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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 19, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. it's sunday, november 19th, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look at christmas in the park downtown san josé. meteorologist, rob mayeda, is in for vianey. he joins us four our microclimate forecast. hey, rob. >> we have numbers in the mid-30s out there.
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you saw christmas in the park. 35 degrees in san josé. similar temperatures around mountain view and inland north and east bay valleys dealing with patchy fog for the morning. morgan hill and san martin with visibility less than a quarter mile and we will see the patchy fog sticking around through late morning. highs today climbing in mid-50s. and then rain tuesday into wednesday, and watching big snow potential for the sierra and low snow levels approaching christmas weekend here in the bay area. a closer look at that coming up in about 15 minutes. winter does officially begin on tuesday but the recent stretch of rain and cold temperatures is impacting the homeless. advocates in one bay area neighborhood are taking action after they say at least five unhoused people died during the recent stretch of bad weather.
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today in the bay's marianne favro is looking at ways to help. >> reporter: the branch here will remain open overnight through the end of april. tonight volunteers are painting tombstones with the names of homeless people that died in the past year. >> this year it's the highest number of tombstones we have made. it includes 141 tombstones for seniors and 3 for babies. >> she says this year more than 200 people in santa clara county died living on the streets. an increase of more than 25% compared to last year. she says at least five of the deaths were reported during a recent cold snap. tonight volunteers are working to help the thousands of homeless in san josé to survive the bitter cold.
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rj ramsey is looking for a young mother and her son that just became homeless, and wants to give them sleeping bags and flashlights. >> i was homeless for ten years and i wish somebody would have found me like this, so i am trying to give back. >> the city in san josé opened this new overnight warming location at the evergreen branch library, but without transportation, few homeless can make the trek to the center miles away from downtown. >> the vast majority of the unhoused people live downtown and there's not one single warming center downtown. >> we reached out to the city of san josé's housing department to ask why there were not more warming centers downtown but did not receive a response tonight. the city does plan to open another warming center monday as another storm hits. in san josé, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new this morning, multiple
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deadly crashes across the bay area. this is video of the first crash around 1:30 this morning, one person was killed on highway 101 north near the trimble road exit near san josé. several cars were mangled and the cause is under investigation. the second crash happened around 2:30 this morning, this one in the east bay. one person was killed in a fiery crash on 580 near the off-ramp in dublin. one car caught fire. that cause is also under investigation. witnesses tell us they are in disbelief and claim police went too far after an attempted theft at a bay area mall. several bystanders were arrested and it was all caught on cell phone video. we have the video from last night at oak ridge mall in san josé, and it appears to show a
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woman to back away and then grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. a few witnesses said they saw a security guard detaining a teenager, and they say they think the police were being too rough and that's when the woman in the video got involved. >> my mom, she grabbed her mom and she had to fling his arm off, and she got more upset when what he was doing was wrong. >> at one point i thought he was going to attack me. as soon as he started coming in that direction, i backed up because i was afraid. >> we reached out to san josé police. they did confirm several arrest tied to the attempted theft that left a worker also injured.
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people were also arrested for interfering during the arrest, including the woman that was shown being thrown to the ground. a man with the red backpack shot a man yesterday morning around 8:45 on international in oakland. police say the suspected gunman is armed and dangerous and if you see him call 911. now to our continuing coronavirus coverage and growing concern worldwide as the omicron variant continues to spread. it was only identified four weeks ago for the first time and now it has been found in 89 countries. the w.h.o. says the number of omicron cases is spreading rapidly even in places with high immunity levels. the w.h.o. is not sure if it's able to evade immunity or is
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just more transmissible or a combination of both. >> how deadly omicron is is still influx. >> it's not more severe. what they said in south africa, they have seen more hospitalizations. >> president biden is set to deliver a major speech on tuesday to detail a new battle plan. this as omicron is surging on track to become the dominant variant over delta. the white house says the president will announce new steps the administration is taking to help struggling communities. by then, he will also highlight how his team will respond to the latest challenges. the new surge is causing chaos in the world of sports. the nfl had to reschedule three games this week because of covid outbreaks and now the changes are coming to the league's safety protocols. among the changes, the players can opt out for the rest of the
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season, and the fully vaccinated asymptomatic players won't be tested until they request a test or have been potentially exposed. until now, all players were tested once a week. >> players inside the walls of the practice facilities and outside, and that's an important factor. >> in three days the league has logged roughly 100 cases, and this outbreak comes despite the majority of the nfl being vaccinated. despite the new protocols, the 49ers will face-off against the falcons this afternoon at levi stadium. the team had to go back to virtual meetings, and three play were put on the covid list this summer. postgame live comes your way
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immediately after the game. our coronavirus coverage continues on our website. we are posting the latest information about omicron, about covid testing and all those changing mask mandates. it's all on we're going to turn now and focus on taking time to honor fallen veterans this holiday season. >> los gatos memorial park host add ceremony yesterday as part of a reach across america day. our own damian trujillo, that you just saw there, was the emcee. >> i have been promoting the impact of a soldier's choice to serve, not only for the soldier
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but their families as well, and something i did not recognize when i made that choice nor did i recognize when adam did, but i did when he didn't come home. >> the event in los gatos was one of thousands across the country yesterday. just shy of 7:10, and coming up we will take you live to washington, d.c. for our weekly interview of chuck todd who has a preview of this week's "meet the press."
