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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 13, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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department say their work is not even close to being done. and we have new mask rules regardless of your vaccination status. we'll tell you the details and when this new mandate goes into effect statewide. good evening. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it has been a soggy, windy, busy 24 hours. we are in a microclimate weather alert. check this video out. major flooding in a hillsborough neighborhood. firefighters had to save a person from that rising water. in san mateo, skyranger overhead of a scaffolding that collapsed onto the street. big mess on el camino real. luckily nobody hurt and that street is reopened. let's give you a live look at the radar right now. lots and lots of green and yellow and even some red as
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storm ranger scans the skies to give you a more accurate forecast. we have a team of reporters in place to bring you the very latest. let's begin with the expert here, our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. what's the timeline here? >> we'll see that rain continue through tonight and i want to start off with just a word of warning. flooding is a number one killer when it comes to weather, so that's why you really have to watch out tonight when it's dark. if you approach water, you're not sure how deep it is, definitely turn around and head in the other direction. now, the flooding problems we've seen have certainly been very localized and isolated, but all of the bay area remains under this flood watch here as we head through this evening. storm drains are getting clogged, it is causing some street flooding and our creeks, rivers and streams are running very high and very fast, so please be careful. the number one concern by far is right down here over the santa cruz mountains. if you do not need to travel across highway 17, please postpone that and do that tomorrow when things are
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expected to dry out because we've got several more inches of rain on the way. the santa cruz mountains is where we could see the biggest chance of debris flow and also some river flooding. as we look at storm ranger, mobile doppler radar, we do have pockets of heavier rainfall. heavy, heavy rainfall is moving into martinez, pacheco, walnut creek over the next 30 minutes. alameda getting hit hard with that rain. that would keep that rain going here in walnut creek certainly through the next 30 to 45 minutes. and then off to the south, san jose starting to see things pick up and then there you can see that heavy, heavy rainfall right there through the santa cruz mountains. look at these totals. right on target, but pretty phenomenal. for 36 hours we've seen 9.97 inches at mt. tam, 7 to 10 inches in the santa cruz mountains. we have more rain chances
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heads headed our way. it's still raining and cleanup crews are on the job. this is just the beginning of a long week for those cruise. let's bring in stephanie who joins us now in hoof moon bay. stephanie, what kind of damage are you seeing there so far? >> reporter: i'm outside two buildings right now or two businesses that had to close their doors this morning because of flooding in half moon way. they tell me it was because of this creek that was clogged up with debris, which sent water rushing onto this parking lot and then into the businesses. >> it looked like a river you said? >> it looked like a river, yes. >> every square inch of our floor got flooded with water. >> reporter: employees and customers at san mateo credit union are describing the moment this building turned into a ponding after water from a nearby creek invaded several businesses in half moon bay. >> we've got our crews here now drying it out. we're doing everything we can to
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get this branch open again by wednesday. >> reporter: right next door at compass, sarah chapman said she was headed to the kitchen when she started walking through puddles. >> it spread really quickly from that back door area up through basically a full third of our office is now just soaked. >> reporter: chapman says she immediately turned off the electricity and started evacuating offices. at least one person totaled their car while trying to get out of a flooded parking lot. >> it was just stressful more than scared. >> i think it could have been a lot worse if the fire department hadn't got here and helped us out. >> reporter: the week's first atmospheric river lived up to the hype. cal fire crews say they rescued two people who got stuck in floodwater in highway 92, an area partially closed until further notice. dozens of other neighborhoods and roads in san mateo county are also awash in rising water and fallen trees, including this
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point in half moon bay and pescadero road. these businesses say they will be placing sandbags around the business just to keep it -- or to minimize any sort of damage and they have plans to work with state and county crews to make sure this creek is cleaned up before the next round of rain. >> stephanie, thank you. let's go to the south bay now. nearly nonstop rain turning streets into creeks. take a look. dozens of streets flooded in los gatos and it caught a lot of drivers by surprise. the storm also overwhelming storm drains and creating little mini water falls. high winds managed to topple trees. this toppled tree landed on a home in felton. thankfully the people inside were not hurt. as this rain continues to fall, the problems are piling up. >> we have a pool that's
