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tv   Today  NBC  December 15, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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in the bay." we will be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us for the midday forecast coming up at 11:00. thank you for making us part of your morning. here's a live look. the "today" show coming up, next. good morning breaking overnight, in contempt. former trump chief of staff mark meadows now facing potential criminal charges after a historic vote on capitol hill. the showdown over the insurrection and its investigation intensifying fox news hosts respond after the release of their text messages begging meadows to help stop the violence. we're live at the capitol with the latest unprecedented, health officials sound a new alarm over the rapid spread of the omicron variant as covid tightens its grip on the u.s. once again.
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hospitals overwhelmed with new patients, one university declaring a red alert shutting down its campus. the nfl and nba dealing with new outbreaks. we've got complete coverage, straight ahead pulling together, the outpouring of support grows for tornado-ravaged communities in kentucky the search for survivors now entering day five as families begin picking up the pieces. >> it's hard for us. everything we had in the house is gone. >> president biden set to tour the devastation this morning we're live and al is tracking a new threat of severe storms and dangerous wind from coast to coast. gearing up, airlines and airports bracing for the holiday travel rush expecting the biggest crowd since the start of the pandemic tens of millions more set to drive to their destinations. just ahead, what is being done to handle all the traffic and get you where you want to go those stories, plus
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christmas crunch inside the race to deliver in the middle of the busiest holiday shopping and shipping season ever. >> santa needs help. >> santa need help >> we are the elves. >> and we are the elves. >> this morning, al is hitting the road with a veteran driver with a look at the last minute scramble and garden party >> it's good there it is. >> steph curry becomes the nba's three-point king during an emotional and star-studded night at madison square garden why he says you can now call him the greatest shooter of all time today, wednesday december 15th, 2021 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> well, good morning. we're so happy to see you.
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welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. savannah is taking the morning off. craig is with us and the greatest shooter of all time >> did you see it? >> come on >> steph curry msg last night the warriors star, mr. curry, breaking that record for career three-pointers here is the thing. steph could eventually make it unbreakable. we'll have more on that record a little later meantime, it was a much different scene on capitol hill overnight. members of congress stepping outside for a moment of silence to remember the 800,000 americans who died from covid. >> and it comes amid a new warning about the spread of the virus and the omicron variant. we're live with the latest on that >> let's begin with what happens inside the capitol last night. the house voting to hard mark meadows, former white house chief of staff in contempt of congress for refusing to testify before the committee investigating the january 6th
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investigation. garrett haake has the latest on this >> this was a historic rebuke from mark meadows, coming from the say the same house of representatives where he served for four terms the chair of the committee said meadows left lawmakers no choice calling his refusal to testify an attack on the rule of law and vowing not to let the facts be buried by a cover-up by former president trump or his allies. >> the yeas are 222 and the nays are 208. >> this morning, the house is ramping up the pressure on former president trump and his allies over january 6th. after voting to hold former trump chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress, referring him to the justice department for possible prosecution for refusing to testify before the committee investigating the insurrection >> if you are making excuses to avoid cooperating with our investigation, you are making
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excuses to hide the truth from the american people. >> reporter: republicans argue the contempt vote amounts to intimidation and harassment by democrats. >> i hope the american people are paying close attention i hope they see what happens when democrats get total power they abuse it. >> reporter: but the committee's top republican, liz cheney, says meadow's testimony is necessary to help the committee determine what she calls a fundamental question, whether former president trump may have committed what could amount to a crime on january 6th >> and that is whether donald j. trump, through action or inaction, corruptly sought to obstruct or impede congress's official proceeding to count electoral votes. >> the investigation has been explosive, revealing that on january 6th, figures across the political world, including trump's own son and fox news host laura ingram and sean hannity sent texts to meadows pleading for trump to intervene. a day after the revelations, hannity and ingraham replied
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>> do we believe in privacy in this country apparently not >> some of those text messages, madam speaker, came from members in the chamber right now potus has to come out firmly and tell the protesters to dissipate. someone is going to get killed >> the committee hasn't revealed lawmakers who were texting meadows on that day. will that information ever be made public? >> reporter: oh, i think it will unlike in the case of donald trump jr., the committee is keeping those lawmaker's names hidden but there won't be any surprises who they are he says they've been very public with their defenses of what happened on january 6th. >> garrett haake for us on capitol hill, thank you. also this morning, the world health organization is warning the omicron variant is spreading at an unprecedented rate all around the world, including here in the united states. a growing number of cities and now schools being forced to take drastic measures to try and slow
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the surge. nbc's sam brock is covering all that for us. sam, good morning. >> hi, craig good morning right now, there's little doubt we're in the middle of another wave the big question this morning is how bad is it going to get the trifecta of delta surging, omicron rising and peak flu season is daunting, but health experts say we are in a much better place than most countries. as we brace for another winter bout with covid, soaring cases from the uk to africa have the world health organization warning people not to be fooled by omicron's reportedly milder profile. >> we have seen what we have never seen before in an outbreak with this omicron. >> reporter: in the u.s., top cdc officials have modelled two scenarios, a massive wave of infection slamming communities as early as january where a smaller surge of omicron arriving in the screen cdc director rochelle walensky spoke with hoda and savannah >> is it more transmissible?
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>> it is and we're seeing that in other countries, as well >> how much more transmissible do you have any metric is it five times more transmissible? >> it's still early, but what we're seeing in some of these other countries is doubling times of about every two days or so >> reporter: the national picture is increasingly troubling with around 40 states looking at double digit increases in covid infections. in omaha, nebraska, hospitalizations are skyrocketing and health care workers are tapping into their reserves. >> we just hope that no one else has to experience the things that we've been experiencing, especially lately. >> reporter: cornell university, going virtual in the middle of finals, reporting over 900 new covid cases, including a very high percentage of the omicron variant in fully vaccinated people in the nfl, odell beckham jr.
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who just played in a big monday night football game, one of nine l.a. rams to land on the covid list 24 hours later. coach sean mcvay bewildered. >> this has been the most uniquely challenging situation we've dealt with covid >> so, sam, here is the thing. a lot of folks are waiting for that proposed pfizer antiviral pill that could help if you do get covid. any idea at this point when that pill could be available? >> craig, it's a great question. depending on the fda, it could be as soon as a couple of weeks. but here is the thing. pfizer says it has about a couple hundred thousand treatments of this pill, which is the equivalent of about two days full of infections in the united states. they will produce 80 million over the course of next year so not right away. now to another major concern for many americans thanks to the highest inflation in a generation. prices are soaring right smack in the middle of the holiday
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season there are signs things will not improve anytime soon nbc's business and tech corespondent jo ling kent has that >> every dollar in your wallet gets you a little will he less you're feeling it every time you go to the grocery store or fill up your gas tank it's turning up the stress on shoppers during one of the busiest holiday seasons ever with just ten days left until christmas, rising costs are hitting americans hard during the busiest shopping season of the year. new data from the labor department shows one key measure of inflation, wholesale prices skyrocketing nearly 10% compared to last year. that's the fastest spike since the government started keeping track in 2010.
