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tv   Today  NBC  December 28, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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like the bay bridge toll plaza shows. the rain stopped there, but it was there a few seconds ago. >> that's what is happening on "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> the "today" show is coming up next. good morning. back to work. a major update from the cdc cutting the recommended isolation period for people with covid in half. in part to help with those major staff shortages causing problems from coast to coast. but is it safe? we'll find out everything you need to know about the new guidance, inuding an urgent call to parents to get their kids vaccinated before they're back in school. breaking news, a gunman in denver is dead after leading police on a wild chase through the city and suburbs. seven victims shot before the spree came to an end. the big question now, what was
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the motive? here we go again, hundreds of new flight cancellations piling up this morning. more stranded passengers now awaiting their fate as a nasty bout of winter weather adds to the misery. rain, snow and sleet set to make a mess across a wide swath of the country. we have complete coverage. cruise damage control. new covid outbreaks at sea have the cruise line industry scrambling again. ships turned away from port, passengers on edge. >> i felt like i was in a petri dish waiting to get covid. going maverick. he's not a movie star, but he's fooled hundreds of millions with his deep fakes of tom cruise. this morning, an exclusive with the man behind those viral videos. now speaking out about the pros and cons of the technology for the first time. those stories, plus what's in the box? a second time capsule from the 1800s unearthed in virginia. why historians are so excited
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about this one after a disappointing discovery earlier this month. what will they find as they get set to open it? today, tuesday, december 28th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm peter alexander alongside kristen welker. our friends hoda and savannah are off today. that tom cruise deep fake is insane. he has a pretty good talk to me goose. >> i can't believe how much that guy actually looks like tom cruise in real life. you have to see this to believe it. >> it's frightening. we'll have this coming up as we begin this morning. but we begin with the latest on the omicron variant, shooting up again. nearly 250,000 daily cases just
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shy of the record set for the entirety of this pandemic. numbers not seen since almost a year ago. experts say the post holiday spike hasn't even hit yet. >> and it comes as travelers are facing another day of potential chaos as the perfect storm of bad weather and staffing shortages due to covid are set to cause even more cancellations. >> the cdc now changing course, issuing new guidance on how long people who test positive should remain isolated as more is learned about the omicron variant and more companies across the country face staffing shortages. we have it all covered for you this morning. we want to begin with nbc's shaquille brewster in indianapolis. shaq, good morning. >> good morning. positive covid-19 tests led to so many having to isolate and be away from friends and family during the holidays, but the cdc now says those who test positive may interact with others sooner. this morning, new guidance from the cdc. the agency reducing the
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recommended isolation period for some people testing positive from ten days to five. if they're asymptomatic. adding the time should be, quote, followed by five days of wearing a mask when around others. dr. fauci telling kristen welker the guidelines are partly driven by worker shortages. >> you want to make sure, is particularly among essential workers, that you get people out there much sooner. >> the change coming as the highly transmissible omicron variant is fueling a new nationwide surge. the u.s. once again facing a 200,000 daily case average. in new york, there are now 184 children hospitalized with children statewide. two weeks ago, there were 70. >> parents, i'm calling on you. this is the time. you have kids home from school. there's plenty of vaccination opportunities. >> the new guidance, a boost to
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hospital staff battling full icus as many frontline health care workers struggle with burnout. >> and there have been people leaving medicine at a really high rate. we have people out sick with covid themselves. >> as states continue to see long post holiday testing lines from florida to new jersey to wisconsin. president biden in a meeting with governors responding to calls for local action. >> look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved state level. >> testing, boosters and vaccinations, just some of the ways americans are hoping to protect themselves in this time of busy travel and overwhelming surges. experts also urging a shift to high quality masks. >> the cloth masks do very, very little. maybe just sort of on the margin. the surgical masks are better. those are all high quality masks and i really think at this point that's what america should be switching to if they want to
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t exposed to the virus. meanwhile, the military is continuing to surge efforts to those hospitals, a 20-person team arrived at this hospital recently with another team being deployed to wisconsin later this week. peter. >> shaq brewster in indianapolis, thank you. >> joining us now, dr. paul offitt is a member of the fda advisory committee and a director of the children's vaccination center at children's hospital of philadelphia. doctor, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with this decision by the cdc to cut
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isolation periods for people who are infected with covid or exposed to covid but asymptomatic. it was driven in part by an attempt to cut down those staffing shortages, but does it go far enough to protect public health? >> i think so. i mean, as long as you follow the directive. so usually when you're infected with this kind of virus, the virus reproduces itself in your nose, your throat, your upper respiratory tract. when that happens, it reduces itself hundreds of thousands of times. that's when you're most contagious before you even develop symptoms as you have more and more symptoms, you shed less and less virus. so if you're asymptomatic, you are probably shedding a trivial amount of virus at that point. the suspender approach is if you're truly asymptomatic, wear a mask for five more days. i think that's fair. also, it's hard to get testing so i think some people are uncomfortable with not testing before you go out and mask
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but i think that's okay. but the trick is actually it's the honor system, once again, you have to trust that people are truly asymptomatic >> and doctor, amiss this ride in cases nationwide, we're seeing a particularly worrying trend and that goes to your expertise which is among children and the hospitalizations particularly here in new york where the number of kids hospitalized in the last two weeks nearly quadrupled so how worrying is that trend and what is the warning to parents? >> first of all, it's winter this is a winter virus this omicron is particularly contagious so i think you were going to see an increase, anyway. here is what i would say at our hospital, we test everybody who is admitted to the hospital for whatever reason to see whether or not they have covid. and we're seeing an increase in cases. however, we're really not seeing an increase in people who are -- children who are hospitalized for covid or in the intensive care unit for covid. so there's this association between cases and serious cases, which is all because this is a
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highly contagious virus. and even if you're vaccinated, you still have a fairley high chance to suppose and develop mild symptoms. please get vaccinated. but you're going to be seeing a lot of cases and a lot of asymptomatic and mild cases in the united states over the next -- >> and to follow up on that point, doctor, millions of children will be returning to the classroom next week in the new year is it safe to be back in the classroom? >> well, you want to do everything you can to get children vaccinated. on-site learning is so much better than distance learned and the socialization etcetera so i think if it's safe, if you can make sure that children who are un -- first of all, make sure everybody over 5 is vaccinated because they can be vaccinated and, you know, that people wear masks if there are people in the class who are unvaccinated so, sure but we need to do that we need to care about our children enough to vaccinate and care about them enough to mask them if it requires that, yes. >> doctor, finally, new year's
