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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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on. the new state mandate takes affect today but comes with last-minute changes you will feel here in the bay area. the places most impacted here. new warning from world health leaders about omicron's unprecedented spread. should mark meadows face criminal charges? the text messages revealed now taking center stage. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. let's get you started with a look at the forecast. meteorologist, rob mayeda, in for kari. >> waking up to cold temperatures. upper 30s, our storm ranger still picking up snow showers
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around mount hamilton this morning. light rain showers near oakland and it's a sneak preview of more wind and raindroping down the coast as we head into the afternoon. most of the day it will be cloudy and breezy, and towards the evening commute, that rain spilling out of the north bay, and cool high temperatures today, only in the low 50s. back to you. >> thank you. waking up with new mask requirements, but there are last-minute changes to the plan. you may feel the impact as soon as you arrive at your gym this morning. cierra johnson is live. there's a lot to follow-up on this morning. >> reporter: yeah, keeping track of the changes of the mask mandate and our goal this morning is to help you understand what is going on. with this mask mandate the state did a little bit of a about face and it changed who exactly is affected by the recent mask
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mandate. take a look at your screen. gyms, offices, churches in these places can let members go maskless, because they were already allowing those individuals with the vaccine to go maskless, but counties that have not relaxed the mask mandate, masks are a must in those counties. officials are urging folks to get vaccinated before traveling for holiday celebrations, and so if you are one of those gym owners you can imagine this would be a bit of a sigh of relief. you can keep things as status quo. a lot of gyms were concerned they would have to rearrange and renotify all of their members, but today if your gym was already allowing you to go maskless because you are
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vaccinated, then things for you do not change as the state-wide mandate does go into effect. we have a whole rundown on our website, >> i was going to say, music to ears to a lot of people in san francisco. and i was talking to a friend who said i'm not going to wear my mask in the gym. i texted him and said breaking news, you don't have to. >> yeah. the omicron variant is faster moving than any other variant, and quickly spreading in every country even if it has not been detected there yet. the w.h.o. is calling the nations to use masks and social distancing to prevent the spread. the good news here, only one person has been hospitalized
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with the variant. no deaths in the u.s. have been reported. we're keeping track of the latest covid headlines for you. it's all in one place. just head over to 5:03. developing this morning the house is taking the serious step of holding mark meadows in contempt. he may now face prosecution. alice barr is live on capitol hill with the overnight developments. alice? >> laura, mark meadows is tacking on to a privilege claim that former president trump himself made, but meadows' decision not to answer questions about the day of the criminal capitol attack, it could lead him with a criminal prosecution. overnight the house voting to
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hold a second ally of then chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress. it referred meadows to the justice department for possible prosecution. >> mr. meadows has left us no choice. the select committee is investigating an attack on our democracy and it's essential witnesses cooperate. >> meadows refused to appear for a deposition, reversing course after first saying he would cooperate and handing over unclassified documents. >> i tried to share nonprivileged information, but truly the executive privilege that donald trump claimed is his to waive, not mine to waive. >> text messages were released. >> one of the president's sons texted mr. meadows, quote, he's
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got to condemn this [ bleep ] asap. >> and fox news has slammed the committee for releasing these messages. >> can he make a statement? ask people to leave the capitol, sean hannity urged. >> some said the release was politically motivated. if convicted, meadows could face up to a year in prison. >> liz cheney defended the move saying how we respond to january 6th is, quote, the moral test of our generation. laura, back to you. >> a day so many will not forget. thank you for the latest. new details now in a deadly police shooting in october in napa. police have just released
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portions of a body camera video leading up to that shooting. it happened october 6th on pear tree lane. a male was pointing a rifle at his father when officers arrived and then you hear gunfire. police believe they wanted officers to kill him. tied to a recent string of bay area retail thefts. chp posted this image of what they say was part of more than $200,000 in recovered stolen merchandise. investigators teaming up with sfpd discovered those items after serving a warrant in a vallejo home where they arrested one person and searched two warehouses when they arrested a second suspect. 5:07 right now. take a look outside at the bay bridge this morning, and seeing christmas lights across the bay
