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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 12, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. hi there. rob mayeda. a look at our storm ranger doppler radar, scanning through those rain showers, though, the heavier rain now has transitioned into the santa cruz mountains. you can see pockets of downpours around santa cruz county, likely to continue oh overnight. coming up, a closer look at how much rain we are expecting and how long those gusty winds will stick around for your monday forecast. closer look at the news following xfinity sports sunday. ♪♪ welcome to xfinity sports
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sunday. the hit man, of course, is donte whitner. i am dave feldman. 49ers with a big win today over cincinnati. they needed overtime to do it. they now have a 74% chance of making the postseason. they only had a 62% chance going into today. and no one happier than robbie gould, who missed a field goal at the end end of regulation that could have won it before there ever was any overtime. so, jimmy g looking to have another great game. he's been on a pretty good run lately. would it continue? second quarter. game tied at three. deebo samuel is back. and why not give him the ball? a 27-yard touchdown, 49ers up 10-3. donte. >> but look at the flawless blocking. george kittle. compton out in front leading the way for deebo samuel to get his sixth rushing touch down of the season. >> mitch punts the ball. darius phillips of the bengals. i got it. oh, i don't have it! it's a mistake. trent sharefield recovers and
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good position for the 49ers. ensuing drive, jimmy garoppolo, george kittle. george kittle is having a heck of a six-game stretch. more on that later. 17-6 lead for the 9ers. >> great players making great plays and a big moment in the game. george kittle for the touchdown. >> so we go to the fourth quarter. joe borough. he's got some time in the pocket. he's got -- he is twisting around. now, i got a lot of time and he is going to find jamar chase for a 17-yard touchdown. bengals cut the lead to seven. >> joe montana for the touchdown throw! he has to get the receiver out of bounds there. and stay with him. >> later in the quarter, boro and chase again. 32-yard touchdown. we're tied at 20. so we are going to overtime. and in overtime, bengals get the ball to start. 3rd and three, nick bosa, say hi to your former teammate in ohio state before he transferred, that is a loss of four.
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the star from the 49ers stood up when it counted. third and three, got the big sack. >> 49ers get the ball back. third and five. garoppolo, kittle. nine yards and a first down. huge play, donte. >> ice water in the vein. that probably wasn't supposed to go there. he protected george kittle. first down. >> next play, garoppolo. brandon aiyuk. he later said you are not supposed to put the ball over the pile on like that. you could lose it but if they give you a touchdown, they ruled it no touchdown. they review it and they say, yeah, you know, after we look at this, this is a touchdown. 49ers win 26-23 in overtime. they improve to 7-6. jimmy g, what do you have? >> no magic words or anything but i think just guys looking at each other in the eyes. guys knew, you know, we have been here before, we have done this before and we just got to go finish the game. after they hit the field goem goal, there was an excitement on the sideline, you could feel we needed a touchdown to go win and
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that is what he we did. >> special delivery time brought to you by amici's. the 49ers final drive was, indeed, special. garoppolo with 6-6. 78 yards and the game-winning touchdown. he found kittle two times in that stretch. found jennings once. and of course, aiyuk with the game-winning touchdown who later, donte, they asked kittle about it. kittle said ref said no, we are not going to review it, it's not going to be a touchdown. kittle was right, they overturned it. what did you make of this final drive? >> i thought that jimmy garoppolo earned his money tonight. he was decisive. he was confident. he got the ball to the play makers right there. to aiyuk and allowed him to make the plays. and that's why they won the game. when you get into those special situations, this is how you can tell a well-coached football team from a non-well-coached team is how they operate in those moments. are they in the moment? or do they look like they fear the moment? the 49ers where are up to the task. >> i feel like toek week to
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week, depending on social media and twitter and anything else, jimmy g is the next joe montana or he is the next worst thing. obviously, he played very well. is the criticism fair? is he that up and down? what do you make of it? >> i think he is up and down. it is a huge bifurcation in jimmy playing well and him not playing well. pu when you give him simple, complex things underneath, he seems to fail. when it's tough times like he did today and the fourth quarter and overtime, jimmy g comes through. so if he can keep some consistency, just rely on the play makers. then, i think they should stay high on 'em. >> it is time for a closer look. >> a closer look is brought to you by zenni. the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. zenni has changed the game in eyewear. finally, making prescription glasses affordable for everybody. take a closer look at >> let's take a look at nick bosa. two sacks of his former college teammate boro. they were teammates at ohio
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state before boro transferred. both. bosa now has 14 sacks. it is the most by a 49er player since alvin smith had 19 1/2 back in 2012. so he could get that record. donte, i feel sometimes the defense has bailed out this offense and played big time when they needed 'em. >> they did and the front four, they leaned on them heavily today. they knew they had weapons on the outside so they would have to play a lot of cover, too. and when you play cover too, you are naturally pulling a safety out of the box. they had to stop the run with six and seven-man boxes and they did that. joe nixon of the you know, he is no pushover. the 49ers front four stepped up. bosa, two sacks. he might have a chance to lead the league this year in sacks. >> you think he could be the defensive player of the year? >> i think he can be the defensive player of the year, if he consistently plays the way that he does. there is not many tackles that he can meet his level of
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intensity, match it, and continuously block him over and over. he could potentially win the sack leader award and he could be the defensive player of the year. >> there were a lot of questions, there's been many injuries to the secondary. overall, do you think the defense has performed well? >> i think they performed well. when you have major injuries at the corner back position and everybody that knows football, corner is the hardest position to may. and match that with these receivers right now in the league where you can't touch 'em, you have young rookies out there. ryans has been doing a great job but they are going to have to add some variations of cover, too, in there. some manned coverage underneath where you going to have take that dig away and those inside routes from the outside corners. sometimes, you have to rely on inside linebackers to take those routes away. because when you play matt ryan, he understands where you are deficient, where you are lacking. and they put that on film today as a copy cat league. >> we will also take a look at george kittle.
