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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  December 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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disappeared was not that of a grieving husband or father to be. it was that of a roving bachelor. >> we will hear from scott peterson's attorney today. and a 16 and 17-year-olds are now urged to get a booster shot of the covid vaccine. our infectious disease expert answers your questions about it the and the verdict is in. actor jussie smollett learns his fate for of carrying out a hoax and lying to police officers. the news 5:30 starts right now. >> most of his family members are standing by scott peterson as they've done for nearly 20 years after he was convicted of killing his wife laci and their unborn child. but today his sister is speaking out against him. >> one day after a judge resentenced him from the death penalty to life in prison his sister says she's prepared to
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testify in a possible retrial to say that he is guilty. >> i believe scott is guilty of laci and hunter's murder. >> reporter: ann bird held a news conference with her attorney gloria allred. her brother stayed with her to get away from the craziness. >> the behavior i witnessed was not that of a grieving husband or father to be. it was that of a roving bachelor. >> reporter: but at yesterday's resentencing, a different relative, scott's sister-in-law, coming to his defense. police were too focus the on his affairs. >> they focussed strictly on my brother-in-law a because he was having an affair. as you heard in the sentencing hearing, you did not hear one detail about how this crime occurred. you heard details about my
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brother-in-law's infidelity. >> reporter: that infidelity was with amber frey. the new trial may be granted because of possible jury miscop double by rashele niece. we'll find out in february when there's another hearing. scott peterson's attorney talked to the "today" show this morning saying his client is cautiously optimistic that he could be granted a new trial. >> he wants the opportunity for people to know that he is innocent and three never would have hurt laci and connor. >> while we are following the story online as well at you can hear more from pat harris, peterson's attorney, on this possible new trial. the final hurdle has been cleared. 16 and 17-year-olds can now also get that booster shot. this afternoon, the cdc gave the thumbs up for pfizer booster shots for that age group.
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in santa clara county, health leaders tell us the boosters are already being administered. it adds with the holidays here, it's starting to see more people sign up to get their vaccines, so plan ahead. >> it remains necessary, at most vaccination sites, to make an appointment. very few can operate on a drop-in basis right now, due to the size of demand. >> the doctor points out that the cdc approval comes at a good time when teenagers will soon have time off from school to schedule and get those boosters. let's bring in dr. peter chin hong to answer some questions. nice to see you the following today's news, is there any reason for 16 and 17-year-olds not to get that booster? >> no reason, raj. i'm very supportive of it. it helps that all of us have that extra layer of armor in these times of travel.
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and i think that even having infection system might be a step back for the family. >> you expect janl to offer boosters in. >> as you recall, the original trials were done in 16 and above. they put all the 16, 17-year-olds and there's evidence that the vaccine will be just as good in that group in the original trial. >> dr. chin hong, anecdotally speaking with the patients you deal with and community members, are you seeing people against getting vaccinated coming over
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or people digging in the sand and saying they're not crossing it in. >> i saw a big change about two weeks ago with the news of omicron. a lot of people on the fence were moved by the anxiety of omicron and future variants. so i think that mofed some people. i think there's probably about 25% to 30% of americans who are still going to be unmoved. >> and final question, regarding omicron, do we have any new information in terms of the severity of it at this point? or is it still what we were dealing with yesterday, that so far it looks promising? >> yeah, so far, so good, raj. and the only other news we have heard about is that we have four studies now, looking initially at vaccines, and it turns out that the booster restores the power of the vaccine, in the lab anyway, to omicron. >> dr. peter chin hong, always appreciate your time.
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we continue to update our home page when new information breaks involving all things covid and vaccines. can you find it at the first lawsuit has been filed following last month's deadly shooting on a michigan high school campus. two parents of those hurt are filing the suit. ethan crumbly is accused of killing four and wounding several others. the family's lawyer says school officials failed to protect students. sflf they allowed a deranged, homicidal student to return to class with a gun in his backpack with over 30 rounds of ammo in his backpack, when they knew he was a homicidal threat. >> ethan crumbley is now facing murder charges. his parents are charged with involuntary manslaughter.
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today president biden spoke with ukrainian president zelinsky for more than an hour and talked about the threat of russia invading ukraine. russia has deployed close to 100,000 troops along the ukrainian border. he made it clear the united states and its allies would respond with strong economic and other measures if russia did invade ukraine. the white house lass denied reports that the president was urging president zelinsky to make concessions with russia. remembering bob dole who's lying in state in the capitol rotunda. attendants included the president and first lady and vice president. president biden praised dole for his services as a soldier and
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statesman. >> bob and i, like many today disagreed on a number of things, but not on fundamental things. we still found a way to work together. we genuinely, we genuinely respected one another as colleagues. as fellow americans. it was real, it wasn't fake. >> dole's funeral will be held friday at the washington national cathedral. up next, making it in the bay remains difficult, as housing prices continue to soar, but how about this? san francisco is no longer the least-affordable place to live of the we'll tell you which city knocked san francisco from the top spot. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're in for some cold weather tomorrow and patchy frost. 34 in santa rosa. 37 in san jose. we'll take a look at your morning forecast and stronger storm headed your way in about eight minutes. and this story is trending
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on our website right now. during a four-day period last month, san francisco's millennium tower tilted another quarter of an inch. this all happened during a process to fix the sinking and leaning condo building. you can watch jaxon van derbeken's latest report. click on the link on our home page in the trending bar. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected.
