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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, it's saturday, december 18th, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside at christmas in the park in san
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jose as we are one week away from christmas day. thank you so much for starting your weekend with us, i am kira klapper, meteorologist rob mayeda is in for vianey. it's cold out there. >> temperatures in the 30s for most of our in land areas in the bay area right now. livermore at 40. temperatures at lake tahoe right now at only 8 degrees. that's truly cold weather. back here in the bay area, fog and chilly temperatures, our in land east bay valleys seeing highs in the upper 40s. low to mid-50s around san jose. next chance of rain showing up now looks like after the end of the weekend, monday to tuesday could see an atmospheric river.
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travel is expected to pick up this weekend hoping the weather will cooperate, this comes as more omicron cases surge in the city. >> reporter: a busy night as people fly in. i got covid tested before before i left dallas and have a take-home kit with me and i had my booster shot. >> keeping a close tight knit of the family and everyone is vaccinated and it's all we can do. >> reporter: travelers are taking all the precautions they possibly can. even though there are infections increasing in some parts of the country, that's not going to keep them from seeing their family members this holiday season. >> reporter: dr. peter chen-hong
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says the best way to be protected from sickness is to get boosted. >> there is a lot of people who got booster shots and didn't get it. that's important for people and we have data supporting that. >> reporter: the nfl and nhl has each postponed matchups because of outbreaks. in new york, some parts of broadway are dark and because of a wave of infections and exposure. the radio city rocquettes have cancelled their performance. many travelers say they don't want to miss out on seeing family like last year. >> if you can't gather and be normal again, what's the point of the vaccine. i am going to trust it. >> reporter: nbc bay area news, sergio quintana.
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>> you can see most of the northeast is in the red. here in the bay area better story, the majority of the bay area remains in the orange here. that means transmission is substantial. the exception there you can see napa in the red is the high tier. this is all unfolding as two more bay area counties reporting of confirmed cases of omicron variant, marin and sonoma county both have one case. both patients were vaccinated and both got their booster shots but had not hit the two week mark post vaccination. alameda and san francisco already have confirmed cases of omicron. turning to an update on the case of an uber driver shot and killed in san francisco late last night. police arrested the suspected gunman. family members say ahmad was in
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the city driving for uber when a man demanded for his wallet. he was 31 years old and leaves behind a wife and three young children. governor gavin newsom tells bay area in a one-on-one interview s he's taking aggressive approach in fighting crime in california. the governor was in dublin yesterday getting ghost guns off the streets. the plan will cost more than a quarter of a billion dollars. it includes new ideas like creating the chp's first ever smash and grab enforcement unit. the governor says he is fed up with seeing viral videos ransacking bay area's stores.
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>> the laws are the laws. misdemeanor is punishable and not just by fines. it's time for people to do the job and help to account. >> reporter: the governor is planning to set aside small business owners who are victims so they can get back on their feet. now to a live look in san francisco where mayor london breed has declared a state of emergency in the city's troubled tenderloin neighborhood. the city is getting more resources in the area to deal with drugs and crimes. >> we have to meet people where they are. we can't wait for something to be set up. we can't wait for something to go to a blairing process. >> the announcement comes days after mayor breed says she plans to fill the tenderloin with police and public health teams. the board of supervisors still
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need to ratify that and it would be in place until 90 days. they are rolling out the red carpet in san francisco, the castro theater is hosting the premier of the new "matrix" movie. that means keanu reeves is in the bay area. the timing of the event had many small business owners frustrated. jean elle explains. >> reporter: the matrix production was here for 42 days and pumping millions of dollars into the local economy. the world premier of the matrix movie at the castro theater is a very different story. >> reporter: big trucks, movie props and a lot of workers taken over a block of castro street in a public parking lot. >> on tuesday, no parking signs and the public lot was blocked and nobody knew why.
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>> reporter: no one warned merchants a major movie event at the castro theater is scheduled on saturday. with hollywood stars on the red carpet had the street closed on three days, one of the biggest sales weekend of the year. >> it's the week before christmas. people are no longer ordering online, they're like i got to get that stuff. >> reporter: she's worried they'll get it some where else. the president of the castro merchant says he welcomes big hollywood events but the timing is terrible. >> big businesses cling to small businesses in a way that's not right and fair. >> reporter: in a statement it will take lessons learned on outreach for future collaborations on large scale events. the san francisco film commission says warner brothers is helping impacting businesses coordinating pick ups and deliveries and letting customers know they are open.
