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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  December 10, 2021 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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the "tonight show" in just a few minutes. before we go, our storm ranger is scanning the skies as that atmospheric river heads our way. our weather team, our team of reporters in place as we head into this very active weekend. as for lake tahoe. be careful. caltrans warning drivers to stay away when that storm hits. not to head to tahoe until the storm moves on. as many as 100 inches of snow could fall on donner's summit. and be careful on sunday. it will be wet. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - president joe biden. jodie turner-smith musical guest rick ross featuring jazmine sullivan and the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1569 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh my goodness that's a crowd right there welcome, everybody welcome! welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. you're here. you made it. [ cheers and applause thank you for watching this is very exciting.
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the 46th president of the united states, joe biden, is my guest tonight. [ cheers and applause you know you have a crazy job when you're meeting with vladimir putin and me in the same week. you know [ laughter ] that's right, president biden is here to discuss the economy, his infrastructure bill, and break down the first two episodes of the "sex and the city" reboot [ laughter ] what happened to samantha? the president was actually supposed to be here earlier this week, but he had to lay low after he lit the fox news christmas tree on fire [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause before the show, i asked president biden how excited he is to be with us on a scale of 1-10 and he said 10, but 6 without inflation. [ laughter ] biden's got a busy day besides talking to us, he's also talking to the national guard to prep for santacon
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[ laughter ] here's some good news. i saw that jobless claims have dropped to the lowest level in 52 years [ cheers and applause is that how you wanted me to say it, mr. president? [ laughter ] that's right everyone's working in fact, for the first time ever, contestants on "the bachelor" don't have to make up a fake job [ laughter ] "i'm a personal trainer, entrepreneur, social media coach. [ light laughter ] well, here in new york city, tomorrow thousands of people will pack the streets for santacon or as the nypd calls it, the nightmare before christmas [ laughter ] that's right starting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., bar tenders will be handing out more shots than a cvs pharmacist [ light laughter ] that's right santacon is officially back in new york city. it was canceled last year, but this weekend thousands of people dressed like santa are expected to take part in a a citywide bar crawl
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so i thought i'd welcome the tradition back with a tiny song [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ christmas in new york is for you and it's for me and a couple of thousand drunken santas ♪ ♪ stumbling dow the street ♪e ♪ with pillows stuffe under red shirts the most i ever saw ♪ ♪ fake white beards and christmas chee and cases of white claw ♪ ♪ but they don' got no reindee no cocoa piping hot ♪ ♪ just snow storm of axe body spra and dollar jello shots ♪ ♪ there's santa on the subwa there's santas takig naps ♪ ♪ one santa is break dancin one's barfing in his hat some are singing carol some say ho ho ho ♪ ♪ but most of thee are running shouting look out bro popo ♪
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♪ one drunk santa two drunk sant three drunk sant four ♪ ♪ i saw santa kis green m&m at the m&m store so get your booste wear a mask be safe for ♪ ♪ santaco because beer and mil and cookies don' protect from omicron ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause thank you, roots some entertainment news. steven spielberg's "west side story" hit theaters today. yeah some people said if they want to watch a heartbreaking story about the jets, they should just watch football. [ laughter ] well, this is fun. margaritaville just announced its own cruise line that will start sailing out of florida in the spring a margaritaville cruise out of florida. what could possibly go right [ laughter ] but it sounds pretty cool. they even line the hot tub rims with margarita salt.
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[ laughter ] and finally, the state of delaware is replacing a highway exit sign after they realized the original one has a small typo in delaware they left out one of the as. take a look at this. del-ware avenue. yeah [ laughter ] let's see the sign again after they added the a delwarea avenue. [ laughter ] when he saw that, president biden grabbed the ladder and said, "i'll fix it myself. [ cheers and applause we have a great show i'm talking to the 46th president of the united states, joe biden. the show starts now. give it up for the roots [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: what a show. what a show we have for you tonight. he is the 46th president of the united states, and he is making his late night debut since taking office with us tonight. president joe biden is here tonight.