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is a matter of days away right now. how should folks revisit their plans for the new year given the infectiousness of this variant >> be careful. i'm about to go visit my mother who is 93 years old. i think we're all going to get tested to make sure we're not exposing her to anything but it's hard to get tests obviously, be careful. if you're symptomatic, you could be symptomatic with any of the other respiratory viruses out there this year but assume it's covid and quarantine >> doctor, we appreciate this great information. always good to be with you thank you. >> thank you turning now to breaking news from overnight, a terrifying shooting spree in colorado that left four people dead and injured at least three others, including a police officer nbc's gadi schwartz has the latest on that this morning. good morning >> reporter: good morning. police say the suspected gunman went on a wild rampage shooting
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people at seven different locations in denver and one of its suburbs before it's all over and now the question this main morning is why this morning, a search for a motive following a shooting spree in colorado that left four people dead. >> 1201 williams street a possible shooting. >> reporter: it started monday evening. officials say the gun man first opened fire in denver killing two women in one area and a man in another denver police quickly identifying the suspect's vehicle which led to a wild chase when they tried to take aexchange of after disabling the police car, fled into lakewood >> reporter: police say the suspect shot and killed another person in that denver suburb >> the driver then fled on foot in the area behind us in the belmar shopping area where he allegedly felony menaced another business with a firearm. >> reporter: authorities say the gunman ran into a hyatt hotel shooting the clerk inside before he got into a violent gun battle with police. >> there was probably maybe seven or eight gunshots and another set of maybe five more >> reporter: one officer was shot during the exchange and is recovering this morning following surgery for unspecified injuries
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>> it's a tough day for the lakewood police family, obviously, when this happens to one of our own. >> reporter: the gun battle quickly coming to an end, although police say it's unclear if an officer took down the officer or if an officer took his own life >> this is the holiday sunny to have this type of a spree take place is not normal for our the community. >> reporter: so far, police have not identified the gunman and are unsure why this took place meanwhile, another chaotic day of holiday travel is looming. covid callouts and winter weather are reeking havoc this week but the good news, that shorter quarantine team is expected to help keep more planes in the air. am brockmore coverage beginning sam, good morning to you >> kristen, good morning there is some optimism unfortunately we're not off to a great start right now. so far, 680 domestic cancellations and more than 500 delays
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that is on the heels of 1400 plus cancellations yesterday and 7,700 delays travel experts right now say it should get better in the next couple of days, but new year's is going to be a challenge it's a brutal one-two punch of covid and winter weather igniting widespread cancellations and flight delays. both passengers and crews slowed by the rapid spread of omicron >> about 4:00 in the morning and got to the airport, got on the plane. everything was fine and then one of the pilots didn't show up so we had to deplane >> reporter: united airlines says one out of every roughly 30 of its flights was canceled monday and widespread delays meant fewer than half of all passengers made it to their destination within the expected time key hubs like minneapolis, salt lake city and seattle. >> it was a pretty tough night i spent close to 12 hours in the san francisco airport. >> reporter: one delta flight
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from tampa to atlanta had to deal with potentially criminal behavior in a sign of the times a woman berated a man for not wearing his mask while not wearing her mask >> as soon as we get to atlanta, you're going to jail >> reporter: it devolved into spitting, punching and scratching that woman appearing in a federal courthouse monday. delta saying in part the company has zero tolerance for unruly behavior at our airports and aboard our aircraft. meanwhile, airlines for america and several airline ceos supporting the shorter quarantine time just issued by the cdc for sick crew members. but the flight attendant's association has deep concerns. >> ten days may not be right for every single case. but it's certainly going to be more right than five days would be where we know that some people would be forced to comeback to work while they're
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still sick >> reporter: to create a safer environment for everyone, dr. anthony fauci suggesting it might be time to require a vaccination to fly. >> if you want to do that with domestic flights, i think that's something that seriously should >> reporter: and dr. fauci did not recommended to the president a vaccin that coming in the foreseeable future as for the u.s. travel association, that has voiced its opposition to this policy previously only a couple of months ago kristen, back to you >> one of the angles we continue to follow. sam brock, thank you we want to bring in jacob soboroff who is with us this week there's some wild weather out west >> there is sure is. turning to that dangerous weather developing across the country, the final week of the year is bringing frigid temperatures and snow to the west coast and the midwest could be in store for similar winter blasts, too. nbc's steve patterson is in big bear lake, california. steve, good morning. >> hey, jacob, good morning.
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it is no doubt a winter wonderland here, but to people who live in regions that aren't used though weather, the biting winds, the brutal cold, experts are advising people who live in these areas to stay inside and stay safe. this morning, a powerful blast of winter from coast to coast. over 30 million americans under winter weather alerts. storms and snow already blanketing the west, expected in the northeast and midwest in the next two days. in northern california, whiteout conditions causing chaos >> it was so bad that it would be basically impossible to get from one exit to another >> miles of interstate highways shut down, roadways coated in ice and snow shattering records >> this is the most snow we've had in 12 years. >> some key resorts had to shut down the slopes. the conditions causing things to >> we're happy there's snow, but there's no business.
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>> in seattle, frigid temperatures sending a chill through the region, the coldest in years >> hopefully it's not around too long >> reporter: oregon getting pummeled the governor declaring a state of emergency through the new year >> too many people don't know how to drive in this snow. >> reporter: in the midwest, blizzard conditions blasting the area fargo, near zero visibility. windchills as low as 50 below zero now in the forecast authorities warn the safest year to ride out the winter weather blitz is to avoid it altogether. >> stay home for the holidays. and back here in big bear, the winter storm advisory for this area just ended, leaving nothing but fresh powder on the ground, which is great news for ski resorts in the area. but the roads are still quite dangerous as the system now moves east jacob. >> steve patterson out there in big bear lake, california, stay safe we need that snow. >> skiers are going to be very
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happy. >> a lot more wet weather to end the drought out west, sadly. we have more on where those storms are heading right now we have to meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> good morning, you guys. they're on track for one of the snowiest decembers on record across the sierra. even this morning, we're looking at a rain/snow mix that could happen in wine country through napa, st. holina, and so a lot happening out west we're tracking now some of that active weather moving more towards the east that means 33 million people being impacted here. the midwest with the strongest impacts of this winter weather so what we're dealing with right now on the satellite picture is this storm developing with rain from kansas city to st. louis, snow over des moines as we head through today the system will lift off to the north. that is going to bring some wintry weather here through the midwest, also through the northeast. then tomorrow, we are going to see a second system quickly move in and that is going to bring
7:19 am
some different conditions, some severe weather through the southeast. so let's show you where those storms would be the strongest. nashville, tuscaloosa, damaging hail and a few tornados are likely rainfall anywhere from .5 to 2 inches kentucky, nashville and down to alabama. that's a look at your national forecast we'll have your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. inner voice (sneaker shop owner): i'm using hand gestures and pointing... no one can tell i'm unsure about my business finances. inner voice (furniture maker): i'm constantly nodding... ...because i know everything about furniture... ...but with the business side... ...i'm feeling a little lost. quickbooks can help. an easy way to get paid, pay your staff and know where your business stands. new business? no problem. yeah. success starts with intuit quickbooks. good morning. it's 7:19.