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who is on the ball brought to you by manscaped. the official below the waist grooming partner of the san francisco 49ers. over 4 million men trust manscaped tools for their family jewel. george kittle has been on the ball. first four games, 19 interceptions. last six, 38. touchdowns, six in the last six. none in the last four and the most by a tight end in the nfl over that span. 530 yards receiving in those six games and -- and look at this. george kittle. the tweet. nine receptions, 180 yards, two touchdowns, 13 receptions, 151 yards. one touchdown today. his fourth 150 yard and one
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touchdown game breaks the record. a tie he had with shannon sharp from most of those in nfl history by a tight end. 85 is special. when he is back in this lineup, donte, it certainly changes things. >> yeah, it does, and it's not just his ability to catch the ball. it is the type of physicality he exudes and he puts fear into defenders. it's the momentum and energy and leadership he brang brings to the offense. unbelievable. getting to the outside leverage of the defensive back. playing whole coverage. making a big play in the big moment in the game where a lot of players shy away from. and they talk about that he solidified his spot. i laugh at that. whoever questioned it? it is all about health with george kittle and it is all about targets and with the season deebo samuel was having last week opened up the window for george kittle to receive more targets. he was 70% of the time he was their first last week and then they got him the ball.
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see what they could do. with aiyuk waking up, with deebo samuel getting healthy in the season he is having, it's a good problem for kyle shanahan to have on balancing who gets the ball and -- and how he is going to attack the defense. >> yeah. aiyuk, kittle, and deebo samuel all in the lineup. that is a problem for any defense. speaking of brandon aiyuk, time for our t-mobile connection brought to you by t-mobile. brandon aiyuk and garoppolo had the right connection. top 50 yards receiving in five of his last six games and aiyuk who when he came into training camp, donte, there was some questions why isn't he as good as we thought he would be? he is now blossoming. >> he is and he is blossoming at the right time and he got better after the bi-week and if you can remember, he was in a dog house for a second. and it's easy for a young player to get down on himself. so you have to give him credit for digging himself out of that, stepping up when the team needs him in big moments and it's not just this game. it's been for the last few weeks. like, catching the football in
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traffic, trying to get extra yards after the catch. it's a great thing to see brandon aiyuk come out of the dog house and it is going to be a great future for him. >> yeah. and they questioned his work at practice, not how hard he worked but maybe whether it was efficient enough and he has changed his work habits and he is become a much better practice player they say as well. >> and that translates directly to the game. >> so we will take a break here. when we come back, we will look ahead to the atlanta falcons. what type of problem did they pose? they have been very, very good on the road. but first, a preview of the news which is coming up next after donte and myself. >> hi i'm rob mayeda in the nbc bay area studios where it is a busy night for our storm ranger mobile doppler raider there. heavy rain at times across the santa cruz mountains. we are also tracking a wind advisory up for the east bay. and south bay. more on how much rain we're expecting and how much more wind we can expect heading into your
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so far, pretty impressive rain totals marin county, up toward san rafael, more than three inches of rain falling during the day santa cruz mountains at an inch and climbing as some of the heavier rain is start to stall out along highway 17. these are areas we think are going to pick up a lot of rain, probably 2 to 3 inches of rain by 8:00 a.m. plus, wind advisory for gusty winds ongoing.
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closer look on the news following xfinity sports sunday. welcome back. xfinity sports sunday. donte whitner, dave feldman. 49ers have a 74% chance of making playoffs. started out at 62 today. it's been as low as 17 and now they are firmly entrenched in the sixth spot in the wild card playoff picture. donte, i like where they are standing root right now. >> yeah, they are sitting pretty and they own the tie breakers between the minnesota vikings and philadelphia eagles. if they can beat the falcons this week, that will be three teams that trail them and they control their own destiny. >> what do you make of these falcons coming to levi stadium? they beat the panthers today, 2 the-2 to improve to 6-7. >> i remember playing against matt ryan in nfc championship and he kept fighting back and fighting back and fighting back.
