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tv   Today  NBC  December 13, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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stays safe. >> we will have a live local news update at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> and our midday newscast will have more on the weather and kari hall will be keeping track of that. it's a wet start for your monday morning. the "today" show is next. ng desperate hours. the search for survivors in the good morning desperate hours. the search for survivors in the wake of that historic outbreak of december tornados enters day three. >> nothing that was standing in the direct line of this tornado is still standing. >> communities across the south and midwest left devastated. dozens feared dead a toll certain to rise the national guard brought in to help with rescues as families pray for a miracle and survivors pulled from the rubble share their story. >> i had a savior. i don't know who it was, but he lifted a concrete wall off me.
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>> were live with complete coverage grim milestone, the nation tops 800,000 covid related deaths while new cases climb higher from coast to coast health officials imploring anyone eligible for the vaccine or a booster to get it now >> we have the tools to protect ourselves. and mask mandates return for millions of americans today. breaking overnight, stunning new details from the trove of new emails handed over by former trump chief of staff mark meadows, including one claiming national guard would be there to protect trump supporters since the day before the riot. the latest on the investigation and the standoff over who will testify. who will it be "time" ready to reveal its person of the year and we've got the editor in chief with us live in the studio. those stories, plus, big shocker. peloton strikes back taking aim at a major plot twist with the "sex in the city" revival with a
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new ad >> should we take another ride >> just ahead, how it all came together with the help of another star, ryan reynolds. and history in the making. tom brady leads the buccaneer toes a big overtime victory. >> taking it all the way for the win. >> while setting yet anotherh, record in the process to cement his status as the greatest quarterback of all time today, monday, december 13th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> and good morning, everybody welcome to "today. it is good to have you with us on a monday morning. it is even better to have hoda back >> i am so glad to be sitting next to you, i can't even say. but we have a lot to get to this morning. >> we do unfortunately, some sad news this unprecedented tornado outbreak, the damage
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catastrophic entire neighborhoods and businesses have been destroyed the governor of kentucky says nearly 80 people may have perished in his state alone and many, many more are still missing. >> the before and after images, they are truly shocking. this is the mayfield candle factory prior to the tornados and that's what's left after they ripped through. you can see how these storms have literally changed the landscape. >> and all of it comes with questions and concerns how did such a powerful system hit so late in the year could dangerous weather like this become more common in that region we have complete coverage. we'll start with tom llamas who is in hard hit mayfield, kentucky, ground zero. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you we are in downtown mayfield right now. you can see behind me there is absolutely nothing left. this was the post office as you drive through this town, it's just like the governor has described, unimaginable. everything is gone in a moment, we're going to show
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you video of one of these monster tornados, just one of them but i wanted to show you what the force was like you see those post office cars behind me. this is one of them up close one of those twisters picked up this metal vehicle that probably weighs thousands of pounds and crunched it. imagine you're a family in your home trying to face this tornado, trying to protect your family it's incredible anyone survived. this morning, on the ground, a desperate search for survivors the national guard looking and listening for any signs of life. from above, the scope of the devastation staggering >> it looks like a war i mean, it just looks like bombs went off >> entire neighborhoods gone, homes completely leveled bedrooms and living rooms torn open and exposed and street after street littered with metal and debris. the night of terror starting with lightning filled skies, revealing massive twisters
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more than 30 tornados ripping through states >> imagine everything in your house flying around you everywhere >> it's the worst thing anybody can go through >> reporter: to get a sense of what happened, look at these satellite images showing before and after photos of entire towns wiped out. >> there is no lens big enough to show you the extent of the damage nothing that was standing in the direct line of this tornado is still standing >> reporter: in kentucky, the governor says at least 80 people were killed with many more feared dead. the twitters, did most destructive in the state's history with one tornado tracking more than 200 miles kentucky now under a state of emergency with more than 300 national guard members deployed. >> our little town will never be the same >> reporter: in mayfield, one of
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the hardest-hit communities, the entire downtown is decimated inside this candle factory, one of the town's largest employers, more than 100 people were working overtime when the tornado hit. the building now flattened, a mangled mess of steel. >> get me out. >> reporter: dozens were rescued, but the company says at least eight people are dead, six still unaccounted for. tornados then moving east to bowling green, home after home reduced to rubble. >> my house is still stand, but there's so many that isn't. >> reporter: in illinois, six people killed in this amazon warehouse. >> we have transitioned to recovery alive at this point. >> reporter: in arkansas, one person killed as the tornado ripped through this nursing home bay in mayfield, survivors jumping in to help others. residents going door to door, volunteer crew as helping to
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clean up the extensive damage. >> volunteers going what can i do is what gives us hope today >> reporter: daniel karr owns karr steakhouse, his family restaurant a staple in this community for nearly 60 years. the steakhouse, which was evacuated just before the tornado hit, now a broken pile of memories. >> we're going to start cooking in another kitchen in the community. our restaurant is about our community and the people, not what building we're in >> reporter: the governor says every single historical building here has been destroyed. people are talking about rebuilding, savannah, but that is still so far off. there is nothing left. there are still people possibly trapped and thousands with nowhere to go. savannah >> tom, thank you. joining us now is the mayor of mayfield, kentucky, kathy stewart o'nan. good morning to you and our deepest condolences. >> thank you so much.
