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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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connect to nature this season. stormranger. right now at 5:00, tracking the storm as rain saturates the bay area. we have live team coverage including the new efforts to prevent potential havoc when it comes to your potential holiday plans. >> we're still in it. this is a critical moment. >> a bold new plan to stop the omicron surge. we're live in washington with federal agencies looking to deliver on president biden's promises ahead of the holidays. the free kits being offered today and tomorrow right here on "today in the bay." in the bay area.
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this is "today in the bay." want to say good morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we begin with rain in the bay area this morning. a slick commute if you are headed out the door this morning. >> vianey is looking at the road conditions, but first let's get to meteorologist, kari hall, who is tracking this weather. how long will this last, kari? >> it will be several days here off and on. we are looking at widespread light rain from marin county to solano county on southward where we are seeing the bulk of the rain right now. as we get a look at parts of the east bay, and as you are driving you are turning on the windshield wipers and you turn it off and back on again, so this is the kind of activity we will see as the storm system continues to bring in all of this moisture over the next several hours. then we will see the potential of some spots where we do catch
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a break, especially as we go into the afternoon. look at the noontime radar and what it can look like, and not a lot of rain here. it rolls back in by early tomorrow morning and continues through tomorrow afternoon. we will talk about how much rain we have seen and how much more is on the way. that's coming up. vianey, this could really be a big problem for the commute. >> yeah, chp is reporting a lot of ponding water on some roadways and especially on san francisco streets, but so far no major delays. golden gate bridge, you can see it's rainy out there and slick. we have the overlay on our traffic map, so let's get to the spots we notice slowing on. this is because of a solo spinout at the park exit, and southbound 880 near the embarcadero, another crash backed up there before the 260
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interchange. and then along southbound 101, there was an earlier crash where you can see a little delay through central expressway, and it's starting to clear out. we are seeing several areas of ponding water. i did notice slowing right now that just changed, and it went from nine minutes to 11 minutes, 880 to the dumbarton bridge. >> thank you so much. be sure and download our nbc bay area app where you will get minute by minute updates and what's happening in your neighborhood. and then providing free at-home covid tests to anybody that needs one is one of his
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goals. alice barr is in washington with more. >> president biden rolling out a new battle plan. >> we all want this to be over, but we're still in it. this is a critical moment. >> amid surging demand and long lines for covid tests before christmas. >> it's frustrating to say the least. >> president biden announced a plan to mail at home testing kits to anybody that wants one, and employing fema to prepare for over capacity. >> today we are ready. >> president biden acknowledging there will be break through
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cases. >> almost every one who has died from covid-19 in the past many months has been unvaccinated. >> now signs of the early pandemic re-emerge from pro sports leagues canceling games, and in chicago a vaccine requirement for indoor public spaces. the president and top health officials insisting this is not march of 2020. >> we have more tools now -- >> tools we will need as america braces for the worst of the omicron surge. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> we will offer free at-home testing kits today and tomorrow. you can pick one up at the health county offices in el cerrito. and this week three omicron cases were confirmed and each were in unvaccinated.
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walgreens is allowing four at-home tests per purchase. at cvs, it's six. demand is surging with the omicron variant surging across the nation. nunez is the vice chancellor in the san mateo college district having worked there for two decades. this is a photo from the district's website. the embezelment is tied to an awarding of a solar investment project. that investigation is on going. developing in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial, jurors are taking a break from the deliberations today but will return tomorrow.
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at one point they asked the judge if they could take their jury instructions home, and the judge said no that all deliberations must happen at the courthouse with more than three months of expert testimony to consider, experts believe it will take a while to get to some decision. >> i would be surprised given all the evidence we have seen in this case. >> if a decision cannot be reached tomorrow, jurors will have to decide whether to come back the week after christmas or the first week of the year. as soon as that verdict comes down, of course we will bring you live coverage with legal analysis and a breakdown of what is next for holmes. hospitaling today the search for a north bay woman authorities fear may be swept away during last week's storm. the 37-year-old woman was last seen december 13th near the napa river trail.