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so what does it mean? your money isn't stretching as far. >> the typical american is now spending a couple hundred dollars more a month than they were a year ago. >> last month, consumer prices rose almost 7%, the highest annual jump in nearly 40 years. gas prices have soared over the last year and grocery essentials, from meat to fruits and vegetables are higher, too. for example, now one pound of lean ground beef costs $5.77, up $1.20 from last year. teacher jen casano says budgeting for her family of four is now more difficult. >> my husband is working two to three jobs. i'm working full time. and it just seems that, like, we're not able to really breathe right now. >> 45% of american households say price hikes are causing financial hardship and lower income families are feeling it the most. for many businesses, inflation means supplies cost more and in some cases, they're forced to charge their customers more or lay off workers. more than 70% of small business
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owners say rising prices have had a significant impact on their business in the past year. all of it causing more stress this holiday season. already slowed down by supply chain constraints and huge consumer demand. >> we're still just trying to keep our heads above water. >> the federal reserve is wrapping up a closely watched meeting today. they're expected to try to fight inflation in a couple of ways by possibly rolling back on pumping money into the economy and possibly by raising interest rates multiple times next year. all that means your loans of all kinds from housing to cars could get more expensive. hoda. >> jo ling kent for us, thank you so much. sheinelle joins is joining us early with a story we're watching closely. >> good morning. president biden president biden travels to storm ravaged kentucky this morning. the rescue and recovery operations ongoing with more than 100 people still unaccounted for this morning. meantime, al is tracking a new threat of severe weather. his forecast in a moment.
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but first, nbc national correspondent gabe gutierrez is in mayfield, kentucky, for us. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. this is some of the widespread destruction that the president will witness firsthand today. neighborhood after neighborhood shattered. power is slowly being restored to the region, but the governor here expects that authorities will find more victims. this morning, across kentucky, massive outpouring of support after an immeasurable loss. >> everything else you can replace, but family you cannot. >> more than 100 people in the state are still unaccounted for. amid the devastation, michael jarbow is grateful his 8-year-old son can still meet santa. >> it's hard for us.
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everything we will in the house is gone. >> reporter: but in ken condition alone, at least a dozen of the 74 people killed are children. in missouri, 9-year-old anniston and her siblings took shelter in a bath to be. 15 minutes after he parents posted this photo, anniston died. >> she was a wonderful, wonderful little girl and i'm going to miss her so much. >> reporter: here in mayfield, kentucky's governor says state authorities will investigate what happened inside the town's candle factory where eight people were killed and more than a hundred were working when the tornado hit. >> it hurts so bad and it's not -- there's nothing i can do. >> reporter: the memory of a lost coworker still haunts michaela emory. she spent six hours trapped under a concrete slab. >> did you think you would make it out alive? >> i honestly did not think they were going to find me. >> reporter: in her hospital room, she told us what she heard
7:15 am
after the first tornado warning came through. >> did hear him say, you know, if you leave, you'll more than likely lose your job. >> do you believe the supervisor telling you that may have cost lives? >> honestly, i do. >> reporter: a spokesperson says claims that employees weren't allowed to leave are absolutely untrue. some of those factory workers were brought to dr. scott wilson and his er team who scrambled to treat 58 patient necessary 12 hours. >> all of them had trauma to some degree. most of them had either by crushed by some sort of object -- >> reporter: and again, the president is set to look at the damage here today. in illinois, two amazon employees near the one that partially collapsed said they received very little tornado specific training and were expected to work through tornado warnings. an amazon spokesperson says new employees did get emergency response training that was reinforced throughout the year. >> what people there do not need is any more bad weather.
7:16 am
let's check in with al and today's threat of severe storms around the country. al, you're in connecticut this morning. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we've got a lot of severe weather to talk about from winter severe storms to fire danger. let's get started with the latest severe threat. we have a moderate threat of severe weather now for 9 million people. wind gusts of 75 miles per hour. tornados likely. the problem is, these tornados will happen late in the afternoon/early in the evening. if we get a tornado in minnesota, they have never had a tornado ever in december. so we're going be watching this situation very closely as this storm system pushes east it tracks into the upper midwest. the storms will rapidly intensify as they move into the northeast. as these push forward, we are watching that line of storms from noir to michigan. after midnight, the threat dies down. as far as the rest of the country is concerned, out west, we've got winter weather
7:17 am
advisories, storm watches or warnings for 11 million people. already seeing this firing up. heavy snow for the rockies. as this system continues to push east, we are going to be looking at a lot of heavy rain. 1 to 3 inches of rain throughout parts of california and heavy snow making its way, continuing from the cascades and the sierra all the way to the rockies. some places picking up to 18 inches of snow. but, again, guys, we are worried also about the winds. we're talking about 89 million people from california to western new york could see wind gusts of up to 90 miles per hour in some spots. so we are going to be watching this situation, as well. but, again, that severe weather in the upper midwest is what we're most concerned about. 9 million people at risk for that severe weather, guys. that's what's going on around the country. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ waking up to a chilly morning in san josé, partly cloudy and 42 degrees. a few light showers early passing through the bay area, and the next storm in the north bay coming down the coast, and by 11:00 tonight should be the main event with the storm moving to the central bay and south bay. cool day today. the clouds will increase and highs in the low 50s, clearing tomorrow morning and a break in the action for saturday and then more rain arrives late into the weekend into the beginning of next week. >> that's your latest weather. what we're tracking is the race to deliver how do we get those packages
7:19 am
from where you ordered them to where they get delivered jenny is one of u.p.s.'s top drivers. we're here in connecticut. >> this is the original jenny from the block, right here, and we are going to be making deliveries we're going to be making deliveries all morning, right? >> absolutely. >> what do i have to do? >> make sure you go within your power zone, okay power zone >> lifting, making deliveries. we're doing this all morning long, guys, showing you how we make these deliveries. >> oh, boy >> guys, i've met my match with this lady. >> oh, boy >> get 'em, jenny. >> we're going to be making
7:20 am
deliveries all morning long. >> can you imagine >> al, when we deliver, you want to make sure you scan your walk path >> i'm scanning my walk path >> listen, you don't want to put packages in front of the door because how about if they come out and they trip. >> oh, that's right. guys, she's missing me all the tips, everything you need to know it's all coming up >> you're not going to ring the doorbell >> bend down to the left of the door and then -- >> do you want me to ring the doorbell >> yes, please, we have to >> they want us to ring the doorbell see if anybody is home already >> come on, this will be good. >> there's a dog barking this could be trouble. >> three >> three dogs? jenny knows everybody on her block. and on her route how many people do you deliver generally in a day >> during christmastime? >> yes >> probably like 200 >> wow >> al, we'll have to check back with them. >> all right, guys, we'll have to check back. >> thank you, al >> hey, hi oh, there's a little one right here hi how are you? >> how are you >> al we'll come back to you in a little bit not just packages. so do tens of millions of holiday travelers. the airlines now predicting christmas is going to be easier
7:21 am
than thanksgiving. >> what are they doing to prepare and what can they do to help tom will have everything you ne to know ed
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an oscar winner is going to be here in studio 1a >> say it. >> all right, all right, all right. >> matthew mcconaughey will be here talking about his new film, coming up.
