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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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god, but now to play us out for the night, here is a little bit more of will forte singing karaoke. stay safe, get vaccinated, we love you ♪ ooh just onc can we figure out ♪ ♪ what we kee doin' wrong? ♪ ♪ boo-boo, oh why the good times never last ♪ [ singing gibberish ♪ where are w goin' wrong? ♪ >> tried to take it off the rails. that did not succeed ♪ just once can we find a wa to finally make it opposite of wrong ♪ ♪ right ♪ [ cheers and applause
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and visit the investigations tab.
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the next storm is on the move. you may have felt it tonight. it is cold again and behind the blast of cold weather, another round of rain. jeff ranieri has been tracking it all. the wet stuff's coming back? >> you got that right. we've been asking for the rainfall and it's lining up for us, especially over the next ten days. right now you can see with the wind chill, it feels like 36 in santa rosa. so, the chill's with us and again here comes the rain. by 7:00 a.m., storm is off the north. by 9:00 a.m., a few spotty showers. i think it starts to pick up, especially in the north bay, by 1:00 p.m. we're going to run you through the timeline but look at the early snow totals for the sierra. an additional two-plus feet of snow expected. >> we love seeing this. snow capped mountains right here in the bay area. look how beautiful that is.
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our sky ranger in contra costra county. in the south bay a blanket of snow on mt. hamilton. a view some familiesed to the see up close and personal. >> just touch the snow and make snow balls. >> it's just like a winter wonderland. for it's really pretty up here. >> a nice road trip, father and son. our crew walked through two inches in some spots. take your time because the roads, obviously, are slick and icy. in lake tahoe, the newly renamed palisades tahoe, five feet of snow in two weeks. the power is out. as for the road for lake tahoe, chain controls are in effect on both highway 50 and interstate 80. there's more snow and rain on the way. be sure to download our nbc bay area app for updates on the next storm.
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you can track live radar on the phone so you can see when the rain will be hilting your neighborhood. a surprising about face by the state of california. just a day after house leaders decided to reinstitute a state-wide mask mandate for everyone, they changed their mind. terry mcsweeney tries to sort it out for you. >> the on again, off-again state mandate is off again in some counties. the state says any county which allowed vaccinated individuals to go maskless in certain businesses can keep doing that. that means gyms, offices and churches in contra costra, marin and sonoma counties can let people go maskless. for the independent fitness coalition with 800 employees, it's the best possible christmas gift. >> as we're heading to the new year's resolution period, which
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are so important to every fitness studio, every small neighborhood gym. to have any disrupgszs of that could have really cost jobs in san francisco, cost businesses in san francisco. >> reporter: but for counties that has not already relaxed masking rules, masks are a must in all indoor public spaces. >> it's a little bit harder because whether your breath gets heavy, it starts to get harder to breathe throughout the mask. >> very early in the pandemic, i lost a close family friend to covid-19. because of that, i feel more comfortable wearing mine. >> reporter: they have a couple of recommendations. that those traveling to california get tested for covid within three to five days of their trip. well, the spread of the omicron variability is forcing many of the new restrictions. and tonight, no signs of slowing down.
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the world health organization says omicron is spreading at a rate not seen with any previous varybt. the director general says it's probably in most countries, even if it's not been detected. they're calling for the count raetz to use mask and social distancing to prevent further spread. in the united states, the cdc is reporting tloivl states with known cases of omicron. trrls the good news here. only one person has been hospitalized with the variant. no deaths have been reported. new at 11:00, the napa police department is releasing portions of body cam video october 6th on pear tree lane. they were called to a home where he was said to be pointing a rival at his own father. as officers arrived, they heard
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gun shots. theysy he pointed the gun at him and other family members as well. an officer shot him and dropped the gun. they say they couldn't get to him and render him aid immediately because his dad went to him first and grabbed the gun. they say it took seven minutes to get the father to cooperate. he died later at the hospital. investigators say they believe he was trying to commit suicide by cop. we have a follow up to the deadly shooting at the tesla factory in fremont. arresting this man last night in millipedes. they say they found this. a loaded assault rifle in his car with no serial number. they're trying to determine if this was the murder weapon. they say he was shot at around 2:30 in the afternoon. they learned they had been
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arguing at work earlier in the day and salima walked off the job. teaming up to bust two people for allegedly taking part in the recent retail shifts. check out a photo of stolen items. more than $200,000 of stolen merchandise. they led the case that led to two people being arrested in vallejo. among the merchandise -- places merchandise was stolen from, victoria's secret, target and others. 21 restaurants in oakland are adding a 1% surcharge to their bills that will go to a program called dining for justice. run by the non-profit community kitchens oakland, which has been serving thousands of meals each month. they're hoping more restaurant owners would join a
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first-of-its-kind effort in the new year. snoetsz ♪ he did it. nba history and we got to share it with steph curry. tonight a tearful curry was in the spotlight. it was a very individual accomplishment, but true to form, he thanked his teammates and the fans. curry is now the all-time lead orof the nba for three-pointers. the game was in new york but there was plenty of love here at home. here's jean elliott. >> reporter: warriors fans watching history in action as steph curry becomes the most dominant distance shooter, breaking the three-point record. >> amazing. happy that he's done it. we're huge fans and he's like a son of san francisco. we're very happy to see him break the record. >> best player in the league hands down.
