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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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the next storm is here, and it's packing a punch. i am tracking traking the strong wibd and rain and when it gets to to your neighborhood. >> also, the department of justice is now involved. what we just learned about a deadly police shooting in the east bay that's prompted a federal investigation. plus, she says they were surrounded. >> i mean, i really thought that was it and i am happy it wasn't. we're very lucky to still have
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him. >> tonight, a woman's scary story of how her dog survived ap attack in the city by a pack of coyotes. >> and will it impact your next flight? the warning from the faa about 5g on your cell known, and how it could interfere with critical technology. good evening, everyone. it is here. storm number two has lived, and it is 'already creating trouble. neighborhoods in the dark, wind picking up and the rain is moving through. >> you can see our weather cams now across the bay area, another stormy night. and this could be common as we head into christmas week. >> we are under a micro climate weather alert. let us eget to jeff. jeff, you said it was coming. highway strong do you expect it to be? >> we have seen nearly an inch of rain in santa rosa just over half inch in sonoma. san francisco, close to quarter an inch and south cupertino, 1100. so storm ranger right now shows
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heavier pockets. ools, wind gusts of 20 to 50 and the chance of some isolated small hail with downpours. let's take you to the top two areas. the first one is just south of hercules moving off toward the east. it's going to bring you heavy rain in walnut creek through 11:24. unify to the south also another complex here of heavy rain and this will be moving off into heyward by 11:47. rainfall totals with this the least in the south bay. rain shadow with only quarter of an inch. everywhere else, we are good for half to one inch. mountains, one to two inches there. i am back with a look at sierra snow in about eight minutes. >> it is coming down, that wind and rain already leading to power outages. if your power is still on, be prepared in case it shuts off. you can see nbc bay area's sergio quintana in the rain in millbray where, sergio, a lot of people there have had their power out all day. >> reporter: yeah, and, of course, it's wet, it's cold. and those gusts of wind, when
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they come by, they nearly blow you over. as you mentioned, power has been out in portions for a good part of the day. take a look over my shoulder here, you are going to see a blinking stoplight. that is actually an improvement. earlier in the day, it was out completely. the dark intersection of el camino was tough to cross after work. >> i was afraid i was going to get run over. but luckily, the cars were nice enough to let me through. >> reporter: the honking in the background from impatient drivers dealing with the four-way stop instead of a traffic signal. according to pg&e, it's been working on restoring power to more than 1,700 customers in millbray and burlingame since early this morning. the lights are back on for the majority of them but raymond lu and his family are among the 500 or so still in the dark. no power means no heat on this chilly, rainy night. >> this morning was cold and i had the heater on. and then, the power of of course
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can -- when the power came back on and then went out again. so it's on and off but it's cold. >> reporter: and the reason for the extended power outage in his neighborhood is just a block away. a pg&e spokesperson water got into this underground vault and shorted the electric equipment inside. we watched as a fire department showed up to douse the smoldering fire in there. >> pg&e crews are working at restoring all customers who are experiencing a power outage right now. we do have crews fanned out all across the bay area. >> reporter: there is no word yet on when repairs will be completed. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you. cold, windy, and rainy. more rain on the way. be sure to download our nbc bay area app. we are going to give you minute-by-minute updates on where each storm is and you can track our i live radar right there on your phone. you can see where when the rain will hit your neighborhood. >> it looked like a real gun. that's when police are saying about a deadly police-involved shooting in the east bay.
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tonight, the justice department is investigating. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd with how that shooting unfolded. >> just him in the car and he walks out with a gun in his hand, gets back in the car. >> reporter: this is what frightened employees in north richmond. a man standing in the parking lot holding and waving what appears to be a gun. >> removed the clip, put it back in. um, he would cock several times. >> and video shows he was pointing it. employees feared the man was coming inside and called police. left the parking lot but police quickly caught up with him pulling him over at market avenue and truman street. >> the subject initially did not listen to the officer's commands but eventually to come out of the vehicle with his hands up. eventually, he did exit the vehicle holding a air soft gun that looked exactly like a real firearm. >> reporter: police say he was holding it as if he was preparing to fire while facing
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the officers as he got out of his car. >> he did not listen to commands for officers to show the hands. >> reporter: officers then fired several rounds, striking him. the 45-year-old man died on the way to the hospital. police determined what he was holding was not a real gun. >> um, it is dangerous. they look real. they look real. and our community and officers and everyone involved are going to react as if they're real in certain situations. >> reporter: the four officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave because it was determined the man was holding an air soft gun, the doj is investigating. in san pablo, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> sheryl, thank you. we have an update now from that flash mob robbery in walnut creek. a fourth person is behind bars tonight, accused of ransacking that nordstrom at broadway plaza. so that means four out of 80. last month, 80 people swarmed nordstrom, and got away with
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about $200,000 worth of merchandise. the suspects will face felony charges. investigators are still reviewing the surveillance video hoping to identify more suspects. in the south bay, a crime ring targeting asian women has been busted. today, san jose police and the da met with business owners in little saigon to announce several arrests related to dozens of attacks in the asian community. now, what you are looking at is surveillance video capturing at least one of 70 local robberies. the group is accused of committing some of those crimes. san jose police also released booking photos of six men they say they have arrested over the past six months. the da says felony robberies will also be treated as hate crimes. >> it also affects people in the asian-american community who are not targeted because it makes them fearful that they might be next. >> the police chief assured the business owners that the police foot patrols in little saigon will continue indefinitely. here is a very unusual story in san francisco.
