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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 21, 2021 11:00am-11:31am PST

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so much goes into who i am ♪♪ we are following breaking news for you this midday. a man right now locked in this rv. this is at a u.p.s. facility in san jose. look at this video we shot from earlier today this morning. this is going on at a customer care center along south seventh street, not too far from the santa clara county fairgrounds. he showed up with a rifle before barricading himself inside that
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vehicle. this has been going on since 7:40 this morning. right now u.p.s. employees are sheltering in place as those negotiations are going on with that man inside that vehicle. now, of course, we are still woinha led up to this incident. of cour, we'll continue to follow this breaking news and brang you any updates as we get them. >> top story right now at 11:00, we're in a microclimate weather alert tracking the latest storm headed to the bay area. t is the third atmospheric river that we've dealt with this season. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. get ready for another couple of days of wet weather. our nbc bay area stormranger working overtime tracking that storm. >> meteorologist kari hall giving the latest data. >> we're seeing this view for much of the bay area right now with all of the sunshine we can see at the golden gate bridge. but also looking at cold temperatures and sunny skies as we enjoy the last few hours of the dry weather before that rain starts to move in.
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right now in the upper 40s after the cold start. we can already see that rain moving in to parts of the sonoma and northern marin county coastline. and we're seeing it farther to the north with light showers to start out but this will continue to move in, and the radar will continue to fill in into this afternoon, in the evening. we are expecting for the evening commute. pretty soggy conditions as this atmospheric river moves in. this a much weaker one compared to the other storms we've had but will linger longer as this center of circulation, this area of low pressure remains across the region and we also see a surge remember. and that will keep rain in the forecast over the next several days. going into the evening commute, here we are at 4:00. we see the north bay is covered with rain. it's starting to move into san francisco and oakland, but then as we go into 5:00, 6:00, we see that rain into the peninsula as well as the east bay and making
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it to the south bay later tonight. we'll talk about how much rain to expect and what comes along with all of this rain. that's in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. make sure you stay updated with our free nbc bay area news app. that way you'll know when that rain will hit your neighborhood. taking a look at the white house. in about 30 minutes, president biden is expected to speak to the country about the omicron surge. he's expected to unveil new steps to help communities tackle the highly contagious variants that have spread across the country alarmingly quickly, just as millions of americans are traveling for christmas gatherings. alice barr has the latest from washington. >> reporter: with omicron tearing across the country, now officially the dominant strain of covid in the u.s., president biden is preparing to address the nation today and announce new steps, including sending 500 million free at-home tests to americans who request them through a new website. along with adding more testing
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sites and pop-up vaccination clinics. the administration also sending a thousand military members to back up hospital staff and deploying fema to set up overflow capacity at hospitals. it comes as the white house announced the president tested negative following close contact with the staffer who contracted covid. the cdc says the highly contagious omicron variant now accounts for more than 73% of new cases. >> you are dealing with a virus that has an unprecedented capability of spreading extremely rapidly. >> reporter: overnight, texas health officials announcing the first known omicron-related death. unvaccinated man with underlying health conditions. for the fully vaccinated and boosted, doctors are hopeful omicron cases will be mild. like pfizer before it, moderna announcing its booster shot significantly increases protection against omicron. >> it will stop when we get the overwhelming majority of people
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vaccinated. and boosted. >> now as americans rush home for the holidays. >> we're just going to wash our hands as much as we can, wear our masks, things like that. >> reporter: medical experts worry the omicron surge is just getting started. president biden is also set to announce today his administration will be staging critical equipment like n95 masks and ventilators at key locations around the country so they can be easily sent to hospitals when needed. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. president biden expected to speak at 11:30 this morning. we'll bring you that address live right here on nbc bay area. a live look over san jose this midday. in just about 90 minutes, mayor sam li cardo is expected to make his first ever a kind announcement to outline a proposal that would require city employees to get a booster shot. if approved the rules would also apply to anyone entering san jose-own facilities. if given the green light, it
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would be the first city in california to issue such a mandate. the city's rules committee is expected to hear that proposal next month. happening right now, city council members in oakland are hearing public comments about an emergency ordinance that would bring back showing proof of vaccination for places like restaurants, libraries and even gyms. nbc bay area's cierra johnson joining us now with that discussion and where that meeting stands right now. cierra? >> good morning. yeah, that meeting has been going on for 90 minutes. i've been listening in and i can tell you it's mainly been public comment and a majority of those comments are related to item 5 on the agenda which relates to the proof of vaccination there in oakland. i can tell you from the public comments it's really a mixed bag. there's a good number of people both for and against city council moving forward by approving that emergency ordinance. now right now you're looking at a live look of that meeting
