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tv   First Look  NBC  December 12, 2021 1:02am-1:32am PST

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to everyone at this is so scar. oh, wow. - yeah. she's-- yeah. --in the air. yeah. got to go through-- oh my gosh. this is hilarious. - look. i pretend to shoot a guy off of-- oh my god. i know.
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[gasps] oh, no. yeah. yeah. [music playing] (singing) oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. going to give up. [music playing] hannah, welcome to the couch. thank you for having me. how comfortable. you look great. you don't look like you just got off a flight-- - stop. - --from nashville-- - stop. - --five minutes ago. what have you been doing? i've been doing stand up comedy. i lived the reality tv life, which you understand. johnny bananas: "summer house." i'm a seven when i flirt. we need to teach you how to be a girl flirt. what if i don't want to be girl-ified by you? because i don't. now i'm trying to make people laugh, spread some joy. ok, i lost some fans, but it was worth it. [laughter] woman: we love you. thank you. then we brought you to the right place because what we're going to be doing today is laughing at me, yeah, which shouldn't be hard. i reprioritized my whole day, and this actually is pretty inconvenient for me. - give it up. - but thank you for having me. - inconvenient for you? yeah, but i'm happy we made it. - that's the story of my life. - [laughs]
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so we call these banana reactions. yes. but are you familiar with the whole watch and react? yeah, i've done some "after shows" before, and i think it's fun because sometimes you don't realize how you acted at the time. you don't. do you like watching yourself? it depends on the episode. there are some episodes that i don't mind, and there's other ones that make me cringe when i rewatch them. oh, god. this does not smell very good, rob. cottage cheese fortified with tuna. uh-huh. sounds appetizing. and i think there's going to be some of those moments on here. oh. i can't wait. the first episode we're going to watch i think might be something that is near and dear to your heart. what was your favorite disney movie growing up? "mulan." thought you were going to say "little mermaid." - "little mermaid" is great. - ok, great. i did my own reenactment, recreation of "the little mermaid." - wait. did you become a mermaid? i became a merman. hey. short hair johnny. this was a fake phone call. we did this for-- yeah, i figured. you don't have any friends. [music playing]
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beautiful. - yeah. great place for, like, a date moment. right? johnny, a little minute late or two. called you out for being late immediately. i was a little bit late. johnny bananas (voiceover): the underwater sea life tank can look calm and serene to onlookers, but-- i like your narrating voice. you like that? yeah. i got a face for radio, so-- [laughs] woman: our animals get training and reinforcement, so the biggest example-- do you think the fish liked you, or were they like, you don't even go here? they were like who is-- what is this guy-- what's this guy all about? johnny bananas (voiceover): but as it turns out, my journey into underwater careers has just begun and is about to take an enchanting turn. hey, bro. what's up? [laughs] actual mermaids. i'll see you. tell me a little bit about what you do here at sea life aquarium. - to be a mermaid-- - hannah. great name. and she almost has the same last name, but instead of berner, it's burgess. mm-hmm. and she has a palindrome. that's how you're supposed to spell it. people who don't have an h at the end-- oh.
