting you when they turn 18? i said yeah. i checked the box. that was over 20 years ago. i hadn't really thought about it. >> reporter: and she didn't think about it in 2015 when she bought the personal testing kit 23 and me. >> i was not seeking anything. >> reporter: well, someone was.
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>> one day earlier this year i got a message from ellie. i wanted to see how she was related to me. >> i opened the app and i saw it. her name is jennifer. whoa! >> she e-mailed me a photo. and it was of her and her sister. her twin sister. so it was twins which is even more exciting. >> when we found out, i think ellie and i thought, we didn't really care. no matter what, our parents, the people who raised us will always be our parents. >> i was pretty comfortable meeting them. and i feel like it was pretty, it felt pretty natural when we met in person. it was very exciting. >> exciting and it had to be a little confusing. imagine two people you didn't give birth to share a large portion of your dna. so much so that technology puts you and two total strangers
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together as mother and daughter. but it doesn't stop there. >> a couple months later, after i had been speaking to jennifer, i got a notification that said, oh, you have 12 new relatives on the app or whatever. okay. then i opened it and on the top it has your closest relative and it said half sister, half sister. and i was like -- what? >> ellie and debby have two half sisters which means jennifer is the biological mother of another set of paternal twins. molly and fiona. we did a virtual interview with them and they told us about the first time they met. >> i looked her up and down. hmm, interesting. i don't see any similarities. the hair, i guess. >> they have my cheeks. she has my eyes. they have my teeth, my ears. i noticed things more than they did. >> reporter: but jennifer
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doesn't have the title mom. it is something she says she wasn't seeking. >> i am not the mom. we are friends. we are close and we're building a relationship. >> one of my ex-boyfriends was like, that's so cool. you have like three parents. no. i have two parents. >> reporter: however you look it a, jennifer and these young ladies say they are creating an inacceptable bond. >> we have so many similarities and get along really well. i think we'll be friends forever. >> their parents seem supportive of this journey for us. and they are maintaining their privacy. letting us have our journey. >> reporter: cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. >> what a story that is. dozens of san francisco restaurants are furious after the city suddenly started demanding they change their pandemic parklets or face big
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fines. our cameras were there today as a group of restaurant were given citations. they say they're often giving conflicting information. they said because they were recently made permanent, there are stricter regulations. restaurant owners say it is just one more challenge they don't need. >> in order to keep going, now a problem. >> you can feel the frustration for the business owners. they will have until march to submit a man and then until june to make the necessary changes. however in some extreme cases they'll need to make changes even sooner. >> the same laugh. the same smile. really nice. >> how are you? >> we're good.
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we have rain on the radar any time we have this. we went you this no with quite a bit of dry weather. this is exactly what we need. none of this is really that heavy. we have some areas of showers over the north bay and the east bay. that will continue overnight. then as we head through tomorrow morning, we'll start to see the cloud cover break up over the north bay first. otherwise, it will start cloudy. and then as we head through the morning, we'll see the cloud cover clear out for some sun. do watch for some patchy areas of fog. temperatures right where we had it the past several mornings. in the 40s. it will start out chilly. south bay down to 42. i have you in at san francisco with 48 and the east bay, 46. the daytime highs, we are in the chill. a little bit below average here as we roll through the thursday forecast. 58 in sap jose. 57 in concord. mid 50s from san francisco right
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down to the coastline. all right. let's get you the information on what you really want to know about. our next chance of some heavy widespread rainfall. the newest updates continue to keep everything in line with this happening. we're not seeing anything that would give us dry weather at this point. all signs pointing toward this atmospheric river. sunday into monday. really beginning to pick up sunday night. and then we'll see widespread rainfall into monday. you can see it here. once we hit sunday evening, it is aimed right at the bay area. and here we go monday. widespread through the entire state. if you have traveling plans on monday, keep watching the forecast. and this would mean some very heavy snowfall for the sierras. three quarters of an inch to three inches of rain totals. higher totals toward the north bay. i think peninsula and east bay would be in that one to two-inch range. 20 to 40-mile-an-hour winds so
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some small stream flooding. and sierra snow, we need it bad. two to six feet on the way. great for the drought. on my seven-day forecast, we stay in the 50s for daytime highs and san francisco. for the inland valleys, a very chilly forecast. and look at this. friday and saturday morning if you missed it. we are down in the 30s with patchy frost. we have jumped right into winter and i'm very thankful. >> head first. we like that. up next, on capitol hill. why instagram ceo said the platform is safer now for teenagers. the one thing he told congress he's not willing to do. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. nicole kidman is my guest. happening now, long time republican s state tomorrow in the u.s. capitol
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rotunda. he died sunday at the age of 98 after battling stage 4 lung cancer. his funeral is friday. we're back in a moment. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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if you got the pfizer booster, you may have more protection against the omicron variant. today they said the booster helps fight the latest strain which is tougher to ward off if you only had the first two doses but the first two still help protect against serious illness and hospitalization. right now the cdc is urging everyone 18 and up to get that
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booster shot. the ceo of instagram testified today on capitol hill. he testified about the harmful effects on girl. lawmakers have criticized the company for not doing more after leaked internal documents show that instagram could be harmful to young users. he refused to end plans to create a version for instagram for kids under 13. right now, the effort is on pause. the testimony comes the day after instagram released efforts to curb teenage use and give parents more control.
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funny how this works. a lot of people were let down tonight watching the warriors game. keep in mind the warriors won the game but it is all about steph curry and his pursuit of becoming the all time leader for three-pointers. at chase center, warriors and blazers. there's the man of the hour. curry needed 16 three-pointers to break the record set by ray allen many years ago. 16 three-pointers in one game is a lot. we have to manage expectations here. it didn't happen tonight. curry did hit six three-pointers
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which is a lot for most people. that means he needs to, do the math, ten more three-pointers to break the record. perhaps he'll do it saturday in philly. as for everyone else, otto porter was banging tonight. the warriors beat the blazers 104-94. the warriors improved to 21-4 on the season. the roller coaster ride continues for the 49ers despite their 500 record tharks a wild card team as it stands right now. there is a lot more football to be played. still five games remaining in the regular season. the niners gearing up for a team in cincinnati. jimmy g looking to recover after a sub par performance in sunday's loss in seattle where he threw two interceptions. >> i tried to create everything like i normally would. once you hit that certain point, you move on. whenever you come off a game like that, you want to perform the right way. >> we'll see what happens.
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finally, remember the griswald family? they are going all out on christmas decorations. this is in anaheim. decorated like the griswalds' home. it didn't sit well with the city. they wanted the home owners to take it down or face fines. he said he's negotiated with the city to leave it up through holidays. that's incredible. that will do it for us on this wednesday night. for everyone here, thank you. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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