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welcome back. it's time now for our weekly discussion with chuck todd, nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press." chuck, thanks, as always, for joining us. we have delta and omicron and the new surge, and you have dr. anthony fauci on this morning. what is he sort of anticipating will happen or what is his warning for all of us?
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>> well, he's anticipating that we are going to see a surge and that surge is going to have a surge in hospitalizations and it's going to be a pretty rough winter. he also emphasized all the tools are available, if you are not boosted and are eligible, get boosted and if you have not been vaccinated, get vaccinated and if you travel wear a mask. he was not suggesting people cut back on their holiday travel despite their situation. he said there will always be risks to traveling on getting it or spreading it, but if you wear a mask and are fully vaccinated, you have minimal risks it seems as we get a sense that they have done everything they can, and they are trying to find different ways to get more people to listen, and i think they think they have run out of ways to get people to listen.
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on tuesday we will find out if the threat of omicron changes peoples' minds. >> i need to pivot and ask you about breaking news this morning. just within the last hour joe manchin announced he will not vote for the build back better act, and that's all but puncturing the hopes for a package and that's biden's social welfare bill, and democrats needed him to pass it in the senate. what now? you have had time to process this? >> well, we already heard senator manchin after he made the comments in a tv interview put out a more lengthy segment, and no never means no, it just means not on this. the child tax credit, that still has a chance. maybe some provisions, if you can -- if you can make him believe that it will help with inflation, he'll buy into it.
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i had the democratic governor of colorado on, and he said if you are going to prioritize anything, prioritize saving people money so they can deal with inflation. >> indeed. no for now. we will see what is to come. thanks for now, chuck, and it's great to see you on this christmas week. we hope you have a merry christmas. >> meet chuck for "meet the press" at 8:00 a.m. we hope you will stick right here and tune in to "meet the press" after this newscast. as was mentioned, with less than a week before christmas, many are spending their weekend shopping in san francisco's marina district here. people were out doing a little dining and shopping and doing their part to support small
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businesses. >> i like to support my neighborhood boutiques. >> the national federation retail predicted 148 million shoppers would be attracted, and if people want to avoid crowds in the malls or want packages delivered, they are available for no contact pickup. and then this was the scene at the post office in san josé's willow glen neighborhood. their hours are extended this week since it's typically the busiest week of the season. holiday stars painted san francisco green last night for the worldwide premiere of the fourth and final matrix movie. the man of the hour, keanu reeves. you just saw hunter pence there. local stars were there as well,
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including mayor london breed. with the threat of the omicron variant, it could be the last big event in the city for a while. here's today in the bay's ginger saab. >> reporter: the carpet was rolled out for the stars of the "matrix resurrections." a return to the city where they began filming the fourth install of the of the matrix series almost four years ago. >> for me it's so special to be launching the film where we also launched making it, and it was an event back then for me and it's a special event tonight. >> i love it here. i have a lot of fond memories. training here -- we had the most incredible training facility here. >> despite national headlines of smash and grab robberies and brazen retail thefts, the stars were not phased.
