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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 9, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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get boosted, not to mention people wanting to travel, county vax sites are once again getting busy. >> it remains necessary at most vaccination sites to make an appointment. very few can operate on a drop-in basis. >> reporter: but the county says it has enough vaccine supply to go around. it's encouraging everyone to get their shots and for teens, the timing is just right. >> it's important to have more time during the day to make it to appointments, less worry about side effects and interfering with school. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> you may be wondering how many kids have gotten their vaccine. only 8% of kids 5-11-year-old are vaccinated. 80% are not vaccinated at all. numbers uncrease for older kids.
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62% of kids 5-11-year-old are vaccinated. for the decision to boost 16 and 17-year-olds only apply to the pfizer vaccine. 55% of all booster shots in the u.s. are of pfizer. meanwhile, leaders have a plan to bring back mask mandates. they look at case rates when looking at covid rules, and now the vaccination rate is so high, so there are fewer cases, especially those leading to hospitalizations. health leaders plan to monitor the hospitalization rate. if 13 people become hospitalized with covid, health leaders could bring back indoor masking. right now only four people are hospitalized with covid. we know it can be difficult
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keeping up with vaccinations and case rates. you'll find a health watch explainer from our chris chmura that walks you through and how you can get that extra dose. a live look at the golden gate bridge and downtown san jose. jeff ranieri has been warning us it's about to get cold. >> yes. >> look that cold blast and heavy rain that could be coming our way soon. >> we have a lot of stuff coming. the cold blast is sitting down now across all of the west. so by tomorrow morning, this is going to bring us widespread 30s over the east bay and south bay. patchy frost is possible. and we'll see another round of chilly weather as we head through saturday morning as well. so some stuff to think about. dress in layers, wear a hat, bring those pets inside. your car tire lights may come on
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as well. cold air contracts, you may have to add air to your tires. now let's move it in to the rainfall. you can see sunday the atmospheric river is in full effect, pointed right at the bay area. i think highest totals will be in the mountains of the north bay. we will have flooding risk with increasing streams. this could bring gusty winds, 20-50. a detailed look in about 15 minutes. looking forward to that timeline. here's a look at our storm ranger on top of san bruno mountain. you can download our nbc bay area app and get minute by minute updates on any storm system headed our way. find out when the rain will hit your neighborhood. some students through the south bay are in big trouble for bringing a gun on campus at around 10:00 this morning.
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at new valley high school, the school says two students got into a fight the when staff members broke it up, they saw what appeared to be a gun. they called police who searched the students and found the gun. students were then arrested. more police, less crime. san francisco says it's working. they say they're seeing a significant drop in thefts after increasing patrols in the union square area. nbc bay area spoke with the shoppers about what they've seen. >> reporter: the holidays are here in union square with shoppers carrying bags, stopping at the christmas tree and seeing police. officers are visible and on patrol. >> it makes us feel more protected. >> reporter: the family came from san jose. the flash mobs last month did cross their minds >> a little. but we knew what to watch out for. >> reporter: san francisco police increased their presence
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here after the robberies and now say they've seen a significant drop in theft, burglaries and assaults here. the police chief says the deployment will stay through new year's, and then there had be an increased presence from what it used to be. >> i can't guarantee it will be at this level, but we're going to keep it as long as we can, definitely through the christmas season, then we'll reassess. because we do have an entire city. >> it's definitely a step in the right direction. >> reporter: mark is with gump's and says it is having a positive effect and there is a commitment. >> far too long to recognize the issue, and i think the good thing about where we are today is that they recognize that there needs to be a long-term commitment in order to change the actions that are happening that are add vrsly affecting not only union square but the neighborhood. >> we've been in town for two, three days, this is the first
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time we've seen them. i'm not from here. >> make people feel safe, otherwise they wouldn't be shopping. we're getting our first look at the men accused of starting the caldor fire. eldorado district attorney didn't elaborate on how they started the fire. the paper is told the clients are 100% innocent and there's no evidence to prove they started the fire. the smiths are held in the eldorado county jail with bail set at $1 million each. it burned more than 220,000 acres near lake tahoe, destroying more than 1,000 homes. we have a followup on a story we've been tracking all week. the san francisco police chief says he has accepted the apology
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of a north beach restaurant that refused to serve three uniformed officers. staff at hilda and jesse asked the officers to leave because they felt uncomfortable by the presence of their weapons. there was backlash on yelp and social media. the owners called it an unfortunate incident and mistake. today the chief tweeted he accepts their apology and added officers deserve public support. a heart-wrenching day as the community, police officers and television journalists said good-bye to kevin nishita. he was a retired bay area police officer who was shot and died while protecting a tv news crew last month. a procession of law enforcement agencies made their way through downtown san jose for an emotional farewell. robert handa joins us live from the civic to share the deep love
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and sorrow. it was an emotional ceremony. a lot of tears today. >> reporter: it was a very emotional day for family and friends who came here to the san jose civic to spay this respects, and the finality of the moment was overwhelming. he was such a big part of their lives that this felt so sudden. ♪ ♪ the memorial for kevin nishita was a mix of sadness and recollection of his joy. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: nishita's life-long career in law enforcement was very evident with many in attendance. san jose and hayward police and the oakland housing authority. >> kevin devoted his life to his
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family and practiced the gift of love, service and passion. and being ethical every day. >> reporter: there were heartfelt eulogies with family members and laughs and tears. >> i know kevin is grateful for everyone being here today, and we are, too. >> i can imagine him dusting off his shoulders and saying, yep, this is all for me. he's our super hero. >> thank you, kevin, for teaching me how to be the man of the house. i'm ready to take care of the family now, so get some rest. >> reporter: well, the memorial lasted about two hours, but the conversations about kevin nishita went on for long afterwards. for those of us who knew him, we know there will never be enough time to say what needs to be said. robert handa, nbc bay area news.
