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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  December 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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texted mr. meadows, quote, he's got to condemn this [ bleep ] asap. >> the text messages taking center stage in the investigation over the january 6th capitol insurrection. plus, stories of her heroism from kentucky. the 13-year-old boy who saved his 6-month-old baby brother from harm's way. and paying the price for taking kickback. the former netflix executive heading to prison and paying a large fine.
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>> if passed in the house, the justice department will ultimately decide whether to file criminal charges against meadows. chris pollone, nbc news, washington. >> let's get more perspective on this and bring in our political analyst, larry gerston. thanks for being here. house democrats seem almost relentless in their effort to bring mark meadows before the january 6th select committee.
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do they believe he has key information? >> well, i tell you this much. they think the president knows an awful lot, and meadows, no one is closer to the president than mark meadows. mark meadows knows what the president was doing ahead of time, during the event itself, and afterwards. there are so many questions about what happened, how, who was behind it all. meadows is the guy, the key to so much information. that's why they couldn't pounding on getting mark meadows. they think he can open up a lot of doors in explaining so much of what went on around the event, before the event. >> meadows accuses the committee of being on a witch hunt. does he have a point, saying i have given you all i got? >> well, look. he hasn't given the committee all he's got. he's given the committee all he thinks he has to give them. there's this whole executive privilege claim out there. he's claiming that because
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president trump is using that claim, that he, meadows, has to be stuck. he can't do anything about it other than things outside of what the president would want him to do. now, that's a very dubious thing. that ultimately is going before the courts if in fact the attorney general allows it to go before the courts. so you put this all together, and yes, if you're meadows' people, you're saying, hey, he's done a lot. leave him alone. if you're the committee, you're saying, hey, we need context. we need to know more about the documents, about the player in the documents. as far as they're concerned, there's a lot longer way to go. >> like you said, a long ways to go. in 2022, the republicans can take over the house. how likely it is meadows would even appear before the committee, the january 6th committee? >> yeah, the clock is ticking on this. there's no question about that. we know to the extent that the courts can just take so long to handle these kinds of issues that the time could go by before
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november 2022 is here, and kaboom, that's it. it's over. so there is this pressure. so on the one hand, yeah, he may be able to run out the clock. on the other hand, the longer it goes with these battles, you know, the committee versus mark meadows and other people, the more the committee releases information, the more they can take all the time in the world to making their case before the people, even up to and including election of november 2022, so it's in the interest of both to settle the issue one way or the other, but on the other hand, if they don't, someone is going to win big, someone is going to lose big. a lot is going to unfold in the next few months. >> larry, how is the case different from steve bannon's? >> that's a good question, janelle. it's a good question. look, bannon did not work in the administration. after 2017, he had nothing to do with the administration. so this idea of claiming executive privilege, you know,
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under the wrap of president trump, just doesn't carry. that's what the court are going to say. in the case of mark meadows, it's a bit more blurry. he was chief of staff up until the very end, for all those months, years. so the question then becomes, what parts of meadows can go before the committee? what parts if any can be kept from the committee, and that's the kind of thing that the courts will spend a lot of time on. frankly, it's hard to imagine this would get settled before the end of this congressional term. >> okay, we'll have to see what happens. dr. larry gerston, thanks for your time. >> a grim reality for many families. the death toll has risen to nearly 90 people after those tornadoes ripped through six states last friday. dozens of people remain missing as the national guard sifts through the rubble. neighbors and volunteers from across the country have now flocked to mayfield, kentucky, and other communities leveled by the twisters. we do have stories of heroism that are emerging like that of
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13-year-old gage evans. he led his brothers to safety in a storm cellar. >> nothing was stopping me. i said i'm going to get them, nothing is going to stop me. >> everyone must stay focused and stick together. don't get lost in the negativity. we have to stick together right now. >> so far, the youngest storm victim was just 2 months old. the oldest was 98. >> as we close in on two years since the first official case of covid was identified in the u.s., today is the one-year anniversary when we first had that chance to fight back against the virus. a year ago today, the first covid vaccine doses were given in california. secretary of health and human services for california marked the anniversary at a vaccine clinic in l.a. he continues to emphasize that all eligible californians get the shot or a booster. he also spoke about the mask mandate returning tomorrow. >> we know we're at a place in