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♪ your whole team can see your upper thigh ♪ ♪ pour that smooth roast and aim that camera up high ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ a very good wednesday morning to you. i am laura garcia. >> good morning. i am cierra johnson in mill valley. change is coming to that statewide mask mandate that is slated to start today if your county was one of those where they allowed vaccinated individuals to go maskless in certain setting, and starting today you can remain maskless although it's just certain
7:27 am
counties. i am bob redell. the contra costa school district says its students 12 and up should be receiving their second dose of the vaccine to meet the mandate. we reached out to see how many students were vaccinated so far and no response just yet. last tuesday was the deadline for all teachers and staff to show proof they are fully vaccinated. meteorologist, rob mayeda in for kari this morning. >> a pretty sunrise there. partly cloudy to light showers passing through this morning, and then in the afternoon rain will increase across the north bay around 3:00, and wind increasing, too. then that rain changes to showers by tomorrow. we catch a bit of a break friday into saturday and then more rain
7:28 am
arrives by the end of the weekend, laura. >> thank you, bob. thank you for joining us as well. i will be back with another local news date in about half an hour. hope to see you then.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. 7:30 that's our man and that's jenny and al roker december 15th, 2021. that is the most famous package deliverer in the world doing her thing with al roker alongside. al is pitching in with u.p.s. this morning they're going to show us what it's like to be in the heart of the hectic holiday shipping rush it's a party, i know, in there >> that will be great all morning. we'll check in with mr. roker in just a bit, but first, your 7:30 headlines. breaking overnight, a frightening scene in hong kong a fire broke out in a downtown
7:31 am
shopping center that trapped more than a hundred people on the roof there the 39-floor world trade center is home to restaurants, offices and shops. more than a dozen people were hurt before firefighters were able to put out those flames the cause of that fire is still under investigation. new york's ethics commission has ordered former governor andrew cuomo to give up more than $5 million that he was paid for his book about the coronavirus pandemic last month, the state board rescinded it's permission percentage to publish the book to basketball now, nba staff steph curry making history, becoming the all-time leader in three-pointers during a win over the knicks take a look. >> alex brooks starting it from the start, again, here is curry for the reco recinded i to basketball. steph curry making history, becoming the it's good!
7:32 am
there it is! stephen curry, the all-time three-point king in the nba. >> that was three-pointer number 2,974. it happened about halfway through the first quarter. as you see here, a packed crowd at madison square garden in new york curry getting big hugs from his dad. teammates and coaches. what a moment. >> it's fitting, if it wasn't going to happen there in golden state, it's fitting that it would happen at the mecca of sports, msg. and here is the thing. steph curry, he's only 33. so there's a pretty good chance he's going to be able to spend the next five years padding that report >> one of my favorite things you said is he takes lots and lots -- you have to shoot to score.
7:33 am
>> he was 5 out of 13. aaa predicted more than 9 million of us will be traveling this year than the year before >> tom costello is at reagan international airport. tom, good morning. >> hey, guys, think about that number 109 million people are going to be traveling over the holidays that's a third of the population so we see travel rebounding strongly more travel than we saw over thanksgiving here is the good news. if you're driving, gas prices are already dropping from where they were back on thanksgiving if you're flying, airlines are already adding more flights to handle the passenger loads tripped last december's e airliw
7:34 am
passenger levels >> i think we're willing to puck with the crowd in order to get away >> after suffering letdowns in november, recovering over thanksgiving, southwest insists it's on the rebound. >> we already hired 4,000 in the second half of the year. we want to double that >> they need the staff up to 2.5 million passengers are expected to travel each day through the holidays 100 million americans will drive. the good news, gas prices dropped 9 dplents a month. unleaded is average $3.32 a gallon down from $3.41 a month ago. although $1.15 higher than a year ago when few people were
7:35 am
driving. the busiest days to travel by ground or air, thursday, december 23rd, sunday, january 2nd, and monday, january 3rd the biggest threat, weather. snow and ice on roads and runways. mike hannah runs unite airport's ops worldwide. >> if you get into bad weather and you've got crews out of position, how do you ensure the next flight still takes off on time >> we will do swaps and try to operate as many flights as possible >> the travel advice this morning, if you're flying, consider trip insurance to cover your costs if covid interrupts your plan, check in online and arrive early to breeze through secure >> wraps your gifts after you arrive >> tom, we've got a busy few weeks ahead for air travel for airline executives, it's a busy day today on capitol hill what are we going to be talking
7:36 am
about? >> whether they spent it appropriately, whether we had these meltdowns over the summer and into the fall, was that because the airlines did or did not handle something appropriately. so they're going to have to answer tough questions about that and, oh, by the way, about all the bad behavior we've seen in the skies, the flight attendants union wants the airline toes help put an end he to that, guys. >> amen to that. all right, tom, thank you so much up next, another incredibly busy industry, package delivery. business is at an all-time high this holiday season. >> and al roker taking us inside
7:37 am
one hectic u.p.s. hub. he's tagging along with a veteran driver live this morning. there he is right there and there's jenny right there. wait until you see what it takes to get those packages to your doorstep right after this for people who could use a lift
7:38 am
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7:42 am
services like u.p.s. like never before >> and that brings us to mr. roker. our delivery helper for the day. al is getting a chance to experience what it takes to get all those packages to doorsteps. where are you, by the way, buddy? >> well, we're in the fairfield, connecticut, right now and jenny, this is part of jenny's route. and she's got her regulars we're going to meet some of those folks as we make deliveries all morning long. but we've decided we really wanted to show you just how the magic happens. everything that goes on, don't forget we're talking about helping santa make dreams come true >> we are the elves. during the holidays, this u.p.s. hub in stratford, connecticut, delivers 60,000 packages a day, double the normal workload 500 employees build a warehouse.
