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tv   Today  NBC  January 1, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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what 2022 will have in store for all of us, now the president entering his second year of office, for a divided congress we'll look at what to expect in politics over the next year. >> we have great advice this morning on how to manage your money this year so you'll hopefully see your savings account grow. because people will be making resolutions, jay will be joining us with advice on how to stick to your goals. >> we'll get to that in a few minutes but we want to get a check of the news. joe fryer joins us from new york
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with the headlines. good morning to you and happy new year. >> happy new year to you. people around the world welcomed the arrival of 2022 overnight but with the pandemic still ranging the celebrations were anything but normal. ann thompson is in new york's time square where a smaller than usual crowd watched the ball drop. good morning, happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you too. all is quiet here in times square. yes, celebrations were muted but here and across the globe people happily looked forward. from the cross roads of the world and around it, revelers welcomed the new year. >> with this crazy new year we have, i think it's good to bring in a new year. >> there were plenty of fireworks, the usual hats and glasses, kisses and wishes. >> so excited. been my dream since i was 8
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years old. >> but the crowds, in some places there were none at all. in others they were sparse. new york's time square limited to 15,000 people. proof of vaccination and masks required. >> crazy. but crazy fun. >> reporter: london and paris canceling their new year's eve events over covid concerns. but las vegas lit up the night, as did sydney. los angeles' celebration moving mostly online as covid-19 cases continue to rise. atlanta scrapping them altogether. omicron infections spell trouble for the brand new year, nearly 600,000 covid cases nationwide in just 24 hours. a new record for the second day in a row. testing centers are overwhelmed. >> it's getting super annoying. >> reporter: and those trying to get back home, they have seen daunting travel delays. >> i want to get home. >> reporter: on friday alone, more than 3,000 flights
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cancelled and more than 11,000 delayed. jesse wright's family was supposed to be on one of those planes, forced to change airports after a last-minute cancellation. >> as i was pressing the button to come many, i checked my phone and it said flight cancelled. >> reporter: familiar frustrations at the start of a new year. now the faa is saying to expect more travel delays because of bad weather, heavy traffic and airline employees testing positive for covid. as always, be sure to check with your airline before heading out to the airport. joe? >> ann thompson, thank you so much. admirers around the world are wondering one of america's most beloved stars this morning, actress betty white, she died on friday less than three weeks from her 100th birthday. in a people magazine cover issue meant to celebrate her 100th bairt r birthday white said,
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quote, funny never gets old. two people are still missing after wildfires whipped through boulder, colorado thursday. more than 500 homes were believed to have been destroyed when winds swept the flames through the air. the cause of the fire is under
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and that's your news and weather, peter and kristen, let's send it back to you on this new years. >> thanks, so much. 2022 is shaping up to be a busy year here in washington as president biden embarks on his second year in office with a divided congress. >> and a lot at stake with the midterm elections this year. jonathan lemire, host of "way too early" on msnbc. good morning, and happy new year. let's dive right in. we are about three weeks away from president biden's second year in office. he is dealing with covid. he's dealing with inflation, he's dealing with poll numbers that are going down, but he's had some successes too. so give us the president's report card for his first year. >> happy new year, no issues waking up early for me, i do it every day. the president has undeniably had real successes this year.
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as his aides will tell you, point to his record, say it's positive. he was elected to first of all bring a sense of calm after four years of donald trump. but also the central tenant of his presidency get a handle on the pandemic and by some measures there's been some success. vaccines are available to anyone who wants them, children, adults, two shots and a booster. certainly he has had some legislative accomplishments this year as well. but it's not all good news. as the year ended we saw a new variant of the covid-19 arrive in the united states and spark worries. we have stubborn pockets of country who still will not get vaccinated and of course inflation and consumer prices and worry over the state of the economy. >> there's been a concern over domestic politics but foreign politics has taken attention as well. the tensions with relate to ukraine.