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[ cheers and applause oh i'm honored. plus, she stars in the new series "anne boleyn" on amc plus jodie turner-smith is here [ cheers and applause and we've got great music from rick ross featuring jazmine sullivan and later in the show, an all new "thank you notes." uh, guys, we have exactly six shows left before we go on christmas break, which means it's time for that beloved "tonight show" tradition it's time for "12 days of christmas sweaters." here we go [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ twelve days of christmas sweater six days left ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that is right. every show between now and christmas, we'll be giving one lucky audience member a stunning christmas sweater from the countdown to christmas cabinet. now, since there are six shows left, let's open door number six. whenever you're ready. ♪
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[ cheers and applause i don't understand i don't quite -- wow [ cheers and applause wow. oh, and it -- turn around. so it comes -- with a hat on the back you can't wear it. you can't wear it. it's stuck to the sweater. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: interesting. that's interesting way to do it uh, now, let's see who's going to go home with tonight's sweater. everyone look at your seat number if i call your number, come on down quest, can i get a drumroll pleaswe. who wants this great sweater [ cheers and applause 2-5-6. come on down [ cheers and applause yes, come over here. ♪ [ cheers and applause welcome. thank you so much for being here
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this is it this is it what is your name? >> tori. >> jimmy: tori, where are you from >> i'm from boston >> jimmy: from boston. we love boston >> yes [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: it does get a little chilly in boston so this will go perfect. are you a cow -- do you like country? and being a cowboy >> i guess i do now. >> jimmy: yes, of course yeah, it's yours now would you like to try it on? >> absolutely, yeah. >> jimmy: we'd love to, yeah i think there might be one more button ♪ i think this is going to be great. you can't wear the hat the hat is just decoration you don't wear the hat oh, whoa this is subtle are you kidding me [ cheers and applause are you joking that is phenomenal look at that look at that hat on the back that's unbelievable. it looks gorgeous. thank you so much for being here congratulations. give her a round of applause, everybody. [ cheers and applause our winner right there congratulations. now let's go talk to the president, come on everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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>> jimmy: we are honored to have our first guest with us tonight. he served for 36 years as a senator from delaware. he was vice president under the obama administration, and now he serves as the 46th president of the united states this is his first time on a late night program as the sitting president. please welcome president joe biden. [ cheers and applause ♪ yes! >> thank you, jimmy. how are you, man >> jimmy: president biden, i appreciate you being here. it's your first time on our show as president biden and i'm honored. >> i'm honored to be on. thanks for inviting me >> jimmy: we have lots to talk about. let's start with some good news here you passed your infrastructure bill this is a big deal [ cheers and applause
11:45 pm
passed! what are some changes that americans can expect from passing the bill >> well, you know, we used to be the number one, have the best infrastructure in the world. highways, bridges, the whole works. and now we rank number 13 in the world. and that makes, it has a lot to do with quality of life. it has a lot to do with whether or not we're going to be competitive. for example, one thing it does we're going to replace all the lead pipes in america that are causing people to get sick, get cancer, and kids to be able to drink clean water. we're going to make sure that we have everywhere in the country, rural and urban and suburban we have internet connections because the world is changing, and we're so far behind the curve. but the big thing it's going to do, is going to create millions of jobs, and it's going to change the quality of life for an awful lot of people around the country. >> jimmy: yeah, that's what i'm talking about. [ cheers and applause that's great and i know you've been working hard on the build back better plan >> yes
11:46 pm
>> jimmy: some people may not fully understand what's actually in this plan. is there a simple way to break it down? >> yeah. what's in it is the ability for working class and middle class people to have the cost of living cut significantly for example, there's money in there to make sure that there is the ability to care for childcare. right now, if you're in new york, and you're a man or a woman having childcare for your children, you're paying $21 to $25,000 a year to be able to do that. well, most people can't do that so people leave the work force this will mean you don't have to pay more than 7% of your income saving tens of thousands of dollars over time. we also provided an ability in the build back better initiative, we're going to make sure you're able to send your three and four and five-year-olds to school which will increase exponentially their chance of succeeding all of the studies show, jimmy, that 47% better chance of graduating from high school, no matter what the background you come from, no matter what home