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which is still under way. been going on for 90 minutes. just to give you a background. what that ordinance says, it would require people at indoor public gatherings to show proof of vaccination similar to the restrictions recently adopted by san francisco, berkeley and contra costa county. it would impact everything from concert venues, museums, gyms, senior centers and libraries. again, a lot of public comment. a lot of folks, some have been mentioning -- and some wanting council members to look at how that would impact some of those disenfranchised members of society. so a lot of conversation going on. we'll keep you updated on what's playing out there in oakland. it's also important to note that since this is an emergency ordinance, they're allowed to introduce and adopt the ordinance on the same day so that is definitely something we'll be paying close attention to. live, cierra johnson, for nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the omicron variant showing up in contra costa county as
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well. health leaders yesterday confirmed the first three cases. in each case, the symptoms are relatively mild. none of the patients have received their booster vaccine. only one, about one-third of all eligible residents in contra costa have received that booster shot. if you have questions, we try to find the answers for you. head to there we have the latest on vaccines and boosters including a how-to video on how to add your covid vaccine record to your apple wallet. san francisco will see fewer cvs locations. the drug store announced a plan to close several locations in the city. take a look at your screen here. six of those locations slated to close in the next month. now these closures were initially announced back in november. in all, nationwide, 900 of those stores or about 10% of the company's stores, are closing. you may recall walgreens announced they are closing some stores in the city citing retail theft. cvs maintains the local closures
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are related to plans for 300 stores over three years. customers with prescriptions at these stores will be transferred to nearby locations and employees at those stores set to close are being offered jobs at other locations. a developing story. frightening moments inside a south bay mall when a shooting happens in the middle of the shopping rush. san jose police are updating us on that shooting that happened at oakridge mall last night. nbc bay area's bob redell is live outside san jose police headquarters this morning. any new updates, bob? >> reporter: well, san jose police tell us they have not made any arrests, and they have not found a victim. and the reason why they are putting this word out is they believe there's a victim out there. they want to hear from that person because they received dozens of 911 calls last night that someone was, in fact, shot at the mall. but when they arrived at the mall, they didn't find a victim, didn't find the suspect. the first officer was on the scene within two minutes. police immediately treated this
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as an active shooter situation. police just told us that many dayside officers going off shift on their way home actually diverted to the mall because they thought this was going to be that serious of a situation. this happened a little before 6:00 last night. a fight between two people inside the mall. one of those people opened fire just outside the forever 21 store. police say they did find shell casings from a handgun, but it's unclear if anyone was hit. they also have surveillance video, but they aren't releasing and are not telling us what, if anything, that video reveals. but that is part of the investigation. again, they do not have a victim. they have not identified a victim. they don't know if anyone was, in fact, shot, and they say it's remarkable given the fact that mall management indicated that there were upwards of 5,000 people shopping in that mall. so the fact that someone was firing a gun and possibly no one was hit is amazing. >> hundreds of people did have to find shelter in other stores while sjpd went through and cleared the mall. that took several hours.
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they blocked surrounding intersections. they did go to the mall to make sure it was clear and to release those shoppers and employees who were hiding. they are doing a follow-up investigation at the mall this morning. the mall management told sjpd that right now it is back to business as usual. reporting live here outside san jose police headquarters, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> such a busy time of year as well. thanks, bob. jurors have resumed deliberations in the fate of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. yesterday was the first full day of deliberations following the criminal trial that lasted more than three month ares. that jury will have to decide 11 counts against holmes. this is tied to the downfall of the theranos company that invest investors millions. if you're wondering how soon that verdict may be reached, legal experts say there's a lot of information to review. >> i'm sure they're methodically going through count one, count two, count three, so it's going to take some time. >> holmes is accused of
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knowingly misleading investors about theranos machines that did not work. if convicted she could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. and scott budman is waiting at the courthouse for the jury's decision to come down. he's tweeting every update. follow him @scottbudman. 3.8 earthquake hit ferndale just before 8:30. it comes after a 3.3 struck this morning at 6:14. this follows a 6.2 magnitude quake there yesterday about midday. take a look at this video from when the quake struck around 12:30 in the afternoon. a lot of shoppers in the store as the quake struck. they scrambled. some items you see there knocked to the ground. despite a few broken glasses and windows, no reports of any injuries or excessive damage. >> imagine how scary that was. >> a lot of people in a tiny space. much more ahead. getting home for christmas is a priority for millions of americans. we'll tell you the steps airlines are taking to keep
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those passengers safe and covid free. president biden's signature bill on hold. the way democrats are trying to move forward after one of their own says he'll say no to the build back better bill.
