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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, tracking the storm, rain moving across the bay area. meteorologist, vianey arana, is tracking the storm hour-by-hour and when it's set to move out. >> plus, missing. the search is under way for a skier in lake tahoe. what his sister is telling us about his last-known whereabouts. the uptick demand for tests. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. i am kira klapper.
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laura garcia has the week off. >> i am marcus washington. this is the last monday of the year. >> yeah, it is. >> i didn't mean to make everybody sad. >> we are going to let the rain wash away our 2021 woes. you might have spotted some snow in bay area local peaks and a ton in the sierra. you can see a lot of it still coming down right now, but i want to zoom in and see a couple spots seeing light to moderate rainfall. it's going to be a wet commute to start. half moon bay, if i zoom this in closer, look, a little shadow here in the san josé area. santa cruz mountains, highway 17, also seeing pockets of
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heavier downpours at times. look at the wintry mix that is going on near monterey county, and that's the pink and blue you see here. things are only expected to get colder. right now we are in the 40s and 50s, but we are not going to warm up by much during the afternoon. we will be in the low 40s in some spots and low 40s as well. heading into tonight and tomorrow, temperatures are expected to dip down in the 30s. that's going to bring us a chance of seeing snow levels at the 1,500-foot mark. soupy conditions at the bay bridge, much like you had last week. thank you for covering that on the roads. across the bridge, there's rain
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over in that the tri-valley. that rain leaves the wet roadway all over the way, and we have a number of single car spinouts. this could be a new one around orinda. we'll check on that and get back to you. we have pictures four, these are the pictures sent from his family. he disappeared at the northstar mountain resort where he worked. his sister is an avid skier that just moved here from colorado.
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>> northstar was closed yesterday because of the storm. the storm has caused the resort to delay opening. the resort here in palisades also closed because of the 100-mile-per-hour conditions. the resort said there's an increased avalanche danger. testing is going to be the key to detect how many covid-19 cases california could have after christmas. of the 100,000 tests 5% came back positive. that doubled within a week according to the public health department. one bay area county is fighting back rolling out vehicles full
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of tests for people lining up for the dozens. we show you where the tests are. >> my truck in daly city and by bus in hillsborough, san mateo county gave out free tests all day and people lined up for many reasons. >> it was a possible exposure. >> i told my family on christmas, and they found they were exposed. >> after an hour of driving to drug stores like this one, this one and this one, she couldn't find a single covid test. >> actually, i went to five different stores to try and find a rapid test because i am supposed to work today and everybody has been sold out. >> we heard a lot of that. >> the lack of ability to find tests. we went to several stores in the area and could not find anything and so we went online and found
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this location. >> san mateo county, which says it went to 40 recorded cases a day to hundreds of cases a day in two weeks, admitting there are not enough tests here to go around. >> there are many pharmacies now where you can go and get self tested and that's extremely problematic. so the county, we will have to lean in and we may have to do much, much more than we are doing now. >> giving people like brianna a chance, for now, a peace of mind. >> scott budman, today in the bay. turning back to our storm coverage, we are continuing to monitor the conditions outside as the rain moves through parts of the bay area.
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vianey arana, she's in for kari. i can see you are tracking that rain. >> yeah, stormranger has been working hard for the past several days. we have seen plenty of rain. look at the snow coming down in the sierra. we are getting a wintry mix here locally especially head into tonight and tomorrow. you can see widespread light to moderate at times. down to the santa cruz mountains, we have pockets there. in the next couple of hours we will notice a couple changes. as we head into tonight we will get a little clearing. tuesday, we look at cold and low snow levels. now let's check on the roads with mike. we are looking at wet roadways, and we are going talk about the colder talking about in a second.
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two crashes reported, and one sounds like it was a vehicle leftover from a crash last night, and then the other is a car that just left the roadway, and both are single-car crashes. often times those are spinouts in rainy weather. i don't know the details, they didn't specific, but single car crashes in these two cases and we will track that. back to you. >> thanks. next here on "today in the bay," much more ahead as we have the latest superhero action movie that is continuing to shatter those records. >> ahead, the amount of money the newest "spiderman" movie is bringing in. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. it's 4:41. we are under a microclimate weather alert, and light to moderate rain pushing through the bay area right now. a cold air blast is on the way. details in a fewblast, oh, my goodness. let's check in with the business world with silvanna. >> good morning. wall street is set for a mixed
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open this morning as traders return from the holiday weekend. markets are coming off a third straight gain on thursday, and investors look past the worries of the spread of omicron variant could have to economic growth. the index rising more than 2% for the week while the dow gained 6%. jobless claims and manufacturing information will come out this week. even as shoppers dealt with higher prices, and the omicron variant, 20% of all sales were purchased of clothes and jewelry. peter parker found plenty of
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presents are history this week. spider-man:no way home took in an estimated $81 million for a total of $467 million in north america, and topping $1 billion worldwide and is sony's top-grossing movie of all times. >> one of our producers helped that, she just saw it twice, she told us in our ear. >> a lot of people say it's good. more than $1 billion worth of good. >> exactly. >> thanks, silvanna. a holiday nightmare. still ahead this morning on "today in the bay," the winter storm bringing a total whiteout that in the sierra, and turned one family's holidays into the
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nightmare. we speak to them. i will take you through your tahoe forecast and also the latest sierra snowpack and where we stand with that in just a few minutes. >> we will not take you to tahoe though, because the roads are closed. but here on the bay bridge, here's the wet roadway and we will show you more, coming up.