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>> where do things stand in terms of the rescue and the recovery there >> this morning, i don't have any hard numbers for anyone today. i do know yesterday after meeting with the governor, that possibly the numbers from the candle factory aren't as grim as we first thought the problem there at first was getting an accurate number of how many people were actually at work that night. so hopefully today we'll get firm numbers from the candle factory. >> yeah. the candle factory was definitely -- was devastated and we're so sorry to hear about those who have lost. i know there are so many pressing needs for you and your community in this moment i was thinking about the schools, the power, the water, so many things where do things stand in terms of what you need immediately this morning >> we -- our water tower, we
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lost the water tour so we have no water within the city limits. all the power was cut for safety reasons after everything fell. we had -- so there's no power within the city limits and the natural gas has been turned off because of so many leaks. so we have no resources to that. we are so blessed with things people are sending to us, drinking water accessible to the public and to all the emergency workers, but it's the things that -- the resources that are going to take a long time to be restored here. >> how is the shelter in place situation? because i know a lot of folks who did survivor may not have power. it's been very cold there. how are you handling that for those who need shelter >> the first night they were bused from -- the ones that came to city hall in the first station were bused to mayfield high school which also had no power and no water
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they were then -- we quickly were able, by mid morning, i think, to get them to some areas in the county. we have several small communities within the county, to get them where there was power and there was water, i think. and so i haven't had any contact with them. i hope that this afternoon i can start to get in touch with those people some of them were bused, as well, to a church in roanoke, which is in mccracken county so none of them are sheltering in setup shelters here within the city >> speaking of churches, you lost four churches in your community. and i was just thinking yesterday was sunday i wondered how everyone worshipped yesterday >> i had hoped to get to church on the edge of town, which, of course, had no other things that i just mentioned to you, but that church is intact and my church met with that congregation i wasn't able to get there, but
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it was so heart warming to know that we had been extended that invitation and our congregation was worshipping with them. last sunday, the 5th, we had what we called an advent walk. and the three historic downtown churches, which are completely destroyed, my church, the methodist, and we walked from church to church and had a service there. and after that service, so many of us commented about how what a wonderful way this was for all of us to worship together. little did we know it would be the last time that we did that, but we're so, so thankful to have had that opportunity which will be in our hearts forever, every christmas that's what we'll think of >> wow >> it's just such hard times there, mayor thank you for your time this morning. our hearts are with you, our prayers. and hopefully you're going to get the resources that you need. >> i feel sure we will i am so pleased with what has come our way from our state and federal government >> that's good to hear thank you, madam mayor >> thank you
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>> thank you so much for being here >> that's one resilient woman right there that we're looking at let's get more on the tornado outbreak and what triggered it so late in the season, which is a question a lot of people wonder, like why now >> exactly because of a warming climate, this is what we're probably going to be start to see more of this is a recipe for a december disaster. it was april-like temperatures on friday afternoon. record highs into the 70s and 80s. and you go into that one area where those -- that tornado outbreak happened, we're talking 20 to 30 degrees above average that record warmth was the main ingredient for this outbreak what we're also seeing is now unfortunately an easterly shift to tornado alley, decreasing down from texas, oklahoma on into kansas and moving into more highly populated areas and this warming has been continuing most pronounced warming is happening right where we saw those tornados, the mississippi valley on into the northeast and the problem with this, we talked about it on friday. the increase warmth may be producing more severe weather
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days during the winter you cannot see these things. tornado fatalities are twice as likely to happen at night. many folks are asleep, they're unaware of the warnings. tornados are difficult to see in the dark the ways to make sure you get awakened, go to setting webs notifications, government alerts if you have an android phone, advanced settlings, emergency alerts, or you can download an app from the red cross tornado app. setting webs awakened, go to settings notifications, government alerts if you have an android phone, advanced settlings, emergency you can download it from the app store. but the big problem is, guys, unfortunately with this warming climate, we're going to see more and more of this what we've been told, they have actually asked for structural
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engineers. so that most likely means that they're expecting this tornado that happened in mayfield to probably be a high 4 or a low category 5 >> wow >> so it's just devastating. >> al, thank you you're going to be back in the next half hour and we'll have a conversation with a survivor who survived the rubble in that candle factory and meanwhile, covid hospitalizations are on the rise there is encouraging news this morning on the effectiveness of boosters sam brock is in miami with the latest sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, hoda, good morning scientists in israel now back up what pfizer told us last week which is boosters make a huge difference protecting you from omicron. this as the united states surpassed 800,000 people dying from covid americans are staring at a daunting new picture, nearly 120,000 new cases a day. >> we have the tools to protect ourselves. we have 60 million people in this country who are not yet vaccinated who are eligible to
7:15 am
be vaccinated. >> reporter: now more evidence boosters do break up the spread of omicron. israeli scientists supplementing pfizer's with their own study. two doses leaves you vulnerable. that third dose even more effective against delta which has sparked a double digit increase in 40 states including the district of columbia, including new hampshire which is in a crisis situation and new york state at 58%. >> the omicron variant and the cold winter months are going to super charge covid and take us backwards.
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>> reporter: starting today, all businesses in the empire state that don't require vaccinations will have to mandate masks. corporate america is adapting on the fly. facebook's meta, ford and google are once against delaying in-person returns after lyft told employees they aren't required to return to the office until 2023. previewing more infections with the booster, your best bet to stay safe. >> if you want to be optimally protected, you really should get a booster. >> reporter: the new hospitalizations from covid are also on the rise, up about 16% in the seven-day average. but if you look at total hospitalizations right now compared to a year ago, it's about half because of vaccines. savannah, back to you. >> sam brock, thank you very much. meantime, it is 7:16. craig is on assignment so sheinelle joined us early. good morning.
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>> good morning to you two. a big sign off. the a report released overnight alleges mark meadows said the national guard would keep trump supporters safe. garrett haake has that story. garrett, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this showdown between the january 6th committee and former president trump's top aide will get ratcheted up even more tonight with a contempt hearing for mark meadows. we're learning more about the communication about the insurrection in the days before the attack. overnight, the january 6th committee recommending a key trump ally be held in contempt. amid new revelations about his communications before the riots. in their report released overnight, the committee saying former would i white house chief of staff mark meadows sense an email to someone on january 5th saying the national guard would be present to, quote, protect pro trump people in the lead up
7:18 am
to the capitol insurrection. but on january 6th, capitol police were overwhelmed and the national guard response appeared to be delayed. the committee raising questions in their report over meadow's text messages with state lawmakers about overturning their election results. his communications on january 6th and a powerpoint meadows previously turned over to the committee titled election fraud, foreign interference and options for jan 6. meadows now refusing to cooperate with the committee. >> it's all about wanting clarity under the law and preserving that executive privilege that donald trump has rightfully claimed. >> reporter: it's all part of a larger struggle between the january 6th committee and one-time allies of former president trump who lawmakers believe hold key information on the president's involvement in that day. >> and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country any more. >> reporter: the panel says it wants to know whether trump was engaged in discussions regarding the response for the national
7:19 am
guard. an attorney for meadows did not immediately respond for comment. >> reporter: the next big part of this war could be fought in the supreme court. the committee believes those records could paint the most detailed picture yet of any white house involvement in the planning of the attack. sheinelle. >> garrett, thank you. it is about that time where we should check out with mr. roker and what kind of forecast we have. >> it's going to continue to feel like spring in the midwest. in fact, we are going to look at some temperatures that will be rising, again, we'll do that in the next half hour. sunny skis in the eastern part of the country. we are watching a big storm coming into the west. but we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:20 am
good monday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we are under a microclimate weather alert enhanced by the tropical moisture and it will meet up with cold temperatures to the north and give us a chance for thunderstorms. off the coast we are seeing isolated lightning strikes to the west of ukiah. we will watch this coming down into the bay area later today. we could have thunderstorms and hail and it tapers off tomorrow morning but we will see more rain coming in wednesday into thursday. guys
7:21 am
coming up, much more from the scene of that desperate search in tornado ravaged kentucky as survivors who were pulled from the rubble speak out sharing their harrowing stories and remembering the friends they lost plus, the editor in chief of "time" magazine will join us to share "time's" person of the year but first, this is "today" on
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and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. just ahead, the return of mr. big. >> after the "sex in the city" reboot peloton is back with a certain sense of rumor
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kohl's. ♪♪ ♪♪ good morning. it is 7:26. i am marcus washington. the santa cruz mountains getting pommelled by rain. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. believe it or not this is a little bit of a break. we have seen heavy rain throughout the morning. the roadways are really sloppy out here. we know there's flooding on the roadway, and we did see caltrans crews out trying to clear the storm drains to make sure the water coming down so quickly has someplace else to go. also coming down here in santa
7:27 am
cruz mountains, we found at least one tree that came down on a house in felton. one of the big branches went into a bedroom and fortunately nobody was hurt. unfortunately that family will have to find another place to stay. the bulk of the heavy rain is still to come, and that can have a big impact. we found a lot of folks at the local hardware store trying to get things ready to go. marcus? >> thank you, kris. let's talk about that with meteorologist, kari hall, monitoring the rain. >> we have seen over five inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains where kris is right now. as we look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, we will see a round of possibly heavy downpours and small hail associated with the thunderstorms. we will watch that throughout
7:28 am
the day, marcus. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i will meet you back here then.
