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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 29, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, still on verdict watch. the jury back together again as they work to decide the fate of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. a verdict could come any day in the holmes federal fraud trial. the jury's sixth day of deliberation is under way right now. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joining us now from the courthouse with where the jury stands. kris? >> hi there, marcus. so the jury is still working out of there. they're taking lunch inside the
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federal courthouse. the judge has made clear he's available if they have any questions or clarification, any requests. so far they have really only reached out twice. in those first five days of deliberations they asked one question. and then they also asked to rehear a phone call between holmes and investors. our legal analyst says that that could mean that they are all on the same page, but the jury is really deciding a lot of complicated matters on 11 charges. a lot of this testimony was highly technical and scientific and each charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison so there is a lot at stake. court is supposed to be closed on friday, so tomorrow would be the last full day of deliberations if they need it. we know they are going to be working through this afternoon. our colleague scott budman is up there as well. he's waiting and standing by doing what we're doing out here which is just waiting for that jury to reach a verdict. marcus? >> kris, thank you. as soon as that verdict comes down we'll send out an
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alert on your phone if you have our app and bring you live coverage with legal analysis right here on nbc bay area. now to the latest on the pandemic. new numbers showing just how fast the newest variant is spreading. the u.s. added nearly 500,000 new cases yesterday. this is a new day record with the omicron variant now the dominant strain. now the cdc is reporting more than 63,000 people hospitalized with the virus nationwide. after a reporting delay over the holiday weekend, california's numbers have suddenly jumped. the latest update shows that our positivity rate has quadrupled in the last two weeks. this is to nearly 10%. california averaging more than 8,600 new cases a day, and we have just become the first state to record 5 million total cases. the bay area health leaders are now urging people to go back to the basics. this includes canceling major new year's eve events, shutding down some businesses and asking
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everyone to wear those masks at every indoor business. again. the city of berkeley and alameda and marin counties will require masks indoors starting tomorrow. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us now from san ramon. contra costa county is one of the counties requiring you to mask up indoors starting today. >> correct, marcus. that's regardless of your vaccination status. so it doesn't matter if you've been vaccinated, boosted or if you had none of the shots. you must wear a mask indoors here in contra costa county, whether you're going to the gym, an office or any public indoor setting. this new rule, this rollback to what we should call it goes in effect starting today throughout the county. for the past several weeks, vaccinated people were allowed to keep their masks off indoors but the county says the new variant has made that too risky. the county's health director points out the omicron variant is very contagious and spreads among not just the unvaccinated but the vaccinated as well.
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>> you know, me, i want to have a mask. other people don't want to have mask. i can't speak for others. >> but you support it? >> yeah, i support it. >> why do you think it's important. >> well, look at the warriors. >> we have to comply. i'm getting sick of it, though. >> i think it's crazy. i think it's ridiculous, yeah. >> are you going to comply? >> i have to. want to exercise, got to wear it. >> why do you think it's crazy. >> it says on the box it's not a medical mask. don't know where i'm wearing it if it's not for medical reasons. >> within the past hour or so, alameda and marin and berkeley announced that everyone regardless of their vax status must mask up in all indoor public settings starting just after midnight tonight. so that would be in effect for tomorrow. santa clara and san mateo also has an all indoor mask rule in place. the santa clara county health director tells the mercury news
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she's watching what's happening in new york very closely. that state has seen case rates and hospitalizations spike as omicron spreads given that new york and california have similar vaccination rates and restrictions in place. it's possible new york could be giving us a preview of what's headed our way. an infectious disease specialist at uc san diego tells the merc that california could see a bump in hospitalizations. reporting live in san ramon, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob. here's a live look at san francisco. this is where the surge is now shaking up new year's plans. the city announcing that it is calling off the annual fireworks celebration. health leaders also now urging all who planned to gather this friday to stay safe by taking a rapid test an hour or two beforehand and wear those masks and make sure that everyone there in that facility or where you are, your surroundings, they are vaccinated. want to take a live look across the bay area which has