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you come from, and to be able to go on to get to school. and what better can happen for america than have a better educated population. >> jimmy: absolutely >> so there's a whole range of things that are in there that are going to really reduce, essentially, the cost of living for people in a reasonable, rational way and by the way, every single bit of that bill is paid for no one making less than $400,000 a year will pay an additional cent in taxes, as well as it will not increase the deficit one penny. >> jimmy: do you think this will pass the senate before the year >> well, i hope it will. i don't have a single republican vote right now to pass it. and, uh -- >> jimmy: wow! >> so, it's going to be tough, but i think we can get it done if we don't get it, i' going to keep at it until we get it done >> jimmy: i was at the kennedy center and i saw republicans and democrats in the crowd everyone was laughing at jokes, and listening to great music
11:48 pm
and everyone seemed cordial and nice and i go, "this seems like this should be much easier to get along with everybody." [ laughter ] >> well, jimmy, look, the truth is, that before covid hit, the trump arm of the republican party, which seems to be the republican party now, did not even show up at the kennedy center they wouldn't go to the awards so all the people you have, that we saw at that event, which was a very fullsome event, were people who in fact are republicans, but there the kind -- like for example, a lot of republicans and democrats used to get really on well together for example, one of the reasons i was a little bit late coming on, is because, not coming on, but to do the taping here, is because i did bob dole's eulogy today. he asked me in his deathbed whether i would do his eulogy. we were friends. we disagreed, but we were
11:49 pm
friends. we used to have an awful lot of that relationship, and it still exists except that the qanon and the extreme elements of republican party, and what donald trump keeps sort of, seems to me, feeding, you know, with the big lie it makes it awful hard and i think most republicans -- there's an awful lot of republicans in congress that i think would agree. >> jimmy: yeah, i thought it was great to see you there we gave you a standing ovation because i go, "here he is. he's bringing class back." he's a classy guy, and you're bringing class back to the office >> very kind of you. >> jimmy: and i thought it was amazing that you did that. the covid problem. i don't know what else to do, and how to tell people to get the vaccine. at this point, i think people are going to do what they will, i guess. i don't know what to say is it the youth that we have to hope the kids get us out of this because, i mean, i got vaxxed,
11:50 pm
i got boosted, i got whatever you got. if you want no wear red pants, i'll wear red pants. i want this thing to go away >> well, i think we ought to have more people listen to your song - [ applause ] >> jimmy: yeah that's what i'm talking about. >> i think that will get them moving >> jimmy: i gotta to tell you -- so i had this song come out. it was a mass christmas this week with arianna grande and megan thee stallion. and -- [ cheers and applause thank you. you were nice enough to tweet about it tis the season to get boosted. this is amazing that the president did this i am so excited that you did this [ cheers and applause it changed everything. all these radio stations want the song now, they're playing the song. you said that another comment, you said the message is very important. get your booster >> well, it is it is really important, jimmy. look, we're so far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of the science and technology to produce the vaccines
11:51 pm
and now we found out that the, if you have your two shots for moderna or from pfizer or the one shot from j&j, what happens is, this booster shot not only brings the level back up of immunity, i mean, to deal with fighting off the virus, any of the viruses. but it brings it up exponentially. so if you want to be sure you're going to be okay, and the other good news, jimmy, is that we now have five, six, and seven-year-olds who are able to be vaccinated as well as teenagers. and so we're moving. we're moving now, i don't, the politicalization of this, making it become a political statement if you get the shot and somehow, i don't know what the -- anyway. [ laughter ] here's the deal, jimmy the bottom line is, that the way to avoid this virus is to
11:52 pm
get two shots and then get the booster shot it's available we have the medicines available. it will make a gigantic difference even if you don't care so much about yourself, think about your kids, your brother, your sister, your co-worker and this stuff about biden is mandating these things happening. and it's unamerican. look at i this way it's patriotic to get this done not a joke it's patriotic to get it done. >> jimmy: yeah do you, um, how much do you pay attention to approval ratings? >> well, not anymore [ laughter ] i'm joking i was paying attention when it was in the mid 60s when it's in the mid 40s, i don't pay attention. >> jimmy: i appreciate the honesty, yeah. i mean, because you came in -- you came in hot. and then you got to medium, but now you're at a low. you just have to keep your head down, right? and just keep doing the right thing. >> well, look, here's the deal i think that it's -- we've been in less than a year.