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ it's 7:30. it's monday, the 13th day of december, 2021. that sparkly tree, 12 days. one more shopping weekend to go, kiddos. christmas is knocking on the door. >> oh, right there. beautiful. nice. >> i like it. let's get to your headlines here at 7:30 on a monday morning. the group of seven economic powers have told russia to de-escalate its military build up near the ukrainian border. the group is warning russia an invasion would have massive consequences and inflict severe economic pain on moscow. russia's military escalation has
7:31 am
dominated talks among g7 foreign ministers, including u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken this weekends has been going on in liverpool. liz trust says the group is considering, quote, all options. the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search for a woman who went overboard on a cruise in the gulf of mexico. a passenger took this photo showing pieces of the balcony she fell from. it happened about 35 miles off ensenada, mexico. the sear the search is now docked back in california green bay and chicago, the packers found themselves down by 10 points late in the second quarter, but in the second half, aaron rodgers took over. >> in the role of full back. comes back to the left wide open. jones. and he is into the end zone again. >> there you go. that was one of four touchdown
7:32 am
passes for rodgers on the night as the packers go on to win it, 45-30. meanwhile, from one great qb to another, tom brady set the record for more completions in nfl history yesterday on this half in the second quarter that record has previously been held by saints legend drew brees. but it was this next pass in overtime that has everybody talking about this morning >> all year, and here he is on third and three from the pocket. connecting perriman taking it all the way for the win. >> oh, yeah. breshad perriman goes, his only catch of the day but, hey, that was the one that counted
7:33 am
the bucks win it 33-27 >> pretty cool now we want to turn our attention back to this morning's top story, that historic tornado outbreak in the midwest and the south. >> in kentucky, family and friends are clinging to hope amid an ongoing rescue effort at the site of a candle factory that was devastated. many, many people were working inside when that tornado hit >> nbc national correspondent kate snow is there she spoke to survivors and families reeling from the loss hey, kate, good morning. >> good morning, hoda. so when we got here on saturday, there were fear that's maybe as many as dozens of people might have perished inside the candle factory. all weekends long, the factory has been focused on who exactly was inside, did some people leave, find all those unaccounted for.
7:34 am
the company tells me they are now down to only six people unaccounted for. which is good news also good news, they rescued two people on saturday afternoon, almost 24 hours after the storm. all that said, there are eight people deceased inside that factory, according to the company. and for those families, it's obviously heartbreaking and some of them are angry. mark saxton is still in disbelief. >> i don't see how nobody can be okay after this. >> reporter: on friday night, he was working the forkliftscreami one of 110 employees on the evening shift at the mayfield consumer products candle factory which, in a matter of seconds, a tornado brought the building to the ground chilling video shot in darkness shows a harrowing scene after it fell >> somebody please send us some help we are trapped >> reporter: rescuers pulled mark out of the rubble, but he lost family and friends inside
7:35 am
>> people were screaming, mark, help i couldn't even get to them. >> reporter: autumn kirks and her boyfriend, joy ward, were working inside, too. she was able to escape >> i had a savior. i don't know who it was. but he lifted a concrete wall off me >> but joe tragically didn't make it. we spoke to her when joe was still among the missing. >> he was within ten feet of me in that hallway. >> the couple started at the factory just a few weeks ago, working to save for a house. together, they have eight kids >> i'm so sorry. >> thank you >> time to be strong for them is -- that's the only thing keeping my going right now is my kids >> reporter: denise cunningham's 21-year-old son was also working that night she called him immediately when the tornado hit. he was alive, but trapped. >> i called him and a girl answered the phone and all you could hear screams asking for help and my son couldn't get on the phone because he was trapped between those two walls. and they're all screaming for help all she could tell me was that my son told me that he loved me, that he didn't think he was going to make it >> that coworker stayed with devin until rescuers appeared. >> she was down there holding
7:36 am
his hand and trying to keep him conscious. they opened up the hole, got everybody out and she thought they were going to grab him, too. and they left him. >> reporter: late sunday, she learned he was gone. given the weather warnings, she didn't think anyone should be in the factory that night >> i am more thank angry i think they should be held accountable for everything that happened to these families, for my son >> the factory's owner telling us the storm was too fast and unpredictable. >> if you knew the weather was coming, was there any thought of suspending production? >> in hindsight, i think all of us would do something different. >> reporter: now he says they're focused on employees and supporting the loved ones of those lost >> every ounce of me and my family and the executive team are thinking about the families that right now are not waking up as fortunate as you and i and that's where all of our focus is >> the grief of those families, almost too much to bear,
7:37 am
indicate kate. talk to me, though, about the factory. it was so busy that night, despite all those warnings how come >> well, it was their second shift and it was their usual second shift obviously, the holidays are coming and i can tell you, this is a high end -- they make high end candles for places that we know, hoda, like victoria secret, bath & body works and costco. so at this time of year, they had been hiring a lot. with covid, they have been seek out workers. a lot of the workers were seasonal and they were there trying to make extra money before the holidays. >> kate snow for us there, thank you. >> so hard to comprehend the grief there. coming up next, we're going to shift gears and talk about "time" magazine's person of the year that person will be revealed this morning in fact, we're going to share that pick and we'll talk about it with "time's" editor in chief
7:38 am
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♪ ♪ why give a gift they'll never use? this season, give 'em one they can use again and again (after washes, of course). show you care with underwear, from fruit of the loom. welcome back we are about to find out "time s"person of the year and everything that went into choosing that. >> but first, we want to get a quick check of the weather from mr. roker. >> hey, guys, thanks so much let's take a look at what's going on out west. we're basically looking at a big storm system coming in we're watching heavy rain and
7:43 am
snow that will be developing, winter weather advisories, winter weather warnings making their way all the way to the rockies. hazardous travel, heavy snow, strong winds of gusts of 45 miles per hour some places in the sierra could see six feet of snow lesser amounts as you move into the rockies. that's good news for the snowpack and they're going to get a lot of rain. you would say that's good for the drought, unfortunately it's all happening at once. temperatures today, way above average, 53 in omaha denver, 59 degrees st. louis, 20 degrees above average at 62. you can see records tomorrow for des moines, possibly for springfield, oklahoma city, amarillo, goodland, pueblo and those records will be threatened against on wednesday for minneapolis, detroit, st. louis, kansas city and the states with those tornado outbreaks, look at how much warmer it is going to be so not a lot of great news for them but we are looking at temperatures warming up from new york city, raleigh, atlanta on into nashville and little rock
7:44 am
into the mid to latter part of good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. as we take a look at storm ranger, widespread rain tends with pockets of heavy rain around to the san josé area. we are going to see a brief break in the rainfall and then it really picks up with the possibility of thunderstorms. this is late morning into the early afternoon. we will see a line of intense cells that could produce thunder, lightning as well as small hail that will continue to sweep through and then we will see the rain become more scattered as we go into tonight. >> that's your latest weather. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah and turning now to "time's" person of the year >> every year the magazine has selected the man, woman, group or concept that had the biggest image for the best or the worst. >> hi, everett good morning >> hi. good to see you.
