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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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to more rules and shutdowns in the bay area. break out the umbrellas and bundle up. the last of the rain is on the way. while our cold streak continues, we are on a microclimate weather alert. your forecast is coming up. you can't appreciate this any more than i do. the nation loses a legend. tonight, we remember the incomparable john madden. who brought a new grit and attitude to the nfl as an iconic coach and broadcaster. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us, i am terry mcsweeney. 103 wins, a super bowl championship, and a legendary career behind the mic. and that was only of the half of it. tonight, the nation is remembering the bay area's own john madden. iconic raiders coach and sportscaster, who died unexpectedly today at the age of 85. madden lived in pleasanton but glue up in daly city. he led the raiders from 1969 to '79 becoming the youngest coach in nfl history with more than
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100 wins. he accomplished that at the age of 42. he retired from coaching to become a football analyst bringing a new level of personality to the booth, did he ever? whether it was his famous sound effects, catch phrases, or his gift for breaking down the game. but the man many simply called coach transcended the game that made him famous. his larger than life personality drew fans who never saw him on the sidelines for the broadcast booth for that matter. cheryl hurd spoke be those who knew him as a coach, mentor, and friend. >> reporter: just about everyone will remember john madden. but what you remember him for likely depends on how old you are. if you are a baby boomer, he was the legendary coach who led the raiders to the first super bowl. if you are generation x, he was the lively nfl commentator with a gift for breaking down the game. and if you are younger, he's the namesake for one of the world's most popular video games.
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for football hall of famer tom flores, he was a mentor and friend. >> john hasn't looked well the last few times i have seen him so it was pretty obvious he was not doing well. it's sad. john gave me my first job back with the raiders as an assistant coach. >> reporter: madden was the face of the raiders for much of the '70s. longtime sports writer who covered madden's final years as a coach remembers the coach's passion and fire. >> his fights with -- with al davis over, you know, whether ken should be the starting quarterback are kind of legendary because madden believed that a guy who wins is -- is the guy you play and al liked guys with big arms. >> reporter: amy trask, former oakland raiders executive and current football analyst for cbs sports says she arrived well after madden left the silver and black. she quickly found out the former coach was more than just the
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football guy. >> we would be at these charity dinners or community functions or social events, and he would just come out with these wickedly funny lines that left me giggling always at times it was not appropriate for me to be giggling. >> reporter: madden's quirks were also legendary. from his refusal to fly to his catchphrases and telestrater, one of his last jobs was his frequent on air chats with stan bunger. >> it was so out of the box to have this chunk of time given to a guy who talked about everything and nothing. >> reporter: that nothing always turned into something special. >> there was never discussion of the topic in advance. it's -- it's totally out of the story and broadcasting to say let's just go do this and see what happens. nobody does that. >> reporter: they did it with madden. legendary football coach, family man, mentor, and video game pioneer, bunger says this is how
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he will remember his friend. >> his laugh. you know? when -- when you could get john to laugh, you knew you'd -- you'd found something special. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> so many memories and the tributes have been nonstop tonight at 6:00 raiders owner mark davis lit the al davis memorial torch at allegiance stadium in las vegas in madden's memory. before the warriors tipped off, chase center honored madden with a moment of silence calling him a bay-area legend. on twitter, jerry rice used the same word calling madden a coaching and broadcasting legend loved by all. adding, you will be missed, rest in peace john madden. hall of fame safety ronnie lott pocketed this recent picture of the two of them on twitter. he wrote rip, coach, you were a blessing to us all. never played for madden but still referred to him, as many did, by that one word, coach. the news has triggered tributes and mourning from coast to coast tonight. you can find more on the life
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and times of john madden on our website, including thoughts from his longtime broadcast partner al michaels. all right. now, to the chill settling over the bay area. we are still in a microclimate weather alert. live look at our cameras across the region. i don't think it is raining anywhere and you can't see the chill but it is out there. some chilly day as ahead as well. rob mayeda is joining us now with all that. rob. >> we are starting to see some of the rain now move into the bay area. some around richmond and this will be a lot more rain than we saw today, which was more or less kind of like melting snowflakes at times around the bay area you will see around monterey bay, this band pushing up from the southwest approaching santa cruz, watsonville, and casterville in the next half hour. another line of showers moving across marin county bringing rain to richmond right around the golden gate bridge. this will be different than the weather we had this morning, where we were just tracking those low snow levels. this will involve higher rain rates at times right in time for the morning commute, you can see
