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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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the sierra and best time go to the snow. tonight, more concern and changes as omicron races through the bay area. how your new year's eve plans could be changing. what about your school and kids? scrambling to get tested before winter break ends, what we've learned tonight. stuck in the sierra, problems piling up with so many people in the area.
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>> has no gas. >> how the record snowfall is causing big headaches for bay area families trying to get home. and it's not just the sierra, bone chilling cold here, even colder than we've been feeling. how low temperatures could drop in your neighborhood. we begin tonight in the sierra, big headaches for so many people who live there and people who want to go there. it is still slow going along i-80 tonight, not too much traffic but chain controls in effect. highway 50 is also open but plan on the trip taking many hours more than you're used to, conditions still considered dangerous. it's not just the roads. widespread power outages also a big concern with below freezing
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temperatures. sergio quintana says they're having a difficult time. >> reporter: traffic on i-80 thanks to the plasser county sheriff's department. warning is clear, stay off if travel is not essential. it's hampering emergency responders from helping people and stopping those who came to visit from getting home. mario from san jose. >> the problem is the road, too many accidents. >> reporter: cortez and his family have been stranded in south lake tahoe since this weekend, there's no fuel to be found, don't want to risk getting stuck in traffic and running out of gas. this is video from the hotel window, a beautiful view but steep price as demand for lodging for stranded travelers skyrockets. >> 75, but here to this hotel,
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prices for one room, $450. >> reporter: fresh snow means travel could be a challenge next couple of days. residents are also asking people to not travel there right now. power outages made for dark and cold situations and tourists may be making it more difficult. >> people without power were trying to get to gas stations to get gasoline for their generators, and gas stations were all overrun by people coming up trying to get to tahoe. >> reporter: pg&e has restored electricity to boyer batchelor's home this afternoon but the power company is racing to repair damaged equipment and may take several days. but lake tahoe's mayor is optimistic. >> the businesses are excited, ski resorts open, skiing will be
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great. lot of snow to start the base and extend the season into the spring. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. despite the warning from cal trans, people will see the snow and want to go to tahoe. if they're going, when is the safest time? >> you'll see weather conditions to make it easier for cal trans to work tomorrow. snow showers but nothing like the volume last couple of weeks. thursday, less snow, probably not best driving conditions until closer to the start of the weekend. by friday and saturday once had a couple of days without heavy snow coming down, roadway conditions should improve into the weekend. but for nonessential travel, recommendations are you wait and choose another weekend. for those that will still go, temperatures will be bone chilling cold. morning temperatures around tahoe, wind chill, wind plus air
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temperatures feeling like single digits, 17 to 20 degree temperatures down west slope of the sierra. getting a taste in the bay area, rain moved out, feels like mid-30s napa, fairfield, livermore and trending colder for the holiday weekend. closer look in ten minutes. bring it down to the bay area. rob mentioned the latest storm has moved on but cleanup to do. oakland firefighters sharing pictures with us, tree crashing down on car, one person taken to hospital with minor injuries. oakland hills along shepherd canyon road, still closed as crews work. covid surge, omicron strain's continued spread through communities leading to new mask restrictions, booster shot requirements and cancellations. the biggest, the new year's eve
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fireworks show. warning people to be safe and if you're going to celebrate, do it small. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: new year's eve is two days away and some businesses in walnut creek are gearing up for party with new rules. chilly temperatures one reason the streets are empty downtown. after talking to few people tonight, winter weather and new variant may keep people away on new year's eve. >> no partying this year, too much going on. trying to stay away from too many people with corona outside. >> reporter: the new omicron surge has many playing it safe. experts say staying in is good, being vaccinated is best thing you can do. even though you can get the virus when vaccinated, which is confusing for some people. >> two doses of the mrna is 36%
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against omicron, boosted, 25%, basically doubles your protection. >> reporter: the bar and lounge is well aware of the omicron surge with rules in place for friday. >> first you have to have physical i.d. and matching vaccine card. >> reporter: and wear a mask. as of today, you have to wear a mask indoors every contra costa business, doesn't matter if you're vaccinated. one of several bay area counties temporarily reinstating mask mandates across the board. masks back on at gyms, offices and college classrooms. >> keeping your masks on, being fully vaccinated and boosted is far and away the best way to avoid that -- avoid becoming a case. >> reporter: san francisco taking it a step further. as of february 1st, booster shots will now be required to go to mega events like warriors' games and concerts.
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another mega event, city's big fireworks display a no-go again this year because of the covid spike. >> boats go out with passengers, people dine and walk down to see the fireworks. and you know, it's just a big blow to our wintertime economy. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. if it feels like we've been battling the covid virus for years, that is now the case. today marks exactly two years since the first human case of covid-19 was detected in wuhan, china. since then the virus has spread to more than 230 million people around the world, including 53 million americans. just today, california topped 5 million case mark, first state in the country to reach the sobering milestone. rise in cases in california coincides with steep increase in the positivity rate.