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in china, the president announcing the diplomatic boycott to the winter games, athletes will be allowed to go. how does he juggle those challenges against the domestic ones as well. >> the president has said he needs to get things right at home before turning to oversea matters and prove democrats can deliver for their citizens as opposed to autocracies, namely china. the most consequential decision he made, ending the nation's longest war in afghanistan which strained alliances while he did so. now he heads into the new year unable to fully turn the page with china because he had problems he inherited. the iran talks largely have broken down. russia remains a thorn in the side with the tensions we've seen at the border with ukraine. and it's been a challenge for
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him at times to juggle his overseas ambitions with trying to get things right back in the united states. >> jonathan, obviously the big story we're all going to be tracking. the midterm elections. they're under way. this is a year when politics takes over policy. has the window closed on getting any new legislation passed? >> the window has mostly closed, yes. that is how aides on, frankly, both sides of the aisle said 2021 is when the biden administration needed to get most of the agenda done. maybe the first few months of 2022 you could see a few things. but things like voting rights, little chance of going anywhere without a filibuster reform and there's no appetite for that among enough senators to make that happy. but you're right, shadowing the entire year will be the upcoming midterms. republicans feel good about it,
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the party that doesn't control the white house tends to pick up seats november, and the senate deadlocked, the house just a few seat advantage. democrats feel if they catch the right headwinds, if the economy improves, the virus recedes, they've got a shot. >> jonathan lemire, we thank you so much. only for you is a 7:00 a.m. wakeup sleeping in. you can catch jonathan at 5 eastern on msnbc. one of the issues facing president biden and other world leaders in the next year is climate change. they did make progress when they met in glasgow late last year but plenty of work to be done. >> we get more now from ann thompson. >> reporter: in a year when wildfires incinerated siberia and south lake tahoe, floods inundated china and new york. and triple digit temperatures
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baked the pacific northwest, it's no wonder the u.n. called the climate crisis a code red for humanity. yet as emissions largely return to pre-pandemic levels there was progress towards slowing climate change and a cleaner future. >> the fires, the floods, the storms that we're experiencing, methane is a big part of that. >> not typically part of the climate conversation, methane took center stage in scotland where the u.s. and more than 100 countries pledged to cut emissions by 30% by the the decade. a by-product of oil and gas developments, land fills and burping cows. methane, making up just 10% of u.s. emissions has 25 times the heat trapping power of co2. >> if we reduce methane we slow the rate of warming and that buys us time.
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>> the other side of progress, what's called the biggest revolution in the auto industry since the assembly line, electric vehicles. general motors vowing to be all electric by 2035. ford aiming for 40% of its sales to be evs in 2030. >> this is america's truck. >> reporter: ford and gm have set these lofty targets for having electric vehicles. is that enough? >> americans can't drive promises and the oil companies are talking about what they'll do in the future but they're not making significant numbers of electric vehicles today. >> evs make up less than 4% of vehicle sales nationwide but the growth is on the rise with more options coming to show rooms. so much so that the car and driver magazine named the first ev of the year. >> what happened to electric vehicles in 2021? >> we saw manufacturers get serious about electric vehicles. there isn't a single main stream
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manufacturer now that doesn't have at least one good option that's electrified. >> reporter: one roadblock a lack of charging stations, currently there are only 46,000 nationwide. the biden administration wants a half million by 2030. a goal powered by money from the infrastructure bill. >> it is clear that the future is going to be at least electric optioned, if not entirely electric. >> reporter: 2022 and beyond. now about changing what we send into the air and what we drive to stop climate change. for "today," ann thompson, nbc news, new york. also this morning a new year means new resolve to make changes for folks that means doing a better job saving money. >> who better to ask for help than our own stephanie rhule. happy new year.