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some of those isolated stronger cells which could fire up along the coast and the peninsula. there is a slight chance of thunder in the mix for tomorrow too, so plan on rain especially for the first half the day. then, temperatures as rain moves in, initially temperatures won't be too cold. mostly 40s as you wake up tomorrow morning compare that to what we will likely find thursday morning and there is a big drop. you can see 30s bayside. and temperatures set to drop even more as we head toward the weekend. i will have a closer look at that and when the next chance of rain and mountain snow come back in about ten minutes. >> rob, thank you so much. in tahoe, they continue to measure the new snow by the foot making roads so treacherous the city of south lake tahoe is now calling for people to travel only if it is absolutely essential. the city says many roads are restricted and the resources needed to clear them are nearly used up. this includes gas, tow trucks, lodging. meaning, anyone on the road risks getting stranded.
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tonight, the two main routes into the sierra, highway 50 and interstate 80, are re-open after lengthy closures but 80 is only open to trucks and vehicles considered essential. this is a live look at 50 in the town of meyers, i believe. still jam packed tonight because drivers had to re-route from 80's closing. 80 just fully opened about an hour ago, but again traffic still bumper to bumper there with the changing conditions over donor summit, drivers are being warned to carry chain, expect delays, and maybe some more closures chp also has a reminder for anybody thinking about a trip to tahoe, just because you can drive to the sierra doesn't mean you should. here is kcra's orco manna in placerville, where drivers are being asked to stay patient or stay home. >> reporter: they put chains on their tires bracing for the rest of their journey on highway 50. >> so it's been, um, it's been a bit of a wreck trying to get up here. >> reporter: highway 50
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re-opening to drivers late-monday night but traffic at a near standstill because of the road conditions. >> we were kind of expecting to -- to be stuck for a while. so i think for us, you know, taking it with a grain of salt, it's not too bad. >> reporter: this is call tran's video where cars are seen backed up for miles. snow plows still hard at work with drivers traveling bumper to bumper. >> we ever been out here since about 12:30. we weren't expecting the usual three and a half hour route but this is definitely a little more than we signed up for. >> reporter: despite highway 50 being back open, california highway patrol is urging drivers to reconsider their travel plans. >> people on the side of the road stuck and -- and not going anywhere. >> reporter: that's what chet and his wife saw while trying to travel to lake tahoe. this is their second day in a row attempting to make it there. >> we decided to try again but instead of going recall all the way to hard rock, tahoe, get snowed in not being able to get out out, we decided to come here. >> here being the historic kerry
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house hotel in placerville. they cancelled their reservation in tahoe but they are relieved they got a leerm. >> everything is gone. everything is booked. and we are lucky. >> reporter: the hotel posting a no vacancy sign on the front door tuesday after reaching full capacity. now, they have to turn people away. >> they are still calling, there's people still coming in and still trying to book rooms and we -- we're -- i just -- we just opened up online and within probably ten minutes, every -- we had like six rooms. every room is gone. >> reporter: but for those still deciding to drive to their destinations, they know they have to take it slow. >> it is really about just making sure you are being careful. >> reporter: chp is warning drivers there are no side roads to get to lake tahoe and even if your gps routes you that way, you should still stay on highway 50 and if at all possible, stay home or take a break at hotels like this one. reporting in placerville, orko manna, nbc bay area news. now, to the latest on the covid pandemic. new numbers show just how fast
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the newest variant is spreading. the u.s. adding more than 440,000 new cases today. a new one-day record with omicron now the dominant strain, tonight the cdc says more than 63,000 people are hospitalized with the virus nationwide. after a reporting delay over the holiday weekend, california's numbers have suddenly jumped way up. today's update showing our positivity rate has quadrupled in the last two weeks, it is up to 10% almost. state is averaging more than 8,600 new cases a day and we have just become the first state to record 5 million total cases. tonight, health leaders urging californians to go back to banks and we all know them, including cancelling major new year's eve events, shutting down some businesses, and asking everyone to wear a mask at every indoor business, again. cdc says the omicron variant currently accounts for 60% of all new cases. in san francisco, the surge is now shaking up new year's plans. just hours ago, san francisco announced it is calling off the