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seen several days of the ongoing rain. we may have a break right now, but you know what? the rain, it's coming back. our stormranger is on san bruno mountain there scanning the incoming showers. so the rain that we've been getting, is this enough to put a dent in the severe drought? meteorologist vianey arana has been tracking that. >> we're going to get more rain heading into today but it's going to take a long time before we put a serious dent. we've seen some improve chmt is a positive note to take. look at some of the rain season totals. you know san francisco hit a new record this past second. over 15 inches so far in the water year from october 1st to july 1st. santa rosa, over 21 inches even down through san jose which is a rain shattered area. here's the latest on the drought monitor. this gets updated every week. to give you an idea of the improvements that we did see,
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the current extreme drought conditions in california is about 79.4%. three months ago we were at 87.9% of extreme drought. so there has been some improvement especially for the far northern portion of california and also even in through parts of the bay area. at one point the entire bay area was under the exceptional category. that's definitely helpful. another area that we have seen an improvement is also the reservoirs. it's something we keep a close eye on and right now the three largest reservoirs in the state of california are at 56% of historical average, which is great news because so far we've seen a great improvement in lake orville up to 71% right now. fulsome, 142%. and even in through lake shasta, about 49%. we've seen an improvement when it comes to our reservoirs. this took us years to get into the drought and it's going to take several years to get us out. we have more rain heading our way for the first week of january. i'll have an update on that coming up in my full forecast. >> looking forward to it,
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vianey. just in, president joe biden will hold a phone call with russian president vladimir putin tomorrow. this is according to a statement from the national security council spokesperson. russia has stationed 100,000 troops along the ukrainian border prompting fears of an invasion as early as next month. however, the country has repeatedly denied that it has no plans of attacking its neighbor. now president biden warned putin in a virtual call earlier this month that russia would face, quote, severe consequences if it attacks ukraine. the nation and bay area mourning the loss of legendary nfl coach john madden. he died yesterday at the age of 85. madden was much more than just a coach. he was a larger than life figure in broadcasting and a pioneer in the world of video games. the bay area native lived in pleasanton but grew up in daily city. madden led the oakland raiders to their first super bowl. he had more than 100 wins before he retired in 1979.
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another legend, his broadcasting partner, al michaels, shares what madden gave with his signature style. >> there's no question that, i mean, people think of john and they think of the sound effects and boom and -- but that was part of what john was. he was excitable and he was exciting when watching a football game. but if you knew john, you knew he was very well read and two of the things going to around the world. and a lot of it i think had to do with john traveling for all of those years in a bus. couldn't get on a plane mean was claustrophobic. so he got around the country, and he would see parts of the country that everybody else in this business never sees. >> you can see michaels' full interview on "nbc nightly news" tonight. plus, many in the sports world are posting tributes to madden. nfl posted pictures of all of madden covers from the video game. and the las vegas raiders said,
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quote, there will never be another. richard sherman and lebron james also sent their condolences to his family. well, developing now, a deadly shooting on the peninsula. this happened on bay road in east palo alto around 8:00 last night. police say they found a man with gunshot wounds on the ground of an apartment complex parking lot. he later died there at the scene. so far there's no word on a motive, and police are still searching for a suspect. this is the sixth homicide in the city this year and the second homicide in less than a week. the other recent homicide happened on christmas eve on beech street. new at 11:00, the vta ramping up its staff. 26 new bus operators are ready to hit the streets. they are having a graduation ceremony right now in san jose. they went through nine weeks of intense training and will help fill the deficit of drivers in santa clara county. vta says that the new manpower will help fill a critical
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shortage of more than 70 bus operators and boost frequency of service. a skier in lake tahoe still missing as snow pounds the sierra. next here on nbc bay area news at midday, the reason the search is now becoming more difficult for rescue crews. plus, a look back at how far we've come since the first recorded case of covid-19. and highlighting the new advances in science as we go one on one with a local expert. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. former senate majority leader harry reid has died. reid, a democrat, passed away yesterday after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer. the political heavyweight was served in the senate from nevada from 1987 to 2017. and as the senate majority leader from 2007 to 2015.
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he was known for helping shepherd several historic bills into law including president obama's affordable care act. he also became a deeply partisan figure whose legendary knowledge of senate rules and procedures often allowed him to push legislation without gathering bipartisan support. reid was 82 years old. this week marks two years since the first human cases of human covid-19 were detected in wuhan, china. the world health organization marked the anniversary with a news conference in switzerland. the directon general of the w.h.o. said that politics has triumphed over solidarity in a fight against the disease. >> in the huge waves of cases currently seen in europe and in many countries around the world, the information which has driven vaccine hesitancy is now translating to the unvaccinated disproportionately dying.
