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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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reeves on the red carpet. rain set to make a comeback. your phone so you can keep your current number and your phone! switch to t-mobile and we'll pay off your phone. now up to a thousand bucks. my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. right now at 11:00, rolling out the green carpet for a star-studded night in san francisco, highly anticipated premiere of "the matrix." the temperatures keep dropping, chilly night. plus another storm around the corner. dramatic scene at south bay
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mall, confrontation between a woman and officers and what police are saying tonight. hollywood stars painted san francisco green for the premiere of the fourth and final matrix movie. keanu reeves, local stars at castro as well. hunter pence, mayor london breed and hundreds of fans, could be the last big event for a while. >> reporter: exciting night at castro theater, green carpet rolled out for the stars of "the matrix: resurrection." a homecoming of sorts, return to the city where they began filming the fourth installment almost four years ago. >> so special to launch the film
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where we launched making it. event back then for me and special tonight. >> i love it here. lot of fond memories, training here. had most incredible training facility here. >> reporter: despite national headlines with smash and grab robberies and retail theft, the stars weren't phased. >> first of all, from detroit, second of all, live in l.a., and sleep like a baby in san francisco. >> i love this city. >> reporter: fans were happy the star came out. >> huge keanu reeves fan, he's very kind and for action star that's important. >> it's huge night for san francisco. >> reporter: big question, will the city continue to host large gatherings with threat of the omicron variant. >> if we need changes, we make them. doesn't look like headed to lockdown.
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>> reporter: the answer to fifth matrix film is elusive. >> i can't answer. i don't know. san francisco landmarks lit up in green in honor of premiere, mayor london breed with these pictures of city hall and sfo in green. witnesses in disbelief, claiming police went too far after several arrests in oakridge mall in san jose. everything recorded on cell phone. video obtained appears to show officer asking woman to back away and then altercation ensues as police responded on reports of theft inside macy's store involving several suspects. two witnesses were about to go shopping, saw three security guards detaining a teenager, they claim they were being rough with the teenager and became
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more concerned when police arrived and woman got involved. >> officer starts to get excessively close to my mom, grabs her arm, she had to fling him off. he got even more upset when she was just saying what he was doing was wrong and proceeded to grab her and throw her to the floor. >> at one point i thought he was going to attack me. as soon as he started coming in that direction, i was afraid. >> we have reached out to san jose police and they confirmed several arrests tied to the attempted robbery which left a worker injured and two people arrested for allegedly interfering with the arrests, including the woman being thrown to the ground in the video. it's cold out there, walnut creek, 40 degrees, meteorologist rob mayeda, it was 43 degrees at
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6:00, wow, cold out there now. >> getting colder. one of the warmer spots, san francisco, 45 degrees, closer to the water and not as cold, inland east bay down to 39 in dublin. temperatures will be cold enough to probably support patchy frost for the morning. not as cold as earlier today but mid-30s. south of san jose, tri-valley and north bay. into monday, increasing clouds and days of rain ahead. you'll see it in seven-day forecast. starting tuesday, gusty wind at times and first volley of rain into tuesday and wednesday will carry top totals around the north bay and upper peninsula, areas in red, one to two inches of rain. but mount tam and kenfield seeing more, and the santa cruz
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mountains. next week, could be copy and paste. one, two, three punch, rain at times, heavy sierra snow and wind with the storms as well. closer look for the time line tuesday coming up in 12 minutes. back to you. homeless advocates in san jose are taking action tonight after they say at least five people who are homeless died in recent stretch of rain and chilly temperatures. though their actual cause of death is unknown. marianne favro. >> reporter: with the temperatures plunging, city of san jose opened up warming center at ev branch
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library. >> reporter: painting tombstones. >> 141 tombstones for seniors, some for babies. >> reporter: says more than 200 people in santa clara died living on the street, increase more than 25% compared to last year. five deaths reported in recent cold snap. volunteers are working to help the thousands of homeless in san jose to survive the bitter cold. rj ramsey is looking for mother and son who just became homeless, hopes to give them sleeping bags and flashlights. >> i used to be homeless, out here for ten years, wish somebody would have brought me stuff, trying to reach back. >> robert ageary hopes to distribute 500 sleeping bags tomorrow to homeless people