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the fear is she was swept away in the napa river. today friends will start to search for her at noon. back to today's microclimate weather alert, and the rain is coming down right now across parts of the bay area. >> cierra johnson is live for us now. what are people doing to prepare. >> reporter: well, they are tuning in to us and keeping an eye on the pg&e outage map. here in san francisco the wind is definitely picking up and the rain has been pretty steady since we have been out here for the last 45 minutes. a lot of communities preparing not only by looking at the outage map, but also by gathering stand bags and keeping an eye on the forecast. we had crews out last night, and creek levels are relatively low right now and the forecasted rain is not expected to cause regional flooding, but right now
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crews are on stand by and have cleared storm drains and removed piles of leaves from the flood-prone areas. >> we have a generator just in case the town goes dark. we want to be the kind of central place where people know we are open and we are safe. >> reporter: this is the pg&e outage lap. last week some mitoring this map. so far no major continued outage there in the richmond area. a lot of green dots in richmond. we will continue to keep an eye on that. back out here, folks just keeping an eye on the forecast and clearing the storm drains, because we did see some of the flooding last week. i was doing this story last week and we will stay on this story as the rain continues to persist here in the bay area. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay."
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>> we needed that rain badly, and here it is. thanks, cierra. >> here it is, and how long will it last? let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall. >> it's a series of storm and that will be spread out over several days, and that will lesson the impact this storm will have. we are not expecting any flooding and the winds are not that strong at this point. in fact, as we look at stormranger right now, we are going to be in with this wet weather for quite a while going into the next several days. we can see the raindrops on the camera here in walnut creek, so it's going to be a soggy morning commute. temperatures are still chilly, right now only in the low 40s. we will see the temperatures slowly rise in the upper 40s and low 50s today. keep that jacket close by. we will also need the umbrella at least for the near term.
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it looks like there could be breaks this afternoon especially for spots where we see heavier rain moving through right now by this afternoon and into the evening. the commute is looking better, but then more rain coming in tomorrow. vianey, looking at the roads this morning, a couple problem spots popping up. >> yeah, we had a couple spinouts overnight. you can see on the map right now the green road are the speed sensors, and the overlay of the green is our radar. you can see we have areas of concern along the 680 northbound and southbound areas along the boulevard. we are seeing a crash and right now doesn't look like it's causing major delays, but in concord on the northbound 680, there was a crash along this stretch that is causing some slowing. from grant line road to 580,
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looking at about 20 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. how about one less thing to remember while you are traveling? the tsa looking to move things smoother. and shawn diddy, p diddy, the new requirement he just made in a bargain basement deal. and then we want to make sure you are safe whenever you hit the road. see our full winter weather checklist to make sure you are not stranded in any storm. it's all at
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happy wednesday morning. right now at 5:15, nice to see the rain. concord at 43 degrees. it will be a chilly day, and sometimes we will have breaks in the day and it will continue over the next several days. we will talk about that and how much rain you will get. that's coming up in a few minutes. and chp issued a fog advisory and right now bridge drive times, a smooth commute through that area. i will be back with full details. right now let's check in with business and tech. good morning, bertha. >> good morning, vianey. i am bertha coombs from cnbc.
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we are looking at wall street. looks like a mixed opening today. a big rebound yesterday after a three-day losing streak by the market spurred by fears from the omicron variant. the s&p 500 was up nearly 2%, and the nasdaq nearly 2.5%. travel, delta, united and carnival all surging. this morning we are waiting for reports on consumer confidence and existing home sales. and then the tsa is going to start supporting apple wallet id. they have not said which airports they will start in but if the trial is successful they
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will expand it to two other airports in two other states in march. instead of staff examining your id card a machine would complete that process, and tsa will over see and validate the process. i am all about tap and go. that would be great. meantime, adidas and microsoft teamed up on a pair of sneakers to mark the anniversary of the game. they are available to purchase. they are on sale from adidas and other retailers and are $140 and currently in stock. the design mimics the xbox with black netting and a green liner. it also has an xbox logo on the
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side. to me it's kind of funny you would need special shoes to play a game online, but i do love me the smell of new shoes. >> oh, it's just the nice leather, probably. >> there you have it. >> bertha, i like that sweater. that purple looks good on you. >> yeah, and a little touch of rarh. >> always smashing, bertha couples. sean "diddy" combs this morning. he won the bid to regain complete ownership of his global street wear label, and it was sold at a 90% stake for about $70 million. this year that group filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, and so he
