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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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winter break. and our latest storm system is moving in. how much rainfall will we get with this and several more chances ahead this week. and they thought they were doing everything right but still a covid outbreak. how to best protect yourself if you're at a family gathering. good evening. the rain is back and we are officially in a micro climate weather alert. >> check out the radar. you can see it is lit green all over the place. the next storm barreling through bay area. let's take a look at our network of cameras. off and on rain for at least the next seven days. let's check in with our meteorologist, jeff ranieri. there is a lot to follow. >> the rainfall is already picking up. we've already seen .4 in santa rosa. as we get you to a closer look on our storm ranger, you can see the areas in yellow. that's where we've had the
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bigger pockets. moving into novato by 11:34, to the south, building in pretty strong through san mateo, redwood city, hayward valley. we're seeing heavier pockets develop through milpitas, sunnyvale and san jose. that certainly stays with us for the next 30 to 45 minutes. if you're getting in a car and traveling throughout california, be ready for those on and off chances of rain in the bay area. the sierra, two to five feet of snow. southern california, rainfall from wednesday right through this weekend. i've got faul look at the time line and what's ahead in about 18 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. with the rain expected to be around all week, a lot of people in the north bay will be keeping a close eye on the storm. the san anselmo department says the forecasted rain is not expected to cause regional flooding. regardless, crews are on stand by and have removed storm
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drains, removed piles of leaves from some flood-prone areas. >> we want to be the kind of place that people know we're open, we're safe. >> pg&e says it is stocking up on equipment in san rafael in case they need to replace downed power lines and transformers. of course, be sure to download our nbc bay area app so you can get updates on the storm. and you can use our live radar to find out when the rain will hit your neighborhood. new tonight, california college students are learning more about their future. classes are going back online after winter break because of the omicron variant. almost all schools will do remote learning. the soonest they can go back to class in person, january 18th instead of the third. the exception, uc davis and uc
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merced. they don't go back to school until then anyway. cal state says it will watch the data on omicron variant. they thought they had done everything right. the guests were vaccinated. everyone tested ahead of time. the location was covid safe. yaet holiday party in marin county ended up with 28 people testing positive. what went wrong? jean elle is talking to experts about the new reality of omicron and what you can do to protect your family gathering. >> reporter: the marin county health officer says all the guests at this indoor event were vaccinate. many were boosted. and still, 28 people came down with covid-19. he and other experts say it is something to consider as we prepare to gather for the holidays. >> we're seeing more and more evidence of really rapid transmission in gatherings.
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>> reporter: he says rapid trans submission what happened at a party on december 11th for about 60 people at the farm house local restaurant in marksburg. nearly half the people who attended got covid. even with vaccination and testing requirements to attend. he says indoor gatherings come with risk. >> the likelihood that someone in that setting is infected is higher than before. and it is likely with the omicron variant so more likely that they would be more contagious to others. that's just the reality we're living in. >> reporter: the uc professor of infectious disease says if you plan to gather inside for the holiday, following some rules can offer protection. >> fully vaccinated, meaning with the booster, testing before you come in and an agreement with the people are coming that none of us will get together if anybody has any symptomology. >> reporter: experts aren't recommending canceling events but they are urging caution.
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>> people who don't have that booster should recognize they're at higher risk. people who have medical conditions that would put them at higher risk for severe outcomes if they did get infected need to he tate into account. >> reporter: the 28 people have mild or no symptoms. he says the vaccine preventing serious illness. in a statement, the hosts say in part we hope this is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong even when you try to do everything right. even if you're lucky enough to not get terribly sick, testing positive for covid is painfully disruptive for not only yourself but also the other members of your family. nbc bay area news. tonight the omicron variant is raging across the u.s. tomorrow morning, governor newsom will announce new measures and one of them will require health care workers across california to get the booster. nbc bay area's ian cull has the latest on what the governor will be saying.