9:07 pm
we would hit him, we would put pressure on him. we would disguise but he knew how to decipher what coverages we were playing. think about it now. he's still in the league. i have been retired for five years and it's a bunch of young guys out there in the secondary and particularly at the corner back position. they played a lot of cover, too, today where they put a hard corner in front of the receiver. jamming 15 yards. you have an inside linebacker and safety taking care of the dig and the verticals and they exploited it today, cincinnati did. what do you think they want to do? so they are going to have to have variations in cover too. some of it, where the corner is looking for number two. safety has number one. you have man under across the board. you can free up fred warner to -- in case the quarterback try to run with everybody's backer back turned. there is multiple versions of cover, too and you put the hard job on fred warner and the guys that take the tight end, kyle pitts, to the goal line. they are going to have to vary
9:08 pm
it up to beat matt rooichb ryan. so it really, really concerns me because they have young guys and this is a wily, old vet with playoff aspirations coming into levi stadium. >> falcons beat the 9ers back in 2019. remember that? so -- >> yeah. and it's going to be tough again and they have weapons. they have patterson. he is a number one leading receiver and he is second leading rusher and you have tight end kyle pitts. he is a matchup issue. you could put him on the outside, you could put him own the inside. if they can get any type of running game, a turnover here or two, the 49ers could be in some trouble. >> if the 49ers win this, continue to win, do you feel like they are a team -- we only have about 30 seconds -- that can make a run in the play offers? make a deep run? >> it's a all about how you play in december. builds confidence. confidence. expecting to win when you step on the field. you win four or five in a row, win a few games, you could end up in la for the super bowl. >> that's donte whitne, i'm david feldman, thanks for
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9:11 pm
which neighborhoods can expect to get hit hardest? plus, the roads are slick. how all of this rain could impact your morning commute. thank you for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i am audrey asistio. we desperately need it and it has arrived. take a look at this video just into our newsroom. this is along highway 17 near los gatos. you can see, it's really coming down. >> live look outside across the bay area now, and you can see there is rain on some lenses and rain on all the streets. this is video from earlier-this evening now from highway 101 in san francisco. rain coming down. >> look at that. we do have live team coverage tonight. sergio quintana is in marin county. and marianne favro is in the south bay. but first, let's go ahead and get straight to meteorologist rob mayeda. so, rob, this is just the beginning of the storm? >> yeah, the beginning of the storm really impacting primarily the north bay for most of the day. and you can see the top rain totals up there towards marin
9:12 pm
county and sonoma county. san rafael, more than 3 inches of rain. actually, approaching about a half foot of rain atop mt. tam right now. san francisco crossing half inch of rain but a lot less in the rain-shadowed santa clara valley. san jose not seeing much but the santa cruz mountains going over an inch of rain. so this is perfect for our storm ranger doppler radar. we have it atop san bruno mountain. k see a little bit of rain blowing around. and there is the radar beam there scanning through some of those showers. passing east to san francisco but notice the color coding here and the yellow and orange right there along the highway 17 corridor. i think this is going to be the high impact event of your morning commute. portions of the south bay where we think, between now and 8:00 tomorrow morning, we could see more than 3 inches of rain there so we will be closing in on about 5 inches of rain on that storm total by just after sunrise tomorrow morning. and yes, we still have winds to contend with. the wind advisory up for the
9:13 pm
east bay and south bay that is ongoing. also through your morning commute, you could have some downed tree branches and other items on the roadways for the morning. so we will take a closer look at when top wind gusts begin to subside and how much rain we are expecting coming up in just about ten minutes. >> rob, thank you. the storm already proving to be destructive. this is new video just into our newsroom from forestville near the russian river. you can see that huge redwood came down on top that have home. the homeowner was inside, thankfully, wasn't hurt. the storm is also causing problemness a few communities in marin county. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is in mill valley tonight, where some businesses have to close early because of a power outage. >> reporter: for lots of people wrapping up a weekend in wine country, a stop at this in and out burger in mill valley is part of the usual drive back home. but it and a few other shops in
9:14 pm
this area had to close a little early at around sundown tonight because a power line came down across u.s. 101 knocking out electricity here. the freeway was shut down in both directions for a bit. and then, just one lane of traffic allowed to pass for about 45 minutes. we watched as a pg&e crew member pulled the damaged line from a traffic light on the redwood highway road. traffic was eventually returned to normal on u.s. 101 but power stayed out in the immediate area for about an hour. ramon perez had just finished fueling up and was on his way to get something to eat when the lights went out. >> i was driving by off of the highway and on the side road going to in-and-out. and i saw, just down the road, power -- the transformer sparked. >> reporter: he said he missed his turnoff into this parking lot because it suddenly got so dark. mill valley and some of the neighboring communities have been getting a lot of rain in
9:15 pm
this storm. parts of marin county have been getting up to about 4 inches of rain as of about an hour ago. now, it did take pg&e a little while to clear the line, and then about an hour to restore electricity. so the crew here at in-and-out, simply left early for the day. power has been mostly restored around here, since. in mill valley, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. live look at interstate 80 right now at king veil soda springs where few cars are driving through right now. presumably, with chains or four-wheel drive with snow tires. that's required from king vail to trucke as of a few minutes ago. earlier in the day, people trying to make their way through the area as heavy snow was coming down. some pulled over, had to do the chain thing. others pulled over to a have a little fun. >> we came for this. so we're here. we are just trying to make it out alive. >> and it's our honeymoon! >> yay! okay.