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comes in and buys it back and won the bid for $7.5 million. >> talk about a profit. >> no kidding. the new holiday "it" couple. spider-man and -- >> yeah. she posted this on instagram. it's her spider-man no way home -- she did post this. she wrote, my spider-man, i am so proud of you. some things never change, and good things. >> the web we weave. >> they are so cute. did you know every co star on the spiderman movies dated, and cameron diaz da emma
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stone, and the producers were, like, be careful, they all dated. >> fun facts from vianey. >> yeah, i got married this year, and not to him. on the internet sometimes -- >> yeah, we got married on the internet. >> yeah, i know. >> we are an anchor couple right here, and he's my work husband and i am your work wife. and here's kari. >> yeah, we have been waiting on another round of rain and it's here so it will slow you down as you are heading out for work, and overall it's much needed. we have been really excited to see all the wet weather coming in. think back to the summer when we had all the fires. we are not going to complain about anything, right? overall this is not a very strong storm. it's going to bring in wave
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after wave of light to moderate rain through the course of the morning. we should take a break this afternoon as our temperatures head for the mid to upper 50s. morgan hill will see a high of 58 degrees. we will see mid-50s for the east bay. hayward reaching 56 degrees and 52 in vallejo. 54 for a high if san mateo, so keep that jacket on all day. it will be cooler in the north bay reaching the upper 40s and low 50s. take a look at our hour-by-hour forecast. here we are around sunrise and we are seeing some pockets of moderate rain. going into 10:00, the north bay starts to see that rain moving out for a little while. the other areas still dealing with some of the showers. by lunchtime you will be able to walk down to the sandwich shop and walk back to work before any issues. another round of rain comes in tomorrow morning. we see the waves of rain coming through not only tomorrow, but
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friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and so overall we are looking at two to three inches of rain and maybe higher for the santa cruz mountains. for the sierra, another big dumping of snow, expecting four to eight feet over the next several days. we will see the wet weather continue into next week and possibly as colder air comes in by the beginning to middle of next week. vianey, looking at the roads this morning -- >> i said cameron diaz, but i meant kristin duntz. the northbound and southbound lanes are moving slowly.
5:23 am
i want to show you a quick look at the speed sensors map, and there's ponding of the roadways, and north bay 101 to highway 85, you are looking at about 20 minutes. back to you. next here on "today in the bay," a full on body-check when it comes to the upcoming olympic games. oh, my gosh, look what kari posted yesterday on instagram. she and her mom getting in the christmas spirit. they are making those famous bourbon balls. they make them every year. >> yes, they do. >> i am trying to put in an order. how are you getting into the holiday spirit? tag nbc bay area in your photos and we will share them here on the air. share them on instagram or facebook.
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new details in the latest covid surge dealing a new setback to the upcoming winter olympics in beijing. the league and players association have agreed to not send players to the games. right now the nhl is dealing with dozens of postpones until after schedule. right now they are looking at
5:27 am
the olympic schedule to reschedule postponed games. the eat, learn and play foundation. the currys and several partner organizations committed to building a brand-new community garden and basketball court for these families next spring. all of the kids that live in the 36th avenue apartments are now being asked to help design that space. how cool is that? >> very. >> you can actually keep up with the currys this christmas by going to our website. just go to and click on christmas with the currys, and you can see all the people they have helped out.
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>> love it. great to see. coming up next, the storm not only packing rain but also a lot of snow that is blanketing the sierra. >> tahoe businesses making sure they are ready. we will tell you about the big warning for anybody thinking of driving up that way during the holidays.
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right now at 5:30, rain moving across the bay area giving you a soggy morning drive to work. we'll begin to see this in the forecast not only today but the
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next several days. i am tracking this storm and letting you know what to expect the next several of days, coming up. and then stopping the surge. the new rules the governor is announcing today right here in the bay area. forced to scramble as campuses decide to go remote when classes resume. the sudden aim at keeping students healthy. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> we are broadcasting to your television traditionally, and also streaming online at i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. that rain is here and it's sticking around. not only that, it's just the start of things for this week. >> team coverage starts right now. vianey has a check of the slick morning commute in just moments, but first let's get to meteorologist, kari hall, breaking down the weather for
5:32 am
us. >> we are starting with stormranger and it gives us a view of where it's raining and where it's not because there are some spots like parts of the north bay taking a break from the rain. we have rain in marin county into san francisco, and stretching across alameda and oakland right now. we have seen heavier pockets of rain around milpitas and fremont. as you go down to morgan hill and san martin, that rain is picking up more. this is the kind of activity we will see for the next couple of hours. we will talk more about that in a couple minutes. vianey, how is it looking for the commute? >> it's getting busier. the bay bridge toll plaza moving along nicely. no metering lights not on yet.
