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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 10, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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peacock tomorrow, i want to congratulate you on your critics' choice award nomination for best talk show >> seth: thank you, amber! and let me congratulate you for your show also being nominated in the same category >> that's right. we are in competition. and seth, i have been thinking about this, and i want to say from the bottom of my heart, you truly deserve to lose to me. >> seth: yeah. i thought that might be going that way, but you know what? stay safe. get vaccinated we love you! >> love you! i love you, amber. [ cheers and applause ♪ right now at 11:00, a long road to recovery for a man shot in san francisco. >> he was crying, telling folks,
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can you please help me, please support me. i have to get home to my family. >> from his hospital room. this community activist tells us how he survived a shooting on the very streets he worked to keep safe. also, the temperatures are dropping. and one day after sentencing, scott peterson's half sister is speaking out. >> why she thinks he's guilty. new covid rules now in effect at the s.a.p. center. what you need to know before you bring your kids to a concert. >> good evening. thank you for being with us. he dedicated his life sow preventing street violence in san francisco. tonight he is recovering after being shot.
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>> nbc bay area's jean elle spoke to the activist who hopes sharing his story will lead to an arrest and prevent another shooting. >> i felt myself kind of drifting out. and when i responded to homicides, to shootings, when i see people drift, there was a higher percentage that those people had died. and for me, that was my biggest fear. not making it is home. >> reporter: after years of working for the street violence intervention program in san francisco, rico is the victim of violence. shot three times on broadway after a night out on november 21st. >> i called his phone and the officer picked up. >> reporter: an incident that has shaken his wife and four children. hamilton said he had just bought a pizza and shared with
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strangers and was walking to his car when he heard this. a security camera recorded the gunfire. hamilton said he didn't know it was coming. >> he would have definitely tried my best to utilize the skill set that i have in violence intervention, prevention, mediation and de-escalation. i didn't even get the opportunity to even do any of that. >> reporter: he did manage to run inside a club and get help. hamilton said there were about 20 people on broadway when he was shot. he said investigators tell him they do have some video evidence but they also need witnesses to come forward. still at san francisco general hospital, he can't help but think about what more needs to be done to end gun violence. >> how are we able to invest in quality programs and hold those programs accountable? >> reporter: a go fund me is raising money to help his family while he continues to heal. >> they took his spleen. they took a part of his liver
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and they had to take the tail end of his pancreas. and then he has fractured ribs. so it will be a long road to recovery. >> reporter: hamilton is grateful to be alive. jean elle, bay area news. get ready for a cold night and a wet weekend. if you stepped outside tonight, you know it is cold, clear crisp skies, and are you ready? some parts of the bay area already in the 30s. let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri. are you right about that? in the 30s already? >> oh, yeah. it's going to be with us not only for tom morning but into saturday as well. it will be dropping temperatures tomorrow morning down to 34 in santa rosa, 36 in napa. back toler more, 36. san jose, 37, san martin, 35. we will have some patchy fog possible. some simple stuff to think
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about. we cannot forget when it gets which chilly in the bay area, wear a hat, bring your plants and your pets inside. cold air contracts and leaves more space in your tires so you may actually need to add more air to the tires when we start to get into cold weather. and the atmospheric river is lining up to hit us starting on sunday and continuing into tuesday. at this whoest totals in the mountains and the north bay. we'll have some power outages possible. i'll have a full look coming up in about 15 minutes. >> rain here means snow in tahoe. this is just jouth south lake tahoe. a lot of snow you see piled up on the side of the road. on the north shore. take a look at donner summit. in the last 24 hours, parts of the tahoe basin got up to six and a half inches of snow. there's a lot more to come which
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is great news for ski resorts. kirkwood, by the way, plans to open on saturday. our storm arranger atop there. it is ready to start scanning as the next storm arrives. be sure to download our app. you can get minute by minute updates as the storm approaches and you can get live radar on your phone to find out when that rain hits your neighborhood. good news for teenagers looking to get boosted. 16 and 17-year-olds are now cleared to get the booster shot. tonight pfizer booster has been recommended. in santa clara county, health leaders said they started giving 16 and 17-year-olds their boosters this afternoon. the county says they have enough supply. >> really good timing for them to get vaccinated. more time during the day where they can make to it an appointment. less worries about side effects speaker fearing with tests at
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school. >> and a heads up. clinics across the bay area are seeing more people sign up to get their vaccine so plan ahead. if you head into a big game or concert indoors, everyone 3 years and older has to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. even a 3-year-old who is not even eligible to get vaccinated has to have a negative covid test. teams like the sharks are taking extra steps to help out their fans. ian? >> reporter: it's the first night of the new rules at the s.a.p. center as the sharks took on minnesota. we ran into a few fans who were not prepared for the new mandate by the state. before the sharks took the ice, some of their youngest fans had to pass a test right outside. thanks to new state vaccination and testing requirements for large indoor events. >> i'm looking forward to seeing