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it's looked down upon in the hannah community. i hadn't known that. to be a mermaid, you have to have a-- have you ever met a mermaid before? is this your first one? - my first time. yeah, i mean, that i wasn't asleep. hannah burgess: --comfortable with large animals. kids will come to the aquarium to see their-- see. the little kids love them. yes. this is like disneyland but for fish. johnny bananas (voiceover): and doing an official mermaid makeover. like that pun? official. going to go all the way down to your tail. oh my gosh. [gasps] - beautiful. - tickles. hannah burgess: why did the mermaid wear seashells? i have no idea. because b shells were too small, and d shells were too big. johnny bananas: ah. she's a comedian. - got to go to the top. - oh my gosh. this is hilarious. there's no way to-- there was no other way to get up there. that was my producer, phil, that had to-- and then they just tossed you in to figure it out? but look at how much more graceful i am than her. watch. hannah burgess: --an aquarium like this. you want to make really slow-- - you look like you're drowning. johnny bananas: slow and graceful. is it weird seeing a mermaid with armpit hair? yeah, it is. this is the first time i noticed that. i'm honestly traumatized from seeing this. johnny bananas: i think most of the kids that were watching
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are traumatized. hannah berner: yeah. [laughs] this is a great freeze frame by the way. i know. it is, right? but look at that. that's perfect posture. mermaid posture, yeah. and i was wearing contact lenses, so i wasn't able to open my eyes. [laughs] so i actually was swimming with my eyes closed. they wouldn't give you goggles? johnny bananas: mermaids don't wear goggles. come on. i literally felt like i was a fish in a massive fish bowl. woo! wow. that is the most graceful that you will ever see me or any other aquatic individual. [laughs] individual. i don't think i could sleep tonight. that was a little disturbing. if they ever do a live action "little mermaid," what do you think my chances are of being cast for the role of ariel? you could be, like, ariel's slightly uglier sibling. [laughs] slightly hairier. the hairy mermaid. johnny bananas: oh, i like that. hannah berner: yeah. johnny bananas: i could see it on the-- it looked like a gorilla had sex with a fish. that'd be a good movie too. yeah.
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you strike me as a fan of the wild west. - why? - i don't know. you just seem like-- you just seem like a fan of-- - [laughs] - --cowboys. i went to this working cowboy stunt ranch in-- where? --arizona. i became a stuntman in one day. - wow. yeah. was this your first rodeo? [laughs] the first step to becoming a cowboy is mucking the stalls. do you know what that is? bless you? i don't know what that just was. johnny bananas: you have to use a pitchfork to pick up their poop, and throw it in a wheelbarrow, and then take it off, and dump it in a corner. it's kind of like hazing if you're in a frat. exactly. how are your horse riding skills? i rode a horse once, and it hurt my pubic bone. really? yeah, because you kind of bounce off of it. johnny bananas: yeah. yeah. - i wasn't prepared for that. - you're not supposed to. you're supposed to keep your feet in the stirrups. oh, like with the gynecologist. you just kind of-- - that's where my mind went. - yeah. i think out of everything that i've done on the show, the cowboy stunt show-- and you will see very soon-- was probably the most dangerous thing i've ever done.
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ooh. yeah. giddy up. yeah, let's put our feet in the stirrups. let's go. johnny bananas (voiceover): last year i was on a quest to find a job. i get another job, so this is another time i kind of-- your dad got excited again. do you miss your short hair? sometimes. do you miss my short hair? i like it long. i think it's fun. really? thanks. yeah, you look more interesting. i do. yeah. do i look more sophisticated? you look like the most interesting man in the world. johnny bananas (voiceover): so now fully equipped with a freshly-printed resume, i look to give this job hunting thing another chance. old tucson, that's what it's called. it's in tucson, arizona. oh, cool. old tucson was first built-- so they actually film movies he there's tucson. where? oh, wow. there's real history in this. johnny bananas: mm-hmm. and this was for the movie "three amigos." wow. yeah. this is like the la of arizona. very similar. johnny bananas (voiceover): and be a part of old tucson's signature cowboy showdown.
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i learned about how to do this in a day. a lot of violence. johnny bananas: i know. were you afraid he was going to pull a gun on you? no, not really. look. i was more afraid that horse was going to drop a load on me. deuce. yeah. every good cowboy needs a good horse. to get that horse, you got to first do a bit of dirty work. johnny bananas: dirty work. see, this is mucking. see, this is what i was talking about. and that's old horse poop too. oh. how was the stench? it was bad. it was bordering on bad to very bad. look it. i found a horseshoe in the poo. oh, i didn't know horseshoes were real. what do mean you didn't know horseshoes are real? what do you think horses wear? i didn't think it was actually a shoe. yeah, it's a-- well, it's not. like, it's not a shoe like this sense. but i guess you put on their feet. yeah, it's like a-- so someone's running around without a shoe. i know. we had to figure out which horse it was. [gunshot] oh! that scared you. yeah. you peed yourself. man: cowboy, all right? - all right, i'm calling-- oh, he got you. i found you one that you can try this with. johnny bananas: hold on. look at this trick. woo! - cool.
