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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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fremont, parts of the east bay in the low 40s. we will hold steady here through about 8:00 and then see peeks of sunshine as we head for the low 50s. this is the next round of rain that will be coming in and getting a boost from the atmospheric river that enhances the amount of rainfall we see. we are looking at another round of decent rainfall totals. we will talk more about that coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. be sure and follow kari on facebook, twitter and instagram as she tracks the storm, and you can also download our nbc bay area app. president biden will address the nation tomorrow and will layout plans to the white house's response to the omicron variant, and they are pleading for americans to get vaccinated and be careful while traveling. alice, what do we know about the upcoming announcement?
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>> president biden is set to unveil tpha steps that his administration will be taking to help individual communities prepare for and deal with this wave of cases we are expecting as the omicron variant picks up speed. the white house says it's prepared for increasing case levels that even hit capitol hill with some unvaccinated -- well, fully vaccinated lawmakers now testing positive. as climbing covid cases collide with christmas gatherings this week, president biden is preparing to meet with his medical advisers today and address the nation tomorrow about a new phase in the pandemic, one where the delta variant is surging just even as the more contagious variant strain begins to take hold. >> if things are looking now in the next week or two --
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>> senators elizabeth warren and cory booker and representative jason crow all testing positive despite being fully vaccinated and boosted. all three say their symptoms are mild as health officials stress the vaccines are still doing their job, preventing severe illness and death. >> if you have gotten sick after vaccination, chances are you will have a mild case. you will have the sniffles, but you won't be in the icu. >> across the country long lines for testing and a shortage of at-home tests as people scramble for options before get togethers. >> i would like to not give them covid. >> pro sports leagues are delaying games and several schools and universities are shifting back to remote learning. health officials are advising
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testing before family gatherings in amid a surge in demand, the white house says it has quad the at home tests. >> it's hard to find those tests. i have to take one this weekend before going to an event, and you have to do what you have to do. alice, thank you. >> try to protect each other. it's 5:03 right now. san francisco sports bar, the connecticut yankee sports bar closed over the weekend. the sign on the front door says staff tested positive. the owner says if everybody tests negative they may reopen a week from today. the golden gate restaurant association is urging restaurant owners to make sure employees get their booster shots. >> what often will happen is if you get a few folks that are sick and other folks that are working in close proximity, you
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can lose your whole team. >> some restaurants now requiring their workers to boosters or not show up for work, and advising double masking to be prepared for the fast spreading omicron variant. if you have questions, go to, and we have a how-to video on how to add that covid vaccine record to your apple wallet. in the south bay, police are looking for an attacker that stabbed and severely hurt a 17-year-old in san josé. it happened just north of highway 85 near the bass pro shops. the victim is now stable and will survive his injuries, but it was a surprise to a lot of people that frequent that area. >> i have never seen anything like this before and i have been coming here for a long, long time. yeah, i feel safe here. >> it's not clear what led up to the stabbing and police are not
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saying if they identified a suspect. this morning an interview you will only see on nbc bay area news. another store hit by robbers and a woman arrested for interfering with police during the mob retail police, and now she's telling her side of the story. today bob redell tells us live this morning. what does she have to say? this is really interesting. >> reporter: good morning, laura. she tells us she was not part of the mob that robbed the macy's at the oak ridge mall this past saturday night in san josé, she said she was just a shopper and as a mother she was concerned with how san josé police were handling one of the robbery suspects. she said they were being too rough, as you can see in the cell phone video, she said she tried to tell the officers to take it easy on the suspects, who she says pushed into the glass and threw on the ground. they asked her to back away and when she refused she physically