11:53 pm
a lot has happened and look, people are afraid. people are worried and people are getting so much inaccurate information to them i don't mean about me but about the situation. and so, you know, they're being told that, you know, armageddon is on the way. the truth is, the economy is growing more than it has at any time in close to 60 years. the unemployment rate is down to 4.2%. and it's going to go lower, in my view. we do have inflation on things that in fact matter to people's lives. you know, when you show up at a gas station and it is $3.50 at your pump, although now because i took 50 million barrels, i called the oil petroleum reserve. gasoline is down below $3 in many places. it's going to come down. it's going to move but in the meantime, people are worried. and they're worried about whether or not they have a a brother, a sister, uncle, aunt who has gotten covid.
11:54 pm
and they don't know what to do about it i mean, so there is a lot of anxiety. and my job is to be straightforward, shoot from the shoulder let people know exactly what the truth is and lay out how i'm going to try to make life better for them >> jimmy: yeah does anyone really understand how hard your job is look, who, i mean -- besides my uncle, apparently, who knows everything he knows everything. but i mean - >> well, send him over [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, no, you don't want to talk to this guy [ laughter ] but i mean, just being in d.c. the other day, and driving around, you see all these giant buildings. and you just -- you feel kind of nervous and you feel like -- i feel important when i'm there, but you're the leader of our country. i mean, the pressure and then you have to do 20 events during the day that we don't even see. >> well, look, i was vice president for eight years. i knew what the job was, and i don't -- no one should feel sorry for me
11:55 pm
it is the greatest honor anybody can have in their whole life, in my view, is to be president of the united states but what the difference is -- the difference is that when you're in congress, and i had important jobs in the congress, as a senator, i was chairman of important committees but being president is like being chairman of every single committee. nothing gets to my desk unless it hasn't been able to be solved before it got to my desk so by definition, it is more difficult. harry truman had a great line. he said about being president. he said, "the buck stops here. i used to be, i kid with barrack, president obama, who was a good friend and we served eight years as friends together i used to say to him -- instead of him thanking me, i got to be the last guy in the room to give him advice. that was the deal we had and he'd thank me, and i get to walk out and say look, "i give the advice you've to make the decision. >> jimmy: yeah
11:56 pm
>> and, you know, what happens is going to be on you. but that's part of the deal. but look, i have enormous confidence -- you're going to realize what a naive guy i am. but i really have faith at the end of the day the american people are going to get it they understand. they understand. given half a shot, they have never, ever, ever, ever let the country down we've just to give them a shot >> jimmy: that's right more with president joe biden when we come back, everybody [ cheers and applause this is great. i agree. thank you. thank you. thank you. ♪ spin the wheel for me ♪ ♪ (hoo) ♪ ♪ blackjack, baccarat ♪ ♪ dealer, where you at? deal for me ♪ ♪ dealer, where you at? where you at? ♪ ♪ i'm 'bout to buy las vegas after this roll ♪ ♪ i'm 'bout to buy las vegas after this roll ♪ ♪ come on, 7-7-7, let's go ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ i told ya, i told ya, i told ya ♪ ♪ 7-7-7, let's go ♪
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now covered by medicare for those who qualify. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back president joe biden is joining us president biden, what did it feel like the first time you walked into the white house as president? what was the first thing you noticed? >> what i did notice is that -- there is a sense that you realize it's not your house. it's the people's house. and that sounds corny, it's the people's house but you realize that that's the case and one of the things that i
12:01 am
find, jimmy, and i think you really would associate with this jill and i, we come from middle class backgrounds. we both are college graduates. we worked like hell. we had fathers that didn't go -- anyway, the end result was that we're not used to people waiting on us and so in the white house, you know, there's somebody to make your breakfast or someone to pack your clothes or someone to carry your bags. we now have a deal, and they're great, the guys who run the kitchen on the second floor, is we don't have them come in to do breakfast for us, because there's no need for them to have to do breakfast for us. we can make our own eggs or you know, pour a bowl of - >> jimmy: you make your own eggs >> cereal. well, i don't. jill does. [ laughter and applause i'll tell you a true story when i was -- when jill was going to graduate school, which was her whole life, it seemed, when i was a senator, i'd get home real quickly and she'd -- we would trade-off, and i -- my young daughter would be there.