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a couple out for their nightly walk with their dog and the dog gets surrounded by coyotes and then attacked. it happened in the inner richmond last week. tonight, we check in with the dog and owners who were pretty shaken up. here is nbc bay area's ian cull. >> lindsay was with her boyfriend walking her 13-year-old terrier roscoe back on december 7th. she was in the inner richmond yards from her home when she let him off his leash. >> let me tell you right now like i will never do that again. >> reporter: seconds later, she froze. >> the coyotes just came out of the sha dose. just literally, just walked out of like behind cars and roscoe started chasing them like one of them just started kind of going fast. and i was like roscoe, come here. >> she says roscoe was grabbed and taken away with by the pack of four coyotes. her boyfriend tim ran them down, barely catching up. >> he was clapping, screaming saying stop. you know, and then the coyote ended up just dropping him.
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and just stood over the -- and just stood over roscoe. and then, tim went out and just grabbed him. >> reporter: they took a lyft to a 24-hour opened emergency clinic where roscoe was treated for six puncture wounds on his neck. she reported the incident and roscoe is now recovering at home. tonight, san francisco animal care and control tweeted out an alert to keep dogs on a leash and cats indoors in areas where coyotes are active. coyotes are common in san francisco, but we've done stories this year about how they appear to be coming closer to humans. one was spotted casually sitting in the middle of this san francisco botanical garden in june. officials at the coyote project have said when humans illegally feed the coyotes, it encourages them to approach other people and doesn't help. she's happy roscoe is still alive. >> like, i have had him for so long and to see something like that happen was just -- i mean, i really ndi'm happy it wasn't.
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>> reporter: ian cull, nbc bay area news. okay. it has so many people confused. i can't tell you how many people today were asking me about the new mask mandate. california's indoor mask mandate is back in effect. but here is the takeaways. for most of the bay area, it really doesn't mean many changes. now, moving you forward, the state has granted exemptions to many counties, including as you can see here, san francisco, contra costa, marin, and sonoma. those counties allow you to remove your mask in certain indoor settings. you can take off the mask at the gym or in most of these cases, just leave them off. offices, religious gatherings, college classrooms. however, the caveat is as it has been, everyone else with you has to be fully vaccinated. bottom line? just keep doing what you've been doing when it comes to wearing your mask. now, there is one place where mask rules did get more strict today. solano county. this has been an issue the whole time here.
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you only had to wear a mask indoors if you weren't vaccinated well, the county has updated its masking guidance to say masks are now required for all public indoor settings. solano was, for the most part, trailing when it came to masks. an east bay school district is extending its deadline for students to vaccinated. the west contra costa unified district had a deadline of january 3rd. but tonight, after a four-hour discussion, the school board unanimously voted to extend that deadline and they have pushed it to february 18th. board members say they simply need more time to organize what to do with the students who refuse to get vaccinated. silicon valley is the largest employer has a new rule. get vaxed or start looking for a new job. google says its employees will need to show proof of vaccination or get an exemption by january 18th. today, a handful of employees told us off camera that they support the mandate, and will
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feel safer returning to work because of it. but cnbc is reporting that several-hundred google employees have signed a manifesto opposing it. google declined our interview request but issued a statement saying, in part, vaccines are one of the most important ways to keep employees safe and we firmly stand behind our policy. >> okay. airlines are warning there could be widespread cancellations next month not because of weather or covid but because of new 5g cellular networks, which could interfere with cockpit technology. pilots rely on an alto meter when landing bad weather. it bounces radio signals off the ground to let pilots know their distance to the ground. some new aviation experts warn new 5g networks that go live next month may interfere with those, especially around big airports in california, new york, big cities. the faa is telling pilots not to use them starting in january when planes are close to those
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5g cell sites. >> they need to know exactly what altitude they are above the ground as they are shooting that approach. and if they don't have that, it decreases safety of the flight. >> the cell industry and ftc say 5g has already rolled out in many countries without impacting aviation. at&t and verizon will minimize energy coming from 5g sites around airports, they say. we did reach out to our local airports for comment but at this point, haven't heard back. we are back in 60 seconds with a possible breakthrough in the fight against cancer. the blood test that could detect more than 50 types of cancer and the bay area company behind it. plus, one minute it was cruising along. the next, this happened. caught on camera. the extreme weather that blew over a semi-truck. and extreme wind over the sierra. 40 to 100 miles per hour and another foot of snow on the way through tomorrow morning. i am back with a look at our
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rain coming up in about seven minutes.