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annual fireworks celebration. nbc bay area's alyssa gourd explains why one of the bay area's most respected doctors is advising everyone to reexamine their new year's plans. >> reporter: well, the fireworks were set to take off from a barge just off the embarcadero but the city called off plans for the fireworks after assessing the surging covid-19 cases and impacted public safety staffing. when san francisco rings in 2022, it will be the second year in a row the city will do it without its usual fireworks extravaganza. a casualty of the new covid-19 surge. >> i hate to be such a grinch. love to have happier news than that the virus was -- was better, it would be happier news but the virus is what it is and it's spreading incredibly rapidly. >> reporter: dr. bob who chairs ucsf's department of medicine says ucsf has been tracking positive covid tests at its hospitals and clinics since the start of the pandemic.
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right now -- >> it's kind of a scary and wild number. and one that i have to say has rocked me. >> reporter: in particular, he is concerned about the growing number of patients without symptoms who are testing positive for covid. he says that's a sign of just how many people in the city likely have the virus right now. >> that number is more like one in 14. >> reporter: that's up from one in 500 a few months ago and it means we need to rethink holiday plans. >> un-masked get-together, you know, with a fair number of people whose -- even if you knew their vaccination status and it was good, is just not safe and -- and anywhere in the country right now, it turns out, even in san francisco. >> reporter: it's tough calculus for businesses banking on new year's revenue to help them recover. the risk wasn't worth it for the moby dick bar in the castro. management opted to shut down through january 1st. >> really wanted to avoid our employees and our customers being impacted or long-term
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business being impacted because if all employees are out, we won't have the ability to stay open. >> reporter: and brace for a rough beginning to the new year. >> i think we are going to have a pretty nasty six or eight weeks and things are likely to get better by late february, early march. >> as people continue to gather and travel for the holidays, the san francisco department of public health recommends testing, vaccines, boosters, and wearing either an n95 or another well-fitting mask. in san francisco, i'm alyssa goard, nbc bay area news. in contra costa county, the surge means a change in mask rules. starting tomorrow, everyone will have to wear a mask at all indoor businesses, regardless of vaccination status. for the past several weeks, vaccinated people at many of the county's gyms, churches, and offices, were allowed to leave their masks off but the county says the in new variant has made that way too risky. marin county also plans to revise its exceptions for indoor masks. the county will make a formal announcement as soon as tomorrow. santa clara and san mateo counties also have an all indoor
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mask rule. it is in place. as always, a lot happening when it comes to the pandemic. you can get the latest updates on safety restrictions and vaccine requirements anytime by going to our website, we are following developing news out of nevada where former senate majority leader harry reid has died. reid, a democrat, passed away today after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer. political heavyweight served as a senator from nevada from '87 to 2017 and was senate majority leader in 2007 to 2015. he was known for helping shepherd several historic bills into law, including president obama's affordable care act. he also became a deeply partisan figure whose legendary knowledge of senate rules and procedures often allowed him to push legislation without gathering bipartisan support. reid was 82 years old. many of reid's colleagues on both sides of the aisle are mourning his loss tonight. president biden wrote i have had the honor of serving with some of the all-time great senate
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majority leaders in our history. harry reid was one of them. and for harry, it wasn't about power for power's sake. it was about the power to do right for the people. when we return in just 60 seconds, a heartbroken family breaks their silence. what a mother is saying about the lapd shooting that ended her 14-year-old daughter's life. and hope is fadeling at a sierra resort. the new struggle in the search for a missing skier. and this time last night, we were watching for low snow and light rain. not the case tonight. the steadier and heavier rain is making a comeback now approaching the coast. and more of this heading into your morning commute. who will see the most rain totals and how much more snow we can see around the sierra, when we come right back.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. the jury in the elizabeth holmes federal fraud case wrapped ups it is fifth full day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. a legal analyst noted the jury only made one request during its
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deliberations, to rehear clips from a phone call holmes held with investors back in 2013. longtime bay area prosecutor and legal analyst michelle hagan says it at least appears they are on the same page taking things very seriously. there are 11 charges to consider. the jury will resume its deliberations tomorrow morning. we have a team of reporters following this case as soon as a verdict comes down, we are going to send out an alert to your phone if you have our app. and bring you live coverage with legal analysis right here on nbc bay area. now, to lake tahoe, where family and friends continue to hold out hope as they search for a skier who has not been seen since christmas morning. tonight, res crew cue crews are having a hard time getting extra equipment to help because of the bad weather up there. the 43-year-old disappeared after going up a lift at north star resort. he works at a ski shop next door to the resort. his sister tells us he is an avid skier, recently moved to tahoe from colorado. today, rescue crews requested additional search vehicles look