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this pandemic where people are tired, they're exhausted. they feel like they should get to decide for themselves, and we hope people are very empowered with deciding to wear the masks. and we know it's not going to be perfect. >> the doctor adds the state isn't focusing on penalties for those not following the mask mandate. rather he hopes people will just wear their masks at least until we learn more about the omicron variant, and we just need to get through the holidays. >> former netflix executive has been sentenced to 30 months in fral prison. in april, michael kyle was convicted on 28 counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. he was basically running a pay-to-play in which tech start-ups had to bribe him to get netflix contracts. kyle was ordered to forfeit $700,000 and pay a $50,000 fine. he lives in los gatos. he was the vice president of i.t. operations for netflix from
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2011 to 2014. >> disgraced football star o.j. simpson is a completely free man now after being granted an early parole in nevada. the 74-year-old simpson who grew up in san francisco had been on parole since 2017 and had a few months to go. last month, the nevada parole board decided to grant him an early discharge for good behavior. simpson served nine years in state prison there in nevada for his conviction on 12 counts in a 2007 robbery case in las vegas. >> new government figures show inflation getting worse. the producer price index, a measure of what manufacturers charge wholesalers for their products, is up 9.6% year over year. most of that, the cost of energy and food. meanwhile, a meeting got under way to discuss what to do about inflation. our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew says worrying about inflation is the new focus for the fed. >> yes, we have talked about this before. the fed has two jobs, getting
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people back to work and fighting inflation. sometimes good jobs, good wages contribute to inflation. with covid, employment was the priority. now, it is definitely prices. jay powell, the head of the fed, has claimed inflation was transitory, but now indicating the central bank needs to do more. the wall street journal calls that change of mind the powell pivot, which i think is pretty good. remember, when you hear they're going to do something about inflation, that means possible pain ahead. we don't get anything for free. higher interest rates are ahead, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. one bit of good news, sort of, is energy prices have start today come down. they're coming down because omicron has economies slowing again. gas is all supply and demand, and demand is falling for now. back to you. >> okay. thanks so much, scott. and scott and the rest of our
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morning team, you can watch them every weekday. they have up to the minute business news. today in the bay goes from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. right here on nbc bay area. >> up next, moving graduates forward. we're going to take you to the first in-person ceremony at san jose state since the pandemic started. >> her rental car broke down on a road trip, then the rental company left her with extra expenses. i'm chris kimura. nbc bay area responds, next. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. windchill is making it feel like 35 in los gatos. 34 in concord. i'm back with your next chance of rain in about eight minutes.
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for the first time since 2019, san jose state graduates are walking across the stage to accept their diplomas in person. nbc bay area's kris sanchez shows us all of the pomp and circumstance. >> in all, san jose state will
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host 13 in-person graduation ceremonies this week. we got to attend the very first one, and even for someone who is not graduating, it was pretty emotional. it's about time, was the phrase of the day in the small group of the class of 2020 arrived to celebrate earning their college degrees. some of the graduates say though they finished their course work here at san jose state more than a year ago and they have been working in their field already, now, graduation feels real. >> i mean, it feels great to finally be with everybody in my family, and you know, seeing it, because it didn't feel like a real graduation at first. >> through the pandemic, there were virtual ceremonies, but nothing beats having the family here in person. >> they did a zoom, but it wasn't as exciting as seeing me cross the stage or, like, just a picture is not the same as all of this experience. >> san jose state president remarked on the graduates' resilience as the pandemic
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forced them to do the last of their course work virtually, but for some of the students, their resilience was born long ago. catherine estrada is the first of her cousins to graduate from college. >> i feel like this ceremony is really helping me, like, solidify the fact that my accomplishment. last year, it didn't feel like that. it felt like, i graduated, but now that i'm here, i'm about to sit down. i'm looking forward to walking. it feels so real. >> the ceremony for class of 2020 was small because some people have moved on, but also because some people were apprehensive about gathering in the time of covid. but everyone had to wear masks at all times, except for that all-important moment when they got their photos with their diplomas. students also had to preregister. they could not walk up same day, and every one of us had to show our proof of vaccination at the door. families say it was worth it. at san jose state, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> that's nice. >> yes.