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man: so there's a lot of cracks to it. you got that-- little show off. - --straight forward. - ah! i just whipped myself. you whipped yourself. [laughs] johnny bananas: i did. [laughs] you're the worst whipper. johnny bananas: dude, it's not easy, man. listen. whipping looks a lot easier than it actually is. you never took a towel and went like that? johnny bananas: a rat tail? hannah berner: yeah. i have, but this is totally different. ok. do you know what makes a whip crack, what that sound is? no. the end of the whip is breaking the sound barrier. no. you're hearing a mini sonic boom. wow. you're full of information i don't need. - useless information. - yeah. that's why i'd be a great bartender. johnny bananas (voiceover): armed with some new tricks of the trade-- look at this. you love this. you're a whole new person now. you have a whole new personality. that's a mood right there. so this is where he teaches me how to get beat up. johnny bananas (voiceover): it's only 30 minutes before showtime. looks real, right? like, he's actually punching me. yeah. he wasn't. was it gentle? it wasn't gentle. this guy look-- does this guy look he's got a gentle bone in his body? i mean, look at him. did you feel like you're playing a real video game?
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yeah. am i missing any teeth? [laughs] that was funny. that wasn't real blood though. look. i pretend to shoot a guy off the-- oh my god. i know. that ladder was straight up. this is like the iconic moment in the stunt show, right, because i'm going to fall off the ladder now. i'm 25 feet up, and i'm going to fall off this ladder. no, i don't like this. no. so this guy, he said, you need to pin your knees against the outside of the ladder to keep you from-- your feet from slipping off. you need to keep your elbows out. you need to keep your head forward and need to yell the entire time down because if you put your elbows back, you can dislocate your shoulders. if you turn your head, you can break your neck, and if you don't yell when you hit the pad, you could knock the wind out of yourself and possibly-- so you're holding onto the ladder as the ladder falls too? yeah. yeah. this is my nightmare. johnny bananas: i know. [cheering] he's such a good friend of mine, he even lets me date his sister. no. this is so scary.
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oh, no. yeah. so there's a crash pad, but, still, it was terrifying. you're not ok. i know. after all that, you finally got you steed. that's right. kind of romantic. we went and twirled each other's beards. - i'm impressed. - hey. what do you think was a more difficult character to get into-- swimming as a mermaid or being a cowboy? i think that deep down you are a mermaid fabulous diva, and that was your true self. this was pushing you to your limit of violence, and i don't think you're a violent man. that's true. i'd like to think that on the inside i'm a mermaid, but on the outside i'm a cowboy. wow. i think you nailed it. thank you. learning so much about you.
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call 1.877.only.att. hello, hannah. hello, johnny. no, banana. so us together, we're hannah banana. oh, got it. you seem like-- a pole dancer? no, sorry. just redo it. redo it. have you ever tried pole dancing before? i can do the worm. ok. but i haven't messed with the pole. i would love to do a sick spin move. i think people would respect me if i could do that. so the woman who taught me my pole dancing skills, how old do you think she is? 38. what if i said 69? that sounds badass. i don't know if you checked the forecast today. but i did, and it's calling for rain. this kind, bills. - we're going to make it rain. - i'm going to make it rain. i'm scared. you're going to watch me make it rain. ok. let me see what this woman can do. greta: i don't think that your physical age really matters. dude, like-- greta: i started out doing it just to get into shape. she's-- johnny bananas: yeah. --in the air. yeah.