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>> yeah. state and local officials are moving quickly saying they're trying to catch one the spreading variant. the stanford lab says it found omicron in 71% of covid positive tests it analyzed. while it is generally more mild, plans are rolling out to control the spread. >> reporter: governor nummelin is expected to make boosters mandatory for health care worker, tweeting tonight, it is necessary on make sure hospitals are prepared -- >> to get people vaccinated and boosted. >> reporter: the california nurses association saying prevention measures are essential and it looks forward to reviewing more information the recent announcement. the latest numbers say statewide, tests are going down but positivity is up 3%. sam liccardo today outlining a proposal requiring city employees to get a booster shot.
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would it apply to anyone entering buildings owned by the city like the sap center. the mayor wants it in place by the end of january. >> we haven't yet seen the surge in cases. we can expect to it happen in the days and weeks ahead. we ought to do everything we can to encourage everyone to get their booster shot. so the entire community can be safer. >> reporter: new data from a dozen bay area scientists in charge of gauging the spread of omicron. this chart shows what we might see if we keep seeing people getting booster shots as we are now. you can see a huge potential surge in january. the chart on the right shows what hospitalizations are expected to be if we see did you mean getting booster shots. >> there is some evidence that it may be less severe than delta and that would be great.
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even if it is half as much, kit still lead to people being in the hospital. >> reporter: earlier today, president biden announcing that 500 million rapid tests will be given out for free through mail. >> reporter: tomorrow the governor says he'll discuss what the state is doing to address the increase in cases. that announcement expected just before 11:00 a.m. >> thank you. of course, we'll be covering that. oakland says if you want to eat inside the restaurants and drink in its bars, you need to prove that you are vaccinated. the city council pass that had rule a few minutes ago. business owners have lightly different views. >> i saw and heard from can i have bar owners in my area that they have a widespread omicron going on, breakout among staff and clientel. >> i believe it is well intended but i want to make sure by the
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implementation of this new ordinance, we're not hurting many small businesses. >> reporter: it comes as omicron makes its way through the united states. the rule applies to theaters, gyms, senior living facilities. exemptions include a trip to the dentist office or the library. those rules begin february 1st. add another name to the list. congresswoman barbara lee has tested that's. she has only mild cold-like symptoms. she said she's isolating and will follow all protocols. she is urging anyone to get vaccinate and boosted. no longer free. starting today, walgreens and cvs are limiting how many at-home tests people can buy. walgreens is four that you can purchase. cvs is six, in store and online.
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the change comes as president biden offered to buy 500 million at-home covid tests for free. you would order through website the government is setting up. to follow up on an you solved murder of a sunnyvale man. jose salazar is behind bars for not one but two crimes last august. he stabbed anthony juarez to death in a park restroom. investigators had no leads until they got a break in the case. salazar was ased this past august for attempting to murder his father. salazar remains in custody for the attempted murder of his father. new at 11:00, an armed robbery in palo alto in broad daylight. two men pointed a gun at a woman in her 20s, stole her belongings including the shoes off her feet. it happened about 4:00 in the afternoon as the woman was
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waiting at the university avenue train station. they took her backpack, credit cards and the nike she was wearing. a woman, a different one, in her 80s tried to help. the two member got away in a sedan. the recent storms may be to blame. a woman has been missing for more than a week. police say she may have been swept away by the napa river during the stormy weather. she was last seen near lincoln avenue and the silverado river and was possibly on the napa trail. making a statement with tombstones. a life and death event. they have set up tombstones. they represent the 250 people who died on the streets this year including seniors and
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babies. >> we feel like we have to bring them their dead. the decisions that the city and county make are what caused the 250 people to die on the streets. >> the group is also asking the city and county for more homeless centers. they say the two centers the city just opened are not where the people are. ahead, jury deliberations in elizabeth holmes' fraud trial. why the judge declined it. and getting home for christmas. what rarities doing to keep people -- what airports are doing to keep people safe. and tomorrow, 55 inches of snow in kingvale. back with our time line in about eight minutes.