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congratulations to all the grads. >> consumer news now. nbc bay area responds to a nightmare car rental for one of our viewers. >> our consumer investigator chris kimura and his team got the wheels turning for a refund. chris. >> gesa recently moved here from boston. she drove an enterprise rental car across country. well, in oklahoma, the car broke down. jessa said she had to pay out of pocket for towing the car, for a ride to an enterprise office for a replacement car and an unplanned hotel stay. all told, $247. she felt enterprise should reimburse her. but the company didn't. so she asked us for help. we asked enterprise to review her case. it did, and said thank you for bringing this to our attention. we have worked this out directly with our customer to insure she received the refund and apologize for this confusion. she then got a check for $247, exactly what she wanted. speaking of rental cars, before you rent your next one, check
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out our how-to video. we show you how to find discounts that might save you hundreds of dollars. all of our how-to videos are on our website, our streaming channels and our youtube page. just look for the how-to playlist. >> thank you, chris. very helpful. >> you want to see why people are so excited in lake tahoe? the snow. this is a car dealership right there, along 50 on the way to the south shore. covered in snow. as for the ski resorts, most will be fully opened by this weekend. >> we got that big storm in october, 3 1/2 feet on the upper mountains. since then, we really haven't seen much precipitation. it's a very dry, very warm november for us. we only got one beginner lift open right now. >> she says the newly renamed palisades tahoe resort got 20 inches of snow -- is that right, 20 inches? >> yeah. >> in one night. >> not bad. >> a lot of people will be
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heading to tahoe this weekend to ski and more. maybe even calling in sick on friday. >> what? >> i mean, not me. not me. >> i'm not going to be here on friday, but that was preplanned. >> oh, okay. all right. >> one of those. >> glad we clarified. >> is it safe to go to tahoe on friday, jeff? >> i think we're good. that is actually an excellent point. friday, saturday, a nice window to get on up there. kind of get hunkered down, because then we're going to get more activity as we head into next week. yes, super active pattern as we head through the next seven to ten days. a look at storm ranger, we'll be going to a few light spotty showers through the peninsula. nothing big, but watch out for slick spots on the roadways and a little bit of snow happening over mount hamilton at the kurpt hour. all eyes are turning to the next storm system. this is nothing like what we just went through. looks impressive, but we get the bottom edge moving in. look, everybody is going to get something, but we're not expecting totals of 3 to 6
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inches across the mountains. as we roll through tomorrow morning, we start out with cloud cover with that approaching storm system and down to 45 in the south bay. peninsula, 46, and tri-valley, 42, and we have lots of those 40s coming back as well for the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. and it's another day where temperatures stay chilly as we roll through the afternoon. 51, martinez, low 50s, santa rosa to san francisco. let's get you the rainfall information. as we head through tomorrow morning, 7:00, that storm system off to the north. once we hit 9:00 a.m., a few spotty showers over santa rosa. and then we'll get into some scattered rainfall at 5:00. and then as we roll through thursday morning, we'll eventually start to see this moving on out. totals with this, anywhere from a quarter to 1 inch. i see a rain shadow in the south bay, about a quarter inch in san jose. everywhere else, about a half to one inch.