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resisted by swinging her arm at the officers, and officers threw her to the ground and took her into custody while the officers were dealing with her, that robbery suspect got away. >> it says i am worthless, being treated this way by a cop and they are supposed to be the protector of us. >> she could face several serious charges. she said she will be hiring an attorney and filing a complaint against the police. the police said once they receive the complaint they will investigate the complaint. they added it shows how difficult it could be to control these retail thefts. the proposed legislative package includes grants for local police departments, the creation of a
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chp smash and grab enforcement unit, and upgrading highway technology to track down criminals on the run and $30 million to help district attorney's on prosecuting retail theft. >> wow, very interesting story there. 5:07. a struggling south bay owner will have to deal with a hefty bill after a prowler broke into the business. somebody in a hoodie was shown searching through the store, and nothing was taken but the bill to repair that smashed glass will cost $1,000, and it comes at a hard time. >> it's a very difficult time. we are a small business, like a mom and pop, and just a little tap and we could go out of business. >> the thieves targeting a
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neighborhood restaurant in that area two weeks ago and it's not clear if there's a connection. the average u.s. price of regular-grade gas dropped by 6 cents the last two weeks to $3.41 per gallon. santa must not have gotten on the bay area's wish list. nationwide the highest average price for regular-grade gas in the san francisco bay area, $4.77 a gallon. that's a dollar's difference. searching for survivors continues in the philippines after the strongest typhoon so far this year hit the island nation last week. 52 people still missing. so far more than 208 people are confirmed dead. the death toll is expected to increase because several of the towns and villages are out of reach because of downed
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communications, power outages and clogged roads. >> such devastation there. it's 5:08 in our neck of the woods. looks like some folks are up and out of the door, and turn the heater on in the car because it's a cold start to our morning, kari. >> it's going to be a cold day. we will not see much of a warm-up. some of the bay area staying in the 40s this afternoon. a live look in walnut creek will drop down to the upper 30s and then slowly start to warm up as we go into the late morning and early afternoon hours, as we get ready for more rain to move in. we will start to see scattered showers first in the north bay by late tomorrow afternoon. we're seeing those temperatures today in the mid-50s. upper 40s once again for napa and concord. san josé will head for 57 degrees and 55 today in morgan hill. we will get a look ahead to when that rain will come in. that's coming up in a few minutes. vianey, any problems for the
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morning commute? >> i did checkup on the crash that appeared on the maps in redwood city so let's get to that one. chp is reporting what appears to be a car collision with two vehicles involved along 101 and northbound marsh road. it could be on the shoulder and out of the traffic's way. you could notice a little slowing. this one popped up in the tri-valley around 580. this one looks like it's happening off the freeway and there's construction in that area and you could see delays because of that. no metering lights on just yet. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. your next friend request could be a debt collector. the new way debt collection agencies can reach out to people. we will tell you when you can plug in for a free charge. not a lot of electric on
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wall street. looks like a tough trading week ahead. we'll tell you why. >> the stars hit the green carpet in san francisco over the weekend. you can see more on that on
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right now at 5:13 on your monday morning. it's a cold start.
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heater on full blast. in pleasant hill, temperatures in the upper 30s to start. mostly a cloudy morning and we will see clouds sticking with us today, and we'll talk about the next round of rain that will stay with us throughout the rest of the week. that's coming up, next. a quick look at your tri-valley drive times. westbound 580 to grant road, about 23 minutes right now. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road, ten minutes. we'll have a live look at how the rest of the bay area traffic is doing coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with scott. good monday morning to you. a shout-out to all the people that listened back in late october and early november got shopping and shipping done early and bought covid test early, too. markets will be closed friday for christmas eve. looks like rough sledding ahead on the markets. there are two factors. one is the fifth wave of covid, slowing economic expansion, and
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then two, wall street learning like we did, the senate extremely unlikely to pass build back better after joe manchin reversed himself. analysts at goldman stacks cut their predictions on that news. over the weekend, on fox news sunday in fact, the west virginia dem said he would not support build back better, and manchin could go back on his word, which is what critics say is one of the things about him. we will talk more about that when we talk politics, so stick around. this pretty much sounds like the death nail in deductions for those who live in high tax and high home value states, and they were hurt when congress reduced