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>> he also talked about his concern about complacency at a time when twin threats of the delta and omicron variants could lead to a tsunami of new cases that could push the health care system to a brink of collapse. i spoke with ucsf doctor peter chen hong about what we're still learning about this virus. >> information has been evolving. and i know there's been a lot of misinformation as well. but there are three theories so far. the first is that it came naturally from an animal. after all, as humans, you know, invade the animal space more and more for housing or commerce or food. we're seeing more and more of these emerging infections. the second is that it was a lab leak associated with the wuhan institute of virology. they have a big library of sars viruses. so maybe it accidentally leaked. and the third, of course, is that it was intentional, but it was very difficult to think that
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somebody would unleash this virus intentionally. >> i want to talk about now, where we are. holiday season. a lot of people are traveling. what should travelers be cautious of because you do have a lot of people traveling with kids who are unvaccinated. >> yeah, so travelers should definitely be cautious about a very transmissible variant now. four times more transmissible than delta which itself is twice as transmissible at the original strain. and they have to just up their covid game. so in the old days you were wearing the cloth mask, which i love because it's patterned. you can color coordinate, but i think you really have to, you know, wear a better mask when you're traveling. a surgical mask that's well fitted and by well fitted, you basically can tie a double knot here to make it fit snugger and you can double mask and still get your bling on by having that pattern over you. that's the masking.
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avoid crowded spaces without the mask on. having your kids masked if they are over the age of 6 months and, of course, preparation is still not too late to get your booster shot. not too late to have your kids vaccinated. and we've also emphasized testing. although hard to get, they'll get easier and easiest to get. >> dr. peter chen-hong, thank you so much. >> thanks so much. well, as always, there is a lot happening when it comes to the pandemic. you can get those updates on safety restrictions, vaccine requirements and you can do this any time by going to our website, now to lake tahoe where family and friends continue to hold out hope as they search for a skier who hasn't been seen since christmas morning. rescue crews are having a hard time getting in extra equipment to help because of that winter weather. 43-year-old rory disappeared after going up the lift at northstar resort. he works at a ski shop next
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door. his sister telling us he's an avid skier who recently moved to tahoe from colorado. the two main routes into the sierra, highway 50 and i-80 are open. this is after lengthy closures. i-80 fully reopened at around 10:00 last night. and that snowfall at mammoth, not living up. take a look at this. the mountain picked up to another foot or so of snow. mammoth has now gotten 12 1/2 feet at the lodge. this is the main lodge. making it one of the most snow-filled decembers on record. a lot of snow, which means a lot of fun if you're able to get up there safely, vianey. and it looks like the snow is not stopping. >> your break in between when you can safely get up there is probably going to come into the weekend. we have another storm on the way into next week. if you are going to be out and about today, if you live in san francisco, we are still going to remain under a microclimate weather alert for san francisco because the national weather service has issued right now a flash flood advisory,
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specifically for this area. we could get periods of potentially moderate to heavy downpours. the thing is through some of these streets in san francisco, we have seen issues of flooding on the streets. and that's where the concern is going to be. this is going to remain in effect until 1:00 today. and as of now, it looks like the rest of the bay area not seeing any flood advisories. we'll continue to see periods of on and off again rain really all day long, showers spreading throughout the afternoon before moving southeast out of the area by tonight. live look at satellite radar. i want to zoom in with the mobile doppler radar. you can see where some of the heavier pockets are moving through. rain coming down in mill valley. richmond area and you can see san francisco here which is the reason why they issued that flood advisory through south san francisco as well. some heavier pockets mainly around the coastline, along highway 101. please make sure to be careful if you head to the city within the next two to three hours. we could see the potential of some flooding on the streets. as far as hayward down through
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fremont, seeing light to moderate rain and just as we forecasted, down through the south bay, not much going on down in san jose. or los gatos, but including santa cruz, look at this. a little quiet up through that stretch. however, we're going to continue to see on and off again rain. just to give you an idea of san francisco and where it currently stands, as you guys know, we hit the number eight most rain since october 1st. as of this year, 2021, december 26th, over 15 inches. and for comparison, last year in 2020, we hit over 2 inches, just 2.5 inches on average. we should see around 7.5 inches during average rainy season. so we're doing pretty good when it comes to the rain in san francisco. but, of course, that brings its own problems when it's all at once. right now current temperatures as you head out the door in the 40s and 50s. so we're not going to warm up by much into the afternoon. we're going to continue to see rain at times. notice about 2:00, still seeing some rain in oakland, novato, concord and san francisco and