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sierra snow stacking up. 18 in tahoe city. 21 there in kirkwood. the seven-day forecast has the break coming our way. friday and saturday, good day to maybe go up to tahoe. then as we hit sunday, we're kind of pushing things ahead a little bit here. we'll see a chance of rain by the afternoon and evening. it's ahead of the next storm system. this actually looks like it could stall out for four days next week. so we're talking about monday, tuesday, possibly into next wednesday and thursday. this is where we could get in on a couple more inches of rainfall returning to the bay. temperatures in sf in the 50s the next several days. if you have that heavier jacket, keep it out, and you'll see through the inland valleys, monning lows dropping back to the 30s friday, saturday, and sunday. look, this is the kind of weather we've got now where you go into that closet, near the front door, and find the heavier jacket. you usually wear when you go to the east coast. it's that kind of chill. >> it was sunshine today and it
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was 49 degrees where i was. running errands. >> jow to get those little hand warmers that you put in your pocket. >> i like those things. >> thanks. >> did this really happen? how do you turn a bobby pin into a house? >> yeah, a woman from san francisco shows us how she traded her way up. next. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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okay. we think it's for real. a huge day for a san francisco tiktok star who traded her way up from a bobby pin to a home. >> a year and a half of trading, a single bobby pin, until i get a house. and i have done it. >> that's the thing you put in your hair, a bobby pin? >> yes. >> this is 30-year-old demi skipper. she's been documenting her journey on tiktok. in may of last year, she offered up one hair pin for a trade on
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craigslist. it took only 28 trades to get her house in nashville, tennessee. i just don't get it. the last trade was a solar powered trailer in exchange for the home. she got the idea from the trades a man named kyle made in 2006 going from a red paper clip to a house. >> impossible. >> what are we doing wrong? >> i'm not creative enough. i don't even know what to trade first. that's great. >> okay, this is amazing. he did it. steph curry made history tonight. he was in tears. we're going to show you what happened, who was there. we'll take you to new york city. next. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing
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from the start, wiggins again. here's curry for the record. it's good! there it is. stephen curry, the all-time three-point king of the nba. >> this just happened tonight, and it was a special moment for steph curry. and really all basketball fans. with that shot and that hug there from his mom and dad, he becomes the all-time leader in three-pointers made. really the greatest shooter in nba history. this is in new york city at madison square garden, against the knicks. the game was stopped, an emotional curry hugging everyone in sight. including ray allen, the man who held the record until tonight. we'll have much more on steph curry's historic night on our
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7:00 p.m. newscast. >> that was such a great moment. we were just waiting for it, and it happened. >> let's talk about other great athletes. the olympics are 52 days away, and they're fine tuning their craft in the final weeks. >> a lot of sailors and bobsledders trying to compete in the fourth winter games. she's be returning from beijing to someone more special than all of her medals. >> is he a mommy's boy or daddy's boy? >> no competition. >> niko was born in down's syndrome and also with profound bilateral hearing loss. we decided to get him cochlear implants. >> very good. >> and alana will medal in all three of her olympic performances. >> i'm going to be 37 at these games. i need to be smarter with my body. at the end of the day, i look at
5:59 pm
my son and am like, it's all worth it. any changes i'm now working through is now ten times over worth it. >> parenting, better than anything. yes, and her husband also a bobsledder, is from hayward. two olympians and their beautiful baby. we're your olympic station as we gear up for beijing 2022. you can download the latest podcast called my favorite olympian. you can start listening to it right now. >> she said 37 like she's some old lady. i wish we could be 37 again. >> and an olympian still competing. >> parenting is an olympic sport. trust me. >> right now at 6:00, could santa clara county sheriff be on her way out? late breaking details we're learning about a civil grand jury report, and accusations of corruption against sheriff lori smith. >> also, san francisco's mayor unveiling a bold new plan to clean up the tenderloin and get drug dealers out.
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>> what i'm proposing today and what i will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable. and i don't care. >> also, a deadly shooting in the parking lot of the tesla factory in fremont. we have the new details about what the gunman did and a possible motive. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aquirre. breaking news, the santa county several jury has issued a scathing report against sheriff lori smith accusing her of multiple counts of corruption and misuse of her auchs. most of the counts are connected to the bribery scandal where her office is accused of concealed weapons permits for campaign contributions and other favors. steven brought part of that story last year. he joins us with


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