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a lot of shots. >> reporter: gage and his family came from chico for the first game. they didn't know until they came in that he would need to be tested. >> i was not worried but i was kind of nervous. >> reporter: luckily he was cleared. both the s.a.p. center was affected. it affects kids 3-11. for events with more than 3,000 people, they have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours of the event. >> it is nice we have it here so we can get a quick little test and still see the game. >> reporter: the sharks have set up free rapid testing near entrance of barack obama boulevard. it opens two hours before the puck drops. >> the first one, and then the second one went a little more than the other one. >> it was a bit surprising. it is a ten-minute test. it will give us peace of mind
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and make us safer, we're happy to comply. >> reporter: for the kids, a swab to watch their sharks wasn't that bad. >> i've gotten it done before. normally it doesn't hurt but it didn't hurt as much. >> reporter: worth it to go to a hockey game? >> yes. >> reporter: ian cull, nbc bay area news. meanwhile, contra costa supervisors are putting the health department on notice. they want to get involved with restaurants and why health inspectors failed to issue a single issuance. they failed to shut down lumpy's diner after finding violations there. it is now back open after the owners reached an agreement with the county. they said it is about making things equal for all restaurants. >> we don't want to see restaurant be treated differently and get off for not come mying. so we need treat all restaurants
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fairly and the same because this is about protecting their customers and the public. >> health inspectors warned several other restaurants over covid violations. >> this was not an easy day but it was filled with a lot of love and appreciation. the community including many police agencies paid final almosts to kevin nishita. he was the officer turned security guard who was killed while protecting a tv news crew. today law officer made their way, including officers from where he served, san jose, tacoma, and the housing authority. the family eulogies drew tears and smiles. >> kevin's best friend. i know kevin is so grateful for von being here today. >> i can imagine him dusting off his shoulders and saying yep,
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this is all for me. >> he is our super hero. >> thank you, kevin, for teaching me to be the man of the house. i'm ready to take care of the family now. get some rest. >> a video remember the you'd to kevin nishita was filled with images of the man who was loved and will be missed by so many people. let's look at this. we're getting our first look at the men suspected of starting the caldor fire. we told you yesterday, father and son david and travis smith were arrested for arson. it wasn't elaborated on how they start the fire. the mountain democrat payment spoke to their lawyer who said the clients are innocent and there's no evidence to prove they started the fire. the smiths are being held in the el dorado jail. bail is set at $1 million each. the caldor fire burned more than 220,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,000 homes. he is guilty of staging a racist anti-gay attack on
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himself. that's the verdict from chicago against the santa rosea native jussie smollett. a jury convicted him on five of six charges. he was accused of falsely reporting that he was the victim of a hate attack. prosecutors said the empire actor lied when he told chicago police that two men used racist and homophobic slurs, beetle him and wrapped a rope around his neck. he did it all to get publicity. he faces three years in prison but many legal experts believe that because he has a clean criminal record, he likely won't face any prison time. back in our area, the beefed up patrol seems to be working. san francisco police say they're seeing a drop in crime around union square after recent smash and grab robberies. officers say there are more in the area. people broke windows in the stores in union square. the police chief said since then
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their police presence has had an impact. >> when these happen, people get really anxious about where it is happening and making people as much as we can do to still say, hey, making people feel it is okay to come to union square to shop. it is okay. >> he says they'll keep the deployment through the new year and then work on the increased presence. we're back in 60 seconds. still ahead, she said she's prepared to testify against him. tonight, scott peterson's sister talks about his behavior that has her convinced that he's guilty. plus the grinch strikes again. the holiday decorations that have disappeared and the message for whoever stole them. and we need snow and we have it coming our way. 77 inches,
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the behavior i witnessed from staff after laci disappeared was not that of a sad husband. >> he was convicted of killing his wife laci peterson and their unborn child. but today, you heard there, his
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sister is speaking out against him one day after a judge resentenced scott peterson from the death penalty to life in prison, his sister said she is prepared to testify in a possible retrial that is coming to say her brother is guilty. janelle wang has more. >> that i believe scott is guilty of laci and conner's murder. >> reporter: she held a news conference with her attorney gloria allred. her brother stayed with her after laci's disappearance in 2002 to get away from the craziness in modesto. >> the behavior that i witnessed from scott after laci disappeared was not that of a grieving husband or father to be. it was that of a roving bachelor. >> reporter: at yesterday's resentencing, a different relative, skolt peterson's sister-in-law, coming to his defense reiterating why she believes scott is innocent. investigators got it wrong. scott was a cheater. not a murderer, and police were
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too focused on his affair. >> they focused strictly on my brother-in-law because he was having an affair. and as you heard today, you did not hear one detail about how this crime occurred. you heard details about my brother-in-law's infidelity. >> that was with amber frye. the key witness. she is also a client of gloria allred who said she is prepared to testify if there is a new trial. it may be granted because of possible jury misconduct by a woman in the original trial in 2004. we'll find out in february when there is another hearing. scott peterson's attorney talked to the "today" show this morning saying his client is cautiously optimistic that he could be granted a new trial. >> he wants the opportunity for people to know that he is innocent and he would never have hurt laci and conner. only on nbc bay area, an incredible breakthrough in a murder case from 25 years ago.