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let's start right there. what are the top financial resolutions that you're seeing from people this year? >> great to see you guys. good morning to you both. i'm very proud. when i look at the top financials resolutions this year from those we surveyed. people have good goals. 37% of people surveyed said they're looking to grow their savings this year. 27% have said they want to stick to a budget, don't we all. my favorite, the third, 25% are looking to enjoy more experiences. that means they don't want to be sitting on the couch, clicking and online shopping. they want to go out and do things that don't actually cost money. lastly, this is everybody's goal once we get into good financial shape, start an emergency fund. these four tenants are super important. we realize it has been a complicated year and a half through covid, so people are in different financial situations so if you can start to tackle this year, this is a great way to take on the year. >> a new year means a fresh
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start for the holidays, can also mean a hangover for your finances, i'm sure others are experiencing their own hangover right now. how do we do a better job managing our costs to grow our money in the new year? >> well, let's be honest no matter what our budget plans were before the holidays, between last minute shopping, traveling to see friends and family, our bills start to rack up. how do we address them? most major retailers have buy now, pay later options. it's like putting a small amount of money down at the store, using an outside service like afterpay, and over time you have to pay it off in fixed payments. here's the trick. you must pay them in full or you're going to face really heavy fees. when you go to make that major purchase you have to think about your budget and ask yourself am i going to be able to cover this
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over the next few months. the next way to manage debt, credit card debt. how do we address that? in an ideal world we'll say, no big deal, when we get our bill in january, i can pay it off in full. most people are not in a position to do that. what else can we do? there's more smart payments within our credit card. if we're making a big puchase, set that aside and pay a fee to pay off the big purchase, but it won't be part of the balance. lastly, there's the balance transfer, look at the bills and credit cards and move things around so you can pay the lowest interest rates but you have to pay attention to the details because there's always hidden fees in there. >> for the folks who feel like i paid off our debts, what should their next goals be? >> first i want to say to these folks, i'm proud of you. i'm proud you have gotten into a place where you're in a pretty good financial standing and
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you're saying i'm ready to grow my money. it's all about the time line. if you have money saved, in the next year or so, you may have a baby, a wedding coming, you can't go locking that money up for long. first things first, put it in a high yield savings account. you're rolling your eyes, high yield savings account what yield? earning something, even half a percent is better than nothing. get it out of the checking account and put it in a savings account. there's also a cd, which is like a high yield savings account but your money is locked up for at least a little while. and lastly, you may want to invest in the stock market. but remember, you are not a day trader, don't listen to your friend or neighbor saying i have a hot stock, how about cryptocurrency. you may want to dip your toe in an exchange fund, index fund, a group of stocks you pay a fee on, you don't want to be staring at the markets every day, but you don't have to make a big
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investment. be as low as $50 and you're watching it grow, or go down, over time. if you want to invest in the stock market, do your research. talk to an adviser, read books on it. realize investing in the stock market can be great but it's not a game, you have to take it seriously. >> i love how you built up the drama with music. great information as always. so great to see you. thanks. >> happy new year. >> and happy new year to steph. still to come, if taking care of your finances is just one of the resolutions you'll tackle in the new year, we'll have some great advice from jay on how to stick with that and any other resolutions you may be making today. and the m om
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will increase for $15 an hour. for small businesses it will be $14 an hour. the increases are part of the state law that hiked the minimum wage. the final increase will be next year of 2023. many cities in the bay area
6:28 am
already have their own higher minimum. a live look at some of our bay area bridges, the toll on all bay area bridges except for the golden gate will go up to $1. tolls will increase from $17 to $37 with vehicles with three or more axels. don't forget you can find all this information right now on, head to our home page and find the link right at the top of our trending bar. our meteorologist rob mayeda is in for vianey, it's near freezing outside but actually freezing on my producer's car, there is thin layer of frost.