5:33 am
right now take a look at our bay area maps. we did have our earlier crash along the westbound 580. looks like that is causing a delay through that stretch. also, notice slowing along 101 from highway 85. you are looking at 20 minutes and i will have a closer look at how your bridges are doing and those drive times coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. our nbc bay area stormranger continuing to scan san bruno mountain. stay updated with our nbc bay area news app as the rain makes its way into your neighborhood. the other top story, omicron variant surging here in the holidays. the omicron variant is behind 60% of the new infections, and that number is lower than the rest of the country we are seeing right now. the numbers from last friday indicate the variant is responsible for 73% of the cases
5:34 am
right here, and this is nearly 3 of every 4 cases here in the u.s. and newsom is requiring all health care workers to receive the vaccine and booster shot. >> good morning, laura. the california nurse's association wrote in a statement that any measures that prevent covid are essential, and they, quote, look forward to reviewing more information on governor newsom's announcement. in a few hours later this morning, governor newsom will come here to alameda county to a covid vaccine and testing clinic to announce that california will require health care workers to get their booster shot. in a tweet the governor wrote, with omicron on the rise we are taking immediate actions to protect californians and ensure our hospitals are prepared. a dozen bay area doctors and
5:35 am
scientists in charge of gauging the spread of omicron are warning us about what hospitalizations might be if the rate of people getting their booster shots do not increase, if it stays status quo. on the left side of the screen you can see a huge potential surge of hospitalizations in the middle of january, but if the number of people boosted doubles, the chart on the right projects fewer hospitalizations. >> 20 times more likely to die from covid if you are unvaccinated compared to if you are boosted. ten more times to be a case compared to if you are boosted. we will see those who are vaccinated and boosted will have less severe outcomes and there will be break through cases of omicron, but they are going to be milder if you are vaccinated
5:36 am
and boosted. >> theest sta positivity is ris again and 3% stay up. a stanford lab said they found omicron in 71% of the tests it analyzed. i'm bob redell for "today in the bay." >> here's another story showing how fast that omicron virus spreads. this involving more than two dozen breakthrough cases in the north bay. it happened after a marin restaurant. half of the attendees since tested positive despite testing and vaccination requirements. >> the likelihood that somebody in the setting is higher now than it was before, and if a person is infected it's likely with the omicron variant, and it's likely they are more
5:37 am
contagious to others. that's the reality we are living in right now. >> if you are not fully vaccinated or have chronic health conditions, you should consider the risk before gathering for the holidays. distance learning will be back in effect. uc schools late last night announced winter quarter classes will begin remotely for at least two weeks. students will return january 18th at the latest instead of january 3rd. cal and uc merced will return january 18th. uc davis will operate remotely only for the first week of the winter quarter. a follow-up now as we take a live look in oakland this morning, if you want to eat inside restaurants and bars in
5:38 am
oakland you have to show proof you have the vaccine. business owners have slightly different views on the new requirement. >> in the last, like, 48 hours, i just saw and heard from different bar owners in my area that they had a widespread omicron breakout among staff and clientele. >> i believe the intention is well intended, but i want to make sure by the implementation of this new ordinance, we're not hurting many small businesses. >> the rule also applies to theaters, gyms, senior living facilities, and exceptions are trips to the dentists or library. look at all the snow out there on the roads. this is castle peak. you better take the chains. locals are preparing for the rush of all the folks headed up
5:39 am
to the sierra during the holiday season. caltrans, in fact, is boosting its crews of heavy equipment to try and clear the highways around the clock. only one of two tire shops in south lake tahoe are warning visitors to prepare your car before you come up. >> so if you need something before you come up, please get prepared. buy your chains before you come up the hill. check your tire condition because it's not easy to get a flat repaired or a new tires or chains. things are really moving now in the bay area with the rain. we have gotten a lot of rain in the last day or so. >> yeah, laura knows this. you have to practice putting on the chains before you go to the sierra. you don't want to try while you are out there in the snow. the snowpack is at 93% of the
5:40 am