12:02 am
and i'd -- and she'd take off for school night school anyway, to make a long story short, my daughter was being interviewed when she was about, i don't know, 9, 10 years old. they said, "can your daddy cook for you? she said, "my daddy can't do much he can boil water and make pasghetti, he can't do much else." [ laughter ] and guess what, she's right. she's right. >> jimmy: if we talk again, i check in with you this time next year, what do you hope we're going to be talking about? >> i hope we're be going to be talking about how we've gotten covid more under control i hope we're going to be talking about how we have actually reduced the burden on middle class folks financially, that salaries continue to go up i hope we're going to talk about unemployment still going down i hope we're going to be talking about inflation being under control. and -- but the other thing, jimmy.
12:03 am
i really hope that we're going to be able to demonstrate that we made worldwide progress on the environment, because i think it's a critical thing. and pray god, pray god, we will have passed the john lewis act and the voting rights act. because what's going on now in about 30 states is literally unamerican it's about trying to prevent people from voting rather than allowing them to vote. so there's a full plate, but i think we can do it i'm optimistic about the future and i'm optimistic about this country. we are, as i told everybody, including everyone from a leader of china to russia and everyone else that i don't know anybody who wouldn't trade places a world leader wouldn't trade places with my job versus theirs because we have more available to us. we have more capacity. we have more science and technology and decency i think than any country in the world. and so i think the sky is the limit is what we can do in the second quarter of the 21st century
12:04 am
>> jimmy: before you go -- [ cheers and applause i hope that as well. i just want to tell you what an honor it is to have you on the show tonight i'm a very proud american. thank you so much for being here, and if you ever need me for anything, don't hesitate i am there for you i am there for you >> well, jimmy, maybe you ought to come down and have dinner with me. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i will -- i'm coming i'm coming right now all right. president biden, everybody more "tonight show" after the break. stick around be right there [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: how great was that unbelievable welcome back you guys, today is friday and that's usually when i catch up on some personal stuff you know, i check my inbox, i return some e-mails and, of course, i send out thank you notes. [ cheers and applause and i was just running a bit behind today so i thought if you guys wouldn't mind, i would like to write out my weekly thank you notes right now. is that cool with you? [ cheers and applause thank you very much. james, can i get some thank you note writing music, please ♪ [ laughter ] it looks like he's got a secret or something >> steve: wow. [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, christmas stockings, because the only thing better than getting socks for christmas is getting them inside an even bigger sock [ cheers and applause >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, a sock >> steve: a sock >> jimmy: how meta [ light laughter ] ♪ thank you, seeing my own breath when it's cold, for being the closest i'll ever come to doing
12:10 am
vape tricks. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ♪ thank you, tracking packages online, for letting me know that u.p.s., fedex, and the post office still have nothing on domino's pizza tracker. [ cheers and applause that thing works that thing works >> steve: ding dong! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, artificial christmas trees, or as the rest of the plants in your house put it, "um, who is she? [ laughter and applause ♪ thank you, licking a candy cane into a pointy edge, for making me feel like i'm in a north pole prison. [ laughter and applause >> steve: herbie
12:11 am
>> jimmy: we're getting herbie out of here. [ light laughter ] ♪ thank you, holiday family newsletters, for basically being your aunt's way of saying, "here's all the stuff you would have seen me post this year if you hadn't muted me on facebook." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause oh >> steve: oh wow! 7.5. [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, paper snowflakes, for turning document shredding into a family activity. [ applause ] "let's take daddy's taxes, make it into a snowflake. [ light laughter ] >> steve: snowflake. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, gingerbread man, for somehow being okay living in a house that's made out of you [ laughter and applause there we have it, everybody. those are our thank you notes. thank you very much. we'll be right back with more "tonight show," everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back to "the tonight show." well, guys, we're in the middle of the nfl season, and this sunday night's game is the chicago bears facing off against the green bay packers. yeah [ cheers ] now, you know at the end of every season they give out awards like most valuable player but they also give out awards during the season. i'll show you what i mean. it's time for "tonight show superlatives." here we go [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ tonight night superlatives ♪ >> jimmy: our first player is from the bears next up in the bears is ryan nall. he was voted most likely to react to the birth of his child by saying, "noice! [ laughter and applause noice! pound it [ laughter ] next up from the bears is pat o'donnell. he was voted most likely to be a rock 'em sock 'em robot that just lost. [ laughter and applause next up for the bears is