9:16 pm
>> honeymoon! that's beautiful. newlywed couple drove all the way from santa clarita down to southern california to come here and enjoy their honeymoon at north star. snow in those mountains, rain in the bay area mountains, storm growing stronger with each passing hour. nbc bay area's marianne favro live near highway 17 in los gatos hois it going up there? >> well, things are changing quickly, terry. there is already an electronic billboard here off highway 17 warning drivers that the roads are extremely slick and to slow down. and there is even a flooded sign under this bridge. tonight, drivers navigating highway 17 in a downpour with the santa cruz mountains expected to encounter the brunt of the storm, people prepped for the worst. >> i have got some roofing nails here and i am going to tack down some of my flashing and roofing material. >> reporter: at this hardware store, tarps sold out. >> we see a lot of people getting tarps, preparing for the
9:17 pm
rain. a lot of plumbing just in case. definitely, tarps, batteries, and honestly water because everything shuts down completely. >> reporter: in santa clara, great america shut down its winter fest event tonight because of the storm. christmas in the park, however, in downtown san jose is open tonight. crowds bundled up to check out the holiday displays. braving rain and chilly temperatures that felt even colder thanks to the high winds. >> i'm really cold. i mean, it's soorp super -- i'm not used to it so i have like three layers of shirts on. my sweater. >> reporter: which explains why the hot cocoa line was so long. but for some, even the heavy rains could not dampen their holiday spirit. >> christmas is christmas and i think even when it's raining, like you find the joy in it. >> reporter: she certainly has a good attitude. with winds expected to top 30 miles an hour, the chp is also urging drivers of high-profile vehicles to be extremely cautious when going over highway
9:18 pm
17 tonight. reporting live in loss ga toes, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks so much. meanwhile, a little over an hour ago, crews closed highway 1 along the big sur coast. the highway is shut down twine big surinn in monterey county and ragged point in san luis obispo county. nearly a 45 mile stretch. the move comes after an evacuation order was issued in monterey county for areas near the dolan fire burn scar. crews will assess the situation tomorrow to determine when it is safe to re-open. as of now, the plan is to keep it closed until tuesday but of course that could change. well, big storms always mean big waves and that can, obviously, be dangerous. high surf advisory is set to go into effect at 4:00 in the morning, and last late into wednesday morning. this is what it looked like earlier today at the pacifica pier. we also have video from a couple miles down the road at rockaway beach. a high surf advisory means waves
9:19 pm
can be up to 25 feet. during this time, you are urged to stay off coastal -- and never turn your back on the ocean. in addition, always keep an eye on your children and your pets. and we want to see what the rain looks like in your neighborhood. send us photos and video of what you see outside your window during the storm. tag nbc bay area and we may put them on air. and you could track the storm on our free nbc bay area app. it will give you access to storm ranger, our exclusive mobile doppler radar. you could also type in your zip code and see exactly when you will see rain in your neighborhood. all bart employees have to be fully vaccinated against covid by the end of tomorrow unless they have a valid medical or religious exemption, bart tells us that as of last friday, 91% of workers were vehicles vaccinated. agency expects that number to climb after this weekend. now, bart admits it won't have a final number until tuesday but it does not expect any service disruptions because it can cover any potential worker shortage
9:20 pm
with overtime. one last note. if an employee gets at least one dose by tomorrow, they can continue working as they wait to get that second dose. well tonight, the omicron variant continues to spread. washington, d.c. health leaders confirming four cases today and, interestingly, they are not related. three of the people had recently traveled domestically. all four patients were fully vaccinated but it's not known if they had received their boosters. you can see on this map here where omicron cases have now been confirmed in at least 25 states. the country's health leaders say they expect it to continue showing up in more states. so, terry, as covid cases across the country climb, how concerned do we need to be here in the bay area? we asked epidemiologist dr. george rutherford. >> and here in the bay area, where we're highly vaccinated, people wear masks pretty religiously, i think we're going to do much better than other parts of the state and much of the rest of the country, too. >> here is a look at where vaccination rates stand across
9:21 pm
the bay area. this is the percent of people ages 5 and up fully vaccinated in each county. you see right there, marin is leading the way with 89%. san mateo county, just behind it at 88%. alameda and napa, solano, and sonoma counties have yet to reach the 80% threshold. and we are keeping track of the latest covid headlines for you. all in one place, all you have to do is head to new tonight, a very sad story. a procession for the virgin of guadalupe in santa rosa. tragically, interrupted by a hit-and-run crash. happened about 1:30 early this morning. about 100 people involved in the procession. several of them on horseback you see here. one of those horseback riders was hit and is now hospitalized in critical condition. police say they tracked down the alleged driver at a home in north santa rosa. 20-year-old troy hail is booked on a variety of felony charges, including dui and hit and run. investigators say they found drugs and ammunition at his
9:22 pm
home. hail was on pretrial release on firearms charges. tonight, uc berkeley police are trying to track down the woman they say set fire to one of the university's buildings. police say yesterday she was spotted setting fire to a display case at the anthropology and art practice building. this is what it looked like today. no word on how much damage the fire caused. closing arguments in the fraud trial of theranos ceo elizabeth holmes set for this week. this has been one of the most closely watched cases in the history of silicon valley. on thursday, both sides are set to present their final arguments before handing the matter over to the jury. dozens of witnesses testified against holmes describing a manipulative strategy to fleece investors out of millions of dollars for a blood testing technology that did not work. holmes testified in her own defense saying she truly believed that technology worked, and claimed she was the victim of an busive relationship with the company's chief operating officer.
