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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 13, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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yes, we need to rebuild and be more resilient. yes, there were a lot of warnings but this was so powerful, i don't think there is any blame. we are just people together trying to move forward >> kentucky's governor trying to reassure the public as destruction sinks in in six states >> scientists working to study the historic tornadoes that struck six states to see if they
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can prevent such wide-spread destruction in the future. a drive-by shooting at a vigil leaves others fighting for their lives. >> the warning to russia, deescalate from the border >> california governor will use texas abortion law tactics on assault weapons. december 13, early today starts now. >> good morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena powerful storms and the deadliest storm in the state of kentucky president biden saying they will provide whatever is needed for the state. jay gray on the ground, what is the latest there >> good morning to you the efforts are continuing in
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areas like this. you can see the devastation here where this tree was snapped over on to a house and truck in the area that at one point was a backyard you can see this playing out through out the entire zone. the damage overwhelming >> overnight, power and fiber crews pour in. the darkness can't mask the wreckage there is too much to hide. >> you stand in the midst of this, everything you see everything right, left, forward, backwards is gone. >> the initial shock giving way to the painful reality >> it is never going to be the same the neighborhood is never going to be the same >> what's left behind, a haunting reminder of the tragedy. >> it is immediate, up front,
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and devastating. >> the twisted metal, wood and glass doesn't come close to representing the real loss here. his wife is an emergency room physician. >> she said she was pronouncing people dead one after the other. the one thing that hurts us most she said she pronounced two kids dead >> responders warning. the number of lives lost currently more than three dozen will climb as they continue their difficult work >> it is a process that is going to take several days there is concern from many across the strike zone the eventual number of those lost is close to 100 it's still very hard to get your mind around even three days later. >> devastating scenes there.
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thank you for bring the story to us is this unprecedented disaster be part of a bigger crisis scientists are analyzing whether they are related >> reporter: scientists working to understand this monster tornado. we slowed down and frozen the video to get a better look at how huge it was. here, lit up by lightening one of many rare and powerful december twisters that ripped through six states across the south and midwest leveling nearly everything in its path. >> you really get the path >> residents describing its overwhelming force >> i heard a loud, loud noise like a lot of trains coming towards you, like metal noise. >> crunching, crashing, twisting, skreeking, roaring
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i thought we were going to die i thought this was it. >> those reactions not surprising the tornado lifted debris 30,000 feet in the air. among the most intense ever recorded why was it so strong one reason the unseasonably warm temperatures it was in the 80s across mississippi on friday. that air flowed right in to the main low pressure center that spawned the two really bad storms the tornado's path and how far it traveled was also unusual >> we know the signature of a tornado was evident on radar over 200 miles >> it used to be texas, oklahoma, kansas
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now they are mississippi, arkansas, alabama. i've seen a district shift >> the trend that could mean a new kind of normal >> thank you for that. to breaking news, one person is dead and three others fighting for their lives after a shooting in baytown, texas a vigil was being held for a person who had been murdered when shots were fired at the crowd. >> there was a large group about 50 individuals a person in the car drive by the location and began opening fire into the crowd >> at least 14 people were shot, one person killed and three others airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. the police said they did not have any information about possible suspects. the house january 6 committee recommends holding meadows in contempt of congress
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after refusing to testify on documents. a january 5 email where he indicated the national guard would be on hand to, quote, protect pro-trump people and a message about a message to send alternate electors to congress a stern warning for russia from members of the g 7. during a meeting a group of foreign ministers telling russia to deescalate the situation on the ukrainian border or face, quote, massive consequences. russia is estimated to have 175,000 troops at the border and officials fear an invasion could come within weeks. a new milestone. the united states has lost over 800,000 lives due to the virus hospitals are seeing an alarming
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surge in patients. >> reporter: covid wards packed. health care workers exhausted as hospitalizations climb across much of the country skyrocketing 40% from a month ago we are in a crisis management situation in new hampshire >> same thing in michigan where they are seeing some surges since the start of the pandemic. >> it is so draining and difficult. i dread coming to work >> 800,000 deaths from covid-19. more people than the population of north dakota. >> we have more deaths this year with the availability of vaccines >> more deaths occur in unvaccinated and 2021 with the arrival of a more twrans missable variant. >> it has one one year since the
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vaccine. 47% of adults are unvaccinated >> if you want to be optimally protected, you should really get a booster. >> the omicron now hitting those vaccinated but pfizer planning an improved version. the delta variant fuelling a rising spike experts say that doesn't mean traveling this season is out of the question >> make sure as many people are up to date with boosters have access to testing >> keys to a festive and safe holiday. nbc news one of the nfl's oldest rivalries turned out an intense sunday football. poking holes in packer's defense. both teams combine for 45 points in the second quarter.