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>> first of all, i am from detroit, and second of all, i am from l.a., and third of all, i slept like a baby in san francisco. >> the stars' fans came out as well. >> he's very kind. >> it's a huge night for san francisco. >> the big question, will the city continue to host large gatherings with the threat of the omicron variant? >> we just got to wait and see. >> if we need to make some changes then we make changes but it doesn't look like we are headed for a shutdown. >> the answer to a fifth matrix film also seems to be elusive. >> that i can't answer. i don't know. now to a follow-up we told you about yesterday morning. the salvation army hosted its biggest holiday giveaway in san josé. this is at the sap center. a long line of cars and volunteers loading them up with
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gifts and boxes of food. about 450 low-income families in the south bay were treated to toys, groceries, a turkey and a walmart gift card. the christmas giveaway was drive-through, of course. >> snow was in the skies for china town. two blocks were transformed complete with a snow machine, a santa and train and had a vaccine clinic this year. thanks to donations, nearly 1,000 toys were distributed. a holiday favorite might be missing from the dinner table this year. if you cese shortage. craft is offering people $20 to bring a different dessert to their dinner tables.
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it will be a $20 digital reward. the shortage of cream cheese will not end anytime soon. interesting. let's check in with meteorologist, rob mayeda. he's in for vianey with our microclimate forecast. it's foggy and cold. we went to look at the holiday lights last night to squeeze it in before the rain comes. >> yeah, having the heater on, of course. after sunset last night, it dropped into the upper 30s. right now 43 degrees in san francisco. that's one of the warmer spots this morning. dublin down to 37 degrees. you see the fog there. visibility out towards livermore and dublin, about half a mile. look at san josé. we now dropped to 33 degrees out there at christmas in the park, very chilly to start the morning. the fog is patchy in nature. seeing some of it around the
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dublin, 580, 680 interchange. the fog will likely stick around, especially for the east bay and the north bay through about lunchtime. you see the time stamp there through 12:00. because of that we are going tough time warming up today. as you see there, a few high clouds starting to approach but the rain for now holding off to the west of the north bay. hour-by-hour, your temperatures as we get to lunchtime. by 3:00 in the afternoon we will get a little hazy sunshine but patchy fog inland around napa, concord. and then down here you will see temperatures, low 50s because of the patchy fog. for football, not worrying about the rain or wind, and the
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kickoff should be in the mid-50s and then cooling heading towards the fourth quarter with the hazy skies. timing on the rain tends to be during tuesday's morning commute, you see it there approaching the coast. from there we will see rain off and on at times, and there are bands pushing through in the middle part of the week. those areas in red, upper peninsula and the santa cruz mountains, and still opportunities for rain as we go through the week. wednesday night into thursday, more rain at times and probably not as heavy as the rain will see from tuesday into early wednesday. what is interesting, we have more chances for rain but colder storms dropping inland, dropping snow levels. christmas eve and christmas day, we will see snow levels dropping as the snow totals get powered up again. it's possible we could see another six to seven feet of snow up towards the sierra.
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some pretty interesting weather to round out the week, as we will probably see the most rain of the week falling on tuesday and wednesday. thursday through saturday, rain changing to showers. i won't rule out for christmas day mountain top snow could be happening in the bay area. it's going to be an interesting week of weather, rain to start midweek, and then possibly snow. >> i almost can't believe it. we will have to see what happens. thanks for that. it's 7:23. much more ahead on "today in the bay." it was not a surprising blowout for the warriors, and no steph curry, no draymond green, but there was a star that emerged. sports is next.
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good morning, everyone. i am anthony slaughter.
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shorthanded in toronto, four of the top leading scorers did not play against the raptors but were back in the bay area resting and getting healthy. capacity limited to 50% because of the covid outbreak in toronto. second quarter, jonathan showing off his range, and the rookie doing a little playmaking. the warriors were no match for the raptors. toronto slams golden state, and it was a learning experience for his young players. >> there were some things they did well and a lot of things that we could have done better on, but every minute played was good for the young players. then a win against the falcons for the 49ers today.
7:27 am
because of the surge in covid cases throughout the league, the niners have had to go back to virtual meetings to prepare for game day. >> i don't think it affects the game, and it affects the success rate, guys don't learn as well. >> check out nbcsports on nfl on saturday night, the colts and the patriots. it's a three-point game. and here's 67 yards for the touchdown. the colts, their first win over new england in 12 years. that's a look at your morning sports. i am anthony slaughter for "today in the bay." >> thanks. it's 7:27. we have much more on "today in the bay" coming up.
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temperatures across the bay area are dropping. one city is prioritizing the homeless ahead of this week's new storm. a clue of arrests at a bay area mall. why there is backlash this morning about how police responded.