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>> i can't wait to see keanu reeves live because he's one of my favorite actors. >> reporter: some are excited for a chance to see "the matrix" stars. crowds gathered to see the film being shot. >> i think it's exciting because we are waiting for the crowds to be here and waiting for customers and we are welcoming all of them. >> reporter: the president of the castro district merchant association says there is an after party. it's not in the castro. jean elle, nbc bay area news. turning to the oakland's a's and could it happen for them. al key milestone was hit in building a water park for the team. by the way, it's 3500 pages long. the ballpark plans to include a 35,000 seat stadium at howard
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terminal near jacqueline square. it includes 3,000 square units and offices and hotel rooms. dave kaval tells the bay area he's hopeful. >> it's worth millions of dollars of investment. it shows this commitment trying to get this water front to approve. we are hopeful that city council will vote yes and get this project actually over and political hurdles here in the next couple months. >> next step includes the oakland city council meeting. kaval hopes that vote will happen early next year. happening today, giving toys to those in need. it's all happening thanks to one man making his mission to give no child without a gift under the tree this christmas. the director of the solano
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started the toy drive and vallejo area. the toy drive began 18 years ago. it has helped about 30 families and now it's helping 1500. it's today in downtown vallejo from noon to 5:00. the salvation army will be holding a drive and seeing collaborations with the san jose sharks. the sap center will be distributing gifts and food through 443 preregistered under served families. families who sign up can begin picking up their food and gifts at 9:00 this morning. >> and at 7:11 this morning, we have much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up is nbc's bay area responds. a lot of people have a new way to add their vaccine record to
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their smartphones. we'll show you how, next.
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welcome back, it's 7:14 on your saturday morning. this is a live look outside on highway 80. you can see snow covering the ground, meteorologist rob mayeda is forecasting a rainy week this week. that means get up to tahoe now if you would like. there will be a lot of snow this week to come.
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>>. >> back here in the bay area, the jury in the case of theranos' founder elizabeth holmes now holds her fate in their hands. holmes faces numerous charges of fraud. the test never worked. pfize is testing a third dose for its covid vaccines to give to toddlers instead of the usual two doses. the couple of months ago the company tested low dose shots for two-year-old dose. the company is adding the extra dose to the test. if successful it plans to apply for emergency use authorization in the first half of 2022.
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if you are an iphone user, did you know you can now add your covid vaccine card to your apple wallet. chris chmura shows us how. >> the apple wallet already store things like credit cards and concert tickets and boarding passes. now you can add your covid-19 record. the latest apple software, access to the states and vaccine port portal. first, check your software. apple added ios-15.1. this is where the second phone comes handy. it does not have to be apple. go to the state's portal. you will plug in your name and birthday and the phone number and e-mail address you gave when you got vaccinated. next you got to create a pin. tab submit, the state will send you a text or an e-mail with a
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link. there it's. your vaccine record information and the qr code. now that you have it, let's add it to your apple wallet on your phone and open your camera app and point it to the qr code. when the yellow icon pops up, tap it. add to wallet and help. it gives you a qr code that smart readers can understand. >> thank you, chris chmura, great information there. stephen curry is the best three-shooter in the nba, he's also great at golf. the oakland base kids golf program have helped thousands of kids developing their game and critical life skills. to honor their efforts this christmas season, steph and
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ayesha and their eat, learn play foundation surprised some of the golfers. wow, the foundation also providing a major grant to help a's expand its program. just great. a live look for you, foggy in san francisco, holiday cheers is in the air. later today will be christmas in china town from 10:00 to 4:00 today. we'll have snow machines and santa will there. you can get your covid vaccines. hundreds of toys will be given out to those in need. trending this morning with christmas one week from today, you may be considering your own trip down memory lane and watching some of those classics. rotten tomatoes is reminding everyone, which took the top
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spot? number one is "it's a wonderful life,". number two is "miracle" and "holiday inn" and number four, "shop around the corner" and number five, "how the grinch stole christmas." that's 55 years old. the old school classics win it here. but, all right, surprise i will remain. let's check in with rob mayeda who has a look at our very cold micro climate forecast but these are the few days we have to go out to look at christmas lights before the rain comes. >> that's right, it feels tick like the holidays. san francisco down to 42
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degrees. as you can see the clouds out there. wind actually some what out of the east and fog is set up in downtown. san jose, mid-30s this morning. those of you in dublin, you see fog and frosty temperatures, 34 degrees and visibility at times down to about a quarter mile or less than those north bay valleys. we have been seeing those at times around concord and live livermoore as well. nobody has cold temperatures like lake tahoe this morning, down to 8 degrees. it's a good travel weekend. no snow and no wind coming down this weekend. big changes coming up. a lot of snow headed back to the sierra. look at that coming up in a minute. >> hour by hour, temperatures in
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the north and east bay valleys where you don't get above 50 degrees today. the central valley will keep in land temperatures in the upper 40s. warmest places should be around san jose and morgan hill and mid-50s. the weekend we'll finish on a dry note. the rain does come back. this is the first wave of rain that's going to be with us throughout the week even approaching christmas day. you notice as we get into tuesday evening, we begin to see the rain starting off the east. we should see one or three inches of rain in the north bay. sonoma county around the bay area about half an inch or less. notice here wednesday into thursday, stronger storms coming in that'll have more winds associated with it. higher totals in some of the
7:22 am
higher peaks and we may have some run off issues in the bay area. watch these snow totals in the sierras. 14 feet of snow in two weeks. that seven-day forecast through the sierra of next week. the bay area, dry weekend, it will be chilly, patchy frosts at times and more clouds. as we approach christmas day, a lot of snow headed up towards the area. the weekend is looking good. >> all right, sounds good, rob. thanks so much. it's 7:22. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up. >> they deserve to be appreciated and especially for people that cared about them. >> an annual christmas giving.