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>> reporter: curry got emotional after surpassing ray allen's record. curry says it felt like he was in front of a home crowd. >> a special moment, for sure, that i'll appreciate and remember for the regs of my life in terms of what it means to me to pass ray a guy, him and reggie. guys i looked up to coming into the game. definitely special. >> reporter: a new three-point record for curry means new gear. t-shirts are already available. the blue is available online. this grey is only available at stores. some fans grabbing curry gear and sharing their excitement. >> i had to call my mom to let her know steph just broke the record. >> reporter: this basketball coach says curry, the new record and the team are inspiring. >> as a teacher, i can use them to teach kids what teamwork and
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hard work. >> reporter: curry showing the world hard work has rewards. >> that was pretty cool. and we'll take a blue one, please. we're back in 60 seconds. how the mayor of oakland is hoping governor newsom can help her city fight violent crime. yep, that's a mountain lion and a peninsula neighborhood on alert.
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following breaking news out of washington tonight. where the house of represents has voted to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress. the first time a member of congress has been held in contempt in years. they voted in favor of holding meadows in criminal contempt for refusing to cooperate with the january 6th investigation. it will go to the justice department, which will decide whether to charge former president trump's chief of staff. he did turn over thousands of documents, including text messages from that riot. how does oakland solve the crime problems? you see it there. requesting cops and resources. specifically the mayor wants more chp officers and license plate readers.
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nbc bay area, cheryl herd has reactions from one community church leader. >> we've been begging to help and begging the mayor for help. then it seemed like our efforts were falling on deaf ears. >> reporter: in east oakland, he says finally his prayers may be answered soon. he's responding to the letter to the governor asking to help combat violent crime. he says the request is well over due. >> right now we're concerned about the shootings on the streets of oakland, in our community every day and every night. >> reporter: today the mayor's letter explained to the governor that oakland needs a chp presence on the street. he told him car license plate readers, stationed at on and off ramps would gather information to solve crimes, like the fatal
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shooting and 29-year-old ammany. >> this is a way the state can help coordinate, collaborate and amplify our law enforcement efforts. >> reporter: the mayor is hoping this request is part of the governor's new budget. the problem is it's not presented untilgen ware. currently crime is taking a toll on oakland. retail sheft that sores are on the rise. 700 people have been shot so far this year. 132 individuals have been killed. >> oakland residents should not be afraid to walk in their neighborhood. >> reporter: counsel member, lauren taylor believes chp officers on the street will help. >> when you talk about technology on the freeway, so they know there's not a blind spot that exists.
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>> reporter: pastor jackson wants to see all crime fighting tools on the table because his city is in crisis. >> not putting up with it anymore and she wants change. san francisco has a new plan a series of measures to slow the spike of crime and drug use in the tenderloin. increase in police officers and public health liaison to get drug users into treatment and people into houses. the mayor says she's putting the tenderloin and the world on notice. it's not for criminals anymore. >> and it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement. more aggressive with the changes in our policy. and lets -- less tolerant of all the bull [ bleep] that has destroyed our city. >> reporter: they announced in the last week, officers have seized nearly a kilo of drugs
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and made 17 arrests. it continues to be a common occurrence in the bay area. mountain lions. this is from a ring cam around 8:00 this morning on oak valley road near st. john cemetery. in san mateo, police are urging people to be on the lookout. and wanders off into a nearby wilderness area. we told you temperatures are dropping. one of our own photographers scraping ice off his car. which means, jeff, i know you're a professional. that means it's cold. >> we had wind chills making it feel like 34 degrees. >> that's close to freezing. >> that is your heaviest jacked you can find and in california, that means it's probably not heavy enough. make sure to bundle up and wear
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the layers. not expecting temperatures below freezing but we'll start in the trivalley, an avlgerage of 49 and the south bay at 41 and we'll see more of the 30s in the north bay and through the east bay, temperatures in the low 40s. daytime highs not going to warm up whole lot. pretty simple. no matter where you're heading, it's going to feel the same, temperaturewise. really at 7:00 in the morning, storm system is to the north. by 9:00 a.m. a more consistent and then it would pick up with heavier intensity by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and we'll watch for the heavier rain in the east bay and south bay by 10:00 p.m. tonight. theb we see this roll out of here tuesday.