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the amount the money you can deduct on the salt. looks like that won't happen. no more child tax credits. those are gone -- or tax checks. the last one went out on the 15th to millions of americans. i said the president was not responsible for gas prices. gas prices are now plunging and that's not the president's doing either. it is, as it always has been, supply and demand, omicron and predictions of a slower economy bringing gas prices way down, marcus and laura. >> thank you. tesla is making super charging free at some of its stations during the holidays. there's one hook. it's only during off peak hours. free charging is available beginning at 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. between december 23rd and the 26th. the company says it will triple the size of its electric
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charging network within two years. electric cars have become so popular now, they are getting kind of full. >> i want one. >> okay, christmas is coming. trending this morning, a pandemic record thanks to your friendly neighborhood spiderman. >> there has to be another way! >> there isn't! they are a danger to our universe. >> the. >> the new spiderman movie, globally box office raised nearly $600 million. one expert says the results are triggering excitement in holiday. >> this spiderman opening weekend number is so big it was bigger than the two biggest "star wars" movies and it's only behind the two biggest avenger movies, so this is a massive
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number. >> this is the first weekend right there, and the movie already the highest you can see more later this morning on the "today" show at 7:00, and that's right after "today in the bay." and then trending, by that, on social media he thanked castmates and some of the unsung people including the stunt doubles. he said without them the movie would only be half as good. >> i watched it. >> you did? >> i liked it. i enjoyed it. it was worth my money. it's pretty long, but 10 out of 10, would recommend. >> pretty impressive. >> i even got snacks. it was a great time. >> gee, where were we? >> spent big money. snacks at the movie theater. >> you didn't smuggle them in
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like from the dollar store -- >> no, not at all. it's time to look at the forecast snuggled up. >> yeah, enjoy the day if you have it off. we are feeling some cold temperatures, but if you have to head out go ahead and get moving and make sure that heater is up on full blast. we have temperatures in the 30s. we are headed only for the mid-50s in san francisco and oakland as well as hayward. look at fairfield, antioch, tod. napa 48 degrees in the middle of the going to see cold temperatures again tonight as that rain approaches from the north. it looks like for except a couple spotty sprinkles in the north bay, most of the bay area is dry today and then we will start to see the incoming atmospheric river and that's basically that "pineapple express" that taps into the sub tropics and that enhances the
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amount of moisture we will get. when we arrive, we will have steady rain tomorrow morning in parts of the north bay continuing through the afternoon. most of us won't see it until the afternoon, and it will be on and off throughout the day on wednesday, and then thursday we will see the rain continue. looking at the next week and what we are expecting as far as rainfall totals. keep in mind this falls over the course of several days, but we could still see rainfall totals in the tri-valley and parts of the south bay about an inch and a half and up to two to possibly over three inches of rain for some of the spots that typically get more rain. as far as the sierra snowpack, it has been so nice to get this boost. around the tahoe area, we are now right where we should be for this time of year as far snowpa. 102%, a little more for the southern sierra. there's more on the way for the rest of the week with the potential of getting another foot, maybe closer to a foot and a half over the next several
5:21 am
days. so the rain is off and on. temperatures don't change. we are looking at morning temperatures in the low 40s and 50s, and afternoon highs in the 50s as well. we will see some breaks -- won't be raining the entire week all the time, but we are still looking at a wet and unsettled pattern now through sunday and we will see if that continues into next week as well. vianey, keeping an eye on the roads. how does it look now? >> santa will need a rain coat, and bay bridge toll plaza now, and usually the metering lights come on at 5:25, and we're going to know tugs an increase in traffic. i did want to give you a little update in the redwood city crash, in the 101 and marsh road exit, you could see a little residual traffic as approach that area, and aside from that
5:22 am
your drive times doing fantastic through the north bay as well. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> they can already call you, but now debt collectors have new ways to contact you. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. we will show you where and how to stop those messages, next.