7:43 am
including jenny risotto. she's been a u.p.s. driver here for more than 30 years >> jenny, when you're up this high, you get a sense of how huge this place is up above the package cars, holiday gifts are prepared for distribution and when we go down here, al, it lines them up. >> it has a 360 camera on it so it can scan the package. >> no matter which way it is >> we can process between 5,000 to 10,000 packages an hour on here >> next up, packages are labeled with u.p.s. locator codes, assigning each one to a specific route. >> man, these are the labeled version of three card monty. >> the packages slide into an assigned bag before being loaded into the package cars. >> so this is my truck >> jenny has been driving the same route for ten years she says her customers and their pets have become like family up.
7:44 am
>> it >> during the pandemic, you were probably the only outside person people were seeing >> listen, i have people were like -- wanted to come out and talk to me because they were tired of talking to their families, okay they were like, i am done with them i don't even want to see them. same route for ten years.'d love she says her customers and their pets have become l to stay and chat because i have more packages. o >> because you need some toilet paper. >> but it's not just jenny whohb lends a helping hand
7:45 am
in 2017 when hurricane maria ravaged puerto rico, jenny's sister lost her home the customers on jenny's route started a go fund me raising more than $10,000 to help her sister >> that obviously speaks volumes about how your customers feel about you. >> i know they cared, but -- i know they love me, too, and i love them. i really, truly do i see these people every day >> and each day before she heads out, jenny joins the daily driver's meeting i was invited to lead the daily stretch. they do it to prevent injury since they're so often carrying
7:46 am
heavy loads. my favorite stretch? >> you're going the put your left foot in you're going to take your left foot out you're going to shake it all about. >> and then there's the weather forecast and my best safety tips >> roads are a little wet, so you want to allow yourself a little extra stopping time and, of course, when we come up to a corner, what do we do left, right, left. let's go out there let's get some packages. yeah >> whew! >> it is a team.
7:47 am
>> lime looking at the path. i'm checking the path. other than a camera person in front of me, i think i'm fine, all right? we're coming up here now, this is one of your regulars >> oh, yeah. this is joyce and bob. >> joyce and bob >> they're amazing >> let's see >> hi. hey, it's joyce and bob. how are you? it's nice to -- al >> yes, it's al. >> why aren't you in the studio? >> i thought i'd help jenny here jenny's helper didn't show up. here you go. >> these are so heavy. >> there you go. you got something from vermont country store there. >> what is it about -- how much do you love this lady? >> how much do i love her? yes. >> she is a ray of sunshine. if the rest of the world were
7:48 am
like jenny, we would be in a much better place. >> oh, thank you, joyce. thank you. >> she's unbelievable. >> well, thank you, guys thanks >> thank you >> and merry christmas, happy holidays nice to see you. >> love you guys >> love you, too >> why don't you guys feel like that about me? >> we do you know we do >> al, we actually feel that way about you and about jenny. i mean, that's how we feel about her. that was a beautiful sentiment >> and jenny, we got a sense of before about what it takes to get these packages it's not just you. you're the last thing people see, the last person people see. >> final delivery. >> how much of a team do you have there at u.p.s. working >> oh, my god. in our building, we have about 500 workers. and it goes from at night, unloading the trucks to the tractor trailers bringing it to wherever they have to go to coming to the building, through the whole process of, you know, the matrix >> right, the matrix let's do the matrix. >> all right >> and going into the -- >> al, you're real good at that job, but would you mind real quickly doing your other job he>>h, t weather, yes. let's do that. all right. first of all, we're worried about these winds. this storm system bringing heavy winds, peak wind gusts by this afternoon anywhere from 30 to 75 miles per hour all the way over from chicago to indianapolis back to amarillo with that, we've got a fire weather threat strong winds, low humidity, highest threat ever issued in december for kansas through new mexico temperatures stretching from dallas all the way up to green bay, out to cincinnati, all time chcember highs could be allenged, guys
7:49 am
so it is going to stay warm right on into the northeast by tomorrow with more records right now we are seeing a few showers passing by. san francisco, 46 degrees. a few scattered showers this morning before the rain picks up moving into the north bay by about midafternoon today. light showers south of san francisco, but the main event for the next storm likely rolling in around 11:00 tonight. cool temperatures outside today, low 50s and increasing clouds and that rain should change the scattered showers early tomorrow morning clearing for friday and saturday. >> al is going to drive. >> guys, we have another stop to go, so we're taking off. jenny, let's do it hit it boom more deliveries. >> yeah, we got the this >> go get them, guys >> jenny also personifies the
7:50 am
silver linings in the pandemic i think a lot of folks came to appreciate the people who deliver their packages a time more than we did before. >> right we're going to check in with mr. roker in just a bit. coming up, though, team "today" will be spreading even more holiday cheer. >> oh, guys, we cannot wait. we're going to share our day trying our hand selling ornaments, we're making sweet treats, we're helping people make memories. go miss jones. but first, these messages. still ahead, matthew a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death.
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a very good wednesday morning to you. it's 7:56. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> the grand jury accusations against laurie smith now formerly filed in court. the grand jury accused sheriff smith of a pay to play. the sheriff is scheduled to answer those allegations in court on january 12th. this could end in her removal from office after 23 years. let's get a look at the forecast. meteorologist, rob mayeda in for
7:57 am
kari this morning. >> increasing clouds, more wind and rain moving through the north bay into the rest of the bay area later tonight. only 50s outside and you can see a few light rain showers right now from the camera view, and from the doppler radar across the golden gate bridge there, so the main event drops down the coast into the north bay as early as this afternoon, and then a peak intensity at about 11:00 tonight, and then clearing tomorrow and late rain sunday into monday. thank you for joining us. i'll be back with another local news update in about half an hour. have a good morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, in contempt the nays are 208 >> the house holding mark meadows accountable for refusing to testify before the january 6th committee. trump's former chief of staff now facing possible criminal charges after that historic vote as fox news hosts react to their text messages during the insurrection, urging the white house to stop the violence a full report, straight ahead. then, santa's little
8:01 am
helpers. >> i see all kinds of decorations, everybody is festive. >> from ice skating to making smores to christmas curling and the perfect holiday gift come along as we take over a cherished new york city festival plus, meet the mayor >> believe it or not, people come out of the building and they'll go, where is the christmas tree and then i go like -- and then they go -- >> we are introducing you to the man at the center of it all, the smiling face who greets tens of thousands of visitors at the rockefeller christmas center christmas tree each day. his uplifting story, straight ahead. and matthew mcconaughey live the "sing 2" star is in studio 1a ahead of the big release to talk about the new film, family and the future and he has us all feeling all right. >> come on >> all right >> i think i feel like law breakers up in this house.