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we have a active pattern. you can see that we are taking a break from the rain in san francisco and napa and petaluma, but still seeing light to moderate rain sometimes. look at the mountain top areas, expecting a wintry mix for today. here's a closer look at your afternoon highs, in the 40s. and that is a look at your national forecast. peter, kristen, jacob, i think jacob and i definitely get credit for starting to bring some winter weather from california out here to the east. >> you get all the credit. there you go >> that is not the california weather we were hoping you were going to bring here, but thanks. coming up, as cruise line travel was rebounding, the chaos returns. we'll have the latest on the recent covid outbreaks on board causing several ships to be turned away from their ports plus, jacob bringing a lot
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to the table today, has an exclusive interview with the man behind the viral deep fake videos >> he has a fascinating take on this rapidly transforming technology but first, this is "today" on
7:22 am
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still ahead, with omicron spreading fast, if you're not feeling well, how can you tell if you're suffering from covid, the flu or a common cold >> that's coming up after your local news covid, (judge) it's delightful. (contestant 1) seriously? but it's a total train-wreck. (judge) it's obvious that you've put a lot of work into it. (buzz) she's probably happy because she found out honey nut cheerios can help lower cholesterol. (judge) does anyone want to go on a bike ride? i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to the possibility of lower a1c with rybelsus®. you may pay as little as $10 for up to a 3-month prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. good morning. it's 7:26. i am kira klapper. here's today's top stories including new guidance on quarantining from the cdc. >> i am thom jensen at sfo where there's another 35 flight cancelations expected today. airlines today say worker shortages from kwoerpb teens caused many of the flight cancelations and delays and they want the cdc to lower the quarantine time. the cdc is now recommending to cut quarantines from ten days to just five days but the nation's largest flight attendant union
7:27 am
is kweg that move whether or not it's safe, saying workers will feel pressured to get back to work too soon. i am kris sanchez, where we are seeing a lot of our breath in the santa cruz mountains. we could see a dusting of snow sometime between now and the midday hour. already we have seen snow falling as some of the upper elevations in napa county. this is what it looked like earlier this morning, and remember, the speed limit is only for ideal conditions. slow down. our stormranger is pecking picking up a calm pattern. along with the vallejo area, light rain coming down.
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this will continue all day long. the blue and white is a wintry mix we will keep around the entire today through tomorrow morning. >> vianey, thanks. i will have another local news update for you in half an hour. hope to see you then. rn about c9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. we are back now at 7:30 on a tuesday morning, december 28th, 2021 peter alexander and i are in for our friends, savannah and hoda, as they enjoy some time off along with jacob soboroff. looking at that tree, i can't believe it comes down soon >> i can and i'm glad my tree came down yesterday at my house. >> i'm impressed, you're ahead of the curve >> you're glad your tree came down with your wife doing the work >> major shout out we want to get to your headlines including in southern california in a small
7:31 am
neighborhood where a small plane went down in a residential area. the crash was captured on this doorbell camera a few blocks away it happened northeast of san diego. officials say they don't know where the plane was coming from or how many people were on board. firefighters didn't find any survivors. thankfully, no one on the ground was injured in that crash. new developments in the case of that truck driver who was sentenced for 110 years in prison after a deadly crash in colorado a judge has now set a new hearing date to reconsider that sentence in october, rogel aguilera-mederos was sentenced to 110 years mandatory guidelines lent to the initial 110 years. that sparked protests nationwide yesterday, the district attorney announced the state will now seek a sentence between 25 and 30 years >> and get this, a second time
7:32 am
capsule has been found where a statue of robert e. lee once stood in richmond, virginia. workers made the discovery yesterday while dismantling the pedestal it's believed the box was placed in the foundation in 1887. there was another time capsule that was found there earlier this month, you might remember historians expect the box will contain dozens of artifacts. including confederate memorabilia and a rare photo of president abraham lincoln. it will be opened later this afternoon. >> i'm obsessed with that story, by the way if there's a photo of abraham lincoln, amazing multiple cruise ships are back in the u.s. after experiencing covid outbreaks and being turned away from ports in the caribbean and mexico another unwelcome setback for the struggling industry. nbc's kerry sanders is at port everglades in ft. lauderdale with the very latest on this story. kerry, good morning to you >> well, good morning. thankfully, this is nothing like
7:33 am
the spring of 2020 when we saw coronavirus teeming on ships, in some cases trapping passengers on ships for weeks they new outbreaks are troubling because the concern is while they appear to be asymptomatic, it's happening ty at a time when the industry was making a strong return, carrying more than 4 million passengers worldwide on voyages that have been mostly covid free the cruise ship industry is dealing with a covid mess once again. after multiple ships returned to u.s. ports with outbreaks. the holland america ship now back in san diego after getting turned away from mexico because an undisclosed number of crew members tested positive, even though the company says they were fully vaccinated. >> they kind of let us know, hey, look, we let the authorities know that there's some people in the crew that are sick >> lynn hoffman was on board
7:34 am
>> everybody on the ship wears masks. again, this might be one of the safest places because everybody is vaccinated. we were very careful >> now back in florida, the carnival freedom was turned away from aruba after an undisclosed number of people on board tested positive >> i felt like i was in a petri dish waiting to get covid. >> ashley peterson says it was a nightmare. >> i didn't feel safe at all i basically spent most of the time locked in my cabin. >> royal caribbean's odyssey of the seas spent one day at sea after a passenger tested positive four days later, the same ship was turned away from aruba after more than 50 people came down with covid these outbreaks happening
7:35 am
despite enhanced covid safety protocols. all three cruise lines requiring adult passengers to show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test while encouraging mask use indoors >> i had no concerns at all. the cleanliness standards were really good. i think they responded really quickly and everything >> not the holiday season the cruise ship industry was hoping for. as they anticipate a busy 2022 >> and, kerry, plenty of people may be considering canceling an upcoming cruise in light of these recent outbreaks what kind of recourse do they have to get a refund or delay and reschedule their trips >> there's the answer to your question in some cases, the cruise lines will give you a refund but other cruise lines will give you a credit, which means that you can get the credit and use it for a future cruise and right now, since people are preparing to go on cruises for the new year, the cruise lines are warning that itineraries may shift because as we saw, some ports of call are now turning ships away >> another industry that has been hit hard by covid
7:36 am
kerry sanders, thank you so much for that coming up, a "today" exclusive, the first interview with a man behind the deep fake viral videos that appear to show tom cruise doing every day things >> i'm sure you've seen them he spoke to me about the rapidly advancing technology and the dangers it could open up in the wrong hands. that's coming up right after this you've got to see this we are back in in-depth today and a "today" exclusive on what ♪ ♪ r 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪ introducing so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. the all-new gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. it combines shaving and gentle exfoliation into one efficient stroke,
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if you wanna look fresh, fresh. you gotta eat fresh. eat fresh. that's why subway bought time in my shampoo ad. to talk about the new baja chicken & bacon. body, bounce, and baja. bounce. eat fresh. you've got to see this we are back in in-depth today and a "today" exclusive on what they call deep fakes, digital images and videos that are becoming increasingly common >> now the man behind the best known deep fake is speaking out for the first time with jacob about how and why he has fooled so many and the threat the technology could pose. what a great conversation. >> this is truly mind blowing. and i think it's so mind blowing because you all have probably
7:41 am