12:18 am
cassius marsh sr he was voted most likely to get sued by top ramen for copyright infringement [ applause ] next up from the packers is tyler lancaster. he was voted most likely to be a st. patrick's day version of elf on the shelf [ laughter and applause next up in the packers is corey bojorquez. he was voted most likely to be standing outside a liquor store waiting for someone to buy him a six pack of wine coolers [ laughter and applause next up from the bears is margus hunt. he was voted most likely to decorate his christmas tree with old taco bell receipts. [ laughter and applause next up from the packers is krys barnes. he was voted most likely to respond to anything you say with, "all right now." [ laughter and applause all right now. all right now. next from the packers is royce newman he was voted most likely to ask his barber for the "meeting your parents in the front,
12:19 am
parting with your cousins in the back." [ laughter and applause and finally, from the packers is aaron rodgers he was voted most likely to miss the days when he was trending on twitter for hosting "jeopardy. there you have it. those are your superlatives. jodie turner-smith joins us after the break. come on back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪♪
12:20 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest is a very talented actress and the star of "anne boleyn" on amc plus episode one is streaming now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jodie turner-smith [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: you're gorgeous. you're beautiful >> thank you >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. please -- welcome, welcome, welcome. thank you for being here this is your first time on our show >> i know! >> jimmy: but it --
12:25 am
>> finally >> jimmy: you do a funny thing i was just going to say, "you did. you do a funny thing you keep buying swag of your husband when he was pacey. you buy shirts and wear them around the house [ laughter ] and i love that you do it. but you also wear his -- his jersey too from -- is that -- yeah, from "mighty ducks." [ laughter ] now, does he get -- does he laugh about it or is he like, "what are you doing? >> well, the funny thing is that first picture that you just -- showed >> jimmy: yeah >> that was the first time that he ever saw what i had done. so i -- i bought this shirt. i just -- i love going on amazon and finding things that might possibly embarrass him but also that he secretly loves. [ laughter ] and that was the first time. so, like, if you see his face, like, look at his little face, he's so embarrassed but he's also loving it [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he does. he is doing both he's embarrassed but also like, "this is cool. >> yeah, i just come downstairs with it on and then he's like, "are you -- is that -- and i'm like, "yeah. >> jimmy: yeah >> yeah. >> jimmy: i also heard that you -- you take -- you take his swag when he -- when he was on our show, we gave a mug and
12:26 am
a t-shirt and -- >> the whole thing is that i always steal my husband's swag but the thing is jimmy is now i have all that stuff that you gave him >> jimmy: you need more. >> so now that i'm here, i just need you to really bring the level up for me. [ laughter ] do you know what i mean? i mean, oprah gives out cars, so is there a -- [ laughter ] what's under my chair? >> jimmy: well, i don't know i -- >> jimmy jimmy, this is -- >> jimmy: there's a mask >> no, jimmy -- >> jimmy: unused >> jimmy, that's not good enough come on. >> jimmy: how about this how about a tote bag >> no, i have that bag [ audience oohs i have that. >> jimmy: you have that? >> you gave that to josh, okay >> jimmy: oh >> come on >> jimmy: oh, i have something that i did not give to josh. [ audience oohs how about a sound sweatshirt you could -- you could rock this >> this -- this is warmer. getting warmer but i feel like it needs -- i'm talking about sparkly, shiny -- look, oprah gives out really expensive -- >> jimmy: yeah, but oprah is not on tv that much anymore. >> oprah just got really good. >> jimmy: she does specials. >> jimmy, jimmy -- oh, that's actually terrifying [ laughter ] by my daughter might enjoy it.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: i'll get you - >> okay. [ laughter ] [ talking over each other >> jimmy: act -- act like you love it, please. >> thank you so. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: congrats on "anne boleyn." >> thank you >> jimmy: you're getting great reviews. you are doing -- i mean, this is a big deal. [ cheers and applause congratulations. >> thank you >> jimmy: it's on amc plus is this intimidating to take on a -- a real person >> i was so, like, ready to tell the story about mothering and i -- and so i got really excited about, kind of, this idea of this woman who really -- i mean, it's a mother story. she was trying to [ bleep ] survive in her time with the best abilities that she could. >> jimmy: yeah >> that women were allowed to. and -- and, you know, make women have a seat at the table and -- and really -- i mean, she was a [ bleep ] disruptor. that's what's so amazing about her. and i was just like, "yes. i get it i'm an outsider. i'm a disruptor. like, "yeah. >> jimmy: you can't say the "f" word on our show >> oh. [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: dude, we're not --