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it's like she's flying. johnny bananas (voiceover): this is greta pontarelli-- nice italian lady. yeah. johnny bananas (voiceover): --a nine-time world pole art master champion-- you are the michael jordan of pole dancing. that humbles me. johnny bananas (voiceover): --who is smashing stereotypes-- that's the pole my producer ripped out of the ceiling. johnny bananas (voiceover): --and redefining old age. greta: i've always considered myself-- pole the second you walk in her front door. --fit, but when i was in my late 50s, my sisters both came down with the beginning of osteoporosis, and they're both younger. i said i can do weights or pole, and pole for me was a little more fun. oh my god. maybe i'll get my grandma into pole. listen. if you ever get osteoporosis, there's hope for you. my grandma does have osteoporosis. really? dude, get her on the pole. - ok. - what's your grandma's name? vera. we need to get vera and greta together and have them get on the x pole. and my grandma is hot. really? yes, she is. i'll show you later. is she single? she-- no. give her my number. look at that, the flag. looks easy. not. hand around the pole. nice. - twist my body sideways. - yes.
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yes. woo! you're competitive. you're like i need to do this. i can't-- johnny bananas (voiceover): sure does take a lot of strength and endurance. now you're just showing off, greta. johnny bananas (voiceover): skills that enable greta to attempt the world's most-- she's holding you up. she did "american ninja warrior" too. oldest "american ninja warrior" competitor. greta: i was the oldest person to ever attempt the course. you actually did better than me on "american ninja warrior." i fell on the second obstacle. it's true. one of my lowest moments. yeah, i wouldn't recover from that. greta: you have to tell a compelling story, and part of our-- look at that move. --a tree that is coming to life from a sprout. so we are going to bond with nature. she seems very-- so she's very into nature, so her whole thing about it is i'm going to be a little seed that is going to sprout and turn into a tree in nature. hannah berner: cool. see those branches. see how they're moving. she's jacked. i know. yes, become-- was it meditative? it was. it was very meditative. [laughs] greta: johnny, let's go. it was all part of the process.
1:21 am
- oh. - there you go. yeah, that's her turning into the tree, and this is my-- so my alter ego when it comes to-- is rosé all day. or is that just your ego because-- my alter ego. see, we're being trees now. ok. now when you're watching this, do you feel like you're looking at a tree, or do you feel like you're looking at me acting like a tree? i see a tree. i'm like, where did johnny go, you know? so i'm doing what i'm meant to do. yeah. her abs are amazing. greta: i surround myself-- - see that? greta: --with everything that inspires me, positive thought, positive people. that's how a tree-- that's how a tree moves. just like that. greta: i inspire them more than i could possibly imagine. wow. huh? greta is goals. i happen to be very impressed by-- me. --you. thank you. but also the elderly. while slow and dangerous behind the wheel,
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have you ever eaten a mixture of cottage cheese and tuna fish? - no. you must not want to become a bodybuilder then. [laughs] would you believe it if i told you that i went and i worked out with the oldest professional bodybuilder who's in his 80s? 86 to be exact. wow. like, rocky 20. exactly. do you think this guy could beat you up? probably not, but i will say he could probably beat up most 80-year-olds. hannah berner: cool. i actually wore his speedo. [laughs] i didn't have my own. he's like, now we're going to go flex. well, no, i'm going to leave that to the end. the end is the best part. excuse me. - oh, what? do you know how i could get to the beach? see my shirt? this is the gym. are you jim? jim arrington? that's the one. johnny bananas (voiceover): jim arrington holds the guinness world record as the oldest professional bodybuilder in the world. announcer: mr. arrington is celebrating-- johnny bananas: look at this guy. announcer: --his 82nd birthday. oh my god. johnny bananas: 86. i know. crowd: (singing) happy birthday to you. oh my gosh. yeah. yeah.
