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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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of the bay area. and heavy rain continues on storm ranger right now. we'll show you when this moves out and how much more is ahead. also plenty of white stuff. a lot of snow in the sierra from lake tahoe to the bay area. we'll show you how people are getting ready to hit the slopes. plus. >> i think at this point everybody is fed up and i think it's about time everybody's fed up. >> masks for everyone again. no matter where you live. yep, the masks are back. the new rules the state just announced to flatten the jump in covid cases. good evening. that atmospheric river still soaking the bay area. it's been 24 hours since it started and it's not letting up. we are in a micro climate weather alert. here's a live look from our cameras, slick dangerous conditions. >> small communities and towns getting hammered.
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flooding remains a threat and evacuation warnings remain in effect. the peninsula also being hit hard. the clean-up continues there. one update tonight. highway 92 finally reopened after flooding shut it down for about ten hours. >> our nbc bay storm ranger atop san bruno mountains waiting for the next one to come on in. our team of reporters and meteorologists are in place. let's begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, lets talk about those trouble spots. >> the number one spot continues to be the santa cruz mountains. i did want to let you know in case you're looking at your phones and seeing some of these alerts expire. the flash flood watches and warnings across the bay area have expired. we're in the last few hours of this widespread heavy rainfall. you still cannot let your guard down especially in the cruz mountains. let's show you storm ranger doppler radar. you can see in the yellow heavier pockets of rain, we have those over portions of the bay and the santa cruz mountains. we'll get in closer.
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this is moving off to the north and east. keeping it wet in san rafael in the next 30 to 40 minutes. off to the south, san jose picking up on some heavier pockets. you can see it right here, and that will be continuing certainly through the next several hours. now, as we get a wider loop, i want you to see this as we loop this over the past hour. there is plenty of moisture out here. that's going to keep moving into the south bay. rainfall totals, look at this. mount tam, 10.75 inches. santa cruz mountains 7 to 10. a lot of the lower elevations from santa cruz down to orinda, anywhere from 3 to 4 inches. a little bit less from pleasanton to gilroy. but still some very healthy numbers. and look at this snow tonight into thursday. 3 to 5 feet additional snow coming our way. we have full looks of the storm system and more rain on the way in about 18 minutes. >> we'll see you, jeff. it's a double whammy in the santa cruz mountains. the rain can lead to mudslides
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because of the burn scars from last year's fire. it's a tense moment. ian cull is on bear creek road in los gatos with the latest. ian. >> reporter: raj, as jeff was pointing out, some areas getting up to 10 inches of rain during the storm. many residents are keeping a close eye on a river that is nearing flood stage. even though they're under an evacuation order, not an order, but a warning, many say they're sticking around. the san lorenzo river that's usually knee deep along this section of paradise park has gone from 2 feet to 16 feet today swollen from the rain. jacquie randle has lived here for decades. >> it's what we do in paradise park, check out the neighbors, see if anybody needs help lifting anything from the flood zone area. >> reporter: she said the flooding four years ago were worst. the area is prone and they expect it overnight.
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>> these bottom areas are considered mud rooms, if you will. if you have something valuable, you don't put it on your first floor. >> reporter: still she says many people will stay home. the rain also leading to treacherous driving conditions along highway 17 and 9 in the santa cruz mountains, pouring all night. clean-up crews constantly in motion, clearing debris. the cal fire czu unit tweeting this picture of ice cream grade blocked by a boulder that tumbled down the hill side. and in boulder creek, some who live in the evacuation warning zone tonight say after leaving twice before from debris floes from the czu burn scar area will stay around. >> we're going to ride it out. we've been evacuated. we don't want to get hotels again after the evacuations of the fire and all that. >> reporter: back out here live on highway 17, it has been
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mostly wreck free over the past few hours. however, just about 15 minutes ago we got an update that there have been two recent crashes. southbound 17 including one rollover. so if you have to go on the roads tonight, be careful out there. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> you go get dry. lots of repairs to do on the peninsula. heavy rain led to flooded roads. businesses and homes along the coast. nbc bay area's jean elle continues our coverage from half moon bay. >> all in front of the house was like a pool. and when i was trying to get like a shovel, like, the water was going into my boots. so it reached to my knee. >> reporter: sand bags surround her half moon bay home tonight. she's not taking any chances after spending the day working to keep family members dugout a claw to city drain that sent water from her property into her garage. >> this high in the garage.