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for him but have yet to get them because of the on-and-off road closures cause the by the storm. snowfall in mammoth is not letting up. the mountain picked up another foot of snow overnight. in total, mammoth has no you gotten 12 1/2 feet at the main lodge this month, making it one of the snowiest decembers on record. one person who is not surprised by that in the least is rob mayeda. he joins us now. he has been talking about how high it's going to go. i don't know where it's going to stop, rob. >> at this point, yeah, the numbers just keep going. we broke the record technically yesterday up at the central sierra up at soda springs, uc berkeley's central sierra snow lab and added to the numbers today. now up to 202 inches for the month that broke december's 1970 record of 179 inches and maybe another 10 inches of snow could fall across the sierra between now and about 10:00 tomorrow night. so, the winter-storm warning now has been extended to 10:00 on wednesday. after that, we should see drying conditions around south lake
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tahoe. not warmer, though, you can see those temperatures really continue to drop off as we head towards the weekend. but this is some good news. a bit of a break in the snow, at least from thursday to saturday before more snow comes in early-next week. right now, san jose, cloudy skies. 48 degrees. not as cold as last night. we got some rain moving in, 47 in san francisco. winds will pick up a little bit tonight, too. and you see walnut creek at 45. overnight temperatures staying mostly in the 40s. rain at times. not the light sprinkles we had off and on today. this will be some downpours at times, especially for the first half of the day. also, a slight chance of thunder, especially around the peninsula and the coast as we head into the afternoon. rain should change to scattered showers by mid-afternoon. highs, still, pretty cool, upper to mid-40s there in the north bay and east bay valleys 50 near san francisco. down into san jose. so, storm ranger certainly showing more activity now. pushing from southwest to northeast across monterey bay approaching santa cruz and watsonville here within the next
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15 minutes or so. and we will also see more of these showers kind of drifting to the north for areas around the pe nints nins la right now. marin county, you can see rain there and still snow in lake county. just like we had last night, another storm coming down the coast but this has more moisture to work with, so you will notice the rain totals today, which were less than a tenth of an inch of rain, back on the map here across the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay and i think a lot of that is going to come down for your morning commute. downpours could be possible at times around the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. things do start to wind down as we head into wednesday night into thursday. setting the stage for a dry start to the weekend but a cold start -- look at those low temperatures on saturday. most of the valleys, in the low 30s. sierra temperatures, too, could see single digits in windchill numbers in the sierra could feel more like minus 5 in truckee. so it is going to be dry but cold for the weekend. next chance of rain comes early next week and as you are about to see in the seven-day forecast, that could be a lot of
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rain by next monday and tuesday. so we have got some rain for tomorrow. changing to showers. we get that break thursday into friday. begin the new year with some very cold temperatures but dry for the weekend. and back into storms next week where, terry, i think several more feet of snow could be a real possibility for the sierra and few inches of rain over five days here in the bay area, too. >> beginning to push it away. >> yeah. >> rob, thanks very much. well still ahead. shots fired to stop an assault ended up taking an innocent girl's life. lapd facing new criticism as the victim's family speaks for the first time. that's next. happening now, the bay area's commercial crab season officially opens tomorrow. after being delayed more than a month, crab season was pushed back to protect whales and sea turtles in the area that could get caught in the crab traps and the nets. experts say people looking to enjoy fresh crab from local fish
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markets should see supply go up and prices go down in the coming days. two years later a look back at how far we have come since covid-19 was first detected in china. and we will talk one on one be a bay area doctor about what you need to know ahead of the new years celebration tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at the family of a 14-year-old girl accidentally shot by los angeles police spoke publicly for the first time today. shooting happened at a burlington store two days before christmas. lapd released body-cam video of the shooting yesterday. it shows police fatally shooting a man who was seen on video beating a customer with a bike lock. authorities say preliminary evidence shows one of their bullets bounced off a tile floor and killed 14-year-old valentina orellana-peralta.