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>> 43 is the warmest if you want to call it that. 36 degrees in san jose, livermore is watching out for those chilly temperatures in the 30s. freeze warning around 9:00 a.m. highs the 40s to full 50s. coming up on this morning, frightening moment at the bay area mall, what we are learning about the shooting that sent new year's eve shoppers running. we'll have that and all your top stories coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then, right now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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♪♪ we are back on this saturday morning, january 1st, 2022. and that's a live look at new york city's time square. >> big night in the city. all eyes, of course, on the cross roads of the world. last night as the ball dropped marking the end of 2021, bringing us into the new year. we hope that everybody had safe and very happy celebrations. of course, as soon as the ball drops the cleaning crews get to work and, of course, have done a nice job as always. it's nice to start the new year to look ahead to new and better
6:31 am
things in the year ahead. >> one of my favorite sights people gathering to celebrate in times square this new year. it's great. if you're like people you start every new year with resolutions, whether it's eating better, sleeping more, saving money, or all of the above. >> it's easier said than done by most. a lot of it goes by the wayside by february. what can you do to stick with them? jay is here with some answers this morning. jay, good morning happy new year to you. it's so nice to see you. i think a lot of people are still processing 2020, to say nothing of 2021, now it's 2022. it's a new year. what's your advice to folks looking to make this a new year? >> good morning and happy new year. i think this year i want people to try something different. i want us to switch from goal setting to growth setting. when you set a goal, you set an
6:32 am
achievement or a result. and that doesn't really help you get there. but when you set growth, it's about building a skill or learning a new habit. so, for example, if your goal is to get more healthy. maybe the growth is you need to develop focus or discipline. if you start to work on that, using growth above goals, you're more likely to achieve your goal in the long term. so switch to growth setting this year. >> i love that idea of a growth setting. i think the question, jay, for a lot of people is, how do you stay motivated to work towards your growth setting beyond january. what advice do you have? >> one of the mistakes we make is try to solve everything all at the same time and the idea is to focus on onejanuary, take on the first quarter of the year, don't try to add too many things. the second thing is take a small
6:33 am
step. don't try to wake up an hour earlier or go to the gym seven days a week. try to make a small step in the right direction and that incremental step will add to big results. >> let's look at six months from now, it's july or probably more honest it's february or march and those resolutions, that growth has been pushed aside. so how do you sort of refocus yourself to recapture some of that growth you've eyed? >> the first thing is we have to be compassionate with ourselves. chances are what we're missing is a coach or coaching, we don't have a direction. it may be in time to invest in a coach, work with a mentor, to speak to someone a few steps ahead. the second thing is learn why it went wrong, maybe you didn't have consistency or commitment in the your life. maybe you weren't going to a class every week or committing to an online program that
6:34 am
allowed you to build that sustainable result. and finally, start from where you left off. you haven't lost anything. we get lost in our own cycle of shame or guilt feeling we haven't lost anything. find the community and get going again with other people around you. >> you always give us awesome advice. we're grateful. especially early on january 1st. so nice to see you. thank
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wants to help feed some of the estimated 14 million children suffering from acute malnutrition. >> this is such a powerful story. she's doing it with peanut butter. cynthia mcfadden has her remarkable experience.ctory. it is also the realization of a dream. >> you have no qualifications to do what you ended up doing. >> no. no experience at all. >> you had drive and passion. >> well, and i was a mom. >> reporter: a mom on a mission. >> i truly believe that we can end hunger and malnutrition. yes. >> reporter: if that sounds impossible, consider that over the past dozen years n aven has succeeded in transforming millions of lives. by building the first and only u.s. factory churning out plumpy nut. these peanut butter paste pockets a box of which can keep
6:39 am
children under 5 with acute malnutrition alive. >> it gives them the energy, smile and laugh to be kids. >> reporter: we witnessed the miracle of plumpy nut three years ago when we travelled to central republic of africa, with children so nourished they couldn't swallow a cup of water. but after a couple days of plumpy nut they were an the spark back in their eyes. >> there's no way you can forget with her father in tanzania, that changed her life. >> my father died when i was a year old, basically. i was determined to make something of myself. >> reporter: a model of compassion and doing whatdo. how could she tackle worldwide nutrition while raising three children under five. >> this couldn't wait. i couldn't wait until the girls were older or i had more time. wai nsever going to have time. >> reporter: but what to do?