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so listen to this. it's now fair game for debt collectors to reach you through social media. >> consumer investigator, chris chmura, is tracking down the new ways they can contact you and how you can stop them. >> good morning. debt collectors are notorious for their repeated and sometimes heated phone calls. now the consumer financial protection bureau just gave them a green light to also send direct messages on facebook, twitter or instagram, to e-mail and text you, too. there are luckily boundaries. the messages must be private. they can't just comment on your public post. they must identify themselves as a debt collector and have to wait at least 14 days after they send the message to tell the credit bureaus you defaulted on a debt. we asked the feds how often they can message, and they said they won't tolerate excessive messages but did not define
5:26 am
excessive. the association of members said they have invested hours to be within the rules. you should be able to stop them from bombarding your inboxes. in each message the government says they must provide a simple way to opt out. if they don't, you need to tell the feds, specifically the consumer financial protection bureau, and if that doesn't work maybe we can help. go to and click the responds, or call us at 888-996-tips. new housing options will become available for those trying to make it in the east bay. dublin leaders tomorrow expected to approve a new 165 acre development with 573 homes. the homes will be located on croak road near jordan ranch. the proposal also creates two
5:27 am
public parks, 72 affordable homes and still no timeline for completion. the top stories we are following for you today, including the trial of elizabeth holmes, her fate in the hands of the jury. the final argument made from both sides of the case, coming up. plus -- >> reporter: if you had plans to head home and visit friends or family and wanted to get tested, you may pay attention as there's a shortage of tests. we'll break down why.
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we didn't even try to get one. we just came straight here. >> right now at 5:30, all sold out. why those at-home covid tests are hard to come by and how it could affect your holiday travel plans. and then moderna, their booster significantly raises the level of protection against the omicron variant. the sierra snow is back, and how this next round of rain could bring levels of snow not seen in years. this is "today in the bay." 5:30 on your monday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we will get a look at commute coming up in a bit with vianey in for mike this morning. but first let's talk about the forecast. is there rain in the forecast? >> yeah, getting ready for more
5:31 am
rain to move into the bay area starting tomorrow. it's cloudy and cold right now, and the clouds will stick with us today. the rain moving into the north bay spreading across the bay area, and the rest of the week the rain just going to be off and on with the sierra snow. right now as you are stepping out the door, it's cold. we are only two degrees above freezing right now in morgan hill. it's 39 in dublin. 37 in concord and 43 in santa rosa. today we will see the highs reaching in the low to mid-50s, but some spots won't make it to 50 degrees like napa and concord. we will talk more about the rain coming in a couple minutes. >> thank you, kari. and our storm ranger is already scanning on san bruno mountain, and we will have team coverage on that storm once it arrives. stay updated with our nbc bay area capitol. it's free, of course. >> you will also get breaking news like this. moderna said its covid booster
5:32 am
shot does provide more protection against the omicron variant. preliminary testing shows the booster shows increased antibody levels to neutralize the virus. pfizer came out last week saying its booster shot also increases antibody levels against omicron. as we approach the holidays, the advice is to get tested. >> but the at-home tests are flying off the shelves. cierra johnson is live this morning looking at the shortage of tests. >> reporter: if you are like me you are excited to head to sfo to get back and see friends and family for the holiday season, but if you are preparing to travel and do so safely you may have been looking for the at-home tests. a lot of folks are coming up empty-handed when they are on
5:33 am
the search for the at-home rapid tests. right now it's a combination of the surge in cases as well as the upcoming holiday currently fueling the demand for the at-home kits. even major retailers on the website of the popular tests are posting the out of stock messages, and some at-home kits not arriving until after christmas. take a look at your screen. this graph gives you an idea of how many people are getting tested. we are looking at the three most popular states and the trend in all three straits, california, texas and florida are similar. nearly a quarter of the test taken in the last 30 days were done so within the last seven days. nbc spoke with a diagnosic expert that said the supply chain troubles is similar to what we have seen with other
5:34 am
