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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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planning a trip to the snow. despite the omicron and weather cancellations they finally got home for the holidays on this christmas day. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. merry christmas to all. it's been a wet and soggy christmas day. live look across the bay area from network of traffic cameras, wherever you look, wet roads. rain coming down on and off causing downed trees, clogged drains and mud slides. get to meteorologist vianey arana with look at what is still to come. >> small hail and reports of lightning and thunderstorms and not in the clear. live look in san francisco. 48 degrees, even though it is a cold christmas and rainy day, hope it's been cozy at home. satellite radar, plenty of
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activity when it comes to snow. couple of hundredths of inch for rainy areas. still going to accumulate, possibly three inches for the higher hilltops. stormranger right now, richmond and vallejo as well. break from the rain in palo alto and sunnyvale. but pockets in san jose, saratoga and the santa cruz mountains getting rain. highway 17, know how dangerous that can get, saw video of small hail in the santa cruz mountains and going to get colder. 46 in san jose. hour by hour, 11:30, we're going to continue to see periods of rain tonight into sunday but cold front ahead that's going to bring colder temperatures, lowering the snow levels. we'll look at that and sierra
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snow pack and drought monitor updates in the full forecast. >> thanks very much. if you're heading to the sierra this holiday weekend, now is not the time. live look i-80 in truckee, 267, how would you like to drive in that? you can't see anything. cal trans has shut it down to the nevada state line. long stretch, good idea to shut it down, not good to go that way. video taken near donner pass, thanks to the chp for this. no word when 80 might reopen. sausalito, trouble again. closed one of two southbound lanes not due to reopen until tomorrow at earliest. tarp put on after prior mud slide, didn't keep it from
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sliding again. crews were dealing with it today. all over the bay area, authorities responding to little flooding situations. this street corner in san carlos, caught up with a man doing his part to unclog the drain. says it drains whenever it comes down heavy. >> dad has a building down the block that always gets flooded. just started pouring, at my house in belmont, it started hailing. knew it would be bad here. >> said the drain clogs frequently so he knew where to go when he heard hail at his house. stormranger on san bruno continuing to scan. download the free nbc bay area app to give you access to stormranger's doppler radar, see the rain in your neighborhood. san francisco's glide
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memorial church had its meal today. people enjoying the meal together in person. began with a virtual church service and at 11:00 the meal got under way. work started hours before that. it's a family, holiday tradition. >> we work with glide, salvation army, homeless shelters across the bay area. feeling we can give back any way we can is better than opening up presents for us. this is a gift that keeps giving. >> that's the spirit of christmas. after the lunch, delivered meals to people living on the streets. been serving the homeless and low income populations for half a century. while many were sleeping n salvation army volunteers were hard at work in san francisco.
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set up at 5:30 to hand out 4,000 meals to seniors around the city. organizers say the food is not necessarily the most important part of the program. >> what's more important than the food is maybe, perhaps, just a visit from one of our volunteers. many of these people go whole day without a human interaction or someone to wish them a merry christmas. >> organizers say this is the 25th christmas in a row they've handed out meals in san francisco. live look at sfo, lot of people asking for one gift, please let us get home for the holidays. between the storms on the west coast and climbing covid cases, hundreds of flights have been canceled this weekend. as jonathan bloom explains, most got the presents they dreamed of. >> what does the sun and rain make? >> rainbow. >> a rainbow! >> reporter: never mind the wet weather t was sunshine and rainbows for clayton family
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spending christmas in grandma's house in san francisco first time in two years. >> missed the hills and fog and all that, even though would think you wouldn't miss the fog. >> reporter: that could interfere with flights, not today. >> had family members get planes canceled. >> reporter: snow in seattle the cause of some delayed flights, including alaska airlines. covid outbreaks among flight cruise, united is rebook but sometimes later arrivals. >> almost 2 1/2 hours delay. >> reporter: just being able to travel is making it extra special. >> holiday season so much more meaningful, family makes the world go round and round. glad to be back. >> did you have a good time in vegas, sir? >> i had a great time.
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>> reporter: for christopher, best present is seeing brother's face at airport. >> it's christmas, want to be with family. >> reporter: never take for granted again. >> merry christmas to mom, dad, family friends, grandparents and everybody who made me to this day, got me here. appreciate you all, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to great grandma, families, grandma and grandpa molin, to all the bensons in colorado. >> merry christmas everybody. >> merry christmas, san francisco. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, nbc bay area news. we're following developing news out of cupertino, early morning trespassing incident turned deadly. sheriff's deputies responded 4:00 this morning, homeowner fired shots at suspected trespasser, killing the man, patric court near farralland drive in cupertino.