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so our treadmill that we just bought, gone. our dryer, gone. >> reporter: some businesses in half moon bay couldn't keep rising water out when a creek jumped its banks. the san mateo credit union had to close. >> every square inch of our floor is flooded. >> reporter: roads flooded, too. cal fire said it had to rescue two drivers trapped on 92 this morning. cal trans is here on 92. it's been closed most of the day. crews right now are trying to clear mud and water from the road to get it reopen. the closure had drivers taking the long way around through pau -- pacifica to get to half moon bay. jean elle, nbc bay area news. the trouble kept coming. check it out. sky ranger overhead. good news is no one hurt and the mess was cleared around 5:00. a warning from first responders, though. water may be deeper than it
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looks. this is video out of hillsborough. firefighters say they were called to a home there. had to rescue a person from that rising water. best thing that could happen to lake tahoe is this, snow. this is a live look now at one of our traffic cams on highway 50. ski season is ago. our cheryl hurd is going to show us how much snow is falling and what that means for your favorite resorts. >> and make sure you download our nbc bay area app. you'll get minute by minute updates where the storm is headed. you can track our live radar right on your phone so you'll know when the rain is going to be in your neighborhood. new at 11:00 tonight, a homicide at the tesla factory in fremont. police confirm for us tonight that what they initially called the suspicious death is now officially a homicide. this is what we know. around 3:30 this afternoon, the fremont fire department responded to a person down in the parking lot. firefighters tried to revive that person, but that person died. police have not identified the
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victim or said how they were killed. all right. here we go again. starting this wednesday, the state will once again require masks in all indoor public places regardless of vaccination status. this is to slow the recent covid spike. many business owners see it as a guaranteed way to slow their progress. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney reports from bay area marin county. >> reporter: at the sausalito fitness club they feel like it's one step forward, two steps back and covid is the blame. >> i can't lie about my emotions right now. i am heavily disappointed. this is going to affect, it hurt business once again. i'm going to abide by it, but i'm not the biggest fan at all. >> reporter: california's health secretary says come wednesday masks will be required in restaurants, gyms, bars and retail stores like they were six weeks ago. the move is in response to a 47% increase in covid cases over the past three weeks, a 14% spike in
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hospitalizations, and the spread of the delta and omicron variants. >> we don't want to lockdown any more. let's try this on a unl form basis to stem the tied. >> reporter: while some have mask mandates, marin, contra costa are among those who have loosened theirs. it is getting mixed reviews. >> you can be a carrier. it's a safety precaution. if it's the law we'll follow it. >> i'm not a fan of it, but i'm a rule follower. so at this point it is what it is. we've already done it for so long. i'm not opposed to doing it again. >> reporter: also anyone going to a large concert or sporting event will have to show proof of vaccination. another option, a negative result from a rapid test within 24 hours of the event or a negative pcr testf the event. health leaders are also encouraging anyone traveling to
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california to get a covid test within three to five days after arriving regardless of vaccination status. the mask mandate will be in effect for at least 30 days. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. >> okay. time's up. deadline day for bart's nearly 4,000 workers. all employees now required to have at least one shot of the covid vaccine or risk being fired as of last -- risk being fired. as of last friday, 91% of workers were vaccinated. we don't know what that number is tonight, though. if they got their first dose today they can wait while they get their second dose. anyone who refuses to be vaccinated will be placed on adds miff leave tomorrow. it involves a hearing. that can be canceled if the employee is vaccinated before that meeting comes up. an off duty uc berkeley police officer had a deadly encounter at nation's hamburgers. it happened just before noon yesterday at the nations in san
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pablo. today we obtained new surveillance video. employees tell us this man in the black hoodie walked in with a gun and demanded the money in the register. the sheriff's deputy said the off duty officer eating inside saw what was going on. he confronted and ultimately shot the man. the suspect died at the hospital. a spokesperson for u.c. berkeley said the officer is on paid administrative leave and the department is cooperation well investigation. the california department of justice will investigate an officer involved shooting that ended wake up suspect being killed last friday afternoon. this is part of the breaking news. antioch police got a call of a man with a rifle shooting at cars and homes. officers say the suspect then barricaded himself in a home for hours. he started a fire in the garage and shortly after tried leaving that property. he was then shot by s.w.a.t. officers. contempt of congress, that's what the congressional committee investigating the january 6 riot
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at the u.s. capitol is recommending for former white house chief of staff mark meadows. meadows is refusing to answer questions about that attack on the capitol. the bipartisan panel voted unanimously to send the measure to the full house. the house could vote to ask the justice department to prosecute meadows, and that could happen as soon as tomorrow. a committee report alleges that meadows was trying to help president trump reverse his election defeat. it also alleges that meadows sent an email on january 5th saying national guard troops would keep trump supporters safe the next day. we have some late night warriors news. not only is steph curry on hold, the record he's chasing, but so is the entire warriors team. they're stuck in indiana. >> machine cann cal issue. after a comeback victory over the pacers, they were supposed to fly to new york. they have a game against the knicks 4:30 pacific time. their plane had a mechanical
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issue. they are grounded in indianapolis. they will fly to new york in the morning and play the knicks in the evening. steph curry needs two more three-pointers to break the all-time record. we're back in 60 seconds. ahead, where is she tonight? the search for a peninsula woman who just disappeared during a trip to the city. also new video of a rescue at sea. the coast guard swooping in to save two people stuck in a sailboat. and that rain continues on storm ranger. you can see it right here over the south bay. a look at when this storm gets out of here, plus what these big rain numbers have meant for the rainfall season. i've got that for you in about six minutes.