7:45 am
>> let's stretch it out a little bit. was there a big debate inside the halls of "time"? >> always. always we start every year in the fall with a big meeting all of our journalists from all over the world debating and nominating then we send out some reporting teams and narrow it down >> so is it a straw poll vote? >> we have a lot of meetings and discussions. we poll our readers and people outside of "time," as well >> it's not like a powerball lottery? >> no. >> we'll let you do the honors who is "time's" person of the year >> the person of the year is elon musk. he is reshaping life on earth and possibly life off earth, as well and this is someone also who, in becoming the richest person in the history of the world this year really speaks to the moment
7:46 am
we're in, this very complex moment of the world. >> some people may look at elon musk, he's got foes, too >> legions of them you look at tesla this year, his electric car company became the biggest car company in the world by far electric vehicles now in the mainstream and that's his doing. spacex, his space company is the global commercial leader in space. nasa chose it to get astronauts back on the moon for the first time in 50 years as i said, we were kind of in this new gilded age where, like it or not, so much of our lives, even in this moment of incredible inequality are being shaped by these very wealthy tech leaders >> we have a new category, heros of the year who were -- >> the vaccine scientists. as you say, savannah, it's a new category this is a unique moment in history. and we just felt, you know, the word "heros" is something not to be used lightly.
7:47 am
influence which we talk about at times can be good, complex or ill. these vaccine scientists have done something that is really an unalloyed positive in the world. not only changing the course of the pandemic, but also the future of medicine in many ways. >> it's so nice to see some of their faces, some of us for the very first time. >> years and years of work standing on each other's shoulders. >> two other quick categories, athlete of the year and entertaining of the year >> we chose simone biles as our athlete of the year, incredible, greatest gymnast of all time, standing up for mental health at the time tokyo olympics in such a powerful way >> and >> olivia rodrigo, youngest solo artist to help us hit the charts and letting us be in touch with our teenage emotions at a time when we really needed it >> thank you for coming by >> great to see you. >> and "time's" 2021 person of the year issue is on stands this friday still to come, we are taking a trip to "sesame street," a look inside one of the most
7:48 am
beloved and influential tv shows in history but first, these messages. coming up, bono tells jenna we took the original zero-to-sixty head turner. and gave it zero tailpipe emissions. we took the familiar. and made it revolutionary. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:49 am
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and up to 50% off toys... plus, take an extra 15% off or even more with a kohl's card. kohl's. good morning. it's 7:56. i am marcus washington. we're tracking the dangerous conditions on roads during this morning's storm. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live with a look at the current conditions. >> reporter: marcus, i am still out here with my rain jacket, boots and umbrella because the rain is still coming down. we are letting you know the traffic conditions in the bay area is particularly hit hard when the rain is really coming down, and that's the area right behind me, lucky drive northbound here on 101. the water seems to have receded a little bit in this spot, but you can see as the folks go by that water really splashing up.
7:57 am
a couple hours ago it was stronger. you pay want to slow down if you are in this area in particular, and at some points the wind has been strong and that rain continues to fall. marcus? >> thank you. time to get a look at the weather with meteorologist, kari hall. >> marin has had six inches of rain with the storm. as we get a look at what is happening with storm ranger, cold air is coming down from the north and that could fire up thunderstorms as it arrives late this morning into the afternoon, marcus. >> thanks, kari. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. see you then.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, path of destruction >> it looks like a war, i mean, it just looks like bombs went off. >> a new look at the complete devastation from that historic december outbreak. factories torn apart,s leveled search and rescue efforts still under way this morning with more than 80 people now confirmed dead in kentucky alone and scores more missing. we're live with the very latest. then, break through 101. >> when i tested positive, i was
8:01 am
like, what is going on >> with more fully vaccinated people catching covid, what you need to know about these so-called breakthrough cases, how they're different and what you can do right now to protect yourself plus, bono-fied legend jenna goes one-on-one with the u2 front man what he's saying about his first major acting role and the list of rock icon says saved his life is and big reveal. >> should we take another ride >> peloton's newest ad taking aim at "sex in the city" after a controversial plot point how the company is putting a soft pedal on the situation today, monday, december 13th, 2021 >> here from -- >> monterey, california. >> dearborn, michigan. >> florida >> and albany, georgia >> from columbia, south carolina --
8:02 am
>> -- celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. >> from atlanta to experience -- >> -- christmas in new york. >> from boston -- >> -- to celebrate my mom's 40th birthday >> from ft. lauderdale, florida -- >> -- david is five years cancer free >> girls trip from shakopee, minnesota. >> celebrating retirement -- >> -- after 45 years of nursing. >> hey, we're just getting started on that crowd. >> my word >> oh, party on. >> we'll bet out there in just a moment welcome back on a monday morning. we're glad you started your day with us. we want to get you right to your news at 8:00 this morning rescue teams still hoping to find survivors after the catastrophic wave of tornados that tore through six states on friday night we have two reports. we'll start with nbc's tom
8:03 am
llamas in hard-hit kentucky. tom, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you we are here in downtown mayfield, kentucky as you look over behind me, you can see there is no building left standing except for one of the few churches here in mayfield on the ground, you see all types of random things that show the destruction. here is some metal siding, a random cowboy boot we're seeing things like this all over the ground. we're at the post office right now. you can see the force, the power of these tornados. it crushed one of these postal trucks as you can see we're in a residential area here in mayfield house after house is gone here trees are uprooted and over there in the far
8:04 am