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overflowing. we have two -- we lost two huge branches in front of our house. our gutters are filled. >> be careful, check your property here. the rain also caused a few mudslides in los gatos. if you live near the hillside, keep an eye out for mudslides and have a plan for getting out in a hurry if necessary. in san francisco it was weather whiplash. first torrential downpours and then beautiful, blue skies. scott budman spent the day in the city. what's it look like now, except dark? >> reporter: it's dark and is raining a bit as it has for most of the day, but like you said, for a few hours earlier this afternoon, it cleared up and people were able to get outside before the next rounding of rain. on the sidewalks and on the roads, san francisco was slicker than usual today. >> we like when it rains because we need rain. >> reporter: but they worked through it, even finding a
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rainbow. >> yes, i try to go every day just because it's a good feeling to have. >> in the rain? >> yeah, i've got to be more careful, though, because wet floor. >> reporter: a tree branch down along vallejo street snarled traffic in the morning. and sandbags. >> when they get hit, they get heavy. >> reporter: because this much rain usually ends with flooding. >> the water flows from twin peaks down here to the bay. so when the sewer line slows down, water builds up a little bit. sometimes it actually comes out of the manholes. >> reporter: but around midday, a bit of a break of the and for a while, a glorious san francisco day. >> yeah, it was super gloomy. we thought we were going to be stuck inside all day but the sun broke so we were able to take him out for a little walk. >> reporter: until, here comes the rain again. >> i walked over here when the sky was blue and so i work right
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down market street, so i'm just going to run. >> reporter: and that second band of rain has been with us for most of the afternoon and evening. by the way, we checked over on 17th street a couple of hours ago, no flooding there yet. live in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that is good to hear. thank you, scott. lots of you sent us pictures of what the storm looks like in your neighborhood. hannah o. shared this picture. aaron sheed shared this picture. you can see a rainbow back there in a san jose neighborhood. and raj sitting next to me shot this. >> this is after dropping off the kids at school. >> yes. a nice rainbow, right? los altos. so if you have something you want to share with us, send it to us. email us or tag us on social media on all of our platforms. our other headlines on this monday evening, a massive
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operation may help slow the rash of catalytic converter thefts. police have nabbed more than a dozen suspects, hundreds of stolen catalytic converters and shut down shops where those stolen car parts were being resold. damian trujillo has the exclusive story. >> reporter: 15 people were arrested in this extensive operation, and police say there are many more out there, and they vow to go after all of them. surveillance pictures from across the country show just how big an issue this has become. thieves stealing catalytic converters from parked cars. the crime takes seconds and leaves drivers with thousands of dollars in damage. it happened to michael of san jose a few weeks ago. michael didn't notice the crime until he started his prius. >> it was making an amazing noise. the noise was unbelievably loud. our car, which is a toyota prius, sounded like a tank. >> reporter: police released these pictures relating to operation cat scratch fever.
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they show hundreds of confiscated catalytic converters that investigators say were cut from vehicles across the bay area. during the six-month operation, police also confiscated armor-piercing bullets and a lot of tools. police also arrested 15 people in what they call an organized crime ring and they are not done yet. >> this is not the conclusion. if you're out participating in this activity, we're going to be looking for you. if you're a business buying these illicitly, we are going to target you and we are going to shut you down. >> reporter: with the help of the d.a.'s office, police say they also shut down libra automotive parts, tongue tie recycling and green meadows recycling. police say all were in on the thefts and created a place where thieves could sell their stolen parts. >> without these buyers, these sellers have nowhere to go with them. >> from january to november of this year, police say catalytic converter thefts jumped a whopping 66% with more than 1,000 stolen this year alone. sources say thieves get paid
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roughly $200 for each one they steal, while victims are paying two to $3,000 to replace them. >> you can't let these kind of people expanding their business. >> reporter: michael says he's lucky his insurance covered his $2,000 mechanics bill but he had to wait three months for the repair because so many people needed the same fix. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. up next, an off-duty police officer steps in when a man tries to rob a restaurant where he's eating. how the confrontation in contra costa turned deadly. and deadline day for b.a.r.t. workers. what happens to the ones who don't get vaxxed. and storm ranger shows the rainfall coming down now. plus a check on the sierra snow in about eight minutes.