seen these tiktok videos showing us a day in his life, playing the guitar, trying on clothes, even eating dinner they're captivating. this morning, the guy wind that account, that account that has fooled hundreds of millions of people is opening up about the sensation of what he created and how this technology in the wrong hands could have disastrous consequences all year long, deep tom cruise has been showed videos of what appears to be a different side of the actor >> people are surprised that i'm a big dave matthews guy. >> but believe it or not, that's most definitely not tom cruise nor is this with me in our l.a. bureau this is serious breaking news, but a little behind the scene, legitimate correspondents on earth. if you're interviewing me, jacob, you face it -- hold on a second there's a big fire we're safe >> you are the fake tom cruise >> that's me
7:42 am
that's me. >> miles fisher may have an uncanny resemblances to the superstar, but using advanced technology, what he's created is far more than an extraordinary impersonation. >> have you guys created the best deep fake that has ever been made? >> i think we have created the first deep fake that is so realistic that a large majority of people have seen it >> not only seen, but fooled by, including at least one of the world anticipates biggest celebrities. >> this is the one that justin bieber thought was real? fisher says looking and sounding like the leading manmade it difficult to chart his own path as an actor. so a year ago, he decided to lean into it, stumbling into a role with repercussions beyond bieber thought hollywood. >> as i find myself the
7:43 am
unofficial face of this deep fake movement, it's important to learn. i'm fascinated by this >> it started with had he began creating viral videos for fun and they're only getting better. >> about five days maximum six days, i could turn around something like this. >> so you've gone from weeks to days in a matter of a year this technology is -- >> yeah. >> advancing that rapidly? >> yeah. >> for his part, the real tom cruise hasn't asked the duo to stop and they haven't monetized the tiktok account cruise didn't respond to a request for comment from nbc news, but they were so successful that they're in business together, looking to convince others it's important to use this technology >> how can we use this technology by creating identity rights
7:44 am
let's say tom cruise gave us the consent for this likeness where we could move beyond small parity clips everybody gets paid for that intellectual property. >> that does raise ethical questions about where you fit in all this >> the thesis of this company that chris started begins with ethics >> they say they'll only take on projects they consider ethical, but some worry leaving companies and individuals to make that decision could be a dangerous precedent. congress has held hearings on deep fakes and ai and they're following the rapidly developing technology closely, saying we'll continue to investigate any violations of federal law and actors that use them for me ferrous acts >> should we understand it as a potential threat to our democracy? >> i think the technology is morally neutral. as it develops, the positive output will so far outweigh the
7:45 am
negative nefarious uses. >> if you like what you're seeing, wait until what's coming next >> and there is more coming next ume, fisher's partner says it is fisher's talent and he was so talented combined with that ai that makes this possible, but the technology is quickly catching up. they're both well aware that they are in unchartered territory and at least one government, you guys, has reached out to chris ume to learn more about this technology which raises so many questions >> it does and it's mind blowing to see how similar it is is there a way to know when this is fake and to tell when it's fake from reality? >> the short answer is not really there are companies that are building tools to try to detect this technology, but there are even people who knew tom cruise, have met tom cruise who reached out to me after i shared that video on instagram and said, oh, tom is a great guy, isn't he >> it was the first thing i asked you when i saw you this week as i had seen that online
7:46 am
this guy does it for entertainment, but the risk is if someone does it to compromise some professional actor or politician >> and you will relate to this adam sheriff held hearings about this on washington, d.c. about the effect potentially on election interference. as an entity, what could possibly happen if this gets into the wrong hands and i don't think anybody has the answers to that >> and ume is such a good actor, he could impersonate tom cruise without the deep fake. >> that's something else i'm still trying to get over that video there we want to check in with jeff ranieri now it is the real thing >> my viewers out at nbc bay area in the san francisco bay are going is that the real jeff ranieri? yes, i'm out here at 30 rock filling in for the wonderful al roker. let's get you that forecast. and the heat is on from texas over to the southeast. we are tracking these temperatures, 20 to 30 degrees above average. it will put us near a record in houston at 82. 79 there in meridian tomorrow, it stays warm. look at this laredo, texas, up to 90. we're going to get some relief
7:47 am
here you can see in dallas can once we hit this weekend, we'll go down to a cooler 69. and check out the "today" map real fast. frigid windchills in the hey, jeff. giving us a shutout to the bay area over here from the "today" show. he knows we have had an active weather pattern the last couple of days, and we will have a chance to see shower activity. we woke up to showers and snow in napa and the mount diablo range area. into the afternoon here, your 7-day forecast. >> and that is your national forecast we're going to have a look at your new year's evening coming up in the next hour. i can't believe it's almost going the be 2022. i saw them setting up the times square this morning on the way to work and i'm so glad it's still going to be happening with
7:48 am
covid and everything >> have to do it carefully we'll see what happens, jeff still ahead, it's the season of sneezes and sniffles and now the question that has everybody on edge, cold, flu or covid? >> what to know about the winter symptoms to protect yourself and those around you that's after these messages. we're back now and jacob, as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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good morning. it's 7:56. i am kira klapper. here's a look at what is happening now including new quarantine guidance from the cdc. >> i am thom jensen at sfo where there's another 35 flight cancelations expected today. airlines say that worker shortages from covid quarantines caused cancelations and delays and they want the cdc to lower the quarantine time. the cdc is now recommending to cut quarantines from 10 days to just 5 days, but the nation's largest flight attendant union is questioning whether or not that is safe, concerned workers
7:57 am
will feel pressured to get back to work too soon. even though it could seem like we are getting a break from the rain, we are not in the clear. we are going to get periods where it clears out but we have a lot of shower activity expected into the afternoon. we are monitoring the low snow levels for bay area peaks and into wednesday, expect rain showers and that early-morning commute could be another soggy start in through the north bay and coastline. thursday and friday we see that system clear out and this will leave behind dry weather but cold temperatures remain. >> vianey, thanks. marcus washington will have another local news update for you in half an hour. but for now we will take you back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. coming up, quarantine cutdown. new guidelines out from the cdc this morning for many testing positive, shortening their isolation period in half >> you can keep people safe from getting infected from you if you still are infected, but at the same time, getting you back to what might be an essential function in society. >> this as cases spike across the u.s. and pediatric hospitalizations are on the rise we're live with the latest plus, cold, covid or the flu? with omicron symptoms appearing milder for many, what you need to know about what you might
8:01 am
have just ahead, a live breakdown on how to tell the symptoms apart and then seeing clearly, a revolutionary vision treatment that could help you put down the reading glasses for good >> i can read everything except the last line. >> the promising trial results and just how fast the solution works. and ease batman. a new trailer out for the highly anticipated batman movie we'll round up all the characters and some details you may have missed. >> how are you, honey? >> i've got nine of them >> today, tuesday, december 28th, 2021 >> from cameron, illinois -- >> -- celebrating chloe's graduation from st. ambrose university >> good morning, "today" show from sunny florida
8:02 am
>> from maryland -- mar >> -- happy 14th birthday, kirstin. we love you. >> strong pajama game this morning. welcome back to "today." we are so glad that you are with us on this tuesday morning i'm peter alexander. my weekend "today" co-host, kristen welker is the one about 15 feet to my right. jacob soboroff is here, as well. >> 30 feet >> and craig, hoda and savannah enjoying some time off it's nice to be in the city of these waning days of what has been a tough but also a good year >> and we have strong west coast representation >> we want to get right to your news at 8:00 there is a lot going on. most of it has to do with covid and those cases soaring across the country. the cdc making a major change in the amount of time that a person infected with covid has to quarantine, cutting that time in half nbc's shaquille brewster joins us now with the very latest.