distance, you can see what is left of my structure that was still standing now, one of the big stories out here in kentucky was, of course, the mayfield candle company that was here 8 people are dead. 6 are still missing. but earlier in the "today" show on the broadcast the mayor told you it might not be as bad as originally thought >> i do know yesterday after meeting with the governor that possibly the numbers from the candle factory aren't as grim as we first thought the problem there at first was getting an accurate number of how many people were actually at work that night. >> reporter: now national guard troops are still going door to door, but as the governor said, there are not many doors left here they are still searching for any survivors. the governor has made it a point to say that president joe biden has been in contact with him, letting him know that they will provide any resources that are needed savannah >> tom llamas, thank you very much let's go now to illinois where one of those tornados leveled a sprawling amazon warehouse, killing at least six workers. nbc's morgan chesky joins us with a look at the heartbreak and devastation there. good morning >> hoda, good morning. keep in mind, this happened right in the midst of that busy holiday rush for the families affected this is past 48 hours, many of them brutal many waited outside the warehouse hoping for word of their loved ones trapped inside. officials say they don't believe
8:05 am
anyone is still missing. in edwardsville, this is all that's left of an amazon warehouse that took a direct hit from a fast moving and powerful ef-3 tornado >> about half of this building is destroyed this is going to be a major incident >> reporter: the twister's devastating winds knocking down walls and collapsing the roof of a building nearly the size of a football field >> trying to save some people that are trapped in the rubble >> reporter: this morning, the six victims that died inside ranging in age from 26 to 62 have now been identified first responders rescued 45 others from the wreckage >> these walls are made out of 11 inch thick concrete and they're about 40 feet tall so a lot of weight when that came down. >> reporter: amazon tells nbc a tornado siren went off just after 8:00 p.m nearly a half hour later, this twister struck >> in this particular facility, we had employees sheltering in
8:06 am
two different parts of the facility unfortunately the tornado, it hit right in the side where they were sheltering. >> which side? >> the south side. >> the 29-year-old following in his father's foot steps with the same exact job as his father, but opposite shifts. >> the only thing i know is that any son went to try to tell somebody to get to shelter and the ceiling collapsed on him and he died. >> reporter: in his final moments, the navy veteran doing his part to save lives his mother, carla, thankful she told him she loved him in a phone call just minutes before >> you're proud of him >> absolutely. >> why >> because he wasn't thinking of himself. he was thinking of other people and even though he lost his life doing it, he would have done it, anyway >> reporter: and this morning,
8:07 am
amazon has announced it's donating $1 million to a local edwardsville charity to help anyone impacted by this tornado. in the meantime, over the weekend, jeff bezos drawing criticism for posting about his blue origin space launch as they continue to search for bodies. bezos has extended his condolences to everyone impacted by the tornados. >> thank you this morning, fans in mexico and throughout the world are remembering legendary singer vicente fernandez. he died yesterday at the age of 81 fernandez was revered as a a sentimental style of music he won thr eight latin grammys. he starred in dozens of movies and has a star on the hollywood walk of fame now sex and the city reboot
8:08 am
and its use of a popular a popu exer exercise piece of equipment. if you have not seen it yet, major spoiler alert, you may want to press mute on this story, okay? nbc's erin mclaughlin joins us from l.a good morning >> good morning, savannah. for its legions of fans, the premier ed sowed of "and just like that" ended with a shocker involving a peloton bike sending fans into a frenzy and peloton's stock price plummeting but now the company is hitting back big time. and just like that, peloton striking back overnight, releasing this tongue in cheek video featuring mr. big. >> you look great. >> i feel great. >> the ad coming days after the bombshell twist in the new "sex
8:09 am
in the city" revival spoiler alert, if you haven't seen it, stop watching right here mr. big suffers a heart attack after a vigorous workout on a peloton bike sarah jessica parker finds him collapsed on the floor >> just like that, big died. >> stunned fans lighting up social media, some lashing out against peloton. one tweeting i'm afraid to get back on my peloton >> hours after the episode aired, peloton's stock took a dive in a statement, peloton defended its product and blamed mr. big, saying he lived what many would call an extravagant lifestyle, including cocktail, cigars and
8:10 am
big steaks these were the likely cause of his death, writing his peloton bike may have even helped delay his cardiac event. the company said it approved the show's use of the bike along with fictional instructor played by jess king but peloton said it did not know before big could die after a peloton workout. this isn't peloton's first controversy. for a treadmill recall for endangering people to pulling this ad criticized for being sexist >> should we take another ride >> in response to this latest big problem, peloton now seems to be poking fun in this video with a tag line by funny man ryan reynolds. >> cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs, and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. cycling strengthens your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels >> peloton confirmed it collaborated with ryan reynolds on making that video the company denied accusations that this was a big public publicity opportunity. >> thank you very much >> spoiler alert >> i actually haven't seen it. it's worth watching.
8:11 am
>> i tried to plug my ears, but too late now how about a morning boost? a toddler who had not seen her military dad in seven months looked a little confused when she heard that familiar voice in the kitchen one day. watch her reaction when she finally figures out who it is. >> papa! papa! >> oh. >> couldn't stop laughing, laughing and laughing and laughing that's her dad, army private derrick nizario. he hadn't hugged her -- >> look at her feet.
8:12 am
>> she's still laughing. >> she's probably still laughing >> that needs to be in the boost hall of family >> you got it. >> and the award for best ringlets up next, breakthrough covid. the growing list of people fully vaccinated now testing positive. >> why does it happen? are there other steps you could be taking ahead of a holiday gathering to protect yourself and your family? vicky nguyen and dr. john torres are here to answer those questions and more, right after this this holiday, save on gifts from the best brands. we're talking 20% off nike... 25% off champion... and 25% off under armour. plus, earn kohl's cash and get free store pickup! kohl's. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point.