1:26 am
see, my only problem with him, i don't think we'd be good together because he'd be at the gym all day. johnny bananas (voiceover): after being captivated by a bodybuilding magazine at the age of 13, jim has been training ever since. oh, so he's been doing it his whole life. since he was 13. so being a bodybuilder is about having a more complete physique. - right. shouldn't have wore that crop top. i think i went heavy on the carbs the night before, so i had a little-- hannah berner: you're regretting. a little bloat. a little bit of a buddha belly. the most important thing you have to have are your abs. how's mine? oh, that's good. no, don't flatter me. did you spray paint that? no, but i should have. man, that's like a washboard. i could do my laundry on that thing. [laughs] hey. what are you doing? there's no selfies in the gym. no selfies in the gym. that's all anyone does is take selfies in the gym. are we talking with the women at the gym? she was flirting with me at the water fountain, so every time i did something that was kind of against gym protocol, he made me drop down and do 10. hannah berner: oh, wow. he's strict. i know, and, apparently, talking to girls at the water
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fountain is not allowed. looked down upon, but i feel like he's about to steal her behind your back. yeah, i know. damn it, jim. johnny bananas (voiceover): but to compete in a bodybuilding contest, these guns need plenty of ammunition. yeah. that cottage cheese doesn't look fresh. --into my bowl right now. it's mainly cottage cheese fortified with tuna. cottage cheese fortified with tuna. uh-huh. fortified makes it sound fancier than it is. have you ever eaten cottage cheese? yeah, it's kind of like curdled milk. exactly. and have you ever eaten tuna fish? yes. have you ever mixed the two? no. when you mix the two of them together, there's nothing good that can come out-- it seems like a weird-- --the other side if you know what i mean. mm. no. oh, wow. - yeah. - yeah. well, can you believe this guy's 87? no. so this is us getting a spray tan because, see, when you get spray tanned, it makes the-- it makes you more defined. not that that i need a spray tan, but-- so now we've worked out like bodybuilders,
1:28 am
ate like bodybuilders, spray tanned like bodybuilders. now the last thing to do is the reveal, and that is a flex off and pose like bodybuilders. - oh-- - oh, yeah. --my goodness. that's called the double bicep. that's called the lat spread. uh-huh. that's called the side chest. that's called the side triceps. and you have to like just squeeze really hard. oh, yeah. that's called the double back biceps. these are all real. the bow and arrow, i made that one up. yeah. these are all real. ass and thighs. and the desire and the genes which you have, and-- i feel like he's proud of you. we doing it? yeah. the constipated crab. constipated crab. how's the tuna doing at this-- now? --point in your stomach? it wasn't great, but it's worth it. you know what i mean? yeah. if you want to be built like jim at the age of 87,
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you got to make some sacrifices. - mm-hmm. so i'll tell you what, you inspired me. and that was how johnny bananas became a bodybuilder-- wow. --thanks to my old friend, jim. what a journey we've been on. we have been on a journey. all over the world. yeah. a lot of different skills. some things impressed me. some things-- not so much. --not so much. what do you think of my job? i think your job is very impressive because you are doing so many different things, and there's a lot of things that could have gone wrong. you could have been eaten by a shark. you could have broken your entire spine and paralyzed yourself as a cowboy. that's true. do you feel like you are a way more interesting person after all these experiences? i think i'm way more well-rounded person because there's literally, i feel like at this point in my life, nothing you can make me do that i haven't already done or would not be willing to do at least twice. wow. yeah. real daredevil. i know. jack of all trades. master of none. you know what takes a lot of skill is going up on stage because out of everything that i've done,
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the ones that have been the most difficult for me to do have been the ones where i have to get up on stage and perform. - wow. - i'm not kidding. you have to come to my standup shows some night. dude, i am there. let's go. johnny bananas: let's go. what time does it start? when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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i'm sara gore and this is open house. this week, we're all about dreamy homes in new york and los angeles, including the personal creation of this artist and architect in venice, california. and we explore this unique glass penthouse


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