8:03 am
shaq, good morning >> reporter: good morning, peter. positive covid tests led to so many people having to isolate over the holidays away from friends and family, but the cdc now saying that those who tested positive can now interact with others sooner. the agency slashing the recommended isolation period from 10 days to 5 for those who are asymptomatic they say it should be followed by five days of mask wearing when around others now, dr. fauci told kristen welker yesterday that, yes, these moves are partially driven by worker shortages, but he emphasizes these moves are backed by science. >> we feel that it is safe to do that if you look at the chance of getting a transmission in that second half of that ten-day period, it's considerably less than in those first few days so on balance, if you look at the safety of the public and the need to have society not
8:04 am
disrupted, this was a good choice >> president biden yesterday meeting with some of the nation's governors, saying this should be a state-run effort, but offering federal support federal support seen at this hospital behind me, send ago 20-person surge team to help backfill staff at this hospital. more teams going out through the military to other hospitals across the country guys >> shaquille brewster this morning in indianapolis, thank you. holiday sales numbers are in new data shows record inflation and product shortages did not stop americans from spending in a big way this holiday season. nbc news now anchor joe fryer has a closer look. joe, good morning. >> hey, good morning with prices higher on so many goods, americans dipped deeper into their wallet these holiday season, delivering a big win across the board for retailers
8:05 am
with the biggest year to year jump in spending in nearly two decades. and perhaps the most surprising part, where they did a lot of shah shopping. as the to 2021 holiday season comes to a close, retailers are seeing sales rising 8.5% this year, the biggest jump in 17 years. that's despite economic uncertainty as shoppers dealt with higher prices, product shortages, and then the final days leading up to christmas, the surge of the omicron variant. consumers started >> so they're out buying and this is at the high end of the market as well as the lower end of the market. all the consumers are feeling they had enough, they want to
8:06 am
spend, and they want to everywhere to everyone all the time. we have to have a store for pick up or experience life again. >> reporter: the items driving this year's surge, clothing and jewelry. mastercard spending pulse which compiled the data found consumers started well before black friday with more in-person shopping this year and an unexpected return to department stores still, more than ever, people are buying online with e-commerce sales up 61% from prepandemic levels and accounting for a fifth of all of this year's sales. >> retailers really need to be everywhere to everyone all the time we have to have a store for pick up or drop off or returns. but you also have to have a website that operates seamlessly with those stores. >> reporter: experts say with record spending we'll likely see record returns as we head into 2022 the forecast is high as $120 billion in returned goods between thanksgiving and the end of january >> returns are a part of the business of retail and if you have an increase in sales of 8.5%, then you're likely going to have more returns. >> not everything about those returns is bad news for retailers. in some cases, people may have just received the wrong sized item and need to exchange and some of those returns could be offset by something a lot of us probably receive this season, gift cards, with people cashing in on those in the coming
8:07 am
months back to you. >> all right, joe fryer, thank you. let's go to the nfl now. the miami dolphins getting red hot at the right time winning their seventh straight game last night on monday night football >> here they come. able to get ready of it. it's picked off. intercepted. nick needham into the end zone for the pick six they take the early lead they would never look back they beat the saints, 20-3 if the playoffs started today, miami would be the seventh seed, but there are still two weeks left in the regular season what i am looking forward to, my friend, is the super bowl in l.a. >> now we have the boost >> this family was getting ready to spend their first christmas without their daughter and sister who had recently moved
8:08 am
away from home but she flew back into town without telling her folks and while her dad was saying grace right before dinner, she sneaks topped. what a great famil into the room, sits down at the table and take a look. >> we praise you >> amen. >> amen. >> oh! >> what! >> oh, my gosh >> oh, my god. >> they bowed their heads for grace and looked up and there she was. dad's face says it all that is the kind of christmas surprise that just cannot be topped what a great family reunion for the holidays right there >> i love how she was looking up the entire time and giggling and anticipating how big that moment would be >> so happy for those guys >> it was great. up next, if you're under the weather, how to tell if it's a cold, the flu or even covid. we've all been there dr. john torres is here with some tips to help sort out your symptoms that's right after this. welcome back say you just woke up and your the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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with collagen that supports our body from the inside out.ounds) (music throughout) cranky-pated: a bad mood related to a sluggish gut. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow. welcome back say you just woke up and your head feels stuffy. >> or perhaps you just sneezed is it a cold, is it the flu? is it covid. >> for the record, we all tested
8:13 am
negative but it is a question that has everyone on edge these days as we're starting to see the flu season arrive. new cdc data shows the number of states with high flu activity has more than doubled over the last year and hospital admissions are up by 34% dr. john torres is now here to break it all down for us dr. t, nice to see you help us out. a lot of people are concerned about this what is the latest on the flu situation across the country and what really are your chances of contracting it versus covid? >> peter, great to see all of you, as well hopefully you had a great holiday season so far. but one of the things you have to realize is right now the flu hopefully you had a great holiday season so far. but one season is just starting to ramp up last year, it wasn't much. this year, we're starting to see some cases, but we're just at the beginning of that flu season and we know covid cases are
8:14 am
accelerating dramatically right now. if you start getting sick, essentially you have to assume it's covid unless proven otherwise. and by that, i mean make sure you isolate yourself, get a test to make sure it's not covid and then you can start looking at the flu and cold as the season goes on, the flu might become more common, but right now, covid is the name of the game, peter. >> dr. torres, we've all been reporting on the strain on hospitals given the increase in cases. and, of course, given staff shortages. so how much of a threat is the flu season to hospitals, given that they're already overstressed >> kristen, even in a regular season without the pandemic, hospitals are always right on the edge, especially during flu season of being pushed over to
8:15 am
where they can't handle the pace and load that they have. you put covid on top of that, that makes it even more likely if you remember last year, kept our fingers crossed that flu wouldn't be a bad season because our hospitals were super strained we're at that point right now. so the flu is going to put them over the tipping point remember last year when we had lack of ventilators, lack of medicine, lack of staff, we could get back to that point again and that's why we have to be careful and make sure we protect ourselves from the flu and from covid with the vaccines we have out there so we can help ourselves, but help our hospital system which helps everybody else >> dr. john, it's jacob. we're all thinking about our kids i remember last year, i think there was only one pediatric flu death reported total in 200 the year before. they're now expecting, i think, that number to come up again this year. can you explain why that is, the difference between last year and this year? >> right, jacob. last year, we didn't have any flu and that surprised everybody. i talked to doctors who said they didn't see a single flu case in their er as an er doc, you never had a season like that the cdc says it's starting to see a slow but steady increase so far it's been in children and young adults one pediatric death last year, so far this year we've had two pediatric deaths
8:16 am
right now, omicron, that's more likely you're going to have that get tested if you feel sick. don't just assume it's the flu or the cold because we're going to start seeing more cold coming up, but for now, omicron is the one we have to worry about >> right now, a lot of people who get omicron, who get covid right now say it feels like a bad cold is there a marked difference between the two? >> there are a little bit of differences. the main sign was the loss of taste and smell. people are reporting night sweats which is a very strange symptom they say they're having. the other thing, the onset of the symptoms, with cold and with covid, it seems to be a slower build up of symptoms you just get them over days. the flu hits you right away. you get a fever, stuffy nose, body aches and if you've ever had the flu, you get to that point where you can't get out of bed if you look at it, runny nose, cough, congestion. with the covid symptoms, especially delta, headaches, sore throat, runny nose, fever, body aches those are the biggest ones with omicron, cough, fatigue,
8:17 am
tiredness, runny nose, there's a lot of overlap in those symptoms and that's why it can be so hard to tell the difference in all of them, but there are a few differences. >> when should you actually get a test or ride it out? >> you want to avoid self-diagnosis assume it's covid until proven otherwise. and depending on your symptoms, you can get tested for the flu at the same time and not trying to complicate things more, but we're in strep throat season. so avoid people in general if you're sick. but if you have covid, those could change for isolation so isolate longer and get a diagnosis of whether you have that or not. >> what about the vaccine, doc is it too late already to get the flu vaccine if you haven't gotten it yet? i know a lot of people are worried about that >> no, it's not too late at all. it takes a couple of weeks to take effect much like the covid vaccine and the other vaccines that we get. so you can get it right now. we're at the beginning of the flu season so getting it right now can protect you if it hits us hard in january/february time frame.