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
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let's take a look look at sfo where the holiday rush is on. want to show you the scene at the airport early this morning. united airlines says that it expects 630,000 of its customers to pass through sfo alone this season. look at the lines there. this as the omicron variant surges. the company's vice president of the airport says united is trying to take steps to keep customers safe while traveling this year. >> we were the first airline to mandate vaccines. so every employee that a traveler comes in contact with, you can rest assured they are vaccinated. we're also, obviously, wearing masks throughout the airport and
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on our airplanes. so i encourage everyone to be prepared for that as they arrive. >> she adds that united has gradually increased their schedule and hired back some staff following the reductions on both fronts last year due to covid-19. taking a live look at the capitol. this is where democrats scrambling to find a way to pass president biden's agenda. this after the party is still reeling over senator joe manchin's decision to publicly oppose president biden's nearly $2 trillion climate and social spending bill. as manchin defends his decision back home in west virginia, the white house and their allies now searching for a path forward on the party's agenda. nbc's senior capitol hill correspondent garrett haake has more. >> reporter: this morning, democrats undeterred. vowing to push ahead on president biden's nearly $2 trillion climate and social spending plan. and find a way to bring joe manchin along with them. >> we're ready to move forward and get this done and we're thoeld do that.
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with senator manchin, with members of the democratic caucus, across the democratic party. >> i have confidence that senator manchin cares about our country and that at some point, very soon, we can take up the legislation. >> reporter: the west virginia senator explaining his decision to oppose the president's signature legislation. >> i want social reforms to the point that has responsibility and accountability. >> reporter: supported by some voters back home. >> any other drastic steps that would alter west virginia at all right now is just scary. i can see why joe would be skeptical to do it. >> reporter: and by republicans who balk at the bill's cost as well as its progressive policy changes. >> so it was an exciting thing to hear. great shot in the arm for the country. >> reporter: all while enraging progressives. >> i think what senator manchin did yesterday represents such an egregious breach of the trust of the president. >> reporter: among the parts of the bill manchin opposes, extending the child tax credit direct payments which the senator has privately raised
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concerns would be spent on drugs by some parents. and paid family leave provision he's said could be abused to go hunting instead. according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions. manchin's office saying in a statement that he supports the child tax credit and paid leave if they are targeted to those who need them and sustainably fund it. democrats hoping they can bring the bill back from the dead in the new year. >> it was infuriating to hear the senator pretty much trying to kill the build back better act. it might be on a death bed but we're going to make sure we're going to resurrect it to make sure it passes at some point. >> garrett haake reporting there. let's check in with kari. oh, that radar is up and running. >> it is. and we're starting to see some action on here finally after getting ready for this rain for quite awhile now. so now we're seeing some of the showers moving in to santa rosa. one quick light line of rain moving into that area and we are going to see a little bit of a break behind that. just rushing out ahead of the
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main action set, too rive later this afternoon. it's right now raining in hillsburg and approaching santa rosa and also just moved through bodega bay. we're seeing that initial line of some rain moving in, all feeding into this system as we see that moisture rising farther to the north up around eureka and it's being drawn in by this storm system. here's the center of low pressure there, well off the coast. that long line of clouds and connection to the tropical moisture is what makes this an atmospheric river. but on the scale of how strong it will be, it will definitely be much weaker than some of the previous storms we've had, but we have a different weather setup here so we expect the rain to last a lot longer than we've had over the past couple of months. so looking at that surge of moisture coming up from southern california, meeting up with the atmospheric river so we're going to see once again that initial line of some rain moving in for this afternoon. 4:00 we're seeing the rain now starting to move into san francisco out of the north bay. approaching oakland.