9:23 pm
if convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison. a los gatos mom facing nearly 40 charges including sexual battery is set to be pack in court this week. shannon o'connor is set to enter a plea in her case on friday. she is accused of throwing alcohol-fueled sex parties for teens who went to los gatos high school. the alleged parties started in 2020 and continued into this year. our investigative unit exclusively obtained e-mails that show apparent first complaint to the school about o'connor's actions last december. other parents also came forward before police eventually arrested her in october. the long-awaited vietnamese american service center in san jose takes another step forward this week. back in october, the center celebrated a soft launch. tomorrow, the resource hub in east san jose is going to welcome vietnamese and spanish-speaking clients looking for a variety of services. patient navigators and dieticians going to be there. the center also offers community behavioral health support, healthcare support, emergency
9:24 pm
rental assistance and more. full opening is set for february 2022 adding services like dental care and even childcare. some sad news tonight. people are mourning across the world after the death of mexico's musical legend vicente fernandez. the king of ranchera music died at age 81 in a hospital in good la hara in his native state. he spent the last four months in the hospital after a fall at his ranch. fernandez was known to his adoring fans and has been compared to the likes of frank sinatra. his songs of love, heartbreak, and masculinity are a staple in hispanic households. >> all those iconic basically those iconic songs that he has played over the years. and i remember also watching the movies with him with my dad. and, you know, every time like i -- i would just sit back in
9:25 pm
awe and think to myself, like, wow, that man is so, so talented to begin with. >> fernandez sold more than 65 million albums and filmed more than 35 movies. he won three grammy's and eight latin grammy's, among other honors. in 199 8, he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame and today people stopped by to pay respects, some leaving flowers. coming up. our powerful storm bringing plenty of snow to the sierra. what it means for ski resorts and people hoping to travel up that way. we speak with an expert. coming up later in this newscast, you may not have to head all the way up to the sierra to find some snow. maybe closer to the bay area. in the meantime, heavier rain, storm ranger picking that up right now around the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. how much more rain and gusty wind to expect when we come right back.
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know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. look at that. you are looking at mayfield, kentucky, reeling from the
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catastrophic tornado that tore through the town friday night. it was one of the hardest-hit areas in the long path of destruction. you can see, just a lot of buildings and homes were flattened. debris flung everywhere. but the mayor there says the spirit of her community gives her hope for the town's recovery. >> the volunteerism, the what can i do is what gives us hope today. >> meanwhile, dozens are feared dead in kentucky as search-and-rescue efforts turn into recovery efforts. amazon is pledging a million dollars to the community in illinois where at least six people were killed in a warehouse collapse. search efforts at that amazon facility in edwardsville continue but crews do not expect to find any more survivors. it's not clear how many workers were in that warehouse when the roof and walls came down. so far, we know 45 workers survived. >> well, we are turning to our storm coverage now, a live look in san francisco. it's raining right now. and people who live there and follow meteorologist rob mayeda knew it was coming and spent the
9:29 pm
day getting ready for it. sandbag stations were set up, emergency crews ready to respond to any flooding. nbc bay area's christie smith continues our coverage. >> reporter: along the embarcadero, people carried umbrellas ahead of the heavier rain to come. >> so it floods every -- every time we have storms like this. >> okay. >> the bottom of the hills. >> reporter: people loaded up sandbags at the san francisco public works yard, which isn't normally open on sundays. it was open today because of concern over the storm. >> the drain is really old. and so, it pushes water into the back door as well as through the house. >> reporter: jeanah is trying to create a barrier for a low-lying area in her backyard and hopes it will work. >> we will see the first time we are going to do it and we are also going to put it in front of our garage. the last rain with the atmospheric river pushed a lot of water into the house. >> reporter: this is video from
9:30 pm
october when heavy rain and wind pounded the bay area. flooding and toppled trees were two big problems across the city. public works isn't expecting such an impact this time. but has crews on call. >> if the winds start getting heavy, 30, 35 miles an hour and the rain, we do expect trees and large limbs to come down. during the last storm, we had about 800 calls for trees and large limbs so we are not expecting it to be that bad this time around. but we do have folks ready to go out and respond. >> reporter: city departments held an all-hands-on-deck call for planning and coordination. drains were cleared and flood barriers were deployed at 17th and fulsome overnight. in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. well, this storm is also packing a very powerful punch up in the sierra this weekend. this is video from along highway 80 today and chains are required. storm might be a hassle for people looking to get up to the sierra but all the snow really good news forsy resorts,
9:31 pm
obviously. earlier, i spoke with kevin cooper with cooper marketing and media who says all of the resorts in the tahoe basin should be able to open after this storm. >> hey, kevin, thank you so much for being here with us this evening. >> yeah. it's great to be here. it's nice to see mother nature return to the sierras here in the last 24 hours it looks like we are getting ready for a wild ride over the next 96 hours. >> yeah. rob was just talking about it. like, up to 8 feet of snow. can't even believe i am saying that. up to 8 feet of snow. you were telling about all the different places where the accumulation was happening. tell us a little about what you have seen. >> well, snow levels on the leeward side of it on the western slope right now off of i-80 where they are seeing significant accumulation. temperatures there, about 34 fwrees. over on the highway 50 side, it is a down at twin bridges and state route 88 by kirkwood mountain. now, temperatures at 62-75 are about 33 degrees and we are starting to see those winds
9:32 pm
start to set in. upper elevations 25 to 40 miles an hour out of the southeast. so we are looking at some significant snow over the next 12 hours. but over the next 24 hours, i am seeing forecast models anywhere between 6 and 7 feet above 7,500 feet which is just great for the sierras. and that's down to lake level. we might see 2 to 3 feet. so great for the holidays but great for the water tables in and around the state of california and northern nevada. >> you know, it was late october right after that october 24th downpour we had here and the snow up there. resorts were talking about we are going to open for the season. here we go. and then, it just -- everything was gone. things were warm. there was nothing happening. and now, we are doing it again. we are re-opening. we are having an initial re-opening, again. if you could have that. >> yeah. you know, it's not my first rodeo. i have been in the ski business for 30 years in tahoe. so that's one of the hardest things for ski operators to do is open up and then have to
9:33 pm
curtail back. and that was a long break between the openings in october because everybody races to get their mountains open. you have your pass holders who want to get everybody up and superstoked for the winter to come on and then have to shut down. they now have to slow roll into the holidays now so they have to bring everybody back on and train them again. but yeah, that was challenging. i will tell you after being through the caldor fire, the tamarack fire, the dixie fire, we were all thinking after that first hit that we were going back into fire season. now, it feels good. this is a nice ar tap. it's not superwindy and just a lot of water. we are going to see some snow so the base will set up really well for the holiday riding. so it is just good for the economy and again for the water stables and i will tell you, it's not just the riders on resorts, it is going to be great for anybody who is an outdoor enthusiast who wants to showshoe. now, it sounds a little weird but the lake is so low right now, it's going to be one of the first times in over two decades
9:34 pm
that you are really going to be able to cross country or snow shoe wait out onto the lake shore around tahoe and donner lake. so it will be good for families to come on up and recreate. >> keechb cooper, thanks for being here this evening and you look great standing outside in the snow. letting us know exactly what is going on up there. thank you so much. >> take care, guys. have a happy holidays. >> i love kevin's energy. i bet a lot more skiers and snowboarders, even more excited now. >> that's him driving in the car right there. there he is. >> that one car there. this is a live look at sierra now. this is highway 50 just out of south lake tahoe. if you are planning to head over there, be cautious. you are going to need snow chains. plows are out as well. >> and a beautiful backdrop for you, rob. that is nice. >> this is closer to south lake tahoe mind me. and you saw the road there, highway 50 and meyers. things are open for now but snow and wind is is going to be falling so heavy at times, i wouldn't be surprised to see some roadways shut down.