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garvin thomas joins us next with this morning's "bay area proud." who's on it with jardiance?
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bay area proud story is something of a tradition too. garvin thomas makes a yearly trip to a local school to see kindness in action. this pandemic have taken so much from us. so excited to share this
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beautiful experience with all of you. >> the caring and compassion random high school students have for others. >> reporter: something that thankfully survived. after a year off due to covid, the entire community gathered with this year's winter wishes wrapped. every student and teacher and staff member made a wish. the biggest are granted in front of the whole school. like a sister wishing new clothes for a brother was only known hand me down. >> i want nothing but for your success. >> reporter: a daughter wishing money for her dad to get the job training he needs to get back on his feet. >> reporter: or in the case of alicia wishing something unusual for her best friend. >> all of us deserve something. this is something special that would make him happy.
7:27 am
that would really mean something to me. >> reporter: olive has not been able to afford the thousands of dollars to put in with a replace m. it's a part of olive's high school life. >> no one really notices it. >> it makes me feel bad sometimes when i pop out to show people and the first reaction was eww. it's not great. it's a little funny at times. it's something about me. >> thank you to elise's wish and a donation by a local dentist, olive will get the tooth replaced. >> reporter: the gift was something tangible. the thought behind it is something we can all feel.
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take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit good morning, it's saturday, december 18th, we are taking a live look outside. wow, i mean it looks like we are looking into cotton candy. pink clouds over the trans-america pyramid on a chilly bay area morning. thank you so much for start rpg starting your weekend with us. i am kira klapper.
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meteorologist rob mayeda is in for vianey. >> a little bit of sun for san francisco for the pink fog this morning a lot not much in walnut creek and still foggy out there. notice the wind direction northeast at 6 miles per hour. look at those temperatures, low 30s across the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. visibilities down to a quarter mile or less, watch out for that if you got any plans on the road. next couple of hours seem to be thickest of the fog. highs today dealing with thicker fog. we'll see highs in the upper 40s. chilly day today. we'll be dry until we get to the beginning of next week. watch happens here monday and tuesday, a lot of rain in the forecast coming up. a closer look at the in coming storms in about 15 minutes. >> thanks so much. as we head into christmas week, one week from today is
7:32 am
christmas day. travel is expected to pick up this weekend. this comes as omicron cases are appearing in more than bay area counties. today in the bay sergio quintana begins or coverage. >> reporter: a busy friday night at san jose international as people fly into start their holidays with family. >> i got my covid tested before i left dallas and have a take-home kit with me. i also have my booster shot. just to be sure my parents are safe. >> keeping it close, tight knit of family and everyone is vaccinated. that's all we can do. >> reporter: travelers are taking all the precautions they possibly can, even though there are infections increasing in some parts of the country. that's not going to keep them from seeing their family members. >> reporter: dr. peter chin-hong says the best way to be protected from infectionand
7:33 am
sickness is get boosted. >> a lot of people who got booster shots and didn't get it. that's important for the people here and we have data supporting that. >> reporter: infections across the country are causing some serious changes. the nfl and nevertheless postponed matchups because of outbreak. in new york, some parts of broadway are dark. because of a wave of infection and exposure, the wave city rocquttes have cancelled their performance. this is the second holiday season in a pandemic but many travelers say they don't want to miss out on seeing families like many did last year. >> you can't gather and be normal again, what's the point of the vaccine? i am going to trust it. >> reporter: in san jose, sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. most of the east is in the
7:34 am
red. this is a look in the bay area where the majority of the bay area is in the orange here. that means transmission is substantial so that's still serious. the exception is napa county in the red or high transmission here. >> and as we mention two more bay area counties now have confirmed cases of the new omicron variant, marin and sonoma county. both ptients recently traveled and vaccinated and boosted but have not yet hit the two-week post vaccination mark. marin and sonoma join santa clara and san francisco counties which already have cases of omicron. turning us now to governor newsom taking a more aggressive approach to fighting crime. the governor was in dublin yesterday getting ghost guns off
7:35 am