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percentage of people who get tested and get positive result for covid. today surged to 11.2%. for perspective, in the surge last winter, topped out at 17.1%. now case numbers and positivity rate are important, but perhaps most important figure is how many people are ending up in the hospital with covid. steadily climbing but not like the previous surges. december 5th, fewer than 4,000 californians hospitalized with covid. last week rose above 4,000, today nearly 5200 are hospitalized with covid. hospitalizations hit a high of nearly 23,000 in early january. dipped down and rose again in the summer surge, reaching nearly 9,000. many students are headed back to school in less than a week. but is omicron threatening to
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change plans? san mateo says no. county superintendent of schools is preparing for in-person learning. followed covid protocols, masking and testing throughout the pandemic and will continue as students return. across the bay area, covid tests are in short supply and only some students were provided with at-home tests before winter break. now families are scrambling to find a test. melissa colorado found out who got the tests, who didn't. >> reporter: at 8 years old. >> friend had -- her stepdad has covid. >> reporter: miley is learning an important lesson in social responsibility, after hanging out with a friend who was exposed to covid. >> don't want mom and friends and dad and families to get sick. >> reporter: one of several mount diablo unified district
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students tested in concord today, center only administers pcr tests, results in two to three days. spokesperson said the state didn't send enough test kits for every student and staff to go home with one during break, which is why the students are not required to show negative result when they return to school. kits were handed out first come, first serve basis. in san francisco, similar, testing not required but encouraged. >> frustrating to me the school district doesn't have adequate tests. seems like they were hoping to get them from the state. >> reporter: supervisor matt haney says state kits will
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arrive late next week. >> should be testing students before they come back after long winter break. >> reporter: oakland families will not have problem. district handed two take-home test kits to every student. a daughter in second grade and son in kindergarten. >> it's been handled really well. >> reporter: travelled to new jersey for holidays to visit the grandparents, the winter break homework is unexpected gift. >> eased planning of the trip to know they would have the tests, they're difficult to find. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. san mateo county sheriff's department is mourning death of young deputy. trainee from san jose, he died of natural causes day after christmas. coworkers describe him as kindhearted, fun and caring and say he'll be dearly missed by
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the sheriff's office family. back in 60 seconds with breaking news out of florida. tiger attack at florida zoo, why a man got into the tiger enclosure and what happened next. also -- >> putting other people's lives in our hands was not something i wanted to do. >> a tough decision. south bay couple just called off their wedding because of omicron. only on nbc we speak to the bride and groom about what is next as they try to tie the knot safely. 45 degrees in san francisco but probably feels colder due to the cold, dry northeast wind. talk about the wind chill and when rain returns when we come right back.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. we are following some breaking news in florida. a cleaning worker is in the hospital after deputies say he put his arm into a tiger
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enclosure at naples zoo after the zoo had closed. deputy found the man with arm in tiger's mouth. deputy tried to kick enclosure to get him to let go but was forced to shoot the animal which later died. rushed the man to hospital. worked for third party service hired to clean restrooms and gift shop and was not supposed to be in the tiger's area. search for missing man has been suspended, looking for angelada, his family reported him missing after didn't show up for christmas dinner. he's avid skier who moved to tahoe from colorado. search resumes in the morning. tributes pouring in for football legend john madden a day after his passing. flags at half staff in
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pleasanton, lived there much of his life and involved in the community. passed away yesterday unexpectedly at age of 85. name known from time as player, raiders head coach, broadcaster and video game that still bears his name. led the raiders to their first ever super bowl before becoming gold standard as nfl analyst. his former partner al michaels continues to remember his friend. >> if you knew john, he was well read, in tune with things going on around the world and lot had to do with john traveling for all those years in a bus. couldn't get on a plane, claustrophobic. so he got around the country and saw parts of the country everybody else in the business never sees and connect to people. >> madden is survived by wife, two sons and multiple grandchildren. covid has upended all our
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lives to some extent but impact got very personal for a sunnyvale company. they were set to get married in front of families and friends but worries about omicron variant got them saying not yet instead of i do. >> reporter: this is the save the date card sent to friends and family. then video invitation for the new year's day wedding. milestone moment for the couple who got engaged in 2018 and had canceled wedding plans not once but twice because of covid. then omicron variant hit. >> very excited, and then boom. this virus took over. >> reporter: kristen was already worried, then started to get cancellations from guests. >> emails, texts and phone calls