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no verdict yet but the jury did have a question for the judge in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. tonight the world awaits the verdict of the founder of theranos. scott budman has new development s from the courthouse. >> reporter: the jury had a question today. they wanted to know can they bring jury instructions home? the judge said no. all deliberations must take place here. so they continued to deliberate. even going half an hour longer than planned. >> the jury needs the time and space to think out and to talk out all the angles. case. >> reporter: so far the jury has spent 16 hours considering the nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy. some legal experts say it will take a while before they come to a decision. >> i would personally be surprised, given all the evidence we've seen in the case if this will be 12 people who
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see it all the same way. >> this will come down to whether jurors think holmes is a criminal conartist or an entrepreneur who made bad choices. >> for the jury, they have one of two ways to go. they can agree with the prosecution that elizabeth holmes chose to be dishonest. or they can agree with the defense that all along elizabeth holmes believed that she was doing the best that she could to help build a start-up that would change the world. >> reporter: and here's where we stand after two days of jury deliberation. the court is dark tomorrow. they will return on thursday to begin day three of deliberations. if we don't get a verdict that day, we move into next week. nbc bay area news. thank you. we are closely monitoring the theranos trial as soon as the verdict comes down, of course we'll bring it to you live. we'll have legal analysis and a breakdown of what would be next
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for holmes. oakridge mall is once again packed. you can see more san jose police are set to be in place for the foreseeable future to put shoppers at ease. last night, panic and a lik report of gunfire. tonight though, still questions about exactly what happened. police say at least ten callers reported seeing someone who had been shot. after five hours of searching the mall, police couldn't find the victim or the gunman. the fbi is taking new measures to find the man wanted in connection with the capitol. a federal arrest warrant was issued december 10th. newman fled the u.s. in february and is believed to be in belarus. newman has been indicted on 14 counts including engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or ground with deadly or dangerous weapons. investigators still trying to find out the cause of the
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fire at the tesla factory in fremont. flames erupted this afternoon. part of the hvac system caught fire. two people suffered smoke inhalation and taken to the hospital. when it comes to the recovery of jobs in silicon valley, things are getting close to where they were before the pandemic. silicon valley's unemployment rate fell to 3% in mid-november. in the month before the pandemic, it was 2.8%. at its peak, silicon valley had 12% unemployment. since then, 174,000 jobs have been added. although the leisure and hospitality structure is seeing a much closer rebound. united airlines expects 630,000 customers to pass through sfo alone this holiday season. check out the crowds earlier today. the omicron variant spreads, united says it is taking steps
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to keep customers safe. the airline says all employees are vaccinated and wearing masks. the spokesperson says united has gradually increase the its schedule. it's pouring outside. how long will we see this level of intensity? >> i think over the next three to six hours, we'll see it. i still have some breaks in between with the storm systems that should mitigate any kind of major flooding as we head into this weak. today, tomorrow, another one friday night. let's bring it into storm ranger. you can see the yellow indicating a few of the heavier pockets as we zoom in to get a closer view. it is really good coming in in san francisco. into the north and east by 11:58 off to the south. and heavy rain over redwood city. that will be picking it up in fremont just after midnight. to the south, we've seen that
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rain in san jose. it is right here in sunnyvale where it is coming down and it will bring you more heavy rain right around midnight. as we move through tomorrow's forecast, we'll switch more into a scattered rain situation for the morning, right into the afternoon. rainfall totals with this? about a quarter inch for the south bay. everywhere else, a half to one inch. north bay mountains could be a little more than one inch. one to one and a half on the current range. so i think we'll get through this without any big problems. the morning temperatures starting off a little warm he than we've been used to lately. 52 in the south bay. 49 for the tri-valley and the upper 40s and low 50s for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. daytime highs really don't warm up a whole lot. widespread 50s through bay. maybe you're not here but you're heading on a plane or you're going to the airport to pick somebody up. watch out for the biggest delays in the west with our storm system. the chance of some rain and snow through new england. temperatures overall, not too