the streets. the plan will cost more than a quarter of a billion dollars, it includes new ideas like creating the first ever smash and grab unit. the governor says he's fed up with seeing those viral videos of flash mobs ransacking bay area stores. >> pitiful stuff, the laws are laws. misdemeanor is punishable, not just by fines. it's time for people to hold their jobs and hold people accountable. now a live look at the golden gate bridge, foggy and windy out there and that humming we have been reporting on the last year. that's the humming sound that can be heard for miles on windy
7:36 am
days. it began last year when new flats are installed. the bridge victim will have to decide whether to spend half a million dollars for that fix. are people looking to buy christmas gifts? there is a new scam alert to warn you about. gift card fraud is surging with tens of thousands already victimized. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: 'tis the season for gift buying. it's also the season for surge in gift card scams. in the first nine months of this year, the ftc reports nearly 40,000 people were scammed. here is how i works, scammers called and posing as a
7:37 am
government agent telling the victim they owe money or must pay now or they'll be arrested or their bank accounts will be frozen. read the card number to the scammer over the phone. target gift cards were the most preferred by scammers. $2,500 the median amount lost by consumers. gift cards from google, apple and ebay and walmart. >> gift cards are for gifts and not making payments. if someone approaches consumers saying they need to make a payment using their gift card is a scam. >> in idaho, a fraudulent charge, when she did, the scammer told her to stay ton the phone and buy $500 to fix the problem. thankfully the local clerk recognized the scam and she was on the phone. >> she noticed that i was
7:38 am
probably looking a little panicked. she knew the signs and she caught on right away. >> reporter: the red flag says unsolicited calls or e-mails saying you owe money, it's a scam. social security or the irs will never call. >> reporter: getting your money is nearly impossible on gift cards. once they are used, they are gone. back here locally, exciting news from the cal campus, an in person graduation is set for uc berkeley today. nearly 1,000 students walking across the stage. face coverings must be worn indoors. the ceremony starts at 8:30 this morning. students got to have an
7:39 am
in-person graduation ceremony. things are turning to normal. a live look where today the salvation army will be holding a drive-thru christmas gifts and food drive. they'll be distributing gifts and food to 443 preregistered under served families. families who sign up can begin picking up their foods and gifts at 9:00 a.m. point still to come at nbc bay area exclusive on that los gatos mom accused of throwing wild parties for teenagers. why they feel early warnings about the parties were not taken seriously.
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all the fog in land, notice how areas in north bay and east bay may not get out of the 40s. a bit more milder as you head into san jose and morgan hill and san francisco, and oakland's highs today in the 50s. the chilly temperatures and patchy fog. a repeat performance of thick fog and frosts and the rain starts late sunday. we think the first chance of rain will hold off until later monday night and tuesday. this is the first ban that passes through that'll have a little bit of at atmospheric component to it. it could be heavy.
7:44 am
monday night through the day on tuesday, highest rain totals here, averaging 1 to 3 inches across the north bay. south ward but there is more following that. the strongest storms taking shape on wednesday and thursday. that'll beginning to bring winds. transitioning to scattered showers. cold temperatures, low snow levels as we head towards the weekend. the sierra we had seven feet of snow just this week. look at king field. you can see another 7 feet plus of snow in the sierra starting tuesday and into next weekend. the driest is occurring right now. good to get outdoors and clear those gutters. we do see the rain coming back starting on tuesday and a lot of wind and several feet of snow. >> a white christmas for
7:45 am
everyone in tahoe. looks good rob, thanks so much, we'll be right back. hope you stick with us.
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7:48 am
hearing from the two whistle blowers in the case. they spoke exclusively with investigative reporter candace nguyen. >> the way she contacted these kids and the lies she told these kids to tell parents was so sophisticated. >> she hurts my daughter. shannon o' conner used booze, sex and bullying.parent, how co not know your kids are going to these parties. >> i ask myself these questions too. >> she's picking up your kids in the middle of the night and trying to actually target divorce families so there is a little more confusion. >> reporter: the women are sharing their experiences with
7:49 am
los gatos high school and the police department. we showed you this morning's complaint in december of 2020 telling them o' conners was supplying alcohol to under age kids. then we show you this mother's e-mail to authorities in february where she warned children of being injured and non-consensual sex between the teens. but, tl take another eight months for o' conners to be arrested. more children were victimized and resulting in 42 criminal charges against o' conner including child endangerment and sexual battery. >> it makes me sick. they could have stopped it. i was told there was an officer who was handling this case and she was like oh, once she goes to t and all the work yo detec?