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if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. good morning. it's sunday, december 19th. 7:30, as we take a live look at christmas in the park in downtown san josé. a good day to get out and enjoy before the rain moves in, but, boy, is it cold out there. you will want to bundle up. thank you so much for starting your sunday morning with us, hoping you are warm at home. i am kira klapper. rob mayeda is here with a look at our microclimate forecast. >> we have some patches of fog,
7:31 am
but look at the temperature, 34 degrees in san josé. that will get your attention as you step outside this morning. bay side around hayward, mountain view and down towards san martin, 34 degrees. less than a quarter mile visibility in some spots in the bay area, and highs today -- we will call them highs, upper 40s to low 50s around the bay area. the rain comes back on tuesday and wednesday, and then more interesting, also snow levels dropping, possibly as low as the bay area mountains by next weekend. a closer look coming up in about 15 minutes. back to you. >> the highs are not very high. see you in 15, rob. thanks. new this morning, multiple deadly crashes across the bay area. the first crash happening around 1:30 this morning. one person was killed on highway 101 north near the tremble road exit in san josé.
7:32 am
multiple cars were involved and the cause is under investigation. the second crash happened about an hour later around 2:30 this morning in the east bay. one person was killed in a fiery crash on highway 580 near the hop yard off-ramp in dublin. several cars were involved in the crash and only one caught fire, and that cause is being investigated as well. turning now to a attempted bay area theft at a mall and it led to multiple bystanders being arrested and now witnesses say police went too far. cell phone video shows an officer asking a woman to back away before grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. police were responding after reports of several people stealing from macy's. two witnesses we spoke to said they saw a security guard detaining a teenager. they say they feel like the
7:33 am
police were being too rough with the teen and that's when the witnesses got involved. >> the officer grabbed her arm where she had to fling his arm off, and she got more upset when she was saying what he was doing was wrong and then he grabbed her and threw her to the floor. >> at one point i thought he was going to attack me. as soon as he started coming in that direction, i backed up because i was afraid. >> we did reach out to san josé police for comment. they confirmed several arrest tied to the attempted theft which left an employee injured. two people were also arrested for reportedly interfering with those arrests and that includes the woman being shown thrown to the ground in the video, and that's the only comment they gave us. take a look at this video. oakland police are trying to track this man down who they say shot a man yesterday morning on
7:34 am
international boulevard in oakland. that victim was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. here's at suspect the gunman. police say he's armed and dangerous. don't approach him, but if you see him call 911. now to our coronavirus coverage. the covid surge has more concerned about the omicron variant. nbc's josé reports. >> the biggest curveball from the new variant -- >> there will be plenty of breakthrough infections, that's for sure. >> many who are boosted and vaccinated have been positive. >> break through cases are inevitable. >> look at what is happening in highly vaccinated new york, the
7:35 am
graph of positive cases is shooting sky word. >> if you have been vaccinated and had your booster, whether you are exposed to delta or to omicron, you should be very well protected against serious disease that could put you in the hospital. >> but larger questions about omicron still remain. >> at the moment our sense of how ferocious and deadly omicron is, is still influx. >> there's some preliminary data that suggests it could be mild. first, early lab studies show omicron may not attack the lungs like other variants. >> omicron republic -- replicates. >> the headline this weekend is looking at optimism, hospitalizations are down 91%. >> we can say one thing, it's
7:36 am
definitely not more severe. in south africa, they have had lower hospitalizations, one-third to what they saw with the delta variant. >> south africa is a very young population with a lot of built in immunity from either vaccinations or previous infections. >> when will we know about the effective omicron on the vulnerable population? >> we don't have a break down, but we know in general people who are older and immunocompromised can have greater number of severe cases. >> this data could not come at a worst time with christmas just one week away. >> should we be getting on an airplane this christmas? >> get on an airplane, but keep the mask on. >> everybody's tolerance is difference, and i don't think large gatherings should be encouraged. >> i think we should hang our stockings with care. i think we need to be careful. we should all be vaccinated and
7:37 am
if eligible, boosted. >> our experts recommend getting a rapid test that day. >> take a rapid antigen test before you gather -- >> so we're one week away from christmas. what should people be doing these last seven days? >> choosing not to do activities that expose me to other people, and not going into large crowds where i have to take my mask off. >> we have to be careful, so when we do get together we are less likely to bring the virus with us. that would be an unfortunate christmas gift. >> that was josé diaz reporting for us. president biden is set to deliver a major speech on tuesday to detail a new battle plan. as the omicron variant surging and becoming more dominant than
7:38 am