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then that rain chance starts to diminish. but there's enough instability where we could see a chance for thunderstorms and maybe even some hail and some snow levels above 3,500 feet. rainfall totals right now about a quarter to half an inch. some of the higher elevations could still see half an inch to maybe even more as the showers continue tonight. your big story will be chilly conditions. lake tahoe, beautiful live shot. 29 degrees. over the next three days as you saw, even though they're opening roads, there's still a winter weather advisory that's going to remain in place until 10:00 tonight with more snow, marcus, on the way for next week. and get this, more rain for the bay area. i'll have a final look at your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> this is when i wish i was an avid skier. all right. thanks, vianey. we are counting down to the beijing winter olympics. next here on our midday newscast, we'll introduce you to an incredible skier that's making a name for herself ahead of the games. and the fda warning that the rapid antijen tests may not
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detect the omicron variant. the administration says that a study conducted with researchers at the national institute for health found the rapid tests may be less sensitive to detecting the highly contagious omicron variant immediately after being infected. however, the fda stands behind the use of these tests and says that if you are having symptoms but get a negative test in a rapid test, make sure you seek a pcr test just to be sure. we'll be right back.
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thanks for sticking around. we are counting down to the winter olympics. and just a little more than a month away, this morning, we want to introduce you to a world class athlete who has the perfect name for a skier. breezy johnson. the olympian tells us that, you know what? it's kind of cool to breeze down a ski slope at 80 miles an hour. >> let's go, breezy! >> my name is breezy johnson. i'm from jackson hole, wyoming, and i'm an alpine skier. >> three podiums in three downhill races this year. >> i always say it's the audubon or formula 1 racing without an air bag or a car. all of your shock absorbers are right here. so sometimes you are kind of guessing where the gate is. i think if you were to go, you
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know, 80 miles an hour on a bumpy gravel road and stick your head out the window, that can be a little bit what it feels like. >> and she's into another podium spot. >> breezy johnson is on a roll. >> on a roll indeed. remember, you can only watch the beijing olympics right here on nbc bay area. it all begins february 3rd. be sure to download our latest podcast from nbc lx called "my favorite olympian." you can start listening right now wherever you get your podcasts. trending for you, the christmas holiday may be over but one unlikely celebrity celebrating their own christmas song hitting the charts. maybe you heard the phrase before "the devil works hard" but kris jenner works harder. >> can we start over and go just a little faster? >> here we go. ♪ dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ over the fields we go laughing all the way ♪ >> yes, that is, in fact, kris jenner doing her rendition of
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jingle bells. it landed at number five on spotify's top debut songs this week. her daughter kourtney kardashian played the bells and her son on the bells. that's how kris keeps the money in the family. >> she stays making that money. i'm not even going to be mad at it. an update, san francisco is right now under a microclimate weather alert because the national weather service issued a flood advisory. this will remain in effect until 1:00. especially through the next hour or so. could see periods of heavy downpowers which is what we're seeing now. could see a lot of street flooding in that stretch in that area. that's definitely an issue we've seen in san francisco. now over the next seven days, we have some changes ahead. rain will turn to showers. still a chance for possibly seeing some thunderstorm activity heading into this evening. but by tomorrow morning, the rain clears out just in time for new year's eve and the new year 2022. marcus? >> yeah, 2022. look at that.
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all right. thank you so much for joining us for our midday newscast. the next one coming up at 5:00. you can always get the latest information any time of the day at have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. - musicians, composers, conductors, and dancers make our world a more beautiful place. - that's what i always said, right? - support music education and help unlock the creator in all of us. the more you know.
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right now on "california live," we're taking you to the places where you can still celebrate the season. amber is in san diego. >> how cool to be on the ice while still looking at the ocean. not a bad way to spend the holidays. >> then vicki can keeping the holidays bright. >> mix away. >> cheers. >> our resident elf is not ready to take a seat on the shelf. >> i'm never coming back to "california


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