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we're following a developing story at this hour. a strange disappearance of a woman in san francisco. her family and friends are asking for your help. her name is nakita nu.
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she's been missing two days now. she was last seen saturday afternoon at the potrero stage on 18th street. she went there with a group of friends to see a musical. but she forgot her phone which had a picture of her vaccination card on it, and she needed that to get in. >> she told her group of friends that she would just go for a walk while they watched the performance, and then she would meet them back at the theater. but unfortunately when the performance was over and they came out, she didn't come back. >> friends say she was wearing shorts and carrying a bright-colored backpack. nikita nu is 28 years old, lived in san mateo. if you have any information, you are urged to contact san francisco police. well, a father and daughter stranded at sea in the middle of a storm are back on solid ground tonight. and it's thanks to the coast guard. happened last night two miles off the coast of daly city. the dad and the daughter were drifting on a broken down sailboat. they called for help.
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ultimately the coast guard sent a rescue team and helicopter. what you're looking at now is the helicopter hoisting up the dad and his daughter in a rescue basket. coast guard members say they were happy to successfully bring the two back home just before the holidays. one of the bay area's best-known couples of wants to make sure it's an extra special christmas for some of the unsung heroes. today marks the beginning of the 12 days of christmas with the currys. this is video posted to twitter by the curry foundation. eat, learn, play. steph, ayesha and their eat learn play foundation will spend every day the next two weeks surprising kids, families and hometown heroes in oakland with everything from swag to megadonations. now, the effort begins today with an epic surprise for four oakland teachers who have gone above and beyond to make literacy a priority in their classrooms. all four were told they were going to meet with mayor schaffe in oakland to discuss funding needs for their projects. then steph dropped in with a
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little something extra. he told them he plans to fund all of their classroom literacy projects and more. >> we all want to see is, you know, realize their full potential in life and literacy is the first step towards that. so we are happy to contribute up to a million dollars in donor -- >> whoa. >> that's pretty cool. post pandemic numbers show less than 16% of black students and less than 13% of hispanic students in oakland elementary schools are currently reading at grade level. this is the ninth year for the christmas with the currys program. stay with us over the next few days as we highlight their christmas surprises. okay, not christmas yet, but tahoe is getting the ultimate gift. lots of snow, and they need it. been a tough year for them with the caldor fire, and not having enough snow. but now things are changing. and it's go-time for you to get your gear.
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nbc bay area's cheryl hurd checks it out. >> reporter: this is what the lake tahoe region has been waiting for, lots of snow falling overnight. and more is coming. the heaviest expected tonight. >> we've seen anywhere between 5 and 7 inches around the lake, on the west shore, south shore and up on the north shore. at the beaches you were just mentioning, we've seen feet of snow and in the next 12 hours we're probably going to see 2 to 3 feet more. not just great news for the resort operators around the sierra. >> reporter: most of the resorts open. all of them may be open by this weekend. >> we had that appetizer in october when we saw 54 inches. this is what's going to open up the resorts anywhere between probably 75 to 100% by this weekend, because we have another system right behind this one. >> reporter: that's good news for the california ski company in berkeley. >> we do custom boot fitting here, and we have been slammed. people have been really excited to get up to the mountains. >> reporter: they've been in
11:19 pm
business here since 1989. >> there's a lot of pent up demand that, you know, people have been inside for a long time. they're ready to get outside and, you know, enjoy the weather and the skiing. >> reporter: the past two years with the lack of rain and covid has been tough on business. the challenge now has been staying open. loyal customers like carlos roman and his son david are helping to keep the ski business alive. >> i'm really excited, especially considering that it's kind of like a late start like last year with the amount of snow coming now, i'm really excited to go. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. okay, there's a lot of people excited. >> ooh. >> yes. >> jeff ranieri talking about the rain and the snow, jeff. >> so much. you know, rainfall, those numbers are coming in and some big bay area numbers. we have been adding up. we had that october storm, that was historic. of course, now this atmospheric river, we have now seen more rainfall since october the 1st
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when the rain season started than we have for all of last year's rain season for many cities in the bay area, just phenomenal. look at this in santa rosa. since october 1st, 16.56 inches. all of the last year only 12.86. last year, in oakland, san francisco and concord, we have some catching up to do in san jose. but we're definitely going to add to that certainly as we head through the next ten days. yes, more rain chances coming our way. so let's get you into storm ranger, mobile doppler radar. the bulk of the very heaviest rain is now pushing to the south of us, so we're on the last leg of this widespread rainfall, but still some heavier pockets here that will keep it wet, certainly after midnight. into concord, right back to clayton, antioch and pittsburgh, down to the south, heavier rain over the santa cruz mountains, that's going to continue through midnight as well. as we push ahead towards tomorrow morning, i want you to see this. most of that rainfall once again starts to break up.