delta. biden will also highlight how his team will respond to the latest challenges. that's happening on tuesday. our coronavirus coverage continues on our website, we have the latest information about covid testing, new vaccine mandates and changing mask mandates. it's all on winter officially begins on tuesday and the recent stretch of rain and cold temperatures is impacting the homeless. advocates in one bay area neighborhood are taking action after they say at least five unhoused people died during the recent stretch of weather. marianne favro is in the south bay looking at what is being done to help. >> reporter: this warming center here at the library will remain open overnight through the end of april. tonight volunteers are painting
7:39 am
tombstones with the names of homeless people that died in the past year. >> this year it's the highest number of tombstones we have made, and it includes three tombstones for babies. >> shawn cartwright says there's an increase of 25% deaths more than last year. tonight volunteers are working to help the thousands of homeless in san josé to survive the bitter cold. r.j. ramsey is looking for a young mother and her son that just became homeless and hopes to give them sleeping bags and flashlights. >> trying to keep them warm for tonight. i was homeless and wished somebody would have found me some nights, so i am just reaching back. >> the city of san josé opened
7:40 am
this new overnight warming location at the evergreen branch library, but without transportation, few homeless can make the trek to the center miles away from downtown. >> the vast majority of the unhoused people live downtown, and there's not one single warming center downtown. >> we reached out to the city, and they plan to open another warming center on monday as another storm hits. in san josé, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. at 7:40, still to come on "today in the bay," covid cases are on the rise and so too are flu cases. now there are questions swirling around the efficacy of this year's flu vaccine. that story and more, coming up.
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yet again around the bay area right now. mostly it's the fog in san francisco with the temperature at 43 degrees, and other spots around the bay area, especially valleys cold enough for the patchy frost, and that includes san josé. no breaks in the fog right now around the tri-valley. 37 in dublin with foggy conditions. you can see some of the thickest of the fog this morning down here around san josé out near the airport into morgan hill and san martin, and in the north and east bay valleys. we will see the fog lingering around through lunchtime, slow clearing to hazy sunshine, and then a few increasing high clouds, the outer fringe of the storm system will bneay. you will be fine with a jacket, and in the afternoon our highs will have a tough time heading into the 50s in the east bay valleys, likely seeing highs in
7:44 am
the high 40s to low 50s. the timing on the rain now heading into monday night and tuesday, you see the rain approaching the coast. tuesday into early wednesday seems to be the peak for the rainfall at time, and the first half of the week you will see it's the north bay should see the most from tuesday to 5:00 on wednesday, and those areas of red and purple indicating one to three inches of rain, and the tri-valley will likely keep the inland valley rainfall totals for the south bay and east bay down quite a bit compared to what we will see in the north bay. after that we will have more opportunities for on and off rain at times, and probably not looking at flooding issues here, because the rain is spaced out. there should be less of it as the air gets progressively colder. you see how the colder air drops down the coast, and what happens
7:45 am
when you have precipitation in the cold air environment, this could be what happens on the peaks around the bay area. the focus next weekend could be on snow levels for christmas day. look at that. breezy and windy as we head through the middle of the week, and the biggest impact will be on the tuesday, wednesday and thursday timeline, and then you may not have to head to the sierra to find snow on the mountain peaks by next weekend. >> that's a big stay tuned. thank you, rob, so much. it's 7:45. coming up, recent devastation across the bay area and across the country. tornadoes in the midwest, and wildfires on the west coast. nbc bay area political analysts, larry gerst, joins us next to talk about what is being done to protect california.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
there's a new study that shows the current flu vaccine may be a mismatch in protecting from the dominant flu strain circulating this season. that's according to the researchers at the university of pennsylvania. after a relatively mild flu season last year, experts fear this flu season could be severe as people gather indoors. the last time a flu vaccine was, quote, mismatched, this poorly was during the 2014-2015 flu season. it's never the perfect match but still reduces the risk of severe illness. the study from the university of pennsylvania has not been peer reviewed. now the tornadoes in the midwest and south is showing how vulnerable our country is to extreme acts of nature. california has its own issues when it comes to wildfires and earthquakes. nbc bay area political analysts,
7:49 am
larry gerston joins us now. >> the fact is, the reason why we don't panic over them is because we have created strong earthquake designs from buildings to keep us from suffering too much, and that gets to the whole issue of what is going on across the midwest and the south with the terrible tornadoes. why is it that some places fair better than others? the answer is government actions. governments do lots of things, kira. they collect taxes and spend money, of course, we know that much, and they also create rules, how fast you can go on the roads, rules for real estate licenses, how late bars can serve alcohol -- all kinds of rules. another set of those rules has to do with building codes.