8:18 am
again, it's going to make you feel a little under the weather for a day, much like the covid vaccine, but it's your best protection might not protect you 100%, but it can keep you out of thepeople worried about that hospital >> and let's say it's your turn. you get one of these things.ur . what's your best treatment what do you do >> so your best treatment is to go ahead and get over-the-counter treatment, treat it at home as best you can. so you want to use acetaminophen
8:19 am
or ibuprofen for stuffy nose, an over-the-counter decongestion. hydration, extremely important sleep one of your biggest aids you can use right now. that let's your body recuperate and regenerate itself so it can protect you. and it keeps your immune system strong if your symptoms get worse or if you have difficulty breathing, we're in the middle of covid season, go ahead and see a doctor >> dr. torres, thank you so much you just saved all of america a copay today. >> thank you so much time now to get a check of the weather. meteorologist jeff ranieri is back in for al this morning. a lot of people are focused on the forecast with new year's eve approaching. >> we have a lot of changes happening on that weather map. we're going to go ahead and get to it. the first one is this system that's moving through the midwest. that will bring some wintry precip there also through the northeast
8:20 am
and back out west we're getting a little break on the super heavy snow but a new storm will drop down even in the mountains, about 5,000 feet, 6 to 12 inches in so cal. that is big time news there. look at these temperatures, 20s, 30s, 40s out west. record heat from texas through the southeast. cooler through the northeast with lots of 30s if you're heading to the airport, check ahead because and we are seeing still reports of snow in the north bay. napa as well. bringing the chance of showers all day long. cold temperatures remain. rain to showers heading into wednesday. 49 degrees. things don't begin to quiet down and dry out until thursday.
8:21 am
heading into new year's eve, breezy winds, overnight lows dropping into the 30s bringing in the new year, 2022 with cold 50s. hat is your national >> and that is your national forecast kristen, the ball drop forecast i know you're looking for, we are going to have that coming up in the next hit. i promise you. we're going to get everybody all covered. >> i can't wait. >> yes for new year's eve, new year's day, the day after >> all right, jeff, good stuff thank you. >> i appreciate it our friend, jacob, stepping into carson's shoes minus the tattoos. >> popstart, first up, the batman, a new trailer is out for the latest big screen adaptation of the caped crusader. this time around being played by "twilight" star robert pattinson. it teases the bat's relationship with serena kyle, aka cat woman, played by zoe kravitz. watch this >> if we don't stand up, no one will >> you've got a lot of cats. >> the bat and the cat got a nice ring.
8:22 am
>> unmask the truth about this cesspool we call the city. >> unmask the truth about this cesspool we call the c you're part of this, too >> how am i part of this >> oh, you're really not as smart as i thought you were. >> morning television, that was creepy the voice of the riddler comes from paul dano he will be joined by colin farrell as the penguin and andy serkis as alfred this is going to be a good one coming up next, joe montana, the football hall of famer is the subject of an upcoming sports doc headed to peacock joe montana cool under pressure will give a peek inside the four-time nfl's champ's career covering everything from doubts he faced from his coaches and more
8:23 am
here is a peek >> montana has done it again >> secret weapon, joe montana. >> he has that "it" factor >> he's a killer >> this might be my last hit >> he's called the comeback kid. he's done it before. >> joe montana, most valuable player >> do you guys love a good sports doc >> nobody was bigger than joe montana. >> i see peter alexander in the stands there >> i can't wait to see what tom brady has to say about it. >> the series is set to feature some of the biggest names in pro football tom brady is in it, jerry rice, just to name a few cool under pressure starts streaming january 6th on peacock from our parent company nbc universal. next up, "and just like that," the stars from the latest chapter of "sex in the city" are opening up on what it was like to step back into the very, very
8:24 am
fashionable shoes of their beloved characters sarah jessica parker, kristen davis, cynthia nixon sitting down in a new behind the scenes conversation with hbomax getting emotional, reflecting on their decades long friendship and the road that led them here. >> you can never go home again, except very occasionally you actually can this amazing thing that happened in your life, you know, 25 years ago -- >> oh. >> to be together is really, like, great. >> you never get to work with people this long in this way, in
8:25 am
this depth >> i think it was going to happen >> like kenny rogers and dolly parton said, you can't make old friends. you can check out the ladies in "and just like that" streaming now on hbomax. and finally, this one i've been waiting for, queer eye. on monday, netflix dropped a first look at their season six this time the gang is taking their talents to texas it's going to be so good the trailer features a preview of country queen and texas native miranda lambert's latest single, y'all means y'all. >> all the work i put in is coming to a screeching halt. >> say to yourself, my dreams don't hurt me. my dreams give me the best moments of my life >> everybody else is saying that they're proud of me. but my dad has just never said that >> this is by far the biggest thing we have ever done on queer eye. >> i have never been this shocked in my life >> the new season, "the queer eye" and miranda lambert's new single "y'all means y'all" are out this friday. still ahead, the new prescription eye drops that could help you ditch your reading glasses.
8:26 am
>> some people are calling the treatment a miracle. you won't want to miss this. but first, your local news good morning, 8:26. i am marcus washington. this morning, jurors gather to deliberate the fate of elizabeth holmes. holmes is charged with 11 counts of criminal fraud and conspiracy. each charge carries maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison. we're staying on top of developments. when the verdict comes, we'll have live team coverage with legal analysis here on nbc bay area. the bay area seeing some snow. this is early morning video of
8:27 am
snow in napa county. our meteorologist is tracking the cold weather and snow. >> that's exciting to see. it is very cold. even though we get breaks in the rain, live look over san francisco, we have an active weather pattern. you can tell wintry mix over mount hamilton, mount diablo range tops. right now, current temperatures, cold in the 30s. 39 in morgan hill, 38 in dublin. 37 in santa rosa. yes, it will top out only in the upper 40s today. cold overnight lows. marcus? >> thanks. we have another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here then.
