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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 11, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ . breaking news. a terrifying night for a neighborhood. gunfire, evacuation and a house
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set on fire. >> there were gunshots that were like single shots with a pause in between. and they went off for about 15 or 20 minutes. >> the tense situation that sent neighbors running for safety. surveillance video and information new from police. >> also breaking at this late hour, torn apart by a tornado. dozens of people believed to be trapped inside an amazon distribution facility in the midwest. >> i'm worried sick. i just want to know if he's okay. >> the rescue effort underway right now. severe weather is tearing through several states. also tonight, the atmospheric river set to bring heavy rainfall back to the bay. i'll have the latest on the totals and the timing. coming up. and then several feet of snow in the sierra. anxious to head to tahoe? a word of caution from caltrans tonight.
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good evening. we start with the dramatic stand-off in the east bay. it is over. a quiet neighborhood on lockdown for hours. sirens, smoke and gunshots. a man was walking the streets, shooting at homes and cars before barricading himself inside a house, and then firing at officers and their drones. >> cheryl hurd has been at the house in antioch. a deadly ending to this. >> reporter: that's right. the street where the stand-off took place is still being surrounded by yellow tape. a caravan of contra costa county sheriffs just rode in. those who evacuated earlier today are being allowed back into their homes. it has been a long and scary night for a lot of people. you are looking at home surveillance video of a woman and two young children being evacuated by police as a man on the street randomly fired shots
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on dove court in antioch. >> an officer came to my door and said we're evacuating people. they took my fence down and brought the people through my backyard. >> reporter: it all began just after 1:00 p.m. police receiving calls that a man with a rifle was shooting at cars and homes. >> i hear a lot of gunshots. our dog were the ones that started barking. >> reporter: when police arrived, neighbors were told to shelter in place. >> over the course of several hours, the suspect repeatedly fired shots inside the house, at officers and other residents. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team was called in along with several other agencies including the fbi. drones were used to keep an eye on his movements. he even shot one of them out of the sky. at around 7:00, smoke started
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coming from the home. the police said he set the garage on fire. >> he exited his house and you was contacted by s.w.a.t. officers. after contact with officers, they fired their weapons and the suspect was struck. >> reporter: police firing multiple times, killing the gunman. terry reacting to the drama she watched unfold. >> not very safe. time to move. yep, california is getting too violent. >> reporter: now police are telling us tonight that they don't believe no one else was inside the home and they don't have a motive for all of this. all we know about the suspect tonight is that he's in his mid 30s. reporting live in antioch. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. well, while s.w.a.t. was responding to that situation, there was another situation down the street. the driver of a truck plowed
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into a police cruiser with an officer inside doing traffic control. paramedics extricated the officer. they took him to the hospital. no word on how he is doing. the driver of the pickup truck stayed on scene and is cooperating with police. let's get you to this. tornadoes tearing through several states, leveling communities and forcing this amazon warehouse to collapse. this is in illinois. a desperate search and rescue effort underway at this hour to help those who are trapped. nbc bay area sergio quintana has been monitoring the situation for us. we're talking illinois, arkansas, kentucky, among the states being hit tonight. >> reporter: these storms caused lots of damage along the way including at least two deaths. this is a photo shot inside a mostly collapsed amazon warehouse outside the st. louis area in edwardsville, illinois. lots of workers were trapped. you can see emergency crews trying to help those workers and
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assess the damage. right now, there is no information about injuries there but there is one person dead from damage in nearby defiance, missouri. at the amazon warehouse, family members are still waiting to hear word that their loved ones working inside survived. >> i talked to them about 8:00 tonight. a little before. i texted him and he was returning to the warehouse to drop his van off and i haven't heard from him since. >> reporter: in the town of monnette near jonesboro, arkansas, a roof collapsed killing one person. at leaf five others are injured. 20 people were trapped inswlid the roof came down. emergency responders worked to get to the rest of the residents and move them to a near by community center. and these are pictures taken in mayfield, kentucky, near paducah. several buildings damaged. storm warnings are in effect so a full assessment is tough to
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do. the kentucky governor has issued a state of emergency and the kentucky police did issue a warning, loss of life is expected there. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. i know you've been tracking the severe weather in the midwest. also, talk to us about this storm headed our way. cold tonight and then really rainy and wet starting sunday. >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay, jeff. we'll get back to you in a moment. we'll get your microphone issue resolved. let's talk about the rain. jeff was mentioning it, too, tonight the roads to tahoe are wide open but that's about to change. caltrans is warning drivers to stay away until the storm blows through. and that's a catch 22 for skiers and boarders. the ski season opens this