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>> he touched so many lives, thank you, robert. the search continues for the shooter of kevin nishita. the reward leading to arrest is more than $38,000. still ahead, california's high-speed train back on track. the new had concessions completed for the first-ever bullet train. a community coming together to help kids in need this holiday season. the call for help that you answered. next. and temperatures are already dropping. plenty of low 50s across the bay area. i'll talk about the chill for tomorrow and a detailed look at that storm system headed our way in about eight minutes.
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a new letter tonight from the cast and crew of the alec baldwin movie. it's cosigned by 25 crew members and describes the set as professional and refuted claims of a chaotic workplace. you might remember, baldwin was holding an antique revolver when it went off, the cinematographer was killed and another was hurt. baldwin has no idea how the rounds got on set. a young man stocked a young girl on her way to school. detectives want you to see these pictures. they say this man grabbed a girl inappropriately and told her to come to his apartment. the girl was able to break free and run to school to help.
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speeding up california's high-speed rail project, officials are hoping the newly-signed infrastructure bill will get things back on track. members of the federal railroadmade a trip today checking out the construction site. it has nearly 120 miles under construction with 35 active construction sites in the central valley. the bill sets aside $66 billion for new rail funding. so far no word whether any of that will actually go to the high speed project. we've noticed more cars on the roads and b.a.r.t. too. b.a.r.t. reached its highest ridership since the pandemic. it was 32%. the agency says it's ready for more riders. taking a break from basketball to politics. steph curry is pushing lawmakers
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to push the voting rights bill and urging people to call their senators. it would overhaul federal elections and make election day a federal holiday. it's still short of the votes needed to pass in the senate. we've put out the for help and you have definitely responded. one community had a tough time collecting toys. >> as of tuesday, they only had 12 toys. we have an update on the story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> reporter: almost immediately after our report, i had friends and family asking how they could donate money and toys to the mayfair effort, and it seems together the community and first responders may have just saved
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christmas for the local children. today it was san jose firefighters to the rescue. only instead of putting out a fire, they came to light one, a community fire of hope. they arrived at the mayfair community center with bags upon bags of toys. >> thank you so much. in the name of the kids of our community, we thank you. >> reporter: firefighters say they saw our tuesday report asking for community help to ensure a christmas for kids whose families saw their holiday stolen by covid last year. at that time they had just is toys. they need more than 400. >> we know there's a great need throughout the city, but thank you for having the spotlight to help out the community. >> reporter: firefighter's local union 230 will also deliver a check. >> we see that this community is
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in need, and it hopefully brings joy to families that may not have that opportunity. >> reporter: san jose police say they will also be making similar contributions. a local school has taken up a collection and others have donated. up to $3,000 have already been delivered or pledged. >> oh, from all of the issues that we've been ignored on, from covid to parks, to streets, to water, you know, this, this community, this need this is shot in the arm. >> reporter: a big boost for a community battered by the pandemic, comforted by first responders and neighbors who answered the call. in mayfair, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. well, it's finally starting to look like winter in tahoe. >> ooh. >> live look in kingvale. there's snow on both sides of the road. parts got up to 6.5 inches of
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snow. this is donner summit. most of the ski resorts would be open by now but kirkwood says it's going to open this saturday. mt. rose is opening tomorrow, and jeff, i know we're going to get a lot more snow, so hopefully all big resorts can open next week. >> feet of snow. it's going to be interesting to see how these openings go, they may have to temporarily close just a little bit. we're going to start off with the big chill happening from this system dropping down across the west. let's show you what we're in for. mid to upper 30s inland. so, for bay area standards, that is cold. by the bay, the upper 30s and low 40s. so bring those pets inside. patchy frost potential here. cover up those sensitive plants. let's show you how low it's going to go. you can see across the bay area, down to an average f 37 in the south bay.