8:28 am
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we are back now at 8:30 on a wednesday morning. we are back now at 8:30 on a wednesday morning. the 28th of december we're closing out 2021 in just a few days i can't believe that >> this year just blew by. again, here we go again. the end of the year, though, means tax time is just around the corner coming up, our friend stephanie ruhle is here to help you get
8:31 am
ahead to start your 2021 taxes and the steps that you might need to do to help reduce what you owe. plus, we are going to tell but a new treatment that could help millions of americans improve their eyesight believe it or not, they might never need their reading glasses again. >> as a contact wearer, i'm tuning into that then, tiktok food star joanne lee molinaro puts a vegan twist on recipes in her cookbook she's sharing her take on egg de >> i like how sh rolls and fried rice ahead of the third hour of "today," a bucket list experience for our friend, al, taking a flight into gee row gravity. >> one of my favorite segments coming tomorrow on "today," art imitating life in great britain. we have an inside look at how princess diana's life inspired "bridgerton. jeff ranieri has a check of the weather. >> we're going to get you good to go here for 2022. it is, yes, just around the corner
8:32 am
so we're going to get you going here leading up to it. and, of course, after. and as we head into friday, we are checking out during the day here some record highs in the southeast. a winter storm through the rockies. could bring us another foot of snow looks pretty good in the northeast. we'll see some sun during the day. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. for the big moment as we hit midnight, we'll get some clouds in the northeast, some rain in the tennessee valley down in miami, 73. so for the nbc news year's eve and we did see morning showers, and it is really cold. another chance of rain through the afternoon. right now, heading out the door,
8:33 am
39 in morgan hill, 39 in concorde. we have been monitoring snow in napa and local bay area mountain tops. that chance to see more will continue through today. by tomorrow, rain and showers again. thursday through friday for new year's eve, the forecast is dry but cold and breezy, bringing in the new year saturday. and that is your national and that is your national forecast i don't know if you guys have any traditions, but i already went to this grocery store and we got those black eyed peas you know, you have a spoonful for good luck. >> one of my favorites my tradition is trying to stay up for the ball drop >> my tradition is watching pete davidson and miley cyrus >> a new tradition will be started. >> it's going on be good >> jeff, thanks so much. straight ahead, stephanie ruhle has more information on what you can do right now to
8:34 am
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go safely, california. we're back at we're back at 8:35 with on the money and what you need to know at the end of the year to be ready for tax time. >> and how you can get things in order to make doing your taxes easier nbc news senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle is here with more steph, good morning. it's great to see you. great to see you guys. i know you're talking about all this fun new year's stuff and i'm here to tell you to eat your vegetables, but we have to do it it's tax time. >> a great analogy i think a lot of people who are like me feel overwhelmed when they think about starting their taxes, steph so where do people start >> think about 2021. you both know it was a massively complicated year guess what it's going to be complicated for your taxes, as well. think about all the changes in your life this year. if you were out of work and you received unemployment, if you
8:37 am
received a stimulus check, if you got the expanded child tax credit these are all changes to the way you live, the way you work, the way you were paid. and it could impact your taxes we know that some tax laws changed this year, as well so we have to pay very close attention. and i want you to start with the basics set up an online account for yourself with the irs. that way you can look at your statement from last year, understand what you made, what you paid that will help prepare you for this year. you also want to set up direct deposit with your bank or your credit cards so you're paying directly and more importantly, if you think you're getting a refund, that way you will get a direct deposit payment right into your account. that money will come to you quicker than old school in the mail and i want you to get that money soon >> steph, you mentioned all the changes, all those new programs that people are trying to keep track of it's tough duty. how do you stay on top of all that
8:38 am
>> old school. shoe box is what some people go with i go with one of those giant folders with lots of dividers in it you have to get organized. think about all the ways you were paid this year. put some pay stubs in there. your w-2 form, if you did any freelance work, put that in there, as well and any other places money interest you could have paid on a savings. all that counts. and if you plan to itemize, let's say you're a freelance worker, you want to have all that information in there. if you are working from home and you got a new desk, a new computer, you need to have all of those receipts come filing time >> i love the idea of a shoe box. we're almost to the new year, but are there steps people can take in these waning days of 2021 to save some money? >> absolutely. charitable contributions aren't just a good thing to do for your community, for society, it's a great way to get a deduction for people who are doing standard deductions, old school
8:39 am
way of doing your taxes, you can get $300 as an individual or $600 in deductions if you file as a couple. if you're doing itemized deductions this year, you can get even more if you give more money to charity it's a positive thing to do and it's a way to help with your taxes. also, i -- roth i.r.a. this is another type of retirement account if you already have one, a way to contribute, you can take money from an existing retirement account, transfer it over, you'll pay some taxes on that right now, but in the long haul, it grows tax free and there's nothing better than your money growing tax free >> let me ask you about those child tax credit payments that you were talking about $250 to $300 a month for millions of families in this country here that may actually impact the way you file this year what do you need to know if you receive those payments this year about how it will affect your taxes? >> all right it's important because these expanded child tax credits were put in place in the middle of
8:40 am
this year. so you might get an additional tax credit when you file your taxes. and that could be a positive however, if you made more money than you thought you would because the tax credit should be available to individuals making $75,000 or less or if you file as a couple, $150,000 or less. now, if you received those child tax credits over the last six months, and you made more than that, you can end up owing to the irs. so please pay close attention. >> all right fantastic information, as always he stephanie ruhle, great to see you. thank you. >> happy new year, guys. >> happy new year to you coming up next, a medical break through that will seem like a miracle for the millions out there who wear reading glasses.