normal amount. we are getting there as that snow is already coming down. we can see on storm ranger right now, rain with a lot of light rain coming down, and also light snow over the sierra and the winds are going to continue to gust there as the storm system rolls through. we will continue to see rain off and on over the next several hours. we will continue to see the rain at least throughout much of the morning. heading out the door for the morning commute, vianey has a look at those wet roads and how that may affect your drive to work. >> yeah, unfortunately we have had several spinouts reported by chp especially in the overnight hours. i want to get to the drive times as things are slowing down out there for the east bay. southbound 680 to vargas road, 11 minutes. southbound and north bay 680 are moving, and they are moving slowly. westbound 580, grant line road
5:41 am
to 680, 27 minutes. the metering lights are still off at the bay bridge toll plaza but we are also starting to notice slowing through that stretch as well. that heading into the toll plaza, you are looking at about nine minutes. looks like folks are slowing down and taking that extra time to be safe out on the roads. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. coming up here, the new legal challenge that lawmakers are facing as they try and connect the dots in the capitol siege probe. and long awaited relief for some san francisco commuters. the finalized timeline for muni's light-rail into china town and the costs that came with getting it there. and then coming to the rescue. a dog that may have saved the lives of her family. her actions are a lesson to us all.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 5:44, we are under a microclimate weather alert as light rain moves through the area. in walnut creek it's 43. we are only headed for the upper 40s and low 50s. rain continues off and on in the forecast for the next several days. i will break down the timeline and talk about how much we have already measured coming up in a couple minutes. a live look in the east bay. northbound and southbound lanes showing a little slowing, but we are seeing several solo
5:45 am
spinouts. we will look closer at your drive times coming up in a couple minutes. a live look at capitol hill, and new legal action in the house and the committee investigating the january 6th siege. michael flynn is suing. flynn's attorney accuses the committee of overreaching claiming flynn had nothing to do with the riot. the white house is not commenting, nor is the justice department. the agency says criminals stole nearly 100 billion, yes, billion with a "b" dollars. hundreds of millions of dollars
5:46 am
were sent through green dot and paypal. the secret service say they have more than 900 active investigations. one southern california man on the road to recovery after getting covid has a message for everybody. he was a personal trainer and considered himself very healthy. when he got covid he lost 40 pounds and currently needs oxygen to help him breathe. castro was unvaccinated due to a adverse reaction to medications while being treated to pancreatitis. >> i do believe that you need to look at your family. you need to look at everything around you. you need to decide what you value in your life. >> after improving, doctors say he can go home for the holidays. san francisco leaders can
5:47 am
circle a start day for the light-rail. the extension through china town has been in the works for years and test trains are already up and running. the original goal was to open in 2019. "the chronicle" reports yesterday that plan was updated. the project is coming in at $200 million over budget. e than that for one idaho family. >> in this safer. roxy, she must have a great sense of something that is going wrong here. recently she woke the family in the middle night, and she heard a slight alarm and it was the carbon monoxide. >> i could tell something was
5:48 am
wrong that night that she woke me up, just her reaction, she was shivering and concerned for us to get outside. happy to have a dog and to have her. >> she's a little guard dog there. >> local utility workers realized the leak was coming from the electric and gas fireplace. the homeowner also calls it a letter to everyone to make sure you have proper working detectors in your home. >> yeah, they save lives. >> big time. >> hey, it's 5:58 right now. let's take a peek outside. look at that. it's a soggy start to our wednesday morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza. folks are still trying to make their way through the wet roads. you have to allow extra time out there. it's slick. this rain, it's going to stick around. >> yeah, i really like these kinds of storm systems because we are not expecting a lot of problems out of it, and it's
5:49 am
bringing beneficial rain and it's spread out over the course of several days. right now we are tracking that light rain moving through with stormranger, the red beam you are seeing there. you can see it on your smartphone anytime if you have the nbc bay area app. you can zoom in to where you live and you can see exactly what is going on. we are seeing moisture rolling on in. a weak atmospheric river, and we call it that because it's a long connection of moisture coming in all the way from the tropics. that gives moisture and energy to the system. look at some of the rainfall totals we have had so far. bald mountains nearing one inch of rain. scott creek in the santa cruz mountains, about one inch. san josé, about 0.1 of an inch
5:50 am