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weekend. the roads will be treacherous at times. here's nbc bay area's jean elle. >> i've been itching to get out there and do some riding. >> reporter: jake will finally be able to put some new snow boots to use in the sierra. >> we're talking about feet of snow -- >> reporter: blis conditions are on the way. after a dry november, the snow section at the store in san francisco is buzzing. >> it is picking up. people wanting reservations for reynolds and picking up their stuff early. >> what's that on the ground? >> this is the am tieser. >> reporter: there is already some snow on the ground. traffic is moving smoothly on i-80 but that's about to change. caltrans says the biggest storm of the winter season is approaching with up to 100 inches of snow possible on the i-80 summit. snow, rain and wind are expected
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from saturday night through tuesday. >> we're looking at anywhere between two and three inches an hour. that's blizzard material, plus high winds, 60, 70 miles an hour across the summit. >> reporter: coop says expect road closures. the chp says if you're not already on the way to tahoe, the safest bet is to wait until after the storm passes. ski runs will be ready. >> they'll blow snow over the next 72 to 96 hours, even while the storm system is coming in. we're trying to build the biggest base possible so hopefully it is like 2004 and we get a 100% opening by next weekend which will be great for the christmas holiday. >> reporter: this snow boarder is ready. >> you have to be ready. you have to be ready and drop everything. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> if it was only that easy. all right. let's try this one more time. let's talk about the snow and the atmospheric river and let's
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talk about the tornadoes. >> yeah. a real serious situation happening in the dark of night. we have two tornado warnings in kentucky where there could be two tornados on the ground right now. over 22 tornadoes in arkansas, tennessee, missouri, illinois. this moves off to the east as we roll through tomorrow from columbus down to birmingham. that's where we could get more tornadoes and that severe weather. we've got more coverage on back here at home, the number one story we're dealing with now is the chill freeze warning for the north bay. 29 in santa rosa, 35 in napa. even a chance of 34 in san jose and 31 in san martin. so bundle up tomorrow morning and then once we hit sunday, here comes the atmospheric river. it will start to get going on sunday and we think it will continue into tuesday. the highest totals, we could have some isolated flooding risk. even some power outages.
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winds 20 to 50. and back to the timing of this in about ten minutes. >> all right. we'll see you shortly. a top ten bran over mountain. it is toward start scanning as that next storm arrives. be sure to download our app. you can get minute by minute updates on the rain on the way. you can track our live radar on the phone and find out when the rain will hit your specific neighborhood. the omicron variant is in the south bay. confirmed omicron cases. health leaders say the infected individual recently got back from a trip to florida. mild symptoms and quarantining. they were fully vaccinated but they had not gotten their booster. the omicron case was not unexpected. >> ever since we first wlernld that omicron, we have been anticipating a detection here because our population is large and our population is diverse and our population is mobile.
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>> only 39% of people eligible in santa clara county have gotten boosters which health leaders believe could add another layer of protection. a san francisco catholic church has postponed a visit by the archbishop because he is unvaccinated. they invited him for sunday mass on december 19th. but it came to light that the archbishop has not yet been vaccinated. parishioners expressed concern about the visit so the pastor, prior to george williams, decided to postpone the visit. he wrote, i feel it is important that everyone feel safe and we all do our part to prevent the spread of covid-19. especially now with the new omicron variant. why isn't the archbishop vaccinated? tonight the archdiocese sent us a statement saying health care decisions are very personal. arch bishop has every confidence
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in his ability to know his people well. the archbishop told the chronicle that he was not an anti-vaxxer but his personal physician said it was not necessary to get a vaccine. lyft giving its employees another year to work remotely. the ride share company reportedly won't require staff to go back to the office until 2023. the company isn't citing concerns over the omicron variant. specifically, instead, pointing out the flexibility is what workers are asking for. the body of former senator bob dole is back in his home state of kansas tonight. he'll be remembered with two services tomorrow. a who's who of washington, d.c. attend ad memorial at the national today they had a ral. colleagues and loved ones were there to honor the senator and
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presidential candidate. president biden was one of several people who spoke. >> he came into the arena with certain guiding principles. he began with devotion to country, to fair play, to decency. >> part of bob dole's legacy, helping to save social security, pushing to make martin luther king a federal holiday, and leading the drive to create the national world war ii memorial. bob dole died last sunday at the age of 98. we're back in 60 seconds with the story you'll see only on nbc bay area. a trip to the mall was a big scare for a mom and a child. what happened in the parking lot that has her vowing never to go back to that mall. did you see this? escorted off the plane. the chaos on a flight bound for l.a. forcing the flight to be diverted. and i'm tracking the atmospheric river h
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okay. imagine this. you finish your holiday shopping. you get in your car and then suddenly someone swipes your bag. that's what happened to a south bay woman who was in the car with her young child. it is the latest example of thefts that are just plaguing the bay area. ian cull spoke with the victim in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> she was walking out of the macy's at the east ridge mall in san jose with her 6-year-old son. >> it was a quick trip.