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. well, barista, in buffalo are celebrating tonight. they are the first starbucks store in the country to unionize. starbucks tried to stop the election. today workers voted in favor to unionize. starbucks is concerned about the organizing effort and it could start others elsewhere to unionize. the number of people who
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filed for unemployment fell. >> it's because employers are very reluctant to lay people off. because the same employers are having such a tough time finding anyone to work at all. as you've reported, there are a record number of job openings. more than 11 million jobs unfilled. and we're also seeing a record number of americans quitting their current jobs to take better jobs, so yeah, that first-time jobless claim number could continue to fall, part of a long trend. take a look at this graph. since the beginning f the year on the left, you want to see that declining as quickly as possible and that's exactly what's happening. how low are the numbers? the lowest in 52 years since lyndon johnson was president. now there are more numbers to come, and they may not be as good. tomorrow we get key data on inflation, which has been bad lately, part of the same trend.
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wages go up, prices go up, as employers try to find those elusive employees. back to you. >> really perplexing, the job issues going on. can you watch every weekday, he wakes up early, 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> all the business news. political news, sort of. governor newsom on a book tour, because he's now an author. today the governor visited an elementary school in the san fernando valley and talked with students about liis experience with dyslexia. it's what inspired his new book "ben and emma's big hit." >> someone with dyslexia that doesn't read speeches, you've never seen me look down and read a speech, because i've never been able to. someone who can't write particularly well and certainly can't spell, to demystify this,
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destigfy this. >> the story is about a child who wants to fit in at school even when his dyslexia holds him back. >> he knows what he's talking about. jeff ranieri's here talking about the weather weather. it was spectacular. >> we got a nice cold blast coming our way as we head through tomorrow morning. what i wanted to start off with was a look at the morning temperatures, and compare it to the record. so, is it going to be cold enough to set records? well, thankfully, not. check out the records. they're in the 20s to low 30s. yeah, we're going to get cold tomorrow, but not record-setting territory. the record is 22, livermore, 36, record is 20. and the record 24 setback in
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1972. i think it's looking pretty good here, right through san francisco, 43 and the east bay at 36. the cold blast is bringing this air staying with us as we head through tomorrow. i really don't see any big changes in the forecast, even into saturday. we're going to keep this chilly air with us. as we rolly tomorrow, daytime highs, yes, going to stay on the chilly side. not too many differences as you travel across the bay area. 54 in lir more livermore. let's go ahead and fast forward it into the storm system. i want to make sure you're ready to go. because all signs continue to point toward this storm happening with widespread heavier rainfall. now i have started to up the totals, especially fort mountains. what you're going to see here are the highest totals in my forecast going to the coast and north bay especially for the
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higher elevations. lesser amounts in the south bay and higher as you go up towards the north bay. for the mountains specifically, 3-6 inches. the timing on this, we think it's aimed right at the bay area on sunday, kind of getting going on sunday's forecast, and this is where we get into heavy rainfall on monday, and it looks like it would continue, potentially, into tuesday's forecast. eventually, by tuesday night, and into wednesday we would start to see this break up. it will mean snow in the sierra. thankfully, the air looks cold enough that we're talking about feet of snow. king vale, 77 inches. kirkwood, 61. blue canyon, 38. so my seven-day forecast, you'll
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notice it is chilly in san francisco. and across the inland valleys, we're keeping the 50s as well. got to have the jacket, also the umbrella, as our storm system hits. again, i think the wind's going to be the strongest once we hit monday's forecast, that's when we would have those power issues. we'll likely see the micro power alert issued. >> chilly today. thanks, jeff. up next, the verdict is in. jussie smollett, guilty of carrying out an elaborate hoax. we have the details of this afternoon's verdict and if the actor is likely to face jail time. th the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. '4 because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. guilty of staging a racist, anti-gay attack on himself, that is the verdict tonight out of chicago on jussie smollett.