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area, very nice, and you may get more of a chance when the weather opens up, especially for the weekend. it's a cold start. >> yeah, chilly start and still a few showers around the bay area, not close to san francisco right now. east of morgan hill and up towards mount hamilton seeing a little bit of snow flurries there. our attention is turning to what will be coming down the coast this afternoon, a few light showers to the south. by 11:00 tonight you begin to see that raindrop through the bay area with temperatures today staying quite cool. you want the jacket today and the umbrella this afternoon. the winds will pick up this evening, highs in the low to mid-50s with rain starting to taper off tomorrow morning at this time. a check of things in the south bay for your commute, here's mike we are looking at speeds that are fine, silicon valley looks great. there was a traffic break that was being run and should be
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completed right now, northbound 87, and it should be good but that's a big difference. no slowing there. on the bridge, there could be an incident on 880 around 92, and i will check for details. little patches like here, south 280, and crews should be clearing around the bay because of wet roads and they have had a problem. coming up next on "today in the bay," a look at a rare fish spotted in monterey bay, and why the sighting is so unusual. a critical holiday season deadline when it comes to the most affordable shipping options. why from here on out you will have to pay more to make sure those packages to get here on
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waking up this morning to chilly temperatures and storm ranger up early as well tracking a few scattered showers around the south bay and oakland. we will see more wind and rain on the increase this afternoon as our next storm makes its way down the coast. mike? >> a live look here. you mentioned oakland, rob, and here's a live look at 880 near the coliseum, still sheen on the
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roadways and definitely a chance of slicker roadways throughout the day, but right now i am tracking an incident near hayward. we will follow that up, coming up. sounds as if google has had enough of employees who are not willing to get vaccinated. google told workers they will be fired if they don't follow company rules and get vaccinated. google is showing, quote, little patients, according to the report. a reminder while courts have set aside president biden's mandate, your employer can make its own requirements. the last set of child tax credits will finish rolling out today unless the senate passes build back better, that will be the last of them. the checks went to families with children and is credited with lifting millions of children out of poverty, particularly rural children. a study by the census bureau showed most families used the
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money for necessities like food and utilities, and poor families used the money to pay off debt and 1 in 3 families used the money for education. and then we already blocked the company from accessing certain american made trips, and dji says its technology is used by the chinese government to monitor repressed groups in china. tesla has been hit with more accusations of sexual harassment. six women filed a suit in the state court yesterday. one of the suits points out after elon musk decided the model y, things got worst. the federal open markets
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committee will complete its two-day meeting later this morning and will tell us what it has in mind to fight inflation. as we talked about before, fighting inflation hurts. it means winding down the fed's support for the economy and raising rates. you have heard so many people say we got to do something about inflation, and it's coming and it's going to hurt. >> going to be a rough next year. >> yeah. >> thank you. well, we probably don't need to remind you, but there are just ten days left until christmas. this year, al roker cannot get to the north poll, but he will do the next best thing, going behind the scenes at ups. >> where are the elves? >> elves wearing brown. i like that. >> these are not santa's real
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elves, just good helpers there. check out the coverage all morning long later on "today," after "today in the bay." that's at 7:00 a.m. if you missed today's deadline, there's still time to make it by the holiday but it will cost you significantly more. the next best options are this friday for first class mail. trending this morning a fish story you have to see to believe involving a rare catch hundreds of feet under the water. >> look at this. we are talking about a vigil catch. check it out right there. transparent head, as you can see. isn't that interesting? look at that. >> that's bizarre. >> it's called the barrel eye fish and it's about six inches long -- oh, that's small.
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they say this kind of fish has only been seen a handful of times underwater because it lives so far below the service. look, we all get a glimpse. >> i am glad you said it was six inches, because it looks gigantic. that's fascinating what's under the sea. >> nature -- >> we don't have to go underwater to get wet today because that rain is making its way into the bay area again. >> yeah, you don't have to go into the sea in a deep submersible. lunchtime temperatures 40s and low 50s under increasing clouds. we are just not going to warm up a lot. in the mid-40s to low 50s by the afternoon. this is technically a break between the two storms, still
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seeing showers, but here is where the storm is right now. the outer fridge approaching the bay area this morning. most significant rain this afternoon will be in the north bay, beginning to see a few light showers, and the main event with the storm happening at 11:00 tonight to about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow morning you could see a few scattered showers passing by and clearing skies as we head through the day on thursday. rainfall totals between now and 7:00 tonight, and focus on the areas here in red and that's mainly up in sonoma county. and then we will begin to see the rain totals in the central bay, and we could see ponding on the roads. after that we catch at least a better and longer break in the action that will probably hold up to about saturday. watch what happens on sunday and just keeps on going through next week.