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across the county. city of san jose opened a new warming location at library but without transportation, few can make the trek miles from downtown. >> vast majority of unhoused people live downtown and there's not a single warming center downtown. >> reporter: we reached out to ask why there aren't warming centers downtown, did not receive a response tonight. does plan to open another center monday as another storm hits. nbc bay area news. tonight, growing concern worldwide as the omicron variant continues to spread, first identified four weeks ago, found in 89 countries. world health organization says the number of omicron cases is spreading rapidly, even in cases with high levels of immunity. w.h.o. is not sure if it's because the strain evades
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immunity, is more transmissible or both. >> at the moment our sense of how deadly omicron is is still in flux. >> can say one thing, it's not more severe. in south africa, they've had lower rates of hospitalization, almost one-third of delta wave. >> all but seven states, montana, north dakota, south dakota, oklahoma, delaware and vermont. hasn't shown up there yet. yesterday confirmed first cases there, and omicron not in san mateo, solano and contra costa counties. president biden expected to detail a new battle plan, speech set for tuesday as omicron is on track to become the dominant
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variant. white house says the president will announce new steps they're taking to respond to the challenges. new covid surge is once again causing chaos in sports. nfl had to reschedule three games because of covid-19 outbreaks and now changes coming to the safety protocols. among them, allowing high-risk players to opt out rest of the season and testing more targeted approach. fully vaccinated asymptomatic players won't be tested unless exposed or want test. before all were tested. >> way they live their lives, inside the practice facility and also outside, the critically important factor here. >> in three days, league has logged roughly00 case, despite vast majority being vaccinated.
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coronavirus coverage continues on our website, posting the latest information about the omicron variant, covid testing and ever-changing mask mandates in one place. take a look at this video, oakland police trying to track man down, say he shot someone this morning. found a man with gunshot wounds 8:45 this morning on international boulevard, rushed to the hospital in critical condition. another look at suspect, tough to see him. 8:30 on international, he was out there, considered armed and dangerous by police. if you see him, call 911. one week until christmas, last-minute rush on. back in 60 seconds on the final push, many buying gifts today. unusual sight, snow in san francisco, wasn't in the forecast, rob.
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special event for families in chinatown. might be more to the story. dublin, it's cold, 38, and fog filling in. finish the weekend dry but rain around the corner, closer look when we come right back.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. less than a week until christmas, plenty of people spent saturday shopping. san francisco's marina district, out getting last-minute gifts and dining to support the small businesses. >> like to support my neighborhood boutiques. >> national retail federation predicts stores and websites
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will draw hundreds of millions today. could be more people online to avoid the crowds or want packages delivered or available for no contact pickup. from last-minute shopping to last-minute shipping. post office in willow glen, hours extended this week, typically the busiest of the season. post office's recommended deadline for priority mail packages to reach destinations in time for christmas today. taking time to honor fallen veterans this holiday season. ♪♪ los gatos memorial park hosted a ceremony for wreaths across america. participants showed up to lay wreaths on the headstones of veterans. spoke to father advocating for families of fallen soldiers
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since he lost his son in combat. >> i've been promoting the impact of a soldier's choice to serve, not only for soldier but families as well. something i didn't recognize when i made that choice, nor when adam did. but i did when he didn't come home. >> heartbreaking. one of many ceremonies across the country today. salvation army, s.a.p. center, loading up gifts and boxes of food. low income families in south bay treated to clothes, toys, turkey and walmart gift card. salvation army got help from the san jose sharks and the s.a.p. center. grant avenue in san francisco, chinatown's an well winter wonderland, two
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blocks of grant reserved. snow machines make it look real there. santa was there, and train. and vaccine clinic. lots for all ages to enjoy. food, prizes, he found one. entertainment, thanks to community donations, nearly 1,000 toys given out. winter wonderland for real in the sierra, plenty headed to tahoe for the snow. lot of fun playing and taking pictures as well. rob mayeda, remember last weekend i was blown away with 85, 90 inches and you're saying we're going to do it again. >> it happens, uc berkeley lab confirmed snow this weekend. temperatures right now, it's not going anywhere. 18 in lake tahoe right now.