9:35 pm
also, for avalanche control. lot of that coming down all at once. but a gorgeous view behind me there. look at that lake tahoe, 32 degrees. southwest wind at 16 miles per hour. so this first storm between now and the middle part of the week, we are expecting at least 4 to 6 feet of snow. and then, there is going to be a follow-up storm wednesday into thursday, that will put those totals closer to 8 feet across the sierra. so, quite a week of weather there. here, it's rain and the wind around sfo. 55 degrees. southeast wind at about 17 miles per hour. more wind around the tri-valley. also, that south wind direction at 56. and christmas in the park, not a lot of rain in san jose. still kind of stuck in that shadow. got 52 degrees and southwest wind at 14. sustained winds, 15 to 25. i think we are pretty close to being in the peak of the gusts between now and before sunrise. you see those areas of red and purple in the east bay hills, south bay hills, too. by mid-morning, still breezy out there. but probably not as strong as we
9:36 pm
are seeing now. wind advisories expire at 7:00 a.m. and then by this time as we head through tomorrow evening, wind speeds should start to come down so the one-two punch of wind and rain is going to be around for your morning commute. the worst of it in the south bay. and then, the afternoon gets interesting because we do have a chance as colder air comes in, that we could see some hail. with some of those stronger showers and there is a slight chance of some thundershowers at times, too. so let's take a look at the radar view right now and storm ranger. heaviest and most widespread rain on the santa cruz mountains. scattered rain across the peninsula. little less now around the north bay as we widen out, you can see where the atmospheric river is going to stall out over the next 24 hours. santa cruz county coastline down toward the central coast. now, this is the colder air that is going to drop into the bay area during the day tomorrow. and keep those rain chances ongoing. but look at that rain bull's-eye. highway 17, south down through the central coast is where we are going to really get those big rain totals. maybe not as much around the north bay. then, as we head into monday night and tuesday, you begin to
9:37 pm
see the colder aarrive and we will see some clearing zies as showers start to leave on tuesday. but a very clear bull's-eye and the biggest rain is going to go from here should be here in the santa cruz mountains down to the central coast. the dolan fire burn scar down to our south has a flash-flood watch up. and we may see one issued for czu area during the day tomorrow. so keep a close eye on that. now, once the rain subsides, we talked about on tuesday, the cold aarrives. could be cold enough for snow around mt. diablo, mt. hamilton, and it's going to be be a chilly day. look how much our high temperatures drop into the 40s on tuesday. that looks like lows. those are highs on tuesday. then, we got one more storm to track. that is wednesday night into thursday. faster-moving storm. that will, again, add more snow toward the sierra and then as we wrap up the week, clearing skies. and we can take a sigh of relief after five days of some very active weather. lot of sierra snow. tomorrow is a good kind of mixed bag of everything. got rain at times, a slight chance of thunder, could have
9:38 pm
hail as that colder air works in. and perhaps, little bit of mountain snow, especially in the inland ranges for tuesday morning. as we head toward next weekend, skies clear. but we will have frost sticking around for a while. so, a very wintery seven-day forecast ahead as we head toward next weekend. >> it is the time of the season. all right, rob, thanks. well, rob's twitter page and outstanding place to find out about storms that have been here, that are still to come. tweeting out updates about how much rain we have already gotten, all the changing conditions, make sure to follow him and, folks, believe me, they're very, very informative and very colorful. his handle is @rob mayeda. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> i am always retweeting. >> same here. coming up. gearing up for the busiest week of the year. the changes coming to several bay-area post office locations to help you get your holiday shipping done on time.