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you see the rain picking up early next week, and christmas eve, another storm on approach, and what willpower this up, just like what we saw this week, could be another atmospheric river connection on monday, tuesday and wednesday. the 7-day forecast, you have wind coming up later today, rain tapering off into thursday, and friday and saturday looks like a nice break to get outside and do some outdoor plans because next week we are back into it again, rain, wind and a lot of sierra snow. we will look at the changes in our sierra snowpack coming up in a few minutes. here's mike. yeah, i told folks i would check on this that mopped up on the map, and here it is. the dirt may be mud and that may be why they need a tow truck with a tow chain, but no roads are blocked. that's it for the east bay.
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everything else is just status quo as far as traffic goes. same flow of traffic we saw before, contra costa county, east bay and smooth towards the bay bridge. ponding and puddling perhaps in the north bay, and no problems in rio vista and a nice drive out of antioch and the altamont pass -- there we go, a new incident popped up in fremont so we will check on that near mission. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> more than a year after she ordered window dressings, she said she doesn't have all the parts she paid for. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. ♪ >> oh, yeah, you can see, christmas spirit is here at "today in the bay." the crew and i grooving out yesterday right after the show,
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keeping things going. let us know how you are getting ready for the holidays. you can find me on facebook, instagram, twitter, and there are the handles right there. >> we'll be right back. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday.
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with a department story. >> consumer investigator, chris chmura, is here with how we all helped. >> good morning, abigail in san josé said she paid jcpenney $8,000 for window covering, and they delivered partially, but parts were missing including shades, covers and curtains and we contacted jcpenney, lots of back and forth for a year abigail finally got parts. we asked jcpenney to explain what happened, but they didn't but sent this letter. when you shop by phone, online or by mail, the companies have a
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month to ship and uncle sam says so. you can watch all our how-to videos on our youtube page and streaming channels and at just look for the how-to list. steph and ayesha curry along with their program, they are using the holiday to honor local people and programs to honor in the east bay. they started their annual 12 days of christmas. we told you about this yesterday. so day two the currys highlighted the need to rebuild the middle school sports programs highlighted by the pandemic. >> the kids got gear and shoes from under armour, and they got
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a check to help expand the school's sports program. look at that. it's like a bin full of clothes. somehow when you put on new shoes, you run faster. >> hit a three-pointer like steph. >> not as many. >> but at least one. >> you can see more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 as well. coming up next on "today in the bay," our top stories we are following for you, including san francisco approving the first of its kind sick leave. it will protect thousands of workers otherwise ignored when it comes to bona fide benefits. and sheriff laurie smith faces a grand jury indictment, what that means for the layman, and what that means for her on her 23rd anniversary in the office. you're watching "today in the bay."
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if there's a conviction, the remedy is the removal from office. >> the sheriff entangled in controversy. the new charges laurie smith faces this morning and the impact it could have on her future. the new report on the presser to get vaccinated before the new year. and the big trade off, cuts approaching $100 million.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning. as we are broadcasting on your television screen, and we are streaming online at i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we are starting out with rob mayeda, who is in for kari this morning. he has the forecast. oh, the snow we love. >> yeah, the sierra snowpack, statewide 76% of average and it was just 19 last friday. the next 24 hours, another winter storm condition here with one to two feet of snow coming down as we head into the day tomorrow around the bay area, you will notice winds picking up and light showers during the day and increasing rain moving out of the north bay for the evening commute. highs staying in the low to mid-50s as we head into the afternoon. back to you. >> thank you, rob. 5:30 right now.