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identity is yet to be released. homicide, several shootings and carjackings and officer-involved shooting in oakland. 98th avenue, the police say they got a call of man waving gun at someone in the neighborhood. police got there, said the man waved gun at them and officer opened fire. no one was hit, police arrested the man, officer placed on standard leave, the police chief planning a conference on monday. historic launch for nasa this morning, launched the hubble telescope's successor far into space. >> from a tropical rain forest to the edge of time itself, the james webb begins a journey to edge of the universe. >> interesting stuff. launched from french guyana,
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help us learn more about the galaxy, this time to orbit the sun instead of the earth. it unfolded in space. sped up is slightly. will take about 30 days to reach destination a million miles from earth to study some of the first stars and galaxies. silicon valley had a hand in the mission, helped model and develop technology that developed it. check out the story on and search for james webb telescope. coming up, covid surge hit a popular music group. yes, them. we're learning about the bts members who tested positive for the virus. plus, setting records, then breaking them. one festive house giving the gris walds a run for their
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money. rain pushing south but we're not in the clear. and look at all the snow. plenty on the way. what to expect heading into sunday, coming up in just a bit. stay with us. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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the covid surge now affecting the music world. k-pop group bts announcing three of the seven members tested positive for covid. just returned to south korea
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from tour in the united states. concerts were first in the u.s. since the pandemic began. all three members were fully vaccinated. no word if they had received a booster. live look at very festive white house in washington, d.c., president biden marking first christmas in office with call to service members around the world, joined by first lady jill biden and new puppy commander. look at the camera, commander, come on. called those serving the solid, steel spine of the nation, said he knows how difficult it is to be away from loved ones during the holidays. >> because all of you are out there doing what you're doing, the americas -- americans across the nation able to spend today with loved ones, enjoying the blessings of security of our american democracy. we're so, so grateful. >> president and first lady say they're also praying for anyone who lost a loved one to covid this holiday season.
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pope said he's praying for end to the pandemic in address today. he urged health care for all, vaccines for the poor. prayed for end to the coronavirus pandemic, urging health care for all, vaccines for poor and devoted the prayer to women and children suffering from abuse, elderly who have been isolated and health care workers. last year the pope delivered televised address from inside the palace. italy is still seeing high number of cases but not on lockdown. white one in the sierra, hard to tell, there's so much white christmas, you can't see it. another live look at 80 in truckee. if you're headed this way, this is what you'll see, not much. cal trans closed 80 between colfax and the nevada state line. heading to the mountains, might
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rethink those plans. back at home, a lot of rain, causing flooding in parts of the bay area. san bruno city park. they turned the parking lot into a creek today. see the people walking in the rain and cars driving through it. it sometimes you drive through the water and see ponding, it looks fun to splash. don't drive in if you don't know how deep it is. but few inches and you want to splash, what the heck? >> i say you're getting flashbacks of yellow rain boots of your childhood. >> that's what it is! >> i lived in snowy iowa and i remember making snowmen, i love the rain. making impact on the snow pack. 49 degrees now in san francisco. beautiful view of the city. i know it's been raining all day but look. we're going to continue to see active weather pattern. closer look at what to expect, a
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lot of the rain pushing southward, but still not in the clear, expect to continue to see rain next couple of hours. calmer now through parts of the north bay using storm ranger mobile doppler radar, we're only ones in the bay area that have it, it's a good look. live rain through san jose, still moderate to heavy areas through the santa cruz/monterey area and gilroy, it's really coming down, so national weather service decided to extend the flood advisory for areas of the santa cruz mountains, santa clara county and monterey county. there's a lot of burn scars near the santa cruz mountains and already had so much rain, that's loose and can create issues
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overnight to early sunday morning. pushed forward to 11:30 so you get an idea. little bit of a break from the rain in through the north bay. notice a lot of it still pushing southwards. then a break into early sunday morning, then another round of rain, anticipating a cold front arriving behind that. drop in temperatures, gusty winds into tomorrow and monday afternoon, another break from the rain before we see another round of that pushing in. look at the polar air outlook. going to get cold, the purple hue moving in into monday and tuesday. could even bring a bit of a wintry mix. we're already seeing snow on top of mount hamilton. 4,265 feet is the peak and you can't make out what is behind it. going to see more snow tuesday, maybe in mount diablo range.