8:02 am
>> all right >> all right, all right, all right. >> today, wednesday, december 15th, 2021 >> hello, mesa, arizona. >> today is our 48th anniversary. >> finals are done and we're having fun -- >> -- at the "today" show. >> here for summer and bo's birthday trip. >> from tennessee. >> hello to our he family and friends. >> sending love to our home state -- >> -- kentucky strong. >> hear, hear. >> we're all with you, kentucky strong we're so happy you guys are out there. we're going to go outside and visit in just a bit. we're happy to see ow this wednesday morning, happy you're starting your day with us. savannah is off and we're always happy to have miss sheinelle jones joining us this morning. former chief of staff mark meadows is now facing criminal
8:03 am
charges after the house voted overnight to hold them in contempt of congress nbc's senior capitol hill correspondent garrett haake joins us with the latest garrett, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that house vote largely along party lines was a historic rebuke of donald trump's last chief of staff now it will be up to the department of justice to decide if mark meadows will face criminal charges on what he knows about the january 6th attack meadows' text messages before, during and after the riot when he did hand over to the committee have become important pieces of evidence in this investigation. trump's son, donald trump jr., some republicans and news staff texting mark meadows before and during the riot. overnight, some of those fox hosts did speak about the texts with sean hannity suggesting their release was an attack on privacy by the committee doing
8:04 am
the investigating. the committee's chairman, though, says this investigate will continue and he won't allow stonewalling or cover up by the former president >> garrett haake for us here at the capitol. thank you, garrett >> now to the latest on the omicron variant. health officials are increasingly alarmed about how quickly it's spreading in this country and around the world, for that matter. as nbc's sam brock tells us, it couldn't be happening at a worse time sam, good morning. >> yeah, craig, good morning it's a confluence of a lot of factors right now from omicron rising to delta surging, but with respect to warnings globally, the world health organization says we are seeing something right now we haven't seen during the pandemic, which is the highest rate of transmission yesterday with omicron. they say do not be fooled by what is being profiled as a milder variant looking at national trends at
8:05 am
the moment, more than 30 states detected one case of omicron, almost 40 states are looking at double digit increases right now in covid infections. health experts have a word of advice with you with christmas right around the corner. if you are unvaccinated or your child is unvaccinated, even getting one shot can provide 30% to 40% of immunity that is certainly better than nothing. and right now, cornell university pushing pause on its finals and going virtual after 900 cases detected on campus to the gridiron, as well, more than half a dozen teams are in advanced protocols, including the rams, who just added nine players on to their list odell beckham jr. caught a touchdown pass on monday night 2 football 24 hours later, he's sidelined >> unbelievable. >> sam, thank you. that's the muss now. hoda, please give us a boost
8:06 am
so when it comes to weddings, the focus is generally on the bride and the groom and that's the way it should be. but watch what happens when the father of the groom pointed the camera the wrong way so he recorded his own emotion >> mr. and mrs. adam and courtney murdoch >> that's even better. >> whoa. >> okay. the funny bit here, that selfie mistake wasn't discovered until the next day everybody had a good laugh the bride and the groom said that turned out to be the most precious wedding gift. >> a keeper. >> everybody else has the other moments. now they have his. >> and congrats to the bride and groom. >> i love the laughter up next, so what would you do if you were out christmas shopping and you came across savannah guthrie trying to sell you an ornament or al roker
8:07 am
trying to sell you a smore >> we'll show you what happens when we took over the holiday market, the entire ice-skating rink, a festive "today" takeover, right after this >> i wish i would have gone ice-skating with you, sheinelle. skating with you milk-bone dipped. a treat so tasty, everyone will want to be a dog. coated in delicious peanut butter-flavored yum. dog life's more fun with milk-bone dipped.
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♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ i can get live tv and on demand anywhere. look, serena williams... matrix... serena... matrix... serena... matrix... ♪ ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream. welcome back. jenna bush hager joins us. despite some extra holiday cheer joins us, we decided it would be fun to pull off a special holiday "today" takeover >> all four of us and savannah and al, we went down to the bank of america winter village. it's at bryant park.
8:13 am
it's right in the heart of manhattan. and it was before that newest mask mandate took effect right here in new york each of us had a special job to do we'll just call it a labor of love >> merry christmas >> ho, ho, ho. >> nice to see you >> excuse me just a second tis the season for a "today" holiday market takeover! now they're not santa's elves, but look who is here spreading holiday cheer. >> this is one of the most iconic places you can go in new york city. >> i feel like bryant park during the holidays is magical >> i see all kinds of decorations, everybody is festive. >> this is just yet another sign that we're back.
8:14 am
christmas is back. >> everybody here is in a good mood i just want to give them a little bit more. the more love, the better. >> ornaments open. >> to me, christmas tree ornaments are like little treasures that you get to unwrap every year >> you're in town from where >> from seattle, washington. >> i think we got a sale >> what a surprise >> we're just trying to -- >> you work here, too? >> i do. i like your hat. >> i like your hat, too. i think we all go together naughty, night and yet to be determined >> do you think we found a winner >> i think this is our winner. >> let me ring you up. >> all right >> thank you so much for coming to the shop. >> thank you >> you know what these are all on the house >> oh! merry christmas. >> why, hello. welcome to smores and more >> thank you >> would you like a smore? >> yes >> they say you should do what
8:15 am
you know i know smores. oh, wait you ain't seen nothing yet oh, baby and this over here, enjoy. happy holidays >> thank you >> another satisfied customer. who is next? >> what's your name. >> >> my name is lamar >> have you had smores before? >> i haven't, not yours. >> that's exactly what i'm saying, my friend. i am going to try to make one of the largest towers of smores that anybody has ever seen we're going one more, baby lamar, this one is for you let's me see you take the bite >> get it, get it, lamar >> happy holidays, everybody you're welcome my work here is done >> i want you to raise your hand if you were on the nice list for santa. >> tell me, why are you on the nice list? >> because i'm really good to my mother santa, all of these kids here say they're on the nice list
8:16 am
>> they look very nice to me >> i'm going to help you with a little christmas here. watch them open it, see their eyes merry christmas. what would you like to say to santa? a little christmas >> thank you how cute >> thank you >> happy holidays. >> hi. >> i'm abigail >> are you nervous >> i'm kind of afraid of falling. >> i don't know how to stop. >> we did it
8:17 am
>> yay >> happy holidays. >> you guys are a team teams need unforms i brought you a little something. >> every time i see someone curling, i think i could do that >> come on >> it's a lot harder than it looks.