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8:16 am
we are back. 8:15 despite more americans getting boosted, there remains breakthroughs on the omicron variant. >> those cases are typically less severe, but they raise a lot of questions for families with the holidays coming up and the pandemic as a whole. dr. down-torres and vicky nguyen are here with more >> good morning to everyone. we are hearing so much more about breakthrough cases, but what exactly are they and who is getting sick this morning, a look inside the latest data about what happened when a fully vaccinated person tests positive we're increasingly hearing about fully vaccinated people infected from covid, from athletes to politicians and everyday americans. >> when i tested positive, i was like, what is going on >> over the weekend, singer doja
8:17 am
cat who says she was fully vaccinated tested positive for covid-19 she says she will no longer be able to perform at her upcoming tours, but that she's doing okay and looked forward to getting back out there what is breakthrough covid it's when a person tests positive at least two weeks after being fully vaccinated, sometimes with no symptoms and other times feeling classic covid symptoms loss of smell and taste, fever, aches and cough. the cdc tracks breakthrough cases by following health care workers, front line workers and data from state health departments. >> that's giving us a really accurate view of breakthrough cases for two doses of a vaccine and now booster shots, as well >> a washington state study of nearly 4 million vaccinated people showed one in 5,000 had a break through case from mid january to mid-august. in september, unvaccinated people had a nearly six times greater rate of testing positive for covid compared to fully
8:18 am
vaccinated people and a 14 times greater risk of death. more than 200 million americans are fully vaccinated that's 60.7% of the eligible population here in the u.s according to the cdc, covid vaccines are keeping people out of the hospital. these symptoms from a recent break through case >> i started out with a head cold i thought that it was just allergies. >> fever, chills, fatigue. i had a terrible headache. >> so, i mean, that really raises a lot of questions. we have dr. john here, as well first of all, it's just perspective. how common are these breakthrough cases >> they're a lot less common than most people think they are. they're more common than we thought they would be because we thought the vaccine would give us more protection but like vicky mentioned in her piece, you're six times more likely to test positive if you're unvaccinated. that's where we're seeing the numbers overall. >> what if you're vaccinated and are there people that are
8:19 am
getting breakthrough cases who have gotten three shots? >> why we think there are, but they're less likely to get hospitalized, they're likely to suffer severe december they tend to get over it more. people talk about their symptoms they say they're much lighter, only last a couple of days and they bounce right back >> if you've been around someone who tested positive, should you get vaccinated >> if you're in close contact, meaning if you're within six feet for 15 minutes or more, you should get tested. if you start getting symptoms regardless if you've been around somebody, you should get tested. if you have high risk people in your house, you might want to get tested if you're going to parties, you might want to get tested >> vicki, what do we know about the people getting these breakthrough cases is there kind of like a profile? >> we know everybody has an individual risk profile. it includes a lot of different factors. one, how healthy are you overall? two, what is the community rate of infection in your area?
8:20 am
what are you coming into contact with inspect are you working from home inspect who are you spending a lot of time with? what we know is vaccines are highly effective the newest data coming out of the l.a. health department shows unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to understand up in the hospital what other ideas are there >> crowded indoor spaces with strangers, if you have to be inside, wear a mask. consider getting a booster if you haven't, tease going to give you optimal protection. and going back to the basics of washing your hands, eating a balanced diet and getting sleep. consider getting a flu shot, too. these are all things to help optimize your health and boost your immune system to help optimize your health >> seven to eight hours. >> writing that one down >> thank you let's send it over to mr. roker and get a check of the weather. >> hi, guys, how are you doing
8:21 am
two-thirds of the country looking pretty good today. sunny skies up and down the east coast into the ohio and mississippi river valleys. feels like spring in the central and northern plains. we have a big, strong storm system coming in from southern california all the way to the pacific northwest. bringing sno good mprd rain that continues. with pockets of heavier rain. also seeing that rain picking up in the south bay but we are also watching for a chance of storms as colder air dives in from the north. we could see thunderstorms and hail with gusty winds for late this morning into the afternoon. rain tapers off tomorrow and then another round from wednesday afternoon to thursday morning. >> that's your latest weather. best time -- >> what time is it >> the best time of the week, popstart time, baby.
8:22 am
>> wait for it first up, "sesame street," a new documentary out today on hbomax takes a look at one of the most beloved shows of all time joe spoke to one of the show's producers. >> it typically started back in 1969 it's 52 years old, but still ageing beautifully this new documentary shows us how ground breaking the show was and still is >> this was an experiment. >> you don't need a gps to get to "sesame street. generations of kids found it with ease. >> what other industry lasts for 52 years, let alone a kid's television show. it's absolutely mind blowing >> the documentary "street gang" explores the origins of the show, its beloved characters
8:23 am
>> when they say action, i come alive. >> its iconic songs. ♪ it's not that easy being green ♪ >> but the fields reminds us even "sesame street" had a rocky road in 1970, a public television commission in mississippi ban dollars the show >> sesame street is not on the air. some who saw it apparently disliked the number of black performers >> reporter: the cast recalls the show's diversity was unheard of at the time and ground breaking >> so when i saw suzanne and gordon the first year of the show, i absolutely flipped because it was at a time when you never saw people of color on television >> reporter: sonia played maria for 44 years >> when it came to diversity, how big of a difference do you think sesame street made >> so many people have come up
8:24 am
to me over the years and i feel very gratified when they say the first person i saw who looked like me >> it makes me sad >> the documentary explores one of the show's most challenging scenes, a candid conversation about death following the passing of will lee, who played mr. hooper >> everybody was crying. i think carol spiny who play dollars big bird at the time gave the most beautiful performance he ever gave as that bird >> a reminder why so many keep finding their way back to sesame street >> you have just this enormous amount of firsts that happened that's why it's immortal, live on forever >> this documentary street gang actually made its world remere back in january at the sun dance film festival, but starting today, you can find it streaming on hbomax. >> really good absolutely thank you, joe next up, the royals. the duke and duchess of cambridge are getting into the
8:25 am
holiday spirit over the weekend, william and kate sharing their family christmas card photo on social meets ya in the picture, the royal couple are surrounded by their three children, george, charlotte and prince louis the snap comes from a trip the family took to jordan earlier this year. finally, meg thee stallion, on saturday, the rapper took the stage at texas southern university, not for a performance, but to accept her diploma. the singer walked that commencement to receive her bachelor of science in health administration last year she told people she had been taking classes online to open an assisted living facility with the money she earns rapping. >> congratulations this morning. as a graduate. >> absolutely for that >> and she'll do that, too she can own that facility. still ahead, jenna is here to share more of her chat with bono, what drew the icon to his first acting role and the artists past and present who
8:26 am
inspired him but first, your local news good morning. it is 8:26. i'm marcus washington why the atmospheric river hitting the bay area and destructive. this is video from forestville. that huge redwood came down on top of that home bringing down power lines yesterday. the homeowner was inside and not hurt. the home now red tagged. heads up for those heading into the sierra. this is what it looked like yesterday. chain controls are in effect and cal trans is advising against
8:27 am
the trip. >> the nearly whiteout conditions in the sierra. we also have wet roads in the bay area. very heavy pockets of rain on the peninsula and the south bay. seeing the focus shifting to the south and cold air will enhance the amount of energy and possibly thunderstorms by this afternoon. we see the line of really intense rainfall. gusty winds and the potential of some small hail and watching out for that as the widespread rain continues. marcus? >> thank you. we'll have another update in 30.minutes. if you could give me some dance lessons you would be saving my life.