11:25 pm
tonight, her mother said in spanish that the girl had big dreams. civil rights attorney benjamin crump says the violence is exactly what the family wanted to escape when they moved here. >> they came to america from chile to get away from violence and injustice to have a better life in america. >> that shooting is being investigated by the police department, the district attorney, and the state attorney general. he is one of the i have richest men in the world and now spending some of his millions to add to his hawaiian paradise. facebook founder mark zuckerberg just purchased 110 acres on the island of kauai. it cost him 17 million bucks. includes some controversy, though, related to a reservoir there that previously flooded killing seven people. zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan say they are committed to fulfilling legal requirements when it comes to maintaining reservoir safety. couple already owns more than a thousand acres on that island.
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live look now at san francisco and san jose. the top two most expensive cities to retire in. according to a new list. financial website magnify money says san francisco requires the biggest retirement nest egg of any metro area in the nation. more than a million -- $1.5 million. san francisco. san jose, almost as expensive. requiring retirees to have about $1.4 million in savings. and for the next spot, well, it's pretty much tied for the next three spots. honolulu at 1.37, then comes santa cruz which came in a hair more expensive if you can believe that than new york city. well, it went down to the wire at chase center tonight. ooh. sports is next. rn about covid-19
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ling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. one of the toughest opponents the warriors have faced this year is their own covid protocol list. andrew wiggins cleared to play tonight but almost simultaneously draymond green becomes the latest warrior to enter covid protocol joining three other teammates. show must go on in san francisco and it did. warriors taking on the nuggets. steph curry entering the game. he is just one three pointer away from reaching 3,000 for his career.
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didn't get it in the first quarter or the second quarter but this is the third quarter. and there it is. 3,000 for steph curry. that's wow. last time he went into an entire game without making a three pointer was 157 games ago back in 2018. warriors come back from 25 down, tie it late in the game only to end up falling to the nuggets, 89-86. what an effort, though. sharks first game since december 16th three games have been cancelled, sharks got thomas hurdle back. battling the coyotes in overtime. sharks score a season-high eight goals. and they ride away with a tough 8-7 win. we are back in a moment. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control
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more rain, more snow. here is rob mayeda with the numbers. >> yeah. snow levels at least for this night into tomorrow morning will see more rain and some could be intense at times, enough to cause perhaps a little local runoff issues for your morning commute, especially around the south bay and the santa cruz mountains where you are about to see morning temperatures in the 40s and a few downpours showing up might even have a slight
11:34 pm
chance of isolated thunder, especially out near the coast. and then by this time tomorrow night, showers start to move out and the cold settles into the bay area. we should have dry weather from thursday through sunday but morning temperatures really dropping off. low 30s. highs in the low 50s. next chance of rain rolls in next monday. terry? >> and after that, rob? >> there is a lot more beyond what we see monday and tuesday. we will see, again, the potential is there for some very heavy sierra snow and inches of rain. could be next week's forecast, too. so it is nice we get this break. we might need it before things turn stormy again. >> i know you have been talking about that storm door is open. boy, is it ever? rob, thanks a lot. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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