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peninsula 39, tri valley at 35, and 34 is one of the coldest locations. san francisco 33 and the east bay at 36. daytime highs tomorrow are going to stay chilly. but overall, i think a nice day for december, no matter where you go it's going to feel about the same here. 55 in morgan hill. so we get that sunshine. we have 50s. i think it's going to be a good december day for us. but, again, things are going to change and fast. i want to make sure you're ready to go for that storm system, because it now looks like we're definitely going to see this heavier, widespread rain, potentially flooding issues. so i have started to bump up the totals a little bit here. timing overall really looks the same on this. at this point the highest totals are going to be for the coastal
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mountains and north bay. rain totals raking ranging from .75 to 3 inches. there could be power issues with 20-50 mile-per-hour wind gusts. the storm system is off to the north. we think it's going to begin to develop on sunday. by sunday night, widespread heavy rainfall. it would continue into monday. that's where we get into some of these high totals. and likely, at this point, linger into tuesday's forecast. then eventually, we'll start to see that rainfall break up as we head through tuesday night, also into wednesday. let me give you a look. on sunday morning we'll already have a half to three quarters of an inch for the north bay. maybe up to guerneville, one to two inches.
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as we hit sunday night, we'll start to see the rain move down other the east bay and peninsula, with a half to three quarters of an inch. that will be in a quarter to half-inch range for the south bay. we could have one to two inches up toward the north bay. definitely on sunday, north bay has to look out for this. snow totals. look at this. sunday, into tuesday, 54 inches in kirkwood, you can see in san francisco we're staying with chilly 50s next seven days. i think this is going to bring us problems across the bay area, but we're going to be here for you as the storm hits. coming up, are you even allowed to do that? a dangerous new feature a tesla
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owner found that forced him to file a complaint
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and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. making it in the bay may have just gotten a little easier for homeowners. the average homeowner in california made some money. they gained nearly $119,000 in equity from their house, just if the last three months. california's number one in the country. the next highest is hawaii, which gained $113,000 in equity. the average homeowner gained nearly $56,000 in equity the last year. some help is in the works for the homeless this five cities in the north bay. the sonoma county board of supervisors plans to spend $2 million for housing projects to help get people off the streets and into temporary shelters. they will be in petaluma, santa
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rosa, guerneville and sebastopol. the goal is to cut the homeless population by 10% every year of the some of the money will come from money pg&e paid out. taking distracted driving to a whole new level. tesla drivers can play video games on the console. a driver filed suit after discovering it. during our 7:00 p.m. newscast we included comments from the district attorney opposing the efforts to recall him. the comments were mistakenly described as coming from a rally the day before. they in fact came from a similar rally back in october. while the date of the comments were incorrect the spirit of the comments was not affected.
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in time for the winter olympics and christmas, how you can get a bobble hid of kristi yamaguchi, next
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there is a new tribute to
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kristry yamaguchi. >> this bobble head was unveiled of the figure skater. celebrates her as being the first asian-american woman to win a gold medal. she did it in france. part of the sales for each bobble head will be donated to kristy's always dream foundation. >> we want three bobble heads, signed. >> oh, that's nice! >> and we will donate to your clarity. thank you so much. raj, what's going on? >> family drama regarding scott peterson. he wants a new trial to try to overturn his convince. but his half sister is speaking out, why she thinks he is guilty. >> the behavior that i witnessed from scott after laci
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disappeared was not that of a grieving husband or father to be. it was that of a roving bachelor. >> we will hear from scott peterson's attorney today. and a 16 and 17-year-olds are now urged to get a booster shot of the covid vaccine. our infectious disease expert answers your questions about it the and the verdict is in. actor jussie smollett learns his fate for of carrying out a hoax and lying to police officers. the news 5:30 starts right now. >> most of his family members are standing by scott peterson as they've done for nearly 20 years after he was convicted of killing his wife laci and their unborn child. but today his sister is speaking out against him. >> one day after a judge resentenced him from the death penalty to life in prison his sister says


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