7:50 am
>> yes. >> one mom says she asked to see the police department and the department released it to her prematurely compromising the investigation. >> the da had to reinterview every minor victim in this case between june and october to finally have enough information to have over 39 felony counts to arrest her. >> it prolonged by months and months. >> yes, in which time she was still targeting on children. >> reporter: mother shares the finalized reports with the police unit. a girl telling her parents o' conner vetted for under age girls saying she can't come because she does not put out. o' conner harassed the child on snap chat saying i am going to spread rumors. during the party, a drunk driver
7:51 am
broke her hand and the boy left standing without a shirt or shoes. >> if i had not come forward, there could have been a pregnancy or a death because she let these kids driving cars. >> reporter: in a statement the los gatos police spokesperson says they take these cases seriously but did not address any of the mothers' actual complaints. they knew about a criminal and child protective investigation last month, months before o' conner's arrest. the information was limited so it was kept confidential. after o' conner was charged. the school sent an e-mail to parents and wrote a letter to city council urging to strengthen their social host
7:52 am
ordinance. these mothers say actions should be taken earlier. >> we are taught to trust the police and our schools care about our children and they failed us. a lot of children were hurt and they need to be held accountable for that. >> i spoke with o' conner's attorney today, he said they have no comment. candice nguyen, nbc bay area news. candice has been on the forefront of this story. we posted her full report on up next a quick look of the top stories we are following including a surge of covid cases. as more omicron cases are being reported right here in the bay area.
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here is what you can expect tomorrow morning on "sunday today" with willie geist. >> good morning kira. great to see you, tomorrow morning on "sunday today," my conversation with oscar winner matthew matthew mcconaughhey. a sequel to the blockbuster film "sing" that earned mcconaughhey some new fans, mainly his own children. >> what am i going to do?
7:56 am
sit them in front of two detectives? a lot more questions than answers, right? >> i want to do something they can see. it was just good family joy and promote some good values which i believe in. matthew mcconaughhey and another life well-lived. set your dvr and we'll see you when ever you are ready for us. here is a quick look at our top stories. second holiday season in a row with a covid surge. cases could rise 55% by the end of christmas week. the u.s. is not headed for another widespread lockdown, the white house is urging people to get vaccinated and get the booster. the cdc is recommending people
7:57 am
get pfizer and moderna vaccine, not johnson & johnson because of a rare blood clotting issue. continue to wear masks in crowded settings. marin and sonoma county each have an omicron case. marin and sonoma joins alameda and san francisco and santa clara counties which already have confirmed cases of omicron. before we go on this saturday, one week from christmas, let's check in with rob mayeda with a look of our saturday forecast. >> the forecast is quite cold by our standards. we got low 30s out there. a lot of folks showing us on social media having to scrape
7:58 am
off the windshields there because he got some frost and ice on there. we got some fog around the east bay and north bay valleys. we got numbers in the quarter mile and less visibility. the same areas north and east bay valleys we'll be looking at temperatures staying in the upper 40s to low 50s. part of that offshore breeze bringing in fog. keeping the coolest temperatures up in the north and east bay valley. 53 in san francisco. we'll see a similar forecast by the way for tomorrow and then monday, mostly cloudy skies, north bay beginning to see the rain showing up as we head into monday night and tuesday and wednesday and thursday, a lot of rain in the forecast. looking at a few inches of rain and a few feet heading towards the sierra. >> i am going the get my christmas lights viewing before that rain hits. >> thanks for the warning. thank you so much for all of you
7:59 am
for making us apart of your morning. we'll have more local news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. during which i believe rob will be back with your forecast. and all day on, we hope you have a great saturday and we'll see you right here tomorrow morning.
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. narrator: when you see this symbol, you know you're watching television that is educational and informational. the more you know on nbc. dylan: hi, everybody, i'm dylan dreyer, and this is "earth odyssey". today, we set off to find the wildlife that thrives in the coldest regions on earth. in the alps, these alpine marmots must fight to stay alive before the snow hits. then, the frigid alaskan wilderness awaits the next generation of this family of arctic fox. and later, we head to europe, where a big cat needs a thick coat to weather the chilly climate. plus, in mongolia, these horses get through the winter with a little help from their friends.


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