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>> reporter: an old olds mobile stopped to let her walk to her car. her son got in the car. then she did. that's when it happened. >> i had just sat in the car i hadn't even had a chance to buckle myself up. i put may belongings in and right at that moment, a girl came in. >> she said a girl of about high school age rimmed her passenger door open, grabbed the shopping bag and then jumped back into that same olds mobile that was waiting for her and they sped off. >> my son was saying i'm scared. >> reporter: five robbers made off with around $70,000 worth of jewelry. the san jose police are investigating both crimes. she homes the mall will increase lighting in the parking lot and add more security patrols. >> we at least should be able to
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run small errands and go holiday shopping with our kids and feel safe. i hope things get better. >> reporter: we called the east ridge mall to see if it is making any changes and we are waiting to hear back. ian cull. nbc bay area news. the contra costa county district attorney is pressing charges against a woman who hit and killed a lafayette crossing guard in september. phyllis was picking up her grandson from stanley middle school. they said she hid in a car and then drove into 45-year-old ashley diaz in the crosswalk. diaz pushed a student out of the way before he was hit. the person is being charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. a thousand high school students walked out of class demanding the district pay more attention to sexual assault complaint. student from eight schools gathered at city hall in san
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francisco sharing personal accounts of abuse and assaults. they stay school district isn't doing enough to address the issue. the district countered, saying it is doing all it can to educate and prevent these cases from happening. saying in many cases, the assaults happened off campus so there's little the school can do. but the student say that's not true. >> i think it really shows where the loyalty lies. and they're not standing up for us and for all the people. >> we're going to continue to listen to our students, to make sure they're feeling heard. we'll continue to work alongside our family and students to make sure they get what they need. >> the district says it will add investigators to look into claim of sexual harassment. they will start a student advisory group in the spring. it's an ongoing problem we've reported on extensively. unruly passengers. this latest incident in the skies. a delta flight from washington, d.c. to l.a. a passenger first assaulted a
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flight attendant and then an air marshal was on board and took that passenger into custody. the passenger then reportedly assaulted the air marshal. the flight was diverted to oklahoma city and then finally continued on to los angeles. last month, the u.s. attorney general says prosecuting mid air attacks was a prirt. shining bright. tonight's christmas tree in jack london square is looking a-okay ahead of the official lighting ceremony. this is from sky ranger. it looks good. crews were out repairing the tree after an arsonist set on it fire earlier this week. someone lit it on fire overnight hours on sunday. this is what it looked like after a section of it burned. we'll show that to you. all tree limbs, all messed up. it's been fixed. the oakland fire department arson unit is trying to figure out what happened. >> the silver lining, it is back up and running. it looks beautiful for tomorrow
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night. >> we're tracking the cold and the rain is coming our way. so we'll get you ready to go. tomorrow will be the coldest time we've seen in months. sonoma and marin under a freeze warning. we'll have freezing spots in the north bay so watch out. let's show you how low those numbers will go. we got you to 36 in the south bay. peninsula, 39. tri-valley down to 3. the chilliest average as we talked about, averaging about 31. san francisco, 43. and the east bay at 36. so again, starting off on the chilly side. so we'll warm up but not by a whel lot tomorrow. keep the jacket through the afternoon. widespread 50s. the other thing we're following tomorrow, some high clouds
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increasing. not quite as sunny as we were used to today. all in all, a nice day. it will be the day to get anything done before the rainfall begins to start across the bay area. things will change and fast. so let me show you what we know about our storm system as of tonight. the heyest totals still look to be at the coastal mountains and the north bay. our mountains overall through the bay area could be in three to six inches. some very heavy rainfall. and for the lower elevations, three quarters of an inch. higher totals toward the north bay. we might have to watch fome small stream flooding and even some power. as this storm system moves across, we think by monday, we're tipping with that rainfall even into tuesday morning and then by tuesday night, we should start to see this break up. as we head into the first part of the storm system on sunday, we'll show you how things will