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some of the peaks that might get rain, santa cruz mountains, mount diablo on snow watch. south lake tahoe, conditions remain awful. it's not worth it, don't try to drive up there. window will be steady next four days and sierra snow pack boost, 130% of statewide average. this is so great to see after extremely depleted snow pack after dry last year. estimated snow totals will add to the snow pack. model runs right now still showing around 82 to possibly 85 inches of additional snowfall, today, into wednesday. drought is still 79% but took us several years to get into the drought. folks want to see more improvement with the drought
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monitor, why we get excited with four days of rain. merry christmas. >> thanks so much. still ahead, breaking their own record, how many lights are -- oh, my gosh -- story of why they go over the top with their decorations.
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update on family that created christmas display that appears to blow clark griswald's decorations out of the water. draws big crowds and thousands of donations. money does not go to paying the power bill. ♪♪ ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ >> reporter: on a cold december
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night, glowing lights easily warm the hearts of families, many willing to travel far for christmas cheer. how long did it take? >> 45 minutes or so. >> reporter: worth it? >> definitely. it's beautiful. >> people from new york, albany, long island, out of state. all but three states we've seen license plates for. >> reporter: brightest on the block, they hold guinness world record for most lights on residential property. last record holders, themselves, beating their own record. >> all about family. this is a family project. like to share this happiness with the community. >> reporter: labor of love grew from 600 lights to close to 687,000. set to music. inspired by timothy's mother who loved christmas. >> used to decorate the house, made it wonderful for all eight
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children. >> reporter: for daughter's first christmas, it was tim's turn. by the numbers on the property, 686,811 lights linked by over eight miles of extension cords and on track to raise over half a million dollars for charity this year. been backdrop for marriage proposals, and the children no longer kids taken the lead. >> in the trees, that's me. >> reporter: lights to inspire generosity. >> last year collected about $81,000. >> reporter: the unionveil fire department collected to help people in the community. >> lot of times have nothing but pajamas on, we give them cash on the spot. >> reporter: light that burns
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bright after the season is gone. >> that was gilma avalos reporting. no word how much has been raised this year. big gift from the warriors to their fans this christmas day. how they were able to deliver. next in sports.
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big game today for the warriors, taking on the suns in phoenix. at stake, best record in the nba. warriors depleted. andrew wiggins, jordan poole and damion lee all in covid protocol and andre iguodala couldn't play either. there's that guy, steph curry, gets right to doing what he does best. got him covered -- whoa, don't got him covered, gets open, sinks a three. had 33 points tonight, rocking it. draymond, draymond green dashing through the lane. warriors win 116-107.
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best record in the nba at 27-6, shorthanded today. 49ers after today after heartbreaking loss. washington football team will face off with the dallas cowboys on "sunday night football," preview of the game. >> welcome inside the studio. week 16, the washington football team taking on dallas. washington off a short week not taking on easy team. cowboys riding high. >> a division rivalry, lot of emotion but dallas playing good on offense, great on defense. >> if the offense can catch up with the way the defense is playing, going to be tough team in the playoffs. >> and washington dealing with short week, injuries and covid issues, got to get it together. >> dak prescott's offense,
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trying for touchdowns not turnovers. we'll be counting on "football night in america." >> watch that game here on nbc bay area tomorrow, coverage at 4:00, kickoff at 5:20. back in a moment. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season.
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weather a huge story tonight. christmas in the park in downtown san jose, drizzling, some um brel has up, not many. streets are wet, gorgeous
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lights. it's been wet one. >> we're not in the clear yet, more rain expected overnight. could see thunderstorm activity and hail into sunday. rain continues, then cold temperatures ahead. 30s into overnight lows. and daytime highs tuesday and wednesday, in the 40s, really cold. i'm bundled up, i have umbrellas and rain boots set up. i hope you're prepared. >> we were prepared, you got us prepared vianey. thank you. merry christmas to everybody. back at 11:00, hope you can join us then. garvin thomas: hello, and thank you so much for spending some of your precious time with us as we share with you some of our favorite "bay area proud" stories from 2021. now, to be completely honest, there's a lot about the past
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couple of years we'd like to forget but not the bravery of those who worked the frontlines of the pandemic. remembering and honoring them is just what one north bay artist vowed to do. john deckert: hmm, here, see, this is the real--artist. look. garvin: when you're an artist like john deckert, working from home is nothing new. john: i'm 72 now, and i've been painting since i was 19, 20 years old. garvin: so, when the pandemic hit, it didn't change how john painted. it has, though, changed what--or who he paints. john couldn't help but notice the people around him who didn't have the option of staying at home. john: so i just--i started doing all these: the milkman, the delivery guy, the mailman, you know, somebody working at the cash register. it was, like, all of these occupations that they just had


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