and we will get more rain. we will see more activity at about 10:00 or 11:00, and then at noon it tapers off and you can probably head out to lunch without any rain. tonight another wave of rain will come in and it will continue on and off until tomorrow afternoon. we are seeing that also in friday's forecast, but there could be pockets of heavy rain especially going into christmas day. this is what we are looking at. light scattered rain today, and then a break this evening and heavier rain returning tomorrow. rainfall totals could reach from 1 1/2 inches to three inches or more as you head through the santa cruz mountains. this is spread out between now and next wednesday, and we could see in all about 2 1/2 inches in
5:51 am
the north bay and san francisco. in sierra, the snow will continue to come down. really looking at some spots getting over 90 inches of snow, which will be pretty amazing even since we are seeing the snowpack dip a little bit before the storm. there's a lot of 50s there for highs. it may get even colder next week as we get ready to enter into the new year. we will also see the unsettled weather continuing, not raining all day every day but there will be a chance of showers at some point every day in the forecast through next tuesday. vianey, how are the roads? >> well, we have seen several spinouts, and i'm assuming because some areas are seeing the ponding water. you have to slow down because it's dark out there and you may not see the ponding on some of the highways. things are starting to slow down, especially along the contra costa area, and there was a previous crash here that is
5:52 am
causing a delay. westbound 4 from the antioch bridge from highway 242, about 33 minutes. northbound 101 from highway 85, you are looking at about 22 minutes. so far no big delays in the south bay. let's see how the east bay is doing. one thing i have noticed, southbound and northbound 880, traffic is building. right now southbound 880 to highway 4, about 14 minutes. your tri-valley drive times also starting to slow down from 94 to 680, it's about 12 minutes. another update in a few minutes. a spacex dragon capsule docks to the international space station. it has christmas presents,
5:53 am
turkey and fruit cake for those astronauts. still ahead, the driving factors and the group being hit the hardest. plus, gaining support. a truck driver facing 100 years in prison after an accident might be getting clemency. what changed and what star is supporting that cause. you're watching "today in the bay." - music and the arts boost confidence, creativity, and overall academic performance. - i have dreamt of performing since i was a little kid.
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- so whatever your dream, music can help get you there. the more you know.
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welcome back. it is 5:56. you are watching "today in the bay." in colorado, people will gather at the state capital today to ask for clemency for a truck driver. >> a colorado district attorney moved for a hearing to reconsider the sentence of a truck driver sentenced last week understate laws requiring sentences for certain crimes to be served back-to-back. this morning more than 4.5 million people signed an online petition asking the governor to grant clemency or commute the sentence, and that's the most in
5:57 am
that petition history. kim kardashian also supporting that effort to grant clemency. for males the average life expectancy fell 2.1 years, and for woman it's 1.5 years. black and hispanic americans saw the highest death rates. one pennsylvania family said they received a christmas miracle thanks to groundbreaking surgery. doctors saw a tumor growing on
5:58 am
the heart of her unborn baby, but a team of doctors performed heart surgery, something that has been successful only once before. >> did they say if you didn't have surgery he might die? >> yeah. >> i think it was, like, in two weeks, he probably would have died. >> the baby is now five months old and certainly full of life. you can see the full interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." there are always such miracle stories where they can do that. warriors' star, steph curry asking some to do homework. >> ayesha and steph curry asked kids to do their homework.
5:59 am
they have committed to building a brand-new playground, community garden and basketball court for all of those families by next spring. here's where the homework comes in. they are asking all of those kids who live there at the 36th avenue apartments to design the space, so they can design that space where they play and have fun. that's cool. they can put that on their resumes, too. you can keep up with the curry's christmas by going to and click on the christmas by the currys. now at 6:00, tracking that storm as rain saturates the bay area. we have live team coverage, including the new efforts to prevent potential havoc when it
6:00 am
comes to your holiday plans. >> plus -- we all want it to be over. >> a bold new plan to stop this is "today in the bay." we're starting this wednesday morning with a live look at stormranger up in san bruno. it's scanning the rain right now. as you can see, and we're telling you, it's going to continue all week. thanks for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we have live team coverage for you, and let's start with meteorologist, kari hall, who has been tracking this storm. >> yeah, you need an umbrella and warm coat. keep that hood on your head because it will keep you dry. it's a light rain we are seeing right now from


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