8:18 am
>> there you go. >> no pressure, they come in easy, i'll come in easy. they come in hot, i'm coming in hot. >> come on, baby >> yes >> you did it. >> congratulations, sir. >> oh, thank you but you know what? at christmas, everyone gets a gift here you go. >> oh, thank you very much >> who is next >> they look tough so it's the two of you versus me >> i'm going win >> you're going to win oh, they trash talk. >> i've got an idea. i'll turn around, close my eyes,
8:19 am
and you can put it wherever you want >> close wow. well done. yes! you won christmas curling! yes! hi are, everybody. merry christmas. happy holidays you guys look so dapper in here. so there's, like, sporting activities, there's shopping or there's chilling out in the igloo and eating that i can do. i brought you gifts. you get a hat and you get a hat. i thought we should all be santa chic that is a good look on you i think we have to sing in this igloo, right i don't have a great voice so i'm going to need a chorus ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ >> cheers. >> cheers. >> you are so competitive. >> the kids starred it let's check in with al who is busy. he has another job and makes
8:20 am
smores and does the weather. but he's a u.p.s. driver assist and he's helping jenny out al, how is it going? >> it's going well we're on our way to our next delivery, but in the meantime, we're going to bring you what we've got for the weather for today across the country got a lot happening. we're going to be watching this heavy snow on the back sides of that system. record warmth ahead of it. that will be part of the problem, fuelling that issue like we had last week. and sunshine in the northeast with a little snow in parts of northern new england right now we're seeing a few scattered showers moving through
8:21 am
the bay area, mainly isolated for now. it's set to become more widespread as our storm comes down the coast. if you're in the north bay you'll see that rain picking up. we'll have areas south of san francisco probably holding off until late afternoon and evening, for the rain to reach its peak intensity, and then some clearing skies around this time tomorrow. as you see, pretty stormy looking forecast for later tonight into thursday, clearing friday into saturday. more rain late sunday to early next week. and that is your latest weather, guys we've got another delivery coming up. you're going to like this. it's a very interesting delivery one that i would not have an area to deliver to one that i would not have expected >> we'll check with you. >> where are you taking me >> i am taking you to the farm >> we're going to check back with you, mr. roker. we love you. it is popstart time right now, though. sheinelle, you're covering it for carson this morning. >> first up, nick canyon we have an exclusive look
8:22 am
opening up on the heartbreaking loss of 5-month-old son. last week, he revealed on the show that the child passed away from a malignant brain tumor he talked about what it was like hearing about their son's diagnosis when he was 2 months old saying the conversations quickly turned to how can we give him the best life for the time that he does have he called being his father the greatest privilege the latest issue of "people" hits news stands on friday for more, head over to next up, the royal family is getting together on screen in a new documentary to pay tribute to the late prince philip. joe fryer is here with more on that >> so this projects is going to be on discovery plus it's called prince philip the royal family remembers
8:23 am
it features interviews with prince charles, his wife camilla and both his sons, william and harry. >> in this documentary, members of the royal family open up about what the late patriarch meant to them. >> to have someone like that on your shoulder for 73 years of marriage, it doesn't get better than that. the two of them together were the most adorable couple i don't know if anyone has ever described them as adorable, but to me, knowing the cheekiness of him, and knowing behind what the world sees, you have two individuals who were very much in love. that is an incredible bond between two people his royal highness has come to see what this ice-bound region was like >> prince charles recalling his father's sense of adventure that cultivated a lifelong desire to care for the planet.
8:24 am
>> he did so many expeditions. he understandably became extremely worried about them he was unapologetically him. >> he's always been sort of the heart of the family and always been a huge presence behind everything we've done, really. >> if i worked live half the life that he lived, i've been extremely happy. >> lucky to have him through dearly 100 years >> prince philip the royal family remembers starts on discovery tomorrow it aired in the uk earlier this year, but this is the first chance for american audiences to see it >> i have a question for you guys do you remember beanie babies? >> yes they were hot. >> did you have them >> of course >> my mom had them all over the
8:25 am
place, in china cabinets and everything else. so it is beanie mania. it is that time of year. who remembers the beanie babies crazy of the 90s the phenomenon over those palm sized toys has inspired a new documentary on hbomax that takes a look at how the beanie babies boom had an effect on our economy. >> wait, what? >> there were people out there who were buying the beanies and this was their livelihood. >> somebody offered me $100,000. >> i said no >> there were rare -- i remember my first internship, i came with my blazer and heels, i'm like, i'm ready. i'm a news intern. and i had to go wait in line for beanie babies for one of the reporters. in the rain. it was a hospital gift shop. >> did you get one >> i got my beanie baby. >> of course you did >> sheinelle, sometimes you just have to wait in line >> beanie babies lands on hbomax december 23rd.
8:26 am
straight ahead, boy, are we excited. matthew mcconaughey is in the flesh. we are pumped up the guy has the best vibe in hollywood. we cannot wait to catch up with the oscar winner we have a lot to talk about, "sing 2" and a look at your a very good morning to you. it is 8:26 right now, i'm laura garcia. today is the deadline for san francisco schools to submit a new budget in the hopes of avoiding a possible state takeover. it involves some difficult decisions. board members last night approved $50 million in cuts to schools. they also approved $40 million in cuts to operations, administration, and support services. another $35 million will be saved through new revenue. the district is dealing with a $125 million budget shortfall. leaders say cuts to schools were necessary to avoid the state
8:27 am
takeover. roy mayeda is in for kari this morning, he's got a look at that forecast. >> some partly cloudy later today, mostly cloudy, rain spilling out of the north bay, and kind of a cool day. highs in the low 50s, and we still have showers right now outside the richmond, san rafael bridge. isolated showers this morning. do expect that to fill in heading into the afternoon. as you see by 3:00, a lot of the north bay back into the rain. by 11:00 tonight, that rain starts to pick up across the central bay and south bay. then decreasing showers by tomorrow morning. busy weather once again later today into early tomorrow. a break to start the weekend. then more rain early next week. laura. >> thanks so much, rob. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in about a half an hour. miss crawly, it's me mr. moon. i haven't heard from you in awhile,
8:28 am
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and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree at the christmas party house ♪ and welcome back to "today." it is 8:30 wednesday morning december 15th. ten days away until christmas. arriving early in studio 1a, look who is here, matthew mcconaughey himself.
8:31 am
>> if you want to look at the coolest vibe in hollywood, he exudes it. we're going to sit with him and chat about things, too, his family, his holidays and just the new man that he's become >> no need to panic if you're still shopping we have gift ideas for the last-minute shoppers out there everyone covering everybody on your wednesday plus, we love looking at that beautiful christmas tree just behind us coming up, we love looking at this man we're going to introduce you to this guy, cj cj plays a key role year after year in the hustle and bustle. he introduces you to other people here. we call him the mayor of 30 rock >> puts a smile on everyone's face >> nascar driver jimmie johnson making a stop in the studio to talk about his future of racing. but today is a special day in your household. >> my father and brother, lawrence and ryan, celebrating their birthday
8:32 am
>> what a birthday present, buddy. >> it was special. >> you did good. how about we get another check of the weather, mr. roker. still hanging out with jenny, right? >> hey, guys actually, look at where i'm delivering the weather i've got horses here this is a lovely farm. jenny, what is this place here that we're delivering to >> it's therapeutical fact for special needs children and adults >> and when you see horses like that, you realize we're delivering this to a very stable environment.