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overall, totals look decent with this one. i think we'll be in a rain shadow through san jose and fremont. everywhere else, we're pretty good for a half to one inch. now, on top of that, wind's going to pick up tomorrow afternoon. this could take down trees and power lines. southerly winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour. so, wet and windy. might be feeling a little water logged. we will get a break on friday and saturday. then we've got more rain coming in in sunday night and looks like it could stall out for four days next week. it's looking like a wet forecast. next week we're talking eight inches of rain developing. we're going to continue to monster that and take note, more
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of the cold temperatures. we're going to be down in the 30s. super, super active. >> can we handle it? >> yeah, waking us up. >> we'reu used to it. >> i'm here for you. >> right. wear the big russian hat in studio. have you heard it before, the news from the golden gate bridge. >> hanning now, an 11 kgt hour of reprieve. they will not enforce the vaccine mandate until 2022. they preevliousry required all students twelve and up to receive their dose this sunday.
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well, the golden gate bridge is certainly iconic but it's also developed a problem that's made it hard on your ears. the bridge is humming. the humming sound began last year. they think adding rubber sleeves to absorb some of the vibrations will take care of that. this friday, they'll decide whether to spind half a million dollars to send that hub.
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>> praump and circumstance in the south bay. >> went back to kansas, yes, with their caps and gowns. and had a real ceremony, compare toads last year's doom. more to come. and more to celebrate the class of 2020, as well as the spring and fall classes of 2021. so, they're making up for it. >> steph curry making a difference in the east bay. he and their foundation started the agial 12 days of christmas with the curries. now is sports hit hard by the pandemic. last week, they surprise would the cross country award show. thooltz pretty nice. the oakland athletic league has a check for $150,000 to help
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them expands their school sports program. >> the curries are everywhere. teaking of which -- what okay. this was different. this is a celebration of the nba and of steph curry. literally, the man is redefining the nba. >> many years from now, when we're old and grey -- many years from now. we will look back, really all of us and say we got to live through the curry era. this was a special night in what's been an amazingly special career. michael j. fox, john stewart,
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pete davidson. spike lee. steph curry needed two to break the record for the most three-pointers in the league and here it is. the history-making shot. curry the all-time nba leader for three-pointers. 2,974 and ended up with five tonight. as it stands, 2,977. it happened early in the game, in the first quarter. curry getting emotional. he hugged his mom, who was there. he gave his father the game ball. curry also hugged ray allen, who held the record up until tonight. this was a celebration of the league. there's ray allen. by the way, after the game itself, warriors beat the
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well, a huge day for a san francisco tiktok star who traded her way up from a bobby pin to a home. >> until i get a house. and i've done it. >> reporter: impress chb. 30-year-old debbie has been documented her journo on tiktok. she offered up one hair pin for a trade on craigslist. the was a solar-powered trailer for thum house. and she got the under from someone who sold it in 2006. that's good negotiating.
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>> a bike, laptop, car, shoe. it gets bigger and better. we got to do something different here. zoo be safe out there. breaking news tonight. the critical vote on holding former top trump aide mark meadows in contempt of congress the house voting on referring meadows to the justice department for criminal charges for defying the january 6th committee and the newly revealed text messages from fox news hosts, and the then president's own son pleading with him to help stop the capitol violence also tonight, the search growing more desperate after the tornado outbreak more than 100 people still unaccounted for in kentucky. inside the hospital with a worker trapped in a collapsed candle factory, how she survived heartbreak for a missouri family. the image of their three young daughters sheltering minutes
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before the tornado hit. one of the girls tragically dying. plus the new tornado threat on the move promising news on pfizer's covid pill. how effective is it? will it work on the omicron variant? and the first major study on omicron how severe is it, and how well does the vaccine work against it our nbc news investigation into retail theft rings our cameras there for the undercover sting. in the race to deliver. the holiday shipping deadlines to get your gifts there on time. "inspiring america. neighbors helping neighbors after that tornado tragedy. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening a political act of loyalty and defiance is facing its reckoning tonight over getting to the bottom of one of this country's darkest days the house of representatives voting this evening on the question of whether former donald trump chief of staff mark meadows should be referred to the justice department


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