products. >> it's all about distribution. once those tests are manufactured, even if we have theoretically enough capacity, we have to get them out to the stores, homes and businesses for people to actually use them. each part of that chain is at a huge amount of stress right now. >> right now it doesn't appear to be a solution if you are looking for a test, you will still just have to continue looking. although health experts says your best defense right now is to get the vaccine if you have not been vaccinated. if you are vaccinated, get the booster shot. we're live at sfo, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 5:34 right now. taking a live look in oakland. happening tomorrow the city may return to having proof of vaccinations. it would require people at
5:35 am
indoor public gathering places to show proof of vaccination similar to the restrictions in berkeley, san francisco, and contra costa county. tomorrow was the deadline for paramedics and first responders to be fully vaccinated in alameda county. anybody that does not comply will have to wear masks in the presence of patients, outdoor or indoors and may have to undergo weekly testing. on friday attorneys wrapped up the closing arguments in the holmes fraud trial. holmes could face 20 years in prison if convicted of criminal fraud. this is tied to the downfall of her former company, theranos. when she took the stand she said she never knowingly mislead investors. we have a team of reporters
5:36 am
tracking this case. as soon as the verdict comes down, we will bring you live updated coverage as well as legal analysis and break down what is next for holmes. let's take a live look at palisades tahoe ski resort. look at that! you have ever been at the top of the mountain and that is coming at you? >> no. >> i have. it's crazy. remember the barron slopes earlier this month? all that now just a distant memory. the snowpack is just about average for this time of year, and more snow due to fall with a series of storms lined up through sunday. that's great to see. >> if it was coming down like that, i would be inside with the cocoa. >> if you are out there on the slopes, it's just like moving across the surface because of
5:37 am
all the gusting winds. it has been so cold there. yesterday i checked and it was, like, 7 degrees in parts of the sierra. it's nice to see the big boost in the sierra snowpack. the average is at 98% of normal, and slightly above normal the week of christmas for the sierra. we are going to see another atmospheric river moving in, and basically that means it's a long narrow band of some rain tapping into tropical moisture. that's going to give us a big boost and the amount of rain and snow we will see, pretty much dry today. notice by late morning, we could see spotty rain and heavier rain moving in by tomorrow evening. we will talk about rainfall totals and snowfall totals
5:38 am
coming up. it's 5:37, and the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. no metering lights on yet, so that's a fantastic way to start off for a monday. we did have a incident at marsh road on 101, but no delays there. let's get a quick look at your south bay drive times. northbound 101 from highway 85, only 19 minutes. pretty good for a monday morning. we'll send it back to you. >> we will take it. and then coming up for you on "today in the bay," we will tell you about the new game day shuffle and how it impacted shark fans this week. a disaster for the white house over the weekend. looks like build back better is dead. on the go and secure. iphone users can add their covid vaccine card to their apple wallet. you can find a step-by-step
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♪♪ good monday morning. it's 5:41. as you are heading out the door in the east bay, we are checking out oakland in the mid-40s and it will drop a couple more degrees and we will see peeks of sunshine today as we head for the low 50s. overall a cool day ahead of tomorrow's rain. we will talk more about all that and how much snow we are
5:42 am
expecting. that's coming up in a few minutes. a live look at the san mateo bridge. building commute through that area. we will have a full traffic report, coming up. happening today, closing arguments in the trial of a british socialite accused of helping jeffrey ebstein sexually abuse a maxwell did notti teens when maxwell and ebstein sexually exploited them. jury deliberations will begin. they are using the opportunity to remind everybody to get their vaccination and booster shots. warren and booker each
5:43 am
experienced breakthrough cases. both are fully vaccinated and have received their booster. looks more and more like president biden's signature legislation will never become reality. >> scott mcgrew, joe manchin delivering the deathblow to the build back better. >> i know you are talking about joe manchin, a democratic key vote. remember the house already passed its version. manchin went on fox news yesterday, sunday. >> joining us now, senator joe manchin. welcome to fox news sunday. >> going on fox news sunday to discuss which way you are going to vote, it's already obvious which way you are going to vote. but this blind-sided the house anyway. >> i can't vote for it.