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he is a native of santa rosa. he is accused of falsely reporting that he was a victim of a hate-fueled attack in 2019. prosecutors said the former "empire" actor lied when he said two men used racist and homophobic slurs, beat him and wrapped a rope around his neck. he faces up to three years in prison, but some legal experts believe that because he has a clean criminal record he likely won't face anytime in prison. former reality star jush duggar is going to prison. he is found guilty guilty of re child pornography. his family is famous. he appeared on a show with them called "19 kids and counting." >> ruggs is accused of causing a
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fiery, deadly crash in las vegas last month. he was arrested after that high-speed crash that killed a woman. he faces multiple felony charges, including two counts of dui. he was promptly released by the raiders soon after that crash. san francisco is no longer the least-affordable city in the country, it's not even in the top five. san francisco now ranks as the seventh least-affordable for homeowners, down from five in november. here's the new list. number five, long beach, number four, newark, new jersey, followed by l.a., miami, and the number one least-affordable housing market in the country is new york. a new poll suggests vice
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president kamala harris would lose to former president trump in the 2024 election. the harvard harris poll surveyed nearly 2,000 people in a hypothetical harris-trump matchup, the former president received 50% while the vice president received 41%. the other 9% were undecided. up next, the 49ers try to hold onto this playoff spot. we're trying to get a better idea of who they'd play if they make it. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill.
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. 49ers fly out to cincinnati for their game on sunday, and with five games remaining in the regular season, 49ers fans are starting to wonder, hmm, what if they go to the playoffs? >> who would they play? are you ready for the answer? the packers and aaron rodgers in chilly green bay, but a lot can change from here until five weeks from now. here's our sunday night football crew from new york. >> well, the green bay packers closing in on another division title. packers have their ice set on bigger things, though, with a chance, perhaps, to get back to
5:56 pm
the super bowl. >> they really do. they want to sew up, if they can, that number one seed, get the bye and have home field advantage. they'd love to have tampa or arizona come to green bay in january for a playoff game. >> there's no question they're thinking about that. and obviously, they beat arizona earlier in the year. their schedule sets up much better than those other guys. arizona and tampa are going to have to really went to keep pace with them. >> the chicago bears, and the opponent. reminded the chicago folks that he owns them. >> that could be on the bulletin board. >> it might be. we'll see sunday night for the packers and the bears. >> that's kind of fun. packers and bears right here on sunday night football to see if green bay's playoff spot moves up or down. >> we hope it's down. i wouldn't want to play green bay. >> that's going to do it for now. audrey asistio joins us. >> right now at 6:00, some
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closure involving a cold case that has been unsolved for 25 years. in an interview you'll only see right here on nbc bea area, we talk with the family of the young waitress and explain how detectives solved the mystery of her death. also another grinch in oakland tries to ruin the holiday season. >> just really disappointing, to even have to even talk about something like this during the holidays. >> that man's plea to the people who stole hess christmas decorations, and why he's not calling the police. and our investigative unit has details of a program in san francisco allowing bidders to stiff the city for hundreds of thousands of dollars. the news at 6:00 starts right know. good evening and thanks for being with us on this thursday, i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm audrey asistio in for jessica aguirre. when you're thinking of porch pirates you're probably thinking
5:58 pm
of thieves who steal packages from doorsteps, but what do you call thieves to steal an entire inflatable decoration set from a front lawn. >> it's really disappointing to have to even talk about something like this during the holidays. >> reporter: it's one of the perks of owning a home with a big yard, can you go all out for the holidays, and that's what they have done for the last ten years with a nutcracker and snoopy fireplace that shines at night. >> so many people are used to coming by here and seeing the decorations. >> reporter: farmer, a member of the public services commission. he had logged off a virtual meeting, when around 1 14k 30 p.m. neighbors saw this. >> they stole my two inflatables. >> reporter: farmer didn't call
5:59 pm
police. instead, he's extending an olive branch to the thieves. >> i would offer a restorative justice approach, if they decided to return the items and do an apology note, and we can have a discussion about it. >> reporter: after farmer posted the reason for his empty lawn on next door, neighbors pitched in to fill it with holiday cheer again. >> what's really warmed my heart is how people have rallied around me. >> reporter: early monday, the oakland fire department says at least one arsonist set fire to the jack london square christmas tree. firefighters got there to save most of it. only 15% of the tree burned. and according to organizers, the holiday tree lighting ceremony is still on. >> the only way to stop something like this from occurring in the future is to address the root cause of it. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado. and we are getting our first look at the men suspected of starting the caldor fire. police arrested them for arson.
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the district attorney didn't elaborate on how they started the fire. a placerville painary, "the mountain democrat" spoke to an attorney hired for the pair back in august after their homes and phones were searched. he says his clients are 100% innocent and no evidence to prove they started the fire. the smiths are being held in the eldorado county jail with bail set at $1 million each. the cal fire burned more than 220,000 acres. a followup. the police chief has accepted the apology of the restaurant that refused to serve three cops. the staff at hilda and jesse asked the officers to leave because they felt uncomfortable because of the presence of their weapons. it led to backlash. on sunday, the owners apologized, calling it a


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