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
9:41 pm
are you feeling the pressure? >> little bit. >> yeah. let me finish here. >> oh, sorry. >> to get everything where it needs to go this hol day season. well, if you work at the post office, you are really feeling the pressure. two south bay post offices are expanding retail hours. east santa cruz office and willow glen office is going to be open this coming saturday from 9:00 till 4:00 to help meet demand this coming week's expected to be the be busiest of the year. >> look at them. working hard. toy drives across the bay area in full swing as volunteers urge the community to give back if they can. in front of the target store today, the fremont fire department was accepting toys that will be distributed to kids for the holidays. it was a little slow today
9:42 pm
because of the weather but yesterday they had 15 carts of toys donated. >> so everyone's affected in a different way. um, just walking through the store, you could see different stores. you could see prices are a little bit higher than usual so i think just giving one toy will brighten the day for a little kid somewhere. and it's just our way to help give back. >> if you would like to give back in fremont, every fire station in the city is accepting toy donations until wednesday. in the meantime, every year for one game, nfl players get to wear custom-designed cleats that represent a cause. that's special to them. and recently, packers wide receiver devante adams wore these cleats. they highlight the san jose firefighters burn foundation. it's a 100% volunteer organization of firefighters who raise donations to support people affected by fire. and as you may know, adams actually grew up in the bay area. he became a star at palo alto high before becoming one of the best receivers in the nfl.
9:43 pm
>> i didn't know about the cleats. >> right? all right. still ahead on the special edition of nbc bay area. a fan favorite returns to studio 8h. kate mckinnon's welcome back to "snl." >> tike a look a at a gorgeous shot. downtown san jose. people out there right now, it's not raining hard if it is raining at all. and they are enjoying a night out there and it's just so colorful and gorgeous. yeah. we'll be right back.
9:44 pm
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ [ding dong] what are you doing? what? just reminding him i serve my breakfast sandwiches all day and all night. ...with freshly cracked eggs! try my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches. police are asking for the public's help in a stabbing investigation in fremont. happened about 11:15 last night near the corner of maury avenue. victim taken to the hospital. officers detained a suspect and believe another man was involved. coast guard suspended its search search for a woman who fell off a carnival cruise ship. coast guard tweeted after more than 30 hours of searching with
9:46 pm
no sign of the woman, it is standing down unless it gets new information. security cameras show the woman believed to be in her 20s falling overboard about 3:30 saturday morning. the ship was 35 miles off the mexican coast. >> friday night and woke up to a man-overboard call over the intercom. >> we couldn't believe something happened to her. sweet, young lady. you know, a sweet soul. she's gone. >> mexican navy got involved, looked for the woman. no one could find her. ship docked in long beach this morning. >> travis scott is foirkly off the lineup at coach ella. ten people were killed when the crowd rured the stage. kfq in palm syringe springs is reporting scott was dropped from the bill after the tragedy in florida. a petition demanding his removal from the coach ella popular music festival also likely
9:47 pm
played a role. the petition garnered nearly 60,000 signatures. >> if you watched, you were probably laughing along saturday night live's brightest star returned last night and she is still hilarious. >> i'm back! hi, everyone. it's me, dr. fauci. do people still think i'm sexy or are we done with that? >> kate mckinnon opened "snl" last night as dr. fauci. she was in almost every sketch after that. it is her first appearance on the show since stepping away to film an upcoming series on peacock. it is caw called joe exotic. she's been part of snl since 2012. >> she is so good, so funny. >> she is. >> rob mayeda is here and i see there is a lot going on behind you and that storm is moving down to the southern part of the bay area. >> yes, moving to the south slowly where we santa cruz mountains tonight, you will be
9:48 pm
seeing heaviest rain and we could be seeing the exact same thing 24 hours from now. what that means for rain totals and lowering snow levels close to the bay area when we come right back. hey, faithful. how was your blood pressure? a dramatic finish in cincinnati with a win over the bengals moved the 49ers in the nfc playoff race. that's coming up later in sports.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
we have been talking about the storm bringing lots of snow so to the sierra and that's really good news for ski resorts finally opening for the season. they tried back in october. then, it all went away. now, it is beak, it's here to stay. today was north star's return to business. you can see people out there on the slopes. kirkwood and heavenly opened yesterday. live look for ya right now at the sierra. this is highway 267 near north star in truckee. lots of snow on the road up there. not many cars. that is probably a good idea. >> uh-huh. all right. so, rob, you have been staying on top of this. looks like this is just the beginning for us, huh? >> yeah, for the sierra,
9:51 pm
probably really the first third of the storm has moved in. we are going to be seeing tomorrow and into tuesday morning, heavier snow, lowering snow levels around the sierra. for us, though, the story has been the wind for the most part in san jose. not a lot of rain. 51 degrees kind of chilly out there. light rain falling around san jose and winds out of the southeast at 17 miles per hour. out at sfo airport where we have got winds underway. wind advisory up for gusts at times, especially near the hills. close to 45 pliels per hour through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so that is the one-two punch of your morning commute. got some wind at times and a especially around the santa cruz mountains, highway 17 some heavy rain, too. morning temperatures start off in the 40s and low 50s. highs toermg, mid-to upper 50s. 57 in san francisco and san jose and just the mid-50s in santa rosa. actually, monday is relative hi warm compared to the high temperatures on tuesday you are about to see. scattered showers continue around the bay area right now. you can see-let santa cruz
9:52 pm