5:44 am
i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i have tried everything humanly possible and i can't get there. >> you're done, this is a no? >> this is a no. >> now the white house was quick to point out manchin had told them he would be a yes on the new version of build back better. these last few months have all been part of the negotiating with manchin to get him to a yes. white house press secretary, jen psaki not holding back, quote, weeks ago senator manchin committed to the president to support the build back better framework. frustration from democrats who had to deal with our unusual political system. one man that got 290,000 votes in west virginia can defeat a plan by somebody that got 81
5:45 am
million votes. the death of build back better will affect you including child tax credits, and we will talk more about that when we talk business in half an hour. another statement out of the white house, covid will cause, quote, severe illness. and 2020, as somebody put it online and i like this, it looks like next year will be 2020 too. >> you can find me online at scott mcgrew. >> i took down my home studio. no, it can't be. developing this morning the sports world dealing with covid outbreaks across the spectrum. one game canceled in the nba, and the warriors will have two players in covid protocol
5:46 am
tonight. nhl postponing all games for teams that have to travel across the u.s. canadian border through thursday, because the sharks were scheduled to host vancouver tomorrow in edmonton, those games will also be rescheduled. with two reschedules nfl games. niners players have escaped covid protocol, but more than 100 nfl players have tested positive over the past week. the raiders are among the teams forced to juggle their schedule now. new protocols will include all players wearing masks regardless of vaccination status with meetings with no outside visitors when teams are traveling as well. fans at levi stadium yesterday were mixed on whether games should even be played. >> i think they are doing a good job. if they find it necessary to pause they should. >> absolutely.
5:47 am
protect the people. protect themselves. >> the games have got to be played. you are not going to postpone or move out the super bowl. too many logistics already in place. it would be a mess. >> interesting perspective from people with mask and without mask, too. in hindsight, the niners scored to make it 17-10. the defense did their job helping to turn this game into a blowout in the second half. the now 8-6, consolidating their playoff position. a live look at new york city's times square. the new year's eve celebration is suddenly up in the air. this year things were on track to have a big celebration there, and now the surge in covid cases
5:48 am
putting things in doubt, and this is with concerns it could be a super spreader event. mayor bill de blasio will make a final decision as to if that event will go on. >> things are just rapidly changing. >> we have to keep up with it, every day. this is from the cast of "saturday night live." >> yeah, the show actually featured a scaled back crew, and no audience due to covid concerns as well, and one sketch had the internet buzzing and mothers everywhere smirking to their ears. >> what do you really want? >> grandchildren. >> sure. but what do you want this year? >> grandchildren. >> what about something from home goods? >> grandchildren. >> grandchildren. >> "snl" says they were guest
5:49 am
hosts in a fictitious commercial, and rudd has to explain that home goods doesn't sell grandchildren. i think it came up in one of my feeds, some of the great old "snl" skits they do for the holidays, and they are really funny. >> my mom is guilty of the granted children comment. i am, like, my rescue dog, he's my baby, okay? >> grandchildren. >> trust me, vianey, even when you give them grandchildren, they will ask for more grandchildren. >> really? >> yes, it never ends. >> i am holding my children for ransom, then. >> what are you going to give me
5:50 am
for these grandkids? >> we asked for rain and we are getting that, and a lot more of it. we have storm ranger powered up on san bruno mountain. it has been pretty warm since we have been using it quite frequently recently. it's a cold start. some of us dropped into the mid-30s, and it's mostly in the mid-40s from san francisco to oakland down to redwood city and palo alto. we see the next storm system coming in, and it's going to start to bring us rain as early as tomorrow. most of us seeing it tomorrow afternoon, but you can see the wide view of the system. the reason why we call it an atmospheric river, the connection it has to the tropics. that will be surging into the bay area. it's a long narrow band of some rain that will be coming in. once it arrives we are looking at a study rain that starts tomorrow afternoon and continues
5:51 am