8:41 am
8:42 am
this morning on your health, a medical break through that could help millions of americans see a little bit more clearly. >> this is giving me ptsd being in the glasses store kristen dahlgren has an
8:43 am
incredible story of a new development that could replace your reading glasses >> if you're of a certain age, you probably know the feeling. >> you're always pushing them off, taking them on. >> 32 million americans wear over-the-counter reading glasses to help with the almost inevitable condition as we age, a condition you called presbyopia, also known as farsightedness but lisa says she now sees a future without glass he or those arm's-length attempt to read when you get them. >> there was a commercial on the radio. as soon as the commercial was done, i was already dialing to get more information about the study. >> that study for a new eye drop called vuity, now fda approved, the treatment temporarily corrects vision so you can read some of the smallest print without glasses. >> this is one of the most
8:44 am
exciting things that's happened in ophthalmology in the last ten years. >> one drop significantly improved short-range vision in as little as 15 minutes and the effect lasted for six hours on average. >> who is this for >> this is for all patients between 40 and 55 years of age who have presbyopia, so difficulty seeing near vision. it's not just reading vision, but it's our daily activities. it's eating the food on our plate, putting makeup on in the morning. >> reading the menu. >> this is a once a day drop you can literally take it after work and if you're going to go out to an event, a restaurant, you can read the menu without glasses. >> the drop focuses on objects up close
8:45 am
side effects are mild and included headaches and redness >> barely the second line, put your -- i can't even read that one. >> but about ten minutes after getting a drop -- >> i can read everything except for the last line. >> that's incredible it's 20/20 already >> sounds too good to be true. so as someone who is constantly needing my pesky reading glasses, i tried it myself first dr. chu tested my vision >> my arms are not long enough this bottom one, not a chance. >> the drops burned a little going in and my eyes got red, but 30 minutes later -- >> oh, wow that's significantly better. yeah i haven't been able to read letters that small in years without glasses. >> that's 20/20 vision already >> i could now read the smallest print on the page. >> i couldn't even see that those were words when we first started. >> a sharper focus on a break through treatment that could help millions see the world more clearly. for "today," kristen dahlgren, bloomington, minnesota
8:46 am
>> that is remarkable. as someone who wears contacts and glasses, to think about eye drops making a big difference -- >> i was going to say, jacob, read the letters behind you. >> just looking at that thing stresses me out. coming up, she's known as the korean vegan on tiktok where millions of fans watch her dishing out love and life advice while cooking up great recipes >> joanne lee molinaro is rolls and fried rice on egg rolls and fried rice on egg rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. now to the good stuff. we're back with "today" foods joined this morning by social media food star joanne lee molinaro, the author of the korean vegan cookbook. >> joanne made a career as a high profile trial lawyer, but found another passion after she and her husband decided to go vegan posting cookbook recipes online >> joanne, good morning. it is so great to see you. thank you for being here your cookbook is already a success. it's on the new york time's best seller's list. tell us what we can expect from the korean vegan >> good morning. i am so excited to be here
8:49 am
the cookbook is basically an extension of the korean vegan online, a bunch of korean vegan recipes with stories sprinkled throughout about my family and what it was like growing up as a korean-american. >> what was it about your experience that sort of inspired you to write this? >> one of my favorite memories was waking up around 11:00 at night, my mom franticly making these famous egg rolls for my father's pot luck dinner and she was sitting there frying all these egg rolls and i wanted to eat some, but it was too late at night and she wouldn't let me have any so that is one of the reasons i love making these egg rolls every holiday. >> and looking at those photos, they're making me hungry joanne, what have you got planned for us today i've got to know >> i've got the famous egg rolls. these are the egg rolls that my mom would make for every holiday pot luck dinner, every christmas, every thanksgiving,
8:50 am
my features would be asking, hey, joanne, did your mom make those egg rolls again this year? she would always be giving my teachers these egg rolls we're going to make some kimchi fried rice, which is the perfect accompaniment in my opinion to these egg rolls. >> first of all, for the record, it's never too late for egg rolls. but, obviously, you've got a lot of veggies in there. how do we make sure that they're cooked properly? veggies in here. that's one of the wonderful things about eat ago more plant-based diet now you have an excuse to eat those vegetables that we were talking about earlier, especially with the new year we have some celery, we have some red onions, we have carrots, we have mushrooms we're going to give them a rough chop and add them to our pan right now with a little bit of oil. and the reason i like to do that is because i want to give them a little bit of a cook before we
8:51 am
deep fry them when we wrap them for our egg rolls. i'm going to start by throwing my mushrooms, my onions and, oft course, some wonderful garlic. and as you can see it's rough chopped. there's nothing that needs to be really chopped quite yet >> what are some of the other egg roll stuffing ideas as you walk us through the vegetables what are some other ideas you can use? >> you know, i've experimented with so many different things now. and i love to put in things like lintels and beans, which i'm going to tell you right now my mom is going to be like, what are you talking about, joanne? you don't put beans into egg rolls. but i'm always looking for ways of adding lean protein to my main dishes to make them more
8:52 am
filling and satisfying and beans are fantastic. lintels are great. add different kinds of mushrooms. you know, your imagination is really the limit here. >> what is the secret to actually sealing the egg roll up to me as a novice or, in other words, a horrible cook, that's what makes me the most interest in this. >> a lot of people think you need egg wash, which is a traditional way of doing things. but one of the things my mom has tried is using water in places of egg wash. when she first tried this, she was like, i don't think this is going to work, joanne. but believe it or not, it works perfectly and you are going to have no problem sealing these egg rolls with just a little bit of water >> what else do you have in store for us >> in addition to sort of these egg rolls, one of my favorite things to eat in any meal, basically, is kimchi fried rice. i add kimchi to just about everything i'm going to throw some potatoes into our pan here, get those nice and hot so we've got here this beautiful kimchi which is a very iconic korean ingredient. it's a prebiotics, good for your gut health, but the best thing about kimchi is it adds intense, intense flavor to anything
8:53 am
you're going to make, whether it's your fried rice, your egg rolls, your dumplings or stew. >> i'm staring at the egg rolls and thinking about if you make a big batch, can you reheat these? what is the best way to reheat them if you want to sort of extend the experience? >> peter, the thing that my mom always gets really frustrated with, no, no, these egg rolls are soggy. the best way to ensure that you don't have that soggy situation if you do want to reheat them, because let's be clear here, there are very few times you're going to have leftovers, because they're so good. but in case you make like a thousand of them and you do have some leftovers, the best way to do it is to refry them in your deep fryer if you don't want to fry them, let's say we're kind of an air fryer family, stick it in your air fryer, give it a spray of that oil, but in my opinion, the
8:54 am
best way to have that real crunchy crispiness is to stick it in your deep fryer right before serving >> joanne, you've made us all very hungry this morning if you could package that all up, have it couriered here, we'll send you the dress >> i'll take one or ten. >> we'll take ten. it is so good to be with you for these recipes, head to and follow shown on social media at the korean vegan and pick up a copy of her cookbook out now >> you won't be alone. 4 million followers are doing just that. >> incredible. now it looks like we have some birthdays to celebrate. always a nice part of the day. >> spin that smucker's jar, please when they stop, we are going to see who is turning 100 there's the first win. happy 100th birthday to carrie louise hailes, a dog lover from washington, d.c. robert gripton, this golfer is
8:55 am
100 years old. he was married to the love of his life for 75 years. happy 100th birthday, as well, to willie larusso of marlton, new jersey she went sailing for the first time at 98 years old and mrs. barbara hathaway of maryland is 100 years old. she loves spending time with her five grandkids and five great-grandkids. and then there is pat stubbs from holly springs, mississippi, celebrating 100 years. the rumor has it she makes the best strawberry butter you will ever try and last but not least, happy 100th birthday to anthony graziano from canastota, new york when he was 90, he pulled a drowning man from the river and saved his life >> incredible. >> if you guys at home have a loved one celebrating a milestone birthday, let us know at >> always a good way to go, celebrating birthdays to end our morning. jacob has a fun story coming up in the third hour of "today. >> so this one, i caught up with america's first water sommelier.
8:56 am
he is on a mission to prove that water, water that's a distinct taste. >> water >> i swear we'll tune in for that and then head to hoda and jenna's new year's eve menu planning with bobby flay and scott conan. don't forget to check out our podcast and your local news. snooichl good morning, 8:56. jurors deciding the fate of elizabeth holmes gather to deliberate. they left yesterday without a verdict. she's charged with 11 counts of
8:57 am
criminal fraud and conspiracy, each charge carrying maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison. we're on stop of this story, any developments, and when the verdict comes in, we'll bring live team coverage with legal analysis here on nbc bay area. happening now, the cdc cutting the recommended isolation time in half for those infected with covid-19. this is from ten days to five days, as long as the person is asymptomatic. we have more during the midday newscast. see you then.
8:58 am
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the. this morning on the third hour of "today," we're flying high taking you into a trip into zero gravity plus, new dancers who created a new way to keep dancer moving and we'll tap into a new career job when we go on the job with a water sommelier today, tuesday, december 28th, 2021 from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of to "today." good


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