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vaxxedvaxxed. . an off-duty officer's trip to a restaurant turned into a deadly shooting. a man in a black hoodie walked in with a gun, demanding money from the register. the contra costa county sheriff's office says an off-duty uc berkeley police
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sergeant who was eating inside at the time noticed what was going on. he confronted and ultimately shot the thief. investigators say the victim, 29-year-old died at the hospital. >> i think it's awesome that he was there where he needed to be when he needed to be there. that doesn't happen often enough. >> reporter:. >> the officer is on paid administrative leave. the officer is not being identified. it's official, all of california is being asked to mask up yet again. beginning this wednesday the state is requiring masks in all indoor public places regardless of vaccination status. that means even inside health clubs and other fitness facilities. state leaders hope it will slow the spread of the delta and omicron variants. most counties never lifted its indoor mask mandate so it's not
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a big change for many of us. but this will be in effect wednesday through at least mid-january. the decision was made because covid cases are up 47% from this time three weeks ago. hospitalizations are also up 14% statewide. okay, time's up. b.a.r.t. employees must have at least one shot of the covid vaccine by today or possibly be fired. all b.a.r.t. workers must be vaccinated unless they have a valid medical or religious exemption. as of last friday 91% of nearly -- of its nearly 4,000 workers were vaccinated but that number is expected to be higher following the weekend. if the employee gets their first dose by today they can still work while they wait to get their second dose. for those who refuse to get vaccinated, they'll be placed on administrative leave beginning tomorrow. then their termination process begins. that involves a hearing. that hearing would be cancelled if the employee gets vaccinated before it. it's a good thing. it's always a good thing.
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it's supposed to save lives. >> and make life more better for everyone. until we stop losing all these young people, old people, middle aged and everything will be safe again. >> b.a.r.t. does not believe there will be any interruption in service because it can cover any employee shortcomings with overtime. jeff, let's talk more about the next 24 hours. >> i really see this starting to break up as we head through tomorrow, but over the next eight hours we have these heavier pockets of rain that are lingering with us. that's why we're still under this microclimate weather alert as the atmospheric river continues to slam the bay area. you can see these heavier pockets moving across so let's put a track on it. the first zone is right here over oakland. we just under went some heavy, heavy rainfall in concord and walnut creek the next 30 minutes. moving off to the south, the peninsula has been hit hard
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right around portola valley. you see that heavy rain that. it's picking up in san jose and there's a lot of rainfall offshore that's just going to continue to move in tonight. okay, there's even more stuff we're tracking, some low snow starting out here near cobb, also in the mountains surrounding ukiah. by tomorrow morning check it out, some snow over highway 17 at the summit and also mount hamilton. a lot of snow up in the sierra. rob, this is much needed but treacherous tonight. >> all of it good news for our water reserves. that snowpack which has been mostly act is building up big-time at this hour. you can see that snow there. we're going to transition now to the camera view. look how the snow is weighing down on those trees. the snow is really starting to pile up.