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that people were exposed or had it. so i got really nervous. >> reporter: the couple was especially concerned about risk to older relatives so made the difficult decision to once again cancel their wedding and notify more than 200 guests who planned to attend. >> just being safe, don't want to be a super spreader. >> reporter: kristen said couldn't get friends and family in risk of getting the same virus she just survived. >> i got it, i literally almost died. so in that sense, making this decision, putting other people's basically lives in our hands was not something i wanted to do. >> reporter: kristen won't be able to wear the sparkly shoes down the aisle new year's day and say i do, she's relieved the venue in menlo park and vendors
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allowed her to postpone without losing money, determined not to let covid sour their plans to get married, already looking at new date in six months. >> if it doesn't happen this next time, i don't know, probably elope somewhere. >> reporter: in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. will be crab in time for new year's but a twist. crab season in bay area officially opened today after delayed more than a month. cameras there to get look at first haul. first season that crews at fisherman's wharf can sell right off the boat. delayed start of the season because of the risk of humpbacked whales getting stuck in fishing gear. if you're heading down, want a coat, scarf, gloves, hat. extra thick coat this
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weekend. we're watching rain move out of the bay area. had significant rain late today around san jose, santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains, all long gone but clouds left behind and preventing the south bay from getting too chilly. cooler in north bay, 30s later on tonight. mostly in the 40s but if you've been outside, gusty, bone chilling cold, northeast dry wind. put those together, feels like temperature, wind chill index. seeing a little bit of that around fairfield, napa and livermore, feels like mid to upper 30s outside. tomorrow morning, winds back off, mid-30s around north bay, 40s for san jose and trending colder as we head towards the weekend. more sunshine tomorrow than today, numbers near 49 in napa, 52 in san francisco, 53 for oakland and 53 closer to san
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jose. for the holiday weekend, we're going to stay dry, clear skies, dry air, set up cold morning. thursday through sunday is dry, by saturday morning as we ring in the new year, 30s bayside, if we can manage those in coldest regionally speaking we've seen in the area. friday and saturday close to freezing and sierra, as the roads open up, take extra layers, single digits to 10 degrees. next rain is monday to tuesday, but heaviest rain is located -- watching the last couple of days, looked like bay area would get a good drenching but there's been adjustment farther north. can see bull's eye is sonoma
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county northward, pointing that direction. sierra will likely see more snow but not several feet we've seen last two weeks. seven-day forecast looks chilly. san francisco temperatures on the bottom of the screen. 30s around san francisco for the weekend. rain for the north bay begins on monday, all areas back into the rain tuesday into wednesday. so possibly we've seen the last rain of the year. but makes a quick comeback as we head towards beginning of the next week. back to you. thank you development just ahead, scary sounds from a gas station in the east bay. what police found when they arrived on the scene and why one man was arrested. happening now, city of vacaville has a new police chief, he's been with the department 22 years and three years before that with oakland. set to be sworn in january 7th.
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just in tonight, a plea for help from oakland police. investigators are looking for driver of this car. they say it was involved in hit and run on bancroft and 45th ave earlier this month. if you have information, call opd. a dangerous scene in pleasant hill, police say they arrested man after he set off fireworks behind a gas station, the arcko on pleasant hill road and devon ave. people calling 911 thought there
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was explosion. police say the owner of this suv was setting off fireworks. it caused damage to his vehicle. no one was hurt. no caps and gowns but plenty of happy graduates. vta bus operators completed nine weeks of intensive training, new drivers will help fill a deficit of drivers in santa clara county. >> huge day, graduation, two months of hard work, sacrifice, today is day we graduate. i'm super happy. >> randy is stoked. vta faces a shortage of more than 70 bus operators, new recruits will allow them to boost the frequency of service for many south bay passengers. we'll be back with sports.
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so will jimmy g play on sunday? that's the big question surrounding the 49ers this week. suffered what coach shanahan says is grade three sprain of a thumb ligament in last thursday's loss that has his status for sunday in doubt. but garoppolo said he has
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definitely a chance to play. 49ers could clinch a playoff spot if they win and new orleans saints lose. if jimmy g can't play, trey lance will make start. forcing postponement of their game against cal, stanford set to play the bears sunday, but game put on hold. last week stanford had to drop out of a game because of health and safety protocols. cal and stanford will look to reschedule. in the meantime, cal will play arizona state this sunday. covid surge forced cancellation of five college football games, holiday bowl had to be canceled after ucla had covid cases in the team, nc state was declared the winner and proudly declared the winner. they weren't happy with ucla, believe replacements could have
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the final countdown to new year's eve is on. this year's celebration in times square will be scaled back due to covid but organizers are still working to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. today they tested confetti, tossing handfuls into the street. small amount compared to how much will fall on new year's eve, 1 1/2 tons in total. no idea of the weather in new york city but it's cold around here. if you're going out new year's eve, bundle up. thanks for joining us. next news cast, "today in the bay," have a good night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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