7:50 am
yes, in california it turns out we have the toughest building codes in the nation. that's why we don't worry so much about things like earthquakes. check out the rankings, you will see california ranked in an independent study. look at the states that suffered so deeply in the past few days. kentucky, 13, and arkansas, 40. well, these states suffered a lot and one of the reasons they suffered is because governments have not plowed enough money into strong building codes. >> wow, that's fascinating to see florida given what has happened there in the last year, but it's reassuring california would be number one giving our susceptibility to earthquakes. how do we account for that? how does that all work? >> it's a simple answer. the legislature and the voters. the legislature passed lots of
7:51 am
laws and the voters have passed lots of bonds to make sure these kinds of protections are there for strong building codes and other things. here are a few areas where california just excels because of its commitment to building codes and let's call it quality of life. greenhouse gas emissions, the number one state preventing that kind of stuff and improving the chances for not getting cancer. there's a relationship there. water quality, it's 70 times cleaner than the national minimums of things like hazardous waste removal, making sure we don't have to live in places where we can bring in that air, which is toxic. all of these things are where california ranks number one if making sure that we have a good quality of life. i think that's important and sometimes we don't really think about that. >> there's a tradeoff, though, isn't there in that these
7:52 am
environmental benefits? not that they are not worth it, but there's a cost. >> kira, you are absolutely right. sometimes the costs is direct or indirect, and all of these electronics, we actually pay for the fact that they are going to be protected, if you will, with the materials afterwards, and we pay a tax on that and don't even know it. our gasoline prices are more than a dollar above the national average, and why? because the blends are different from any other state here to protect us from smog, and all of these things we pay at the pump. we don't like it but it's protecting the state. it all goes to the fact that, yes, it's expensive to live in this state, kira, no question, but on the other hand we are getting values that we sometimes don't think about.
7:53 am
>> i am a california girl, born and raised so i appreciate it. thank you for your insight, as always. have a great christmas week. looking at the top stories we are following, including the omicron variant surging across the world. the latestrsere in the bay area still to come.
7:54 am
7:55 am
welcome back. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following this morning, including growing concern worldwide as the omicron
7:56 am
variant continues to spread. the variant was first identified four weeks ago and now it has been found in 89 countries. the w.h.o. is researching whether omicron is able to evade immunity, or whether it's more transmissible or a combination of both. here in the bay area, only three of the nine bay area counties remain omicron free, currently silver medal, solano and contra costa counties. on tuesday president biden is expected to deliver a speech to detail a new battle plan against omicron as it is set to be more dominant than delta. before we go, meteorologist, rob mayeda, has one last check
7:57 am
of the microclimate forecast. it's so cold. >> it's a foggy cold out there this morning so it will get your attention as you step outside. it's quite cold. mostly 30s on the map, as you see over my shoulder. visibility at times, less than a quarter mile at times near the san josé airport, and this will linger through lunchtime and will begin to see clouds break-away to hazy sunshine in the afternoon. with the fog around and the chilly start to the day, it will not be all that warm. looking at highs in the upper 40s to 50s. as we head through the next few days, rain making a big comeback, tuesday into wednesday and thursday, trending cooler into next weekend. >> a cool christmas. thanks, rob, for that. thank you to all of you for making us part of your morning.
7:58 am
you can watch a special edition of nbc bay area news at 9:00 and 10:00, and rob, you will be awake to forecast those? until then, stay up-to-date on have a great sunday. we'll see you back here next weekend, christmas day. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c.
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this sunday, the new covid surge. >> i think we're looking at a potentially surge in cases that's so large we overwhelm our hospitals. >> the omicron variant exploding across the globe. >> what we're seeing in some of the other countries is doubling times of about every two days or so. and across the united states. >> as we know, there will be plenty of breakthrough infections. that's for sure. >> cases rising sharply be a spike in deaths likely to follow sflchl. >> we're fired. the hospitals are stretched.
8:01 am
resilience is low. please, get vaccinated. >> my


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