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should have two good travel days, tomorrow and monday looks good. tuesday and every day after that, snow is going to get going, you'll see coming up in a minute, show the snow estimate for upcoming week, could see really big totals in sierra. right now cooling off into the mid-30s in santa rosa, plus fog there. 36 in dublin, san jose, christmas in the park, 43 degrees. walnut creek, not too much fog yet, 42. but visibility miles dropping off close to santa rosa in last hour to quarter mile. going to be the north bay and east bay valleys that see the fog setting up for the morning. morning temperatures cold, mid-30s, patchy frost, around noon, low 50s. san jose in the south bay, mid to upper 50s. overall, good news for football game at levi's stadium, 56 or
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mid to upper 50s. cooling rapidly, fourth quarter could be upper 40s, for bay area standards a little bit cool to wrap up a football. no rain sticking around sunday, most offshore. begin to see changes during monday night and tuesday as weather system approaches the coast. very different look to the day starting monday night. up here in the north bay. then tuesday morning's commute, most substantial rain first half of the week arriving in the day tuesday and more off and on through wednesday evening. first round of rain, probably 1 to 3 inches of rain up here. areas in red from san francisco northward through the north bay and around the santa cruz mountains but more opportunities following thursday. windy conditions at times and again with colder storms dropping down right there on christmas day, could really make for interesting snow levels this
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time next week. sierra, snow totals piling up again. good estimate right now, 7 to 8 feet of snow. watching closely through the week. also keep in mind closer to christmas day, less intense rainfall but lowering snow levels. that's going to get interesting around christmas day. tuesday through thursday, that's the focus of rain at times, then turning cooler with showers and just maybe snow showers in the higher peaks in the bay area christmas day. would be a nice change around here given the weather last couple of weeks. >> white christmas, rob? >> on the higher peaks, possibly. >> fantastic. anthony flores with sports, glimpse of how challenging a season it could be for the warriors if they didn't have headliners in the starting lineups most nights. >> one time fans can say the warriors lost, not a big deal tonight. bump in the road, warriors
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without steph curry and several others. head coach steve kerr called it a valuable game for his team. sports is next.
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welcome back, i'm anthony flores. shorthanded in toronto, five of the top six leading scorers, including steph curry, did not play against the raptors. back in the bay area resting and getting healthy. second of a back-to-back for the golden state warriors. capacity limited to 50% because of the covid outbreak. jonathan kuminga for the three ball, rookie doing play mc, this to kevon looney, but the warriors were no match for the raptors tonight, toronto slams golden state, 119-100, steve kerr called it a learning experience for his young players. 49ers could move one game closer to clinching a playoff spot with a win against the falcons tomorrow at levi's stadium. red and gold are holding down
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the sixth seed after winning four of their last five games. because of the surge of covid cases throughout the league, niners gone back to virtual meetings to prepare. >> i don't think it affects game planning but affects success rate. it's different doing it on the screen. i know for sure, experience the last year, guys don't learn as well. >> check out friends at nbc sports bay area for pre- and postgame live before and after the game. colts and patriots, three-point game late in the fourth quarter, give to jonathan taylor, takes the rock and rolls, 67 yards for touchdown, colts gallop by the patriots, first win in new england in 12 years. that's sports. more news after the break.
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tonight we continue 12 days of christmas with the currys, next stop, lincoln square, vibrant oakland community, where the currys' foundation, surprised families with epic holiday party. foundation's eat, learn, pray elves showed up, not empty handed. food by local restaurants, games, activities and lot of free books, pushing the learn part of it. every family got a box of gift cards, toys, holiday staples and other essentials. speaking of the christmas
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season, live look at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. it's open until midnight, 32 minutes to go, few people out there feeling the spirit, and tree this year, best they have ever had. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" coming up next. very different kind of edition, no live audience. good night.
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