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new at 11:00. the holiday tree lighting in san francisco's tenderloin comes with a promise for a better and safer future. but is this an empty promise from mayor breed? people in the neighborhood say it feels like a war zone. here is nbc bay area's jean elle. >> one day after san francisco mayor london breed pledges to clean up the tenderloin, she comes in this park to help light a christmas tree and repeat that promise in person. >> after a community holiday celebration at the park in the tenderloin, families face what they call a worrisome walk home. >> i see lots of people -- um, people sleeping on the ground. >> the violence, drugs.
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you know, people getting killed, like, every day. you know, it's a war out here. >> reporter: mayor london breed telling the community tonight, she plans to make the neighborhood safer. directing police to arrest drug dealers, and to no longer allow people suffering with drug addiction to refuse services and continue to use openly like we saw tonight outside the park. >> we are going to enforce every single law at our disposal to get them either into treatment or, sadly, the alternative is jail. and that's just what it is. i'm here all the time. >> reporter: the mayor says it's a long-term effort that has already started. >> i have been in the tenderloin several times a day. um, watching it. i'm not saying that we have turned some things overnight. but i saw certain blocks that used to have large encampments and were really dirty that aren't dirty anymore. and we have to keep it up. we cannot let up. >> reporter: families we talked to say they hope something will change. they want to feel safe in their
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neighborhoods. >> i can finally walk to school without worrying about anything. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> an east bay family is demanding that three police officers be fire after an autopsy linked a loved one's death to the way that he was restrained. 26-year-old mario gonzales died as alameda police officers detained him back in april. body camera shows an officer with a knee to his back for close to five minutes. last week, county coroner's office called the death a homicide adding that drugs and obesity contributed to his death. in a family statement today, mario's brother says quote our family demands these officers be fired immediately. and that the district attorney bring criminal charges against all those involved in his murder. tonight, we have learned that 28-year-old nikita nu is no longer missing. nu disappeared while going to a show with friends in san francisco on saturday afternoon. now, it's not clear exactly where or how she was found.
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but her friends do tell us that she is back home, safe. only on nbc bay area, a possible breakthrough in detecting cancer. a local company is taking a huge step as it moves forward in the fight against cancer. menlo park based grail has developed a single blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer. 45 of those types have no available screening methods. here is how it works. as cancer cells die, they release dna into the bloodstream. grail's test reads the dna and detects signals for cancer. the company says its game-changing technology. i spoke with the respect company president this evening. >> this is a new front in the war on cancer. this idea of early detection because when you find cancer early in its earliest stages before it has spread, cancers or solid cancers are much more effectively treated and they are often curable. >> after the test detects the cancer dna, the company says it
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can predict where that cancer is coming from. they say this technology has been in the works since 2015. new at 11:00 tonight. wait is almost over. crab season will officially begin two weeks from today. season has been delayed for more than a month. look at all those critters. in an effort to prevent whales from becoming entangled in the equipment. the area that will open december 29th is near the border between sonoma and mendocino counties. fishermen will be able to place their pots in the water december 26th. an estimated 30 to 50 fishermen are expected to hit the water. >> that is going to be nice. jeff ranieri back with us. we saw sergio quintana earlier getting blown around there on the peninsula. it's coming down. >> yeah, wet and windy out there. so certainly, some power outages are likely here as we head into the early-overnight hours. we are seeing this strong southerly wind out ahead of the storm front. 20 to about 40 miles per hour on
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average. in the mountains, definitely wind gusts of 50. so don't be surprised again if you happen to lose power. turn your app on, get the alerts and we will keep you updated. storm ranger and mobile doppler radar, i will take you to the top two locations we are tracking here. you can see some heavier rainfall. it's moving off toward the east. it will give us that heavy rain in concord just after midnight. second zone here is near hayward. you are really getting hit hard now and that will be pushing back to dublin by midnight. pleasanton by 12:12. the timeline on this still continues to have the rainfall towards the south bay once we hit about 4:00 in the morning. then, by the bulk of the commute around 7:00 a.m., we have got some scattered rain left. and then, i do see some sunshine coming back in the mix for tomorrow. and it will be a much needed break for us after all this rainfall this week. we will start it off with temperatures in the 40s here. 48 in the south bay. tri-valley down to 45. and those chilly 40s continue for the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. and look. we have had so many systems back