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the evening commute looks pretty wet for much of the east bay and down the peninsula. may not be raining in san jose just yet. it will take awhile before it makes it down to the south bay, but the timing of that rain making it into much of the rest of the bay area later in this afternoon and then into tonight we're going to see that rain continue. looks like we'll see a break as we go into tomorrow afternoon before more rain comes in on thursday. and then we'll see scattered showers just continuing off and on into friday as well as saturday. and our rainfall totals for the next several days looks pretty significant here. we can see over three inches of rain for san francisco, as well as parts of the north bay in the santa cruz mountains. could be over four inches of rain. and this is spread out over the timeline of several days. taking a look at the updated sierra snowpack for today, it does go down just a little bit because we've seen some melting and we're -- we haven't seen any in the past couple of days. right now our statewide average
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is at 93% of normal, but we know that we do have more snow on the way. and we're going to see this continue into next week with the possibility of getting several feet of snow, possibly anywhere from 4 to 8 feet over the next week. so with winter beginning today, the rain moves in soon. off and on showers and a few more breaks in the activity on friday. if you're trying to figure out when to get out and get that last-minute shopping done or see holiday lights you may have a window there but keep that umbrella close by and we'll see more of that rain from saturday into sunday and then starting to possibly taper off on monday but looking like a very unsettled weather pattern here with rain off and on. cool temperatures, highs only reach into the low 50s over the next few days. laura and marcus? >> wow. a lot going on in the weather department. >> that it is. coming up, the exciting end to last night's game and when the rest of the sports world
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starts to begin after a covid outbreak. a new contract was ratified today. workers were unsatisfied with terms concerning wages and the company's two-tier hiring system. the president of the workers union says that in a statement, this agreement makes gains and does not include any concessions. the union also says the new deal offers better terms for transitional employees as well as those wage increases. more for you right after the break.
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welcome back. just a couple of days away from christmas, and we want to see your holiday spirit. tag nbc bay area in your family photos. we'll share them here on air. share on instagram or facebook. can't wait to see them. >> should be fun. the covid resurgence suddenly putting all of professional hockey on ice. the nhl have now decided to postpone all games tomorrow through sunday with two games still to be played later today. this expands what had already been planned for three days of break for christmas. the league has already postponed numerous games this week, including two shark home games. the warriors, meanwhile, they are still playing despite two players in covid protocol. >> last night they played at home for the first time in about two weeks without wiggins or poole.
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andre iguodala helped pick up the slack. had a great pass there. one of six warriors to score double digits as the warriors beat sacramento 113-98. covid is calling havoc in the nfl. last night against the raiders, the cleveland browns were missing close to 20 players and their head coach due to covid protocols. still that game was close. former niner nick mullins led the browns to a 14-13 lead with under four minutes left. the raiders' daniel carlson drilled a 48-yard field goal as time expired. the raiders won, 16-14, keeping their playoff hopes alive. and let's not forget our niners. continuing their playoff push on thursday right here on nbc bay area when they'll take on the titans in nashville. kickoff is at 5:20. we'll have pregame and postgame coverage from nashville. steph and ayesha curry are helping thousands of local kids
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. >> their eat, learn play foundation is gifting 100,000 new books to kids and families across oakland. most of those books are going directly to those families. some will be used to replenish the community libraries at more than 20 park and recreation centers. the books are meant as a gift for the entire city of oakland and it will be part of the annual 12 days of christmas with the currys program. >> we'll have some good days to sit in and read a book. >> yes, off and on rain. just in time for christmas. we'll see that continue into the holiday weekend, as well as possibly early next week. we'll, of course, have more updates on that. >> thanks, kari. it's a sad morning here at nbc bay area. one of our beloved veterans of kntv has passed away. >> doug moore, kntv's longtime anchor died with his family by his side. you may recall that doug shared our newsdesk with maggie for nearly two decades. doug was such a kind man, so smart from the station general
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manager to interns. he also had a word of graciousness to share with them. he loved helping people behind the scenes and certainly a very trusted voice in delivering the news for so many years to the south bay. our news family will forever miss doug moore. may he rest in peace.
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right now on "california live," follow me. we've got your vip seats to the nutcracker. >> then inside a really cool candle bar that's become a light for life to so many. >> plus how your skin can get that golden glow during the holidays in our special series "12 days of christmas beauty." >> is that real gold, by the way? >> it is. >> and how these tamales made
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one woman's christmas wishes come true p. it's all happening right now on "california live." ♪ california california live californiaiv


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