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today santa clara sheriff celebrates the anniversary in her long career, but there's corruption allegations swirling around her. this is big. >> this is really big. a civil grand jury in santa clara county found laurie smith willful misconduct in that office. the formal accusations were filed in court on tuesday mostly with a pay to play scandal that has been under investigation for more than two years now. the two assistants are now facing criminal charges. also included in the accusation, concealed carry consideration for vips, and accepting gifts in
5:32 am
excess of $500 including a suite at a san josé sharks game, and failing to cooperate with the investigation into the injury of million settlement.d in a $10 as the supervisors gave sheriff smith a vote of no confidence back in august. >> a tragic consequence of the whole affair but they say mostly it's sad it came to this. >> i was at a press conference where sheriff smith said she was not ready to retire as the board of supervisors was suggesting she do. she is due in court to face the allegations and if she disputes the charges a jury will hear the
5:33 am
case and if found guilty she could be removed from office. and as is customary, san francisco district attorney, chesa boudin, will try this. >> our investigative unit has been breaking stories on the allegations concerning the sheriff for years. you can find more at major libby schaaf is asking newsom for new license plate technology on interstates and highways. she believes readers on on-ramp and off-ramps could assist in solving crime and assist in the shooting of young jasper wu. >> it could amplify our law
5:34 am
enforcement efforts. >> she hopes the costs can be covered in the governor's new budget. his plan will be released next month. restaurants in oakland in the meantime cooking up a new movement to feed homeless. restaurants adding a 1% surcharge for the program called dining for justice. that program serves thousands of years every year. a covid vaccine mandate quickly approaching for students in one school district. bob redell is live for us. bob, today is important even though the mandate won't quick in until next year. >> correct. west contra costa unified is requiring students 12 and up be vaccinated before january 3rd of 2022 in order for them to continue with in-person learning, but the district
5:35 am
recommended their second dose be done by today, december 15th. we reached out to see how many students were vaccinated as of yet and we never received a response. the district is the first in the bay area to issue a mandate for students and teachers. last tuesday was the deadline for teachers and staff to show they are fully vaccinated against covid-19, and 99% of teachers were vaxxed and most support the mandate. the district said that was the case as of december 2nd. teachers face termination if they are not vaxxed and don't have a medical or religious exemption. late yesterday the board of education agreed to delay a
5:36 am
portion of the mandate until the fall of 2022. this is an order to prevent 30,000 students from being forced into online instruction. they also went along with this given the fact that the vaccination rate among students right now is already at 87%. in the north bay, marin county schools are taking a major step towards preventing an outbreak during this winter. schools will hand out 47,000 rapid covid tests. that's enough for two tests for all students and staff. this is for them to take home with them during the holiday break. according to the paper, they are expected to use one of the tests before school resumes. >> 5:46. today is the deadline to submit a new budget. board members approving $50 million in cuts to schools and
5:37 am
approved $46 million to cuts in operations, administration and support services. another $35 million will be saved through new revenue. schools are dealing with 125 million budget short falls. districts say the cuts were necessary to avoid a state takeover. and supervisors yesterday unanimously approved paid sick leave for home employed workers, including cleaners, nannies, gardeners and caretakers. the measure will impact 10,000 privately employed san francisco workers. it creates a way for them to consolidate paid sick leave, where employers pay into a fund for each hour of work. these are a few of the images caltrans is showing of massive boulders and slides along the roadway.
5:38 am
this is before the atmospheric river arrived. caltrans says the crews are inspecting the situation dally and will reopen as soon as it's safe to do so. a beautiful shot as we get started with this wednesday. rob mayeda in for kari this morning with a look at the forecast and what we can expect. no clouds, no fog. okay, it's cold out there. >> yeah, it's cold and we are seeing a few scattered showers. the main event with our next storm system will drop into the north bay this afternoon and work its way down the coast just in time for the evening commute. we will see the wind and rain on the increase. i want to show you what you can expect towards the weekend if you have weekend plans. saturday looks relatively dry, and then look what happens on sunday. the first in the series of more atmospheric river storms for the second part of the weekend. a break comes on friday and
5:39 am
saturday after tomorrow, and then more rain rolls in sunday to monday. we are looking at fremont at the live camera. southbound into silicon valley, and then there's no slowing on the live camera but look at the map. just north of our camera view things start to slow down. you will tap the brakes approaching mission, that's state route 262 connecting 880 and 680. 880 is slowing down toward the funnel because of a crash that looks like it could be affecting at least one lane and has been for a few minutes there for that build. coming down into that area, that is the bulk of your main commute, and starting to build is the volume. basically the toll plaza looking smoothly and we'll look at the speeds there coming up. touring the destructive zone, and coming up is president
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biden's tour of kentucky. >> natural disasters have a way of creating bipartisanship. we'll look at that coming up. and then steph curry emotional after his shot heard around the world. and then abby fernandez is showing off the best video of snow here in the bay area. be sure and follow nbc bay area on all social media platforms. 4:40 -- no, 5:40. don't want to move back. >> we're moving forward. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control
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5:42. we are still seeing a few scattered showers on our storm ranger mobile doppler radar there at the san mateo coast ahead of the storm system dropping down the coast and bringing more wind and rain into the evening commute. we will look at that in a couple minutes. let's check your commute with mike. >> yeah, you see the damp roadways and sheen at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a crash in this area and i will tell you more about what to expect when we come back. looks like federal trial may not happen after all for a former minneapolis police officer, derek chauvin. he's expected to plead guilty to violating george floyd's rights, and this would change his plea to not guilty and would add to the amount of time he would spend behind bars.