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to back, and just continues to level out our temperatures. there is not too many differences here across our micro climate. so if you are working in the south bay and then you got to head up to san francisco for a meeting, you got temperatures that are going to feel pretty much the same. 52 in san francisco. 53 right there in san jose. so we got you through this storm. now, i want to go ahead and move things ahead towards the next thing we are watching and that is going to get here once we hit saturday morning. we are talking about some of the coldest weather we've seen, um, likely all year at least coldest widespread weather. we will have those 30s inland through the north bay, east bay, and south bay and this is unusual here. so cold that even in heyward, near the water, getting down to 39. might even have 39 in half moon bay so some patchy frost possible here on our coldest morning as we head into saturday. and more weather coming after this. we haven't been used to this in years but we got another round of rainfall lining up. now, i think for most of the weekend, we are okay. we get the chance of some showers late-sunday night. but the storm system really
11:22 pm
lives arrives on monday and this still looks like it could linger monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. with rainfall chances. now, across the mountains, i am seeing we might be in for about 4 inches. lower elevations. a range of anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to 3 inches. so, it will be spaced out but think we might have some flood concerns in the north bay next week. we'll know more of course we get closer. >> lot of people tonight might be losing power. watching us now but hang tight for a little while. thanks, jeff. happening now, the department of justice has charged three companies for that massive oil spill off the coast of orange county earlier-this year. all three companies own and operate the pipeline that leaked more than 100,000 gallons of oil into the ocean. they have been charged with one misdemeanor count of negligent discharge of oil. we're back in a moment. the theranos trial takes a
11:23 pm
turn. we have got light team coverage as closing arguments get under way, including a breakdown of what may lie ahead for elizabeth holmes. plus, the east bay school district now facing image massive budget short fall tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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okay. luckily, you don't see this every day. yes. over. powerful gusts of wind blow over a moving semi-truck. imagine being the driver in that cab. >> wow. >> this happened on interstate and wyoming earlier today. there were high-wind warnings up to 70 miles an hour. they are still in effect in that area until late-this evening. watch it one more time. it tilts, tilts, and there it goes. portions of the interstate are closed because of this blow-over risk. especially, for light and high-profile vehicles. >> like that one, yeah. despite all the news now that we have been hearing about the sluggish supply chain, businesses actually up at the port of oakland and it could be at the expense of our friends down south and long beach and la. cargo imports are up 8% so far this year, with 75 ships docking
11:26 pm
last month. the largest number in six months. according to port managers in oakland, it was the gridlock at the bigger ports in long beach and los angeles that led frustrated exporters to charter or divert their chips here to the bay area. >> oak, he is the nba's all time three point leader but tonight, stephuror curry paying tribute to another east bay super star. >> ms. regina, just want too say hello. >> she is an oakland legend. she has led the east oakland youth development center for nearly three deck asd. it is a safe space for east oakland kids to learn and play. staff and their eat learn play foundation are donating $150,000 to the center's literacy program. the grant is part of 12 days of christmas with the curries, an annual tradition honoring people who help move oakland forward. >> lot of gratitude. >> miss regina.
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there's this feeling we chase... ♪♪♪ like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. all right. some late light news in the nfl. the jackson jaguars fired their head coach urban meyer. he lasted less than a season on
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the job. >> also tojt, the covid spread across the nfl. a lot of teams experiencing outbreaks. since monday, more than 100 nfl players have tested positive for covid. about two-thirds of them are asymptomatic. so far, the 49ers you see here working out in santa clara have avoided any large outbreaks. jimmy g was asked today how that's possible. >> little bit of luck. uh, guys -- i don't know -- just -- it's really about, you know, putting the team first when you are away from the facility. all -- all those things that you do, they come back to bite you in the butt on the back end. but i think guys just -- guys realize what type of opportunity we have this year. >> they do. 49ers hosts the falcons this sunday at levis. by the way, the raiders play in cleveland on saturday. many of the browns' players are out with covid, including their quarterback baker mayfield. we're back in a moment.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. well, it is raining hard out there. live look at the golden gate bridge tonight. very wet out there before we go let's check in with jeff one more time. >> that wind is kicking up too
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out of the south. 20 to 50 miles per hour that could take down some power as we head into the easterly morning hours. you will see on storm ranger, we have got widespread coverage of that rain. as we hit 3:30 in the morning, the bulk of it down to the south bay. spotty showers left at 7:00 in the morning and then i think we will get in on some sunshine as we head through tomorrow afternoon. we get a break in the rain as we ol rol into friday and saturday's forecast. by sunday night, a few spotty showers and better bet of more rain comes back by monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. very active next seven days, guise. >> jeff is going to be working. >> jeff is always working. >> thank you, jeff. have a good night. have a safe night. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> drae yeah, drive safely in the morning. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studios 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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