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hello, it's 4:46, monday morning. we are under a microclimate weather alert because the active weather pattern continues. we got a lot to talk about and get you through the start of your workweek. this is what it looks like in the sierra. we have active snowfall coming down and, yes, we still have rain in parts of the bay area. pretty much widespread, light to moderate at times and i will zoom in on our stormranger. up through mill valley, highway 101 we have lighter rain coming down but pockets of the yellow and the orange that you see there, that's what we could see, heavier downpours at times. the morning commute will be soggy, especially down through the san josé mountains. notice the approaching rains are here, and still a couple rain-shadowed areas.
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you will see on and off rain through the first half of our rain today. notice the pink color change here. cold and low snow levels with the arrival of a cold front, and this will bring us a change into snow and possibly a little sleet at times into tuesday evening, especially for some of the higher elevation areas here in the bay area. we saw snow on some of our peaks this weekend, and elevations at 4,000 feet, 3,000 feet, and that's common, and once it falls below the 3,000 elevation mark, that's when it gets interesting. we will get rain to showers at times, and daytime highs will be in the 50s. it's going to be a little chilly, but as we head into tonight look what happens into the temperature wise area. we get this cold pattern that locks in, and this is going to drop our temperatures down. look at the polar air outlook, the purple air is that cold air
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blast. that's what is going to bring the low 30s. head into tuesday and wednesday, we are going to be topping out in the 40s. right now there's already an active freeze watch for the purple highlighted areas. this is going into effect on tuesday morning and will remain in place for the valleys, and we are still expecting to see the chance of more snow on our local mountain tops. we already saw plenty of it on mount hamilton, and we could see more on that on top of the mount diablo stretch and in lake tahoe. not going to really get a chance to travel up there at all. if you didn't get a chance to make it up there, your window has closed for the next several days and you will have to wait until after the storm. guess what? the sierra snowpack was at 130% as of this weekend, and the official number this morning,
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146% of statewide average. just to give you an idea, the snowpack does account for one-third of the the water supply and that's what we like to see. for new year's eve, temperatures remain cold and at least we will get a break from the rain as we head in towards wednesday and thursday. now let's see how the roads are doing with mike. >> vianey, the road is not a good idea here towards mount hamilton. some folks like to venture up there, and that's why they close what is called state route 130. somebody slipped off the road there and they closed the road there. don't drive up there, folks. there's a reason why they closed it, because it cannot be accessed easily, and neither can you when you slip out. coming out of livermore,
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pleasanton and sunol, there's a slowing because of a crash. cleared for 24 as you get over towards broadway. a couple surface street crashes, and here on west 80. definitely wet roadways. back to you. >> thanks, mike. due to the wicked weather, what was supposed to be a fun holiday weekend ended up as a massive headache. >> one family was stranded overnight when they were trying to make a christmas trip to tahoe. >> photos of a caravan of vehicles in the snow and the eerie red glow of taillights on highway 50 christmas night, these are pictures taken by one family who was stuck all night. >> yeah, the road -- i mean, we basically were stranded there. >> he and his family hoped to
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celebrate christmas with friends in tahoe, but they had to sleep in their cars on highway 50. it turned into a 26-hour ordeal. >> we had two or three bottles of water, and most of the cars, they almost run out of gas. >> after all that they drove straight home to san josé, and they say they underestimated the strength of the storm. this is video from caltrans. you can see visibility is really bad. ski resorts are also dealing with the storm. >> what they are going to do is assess the situation at the summit, mid mountain and at the base. they want to make it safe for all skiers, riders and staff on the mountains. >> he said some ski runs will likely be closed and with so much snow ski patrols will have to check for the possibility of avalanches, so everybody heading to the slopes the next few days should reconsider.
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>> let this system move out. let's get a break, you have plenty of snow. this is just the start of the season. developing now in the east bay, highway 4 is back open this morning after a shooting that happened just after 7:30 last night. a man was found with a gunshot wound and he was taken to the hospital where he is expected to be okay. it's unclear if the gunfire came from another car. so far no information has been released. officers tried to pull over a driver of a blue subaru out back. the driver led police officers on a chase and then stopped. the driver accelerated into the
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officers causing minor injuries. that car was located a short distance away, abandoned. still ahead on "today in the bay," where you can safely ring in the new year with your loved ones. >> happening now, commuters in new york will face some challenges getting around this week. trains are running less often, and riders will likely face a longer wait for the subway. it was not clear how many workers have been impacted by the latest surge brought on by the omicron variant. it's 4:54.
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well, it's 4:56 for you this morning.
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covid can't stop the count countdown to the new year, san francisco's countdown is still on. you can watch the show on the embarcadero waterfront. city leaders tell us they have no plans to scale back the party, but be aware late night seating at restaurants is sold out. we are now less than two months away from the winter olympics. a south lake tahoe resident is going for the gold. no female snowboarder has ever done that before. jamie is representing team usa in beijing. we heard from her about growing up in the mountains. >> when i got my first snowboard i fell in love with the winter season. over the years nature has become a place where i can go and
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reset. >> jamie is one of six girls. all of her sisters will be cheering her on come february, and so will we. we are your olympic station. our own janelle wang will be there during the live games. vaccine deadlines looming in the bay area for two cities. near here on "today in the bay," the penalties workers could face if they refuse to comply with the mandates.
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right now at 5:00, another round of wet weather. rain moving across parts of the bay area. can you expect a slippery commute if you are heading out this morning. meteorologist, vianey arana, is tracking it all, including the snow piling up in the sierra. >> that's where a man is missing. the uptick in demand for tests and the steps one bay area county is taking in response. this is "today in the bay." >> we are broadcasting to your tv and streaming live on good morning to you.


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