8:33 am
anyway, let's come over here make a quick delivery. hello. hi there i'm jenny's helper >> hi. nice to meet you >> what's your name? >> doreen. >> welcome to our farm, al >> this is lovely. thank you for all the work you do here for the folks. >> thank you love what we do. you don't work a day when you're happy with what you do >> god bless >> did you want to give some treats to the horses >> sure! >> there you go. >> let's do that while we bring you the weather. who is this over here? oh, whoa, he's showing me his business end hey, sweetie santa. oh, phantom. phantom. hey, how are you, phantom? while phantom try toes decide whether he wants -- >> who is this >> this is miss bell >> would you like a little something here >> oh, his girlfriend. >> very nice all right. let's bring you the weather. take a look at the weekend
8:34 am
ahead. oh, she's going for it i like it. for friday, it will be much colder in the great lakes. heavy rain making its way through the mississippi river valley snow and wind in the plains as we move to saturday, we expect to see plenty of sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard. we're going to be looking at snow, though, developing in new england. rain and storms down through the mississippi and ohio river valleys. another pacific storm comes into the pacific northwest. and then sunday, sunday -- i'm sorry, i don't have anything more, miss bell. snow showers in the northeast. snow and cold in the plains. i'm sorry, i don't right snow we're seeing partly cloudy skies, a few showers passing by right past the richmond san rafael bridge there, a few more there offshore, and then we'll go from isolated showers to more widespread rain. this afternoon in the north bay as the wind picks up, clouds on the increase around the bay
8:35 am
area. we'll begin to see some clearing conditions around this time tomorrow. friday and saturday looking dry and rain makes a big comeback early next week. >> man, i didn't -- i don't have any more carrots jenny usually -- the interesting thing is, guys, jenny keeps dog biscuits and treats in her truck. you keep dog breakfasts and -- oh, see? right here she keeps them handy yum. >> jenny has everything going on >> al, we'll check back with you. thanks coming up, singing and dancing and more with matthew mcconaughey. but first, this is "today" on
8:36 am
my parents can always check my glucose levels just by looking at their cellphones. i share my numbers with my wife and my daughter, and if i'm out in the yard working or busy, she'll come out and tell me, “hey, you're going too low,” if i'm working hard. it makes me feel good that they're watching them.
8:37 am
right, we're back with our oscar winner, matthew mcconaughey. he is returning as the charismatic showman buster moon in illumination's animated
8:38 am
sequel, "sing 2" 37 and once again, buster's larger than lot of dreams have put his friends in a pickle. >> you can do better >> it's freaking me out. >> johnny! >> i'm trying. >> thrust, thrust. >> come on, thrust can you thrust >> matthew, good morning, good morning, how are you >> i'm good. good morning to you. >> how does it feel to be part of something that's just plain joyful, just happy >> that's what it is it's joy it's some good news. unequivocal good news in the time when we get e we could use some and it's for the family. finally i'm make something films that my kids can see >> stop. >> i've got a little more street cred at the dinner table now >> by the way, one of your kids happens to be in the film. >> she plays a piglet. one of rosita's daughters played
8:39 am
by reese witherspoon she gets to say this is the best day of my life, daddy, and she meant it >> now, "sing 2," the title is sing i was waiting to see if you were going to sing. >> i didn't sing >> it was meant to be. >> garth jennings, you've heard this this seems to be the one petition people are file background this movie is buster moon doesn't sing. >> i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised last night on jimmy fallon. >> yes >> so let's take a pause and if you're wondering can matthew mcconaughey sing, we have the answer check it out >> oh, geez, i haven't seen this ♪ this christmas will be last year ♪ ♪ we're different ♪ ♪ than christmas from last year ♪ ♪ we're trading in the facetimes ♪ ♪ for some in-person cheer ♪ >> oh! that was the ends of the clip. >> i forgot the lyrics that sounded all right
8:40 am
>> it sounded really good. >> so what about that little secret part of you that you're squirrelling away, the singer? >> i guess i'm making up for time since i didn't get to do it in "sing 2." i said yes, jimmy, let's do it on your show and maybe if we do a sing 3, if "sing 2" works out, they'll write me a song or a diddy or a beat or something. >> i sure hope so. it's funny because i see you as an actor and have for a long, long time. but as recently, i feel like when i look at you, i see new a different way. i feel like -- and i told you this before, there's like a tectonic plate shift i know acting is your bread and butter, but you seem to be moving on this way you put your toe in the water in the governor's race for a second and decided that it was not for you. >> yes >> what has changed in you >> great question. and let's see if i can answer this in a brief amount of time it's time for a new chapter. time to figure out a way and an
8:41 am
embassy, a category, the way i'm going to go forward living where i can be more myself right now, the most important thick on my plate is fatherhood, 13, 11, 8, you have children, you start thinking more about their future than i did before we have my family is number one for me right now i still want to -- i want to keep telling stories that's part of the reason why my category of leadership going forward, i think, needs to stay in the story telling realm we need a new narrative. we need a new narrative. america needs a new narrative. america is a folk song, we need to be reminded of the original lyrics, but we also need to be reminded that the song is still being written. >> how do you do that? >> that's a good question. i'm working on it. i'll continue to try and tell stories through performance. i'll continue to, as i said the other day when i put it out, invest in backed companies through businesses we've seen over the last two
8:42 am
years how much business can create positive change i want to invest in businesses that i believe in the product. >> so if you were to look ahead in the crystal ball and think, is politics ahead for me, is it a no forever >> i'm not going to say no forever. no absolutely not but this last year and a half, just considering that sacred position of running for governor of the state of texas, i was talking to you before the show, very conscience, earnest year and something in a process i'm so happy i went through. because i became very aware of what matters to me, what i think is best for me and the most amount of people at the same time it was a wonderful process >> and back to acting for a second, any other projects in your back pocket >> i'm do the doing a lot of
8:43 am
writing right now. i have some characters that i might be performing that i wrote myself i had such a good time writing the book "dream lights," i came out of that with some stories i haven't told that i'd like to continue >> "dream lights" is one on of my favorite books. thanks for coming. when you come, i never know what you're going to talk about >> me, neither >> but i'm happy you're here >> i am, too >> "sing 2," by the way, from illumination entertainment, coming out a week from today coming up next, we have last-minute gift idea toes fill in a gap on your list. but first, this is "today" on nbc. we learn about covid-19,
8:44 am
the more questions we have.