12:28 am
we're on television. >> i'm sorry, that was not -- of me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but you know what? it was badass. and i, kind of, love to hear it >> i'm a mother. i don't use those words. i'm a mother >> jimmy: no, that's exactly right. yes. i think you're allowed to do whatever you want on my show that's the deal. i just love having you on here that's all i want to say [ laughter and applause i want to show a clip. here's jodie turner-smith in "anne boleyn." take a look at this. >> is everything all right >> perfectly fine. just stop fussing. >> shall i come to your chambers later >> i want to be the point. until our boy is born, you have but one job. concentrate on that if you're so concerned with being a good wife >> jimmy: jodie turner-smith, everybody. [ cheers and applause
12:29 am
the series premiere of "anne boleyn" is streaming now on amc plus new episodes come out every thursday we'll be right back with a a performance from rick ross featuring jazmine sullivan stick around [ cheers and applause ♪
12:30 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: performing "outlawz" from his new album "richer than i ever been," give it up for rick ross featuring jazmine sullivan [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ you have the gu i'll take the whee if you say g you know i will ♪ ♪ and though this lov has its flaw we're forever outlaws ♪ ♪ you messed around but i forgave ya why do they stil want me to hate you ♪ ♪ 'cause if i'm choosin to forget it why can't they jus mind they business ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm stuc
12:33 am
stuck like glu 'cause i can't i can't i can't stop lovin' you ♪ ♪ i wanna see my homies on the mountain tops them boys only ballin' when they albums drop ♪ ♪ i got a line of car wrappin' 'round the block ♪ ♪ and livin' better than these rappers rappin' 'round the block ♪ ♪ i built a golf course and a car porch ♪ ♪ since everybody askin where your cars goin' ♪ ♪ mozzarell now it's only tall cheddar ♪ ♪ most dope boy been a pallbearer ♪ ♪ package the product then you pick it u back in bahamas ♪ ♪ talkin' them dollar how i touch it come off as a profit ♪ ♪ you leave ya pistol hom then you're own your own ♪ ♪ 'cause lil on when it's on they gon' do ya wrong ♪ ♪ see you noddin' off on that fentanyl ♪ ♪ if you're not a bos boy don't get involved ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ you messed around but i forgave ya
12:34 am
why do they stil want me to hate you ♪ ♪ 'cause if i'm choosin to forget it why can't they jus mind they business ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm stuc stuck like glu 'cause i can't i can't i can't stop lovin' you ♪ ♪ they callin' it pandemi when it's really lif the only way t separate the men and mice ♪ ♪ until you seem successful you considered roguish that's why you seen that boy pull up in a lotus ♪ ♪ he got the 40 on hi up against his colon ♪ ♪ standin' in the clu and know them boys rollin' ♪ ♪ we all got a purpos and my people servin' ♪ ♪ we all got some work in and i'm speakin' murders ♪ ♪ still be countin' money until my fingers purpl prayin' for your mothe but'll still hurt ya ♪ ♪ smokin' on a bag that i got from berne the bottles all blac and you know they earn it ♪
12:35 am
♪ soldiers wavin' flags when they see the colonel ♪ ♪ you know insidiou when you see it's burnin' ♪ ♪ you messed around but i forgave ya why do they stil want me to hate you ♪ ♪ 'cause if i'm choosin to forget it why can't they jus mind they business ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm stuc stuck like glu 'cause i can't i can't i can't stop lovin' you ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, come on now. yo that's rick ross right there jazmine sullvan!
12:36 am
"richer than i ever been" is out now. my thanks to president joe biden, jodie turner smith, rick ross! [ cheers and applause jazmine sullivan and the roots over there from philadelphia, pennsylvania [ cheers and applause thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- lin-manuel miranda star of "a clusterfunke christmas," actress, rachel dratch, music from mastodon, featuring the 8g band with jon epcar. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now, if you don't mind, we're going to get to the news donald trump's former personal attorney michael cohen was released, yesterday, from his 18-month-long house arrest


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