5:44 am
he is now serving 22 years for the death of george floyd. as of this morning the federal trial is still scheduled to begin next month. happening now, president biden preparing to see the damage from the deadly tornadoes in kentucky. the president will depart soon from mayfield to get a look at the damage from the storms. more than 100 people still missing. 74 people confirmed to have died. the cleanup is only just getting started. kentucky's leaders have praised the biden administration for its quick response. >> yeah, moments like these is when partisanship can shine through. >> yeah, tornadoes don't care who is a republican or democrat, and neither does fema. we saw that kind of bipartisanship in hurricane sandy. it was an odd bipartisanship that allowed america to avoid
5:45 am
defaulting on its debt. an earlier vote where republicans participated, it cleared the way to lift the debt ceiling. not doing so would cause the u.s. to default on its debt and create a possible worldwide recession. it allows us to pay back money, we, republicans and democrats, already spent, including money spent during the trump administration. the house found mark meadows in contempt because he refused to answer questions from the select committee. he answered news max yesterday and questions for fox the day before. he is the second found in contempt just after steve bannon. it's the justice department that charged bannon. the doj does the charging.
5:46 am
before he used to answer questions, meadows did turn over a huge pile of trump-white house records, including messages from january 6th. we read some to you yesterday, and here's more red by republican, liz cheney. >> one text mr. meadows received said, quote, we are under siege here at the capitol. another, quote, they have breached the capitol. in a third, mark, protesters are literally storming the capitol, breaking windows on doors, rushing in. is trump going to say something? a fourth. there's an armed standoff at the house chamber door. and another from somebody inside the capitol. we are all helpless. >> former president trump has once again lost a court case where he was trying to keep his tax records away from
5:47 am
investigators. in this case a judge said they could see taxes but stayed the decision for two weeks. about inflation when we talk business coming up in a half an hour. 5:47 right now. beijing winter olympic games are just about 50 games away, and shocking the figure skating world making the team in 2018. she is a figure skating champion. while the u.s. team will not officially be named until after next month's u.s. figure skating championship, it's still pretty clear she has an inside track. >> anybody that knows me knows that i have loved cinderella my
5:48 am
whole life. i always just loved the line, have courage and be kind. that's the way i try and live my life. >> you can only watch the beijing olympics right here on nbc bay area. download our latest podcast called "my favorite olympian." at last, warriors fans, there's a new number one when it comes to nba threes. >> and it's good! >> steph with his record-breaking three last night, it's about 500 games faster than the previous number one, ray alley, who he is hugging right there. allen and reggie miller were there to congratulate curry
5:49 am
along with alicia key and spike lee. curry, of course, emotional afterwards. >> in terms of what it means to me to pass ray, a guy -- reggie, and guys i looked up to coming into the game, definitely special. >> not a easy record to break. the warriors celebrated in style with a victory over the knicks. and just making a purchase without breaking the bank. >> i have this massive thermos that is big enough that you could put a salad in it. you know i love my sanchez salad. >> is that what that is, a sanchez salad?