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warm across the map. we have lots of 40s and 50s through much of the east and through the midwest. on my seven-day forecast, again, it is active. let's spend some time on this. we have the storm system as we head through tonight and tomorrow. then the next one on thursday. a quarter to one and a half inches biffle saturday, a quarter to three quarters of an inch for christmas. and then sunday, monday, tuesday, those totals looking like a half to one inch at this time. temperatures in the 50s for daytime highs. for the mornings, we'll be in the 40s. this is excellent news. and i can tell you, as we head into january, it is looking very promising for us right now to see some increased rainfall totals. so great news as we start off next year as well. >> fantastic, fantastic. thanks a lot. coming up, the new warning about the 5g network and airplanes with two aviation giants. also happening now, new orleans plans on hosting mardi
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gras. the new orleans mayor said they will shorten it because there are fewer first responders to help with the crowds. she is confident the city can make it through omicron variant, flu season and the holiday season. we'll be back with more. rn abou9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test
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has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ling ♪♪♪ anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. 5g cell phone technology is set to go active next month. and there's a call for the government to delay it. the biggest plane makers are warning it could interfere with
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cockpit technology. specifically it could affect the altimeter. starting next month, the faa is prohibiting pilots from using them when they are close to 5 g cell sites. they want to limit the signals around airports as other countries already have. >> other countries have very carefully regulated 5g so it won't interfere. here it's the wild west. they can put a tower wherever they want. >> the cell phone industry tells us 5g networks operate safely without interference in nearly 40 countries around the world. there is no legitimate factual basis for this. the most popular place in california is -- according to zillow, it is south lake tahoe. people love it because it offers sun, skiing and even some
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celebrity sightings not to mention spectacular beauty. it also has the highest buyer demand on zillow. others that made the list include calabasas, the most popular small town and big bear lake as the most popular vacation towns. steph curry is asking families to do a little homework this christmas. recently their eat, play, learn foundation threw a surprise party for people of the 36th avenue apartments in east oakland. they provide affordable housing for 72 oakland families. unfortunately, they don't have a safe place for kids to play but that's about to change. the currys committed to building a play ground and basketball court for the family by next spring. this is where the homework comes in. all the kids who live there are now being asked to help design the space. and you can keep up with them by
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okay. are you ready? the clock is ticking fast before the 49ers are back on the field. >> yes. i am ready. they play the tennessee titans on thursday. they won five of the last six games. all games from here on out, very important. with a quick turn-around, it won't be much sleep in the next 48 hours. >> the coach there's sleep on the plane. i'll take cramming four days in. you can do whatever in four days if you get three days off. we're not complaining about it. >> the 49ers are the sixth seed out of seven in the nfc playoff picture. you can watch thursday's game right here on nbc bay area. kickoff at 5:20. we'll have a pregame show, a postgame. anthony will be covering the game for us. >> super fun. >> yes. nhl players will not be
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playing in the olympics when they begin in about six weeks from now. they agreed to not send players. the covid surge continues to affect teams. the nhl has postponed 50 games because of outbreaks on teams. it will now try using the olympic window between february 6 and the 22nd to reschedule some of those postponed games. >> such a mess. >> it is. we'll be right back. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season.
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got to have the jacket and the umbrella. >> we've got storm ranger tracking all of this rain. >> we could see some flooding and power issues. we'll have details in every newscast and every platform. you can count on us. ♪ frosty the snowman ♪ ♪ snowman ♪♪ >> that was a dachsund. >> santa claus is coming to town and santa claus is doing things differently this year. this is the san francisco symphony's deck the hall program. one of the most popular programs every year. not shot entirely in san francisco, apparently. you can now watch it for free on the streaming service ss symphony plus. they do more than just santa
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claus is coming to town or frosty the snowman. >> and frosty is a shape shifter. sometimes he comes as a dach sunday. sometimes as a snowman. >> however he comes, let's look at what he will be coming into. this is live doppler radar of the san francisco bay area. you can see from, i would say, san mateo north. rain a lot of places. for the next six days, the golden gate bridge. >> yeah. jeff was telling as you little earlier, the intensity for the next three to six hours, we'll really see that downpour. >> and then on and off the next six days. so frosty, get used to it. get yourself an umbrella. you're going to need it. that will do it. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight,oi


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