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33 degrees now at the south shore of lake tahoe. we've seen 16 to 24 inches of snow at the uc berkeley snow lab, as they continue to monitor conditions. closing in on 2 feet of snow so far. on top of that, another 5 to 6 feet of snow coming down. so that's great news. saturday the statewide snowpack was only 19% of average. as of today before the big snow arrived we're up to 35%. so hopes are for the central sierra this could push us closer to the seasonal averages as heavy snow continues and more rain continues around the bay area as well. jeff. >> thank you so much, rob. when we get those first snowpack numbers coming in in just a couple of weeks, we could definitely be doing really, really good. as we head through tonight we still have rainfall with us, but by tomorrow morning it starts to break up. still be ready for some showers here at 7:00 in the morning. then by the afternoon we get some sun coming back in with
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just a slight chance of a spotty shower. tomorrow morning check it out, it is chilly, lots of 40s through the bay area. got to wear the layers, keep that jacket handy. 46 in san francisco, 40 in the north bay. and look at these daytime highs. this is it. 49 in santa rosa. you're really not warming up a whole lot from this morning's temperatures. 50 in martinez, 49 livermore, low 50s san jose over to palo alto. we'll get a break in here but it does look like once we hit wednesday night here comes another rounding of rainfall that would continue into thursday morning. totals on that system, a quarter to about three-quarters of an inch. quarter inch in the south bay, a half to three-quarters elsewhere. on my seven-day forecast, again, i said we get a break in here. friday, saturday and sunday, and then it could get really interesting. once we hit next monday, another system moves in and this could actually stall out for four days over the bay area next week.
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definitely bringing us a couple of inches of rainfall. we'll of course know more as we get closer, but this is a very, very active weather pattern. thankfully we have that break friday, saturday and sunday. >> luckily so we can dry out just a little bit. >> thanks, jeff. up next, heading into the holidays with a short supply. the reason blood donations are sorely needed again this time of year. enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪♪♪ our nation's blood supply is down to dangerously low levels. the american red cross provides 40% of the country's blood. the agency says we're heading into the holidays with the lowest blood supply in more than a decade. as a result, hospitals are cancelling elective surgeries. the pandemic is partly to blame, but there have been fewer blood drives in the bay area, a 48% drop in new donors compared to a year ago. >> it's very, very safe. we're socially distanced. everybody has masks on. our folks are vaccinated. it is a very, very safe process.
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>> so to get you to participate, the red cross is now offering $10 amazon gift cards and free t-shirts as an incentive. to see how and where to donate just check out our website, it's been released, "time" magazine's person of the year is also the wealthiest man who's ever lived. elon musk made the magazine cover for 2021. "time's" editor in chief was on the "today" show saying muchk is reshaping life on earth and possibly life off earth as well. this year alone spacex made history by completing the first mission to space with an all civilian crew. also nasa chose spacex to build the next generation lunar lander and they are developing a human robot with artificial intelligence. up next, our weather coverage continues. we'll tell you where the flooding closed a highway in the bay area.
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it's worth reminding everyone here, driving during this storm can be dangerous, especially when the roads can go quickly from wet to flooded in a matter of minutes. >> sometimes you just don't have the visibility. caltrans closed part of highway 92 near skyline boulevard in san mateo county because of flooding. look how deep it is. firefighters had to help two people trapped in their cars near half moon bay. a car can be swept off the road
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in just a few inches of water. the eastbound lane of 92 has since reopened but the westbound lane, that one is still shut down. >> be careful out there. tonight coming up on our 7:00 newscast, more details about that suspicious death at the tesla factory in fremont. and we'll check in with how much snow these storms are generating in the sierra. those conversations and more at 7:00. up next on nightly news, lester is in kentucky speaking to survivors of those devastating tornados, including an 80-year-old man whose home was demolished. he was trapped inside until a neighbor he had never met rescued him. lester joins us right now from mayfield, kentucky. tonight, our special coverage the frantic search for survivors after the deadly tornado outbreak here in kentucky new images of the devastation after some 60 reported tornadoes ripped across nine states dozens killed and more than 100 are still unaccounted for in
6:30 pm
kentucky alone rescuers scouring the rubble, the damage stretching er 200 miles. a candle factory destroyed as employees work late to fill christmas orders inside the hospital with survivors speaking out, saying they were told to keep working after the first storm alarm. the terrifying moments workers fall into a vat of oil as they scramble for shelter the amazon collapsed warehouse that killed six. the federal investigation launched into the site stunning before and after images inside the small town where everybody has been effected by tragedy. our team is all across the disaster zone. grim milestones, the u.s. surpassing 800,000 covid deaths, 50 million cases as the nation faces a possible winter surge and critical vote by the january 6th committee on holding former trump chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress the email meadows sent


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