through wednesday, thursday and notice the timeline, and even into the weekend we have rain. that's not all from the atmospheric river. we will have a couple more storms coming in behind that. in all over the course of the next seven days, we could see rainfall totals over three inches for parts of the north bay and then an inch and a half or the south bay and tri-valley, but overall looks like a good soaker for us. the sierra is getting another big boost of snowfall. this doesn't look as significant as the past couple of storms, but we are looking at still about a foot of snow. so that's great for around christmastime, people heading up there for the ski season. we do get additional snow in the forecast. we are going to see some rain and it's going to be raining off and on for the first day of winter tomorrow, and then the rest of the week -- once again, it won't be raining the whole time, there will be a few breaks here and there but we keep rain in the forecast at least through the weekend on christmas day into the day after. whatever you have to do today to
5:52 am
plan for all of that rain, get it done before that storm arrives tomorrow afternoon. vianey, it's a short drive now but that will change. >> yeah, during the last storm i collected the rain water to water my plants. right now overall the bay area is doing good when it comes to your traffic and speed sensors, and now we have two additional crashes unrelated from fender-benders behind it. noticing delays through here, and also noticing on the bridge drive times, westbound 80 towards the bridge, you are looking about nine minutes so keep that in mind, folks. i will send it back to you. the tough new smoking ordinance restricts smoking in
5:53 am
any dwelling with three or attached units and it includes hallways, lobbies, community rooms and parking lots and outdoor decks and patios where smoke can drift and affect others. more than four decades after the murder of a 15-year-old tourists that rocked san francisco, new evidence that just led authorities to an arrest. at 6:00, the latest retail theft leads to a wild scene outside of a south bay mall. this morning a woman that witnessed it all ended up getting arrested. she's telling her side of the story only to nbc bay area. we take live look outside on the cold start to a monday morning. the lights all twinkling in downtown san josé, christmas in the park. it's 5:53. you're watching "today in the
5:54 am
bay." if you could give me some dance lessons you would be saving my life. how do i know that you're legit? ♪ ♪ yeah, that's more like it.
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welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." new developments in a cold case.
5:57 am
harvey was killed on a visit from new york 43 years ago. her body was found at the cliff house. she was just 15 years old. police reopened the case last year and they say new forensic evidence led them to mark stanley personet. the sfpd will continue to work for justice no matter how much time passes. a person stabbed a rapper before he was set to go onstage. this was at the once upon a time l.a. music festival on saturday. the show was also supposed to feature, ice cube, snoop dogg and 50 cent. everything was canceled after that stabbing.
5:58 am
there's no word on what led up to the incident or if police have details on a possible suspect. now to the climate in crisis. the park service says the fire could continue to smolder for months even during the winter. lightning in early september sparked that fire that burned nearly 90,000 acres. for some in the bay area, getting enough food every day seems to be a challenge. >> the empowerment organization aims to change that fact. recently the grassroots organization came up with a proposal to provide a nutritious breakfast for oakland students every day, and as of this morning they no longer have to worry about funding it. this is because steph curry
5:59 am
along with his wife and their organization, they will provide $125,000 in a grant to fund the program for the rest of the season. quickly approaching 6:00 this morning. the omicron variant spreading quickly across the u.s. >> the one thing that is very clear, and there's no doubt about this, it's -- >> the action health officials are planning for americans to do before gathering. plus, retail robbery chaos. a woman ends up in jail after witnessing a robbery. only on nbc bay area, she tells us about the wild scene that eventually led to her own arrest outside of a south bay mall. finally relief at the pump. this is good news for certain travelers, but for some reason
6:00 am
not so much for people here in the bay area. we'll tell you about that. good monday morning to you. thanks so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we will have a look at traffic in just a moment, and vianey is in for mike this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking the cold weather out there and a storm headed our way. >> yeah, storm ranger is powered up and ready to go to track the next storm coming in, and it will bring us quite a bit of rain. today we are dry but it will be a chilly day. tomorrow that storm arrives starting late in the morning until the afternoon, and the rest of the week, there's off and on rain with heavy sierra snow. if you are going to christmas in the park, try to get it in today. temperatures will be chilly. our morning start in the 30s and we will see a slow warm-up in temperatures today and only see peeks of sunshine


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