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cool ideas, kris. >> it's definitely stuff that i have either gotten for christmas or boughten for christmas. you know, i just thought i would help people out a little bit. it's not that it's novel or unique, but you forget and get stuck, right. >> yeah, you had a lot of fun ideas. what was your favorite? >> the flour sack towels we made for my mother and mother-in-law, and the kids made it for me, and it reminds you gift giving is not the expense but the thought. >> yeah, the back scratcher was my favorite. >> that was inspired by scott mcgrew. i saw him scratching his back -- >> yeah, i am, like, laura, can you scratch right there? >> now you know what to get him,
5:51 am
laura. nice stocking stuffers, for the teachers in your life or moms that help you with car pools. >> you were trying to support local businesses through that. >> yes, and it's so easy to click by on your app, and if you find it local than your dollars stay local. sports basement, which is our big sporting goods store is locally owned, too. >> people can find them on your facebook page if they want to go back and look at them. >> on instagram. they did post on facebook, but on instagram, there's a highlight tab and they are all in there. >> thank you very much. >> merry christmas. happy kwanzaa. >> share your christmas lights as well. already people are sharing.
5:52 am
>> yeah, i asked folks to share with me their lights. we know michael norris who is big in the affordable housing industry, he had his bike decorated, and we love seeing them so you can find that on my facebook page. >> there you go. thank you, kris. >> sure. bundle up this morning and maybe open a present early hoping it's a sweater, maybe. >> speaking of holiday lights, look behind me. we have lake tahoe where there's so much snow it looks like gingerbread christmas trees with frosting. i'm hungry. you will have another one to two feet of snow coming down across the sierra, so winter driving conditions continue there. sending the kids off to school this morning, meek sure it's a nice thick jacket because highs will be in the upper 40s to low
5:53 am
50s. the wind speeds, gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. the main event will come in for the north bay as we head into the afternoon. you can see this hour. once you pass light showers main event around the bay area, and then tomorrow morning this time the showers start to move out. between now and 7:00, the biggest rain totals in the north bay and then those head south overnight. the next chance of rain will hold off until sunday in your weekend plans, and it's a stormy start to next week as you can see, friday and saturday, looks like a nice break to get outside and then the rain comes rolling back in. this week we had the atmospheric river on us, and it returns next week. over here the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup formed
5:54 am
quickly over the last ten minutes. the metering lights turned on, and a crash reported somewhere around the toll plaza, somebody could have been crossing between the toll plaza, and anybody who is hit we are concerned about. and a smooth drive across the bay there. no problems for contra costa county and things south of here calm. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a boost for people trying to make it in the this is the first increase since 2015. the pay bump starts january 1st and affects all county workers and some county contractors. next year the state's minimum wage increases to $15. o.j. simpson completely free. next up on "today in the bay," where he plans to call home now that his parole has ended.
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one store owner trying to stop a smash and grab robbery in southern california. and then the updated mask mandates. the last-minute changes state leaders made overnight. we are live at one gym to ensure the steps they are taking for safety. you're watching "today in the bay." this is gonna be the greatest show i've ever made. meena come meet your partner. i think you guys are gonna have great chemistry. ♪ burning up with love ♪ hah-ah, what are you doing with your face? i was falling in love? your face looks broken.
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5:57. welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." this morning one san diego jewelry owner is making news for fighting back during a recent smash and grab robby. two masked thieves were using hammers to break over a jewelry display case. 20 seconds is all they needed to make off with jewelry, but they would have gotten away with more if the owner did not take a swing at them with a stool. >> they picked up whatever was dropped. >> the thieves got away. police are having a hard time of coming up with descriptions of what they looked like. o.j. simpson is free. acquitted murderer defendant was discharged from patrol earlier this month for armed robbery.
5:59 am
he hinted he would leave nevada when his parole ended, but he is not saying if his plans changed. he was acquitted in a murder trial, and he was later found liable in a civil case. in 2008 he was convicted in an armed confrontation over his sports memorabilia. police arrested a suspect, 29-year-old anthony solima monday night in milpitas. officers found a loaded assault rifle without a serial number. the victim was shot in the parking lot about 3:30 in the afternoon on monday after finishing his shift. he and the defendant argued earlier in the day leading to
6:00 am
the suspect walking off. we'll be back with storm ranger, and when the wet weather could hit your neighborhood. a big reversal. i am cierra johnson. live in the north bay, a last-minute change to the state's new mask mandate is now in effect. i will break down what you need to know, coming up. plus -- >> mr. meadows has left us no choice. >> should mark meadows face criminal charges? the house debate over the former white house chief of staff. this is "today in the bay." here we go. it's wednesday morning. good morning to you. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we have a lot to get to, but first let's check in with rob mayeda who is in for kari this morng.


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