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play out for us. a half inch already in the north bay but just showers elsewhere. then by sunday night, we're into about a half to three quarters of an inch for the peninsula and east bay and getting around the quarter inch for the south bay. the north bay by that time could be one to two inches. sierra snow. it will stack up in a big way. we could have road closures. 72 inches in king vale. on my seven-day forecast, take note. we'll see rain chances sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the temperatures remaining in the chilly 50s. system move in for a quarter to three quarters. >> we've been asking for it. >> the atmospheric river just drenches us. >> it will be beneficial though. >> and it is really cold in this
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studio tonight, too. >> it's cold everywhere. >> did someone leave the door open? happening now, amtrak needs more workers to get vaccinated. the january 4th deadline is approaching for federal contractors. amtrak says about 95% of workers are at least partially vaccinated but if enough workers resist getting the shot, it will need to reduce service, at least
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a father and son, here they are. accused of starting the caldor fire near lake tahoe are now facing charges. today prosecutors charged them with reckless arson. the caldor fire started in august and burned for two months. it scorched more than 200,000ationers right down near lake tahoe, the south shore, and destroyed more than 1,000 shlgs. we are just days away from more commercial fishermen being able to take to the sea for crab for your holidays. the season in those areas usually gibs november 15 but it was delayed to protect migrating whales. commercial fishing began december 1st from mend scene over county north but still not allowed in san francisco so you'll have to look around. imagine this. an immersive picasso exhibit.
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after successful tours in france and canada, imagine picasso, opening in san francisco. one of the first stops. you can take a journey through the life and creations, similar to the reason vangogh exhibits. it runs february through march at the san francisco armory. tickets are $40. that should be really the warriors arrived in philadelphia ahead of the game gulf of mexico the 76ers. >> steph curry on the verge of
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becoming the all time leading scorer. it's not a matter of if. it is a matter of when. today, hello, steph, hello, gang. wheels up. their charter flate to philadelphia. curry needs ten more three-pointers to break ray allen's record. if it doesn't happen tomorrow, it will likely happen in the next few days. george kittle, the 49ers off to cincinnati for sunday's game against the bengals. a lot of chatter about the rookie quarterback trey lance. where is he? why are not they using him? maybe we'll see him in limited action. the niners are 6-6 and
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president biden making his first late night appearance since taking office and you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. >> please welcome president joe biden! >> the president joining jimmy fall only virtually. you can watch president biden on the "tonight show" in just a few minutes. before we go, our storm ranger is scanning the skies as that atmospheric river heads our way. our weather team, our team of reporters in place as we head into this very active weekend. as for lake tahoe. be careful. caltrans warning drivers to stay away when that storm hits. not to head to tahoe until the
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storm moves on. as many as 100 inches of snow could fall on donner's summit. and be careful on sunday. it will be wet. tonight, the historic price surges are costs rising across the country and so many things we buy every day. inflation soaring 6.8% in november, the fastest pace in nearly 40 years costs skyrocketing for rent, food, gas, clothing and so much more president biden maintaining the crisis has hit its peak what's causing it and how long longer will it last? also tonight, the key supreme court ruling delivering a partial victory to challengers of texas' strict abortion law, but leaving the law in place for now where the battle goes next the omicron variant now in at
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least half of the u.s. the new cdc report, what it found regarding omicron symptoms and the strict new mask mandate in new york, one of several states facing a potential winter surge the major winter storm on the move and 35 million under threat of severe weather and potential tornados. the delta flight diverted after an unruly passenger allegedly attacked a flight attendant at an air marshall the video from inside the airplane honoring bob dole. president biden and tom hanks among those paying final tributes at services today. from trees to t-shirts inside the fashion industry's role in harming the rain forest. and celebrating the singer/songwriter who also starred in a classic nbc sitcom. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening we got one of those government reports today that tells you, it's not just you. things are getting more expensive inflation hitting consumers hard, smack in the middle of a holiday buying season. consumer prices rose in november compared


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