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after half time, it was all green bay. final score 45-30. the big game may have been overshadowed by history in tampa bay. tom brady broke drew brees's pass rallying in the fourth all the way back in overtime with a 58-yard catch the bucks are perfect at home winning 33-27. >> in denver, broncos intentionally left a man off the field in honor of thomas who died the broncos would take care of
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business winning 38-10 >> washington football team put up unanswered points running out the clock. dallas holds on to the 27-20 win. >> a party in l.a. for the charger's quarterback. los angeles ran away from the giants 37-21 chargers move into the number five spot of the afc the next 16 teams are separated by just a half a game. >> a pair of pass catchers found themselves on top of the stats after tom brady's repcord breaking day let's go to janessa with a look at the forecast >> we continue to talk about the climate connection with these severe storms.
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last week, we were talking about hawaii and the blizzard conditions. some of that moisture really lifted in that jet stream. that allowed the severe weather event. temperatures in the 80s were well above average some of these spots across the deep south 20 to 25 degrees above average the wind sheer was in place. this was a perfect recipe for the storm system >> i'm really watching thursday afternoon. the showers are going to pick up in that area the storm prediction center does have a mid-50s
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new orleans today, 73. >> i'm a bigtime winter fan but all the snow coming in california is a bit much on sunday, new royalty was crowned. from india, a strong advocate won over 79 other contestants. this marks the second covid era miss universe pageant. california's governor taking a page from the texas abortion law when it comes to assault weapons. definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum and save water. did you know an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle?
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while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. that means even small loads can save water. so why not do it? run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. the surprising way to save water. ♪ ♪ what a pain in the— —alice? ♪ if it's “let's wrap this up?” season, it's walgreens season. ♪ son of a— —beth? if it's “i thought we said no gifts” season, it's walgreens season. california is taking a page from the texas playbook. the governor will use the tactics to restrict access to
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assault weapons. allowing private citizens to sue anyone who makes or distributes weapons in california. the texas law allows lawsuits against abortion providers to stay in effect while the court battle continues >> the president of the league of united latin american citizens has instructed the group to drop the term latin x a gender neutral term. one in four hispanics have heard of it but less use it. a poll found hispanic voters are less likely to vote for a candidate or organization using the word garcia is not banning the term from the organization. still to come, how you can build your financial portfolio with legos
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i've never seen you before you are not puerto rican >> is that okay? >> do you want to start world war iii? >> westside storyfeeling so pretty the adaptation raked in $10.5 million. disney held strong with encanto. ghost busters after life in the top three the fourth straight week followed by house of gucci. a four-day workweek if some lawmakers get their way and first, could some legos be more valuable than gold
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good morning, steve. >> apparently, in the secondary market, if you pick your lego right, it will outperform gold, and bonds. this is retired sets 3,222 unopened sets. the very big or very small sets, you could make up to 600%. the falcon, death star 2 and imperial star. >> the four-day workweek in iceland, they are running trials japan, spain, new england. in the united states, a democrat from california who introduced the bill for the 32-hour standard workweek for paid overtime for work exceeding 32 hours is readdressing the long
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working hours. kick start is announcing the switch to a four-day week in 2022 and apparently, some smaller companies are already going there. >> i don't know about our employers. maybe you want to approach that. >> i doubt that will happen. it is all about wfh, all about working from home. a long shot, i would think janessa will be back to look at the weather for the week ahead. that's next. taking you inside the race for the cure for cancer 50 years after the u.s. vowed to eradicate the disease. untry it . they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward.
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50 years ago this month, the u.s. made a vow to eradicate cancer >> the time has come for american when the same kind of concentrated effort that split the atom and put man on the moon should be turned towards conquering this disease. >> the state of the union. announcing the u.s. was going after cancer in a big way.
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>> let us make a total national achievement. >> remarkably, the last television commercial touting the joys of cigarette smoking had aired weeks before >> before the 1970s, the word cancer was rarely uttered allowed. the people 50 or 60 years ago did they think cancer was contagious >> partly. such a bad diagnosis, it was like a death sentence. >> fresh from some victories with childhood leukemia, the medical community felt curing cancer was at reach. >> we'll be done with this in 5 or 10 or 15 years. was that the belief? >> i think even some of the leading cancer scientists at the time, this is 1971, they said maybe we could have a cure by
4:28 am
1976 >> c cure, no. treatment, yes >> if this was 50 years ago, i probably would have lost my life >> early detection saved my life >> we are bombarded with reminders. celebrities talk about diagnosis and treatment. >> cancer is out of the closet early detection saves lives. >> cancer still killed 600,000 americans each year. it is a global skerg for anyone who experienced this, it is a tragedy at the family level. >> a lot more in minority and underserved communities where diagnosis comes late and treatment options are limited. >> looking 50 years in the future, where will we be >> cancer will become less
4:29 am
common and less deadly when patients do have it, they'll have better outcomes we'll turn it into more of a chronic disease. >> wouldn't that be something. >> harry smith, nbc
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right now at 4:30, tracking the storm. rain is moving across the bay area and problems are already popping up from power outages to downed trees. here's a look at the radar, which is lit up. wind advisory also in place for some areas. meteorologist, kari hall, tracking it hour-by-hour. this is "today in the bay." welcome to monday morning. thank you so much for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. a look at your slick morning commute in just a


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