6:40 am
when she first heard of plumpy nut on a news report and heard there wasn't enough. she picked up the phone and called the french inventors. >> after they hung up on me, i flew to paris and introduced myself in person. >> reporter: what goes through my head is the fact when you started this, what, almost a dozen years ago, you had no idea what you were doing. >> no idea. none. i was a stay at home mom changing diapers and doing dishes. >> soon she'd take her daughters all over the world. >> she's not like the mother next door. >> not even close. >> seeing our mom do what she loves and love going to work every morning, it's big shoes to fill, not going to lie. >> reporter: her not for profit company, adecia works with the world food program, unicef, and the usda. >> every day we'll make a
6:41 am
million five of these packets. >> many made by the large number of refugees who work here, 25 countries represented among the factory's 110 employees. >> i was born and raised in sierra leon, i was 13 when the war started. trying to survive was a constant battle. >> reporter: today, andrew is in charge of logistics. >> i always approach my job as a mission to save lives. when there's a shipment going out to sierra leon, if i have the chance to catch it before it leaves the door, i would send it with a message saying, is your brother from the other side. >> reporter: when we saw boxes headed to the central african republic, we were tempted to do the same. >> give a little kiss to each one as it goes. >> i know. >> reporter: there is a lot of emotion on the factory floor, not just because of its mission but also because of its inspiration, naven's father who
6:42 am
handwrites thank you notes to every donor. >> she said she's been able to do what adn't been for you, all the children'se very proud of her. >> you are very proud of her. we're here on the day, the ticker on the wall is about to click past 15 million boxes. what an accomplishment. >> all because of you, papa. >> no. because of us, right. >> reporter: for "today," cynthia mcfadden nbc news. >> more than 15 million boxes. she has big plans for this year. she wants to double production from 1.5 million bars to 3 million bars every day. but in order to do that, she has to raise $8 million to build a second factory. >> how incredible. and to hear her say her ultimate
6:43 am
goal is get rid of hunger, malnutrition. >> i love she said it couldn't wait, i had to start now. what an example she is for her daughters and so many others. >> a great story. from movies to music, to television. we'll look at what's coming to a screen or concert venue near you over the next year. but first these messages. everything you've seen me do was made possible by what you don't see. cause when you're not looking, i go to work. ♪♪ strength isn't a given. it's grown. it's earned and tested. ♪♪ we all have the strength to see what's possible. it's up to us to unlock it. tonal. be your strongest. wondering what actually goes into your multi-vitamin. at new chapter. it's up to us to unlock it. its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body really truly absorb the natural goodness.
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and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case, water damage. now if i had to guess i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance at we're back on this first day of the new year with a look at what you can expect in the world of entertainment in the months ahead, whether it's the return of fan favorites like "bridgerton" and "stranger things," blockbusters reaching movie theatres or maybe music stars hitting the road. >> here's joe fryer with a look ahead. >> you could say 2022 will be the year of the comeback. >> i'm vengeance. >> not just for famous movie
6:47 am
franchises like batman and jurassic world. or returning tv series. >> i was wondering if we'd meet again. >> like "bridgerton" and "this is us". >> it's the little things. >> 2022 is a comeback for entertainment lovers expected to fill movie theatres and pack venues of all sizes. >> we're standing right here, there's a stage right there, wow. >> incredible. >> reporter: michael is chief operating officer at ticket master, not down playing expeckations for next year. >> we expect 2022 to be the greatest year in entertainment history. >> he said ticket master has already sold 65 million tickets for events in 2022. several big name artists are going on tour, billie eilish, sean mendez, alicia keys, justin bieber and more. >> our artists keep coming to
6:48 am
the table for longer and bigger tours. >> you think 2022 could be better than pre-pandemic levels? >> the way we're looking at it right now, 2022 is poised 20 set a new bar for what can be achieved across the entire live entertainment industry. >> while demand grows so does the number of covid cases so fans may need to remember some artists may require proof of vaccination or a negative covid chest. when theatres reopened in 2021, vi thin and so were the gradually changed. sin mark said october's box office doubled may's numbers fuelled by films like the latest blond flick "no time to die". 2022 promises more blockbusters, john wick, indiana jones, and mission impossible. we might be getting out of the house more, don't think we're
6:49 am
dumping our tvs. 49% of american viewers say they've been watching more tv since the pandemic began. in 2022, they'll have more to see, favorites like "stranger things," "the crown" will all return. plus new shows like lord of the rings and house of the dragon, breathing fire and life into the entertainment kingdom. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news. no lack of good options headed into 2022, what are you looking forward to seeing? >> ozark, it's a mystery. and then, of course, the crown. >> that's not one that surprises me. i'm eyeing winning time, john c. riley, brodie are in it. >> sports the '80s, that's what you're about.
6:50 am
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that's going to do it for us on a saturday morning on this new year's day. >> as we say good-bye we want to acknowledge and say thank you to all of the hardworking people who help put this show together every week. thank you for watching. and happy new year. >> here's to a great year ahead. >> here's to a great year. ♪♪
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good morning, it's saturday, january 1st, happy new year, 7:00 on the dot as we take this breathtaking look at the golden gate bridge on this first day of 2022. thank you so much for starting your year with us, i


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