8:28 am
how do i know that you're legit? ♪ ♪ yeah, that's more like it. rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. small businesses like yours make gift-giving possible. c now, comcast business has c an exclusive gift for you. introducing the gift of savings sale. for a limited time, ask how to get a great deal for your business. and get up to a $500 prepaid card with select bundles when you switch to the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
8:29 am
ling anxious about the future, you're not alone.
8:30 am
calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. hey, guys. it is 8:30 a beautiful monday morning it's december 13th, 2021 let the good times roll, babe. we love all these smiling faces. who dat is in the house. >> and we expect to see a bit more tomorrow because it's going to be huge grammy winning superstar alicia keys will be here tomorrow >> tomorrow, you guys can be -- >> okay.
8:31 am
>> speaking of legendary musicians, jenna is going to share more of her conversation with bone know, the u2 legend lending his voice to "sing 2." >> and then from music to fashion, are you a carrie, a miranda or perhaps a charlotte if you're feeling inspired by the outfits you've seen on the "sex in the city" revival, we'll tell you how to recreate the outfits at affordable prices and last minute shopping on your list, we have something for someone else >> and will forte will be here live talking about the return of one of his classic snl characters >> i've got a crowd moment, y'all. i've got a crowd member. so there was somebody -- there are so many cute things that we have, so many cute things. we got who dat but there was a woman who was first in line and her name is savannah >> oh. >> and she said that she held up
8:32 am
so there was somebody -- there a sign that said my name is savannah, too. so we thought why don't you meet the other savannah would you like to? >> hi, savannah. >> it's so good to see you >> where are you from? >> tampa, florida. >> you're the cutest zoom in on savannah. here she is. welcome to the "today" show. >> thank you this is my first time in new york and i came by myself to see you. >> now you're here with all your friends. >> yes >> and you know us >> how beautiful is that so sweet >> thank you so much for coming. you made my day. >> the cutest.
8:33 am
>> raise your hand if it's your first time in new york we want to see you we got a lot of first time new yorkers. we saw you from minnesota. we're glad y'all are here. mr. roker, how about the weather? >> there's a family over -- this lady you just met these other two women. they're your -- >> these are my sisters. >> and you've never met before >> we met this year. i found them there's more at home, too. >> wow you guys are going to have a merry christmas. >> we are having a great year. >> oh, my gosh love that. let's look at the week ahead and see what we've got sunshine starts much of the week fire danger in the central plains strong storms moving into the pacific northwest and california as we get to the midweek period, snow continues through the
8:34 am
plains, staying sunny in the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at the forecast watch out for the potential of thunderstorm coming in this afternoon. lightning and thunder with hail and gusty winds and continuing rainfall. we'll see it taper off tomorrow morning with mountain snow in the bay area peaks. another round of rain between wednesday afternoon and early thursday. we are dry for the weekend. temperatures only reach into the lower 50s. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al coming up next, jenna is sharing more of her conversation with music icon bono what he's discovered about himself during the pandemic, the music that inspires him and channeling all of it for his very first acting role but first, this is "today" on nbc. now bono is using that
8:35 am
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now bono is using that famous voice in a brand new way, in animated film >> jenna shared some of her conversation with the u2 legend including the birthday surprise he had for you >> i can't help but think about how blown away i was when he surprised me with a marching band he is a lovely friend and, of course, a brilliant musician and it's that kind of spirit that drew bono to his first big acting role in "sing 2." >> he's the rocker whose songs are some of the most famous of this generation. from where the streets have no
8:38 am
name - ♪ -- to mysterious ways. now the u2 front man is using his legendary pipes in an entirely new way >> there's always a choice just never had the guts to make the right one. >> bono is trading in his iconic shades for a lion's mane >> your first acting role as a reclusive lion rock star lion >> a lion, yeah, yeah, misanthrope who shoots paint ball guns at kids and rides a harley davidson around his own house. i'm in search with my inner big cat. >> you just need to play again >> no, i can't i haven't even heard one of my songs in over 15 years >> bono plays clay calloway who shut out the world after losing a loved one.
8:39 am
>> his heart is broken >> yeah. the irish in me is really attracted to the story about why the lion has lost his roar, the singer has lost his voice. he's lost his muse, his reason to sing. >> bono dug deep into the character's back story >> rise up the voice, grief, it turns out. even in a kid's film, i end up talking about something heavy. >> poetic and beautiful. >> i'd like to think i helped shape the writing of the character. ♪ but i still haven't found wha i'm looking for ♪ >> "sing 2" features u2 songs including a brand new track just for the movie "your song saved my life. my ♪ your song saved my life ♪ >> i think through lockout and that, giving people time to reflect on their lives and for
8:40 am
me, as a writer, approaching, you know, my own life and thinking when i was a teenager, i really wasn't sure i had anything at all to offer it was kind of a liberation for me to discover that i had something, that i had this kind of gift or whatever. writing songs, listening to the ramones, realizing i can be in a band, that was -- it was just an astonishing thing for me i honestly don't know what would have happened to me. >> bono opening up about the emotional new track in the song he says saved his own life >> songs saved my life, not only as a teenager, even now. >> david bowie >> oh, my god. "is there life on mars." that really converted to is the life on earth, you know what i mean >> and when you put that list together, i assume it was during
8:41 am
this lockdown, during the pandemic >> banks, billie eilish, "everything i ever wanted. when i heard that, i had to stop the car. i enjoyed putting that list together >> for bono, music is his fuel something he says will always give him purpose >> so your reason for music, your reason for song, is what? >> music is the thing that is the reason i get out of bed in the morning. my kids now, my family, allie, they're reasons, of course but on a deeper level, you know. i'm not sure i'd make it through the world having as much fun i e unless i wrote these songs >> okay. his first acting role, which you kind of can't believe because he's so good as this reclusive lion, it feels like he had part in shaping it.