mountains, lower half the peninsula seeing the most substantial rain and that is the key point. next 24 hours, it's going to set up across the santa cruz mountain and the central coast. on the back side of this, we have cold air that is going to drive snow levels down and bring us the chance of maybe some hail or brief thunderstorms tomorrow for parts of the bay area. so look at the color coding here. the areas in purple. areas basically highway 17 south from the santa cruz mountains to the south, those are the areas that are really just going to get the big rain totals from here on out. not as much north of san francisco and look at the progression here, hour by hour. high impact for your morning commute across parts of the south bay, santa cruz mountains especially, and then during the day, more showers passing on by. then, watch the transition on tuesday. once we leave the morning, skies clear but those temperatures are going to be really quite cold. look at the highs on tuesday. mid-to upper 40s i think is going to be pretty much the average for highs around here on tuesday. and across the mountain tops,
9:53 pm
that will be cold enough for snow around the higher portions, we think up towards mt. saint helena, maybe mt. diablo and just south of livermore and mount hamilton. the cold air arrives. another weaker storm and faster-moving storm drops into wednesday into thursday that will bring another one to two feet of snow across the sierra. and as that moves out just in time for the 49ers' game next weekend against the falcons, you got clearing skies, cool temperatures, though. and a final check of that sierra snow looks like we will top out somewhere in the 80 to 90-inch range by friday. so, there you go. quite a mix of weather headed our way next few days as you can see there, we got those numbers staying in the 50s for highs. things start to dry out on friday. but as those skies clear, very likely we will have some patchy frost for the morning so about every weather icon i can put on a seven-day forecast. we got hail, you have got thunder, you ever got mountain snow, you have got rain, you got wind and then sun and a little
9:54 pm
bit of patchy frost. all good news. we got all the rain we had today without any flood advisories or flood warnings and a lot of snow for the sierra so we can get these high-impact events without warnings, that is good news around the bay area. >> surely grateful for that. i love the rain, love the snow. not so much the cold -- the cold and the wind. can't handle the wind. >> could you do something about that, rob? >> make something happen. >> thanks a lot. check in with anthony flores. oh, talking about hot and cold. the 49ers. they can drive you crazy but it was a beautiful thing at the end of the game. >> talking about the win without a d and a win. and the 49ers got it today. yeah. hold that tiger. the 49ers get back on the winning track with the dramatic victory over the bengals. 9ers in cincinnati for their second consecutive road game. after both teams exchanged field goals, the 9ers give it to their best offensive weapon, deebo samuel. he raced 27 yards for the touchdown. deebo back after missing last week because of a growing strain. the bengals tried to give it
9:55 pm
away in the first hal plenty of mistakes on both sides. the 9ers recover. that leads to this. just before the half, jimmy g hits george kittle. he will dive in for the score. a monster game for kittle. 13 grabs for a buck 51. the 9ers led 20-6. then, the bengals come roaring back in the fourth quarter. joe boro connects with jamar chase for the 32-yard touchdown. game tied at 20. jimmy g marches the 9ers back into field goal range for the game winner, robbie gould. oh, goes wide right. it goes to overtime. after the bengals kick a field goal if in their first possession in ot, 9ers answer. garoppolo approximate flips it to brandon aiyuk and check it out. turns on the jets and just gets to the pile-on. that is the game winner. the 49ers beat the bengals, 26-23 in overtime so the 9ers move up to the sixth seed in the nfc. >> after they hit the field goal, there was an excitement on the sideline you could feel that we just needed a touchdown to go win it and that's what we did.
9:56 pm
>> we are not really supposed to reach for the pile-on unless it's fourth down but nobody say anything to me when i scored so just great team win, defense went down and held on the three. and like i just said, we went out there and put the ball in the box. >> after every win is a sigh of relief, i tell you that because so many things can happen in a football game. >> felt good going into this game and we got one more win so feel a little better but i know that doesn't matter. we got to keep winning each week and if we do that, you don't have to look at anybody else. >> next up, 9ers take on the falcons next sunday at levi stadium. the raiders at kansas city a pregame huddle. they do it on the logo to get fired up and that was a big mistake. on the raiders' first play from scrimmage, josh jacobs puts it on the lawn. says i will take that, returns it for a touchdown and the route is on. the chiefs put up 35 points in the first half and they cruise to victory, 48-9. it's the raiders' fifth loss in their past six games.
9:57 pm
>> on the inbounds pass that comes to delair. delair gets a good luck. the win for stanford! jayden delair with the game-winning three at the buzzer, he finished with a game high 20. stanford beats oregon, 72-69. the cardinal improve to 5-3. guys, we said it last week. their magic number if they get to nine, that likely gets them into the playoffs. they got to seven with today's win. they have four more games remaining. we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. they go tot focus in atlanta. jimmy always says after a loss, turn the page. but they made a lot of mistakes, they got to clean that up. >> yeah. is it too early to ask your prediction for next week? i guess we can save that till next time. >> when they are under dogs, they play well. when they are favored, it gets me nervous so we will hold off until next saturday. >> all right. anthony thanks a lot. >> one of the original stars of west side story got a special treat as she celebrated her 90th birthday this weekend. >> the audience serenaded her
9:58 pm
tonight at the screening of the west side story remake in san francisco. ♪ happy birthday ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> rita moreno played anita in the original version of the broadway musical. she was the guest of honor at today's screening at sf film. >> i love that she celebrated her birthday here. >> and the original -- in the remake. that's very cool. all really cool. yeah. thanks for joining us. we are back at 11:00, one hour from right now. see you then. it's the most joyous time of the year. especially at t-mobile! let's go to dianne. can you tell us what's happening? yeah, i got the awesome new iphone 13 pro and airpods, and t-mobile is paying for them both! oooh and i get a free year of apple tv+ and this is for new and existing t-mobile and sprint customers. like me!
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