11:21 pm
there is a little bit of this yellow showing up. some heavier pockets we could see at 8:30 in the morning. with some cold air in place, we definitely might have some very small hail, even some snow over mount hamilton and the highway 17 summit. take some extra time. take it slow. maybe work at home if your employer lets you do that. as we roll through the afternoon, we get some sunshine back and those shower chances decreasing. let's get into tomorrow morning's temperatures. you can see again starting it off chilly, we have 40s on the way. keep the umbrella and that jacket handy. got you down in san francisco here to 46. very slick on the bridges if you're commuting into the city. and the north bay at 40. daytime highs don't warm up really much at all. this is one of the coldest days in recent be memories. only 49 in morgan hill. 51 san jose. for the daytime high. 50 in martinez and 49 here in santa rosa. now, there's more rain on the way as well. wednesday night into thursday
11:22 pm
morning, we get another hit. this definitely doesn't look nearly as strong. we'll see anywhere from a quarter to 1 inch, quarter for the south bay. everywhere else looking at a half to 1 inch. on the seven-day forecast we do get a break. saturday, sunday, dry weather. next monday another storm system. the way it looks now, it could actually stall out for four days next week giving us a couple inches of rainfall. i will let you know as we get closer on those totals, but looks like a very active pattern. not only the next seven days, but into the next ten days. so thankful for that break friday, saturday and sunday. >> he saves it for the weekend. >> yes. very good timing, i have to say. >> i do what i can. >> very well done. >> thanks, jeff. happening now, the air force is dropping 27 service members for refusing the covid vaccine. all were in their first term of enlistment. as of last week, about 97% of active duty air force have gotten at least one shot.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. well, a major catalytic converter theftery. and san jose police say they have managed to break it up. the results of a six-month operation dubbed operation cat scratch thief. they recovered a thousand catalytic converters, guns with armor piercing bullets and $50,000 in cash. >> this is not the conclusion. if you're out participating in this activity, we're going to be looking for you. if you're a business buying these illicitly, we are going to target you and we are going to shut you down. >> with the help of the d.a.'s
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office, they were able to shutdown three south bay companies tied to the scheme. they say the operation involved help from san mateo and sacramento county sheriffs. our investigative unit has covered this extensively. that includes a way to protect your car from the thieves. you can check it out at nbc bay area's youtube channel. just click on our how-to playlist. not just mechanical issues. we'll also hear from steph curry about the record he's chasing and an interesting note from the 49ers tonight. stay with us. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive
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okay. this is like a plot twist. it just adds to the drama, to the suspense. it changes everything. the warriors grounded in indianapolis because of mechanical issue with the team on their team plane. so now they have to stay, and the tension ramps up. >> you're getting really into this. here's the plan. wake up tomorrow morning in indianapolis. >> and play the same day. >> then fly to new york. yes, play the knicks tomorrow night. >> that's nerve-racking. >> staying at the four seasons. >> a little less stress. >> before the mechanical issues, the warriors beat the pacers. hello, steph curry. you know the deal.
11:30 pm
he needs seven three-pointers. they win 107-100. he needs two more to break the nba record. no bigger stage tomorrow night, madison square garden in new york city. >> when you knock on the doorstep, it's pretty surreal, but it's also -- just let it happen. it's one thing i learned in the last three games. keep playing basketball, keep taking shots. >> one to tie, two to break it. monday night football in arizona, cardinals and the rams, this game is of big interest to the 49ers because it will probably help determine who the niners will play in the playoffs if they make it. l.a.'s offense looking sharp. matthew stafford, three touchdown passes including this beauty. rams win 30-23. the 49ers still in playoff contention, holding onto a wild card spot. it's good news. >> yeah. we're back.
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11:34 pm
the storm system is moving off towards the south. i think as we head to tomorrow morning this breaks up. we'll have isolated pockets before the commute. sunshine does start to return. there is another chance of rain coming our way wednesday night into thursday morning. a quarter to 1 inch. dry weather friday, saturday and sunday. and then additional storms, it looks like, as we roll through next week. so it's what we've been asking for. thankfully we'll get this break in here. it's been a wild past 48 hours, guys. >> certainly has. really important to be really careful out there and tomorrow morning. >> be careful out there on that tuesday morning commute. thank you, jeff. have a good night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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