8:42 am
he also said he's in the studio right now recording -- or soon, any day, recording new music with u2. >> what? >> yeah. i can't wait to hear that so there will be some new u2 music on the horizon >> who was he channeling >> he said he kind of wanted to be like jack nicklaus. and the director was like no, no, be you or be clay calloway he said but i wanted to be gruff. he has all of those songs, the song that's saved his life which hopefully we can put together. >> make a list of that >> i'd love to know. a real good list for the holidays >> and "sing 2," hits theaters december 22nd. >> it's so cute. >> can't wait to see it. coming next, looks for less. we're helping you recreate the new looks from "sex in the city" revival without breaking the bank we're helng youpi
8:43 am
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we're back it is 8:44 with "today" style. this morning, looks for less >> and just like that, the "sex in the city" chapter has captured the hearts of fans and fashionistas they're as fashionable as ever, but their designer comes with a steep price tag. >> but we're going to recreate some of the season's best new looks in ways that will not break the bank >> good morning. >> you have all of our characters here. >> carrie, with our inspiration look and how did you find it for less >> our inspiration look is, as we can see, this is carrie so what i love about carrie is she's the must carrie, but she's still channeling all of those old trends that we love. it's the bold colors, the over the top statement accessories. we saw her in that gorgeous dress from carolina herrera. thousands of dollars
8:46 am
but here, we have this great look, again web a look for less. so this is from elloqui. this is for $130 we found this belt from amazon, pearls from amazon she's wearing a lot of pearls, too. we're seeing lots of pearls this season i feel like that's a trend we're going to see pop up. and it all pulls together for less than $200 >> the belt zhuzhs it up >> let's stroll down and check out charlotte. take a look at her from the show so it's like the puffy sleeves, o he the flouncy skirt. >> exactly >> always real sweet >> sweet, feminine, classic. a lot of skirts. a lot of a-line silhouettes. here we have thousands of dollars. she was wearing gorgeous shoes, here we have this found from vici, the statement sleeve it was like $30.
8:47 am
we found this belt from amazon, a statement belt which we love the skirt about $30 from amazon. really great the whole look pulled together for like $100, maybe a little bit more >> cute. >> who are you guys? a carrie, charlotte, miranda >> i said you're definitely carrie in clothes. >> what? i feel like i'm more charlotte >> no, you're definitely not but you know who i am? i'm miranda. >> this is you >> you could wear this -- >> this is like to just -- >> this would look great on you. >> so this is great. and i think miranda has gone through the most transformation in fashion this show we usually see her in those darker silhouettes with taylor pieces, channeling her attorney. but now we're seeing a bit more of a bohemian vibe this we found from macy's. again, about $100. >> this would look great to you. >> is this a jumpsuit?
8:48 am
>> it's a jumpsuit >> take that right off the man kin. >> you can wear it tomorrow. and then we have classic carrie to show that some things never go out of style. >> i love that, yes. >> so this was from season two, the finale, the revenge dress. she was wearing this when she saw the rehearsal dinner for big and natasha. that's where it all started, that classic 90s slip dress which has made such a resurgence this one we found, again, from vici and, of course, the name plate necklace the designers are bringing in those old pieces again so we're seeing the name plate necklace this, again, pulls together again about $150 for the entire look >> and it's fun. >> they're always inspiring us financial planning is finding your home away from home.
8:49 am
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we're back with today's best sellers. if you're searching for gifts, you are in luck. >> chassis post joins us with the perfect presents for everybody on your list before we jump in, please don't forget to scan the qr code because that's going to help you out a whole lot. good morning >> how are you >> we have one more weekend of shopping, so why not take care of it this minute. >> exactly there are some really, really good gifts here. >> space is really hot we just talked about it. but the great news is, you don't have to book a ride on a rocket to get a great look at the stars and the planets in the sky so this little telescope, it's from gskier. and oh, my gosh, it's a beginner's telescope so great from any age, kids on up but you can sync your cell phone to the telescope so you can take
8:52 am
pictures of what you're looking at >> oh, wow >> so, so, so cool this is a really, really popular telescope. it's the number one best seller, over 19,000 ratings. and this sells out really fast every time they restock. so jump on it with this one. it's about $119. >> this is a great gift idea to keep he everybody in the family in the loop. >> this is the nixplay digital photo frame. and i thought i knew everything about these. not only can you upload photos and videos, but you can upload them vie via their app in realtime so grandma can have one of these frames, you know, across the country and you can be at your child's recital and upload it right there. >> so she's watching right there. >> and she can get it. >> isn't that cool >> we do something similar with my folks and everyone loves it >> i couldn't believe with everything it can do so this is a really, really great gift that keeps everybody connected. now, this toy -- >> you guys were playing with this you've got to try it
8:53 am
is it a puzzle >> yes so this is the shashibo. it is actually the number one best selling toy on amazon and for good reason. it is a magnetic shape shifting cube and so my son is really good at this so he can get it to go back into the square but you can make over 70 different shapes with it and it's magnetic and it's part -- >> it feels good >> rubik's cube brain teaser so it's great for kids and adults and they're so beautiful >> what's the price point? >> $25 >> so, i mean, this is a hugely popular and the brand says they've sold over 1 million cubes. so this is great >> and you can connect them together >> it's fun. >> so these little guys, you won't believe what these are
8:54 am
these are rechargeable hand warmers. i mean, have you ever seen a better looking version >> no. >> right >> and these, too, are number one best sellers over -- >> drop them in your pocket. >> 14,000 reviews. that's a lot of passion for a hand warmer. what people like about them, too, is they act for your cell phone when you're not using them to warm your hands, you can charge your cell phone >> oh, really? >> yes >> you charge -- oh, right this? >> you plug it right in. it's great for the person. >> reporter: cool stuff. >> thank you so next up, i think we have the chiccest coffee/tea travel mug i've ever seen >> let's see >> and it's from a brand called fellow first we have two items. this is the fellow carter everywhere mug do you have one of these >> no. but it looks so appealing right now. >> so chic, right? and what is so cool about them is they keep hot things hot for up to 5 hours and cold things cold for up to 24 hours. this lid is leak proof
8:55 am
throw it in your bag but if you want to up the ante, it has an attachment so you can buy separately this pour over dripper. >> drip the coffee >> stop it >> you can brew coffee and for brew and grow, you put on the little lid and you're ready to roll. how cool that? >> you buy the attachment separate >> yes >> so either chic mug or chic mug and dripper. >> that's great. >> so you guys are not going to believe this last piece. i love it. it turns out a really big trend, our literary cocktail recipe book with clever titles like tequila mocking bird, jen with the wind and i think these are so fun and they're filled with clever cocktail recipes the amazing "today" food team created for us a -- >> well, it is 8:55 a.m. >> rye and prejudice isn't that great and this is a grapefruit and rye
8:56 am
whiskey concoction >> ooh-ee. >> right but if you want to take the amateur bartender to mixologyist level, pair these with one of these cocktail kits. this is from that company that makes the viral milk frother so you can put these together. >> thank you so much we want to get shopping, scan the qr code on your screen head to text "today" to 34318. text "today" to 34318. com good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. the atmospheric river rolling into the bay area and already causing destruction. near santa cruz mountains in felton a tree fell down on a home. a branch went in a bedroom. no one was hurt.
8:57 am
the four people that live there have to find somewhere else to stay. chris sanchez will be live for us on what caltrans is doing about flooding on the roads. tracking the latest pg&e outage. and the heaviest rain is still to come. at 11:00 kari hall will tell us how much rain we are expected to get. more local news and weather in an hour. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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