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the contra costa sheriff has formally charged a man with the murder of a teenage girl. 17-year-old priscilla lewis was killed in a restroom in the basement of the four corners restaurant in crockett back in 1996. she waited tables there. this week detectives got a match to a dna sample submitted last year. it belongs to 51-year-old danny hamilton who has been in prison for sexual assault in southern california. it is news that lewis's family has been waiting for for more than two decades. a break in the case. >> a roller coaster right now. it's real joyful, a roller coaster. this guy is a monster. and he needs to be held accountable. >> and they plan to see this case through even if a trial is necessary. be on the lookout. police in mountain view say, investigators released these
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pictures them say this man grabbed a girl inappropriately and told her to come to his apartment. the girl was able to break free and run for help. have you noticed more cars on the roads and more people writing b.a.r.t.? b.a.r.t. saw its highest ridership yesterday since the beginning of the pandemic. however, it was still only about 32% of projections for a pre covid december weekday. it will ever happen? transit leaders say the newly signed federal infrastructure bill will get california's high speed rail project back on track. members of the federal railroad administration visited the central valley checking out the construction site. the bullet train is nearly 120 miles under construction with 35 active couldn't instruction sites. mostly in central california, the central valley. the infrastructure bill sets aside $66 billion for new rail funding. so far, no word if any of that or how much of that will go to the high speed rail project in
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california. many of us know the bay area is no stranger to porch pirates. what do you call thieves who steal holiday lawn decorations? omar farmer has gone all out with his front yard in oakland for the last ten years with the 17-foot tall nutcracker and his snoopy fireplace that shines at night. this year his inflatables were stolen overnight. farmer didn't call police, however. he has a more optimistic approach in mind. >> i would even offer a restorative justice approach if they decided to return the items and do an apology. we could have a discussion about it. >> also in oakland this week, the fire department said at least one arsonest set fire to a christmas tree. firefighters got there to save most of it. the holiday celebrations are still underway. >> what's going on? ridiculous to hear these stories. give us some good news. >> we've got rain moving in.
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we desperately need it. there will be some side effects to this storm system we'll have moving in. we need every drop we can get. let's get you into our forecast. we've got this cold blast of air moving down. he know you felt it. if you manage to go from your car to the house without a jacket, well, you definitely felt it. it will get even colder as you roll through. so make sure you bring the pets inside. we have the possibility of frost so let's show you how low it will go. you can see in the tri-valley, down to 35 degrees. certainly going to feel it there. 39 in the peninsula. an average of tlig for the east bay. san francisco, 43, and the north bay, 34. make sure to dress in layers. it helps to trap pockets of heat near your body so two to three layers, you won't feel it at all. as you move through the day, jacket weather all day long. it won't change a lot from micro climate to micro climate.