8:45 am
the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. we're back with a sneak peek at the latest episode of shop all day. if you haven't wrapped up all your holiday shopping, don't worry, you are in luck >> our friend is here with some lasted-minute gifts for the fashion and beauty lovers in
8:46 am
your live. >> good morning. >> we're excited to be with you today. >> i think this is interesting this handbag has more than 20,000 reviews >> 20,000 reviews. this will away staple in your wardrobe hoda, i'm glad you're feeling it it's faux leather. look at the gold hardware, the tassel i like the inside. you can put in your phone, your wallet >> aren't you tired of carrying big bags >> 100%. >> this nice beanie, but feel the soft just stretchy material. this is like a one size fits all. i would get this for the kids as they're going back to school or maybe you're doing a white elephant secret santa. this would be great. it's perfect tion >> price point >> it's about -- less than $20 >> you can't beat that $17. >> nice and stretchy moving on the apple accessories. >> ladies, this is the "it" accessory.
8:47 am
you ever misplace your keys, your wallet? gift this. download the app and it allows you to find your accessories >> track your keys >> you can do precision location, meaning it will tell you it's 10 feet away, sheinelle, go find pit >> or it will tell you it's in this area. that's a great gift. it's so small and discreet >> let's get to our makeup department >> i love this makeup brush. you don't have to spent a lot to get amazing makeup brushes, and you being on tv every day to get the flawless applications, it's in the brushes this is great for ex periods and novices. it gives you that flawless i woke up like this finish >> so i have one of these. i love this. >> okay. >> you have fly-aways and it's tiny >> yes >> you use it for your edge witness too, right i love this for busy moms on the go
8:48 am
if you're at work and you need to touch up your hair, it's great. so you get the mini straightener, but it comes with the bag which is great f if you're traveling for the holidays >> and is it a plug in or a charger? >> it gets your hair nice and done it's sometimes hard shopping for the fellas, but we've got you covered. this smells amazing. it's a mixture of cedar wood and bergamot and lavender. what do you think? >> oh, my gosh >> you've got the beard oil, the hair spray what do you think? that's the spray so it's a grate way to wake up in the morning and refresh >> is it creams all for men? >> you get the spray, you get the body wash and you get the beard oil, as well >> and sometimes if they won't buy it for themselves, that's what you get >> scan our qr code or head to "today" may make a small purchase three the links don't forget to catch the latest episode of today all day." >> we're so happy you're part of this family. you have the total alicia keys
8:49 am
vibe happening right now coming up next, it would not be the holiday season without him. introducing you to our tree's best friend for more than two decades and counting we call him the mayor of rockefeller center rockefeller center his name is cj and you're going mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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enroll by december 31st at mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. welcome back one of the best things about working here at 30 rock is you don't have to go far to meet a really cool human being. >> that is true. mr. roker, that's never more true than during the holiday season right? >> that is right there's a guy we have seen for years going in and out of our building at 30 rock. and i guess especially this time of year, he's not santa, but he's awfully darn close. over the years, we covered countless stories about our believed rock center tree, documented its journey to the big city, showing painstaking construction, and made a big
8:52 am
shebang out of the lighting it up >> how are you welcome to my center >> happy holidays. you guys enjoy holiday but we've never told but the man beside the tree that is as bright as the man upon it. greeting tourists for two decades, a smile and a few facts. >> this bad boy is 79 feet tall. takes six gallons of water a day. 60,000 lights. it is missing one. i used to be a door man so i used to deal with 5,000 people now i deal with 60,000, 70,000 people a day it's a pleasure, mr. al. how are you, sir >> good. how are you? we're going to make i deputy mayor of rock city today you have to be patient, you have to give directions and you have to have fun with this job.
8:53 am
the fist thing i have to teach you is directions. because of the fact that we get millions of people that come to rock center and they need to know where to go so you have to learn how to do hands. hands is like this not like this, because you confuse people >> you have to be decisive >> that's correct. straight ahead into 30 rock. >> straight ahead into 30 rock not that way, al >> no? >> no. do it with the right hand. the right hand, al >> straight ahead. rest rooms, food court, one level down you just confused me with all of that
8:54 am
simple in, one level down >> gotcha. >> people come out of the building and they go where is the christmas tree and then i go like -- and then they go -- >> take the picture for you. >> nice smile. >> i have taken maybe about 300,000 pictures during the christmas season so if you come and see the tree, you also come to see me. >> now that's great. >> al, is this the first time you did that >> i've been to a county fair. i've seen a rodeo. >> you did a marvelous job you made me look good. >> that's not too hard >> thank you >> the best part of this job is meeting people i am so glad we're coming back to rock center during the pandemic, i was talking to the pigeons it was me and the pigeons for six months standing out here. we had this big mass of tourists my family is back. morning. >> cj says he once dreamed of running for office but had concerns about the darker side of politics. but instead, he found a lifetime
8:55 am
appointment. >> merry christmas >> hey now >> there you go. >> this is where you live. >> this is where i live. >> christmas is all about giving and looking for excitement they're looking for happiness. they're looking for fun. this is what we give them. >> al. >> come on >> there he is there's the man, the myth, the legend >> cj, i don't know if you've got a tear in your eye -- >> i'm so happy. this is unbelievable thank you all. >> there's so many people here in and out yet each one of us, you see it, confirm it you pulled me aside and you said, i see you. you're here, you belong and you do that to everyone here >> now look at you >> you know, al, i have to say it's so cool that you shined a light on cj. i think it's so cool now that the rest of country gets to see
8:56 am
that >> thank you all by the way, here is the question who do you think is cj's least favorite tourists? >> he doesn't have least favorites. >> new yorkers new yorkers. because we already know everything and we immediately get in the wrong line. >> al, thank you >> guys, why don't we give one big we love you cj one, two, three -- >> we love you cj. a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. california's new mask requirement takes effect but not without a last minute about-face. counties that already allowed vaccinated people to go maskless in certain businesses can keep doing so. that means people can go
8:57 am
maskless in gyms, offices, churches in san francisco, alameda, contra costa, marin, that is not the case for counties that have already relaxed their rules including santa clara county. masks are still a must for indoor public spaces. cierra johnson is sorting out some of the confusion for you. a link to more right now on our home page. bomb shell allegations against santa clara county sheriff laurie smith linked to the grand jury report accusing her of corruption.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
shortfalls tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. this morning on california live amber's ice skating at the beach, and revealing skin secrets with the beauty doc for the real housewives of the oc. that's this morning at 11:30 on "california live."
9:00 am
this morning on the third hour of "today," special delivery. we're going to take you inside the holiday shipping rush. i'm ride can along with a u.p.s. driver to see what it takes to get packages to your door for christmas. then, how to make children's cookies even more fun to a festive party dream. and check it out, some gadget that's make a perfect last-minute gift. it's all coming up today, wednesday, december 15th, 2021. >> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this i


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