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it will be a good december day. we've got some sunshine coming in and it will feel really nice and crisp outside. all right. things will change and fast with our incoming storm system. i want to go ahead and turn our attention tom. and i have seen the totals starting to increase on this. so i have adjusted my forecast. here's what i'm thinking at this point. the heyest totals through coast, the north bay, especially the mountains. the mountains of the north bay, three to six inches the way it looks now. for the valleys, three quarters of an inch to three inches. higher totals in the north bay. less as you get to the south bay. on top of this, we could see some streams and creeks with flooding because of the high mountain rain. also some power issues. 20 to 50-mile-per-hour winds. a big one for us. we head into sunday. here's where we can get into trouble monday with that widespread rainfall continuing as this storm stalls out. and then it would keep rainfall
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into tuesday morning. then eventually it would start to break up tuesday night. into wednesday. so let me show you how the first part of the storm system will play out. by sunday morning, we get the heavier rain with a half to three quarters of an inch. then once we hit sunday night, two to three inches for parts of the north bay. the peninsula, east bay, around a half to three quarters of an inch. the south bay is getting it going. around a quarter of an inch. in my forecast, lots of 50s as we head through the next seven-day forecast and the 50s as well, right here through the inland valley. winter is here early. i've had no complaints come into the weather box tonight. i think everyone is really looking forward to this. >> we don't complain, do we? >> no. next week when we're all feeling waterlogged, it will come my way. >> thanks. san francisco isn't one of
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them. neither is san jose. just ahead, the cities that now top the list of the least affordable in the country. happening now, baristas in buffalo are celebrating this evening. the first starbucks store to unionize. starbucks tried to stop the election but the national agency
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a brief note of clarification. earlier this week we aired comments from san francisco's district attorney opposing the current effort to recall him from office. those comments were mistakenly describe as coming from a rally that day. in fact though, the sound byte we aired came from a similar rally in october. while the date of the comments was incorrect, the spirit and content was correct. the cast and crew from alec baldwin's movie, in response to the shooting death of the cinematographer. baldwin shared it on instagram today. it was with 25 crew members from the film "rust." it was described as professional and the workplace, he was holding an antique revolver when it went off. the photographer was killed. another person was hurt. baldwin said he has no idea how the live round got onset.
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tesla in the spotlight yet again. it is all about distracted driving. tesla drivers can now play certain video games on the main console right there on their car while they're driving. a tesla owner filed a complaint after discovering the feature. federal regulators say they're investigating. tesla has not responded for comment. making it in the bay remains really challenging. you don't need me to tell you that. but here's the latest. san francisco is no longer the least affordable city in the country. according to the website realtiy hops, san francisco now ranks as the seventh least affordable for homeowners. down from five in november. number five is now long beach. four, newark, new jersey, three, los angeles, two, miami, and the most expensive is new york city. >> do you think that's good news that we're not number one anymore? we'r
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are you ready for nba hess tri? steph curry is on the verge of breaking the all time record for three-pointers. >> i'm ready. he needs 10 more to break the record. the next game, saturday in and the 76ers. hockey tonight at the shark wild. it didn't start out very good. minnesota went up 3-0 on a goal by jordan greenway. this was a power play goal. do you know what? the sharks would make a comeback. third period. logan couture with the shot. tomas hertl with the rebound. it was 3-2. the sharks were trailing. they would end up losing after
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some empty netters. 5-2, the final. thursday night football in minneapolis duflt see this game? vikings and steelers. the vikings had a 29-0 lead but late third quarter, here come the steelers. that's naji harris right there from antioch high school. the three-yard touchdown catch. the steelers scored four touchdowns in the last quarter and a half. final seconds, they were down by 8. ben roethlisberger to pat. is that it? will that tie the game? no. he drops the ball in the end zone. game over. the 48th anniversary show for metallica is coming up at
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chase center and they just dropped a big announcement. both concerts will be live streamed on amazon prime. they want to turn the two nights in san francisco into a global celebration. >> that will be fun. thanks for joining us. enjoy your friday tomorrow. breaking news tonight, the verdict just moments ago in the jussie smollett trial. the jury finding the actor guilt on five of six counts for staging a racist anti-gay attack on himself. how long smollett could spend behind bars. our team at the courthouse tonight dramatic testimony in the trial of former officer who says she mistook her gun for her taser when she fatally shot daunte wright wright's girlfriend in tears, testifying about her frantic attempt to save wright's life as he was gasping in his final moments. and new video. the crash caught on camera also tonight the fda and cdc authorizing pfizer boosters for 16- and 17-year-olds a day after pfizer said
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boosters provide strong protection against the omicron variant. nationwide fears of a winter surge as the unvaccinated fill icus the states deploying the national guard to hospitals. the cross country winter storm we're tracking up to three feet of snow president biden's high stakes call with the ukraine president days after he warned vladimir putin against a russian invasion our richard engel on the front lines in ukraine tonight. former senator and presidential nominee bob dole honored while laying in state at the capitol. and after a tragedy how one community is helping the band play on. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. a verdict as we come on the air in the closely watched jussie smollett trial a chicago jury tonight finding the former "empire" actor guilty on five of six counts related to lying to police about being the victim of a hate-driven atta


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